Kris Aquino’s new-found no-sex lifestyle: That’s entertainment!


kris_aquinoHmmm… maybe we should all be happy for Kris Aquino’s most recent epiphany, don’t you think? After all, sex has been so made out to be such a big deal that many of us have all but lost the plot when it comes to our sexuality. According to Kris, she now believes that her “not having sex” has allowed her to gain a clearer view of what her true priorities are and that her new-found celibacy could possibly be a factor contributing to the success of her recent movie My Little Bossings which stars her son James “Bimby” Yap Jr.

“Kasi siguro mabait ako, kasi siguro celibate ako, sorry I have to say, let’s be honest. … I’m just saying na siguro parang alam ko kung ano ang priorities in life ko and siguro talaga kung ano ang pinakamahalaga sa iyo, ‘yun ang ipagkakaloob sa iyo ng Diyos at ang pinakamahalaga sa akin ay ‘yung dalawang anak ko,” Aquino continued.

[Translated: “Maybe it’s because I’m such a nice person, and because I’m celibate sorry to say. Let’s be honest. I’m just saying that perhaps I now know what my real priorities in life are, and I guess it is really the things that are most important to you that God will bless you with. And the most important things to me are my two children.” (translation added by Editor)]

All good in my book. The only regrettable thing about this stroke of genius on Kris’s part is that it did not come to her before scumbags like Phillip Salvador (who fathered her other son Joshua while he remained married) and Joey Marquez (who allegedly infected her with a sexually-tranmsitted disease) came into her life. Well better late than never, I guess.

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I find it interesting that Kris would virtually single out sex as playing such a pivotal part in her life. It sort of implies that she regarded sex as a personal demon. I guess the story of her life clearly makes this quite evident. I mean to be involved with Phillip who is married to begin with and who starred in the 1989 film Orapronobis which was critical of her mother’s administration, then Joey who deposited some viral souvenirs on her then turned violent sort of indicates that much of the thinking that goes on in Kris does not happen in her head.

Kris suffers, it seems, from a “poor little rich girl” syndrome. Having to be surrounded by so many hangers on and handlers, it’s likely she does not get information and advise from a diverse enough set of people. And by the looks of it, Kris seems to be reliant on external validation to keep her ticking along (which I guess is why she is such an open book to the media). Combine that personality with a small clique of friends and their inbred ideas and you get the train wreck that is Kris Aquino’s life (that is, if you discount her financial success).

Just as well, I suppose. You really can’t be a future president of the Philippines if you are a slave to your libido. 😉 Then again, a robust presidential libido is not really regarded by her brother President Noynoy Aquino as much of an issue.

But seriously, let’s cheer on Kris and the opening of a new chapter in her life as the Re-Virgined Queen of Philippine Showbiz. I mean, while I don’t really agree that “not having sex” is necessarily a good thing, perhaps it’s high time Kris focus on what she rightly cited as the more important things in life instead of finding her next man.

14 Replies to “Kris Aquino’s new-found no-sex lifestyle: That’s entertainment!”

  1. Grabe… isa na namang numbing explosion of shamelessness. Her very existence is…disturbing… >_<


    Mabuti yan para hindi na siya dumami. One Kris Aquino is enough for a planet's lifetime.

  2. Kate,

    Forgive me for sounding cynical but it all seems a bit contrived. An act you put on before you do something that needs to be separated from a checkered past. Like running for public office?

    And I suppose focusing on her children is very important. Especially since she’s been pimping Bimby out for commercial endorsements and advertisements almost from the moment he was born. And now it’s movies. Wouldn’t want to lose that cash cow. Got at least five years of — UGH! — “cuteness” you can exploit there.

  3. Pity that Krissy plans to go on a dry run now… Though considering her complete and utter lack of self-discipline, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if that silly little hussy starts spreading her “gift that keeps on giving” in the next few weeks. Then we can expect yet another sob story from her making headline news on TV. She is stupid and contagious; here we are now, entertain us…

  4. God help the Philippines if this Drama Queen actually runs for any political office and wins! Is there no one out there who does no come form some family dynasty, or is a celebrity of some sort, maybe just an ordinary, hard working, very educated, intelligent, common sense, creative thinking individual who has reasonable good character, integrity, values, is honest, has great Leadership skills, and success in their lives in practical ways that can LEAD this Country to a better place for all it’s people? If so please apply!!!!

  5. sounds like a re-branding exercise, and the constant need for attention.
    she could just shut up and try being a mother rather than talking about it.
    pity josh – no commercial value – out in the cold.

  6. KSP Queen and Drama Queen, 2 titles worthy of Kris Aquino. And if she becomes a politician – I’m getting the hell out of this country for good.

  7. “Just as well, I suppose. You really can’t be a future president of the Philippines if you are a slave to your libido. Then again, a robust presidential libido is not really regarded by her brother President Noynoy Aquino as much of an issue.”

    Strong words ha.

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