Why I think Lourd de Veyra’s ‘open letter’ to Vic Sotto is pointless

Indeed, Lourd de Veyra “has a few things to say” to Vic Sotto. And he laid them all out in his open letter addressed to the star which was published on Spot.ph. My first impression about Lourd’s open letter was that it was a very thoughtful lament on the wasted opportunity in the huge influence Vic Sotto wields as a top movie star and producer.

tito_vic_and_joeyBut then, having thought about it more, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Lourd missed the real point by a mile.

I think Vic Sotto and movies like My Little Bossings are just products of Philippine society. They exist because there is a strong demand for such kadiri quality. If Vic Sotto ever decides to dedicate the rest of his days to making good-quality matino movies, guess what, another moron will simply emerge from the woodwork and fill the void Sotto leaves and be laughing all the way to the bank while he is at it. Just because a powerful media star like Vic Sotto makes a good-quality movie does not mean that the demand for idiotic films will disappear. Another Vic Sotto will simply emerge and cater to the kababawan of the Pinoy audience.

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So what am I saying? Well my point is, telling Vic Sotto and other media superstars like Kris Aquino and Sharon Cuneta to grow a conscience and stop murdering the brain cells of Filipino youths (while collecting their parents’ hard-earned pesos) is a futile exercise. It’s not even a chicken-and-egg thing as I think the issue of the ignoramousness of Filipino cinema patrons is a lot more deep-rooted than the rot that afflicts our country’s media industry. Ours, after all, is a free market economy. We can only stand back and watch as suppliers compete to meet demand on a level playing field. Clearly, people like Vic Sotto are the winners on that field as of now — because they deliver the dumbest content to a market that rewards creators of the dumbest products with millions of pesos.

The only reasonable institution we can turn to with an expectation to police the media is the government. It is government’s role, after all, to regulate private enterprise — to ensure (without being motivated by profit) that the overall well-being of the society is safeguarded. They do that in other industries. Government regulators make sure drugs are properly tested before they are sold to the public. They make sure banks are adequately capitalized and don’t use underhanded ways of luring people into borrowing more money than they can afford to pay. They make sure food products sold in the country are safe to eat.

So it is reasonable to expect government to make sure movies produced by for-profit studios are not poisonous to Filipino minds.

Obviously, government fails in its duty to ensure that ours remains an intellectually-healthy society. The fact that movies like My Little Bossings rake in 50 million pesos is proof of this. Is there hope of getting the government to step up to this role? I wouldn’t bet good money on such a hope. The government after all is made up of officials voted into office by the very same people who eat up media crap like My Little Bossings.

Talo, kung baga. You really can’t win in a country where popularity is equated to what is right.

So, Mr Lourd de Veyra, the bottom line is that life’s really too short to be wasting it on trying to get bozos like Vic Sotto to do good things. Sorry na lang tayong matatalino. And besides, you’re a self-avowed fan of da Bossing. So it’s all good. 😉

77 Replies to “Why I think Lourd de Veyra’s ‘open letter’ to Vic Sotto is pointless”

  1. It is even more futile to turn to the government in regards to Philippine cinema. Even the simple queues in government offices are problematic, paano pa kaya nila aasikasuhin ang art?

    Everything here is awful.

  2. Lourd de Vera should have thought about himself when it comes to criticizing or shall we say making an appeal to vic sotto and company. The kind of personality he projects on TV is devoid of originality. No matter how he tries, he is still a poor copy of an inferior product in Kim Atienza whom he tries to ape. Except for the snow cap and goatee beard, to the observant viewer, he follows the Atienza template. And yes, all the personalities in Lourd de Vera’s home network are very poor imitation and unwanted fats of the other two networks. But they share the same idiotic denominator in all their programs.

    1. I disagree. Don’t say i’m a butthurt, but Lourd de veyra is the same as what i see in this blog: hope for this bullshit country. Don’t compare him with kim atienza because he is not part of the solution.

    2. I also beg to disagree. Way before he “went mainstream”, he was already like that. Try listening to his band Radioactive Sago Project’s song “Baboy”. He’s actually helpful in making people realize what’s right in society and what should be changed.

    3. I also beg to disagree.
      I prefer Lourd de veyra to Kim Atienza simply because he’s a better weather presenter than that douche from abs cbn and he has something that other guy doesn’t…talent

    4. I beg to disagree too…

      I’d rather listen to Lourd than Kim Atienza simply because he has the insight to help this country. And Lourd does have a point in his letter to Vic Sotto.

      Every time I see Kim Atienza, he just shows up in a noontime show and a promoter…that’s it.

      I don’t get why you compared Lourd to Kim Atienza in the first place since the 2 personalities are very distinct on one another.

      1. I also beg to disagree… I rather listen to Kim Atienza because at least he is not pretending to be sitting on a high horse. He is just being himself, a commercial talent, no more no less.. mouthing words made by writers and promoters.. On the other hand, Lourd de Veyra comes across as a political person… the kind who is hollier-than-thou or the regular down-to- earth guy who we should believe because he had been there/done that and who else should know better than he.. a typical hypocritical politician.. maybe he has political plans for himself…

    5. Nah, I think the Lourd is alright. I think his videos are funny and insightful. And just like him not really addressing his open letter to Vic but to society at large, this article is not really addressed to the Lourd but to all the idiots who keep turning crap products into massive hits.

      Between-the-line stuff like this need to be explained to Pinoys, you see.

    6. Lourd is Lourd. He is as he is since he first came to the scene. Kim, well on the other hand is a businessman, trying to sell all products with no approved therapeutic claims.

  3. People will continue to like the trash on television because it is all that they know. If they had more choice, they would prefer better quality with fewer commercials. Many poor people can get only one channel: ABS-CBN. People in the USA can now get streaming movie channels with no commercials for a monthly fee. Eventually Filipinos will have more choice, too.

    Government should stay out of the business of television and the internet. All we need is some conservative senator trying to dictate taste to everyone else.

    1. @Sea Bee, that maybe could be said of advanced societies where being smart and being dumb spells the difference between a good outcome and a so-so outcome.

      But in a nation like ours where being smart and being dumb spells the difference between life and death, maybe the government needs to be a bit more involved in how private business run (or rather RUIN) things.

      But then, yeah, the Philippine gov’t itself is a product of the free market. Oh well..

      1. Mahathir said it best. Democratic elections assumes that those who vote are intelligent. The Sottos have long realized that the majority of Pinoys are not that intelligent; and that most are simple minded enough to respond to the most basic sense of humor – prat falls, face contortions, toilet humor, farting. They are smart businessmen because they discovered an opportunity and took advantage of it by providing a product that had a large consumer base. Similarly, the same can be said about the success of actors and actresses in politics and the election of people like Pnoy, Jinggoy, ERAP, Bong Revilla and his family members, Grace Poe and NANCY BINAY. These are not choices of intelligent people, rather people who enjoy the sort of products the Sottos sell.

        1. I totally agree with you. You are simply stating the facts. That is why I can’t be proud of anything whether it is a Steve Perry impersonator or a basketball team that usually loses to countries where basketball is not a priority. I don’t see the point of pinoy pride.

  4. I did not watch any of those movies so it would be hard to judge, had I watched any of those..I’m afraid I may have lost what’s left of my brain.

    Idiotic movies will always be a part of any cinema, it is not really unique to this country. Thought-provoking movies would exist somewhere but would easily be forgotten to obscurity.

    The only thing I could do is exercise my right to choice. And it is a good thing I can choose what I watch and not have someone try to shove it to me.

    Let the masses have their cake, they really love making chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  5. so tutunganga nalang ba tayo at manonood? hahayaan nalang natin na magpatuloy ang maling sistema? yun din ang mali natin. yung mindset natin na ganyan… then you’ll claim na you’re the one of the “matatalino’s”. isa pang mali natin, ay minamaliit natin yung pag-iisip nang kapwa natin. syempre (kung nasa mundo man kayo ng media) tatanggapin lang nila ng tatanggapin kung ano hinahain sa kanila ng media. pero if we start to think differently, at wag maliitin ang audience natin, then we can come up with much better programs/films.

  6. I dont know about the writer of this article if shes just trying to ride on the fame of Lourd De Veyra, or she has a half assed point herself. How old is the writer anyway?

    Putting it on the government again? Are you daft? The only hope Philippine Cinema has right now is in the hands of these guys, namely Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera, Jun Sabayton and Lourd De Veyra!

    As the saying goes, research research muna pag may time. Just my 2 cents.

    1. As the saying goes: It’s rude to speculate on a lady’s age. :*

      Oh, and I’ve got an important question here for you:

      Who’s your favorite Kardashian?

      Ha ha!

  7. Dumb and moronic sells in this country. TV shows, ad campaigns, movies and most of all elected officials. And I get hell when I refuse to pinoy chest beat in other things that are part and parcel of this momentum of the morons.

  8. In fairness to Lourd, he wrote a nice entertaining appeal to the artist and Filipino in Vic Sotto.

    Kate Natividad’s cynical analysis, on the other hand, is as shallow as how she thinks Filipinos are.

    1. Better yet, come up with specific examples of Pinoys exhibiting depth of imagination and substance. Otherwise, tough luck. Seems like an inability to handle the TRUTH about Filipinos is part of the reason da Pinas remains the shallow society that it is.

  9. Well, to think of it, Lourd’s article maybe as pointless as all of the articles here right? but that shouldn’t prevent us from writing them.

    1. Not actually pointless as I believe that if there is even just one mind that gets even the slightest hint of being “unplugged from the matrix”, then the articles here (and the comments too) and also same with De Veyra’s letter have done it’s job.

      1. No, I have not, but I was not talking about the quality of the articles, I am in fact a fan of this website so don’t get me wrong. What I meant is the impact of writing an article for a blog.Put it plainly, I don’t agree that Lourd’s article is pointless as I also believe that articles here are not pointless.

  10. in this world that we are living, everything is a matter of perspective….. dumb and matalino is a matter of how you define and pronounce it. (I believe everything in this world also is…) There is no such thing as right and wrong to the the so called “educated and civilized” society. It is a matter of Who Speaks of the facts… A person may be right, but the burden of truth that proves it will be another struggle to fight for……

  11. WAIT WAIT WAIT… bakit ung mga comment na FAVOR kay Lourd eh against d2 sa article???

    correct me if im wrong, pero from wat i understood nung binasa ko to eh, ginaya lng nung writer ung style ni Lourd : SARCASTIC…

    the title may appear against Lourd, pero the contents in the article is really favorable for him…

    well correct me if im worng… i may have misunderstood

    1. Yes, it may appear that Lourd’s effort to advice Vic Sotto’s film direction is useless because we Filipinos tend to like mindless comedy and abhor the films with “real quality” like “On-The-Job” or to an extent, “Ang Tatay kong Nanay.” Even the author has expressed support on Lourd’s effort in the comment’s section.

      I’ve come to understand that many Filipino films do not require the average Filipino to think…they just prefer the endless rom-com and nonsense comedy routines. Some may defend that this routine is a form of “escapism” from the harsh, crappy life in this country but isn’t it time for the “masa” to stop being hypnotized and think ahead of their future instead of wasting their time on rehash telenovelas/movies without any redeemable content?

      Unfortunately, it seems that my concern will fall on deaf ears…we hate change and that’s a fact.

  12. i think the lourd has a point there and he just happen to be a keen observer around his environs which is not illegal i supposed. this is still a free country and every one is entitled to express, comment, or react base on what he had seen,heard and observed and he did it just fine…and what an observation it was.as the timeless maxim implies, bad or good criticism is still a criticism no matter how you agree or disagree on it. you may love the man or despise him but still it doesnt change a thing he will always be the same person, the iconic lourd de veyra.

  13. thought-provoking movies and moronic movies has an audience on their own,it is only that moronic movies like you said “my little bossings” have more movie-going patrons than the intellectual movies.and in a democratic country like ours, bahala ka kung saan mo gusto manood. and can’t blame lourd de veyra if he feels like bossing vic and company seems to be exploiting the bandwagon mentality of these, uhm …, moronic moviegoers. how sad.

  14. why do i get this feeling na hindi na-gets nung mga nega commenters ung point ni writer towards the Lourd? *kamot-ulo* nga-nga na lang.

    seriously? do we even have to acknowledge and dignify the comparison of the Lourd to effin’ Kuya Kim? come on guys.. you can do better than that..not even a hairlike strand of comparison. try looking for stuff related to the Lourd even before he began his band way back 16 years ago. and you’ll understand.. yeah, go ahead, “ctrl+t” that google chrome of yours and let “le search engine” do it’s job for you. idiots.

    ay nasobrahan ata english kong pang social climber ang dating. 😉 HAHAHAHA!

    shout out to Kate! awesome article imo.

    1. Of course, the author’s cynical style of writing can’t cater to those who can’t handle the truth/sarcasm, which is the majority of Filipinos.

      May mga tao lang talagang hindi marunong makaintindi sa totoong mensahe.

  15. turn to the government to regulate our film industry? BUT WAIT! sino ba nasa government? do the names Tito Sotto, Bong Revilla, Erap Estrada and Lito Lapid ring a bell? Sino asawa ni Kiko Pangilinan? Sino asawa ni Lucy Torres?

  16. The way I see it (and I don’t want to impose my perspective to you guys), Lourd de Veyra was expecting something from Vic Sotto while the latter said of the movie’s purpose, magpatawa at para sa mga bata.

    I think de Veyra has all the right to voice his “what-might-have-beens”, while Sotto has equally all the right to “magpatawa, advertise, at tumarget ng batang audience”.

    In the end, people who take sides make this issue more complicated. Sure there are people who comment reasonably, but there are those who comment without even giving a hindsight over things.

    So let’s leave this be, and move on…

    …to the next SENSATIONAL THING.

    1. Magaling, takot ang author nito. Magaling at takot kasi hinedline niya si Lourd de Veyra pero rekta nyang tinira si Sotto so,ang dating hindi masyadong mabigat sa mga makakabasa. Ayaw sigurong sumikat.

  17. While De Veyra tackles issues with points similar to ours, he’s in TV now and in that medium, scriptwriters can dilute the presenter’s message. It’s possible that sometimes, even if he’s the presenter, it’s not him talking, but someone else.

  18. Simple Iang nmn ang tinutukoy ni ka lourd sa mga movie maker ntn eh ayusin ang pag-gawa pelikula, hindi lang para Kay Vic Sotto ang mensahe nailarawan nya lang ito, dahil na rin siguro s knyang paghanga nya rito.
    Bilang isang instrumento ang paggawa ng pelikula n maka paghatid ng mensahe dapat LNG na ayusin ito.
    Mahirap tlaga ang maraming alam.

  19. I completely disagree; it was not pointless.

    Although it is true that anybody – a new production company or some dumb comedian – would immediately jump at the opportunity to make an equally idiotic movie in lieu of a movie like My Little Bossings, we have to remember that Vic Sotto possesses immense influence over the masses. Majority of his demographics would lap up commodities he chooses to endorse in an instant, films included. It is not pointless. People might not understand it initially but they will consume it. And little by little they will get it just as Lourd de Veyra predicts. It has in recent decades but the film industry should not dumb itself down because people find moronic and trivial movies appealing. Instead, beginning with socially relevant scenes that are much easier to digest for common moviegoers, they can change the way films are being made. And just because the MMFF itself glorifies senseless movies as long as they make money, it doesn’t mean directors, screenwriters and producers should stop making quality films. That’s a shame because you just became a part of the problematic society you were referring to.

  20. I completely disagree with you.. I really don’t like Lourd de Veyra but I admire his courage to go unpopular with this matter..
    Masyado ata tayo pessisimist and skeptical.

  21. Telling Vic Sotto, Kris Aquino and other Filipino celebrities of their status to grow a conscience and stop murdering the brain cells of Filipino youth may be a futile exercise, as those people works only for the money, but trying to wake up others from the fact that they can watch better movies is a possibility. That is why it is an open letter. Mr. De Veyra wanted to share his insight not only to Mr. Sotto but to the public as well. We cannot always blame the government for absolutely everything, this is a democracy after all.

  22. Another cynical mind who wants a lot of change but does nothing to be a part of the solution and blame everything to the government.

    The point of Lourd De Veyra’s open letter to Vic Sotto was so straightforward: Let those (other than the government) who have the power to make a change need to act up!

    There are VANGUARDS in our society. Though all of us can spark a change, not all of us can be deemed worthy to be called VANGUARDS. And with all your intellect to write such blog, would definitely know if someone as popular to be called an icon of sorts could lead the film industry (along with its patrons) to the right track. And I can say that Vic Sotto is one of them — exact point by Mr. Lourd De Veyra.

    This topic is like “the chicken or the egg” argument. Is it the fault of the viewing public on why the filmmakers continue to produce such low-quality movies? Or is it the other way around?


    Fact is, the cycle has to stop. You don’t have to put fingers to blame on who’s at fault of this on-going cycle. Those who have the power to stop it should step in. Enter: VIC SOTTO (why? no need to explain).

    And Mr. Lourd De Veyra doesn’t want Vic Sotto to single-handedly overturn the film industry. Mr. Lourd De Veyra, through his open letter, is asking just ONE high-quality and relevant film from Vic Sotto. JUST ONE. Who knows? Everyone might follow suit. Maybe. Maybe not.

    But then taking a chance is one thing. And it says a lot about one’s deep concern for his/her country. OR IS IT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY? I hope not.

  23. Kung lahat kayo ay magagaling,

    Bakit kayo nandirito at nag ko-comment ng magagaling ninyong opinyon.

    Parang ako lang, huwag kayong puro dakdak (na kung saan diyan kayo magaling) imbes ay KUMILOS kayo!

    1. Gaya mo e hindi ako nanonood ng mga ganitong pelikula. Part of the problem solved? Pero bakit ka napadpad rito at nagkocomment? Gaya mo (malamang), dahil alam mong merong punto si Lourd at gusto mong mabasa ang opinyon ng iba.

  24. I am part of the solution to this kind of movie, TV program. Like what Chrome Moli says:
    January 20, 2014 at 4:34 am

    That is why I NEVER watch Pinoy movies.

    Waste of time and money

  25. How can we expect the government to do something about the issues regarding the movie industry. When almost all of the critically acclaimed movies are either independent films or those directors who are still not tainted by the idealism that movies is just a way to earn money. Either way, I think this movie is pointless and we can expect more to come, media encourages people to watch this kind of films and because of the mentality that since it was shown on TV, so it must be watch-worthy.

    Same with the politics and media relationship, even though Manny Villar lost the run on presidency even though he had massive Campaign Endorsement, we can’t deny the fact that a lot of our politicians win because they have the ability to endorse themselves using media when clearly there are other candidates that deserves the seats that their rotten asses sit on.

  26. Binabatikos ni Kate si Vic Sotto sa article niya na ito, gago. Babayaran mo ba ang isang tao para sirain ka sa publiko?

    Please read before making your own conclusions. Wrong Pre-judgement had damaged our country pretty badly already.

    Or maybe you don’t know how to read English. In which case, go back to elementary.

  27. *facepalm*

    Obviously, this poster failed to READ AND UNDERSTAND the article in the first place.


  28. Kate, I respectfully disagree with your reasoning that it’s pointless to ask Vic Sotto to make at least one quality film since another bozo will fill the vacuum left by Sotto.

    So another bozo will come, let it be. Wouldn’t it be great if someone with Sotto’s showbiz clout and experience in filmmaking can finally show us what kind of oeuvre he can do if he gets really serious. I, for one, see hope in that.

    Comedy is an art in itself. A film like Life is Beautiful cannot be done without having mastered such skill. I believe Sotto has it in him to create a movie as powerful as that. Here’s a cry for optimism in Philippine filmmaking. Cheers!

  29. Maganda ang punto ni Lourd at sa palagay ko e ikaw ang sumablay sa pagkakaintindi sa punto nya. Ang hamon nya e mag-iwan si Vic Sotto ng marka bilang isang komedyanteng merong maipagmamalaking filmography bago magretiro, hindi ang iangat ang antas ng pag-iisp ng masa. Kung ‘side effect’ yung mapataas ito sa kanyang mga gagawing pelikulang matitino e ‘di ayos rin.
    Naniniwala rin ako sa punto mong merong pupuno sa puwang na mababakante para sa walang katorya-toryang pelikula pag iniwan ni Vic ito. Pero, kahit siguro ikaw e sasang-ayong ang mga walang habas na product placement (hindi ko alam dahil ko pinanood, pero alam kong ginawa nya dati sa isa mga Enteng movies iyon) e walang saysay.
    Malinaw ring sinabi ni Lourd na hindi naman kailangang pang-intelektwal na tao laang ang mga pelikula – gusto nya laang na merong iwang matinong mensahe si Vic. Magmula nang magsolo si Vic at isinakatawan niya ang persona niyang Bossing e tinalikuran ko na ang pagiging fan niya. Kung makakasagot si Vic sa hamong ito (hindi laang ke Lourd, kundi pati ng movie goers at sarili niya mismo), malamang e makakamit nya ang respetong inilalaan ng balana sa mga kagaya ni Dolphy at Ika nga ni Lourd e Chaplin.

  30. Wala akong naintindihan sa sinabi mo (Kate). Masyadong malalim para sa kin yung choice of words mo parang para lang sa mga scholar o matatalino lang ang pwedeng makaintindi. In other words hindi makamasa.

    Plus I don’t like your way of thinking base from what I read sa article.. Parang sinasabi mo na SINCE GANYAN NA TALAGA ANG MENTALITY PINOY…WALA NA TAYONG MAGAGAWA..

    Pero meron!meron!meron!

    At sa tingin ko yun ang ginagawa ni Lourd de Veyra.. Ginagamit niya yung kakayahan niya sa pagsusulat para imulat ang mga nagiging mangmang na Pilipino dahil sa pucho puchong media.


    Perhaps you think that just because you can write (not so coherently–as a matter of fact) with difficult words,that will make you a better person?

    Think again when labeling an icon. Think again when you’re going to call an established writer’s article ‘pointless’? (It’s for your own sake)

    1. “Difficult” baka mo? Haha! Sabihin mo lang na bobo ka.

      Simpleng Ingles lang ginamit niya, pare. Kung sa tinging mo malalim ang mga ginamit niyang salita, obvious na obvious na isa kang mangmang.

      At isa ka pang nagsasabing “not-so-coherent” ang article, eh hindi mo rin nga naintindihan. That makes you nothing more than a troll then.

    2. Hindi ka na nga nakaintindi ng simple English, hindi mo pa nakuha ng husto yung mensahe ng author…

      In short, ignoranteng mangmang ka lang.

  31. Everyone who has the capacity to create articles/blogs are intelligent and analytical.. God’s gift 🙂 You all have points. There’s just this one thing.. Leave it to our beloved co-Pinoys!
    We are known to have fun in our own little ways. No arguments pls.. Let them see films that they want to see.. Jologs man, nonsense or korny sa paningin ng iba. We don’t have the right to blame them. Entertainment and police media will do NOTHING against this for it’s the least that they can do to help them ease our Kababayan’s personal burdens.. After Yolanda and whatever obstacles they had last year, this is the only thing that made some of our people happy. We are a fool if we can’t see how those Artists/movie makers/producers made them feel that. Family bonding pa ng iba.. Let us not make our lives miserable just because we overthink… Labyu!

  32. Sorry na lang tayong matatalino..

    Hehehe hayaan mo na lang ang iba ang magsabi nyan..Hindi naman siguro kabigatan ang iyong bangko upang ikaw pa magbuhat..

    Ginoong Lourd MABUHAY KA!!

  33. wow makapag comment wagas, kung sa point may point naman talaga si Mr.de veyra ,kaya lang hindi naman kailangan ng legacy para maalala ka ng tao as long as nakakatulong ka sa industriya ng pelikukang pilipino,at hindi ka mayabang mamahalin at maalala ka ng tao…hindi yung mas pinapaburan pa yung mga foreign movies kesa sa sariling gawang pelikulang pilipino, ano bang makabuluhang pelikula ang gustong gawin nyo?. yung patama sa gobyerno,nangyayaring krimen sa bansa,kalamidad? yun ba ang gusto nyo? kahit anong gawing patama sa gobyerno manhid at ganid sila kahit idaan mo sa pelikula.mismong sariling gawang pinoy Hindi mo magawang suportahan.waste of money and time ba?porket comedyante kailangan ba mag iwan ng legacy pangalan nga lang nya markado na ang importante nakakatulong ka.at nakapag pasaya sya sa mga taong makamasa,aanhin mo yung pelikulang makabuluhan kung sa araw-araw yun at yon pa rin ang nagaganap nakakasawa???

  34. i beg to differ. it was NOT pointless. For one thing, the way i read it, it really does not being addressed to Sotto, but for all, who would by chance, bump into that letter in the internet and realize through an epiphany. You are in the right track but you missed the important thought on the letter: The real addressee = US. Lourd lamented the shortcomings of a typical Filipino consciousness..Superficial,insatiable taste for temporary diversion, lack of critical thinking. Vic Sotto was only a conduit in that letter.

  35. It’s not pointless to begin with. The letter is to reach people to somehow wake up and look for better alternatives. The letter was somehow mild that may look Lourd is really a fan of Vic Sotto. Sarcasm in a pleasant manner. As the saying in Tagalog “Hampas sa Kalabaw, Latay sa Kabayo”.

  36. “Just because a powerful media star like Vic Sotto makes a good-quality movie does not mean that the demand for idiotic films will disappear. Another Vic Sotto will simply emerge and cater to the kababawan of the Pinoy audience.” but he could make a little difference right? I mean, they’re very influencial they can really use it in order to gradually change a society. towards an “intellectually-healthy society”

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