Bong Revilla’s lesson: Dealing with President Noynoy Aquino is like dealing with the Devil himself

I wonder what it would take for the Filipino people to finally wake-up from their stupor. One catastrophic event after another has been happening in the country lately but the rest of Philippine society seems unaffected and continue with their lives and celebrate annual festivities like everything is okay. It is mind-boggling to see how a society can switch to a fiesta mode even when there are ongoing issues that need to be resolved.

Devil in disguise: President BS Aquino

Devil in disguise: President BS Aquino

One can’t help but compare Filipinos with the people of Thailand who have been conducting mass protests for several weeks now against their corrupt government. The protests even turn violent as emotions run high and as people become increasingly frustrated. Not that I condone violence, but it seems the Thais know what they want and know how to get it. In comparison, Filipinos come across as a society that would rather pretend there is no problem than worry about the nation’s future. Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos also come across as uncaring and indifferent to the plight of the poor and destitute. No wonder the problems that have been afflicting the nation for decades still persist today. What most people who run away from problems don’t realise is that problems do have a way of catching up with them and when they do, the consequences are even far more devastating.

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There had been so many issues in the Philippines in recent times that a member of any of the world’s more advanced societies would consider “wake-up” calls, but the Filipino public in general could not even be bothered to do something about them. As a result of the majority’s indifference, those who should be accountable for the criminal acts that affect millions of lives are getting away with their crimes. It doesn’t help that most Filipinos are easily distracted by celebrity news or any other superficial news like sex scandals and Kris Aquino’s love life (or lack of it), which they tend to find more interesting to discuss.

One public servant who has been taking advantage of the people’s screwed up priorities is Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. News of his involvement in indiscretions or abuse of power is becoming a regular occurrence but this has not resulted in a public outcry from the majority. The revelation that BS Aquino met Senator Bong Revilla and possibly some other senators before the conclusion of former Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial should have been enough for people to ask him to step down from office.

What’s worse is that BS Aquino does not even deny that the meeting took place. He just gave this pathetic excuse to justify why he had to meet with the senator or senators. He said something about how he was just trying to ensure that the senator judges decided the case on the merits of the case rather than other outside factors.

The President’s statement says a lot about himself and what he thinks of the senators. For one, it shows he didn’t trust them to do the right thing, implying that they are incompetent and undeserving of the privilege to hold high positions in government; two, the President thinks the Filipino people are dumb enough to believe him. Hopefully, he is only right about the first, although there seems to be enough evidence to suggest that the Filipino people would believe anything BS Aquino says despite the lameness of his excuses.

Sec. Mar Roxas counts driving people around as one of his favorite activities.

Sec. Mar Roxas counts driving people around as one of his favorite activities.

As we all know by now, Senator Bong Revilla, by his own recount, was picked-up and driven to the meeting place to meet with the President by then Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas. The latter has proven himself to be a true minion by doing all the footwork for BS Aquino. Roxas also chose to do the chore without aides, which is quite odd considering Filipino public servants are always surrounded by heavy security. This says a lot about the extent to which Roxas tried to keep the meeting a secret.

This likewise contradicts what Malacanang mouthpieces said about how meetings with other public servants are part of BS Aquino’s regular activity. But obviously that particular meeting with Revilla had to involve a covert operation, which means the less people involved, the less witnesses to testify against the sponsor of the operation. As the meaning of the term implies, “a covert operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor”. Too bad for BS Aquino and Roxas, Revilla’s revelation could not be denied.

It’s not hard to tell who is distracting the public from the real issue. Yes, both parties have been caught with their pants down but some truths are greater than others. While it may be true that Senators like Revilla can be bought for 50 million pesos or be dumb enough to be bullied into doing something for nothing, BS Aquino and his minions have proven that they are double crossers. They made a deal with weak individuals like Revilla but also considered someone like him dispensable. In other words, BS Aquino is not someone even the mafia could trust. Revilla and other senators may as well have signed a deal with the devil himself.

The Filipino people have all the reasons to be alarmed. The fact that most of the sessions in the Senate halls have been devoted to mudslinging instead of the performance of senators’ duties means that our worst fear is coming true. As some of us have predicted in the past, BS Aquino is turning the Philippines into a vindictive society and is further damaging the country’s already fragile institutions using taxpayer’s money. A society who will let him get away with this is a society that deserves its wretched fate.

45 Replies to “Bong Revilla’s lesson: Dealing with President Noynoy Aquino is like dealing with the Devil himself”

  1. I totally agree with what was said here.
    The Yellow Shirts may claim that our present president has dome some good during this term of his, but based on the number of unsolved or unresolved issues, I really can’t believe in any of them, and amongst them are the members of my family.
    There is are a couple of things that this administration and its supporters are really good at. Looking at the world with blinders, misdirection, deflection, being generally lazy, being opaque and not transparent, unable to keep promises, and having quite a lot of skill and talent for bullying and blackmail.
    Emotional and familial blackmail in my case, since the family that I am a part of is very Yellow, politically speaking.

    1. I don’t know. :-/ Seems like Penoy the incompetent wouldn’t be able to reason things out well enough to be able to realise his deficiencies.

  2. In making a deal with the devil, you need to bury some ingredients (which I don’t know)at a crossroad, then the devil appears, you talk through the contract and seal it with a kiss. If Pnoy was the devil and Revilla was making the deal with him, then…….


  3. Kate natividad was recently lamenting the lack of reading in the philippines. I concur, and 2 books everyone should read at least twice – when young/idealistic and also when older/(wiser)

    1984 – george orwell – still an amazon bestseller ( sales up 7000% post edward snowden revelations). It was one of my course books at school and remains as relevant as ever.

    Brave new world – aldous huxley – still challenging to read!

    Orwell postulated – what you hate will ruin the country, ( dictatorship), whilst huxley had a different take – what you love will ruin the country. ( superficial pleasure/pursuits)

    5 years before orwell wrote 1984 he wrote a letter in 1943 which outlined his thesis.
    This is a short extract from the letter

    “All the national movements everywhere, seem to take non-democratic forms, to group themselves round some
    superhuman leader ( no wonder pnoy liked the ‘man of steel’ award) , and to adopt the theory that the end justifies the means. Everywhere the world such movements seems to be in the direction of centralised control which can be made to ‘work’ in an economic sense but which are not democratically organised and which tend to establish a caste system.( divisive with winners and losers, masters and ‘slaves’).
    With this go the horrors of emotional nationalism and a tendency to disbelieve
    in the existence of objective truth because all the facts have to fit in with the words and prophecies of some ‘infallible’ leader’.”
    George orwell

    Huxley developed his ‘ negative utopia’ of brave new world after seeing the excesses, promiscuity, and superficiality of america ( and that was in the 1920’s – guess the kardashians et al proved him right).
    He considered that an ‘overdose’ of pleasure and entertainment made people soporific to the reality around them and selfish without a concern for the community as a whole.

    From bread and circuses in roman times to ‘Soma’ (drug) induced haze in huxleys book, and now ‘reality’ tv and karaoke.

    When politics becomes entertainment then the stage has been reached where the people are but a passive audience, subservient to the elite, and with no individual value. The truth is lost in a mixture of lies, and nobody cares as long as they can sedate their addled brain through escapism through whatever means available, and readily provided by either government controlled tv or elite/political friendly media.

    The philippines seems to be in a ‘double whammy’ with both orwell’s and huxley’s visions co-existing. And it can’t get any worse than that. Maybe some-one should write 2084 set in the philippines, with a bit of wizard of oz thrown in for light relief – and pnoy aquino as dorothy.

  4. “The President’s statement says a lot about himself and what he thinks of the senators. For one, it shows he didn’t trust them to do the right thing, implying that they are incompetent and undeserving of the privilege to hold high positions in government”

    You can’t be serious can you? Which citizen today would disagree with what you claim to be the Presidents view of senators?

    You have no credibility whatsoever! You need to get the hate out of you and start writing/thinking objectively if you want to be taken seriously.

    1. Are YOU serious? Who made the President the final arbiter of truth? Are you implying Noynoy the clueless is infallible?

      Whatever opinion you (or the president) may have of the quality of our legislators is IRRELEVANT in the matter. The Philippines is supposed to be a republic — a representative democracy with an accountable government and the rule of law. Qualities that Noynoy the incompetent assured the electorate would be the hallmarks of his presidency. Those were his campaign promises or are you conveniently ignoring them in favour of expediency?

      What the president did UNDERMINED the system of government he claims to uphold and support. To impose HIS DECISION on the trial no matter what. And he did so with impunity. That effectively DESTROYED the separation between the branches of our government.

      What THAT says is President Penoy neither cares for the institutions of this republic nor the people whom he is supposed to represent; only his personal caprices. Willing to commit the resources of the state to satisfy his childish whimsies. The callousness and impunity with which the president continues to behave are more the hallmarks of a sociopath than the prayerful, responsible individual who claims the people are his “bosses.”

      The fact that this facet of the president’s character escapes you indicates you are either hopelessly naive (do you actually believe the president is doing the “right” thing?) or just as shallow and clueless as the more obvious public image of President Penoy. Or a paid, opportunistic propaganda hack. You might want to take your own advice and start thinking critically. Even for a moment. You certainly have no credibility.

    2. @HawkEye

      The article did not disagree with the view that most senators “are incompetent and undeserving of the privilege to hold high positions in government”.

      The article should have included the fact that BS Aquino is also incompetent and undeserving of the privilege to hold a high position in government.

        1. And what is that question’s relevance to the topic at hand? you’re not trying to distract us, are you?

      1. I just had someone else read your article. Their view based on your writing is that youre in defense of the senators. My reading as well. Your article does not disagree with the view that senators are as you subsequently claim

        1. Which part of the article defended the senators? Please be specific.

          What makes you think the article does not disagree with whatever you think I do not disagree with? Please be specific. 😉

        2. That’s funny, I just had someone read this article a while ago too and she agrees with what the author is trying to say.

          Some people can’t handle the truth.

        3. Hmmm…quite he confusion we have around here.

          From how I see it, this “Hawkeye” just had someone clarify him/her that it there wasn’t really any disagreement in the first place.

          Now, this Hawkeye person thinks the article’s defending senators or something like that.

          I don’t see any denial of the truth here, to be honest. Just a case of yet another one who entirely missed the point.

          When I was still attending school, I would always abhor it when they set the mic for “open forum” after conferences. Just about every student who’d step up to the podium would ask questions that had absolutely nothing to do with was discussed. I’d always wonder afterwards why they asked what they asked. Now, looking at all the comments from dumdums here in GRP, I’ve now already a clearer idea why.

  5. Roxas is the facilitator of Senators and Congressmen. To drive these crooks, to the “Pangarap House”. Aquino will then, give them an ” offer they cannot refuse”…Sounds like “The Godfather “movie… Art imitating true life…
    The Filipinos are already desensitized of their conditions. Just see the YellowTards Zombies . They do not think. Their YellowTard Boss, says something; his words will be their gospel truth.
    If you read about the German Psychologist Carl Jung…you can understand this phenomena. People have collective unconciousness. It was how: Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and the rest of the tyrant crooks, held their people to believe, whatever they say.
    It is the duty of every Filipino, GRP writers and bloggers, included ; to awaken their fellow Filipinos; who have already turned into Zombies, by Aquino, Roxas, the Lopez Media and their minions.

  6. Hayyy obvious na anti pnoy ito,so mas mabait si Bong Revilla? Kaya Hindi pinapansin ng mga Tao yan, alam nila ang totoo na nililihis lang ni mandarambong ang issue kasi wala na siya kawala sa plunder

    1. At si Noynoy hindi mandarambong? Sorry but you’re totally ignorant.

      Bong Revilla hit the the nail in the head that he said that Noynoy also had a hand in Corona’s impeachment. In fact, it was a joke from the start.

      Hayyy obvious na you’re just another ignorant Pinoy pleb lurking and TROLLING around in this blog. Am I right?

    2. This “influencing” tactics of BSA has another name jury tampering. That said a jury tampered trial can be declared a mistrial.

    3. Hayy at obvious na si joliot ay pro-pnoy! Haisssssssst talaga ang buhay!

      Pareho sila mandarambong! Pnoy is the DAP giver and Revilla is the DAP receiver. So what else is new with this most crooked administration of all??

      Oust the whole caboodle, I say, starting with that fruitcake-trying-to-be macho president and his yellow plague army!

  7. “Tricks and treachery are the practice of
    fools, that don’t have brains enough to be
    Benjamin Franklin

    Stabbing people in the back is the aquino way/trademark – cowardly, sly, and deceitful – ranging from aquino senior who stabbed the entire country in the back by becoming a traitor, through to bam aquino, the little workshy sh!t who stabbed mark ruiz creator and founder of hapinoy in the back and tried to claim all the credit for doing nothing – sounds familiar. ( now bam aquino is in the senate he has disappeared, as expected, on his worldwide trips funded by taxpayers)

    Pnoy aquino clearly doesn’t have an honest bone in his body. Lies, propaganda, false promises, bribery and corruption have characterised him from day 1.

    Mar roxas will be the next victim.

  8. I think the Bayad este Bias Media who sanitized the news is a major factor why the common people specially the poor seems not to care what is going on with this Stoopid Administration of Abnoy.
    Unlike during the Admin of PGMA where the same Bayad Media Demonized her at every turn and these same poor people and the Yellow Zombies believed the garbage news hook, line and sinker.

    1. That was very evident very early. When A Bias Station Controlled By Noynoy so called journalists The Explainer and Tricky Ricky were immediately rewarded post election for smooching posterior with positions. Would they be given the same treatment if they were PROPERLY doing their jobs?

      1. The same will happen in 2016 with enough bum lickers in abs-cbn angling for a govt post. Leading the pack is the permanently prostrate boy abunda.

        With such a handicap any serious contender needs to be getting organised now, and in particularlook to establish/utilise an independent survey machine to counter the biggest propaganda weapons/influencer of sws and pulse asia which are a disgrace to everything professional and everbody involved and an insult to the country.

      2. Tricky ricky calamityagain and the deserter didn’t do their jobs properly at abs-cbn then failed even in their propaganda roles.

        Pnoy promised – ” the best of the best” and appoints kkk and serial losers.

    2. You are so right, Crispolo!

      We cannot blame the conscript media enough for the current wretched state of our country. They have a lot to answer for for hiding the truth about the corruption and utter incompetence of the BS Aquino administration.

  9. I agree with the article title. MadNoy is really the devil incarnate. what he did and failed to do speaks for itself. He is destroying the country and its institutions. His evil examples of persecuting his perceived enemies, his penchant for bribery, his propaganda lies and deception, the manipulated surveys and window dressing reveal only one thing… there is no more matuwid na daan as it was never matuwid from the beginning. He does not even address the problem of the massive corruption that he is a part of. MadNoy resign!!!

  10. Power corrupts, that’s what all of you Filipinos do not understand . If every President who gets elected will have to step down for one reason or another, what kind of a country would you have? A government needs to be stable.
    At least think about what your President has achieved for the country, and ask how else you can make things better for Philippines. Just because you have constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech does not mean you should use it to keep on criticizing your president. Then if you think you all could do a better job then why don’t you become the president, instead of writing all this BS???

    1. A President who is corrupt should step down from office because a corrupt President will never provide a stable government. A corrupt President will promote chaos and anarchy just like what is happening in our society now. The crime rate and unemployment is going up despite the illusion of “prosperity” concocted by the yellow media.

      Therefore, Filipinos should ask PNoy to step down for his violation of the law particularly when he bribed members of congress using public funds. If they allow him to get away with this, the culture of impunity will prevail.

      What has he achieved for the country that cannot be achieved by another, more qualified and less vindictive individual?

      “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American (Filipino) public.”

      – Theodore Roosevelt

        1. @LG

          If you are not asking PNoy’s critics to stop criticising him, then what did you mean by what you said here: “Just because you have constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech does not mean you should use it to keep on criticizing your president.”

          Mainstream media is already full of praises for PNoy. The Philippines has been called a “tiger economy” even during Cory’s term. That’s all part of PR. You should read the news about how the rate of unemployment and poverty levels keep going up instead.

        2. @ LG

          That ain’t news, that is an article based on opinions done by filipino authors dying to make their name in journalism.

  11. This only shows that Any uprising in a particular country can only be initiated with the insTigation and support of powerful nations.

  12. GMA was demonized and persecuted for the Garci tape. PNoy’s secret tryst with Revilla was devilish meant to influence the vote against CJ Corona. Why is that?

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