Jojo Binay or Kris Aquino may be president in 2016 – but it really does not matter


The next presidential elections is still more than two years away but Filipinos are already looking to 2016 for that anticipated cool change. It’s not that the current term under President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III can be described as hot. Far from it. The Second Philippine Reich can be considered more of a protracted political ice age — a long winter of discontent that blighted the Philippines’ short history as an “independent” state. President BS Aquino is like the Ice Queen in the movie Frozen. He had a lot of power in his hands thanks to the immensity of the emo popularity he inherited from his late folks. But his ineptness at wielding that power turned the Philippines into a gray wasteland — often literally.

A departure terminal of the Philippines' flag carrier

A departure terminal of the Philippines’ flag carrier

A lot of people say current Vice President Jejomar Binay will be president in 2016. Perhaps he will be. President BS Aquino can’t really be considered a tough act to follow. He ascended the Philippine throne the least qualified of the lot and he will be stepping down in 2016 after having proved that to the millions of poor sods who voted for him. The only other bozo who inceeded (that’s the opposite of “exceeded”, right?) people’s expectations is erstwhile promised future president Mar Roxas. Roxas blew it. BS Aquino tried to pave a six-year road to Malacanang for Roxas. But he bungled that journey and ended up paving that way for Binay. In his six years as BS Aquino’s little sidekick, Roxas single-handedly reinstated the true meaning of flashing the “L” hand gesture.

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Binay isn’t resting on his Laurels. He’s astutely and deftly laid the groundwork for his ascent to the presidency. Best of all, he’s got the skin colour of the Philippines’ masa — which makes him and his clan a standout in the Philippines’ traditionally fair-skinned feudal oligarchy. It is a perfect media match.

Speaking of media matches, however, we cannot discount Kris Aquino possibly becoming president in 2016. Desperate feudal lords are a dangerous thing and there is no underestimating Uncle Peping’s resolve to hang on to the family jewels. Besides, if you can sell a chump like BS Aquino to the Filipino voter, pitching Kris to the Philippines will be the equivalent of selling Internet porn to a Pinoy seaman. Hacienda Luisita will be saved!

True colours: Vice President Jejomar Binay

True colours: Vice President Jejomar Binay

Whether it is Kris or Binay, the next Philippine President will be a win na win proposition for Filipinos. Binay’s potential lies in his being representative of the Filipino’s true skin colour (long-forgotten since Nora Aunor’s fall from superstardom), while Kris’s value proposition lies in her being a reaffirmation of da Pinoy’s stariray complex. Both will represent the ultimate revenge of da Pinoy masa. They will be giving the commies a run for their money.

So much for that.

And so now we get to the real point I wanted to make.

The real point I wanted to make is that Philippine Presidents don’t really matter beyond their value as objects of amusement. Whether a brillaint man or an idiot rules the Philippines, the future of this country will not be determined from a river-side palace in Manila. After almost 70 years of “independence”, Filipinos have yet to figure out that singular fact about the character of their nation. And it looks like they never will.

Nah. The future of the Philippines will be determined by a bunch of brilliant scientists working in a bunch of artificial intelligence and robotics labs Google has been busy acquiring in recent months

Former Google Android lead and current Google Robot Guru Andy Rubin’s list of acquired companies reads a bit like a baseline robot kit:

– Redwood Robotics for robot arms
– Holomni for robot wheels
– Bot & Dolly for robotics cameras
– Boston Dynamics for creepy and cool mobile robots
– DeepMind Technologies for artificial intelligence
– Meka Robotics for humanoid robots
– Industrial Perception for computer vision (which may or may not be for robotics)

Filipinos' future nemesis: Robots and artificial intelligence threaten future growth.

Filipinos’ future nemesis: Robots and artificial intelligence threaten future growth.

Bad news indeed. Filipinos rely on two key types of people to prop up their future: overseas foreign workers and outsourcing industry workers. On these two professions, rests much of the Philippines’ hollow consumerist economy. And Google scientists along with the most brilliant minds working in research facilities all over the world are furiously working on the technologies that will eventually replace such workers.

Google, of course, did not necessarily have the replacement of Filipino caregivers and telemarketers in mind when it acquired these firms. Then again when NASA engineers invented velcro for space flight in the 1960s, they did not have its application in the design of tacky men’s wallets in mind either.

Consider that in the period starting 2008 when the iPhone was born up to 2011 when the iPhone 4S was released, a system called Siri crawled out of an AI lab and installed itself into an affordable mass-produced handheld device.

In just three years, a rudimentary but state-of-the-art AI system went from being a lab curiosity to a consumer product accesible to hundreds of millions of ordinary people.

Tell me again. How many more years before 2016?

And here we are thinking Kris Aquino becoming President of the Philippines is that crazy a thought.

72 Replies to “Jojo Binay or Kris Aquino may be president in 2016 – but it really does not matter”

  1. Jejomar Binay – corrupt to the bone, like his skin color.

    Kris Aquino – KSP and Drama Queen.

    Mar Roxas – Korina Sanchez’s hubby, nothing more.

    Might as well send in more clowns for the elections. How sad.

    1. Don’t forget other presidential aspirants. Escudero, Allan Peter Cayetano or Villar, Bong Revilla ???.Gordon, Bong-bong Marcos…………Erap or Grace Poe /////…????

  2. Nicely written.

    I don’t think it matters, because the 10 dynasties will still rule politics and do the bidding of the 10 oligarchs who own the country, and all the politicians corny slogans, emotional stories, cabaret acts, and empty promises will just be a temporary diversion from the drudgery of the masses and the social whirl of the criminal elite.

    In terms of idle speculation i expect lacson and poe to figure with kris aquino going for governor/senator as a springboard for 2022 and bam aquino biting at the bit waiting for his tilt at the title.

    Am sure aquino dinner parties are succession planning meetings.

  3. I prefer Kris but will be also be happy with Binay. Its a win-win situation as far as I am concerned.

    Can we agree that we should respect the will of the people?

    1. The will of the people: Elect PNoy because he is the son of both “heroes.” That equation alone shows that something is wrong with the mindset of the Filipino people. News flash: Noynoy was a documented lazy bum before becoming a president.

      The effect: Massive corruption, higher unemployment rate, increasing public distrust, etc.

      Kris being president, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

      1. Ian,

        Last time I checked, the country is a democracy. Let the people choose its next president. If you don’t like Kris or Binay being the next president, sorry ka na lang. Don’t be a sore loser.

        Respect the will of the people.

        1. If the will of the people is to immerse themselves in deeper shit than before by voting for someone without any credibility to be a president, then so be it.

        2. What you’re talking about democracy. The people make a spectator sport of it, turn into a mob when it goes haywire and lay reason to do such an act as ‘people power’. I guess not following the process and being orderly and upstanding citizens is not ‘people power’ as well eh?

          Sorry ka na lang. Because TROLLS are the real sore losers here since they are craving the attention. Tunay ka ngang talunan if you go with “Eh, ano naman kung bobo? Pantay-pantay lang naman, ah.”

        3. @Proud Pinoy


          Last time I checked, the country is a democracy. Let the people choose its next president. If you don’t like Kris or Binay being the next president, sorry ka na lang. Don’t be a sore loser.

          Respect the will of the people.

          Nope, it’s not a real democracy, but a “democracy” only by name, since democracy operates under the assumption that people are duly informed and perhaps enlightened. The masa have long been fed disinformation with the help of oligarchy-controlled media.

          Ignorance, or keeping the masa in the dark (thanks to people like YOU), prevents the masa from recognizing their real options. There is no real exercise of free-will without knowledge. Ignorance is the opposite of knowledge—i.e. where ignorance reigns, free-will cannot truly be exercised.—People are deceived into thinking they are free, when in fact options in da Pilipins are few—So few that the voting masses would allow themselves to be easily bribed, many just to survive.

      2. i just want to point out that the effect you mention, massive corruption and the higher unemployment rate is not a new thing that magically happen because of this administration. It is a decade old problem and i believe that slowly but surely the corrupt will go to jail or not be voted to office in the next elections. This administration is very good at painting it’s opposition as the devil incarnate.
        we love to hate the officials we elect during elections but after Pnoy is elected something else happened. The public distrust all officials but not the president and the vice president(if you believe the surveys). This is the first time a corruption scandal did not have the president ratings down to the negatives. it’s like the people have rose colored glasses on. I mean sure there’s the million people march but have you heard the people(not the activist) asking the president to resign? how about the marches after that? didn’t the people stop coming because they do not want to be associated with the resign PNOY movement or Pork barrel King slogans? The president have their trust. First time ever to happen in our country.
        And as much as the opposition like to trash that ‘im so holy’ image they can’t because they don’t have anything. The guy’s clean. The ballsy extortion didn’t even stick.

      1. Benign0,

        The quality of that will is subjective.

        If the people want another Aquino then, from their perspective, the current Aquino has done well and they want another one.

        1. That’s how democracy works right? Most votes win.

          Some people may argue a parliamentary form of government would be better since people vote for parties and not personalities. But that requires a change in the constitution… good luck with that 🙂

        2. And where exactly did the form of government comes in the argument?

          Oops, I would now shut up because I have to “respect” how Philippine “democracy” works.

        3. Francino,

          I am merely stating the self-evident fact that our current system determines the President in a winner-take-all by most votes by the general populace procedure.

          This is the existing system. The people accept it (otherwise there would be a revolution). So if you don’t accept it but the majority does, you merely have an opinion.

          If you wish to make something of that opinion, to make a movement to change the current system then you are most welcome to try. But be warned, there are very powerful people who benefit from the existing system and would really like to keep it that way.

          Having said that, see you at the next elections 🙂

        4. @Proud_Pinoy: No need to go the whole nine yards to explain something taught over and over again in school.

          We may only have our opinions but at least we make informed ones.

          Your lack of presumption of information is just as telling as your choice of the next President.

          Vote wisely.

        5. I doubt that people will vote wisely on the upcoming elections.

          Decades of voters that fall for such simple tricks from political candidates have already defined us as a country with little hope of much-needed progress.

          I’m sorry but I don’t belong to the collective will of the people if they just keep making simple mistakes, then they blame the government why their life sucks.

          As Proud Pinoy said, it’s merely my opinion. Who else’s opinion would it be other than myself?

    2. the people here seem to forget that the elections can and are all the time:RIGGED!!!! in certain precincts/baranguays, provinces and even on a national scale , the elections can and are all the time:RIGGED!
      Will of the people??? Get a clue and wake the fuck up, the will of the people only matters when the oligarchy is being threatened and that, in the Philippines case is , not often enough. and not nearly thorough enough!
      Until the people get out of the coma they are in, the country is fucked, a failed state…and a failed state for a good reason….the only people who profit from a failed state are the people running it.

      It is called: A “KLEPTOCRACY” and the Philippines is exactly that. In fact, the epitome of a failed state.

  4. Blessed be the Aquinos! Long life and good health to our beloved leader!

    KRiS for next president! We must preserve their divine bloodline, brothers and sisters unite!

    1. Ick. Another paid Yellowtard. Divine bloodline my ass.

      When the inevitable day that Kris wins the presidential elections, what remaining respect I still have for the Filipino people will be completely vanished.

    2. June, I do not think the Aquinos belong to any of the 13 bloodlines. But I suspect the Quezons may be connected to one of the 13 bloodlines. So does this mean MLQ3 will be The Chosen One?

  5. Pnoy aquino takes after his mother cory aquino – both cowards, both corrupt/self-serving, both weak, both american lackeys, and both [deleted by Admin].

    And his 4 sisters also each inherited one of those traits. Easy to guess which one for kris aquino.

    Trailer trash without an ounce of style, culture, or class.

    1. Libertas, they are the leaders family of our country. Even if not so, why do you enjoy to attack other peoples families? Is this your upbringing?

      If you are man, I challenge you to say this same words to the 4 sisters face by face. What you are doing now is coward. The style, class, and culture of the aquino family is beyond your status or comprehension, is it jealousy that is your motivation to attack?

      This world is very fair, you should expect your family to be attacked by others, as you don’t redpect the families of others. It is your own doing.

      We should have Kris as president because she is a strong lady and good role model. She maybe have problem with her love life but this makes her closer to us, very few of us are lucky to find a good man now. We should not seek a barbie doll from beauty show with pretty husband.

      Kris is a Aquino.. She will not disrespect her mum and dad legacy, she has their blood, her lineage is destiny to be our leader.

      I am sure all the sisters will vote Kris and not Binay. You hating this, but this is the future, and you know it. I hope you find peace in accepting,

      1. “We should have Kris as president because she is a strong lady and good role model. She maybe have problem with her love life but this makes her closer to us, very few of us are lucky to find a good man now. We should not seek a barbie doll from beauty show with pretty husband.” – Oh I see…so being an attention whore is a sure-sign of being a good role model to you? News flash: I don’t think she contributed anything in politics aside from being an endorser of PNoy. And isn’t it funny that you endorse Kris yet you say we should not seek “barbie doll” type? Eating your words there, aren’t you?

        This further adds to the fact that you and the majority of Filipinos will vote for anyone who is popular, even though said person has no credibility to manage a fucked-up country.

        And please don’t shower me with ad-hominems like “You’re just jealous because she is way more popular than you/You disrespect the daughter of both heroes/You have poor breeding because you don’t know what is best for this country/What have you contributed to the country?” crap. That won’t work on me. I just merely told the truth but I doubt you’ll listen to the reality.

        I don’t think this is the kind of “Filipino legacy” my child would have to experience. The future of this country indeed, belongs to the gutter…if the majority of Filipinos will continue to enslave themselves to poverty and corruption.

    2. I do not care what you or anyone else thinks of the LADIES, BUT CALLING them COCKSUCKERS in public is as CLASSLESS as it gets, and you have the nerve to think you have class? after doing that? No, dude…if you did that to their faces you would either be laughed at or get a beating…maybe both…but you would no doubt be viewed as tacky, vile and despicable. A classless act, that statement was.

      1. ^Gerry said.
        Sexist and disgusting. I agree with Michelle, someone that has no respect for other peoples families either don’t have families or don’t respect their own.

        Any man that calls a woman a c* is a lowlife that needs a beating that their parents were meant to give them. The only “men” I’ve ever come accross to use such terminology are people that physically abuse their wives and girlfriends.

        Mr Libertas, I advise you to delete that comment. Calling any woman that invalidates any productive or constructive post you have ever made to anyone that reads your filthy statement.

        If you truly believe a woman is what you said, please take Gerry’s advice and have the courage to say it to that woman personally – and get the lesson in life you richly deserve.

        Had you called my sister that, I guarantee you will be in a coma fighting for your life, while I would be aquitted by a court.
        Being a armchair hero does not mean you are not accountable for your actions.

        Apologies to other fair minded readers for my rant. Rest assured if I had encountered a man behaving like lIbertas in person, I would give much more than a tongue lashing to protect a womans honor, and to preserve my own dignity as a man.


        1. Libertas what thinks you have the right to call any woman a cocksucker?? Have you met the presidents sisters? What did they do to you do warrant such disgusting abuse?

          Does the GR Post condone such behavior? If they do, they are no better than Libertas himself – a disgusting sexist gronk.

        2. @Benigno, Let this be known, when YOU delete comments from ‘GERRY’… really do not know WHO ‘GERRY’ IS….there is a comment written in this thread that threatens to call the authorities and it is attributed to ‘GERRY’, and the guy who is typing this is the ‘Gerry’ who posted the comment under “Michelle”. not the other ‘GERRY’ who threatens to call the authorities. Who is who?
          Now, about the ‘SPAM’ folder, I do not care what you do with comments, but ‘GERRY’, the real one, has threatened no one. MY REAL NAME is not GERRY, sometimes I use a public computer and sometimes it is used on the TOR browser and sometimes it is behind behind a VPN and sometimes it is not. Like many others who remain anonymous. So good luck trying to figure out who anyone is, Libertas thinks he actually knows who GERRY is? does he fuckin really?
          There are some people who want the world to know who they are, and ‘GERRY’, while he may be a great bunch of guys/gals, is not one of them. The real ‘Gerry’ has posted on this blog for a very,very long time under 10-15 different names, at the same time! Revealing those names will not be done, but ‘GERRY’ has had arguments with himself on many occasions……….
          and finally, excusing the shit bag comment made by Libertas is just as bad as making it yourself. Some MEN Are Gentlemen, like the REAL(?) ‘GERRY’ and some are not…and they are just as despicable as any politician when they stoop to the level Libertas did, whoever he/she is. Believe me, ‘GERRY’ doesn’t give a shit who ‘Libertas’ is, and ‘GERRY’ would NEVER talk about a woman like that shitbag did, nor would he make an excuse for it.

        3. Between “Gerry” and Libertas, I’d choose Libertas. Gerry or whatever handle he uses is just too full of himself. He should be banned from this site because he is always picking a fight with the other commenters and doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

      2. Gerry
        Aquino may be your role model – why am i not surprised – but really the rantings of an obnoxious weak simpleton are of no interest.
        BORING and REPETITIVE in lower or upper case
        And stop hiding behind others. Ah, the aquino approach. Pathetic

        1. Dude, I kept a screenshot of your comment labelling the Kris and her sisters cocksuckers and forwarded them to the appropriate authority.

          I hope they take you away. The only gutless cocksucker out of all this, is you.

        2. By the way gerry i have noticed you to be obnoxious and threaten a number of people on this site, including some women.
          Like to act the bully onviously. But soon the coward when confronted. So transparent. Your card is marked.

          How does that fit into your philosophy.

          Personally i would reprimand/ban someone who threatened other commenters as opposed to a comment about a public figure.
          I have read your choice language. It is not even clever, just from the gutter.
          A bloody hypocrite as well.
          Despicable specimen.
          I like many will ignore you from now on.
          As obviously people in real life do.

        3. @Libertas, Gerry already has a track record of getting some of his comments sent to the Spam folder. You just may not be aware of some of those instances. We’re watching this space and will be sure to act on any impropriety as promptly as we can.

          For now, I suggest people just stay on topic.

        4. While I DO NOT agree with the name-calling, I can understand the anger and frustration from some of the commenters toward the Aquino family. They have been screwing the public for years and getting away with it.

          Admittedly, sometimes it is very tempting to address the Aquinos using foul words but I avoid using them in my articles and I would discourage people from using it too in the comment section. We have to prove that we are better than the people we are criticising.

          I enjoy reading some of the comments from the regulars here. I learn from them too. We can all learn from each other.

          Just ignore the trolls.

      1. I do recall a pattern here. Libertas professes to hate paedophiles and ephebophiles. yet he thinks of women as cocksuckers. A sexist piece of trash, and a hypocrite as well.

        He is lucky Benigno is a gracious site admin that has real world experience and knows the value of respect. If it was another, Libertas might be tracked down and have his work terminated, or worse.

        Learn from your peers Libertas! You would do well to have a ounce of Benignos grace and maturity.

        1. another member of oedipus anonymous! So many nom de plumes.
          A dog with a bone – or a gay with a boner.
          Man up. No backbone.
          You are too transparent
          Now run to mummy.
          And sorry, you are hardly my peer. Not even close on any respect.
          deal with with it.

        2. Mate, anyone that calls a girl a cocksucker is a twit. I enjoyed your posts before but now you just come across as a lowlife twit.

          A apology is in order, but looks like you’re proud to be a twat.
          Good luck finding a woman that will accept a man that thinks of them as cocksuckers.

          Sexist mongrel.

        3. Against bad language and name calling are we!?
          But want selective censorship. Amazingly stupid.
          And your argument is also logically flawed.
          Did you even go to university.

          Bishop – mate!!
          Tell it to the marines. As if ….
          And as a first time commenter, like so many today, (i wonder why!), if that is the only thing that interests you enough to comment on, then please don’t read any more of my comments. I don’t want to deal with idiots.
          You and your obvious ‘friends’ will be ignored. shades of ocd showing. try something more important.

  6. “Robots vacuum floors. They pick and pack boxes in warehouses. They win at Jeopardy. And soon they may take IT and
    business process work away from offshore outsourcing providers.
    Take U.K.-based startup Blue Prism , which makes a software development toolkit and methodology designed to enable business
    users to create software robots to automate rules-driven business processes.

    Blue Prism calls it “robotic automation.” James R. Slaby, research director for sourcing security and risk for outsourcing analyst firm HfS Research calls it “the newest labor option in the global business
    services toolkit” and “offshore killer.” ”

  7. No more Aquino please. If that happens then more and more OFWs like me wouldn’t be remitting money to the Philippine anymore. So much for having a Philippine passport.

    Binay or Kris winning will only prove the fact that pinoys are the dumbest citizens…….. in the world.

  8. I have met a very educated Filipino scientist working in a Research Lab, here in the U.S. I asked him why he will not go home and help his country. He told me: ” It’s useless…I don’t want to let my training, education and skills, go to waste…”

    Machines like Robots will take the labor of humans. Even Caregivers…Every six month, there is a new technology introduced, coming from industrialized countries. Making the recent technology , including human labors ,obsolete…this is the trend now. I have seen it in the auto industry. The U.S. labor Union was demanding too much pay and benefits. Now, they are being replaced by Robots…Binay is another moron…Kris Aquino will be the worst choice…it will be a tragedy for our country…Maybe she will open her legs to get votes…

  9. Indeed ,it matters little who the President of the Philippines is. The fact is that no matter what happens the established ‘oligarchy’ will remain in control. The only way to change anything in the country at this point is a complete destruction of the existing ‘oligarchy’, starting with a dismantling of the gov’t. kleptocracy that is the scrooge of the people and the ends to a means for the ‘oligarchs’.

    Unless what was just stated happens, anyone can bet all the money they have on one safe bet: the way things are now, will be the EXACT same way they are in 30 years, BET ON IT.

  10. I would not be surprised at all if Kris Aquino runs for governor of Tarlac or vice president in 2016. Would she be a good public servant? People can look at Vilma Santos and asked if she has done a good job in Batangas. Vilma had her own sex scandal with Romeo Vasquez in the 70’s. The people of Batangas overlooked Vilma’s ugly past nobody even talks about it today. Kris had her own juicy affairs but will people overlook all these and give her a chance at public service? Rudy Farinas had his x-rated sex video with Vivian Velez in the 70’s but the people of Ilocos Norte elected him to congress. So what’s the big deal about Kris Aquino? She’s just your average horny Pinay we see every day. Just listen to “Mo Twister’s podcast” and hear average Filipinos reveal their sex stories. Brothers and sisters having sex, naive sex hungry Pinay’s sending their naked pix on the net, it’s everywhere nothing is new.

    I don’t see Binay, Revilla or Jinggoy becoming president for one simple reason: they do not have the Chinese bloodline to elicit the support of the powers that be that controls the country’s economy. While Roxas appears to be the anointed one because of his pedigree, the Roxas-Araneta bloodlines, a US education, his legislative and executive experiences and connection still remains to be seen. In the past when the US was that shadowy power that manipulated Philippine elections, Gordon would have been a sure bet. The US has now taken a back seat and moved only when needed. The Chinese mafioso are the new kingmakers.

    Pnoy, Bongbong Marcos and Roxas are all inter-related through marriages within their families. Bongbong is 75% Chinese. His bloodline connection according to investigative author/writer Sterling Seagrave connects the Marcos’ to the last Chinese imperial family Qing dynasty. Josefa Edralin is said to have descended from the Qing dynasty and adopted the name Edralin when they escaped to the Philippines during the Chinese civil war. Ferdinand Marcos’ real father was Chinese named Chua. Imelda is 50% Chinese from her mother’s family, also named Chua, 50% Hispanic from her father’s family. Not really a Filipino by heritage. The Cojuangco’s are 100% Chinese. So what does this tell us folks? Spain, US, Japan and now the Chinese mafia, big business and the Catholic church.

    1. Unless, we start electing good capable people. And overhauling the government. We will never have a chance of digging ourselves, from the economic/political hole we are in. If a country loses its moral fiber; it is already doomed. History had showed it…A Chinese proverbs states: ” A journey to a thousand miles, begins with one step…”

      Can we join hands and take that journey?

      1. Not if the Binays and the Aquinos are convinced that only they have the right to lead the rest of us on that journey.

        1. Cenation,

          I believe that is exactly what I said. I never stated that the Aquinos CHOSE to become leaders. I said they laboured under the ill-conceived fantasy that they are possessed of some divine mandate. A delusion that the Philippines’ intellectually bankrupt continue to feed with vacuous praises.

  11. Kris Aquino can and will win with the help of the manipulated Commission on Elections. Remember the Hocus Pcos machines? Binay will never have a chance for the presidency once this happens. Until now the source code has not been examined and revealed. The tampered machines are either defective or rigged to produce the results in favor of the yellow politicians. This administration no longer plays fair in political elections. It is no longer the repeat propaganda of the matuwid na daan. It is now the Baliw na Daan! Down with the Aquino regime!!! Down with the COMELEC!!!

  12. Gerry
    Am quaking. ‘The mouse that roared’
    ‘ report you to the authorities’ run.
    can’t fight your own battles. bloody coward as i always thought.
    real anarchist. a bag of wind.
    And bluster from someone like you is amusing.
    Am not as subservient as you, and obvioisly not as stupid.
    I can play you like a puppet
    So predictable and easy it is boring.
    Now sort out your mental health issues.
    Your rantings give you away.
    Always interested in attacking people but never anything to say of substance.
    Virtual vigilante to your rescue.
    Grow some cojones.
    And stop crying
    Enough nonsense.
    Go to anger management than use this site as outlet for your issues/failings.

  13. I was laughing my head off when some of the trolls here mentioned the divinity of the Aquino family. Kris Aquino is good only for show business. She will be worse off than her dictator brother BS Aquino when and if she becomes president. Oh yeah she also has a psychological problem just like her bro.

  14. Binay or Kris? I willing to bet everything Kris will be our next president if she is nominated.. Does anyone want to bet with me??

    1. I was right all along:

      This we have is NOT democracy. Because people like treated it like a spectator sport. Am I right?

    2. Hahaha, is this the kind of democracy PROUD PINOY wants us to munch on? Wow…

      Thanks, Mountain Bee…you’ve added another reason why the Filipinos are NOT WORTH dying for anymore.

  15. “I see in the future a crisis of democracy approaching that unnerves me. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places is enshrined, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong it’s reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in only a few hands”.
    Abraham Lincoln

    Prophetic words.

    The UN classifies the philippines as a ‘flawed democracy’.

    It is in fact a very flawed constitutional republic which does not have: separate balance of powers, strong institutions, easy access to (political) entry, ideologically based parties/opposition, an independent/balanced media/press, or full accountability/transparency.

    During pnoy aquino’s administration there has been a clear and concerted effort to move further away from democratic principles and practices, whilst promoting the fallacy of change and reform. Not so difficult to do given the nature of the philippines electorate

    “Freedom is gradually lost from an uninterested, uninformed, uneducated,and uninvolved people. …”
    Thomas Jefferson

    But regrettably the battleground for 2016 will not be played on the higher ground of principles and policies, but the lowest common denominator of personality and promises driven home by slogans, advertising, and karaoke.

    The american model is bad in itself. Give it to a third world and it is a criminals charter, and an unopposed monopoly at that.

    If democracy retreats then all other problems advance.

  16. If this is going to be the case…why should I still vote? Do I have to do it just so my voter’s ID that I waited to get for 6 long years to get won’t get deactivated? ….wtf..this is just terrible. An even bigger problem is there’s not much of a choice too…

  17. this country sink deeper into the sink hole everytime filipinos vote stupid and dumb monkeys as their leader, likewise more and more pinoys are getting dumber every minute.

  18. GRP might as well start posting regular advice on how to migrate to countries where there are better opportunities for Filipinos who do not want to put up with the continued BS generated by the country’s socio-political system.

  19. It does in fact matter. If either Binay or Kris turns out to be our next president, it will give you a clear indication Filipino voters’ maturity despite all efforts from media, blog sites such as GRP. Sad but true..

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