Study reveals that Filipinos like PNoy should welcome negativity and bad news to get in a good mood

Scientists at Israel’s Tel Aviv University have found a cure for Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino’s aversion to media’s “negative reporting”. The result of a recent study revealed that repeated exposure to negativity rather than shying away from it is the trick to avoiding falling into a bad mood. Here are some excerpts from their study:

…new research by Dr. Moshe Shay Ben-Haim, Yaniv Mama, Michal Icht, and Daniel Algom of Tel Aviv University’s School of Psychological Sciences now reveals that repeated exposure to a negative event neutralizes its effect on your mood and your thinking. The study, published in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, has broad implications for understanding our emotions.

“A bad mood is known to slow cognition,” says Dr. Ben-Haim. “We show that, counterintuitively, you can avoid getting into a bad mood in the first place by dwelling on a negative event. If you look at the newspaper before you go to work and see a headline about a bombing or tragedy of some kind, it’s better to read the article all the way through and repeatedly expose yourself to the negative information. You will be freer to go on with your day in a better mood and without any negative effects.”

Turn that frown upside down with negative info!

Turn that frown upside down with negative info!

Well, it turns out that the popular thinking that we should avoid “negative” or “bad” news if we don’t want to get upset has the opposite effect on our mood. The likelihood of having a better day ahead of them is higher when people constantly expose themselves to negative information.

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The reason for this is because people eventually become immune to bad news. This is not hard to believe considering humans go through different sets of moods during the day. Basically, when people introduce themselves to bad news first thing in the morning for example, the bad mood is more likely to turn into a good mood for the rest of the day.

Of course some of us didn’t need confirmation from scientists to know that BS Aquino was wrong in telling the media to stop reporting the facts about his government’s incompetence. Some of us knew that it was another one of his lame attempts at putting others down to make himself look good. He blamed his critics in the media for why the men and women in his administration receive bad publicity. It’s as if he and his appointees are all doing a perfect job.

President BS Aquino's worst nightmare

President BS Aquino’s worst nightmare

It is obvious that BS Aquino is a very sensitive person. It seems he was not taught to take things with a grain of salt at a young age. One wonders what kind of upbringing the President had. He is not used to accepting negative feedback from other people. That is unfortunate because he has an enormous responsibility and the public has the right to know how he and his staff are conducting themselves. He should realize that the public has a say in how he runs the country and he should be open to suggestions and other ideas coming from other people.

Some of those who give BS Aquino unsolicited advice are experts in their own field of studies. Academics and professionals possess the necessary credentials and credibility when they say that the President of the Philippines is doing a very, very bad job. After all, prior to entering the public sector, BS Aquino only had short stints in supervisory positions in the private sector. He could have acquired those jobs through friends and relatives even, which could mean he didn’t get hired on account of his own merits.

In other words, BS Aquino didn’t really have a lot of experience managing people in the past. His inexperience in dealing with the members of his staff is evident whenever he refuses to fire his own appointees who have not performed their duties well. It doesn’t help that there are conflicts-of-interest that are at work preventing him from acting more decisively. If only he avoided appointing his own friends and close allies to sensitive posts, he wouldn’t act like such a wus.

It’s ironic that a bunch of people belonging to a media group called Bulong Pulungan accorded BS Aquino the title “Man of Steel” during a recent gathering. It was also in the same event where the President labeled some members of the media too negative. He doesn’t even have the power to shrug-off criticism directed towards himself or his staff. It has become apparent that giving him the title could be another publicity stunt to jack up his popularity ratings up. Instead of “man of steel”, they should refer to him as the man who helped men and women steal from the taxpayers.

While BS Aquino insists that the decline in his trust rating doesn’t bother him, the fact that he had to mention it is already an indication that it does bother him and is not important. But at the same time, he also made a wishful thinking when he said, “maybe it will rebound”. And of course, if his trust rating does rebound, he and his minions will emphasize its importance once again.

It’s quite doubtful that President BS Aquino would heed the advice of Israel’s top scientists in fixing his attitude towards his critics. He prefers to live in his own fantasy world and make believe that the people see that he is doing the right thing. He does give meaning to the word delusional.

53 Replies to “Study reveals that Filipinos like PNoy should welcome negativity and bad news to get in a good mood”

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter who is president. The fleecing of the treasury goes on and on. The infrastructure and resources available for our mushrooming population are pathetically inadequate. We can’t afford to build our own highways? We have to bring in foreign investors who will charge tolls? Where does that 12.5% VAT tax go? I shudder to think what it will be like after the masses place Manny on the throne.

    1. While I agree, let’s not forget that this president ran and won based on the promise that he’d do something about that…. In other words, the ones who voted for him have been duped….

      1. Not yet, we must wait for his term to be finish before we judge Him. Some of his promises cannot be attained within 3 years.

        1. Believe me, kathniel, if we still can’t see any degree of accomplishment of any of his promises, we won’t see his promises accomplished in 2 years. Keep dreaming. You know what we’ll see in 2 years? A Philippines much worse than it was before Aquino became president. You don’t believe? It’s happening already.

        2. 3 years, your president had 3 YEARS to be judged. It’s too late for him. He must resign if he has any dignity left.

        3. Pero baliktad si BS abNoy Aquino III. Instead of signs of promise, the evidence sadly shows he’s just getting worse.

          They refuse to listen. AbNoy and minions only spend time and money from taxpayers praising themselves. Hanggang puro palabas lang sila.

          The Philippines is in its the dark ages under abNoy’s gov’t.

        4. Well, well. What we have here is a certified 100% Aquino cultist.

          I’ll see you in HELL. HELL is where you belong. 😀

        5. nothing has been achieved in 3 years, no surprise the waster that is pnoy aquino hasn’t achieved anything in 50+ years.
          and if he is your role-model/god then i doubt you have either.

        6. Nothing has been achieved in the past 3 years and he keeps using twats like YOU to cover up his mistakes.

          Your trolling days are ending soon.

    2. IDK if Paquiao will ever get there. He is not too bright, u kno? and now it is obvious he is going to have to stay in the ring until he is 37-40, and so will take way too many shots to the head that are advisable and be even dumber by then.

      A non-college educated guy like Paquiao could worry less about others and worry about his own family and …with that in mind, seek asylum in Switzerland as the BIR is not going to stop hounding his ass until he coughs up his lifes’ blood and returns to Sarangani province just as poor as the day he left. Watch and see if it doesn’t happen, the guy just ain’t the brightest bulb in the lamp.

  2. I really highly suspect that you’re Ricky Carandang, kathniel, and that you actually know the truth about Aquino but you’re bluffing us here because it’s your job to make your boss look good or to at least neutralize his bad press in exchange for an indecent pay, but for the sake of the other GRP readers, please know that it’s true that Aquino didn’t have a lot of experience managing people in the past, despite his having been an “executive assistant, congressman, and senator.” He does not know how to relate with people, for which reason, among other reasons, that he never accomplished anything. And kathniel may have only been joking when she/he said that Aquino “has a good mind and a kind heart.” All that he’s done so far in his life, especially as president, belie that.

    1. As usual, “kathniel” or should I say Ricky Carandang is too chicken to respond to any arguments against his precious president.

      I can only imagine that “kathniel” is already crying inside since he already knows how f*cked his president is going to be once DAP is declared as unconstitutional unless Mr. Aquino bribes the justices to declare it constitutional.

      You will never win ,kathniel, since your propaganda is weak.

      1. He’s not really that intimidating.
        He’s the equivalent of Wile E. Coyote trying to catch us Road Runners with a stick of TNT.

        He already tried impersonating posters here and threatening them with “re-education camp” which only proves that the present administration is a dictatorship in disguise.

      1. I agree, but it needs to be said that Aquino neither has a good mind nor a good heart, which makes him very unique (most Philippine presidents had a good mind, I believe; there may have been others who had a good heart or both).

        1. Not even that, I believe. I guess the word “intellectual” doesn’t apply to him at all, even if you put “pseudo” before it. Aquino and intellectual? It’s like an oxymoron.

        2. Well that’s how I put it..maybe there’s a better adjective out there, I just couldn’t pull my vocabulary for that.

          Anyway..yeah maybe it doesn’t apply..I could never imagine living in a delusion though..someone needs to slap him back to reality..

        1. Hmm faux sounds about just right. That’s what I’ve been thinking..

          The leader part..hmm maybe not so much.

  3. the world pays its respects to a true ‘ man of steel’ – nelson mandela –

    The polar opposite of pnoy aquino – ‘man of cotton wool’
    who can only get meaningless awards from a group of elderly hacks! sum up the joke that pnoy aquino is

  4. Updated the list of Mr. Aquino’s blunders

    1.unconstitutional EO No’s.1 & 2

    2.Samar & Balay group conflict inside Malacanang

    3. bungled hostage rescue

    4. blatant lie about the $430 million MCC grant

    5. wrongful deportation of 14 Taiwanese fraud suspects to China

    6.Cojuangco-Aquino SCTex multi million deal

    7. favoring KKK to high government positions

    8. release of morong 43

    9. denying clemency to 100 old and sick prisoners despite PPP’s recommendation but pardons a dead man

    10.failed promise to prioritize FOI Bill

    11.misleading polls by own kins’ survey firms Asia Pulse & SWS

    12. Hacienda Luisita/SCTex illegal toll fee

    13.ineffective com group (includes Mislang)

    14.pending RH Bill

    15. corruption score worsens based on diff. international intelligence reports

    16. lowest rate of GDP

    17.mounting unemployment problem

    18.undiplomatic verbal spat with China over Spratlys

    19.Porsche/BMW controversy — purchased from a source with a well knowned smuggler in BOC

    20.P6-billion illegal tax write off given to Mirant and Team Energy

    21.people suffering from higher cost of living and having depress wages

    22.controversial appointees (eg. BNP – Diokno, LTO -Torres, BoC – Alvarez, PCSO – Tolentino & Joaquin)

    23.core inflation rate increased from 3.9 to 4

    24.biggest drop of visitor arrivals from 377, 672 to 317,443

    25.slow action on OFW repatriation during Middle East Crisis

    26.underemployment rate increased from 0.178 to 0.194

    27. increased of poverty incidence

    28. dropped imports from USD 4, 568 to USD 5, 497

    29. BIR and BOC’s failure to meet their respective revenue targets

    30. imposing double vat on toll

    31.failure to stop jueteng

    32.excessive and unproductive travel abroad

    33.former AFP Chief and Defense Sec. Angelo Reyes suicide due to Senate pressure

    34.corruption still rampant in national and local level

    35. PPP zero investment

    36.deteriorating condition of education wage increase despite the rocketed cost of basic commodities

    38.billion lost in revenue due to missing container vans

    39.very unproductive legislature under pnoy’s admin

    40.missing in action during the typhoon

    41. slow action and ineptness on crisis/disaster management

    42. 9.43 billion flood damage due to cancellation of flood projects in Central Luzon

    43.increased pork barrel and CCT budgets and cut the budget on education.

    44.failed CCT program

    45.failed Pantawid Pasada Program

    46. increased crime rate

    47.P-noy’s 1.46 Billion intelligence fund for 2011

    48.controversy on Apple MacBooks worth 1.67 million or P67,000 each for Carandang’s staff

    49.rising cases of impunity for extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances

    50. 4 billion peso damage claim of Belgian dredging firm for cancellation of project

    51.influencing a recent SC decision on family-owned Hacienda Luisita

    52.postponement of ARMM election

    53.DBP lawyer suicide due to harassment

    54. Lopez Holdings 1.6 Billion peso DBP loan written off

    55. secret meeting with MILF leader Murad

    56. 5 million pesos aid to MILF

    57. apathy to the sacrifice of our soldiers who are losing their lives in Mindanao

    58. 31 million pesos aid to (not existing) ABB

    59. 5-10 million bribe to congressmen to back up steps taken against GMA

    60. imposing tax on SSS & PAG IBIG contributions

    61. close to P1M cost (P860,000) of single Palace-Ledac meeting

    62. besmirching the name of the highest court, notably the Chief Justice

    63. blatantly defying The Philippine Constitution

    64. Appointment of Biazon and Lim to BOC to silently gather FUNDS for the next election.

    65. De-Lima finally learned the correct ‘daang matu-weed’ as she made an
    ‘error recommendation’ during the luneta hostage fiasco.
    66. Ninoy Aquino IA- WORST airport in the world.
    67. p-noy brother in law demanding commission for release of pork barrel to congressmen
    68. cojuangco executive appointed to coconut planters bank ( to destroy the evidence) – they have tried to keep this one very secret for obvious reasons
    extra judicial killings
    69. human trafficking actually up, as is use of child labour inside the country
    70. ochoa and his new 60 million peso house – not bad in 50,000 a month!
    71. appointment of another Kaibigan Domingo Lee as Phil Ambassador to China
    72. spending millions of government funds for media, PR, congressmen gifts for support, and thousands of members of the mis-communication group
    73. Slow government response in handling crisis like yolanda
    74. Left muslim brothers to die in sabah while supporting the malaysian government
    75.Singlehandedly bribed the senate and congress to oust a sitting Chief Justice
    76. Conjured DAP
    77. Betrayed the tacloban citizens by abandoning them just because of politics.
    78. Rampant cheating in the 2013 elections
    60-30-10 via pcos machines

    1. 78. No apology made to the HK tourists after 3 years since the incident.
      79. Hires retards to spread propaganda in sites like this.
      80. Voted WORST president in an online poll.

        1. Really sad that they can only rely on that which only translates to nothing,nada,zip, zero, goose eggs, kalabasa, palakol, blank, null.

    2. 5. wrongful deportation of 14 Taiwanese fraud suspects to China

      Is it because the Philippine government recognizes PRC (mainland China) as the legitimate government of China over ROC (Taiwan)? [link]

        1. Huh? I’m sorry but you don’t make sense. I’m merely saying that the Philippine government deported the Taiwaneses to China because the Philippines recognizes PRC as the sole, legitimate government of the whole China (whole China including Taiwan), aka One China Policy.

          If the Philippines deported the taiwaneses to Taiwan, it will imply that Philippines recognizes Taiwan as a sovereign nation, something that mainland China will be displeased of.

          Now, on Philippines saying sorry to Taiwan, that’s out of scope of what I’ve said 😉

    3. I honestly didn’t see..or feel..or smell..or heard..or taste it.. Maybe I missed it..or maybe it was invisible? intangible?…wtf.

      Wow..that’s one long laundry list…

      Did he ever do anything right?

  5. Ninoy and cory aquino would never have got the dr spock award for parental behaviour/child upbringing.
    They certainly managed to produce a litter of psychological disasters, and turned the only boy/runt of the litter, into a mummys boy with severe anxiety and social issues, let alone his sexuality and inability to relate to people, or even get a date.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if the people who are more fond of “positive messages” and immerse themselves in so many inspirational messages and post them on Facebook are the ones who are more depressed – which is why they try to look to the inspirational messages to try and cheer themselves up. It actually shows that they do not know how to deal with negativity the right way. It’s like that song by Parokya ni Edgar, Buloy. He was the one who was cheerful, the one giving advice and the one seen as strong by his friends… and in the end, he was the one who committed suicide.

    1. I see lots of that lately, especially with people demanding for good vibes for the moment/minute/hour/day/week/month/year/decade/century/millennium…

      I remember that song too..but I still think that if everyone had some kind of mindset like that in Buloy then a lot of people should have killed themselves by now. Anyway..there’s nothing wrong with being positive either it’s just that there should be a balance between the two.

      I remember a comedy anime called “Goodbye Mr. Despair” or “Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei”..the protagonist was just super negative who always want to hang himself because his name when written in kanji spells “Despair”. That is one example I can think of being too negative which isn’t really good..even though the show was hilarious.

  7. First of all, I didn’t knew that bad news actually reverses about reverse psychology perhaps? or maybe that’s just how our human nature is. I’m fascinated. It would be interesting to read more.

    Anyway, Man of Steel? As in Superman? …holy crap..>_< I'll have what their smoking…maybe Man of Steal would be fit because of that PDAF/DAP and whatever pork barrel shit crap issue lol. If they are dubbing him that, don't forget that Superman had a Kryptonite that beat him…it's only a matter of time.

    Politicians have it easy I guess..they still get paid no matter what..whether they do a good job or a bad job…I should've put that in my career choice list back then. Sad. 🙁

  8. Mr. Aquino was born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth. In early adulthood; he was pampered by “katulong”. He never excelled in school. No leadership experience or talent. By managing, Hacienda Luisita. It is almost bankrupt now. It is only in politics, that he had a good opening. Filipino voters are very naive; to famous family names,
    popular people, show biz people,etc…never mind their academic credentials , talents, skills ,or work experiences. His conscience is being bothered, for the lies and frauds; he had given to voters. THis made him sensitive to criticism.

    1. Start with a silver spoon in your mouth, and end up with it in your ar$e.
      Signifies pnoy aquino’s downward trajectory, but then bottom was always his favourite position.

  9. Pnoy aquino clearly doesn’t realise that each time he cries about bad press and only wanting to hear ‘good news’, it makes people reiterate the facts which are the basis for the ‘bad press’, and it makes him seem like a weak little mummy’s boy. Oh wait, he is.

    his legacy will live on in management/leadership courses as a prime example of everything you should not be/do.

    1. It has been so obvious from the beginning. This guy never had to handle heat then they make him Master Chef. He is not a leader with fortitude. He is not a leader and it shows. Stupid baby.

      1. More of a mascot character that shamelessly represents da pinoyhood.

        Too bad…too late…Country is sinking faster than a sinkhole..

  10. It is also the international press which are unimpressed by pnoy aquino

    The Economist – aug 2013

    “…. graft remains the bane of the
    Philippines. The country still ranks as one of the most
    corrupt in South-East Asia.

    Since taking power in 2010, Benigno Aquino, the Philippines’ president, has led a half-hearted campaign against fraud.
    His neat election slogan, “If there’s no corruption, there’s no
    poverty”, won him the presidency, because it suggested a
    tidy solution to the country’s two biggest problems. But for
    three years his efforts have consisted of little else than the
    arrest and prosecution of his predecessor, Gloria Arroyo,
    on trial for misusing millions in state lottery funds.

    So Mr Aquino had an opportunity to advance his campaign
    when his government’s chief auditor reported this month
    that a dozen senators and scores of congressmen had
    directed billions in pork-barrel money into fishy NGOs over
    three years. But Mr Aquino’s first reaction was to defend the pork-barrel scheme. That is because he is at the apex of the
    Philippines’ pyramid of political patronage, so has the final
    say on whether other politicians get their pork. When he
    was member of Congress, he received pork-barrel funds.
    In the absence of an effective political party system, the
    pork-barrel arrangement gives Mr Aquino a degree of
    influence over Congress.
    The Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), a
    government programme, has institutionalised pork barrel
    in the Philippines. Each of its 24 senators receives 200m
    pesos ($4.5m) per year and each of its 300-odd
    congressmen receives 70m pesos ($1.6m). The arrangement shores up a political establishment made of powerful families that
    monopolise elective positions generation after generation

    Demonstrators have put
    the president on notice that they expect not just slogans
    about corruption, but the demolition of the political edifice
    that shelters it.”

  11. “Hi I’m Richard Dawson and Survey says!”. “Bonk, no I am so sorry, your wrong again…but I am still going to kiss and grab your wife and daughter!. Survey says!”.

  12. Philippines aid scandal – thieving scum

    “Crucial aid sent from Britain to help the victims of typhoon-
    ravaged areas of the Philippines is being siphoned off and
    sold for profit by corrupt local officials.
    Emergency supplies delivered by military helicopters have
    turned up on the shelves of shops in affluent districts of the
    capital Manila – hundreds of miles from the disaster zone.
    And shelter equipment purchased using British donations
    has been locked up in government warehouses and
    stockpiled alongside rice and other food intended for
    victims of last month’s catastrophe”

    Daily mail 8 dec 2013

    pnoy can stick his head in the sand all he wants or do his usual disappearing act but his betters in the international arena know he is completely incapable and morally reprehensible.
    ‘deny & lie’ is the mantra of pnoy aquino and his kkk amateurs

  13. Ilda,

    Bottom line is this: Unless government controls media, they can’t really do anything about bad press. What’s even more surprising is, after 3 years of being president, this is still an issue for PNoy. Talk about personal growth.

    And yeah, reading all of the bad news makes you numb. However, if you are in government, you can only suck it in and use it as way to look for things to improve.


  14. Pnoy aquino’s dislike of criticism stems from a lifelong attempt to hide the truth, live a secretive life, exaggerate his abilities, and have the mental equivalent of body dysmorphia. Classic signs of borderline/narcissistic personality disorder.
    Criticism exposes the flaws and threatens to crack the carefully crafted veneer/image, exposing the reality of a nonentity, a non-achiever, a loner, and a gay in the closet, who lurches from cock up to cock up.
    Pnoy aquino has lived his life as one big lie and so no surprise that he doesn’t have a shred of integrity, decency, or empathy.
    Only jealousy which turns to vindictiveness at either his betters ( so a lot of choice), or those who threaten to expose him ( more and more of those)

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