Nelson Mandela cannot be compared to Filipino ‘hero’ Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr


I think the relevant thing of note to Filipinos on this day of the death of revered champion of human rights Nelson Mandela is that he cannot be compared to “national hero” Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. While Nelson Mandela, like Ninoy Aquino, endured imprisonment (though Mandela’s 27-year term dwarfs the latter’s), Mandela unlike Ninoy went on to survive, serve his country as its president from 1994 through 1999, and achieve as a true statesman. The proof of his greatness is in the actual performance and the results of that performance delivered to his people.

Mandela was often criticised for not doing enough to curb the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus in South Africa. Rampant crime was cited by the more than 750,000 South Africans of European descent who fled the country in the late 1990s. However, Mandela remained widely-admired for his contributions to the uplift of living standards of impoverished black South Africans and mitigating the strained racial relations that was a legacy of decades of apartheid.


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Under Mandela’s presidency, welfare spending increased by 13% in 1996/97, 13% in 1997/98, and 7% in 1998/99. The government introduced parity in grants for communities, including disability grants, child maintenance grants, and old-age pensions, which had previously been set at different levels for South Africa’s different racial groups. In 1994, free healthcare was introduced for children under six and pregnant women, a provision extended to all those using primary level public sector health care services in 1996. By the 1999 election, the ANC could boast that due to their policies, 3 million people were connected to telephone lines, 1.5 million children were brought into the education system, 500 clinics were upgraded or constructed, 2 million people were connected to the electricity grid, water access was extended to 3 million people, and 750,000 houses were constructed, housing nearly 3 million people.

The Land Restitution Act of 1994 enabled people who had lost their property as a result of the Natives Land Act, 1913 to claim back their land, leading to the settlement of tens of thousands of land claims. The Land Reform Act 3 of 1996 safeguarded the rights of labour tenants who live and grow crops or graze livestock on farms. This legislation ensured that such tenants could not be evicted without a court order or if they were over the age of sixty-five. The Skills Development Act of 1998 provided for the establishment of mechanisms to finance and promote skills development at the workplace. The Labour Relations Act of 1995 promoted workplace democracy, orderly collective bargaining, and the effective resolution of labour disputes. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997 improved enforcement mechanisms while extending a “floor” of rights to all workers, while the Employment Equity Act of 1998 was passed to put an end to unfair discrimination and ensure the implementation of affirmative action in the workplace.

My colleague Ilda noted a while back,

It was said that sport helped the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela sustain his spirits while in captivity for 27 years as a political prisoner. In 1995, as the president of South Africa, he handed the Rugby World Cup trophy to Francois Pienaar the captain of the victorious South African team . This single act united a nation divided and fractured by apartheid. I wish I could tell a similar story about the Philippines.

Indeed, the late Nelson Mandela is a man who is revered for both (1) enduring crushing personal sacrifice to uphold his principles and (2) delivering undisputedly outstanding results to his country consistent with those principles. Not too many historical figures enjoy a claim to having endured and achieved both respectively.

I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.” — Nelson Mandela

For with freedom come responsibilities.

Mandela, even in death, continues to speak to all the world’s peoples who remain broken by the unfulfilled promises made on the bases of ill-conceived notions of what “freedom” really means.

But in this one he seems to be speaking to one certain son of a ‘hero’ in particular:

As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself… Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility.

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela.

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100 Replies to “Nelson Mandela cannot be compared to Filipino ‘hero’ Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr”

    1. My friends who are pro-abNoy are making this comparison. I’m sure there are many others out there trying to make a comparison.

      1. Ninoy is in a different league compared to Mandela.

        Ninoy should be compared to JFK, Abe Lincoln, and perhaps MLK.

        As for Rizal, I am tired of people comparing him to Shakespeare. Rizal was a Doctor as well dammit! So Rizal should be really be compared to Leonardo Da Vinci.

        1. @Proud Pinoy

          All those whom you’ve mentioned are superior to Ninoy. Some even way more superior to him than others.

          Leonardo da Vinci is far more versatile than Rizal. It’s an ‘apple to oranges’ comparison. Rizal is a linguist, but aside from poetry as well as many others like bronze casting, painting, sculpture, and other arts and crafts, Leonardo is a visionary of the highest caliber—-He studied flight, designed an early helicopter, submarine, tank, and other modern wonders centuries before they were realized. Rizal is just an ant compared to Leonardo. Leonardo is also a mathematical genius whose interests and creativity are simply off the charts! So, the criteria in which Leonardo stands out is just so vast and varied. Rizal would practically worship him were he (Rizal) alive today.

          I don’t even think Rizal is as good as Shakespeare.

        2. ‘different league’ – dead right, little league.

          ninoy – life summary
          talked a lot, achieved little
          sired a litter of misfits
          got shot
          the end

          only just enough to fill a postage stamp.

        3. Felipe,

          Rizal was also an archeologist, an engineer, a master swordsman, and a military tactician. His military prowess is the real reason the Spaniards had to execute him immediately or else they would not stand a chance with his military strategy guiding the superior Filipino soldiers.

          But Rizal perfected the Eye Transplant and was the first known scientist to discover zero-point energy (which is more efficient than Tesla’s free-energy ionospheric tower).

          Da Vinci just made a lot of fancy drawings (those tanks and flying machines never actually worked) while Rizal actually did stuff. Yes, they were both members of secret societies plotting to overthrow the existing paradigm but Rizal actually had the guts to directly challenge the existing powers while Da Vinci just “played it safe”.

          Shakespeare never actually fought for anything while Rizal died to free a nation from tyranny. Shakespeare is really comparable to JK Rowling (famous but not politically or historically influential). Millions of people owe their freedom to Rizal whereas the Shakespeare served an oppressive monarchy and did little to improve the life of the average person.

        4. @Proud Pinoy

          1. Care to cite when Rizal was known as a military tactician?

          2. Rizal in general discouraged insurrection. He prefer peaceful reformation by Spain granting Philippines a status as her province, allowing Filipinos to be friar, and giving Filipinos equal rights with Spaniards [link]

          3. What do you mean zero-point energy?

        5. Proud Pinoy says:
          December 6, 2013 at 11:55 pm


          Rizal was also an archeologist, an engineer, …

          Rizal’s archeological interests were only amateurish at best & no different from many during his time and he did not advance the field, while Leonardo already anticipated tectonic plate phenomenon long before they were known to the modern scientific world. This also advanced the understanding of migration patterns of various ancient groups and tribes. Rizal was simply a surveyor, not an “engineer” as we understand the term today.

          … a master swordsman, and a military tactician. His military prowess is the real reason the Spaniards had to execute him immediately or else they would not stand a chance with his military strategy guiding the superior Filipino soldiers.

          Clearly, Antonio Luna was a far superior swordsman than Rizal as Rizal chickened-out when Antonio Luna challenged him to a duel. Rizal knew he wouldn’t win—so much for a military tactician he is.

          Leonardo was an innovative military engineer who gave birth to many ideas we use today. Not so with Rizal.

          But Rizal perfected the Eye Transplant …

          False. Not only was Rizal’s grades in UST medicine quite unimpressive, he needed to further his knowledge during his professional life in his travels. Leonardo on the other hand excelled in everything even as a student and astounded his professors in mathematics and many others. His master, Verrocchio, even uttered that he was giving up painting as his student far surpassed him, the master. While Rizal did not really advance his own medical field, Leonardo, even without formal medical training, was self-taught and contributed greatly to the medical field by being the first true medical anatomist illustrator—Even Rizal benefitted from Leonardo here. Rizal should say “thank you” to Leonardo.

          … and was the first known scientist to discover zero-point energy (which is more efficient than Tesla’s free-energy ionospheric tower).

          False. Rizal doesn’t know even half of what Tesla knows and contributed. We are using alternating current and generators, thanks to Tesla. Tesla was even far ahead of his time for conceiving power distribution without the use of power cables. MIT has perfected the technology, and we will soon enjoy charging our devices without need of power cables.

          You have to be desperate to go through lengths, even fabricating myths, just to make your hero bigger than he really is.

          Da Vinci just made a lot of fancy drawings (those tanks and flying machines never actually worked) while Rizal actually did stuff.

          Quite the opposite. Leonardo’s ideas paved the way for advances in the modern world and in so many ways. While Rizal’s so-called “stuff” did not create an age as Leonardo had—he was the leading figure of the Renaissance Age/Period. Rizal does not enjoy that same place in world history—only in the history of the puny Philippine islands.

          Yes, they were both members of secret societies plotting to overthrow the existing paradigm but Rizal actually had the guts to directly challenge the existing powers while Da Vinci just “played it safe”.

          False. Rizal did not break new ground, while Leonardo broke not only one or two but multiple and diverse grounds, in art, science, technology, engineering, medicine, music (Leonardo was a master musician with subtle skills), and so many others. This was even the age of other great masters, and yet Leonardo excelled in them all. You cannot break new ground like what Leonardo did by playing it safe.

          Shakespeare never actually fought for anything while Rizal died to free a nation from tyranny.

          Not really. Check this out:

          Shakespeare is really comparable to JK Rowling (famous but not politically or historically influential).

          This simply tells many that you are really not that familiar with both Shakespeare and JK Rowling. You already displayed profound ignorance here.

          Millions of people owe their freedom to Rizal whereas the Shakespeare served an oppressive monarchy and did little to improve the life of the average person.

          We are comparing talents. Rizal is not even half as good as Shakespeare.

          Rizal however is not the only one who risked his life. There were the GomBurZa. There were also Bonifacio and many others. Heck, even my grandfather died for our country, He should be put on a pedestal.

          No one is keeping you from making Rizal your idol. But Rizal’s talents are puny compared to many greats in human history. You are limited by your ideals.

        6. BTW Proud Pinoy, don’t get me wrong. I still think Rizal does have a lot of admirable qualities. In fact, if Rizal were alive today. He would be an avid contributor to GRP. Rizal would be writing to help open our pinoy eyes to the tyranny of BS annoy Aquino’s regime.

          Rizal may become an OFW and study and observe, like he did, other countries and societies in an effort to learn why they are successful while the Philippines is a failed state. Rizal is an intellectual who would likely disapprove of pinoys electing an unintellectual president like Penot.

          But the real topic is between Nelson Mandela and Ninoy. I think, deep inside, Mandela and Ninoy are direct opposites. Mandela is known to be a compassionate and forgiving person, while Ninoy as well as Cory and son abNoy are all consumed with bitterness. Mandela doesn’t blame previous regimes, but Penot knows nothing but blame. Mandela is responsible and truly love the people. He is among the less privileged, while Ninoy, Cory, son, and daughters are irresponsible and belong to the elite and privileged class. Mandela is all about fairness and equality and also true national unity and healing, while the Aquinos are about retaliation, being above the law and their fellowmen and about national divisiveness.

    2. Gotta try what you all guys are smoking.

      Anyway, why do we need comparisons if in the mind of most people outside is that “pinoys are the best” lol.

      Both had contributions to their country, for the lasting impact..well I guess Nelson Mandela had more positive ones..

  1. “For with freedom come responsibilities.”

    I just cannot get it why, after the “evil dictator” left, Filipinos see freedom as some sort of license for impunity. Pictures of people ransacking the Malacanang palace comes to my mind, utter disregard of the rule of law while shouting, “kalayaan!” It all went downhill from then on.

    1. What “rule of law” are you talking about re: civilians storming Malacanang in ’86? It was a coup. “Law and order” wasn’t exactly in play that day.

      1. You are right, ok, coup, for that day or few days after, ok, maybe.

        But then what happened afterwards, few weeks, months? What I am saying is, it appeared as the green light for the filipinos to disregard law and loss of respect for other filipinos.

        Just one glaring example, squatting, although not zero before 1986, after that, grew like mushrooms, some of them overnight.

        Another one, you come across a number of buwaya sa daan, again not zero before 1986, but they tried hard to make “lagay” as “patago”, after that you can basically give your lagay to the buwaya for everybody to see.

        This are small things, but still reflects what happened to our discipline and respect for the law and countrymen after 1986.

        1. Joel,

          I’m sorry, but you are mistaken. The Marcos administration sought to implement a strong state and made a show of having the rule of law. The problem was that it — as well as most administrations that followed it — had no democratic accountability. The Marcoses pretty much behaved any way they wanted to. With impunity. And this attitude permeated Filipino society. Our people simply do not care. Hence the highly informal way our society conducts itself; with bribes and “gifts.” And the way non-permanent, informal settlements proliferate. People have a need (for shelter) and seek out whatever means to address THEIR needs. Regardless of the consequence. Without thinking of how any of their actions will affect other people. This behaviour didn’t materialise AFTER 1986; it has existed with us for decades. The fact that the scale of the problem has grown to unmanageable proportions is due to a population base that has just exceeded the 100 million mark. It isn’t because unruly hooligans broke into Malacañang Palace.

    2. I’m sorry, but if you wanted “rule of law” at that time, those soldiers at EDSA should have mowed down the civilians who were there.

        1. Your post did give the impression you were not happy with an oppressed people finally breaking into the palace and getting some release from being under Makoy’s boot for so long.

          [quote]I just cannot get it why, after the “evil dictator” left, Filipinos see freedom as some sort of license for impunity. [b]Pictures of people ransacking the Malacanang palace comes to my mind, utter disregard of the rule of law while shouting, “kalayaan!” [/b]It all went downhill from then on.[/quote]

        2. Technically — YES. The 1986 mass action at Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame was the result of a coup d’état attempt by Juan Ponce Enrile. A clear violation of law and order. That we often romanticise the “EDSA Revolution” DOES NOT make it any less an action that subverts the rule of law as it existed at the time. The state would have been well within its rights to take action to preserve itself. As the Chinese did in Tiananmen square (1989). If a citizen — a civilian — voluntarily participates in such an action that is considered criminal, he or she should be prepared to accept the consequences of that action.

          While the victors get to rewrite history in their favour, it does not repudiate the fact that what happened violated the existing laws as well as the constitution.

        3. @dodge

          This “oppression” you say… how exactly were the filipinos “oppressed”? Or you say this because it is how the the victor wrote the history you are reading from?

          @ JS

          Then at the back of my truly dark and evil brain, they should have “mowed them down”.

        4. Joel,

          Let’s not kid ourselves. Ferdinand Marcos was a dictator. Laws in the Philippines applied to everyone EXCEPT those who allied themselves with Marcos and his family and friends. His administration was responsible for the torture and imprisonment of thousands over twenty years. People whose primary “crime” was to oppose his rule. Harassing and abusing anyone who spoke out against the regime was commonplace. This behaviour is the very definition of despotism and oppression.

    3. @ Joeld, they were just taking back what was theirs! they should have then torched the place, just to teach the next leader a lesson!

  2. Indeed there’s no need or even no point for comparison. Whatever contribution Ninoy made is far different from that of Mandela. I am never discounting Ninoy’s fight, however; the difference lies in this- Ninoy is a spark. Was the spark sustained? Yes- for his children but not for the Filipinos he “died for”. Mandela is a leader, who was able to transcend time and provided sustainable change in SA.

    My opinion, and feel free to disagree; is that both men have qualities that we should adapt- but both men’s path in life is incomparable. Whoever does such would need a history lesson..

    OH WAIT it’s happening now. Social media is flooding with comparisons, and soon there might be some weird opinion media pieces on this as well.:(

    1. The only thing I can differentiate the two besides their contributions would be how they died.

      Well, apparently Nelson Mandela was able to do more in his lifetime in this case.

      I keep wondering why is there a need to’s like comparing which one had a bigger sex organ.

      Is this some sort of an obsession to always come out on top? To always compare if the other guy had shortcomings so that we’d feel better? That’s just sick.

      I guess this is the only thing that defines the word “competition”, besides that…oh well.

  3. You say Mandela cannot be compared with the late Aquino yet here you are comparing the two.

    This is actually the first time I heard the two being compared. I get it, you don’t like other people comparing the two but you’ve probably just fueled people to do so.

    Why not just write a piece about Mandela without dragging Aquino into it.

    1. I think what the author is trying to point out is that there will be a lot of people who will compare Mandela to Ninoy and vice versa and he’s just stating why it’s not supposed to be. The article is not structured as a compare and contrast piece.

      I even saw an FB piece such as this-
      This is exactly what the author is trying to address in this article.

  4. The sad (or disgusting, depending on the point of view) part is that Filipinos will always find a way to insert themselves and to look for something to glorify or “uplift” themselves in something that happened in another corner of the world.

    Paul Walker dies – Pinoys made it about them,
    and now watch Pinoys make it about comparing one of their “heroes” to Nelson Mandela.

    A people not devoid of substance will not seek to make everything about them, or to relate it with their own experience. Rather, they will appreciate other personalities/events/issues simply for what they are/were.

  5. The aquinos and their cohorts revel in death as a marketing opportunity – so i will not be surprised at such ridiculous and inappropriate comparisons. It will just show how sick, insensitive, self-interested, and misguided they are, and how they inhabit a moral cess pit devoid of decency.
    only filipino politicians would try such a shameful act.

  6. You may want to rephrase your comparisons. You better compare the late Benigno and the BS Aquino, then you will get a huge differences. Isang matalinong Ama at mapagmahal na asawa at isang hindi ko alam na anak.

    1. Ninoy did not contribute anything substantial to the country, what the hell are on about? Cory brought this country down more into poverty. Research pag may time.

      1. I doubt 2 million people would show up to someone’s funeral procession – and have all national media at the time treat it as a nonevent – if he didn’t “do anything substantial”.

        The guy tried to make a difference – which I believe you and other members of this site want – and got killed for it. You may not like the guy, but he had the balls to give it a go.

        And it was an oppressive period. Sure, people like to bring up the myth that Marcos wasn’t so bad, but such a brilliant mind turning out into what he became was a waste.

        1. Dodge,

          I fail to follow your reasoning. Let’s not have any illusions about what it was Ninoy Aquino actually accomplished. Having millions attend your funeral does not imply a great achievement. What it does connote is an overwhelming hostility towards the Marcoses and the personalities associated with them.

          What Ninoy attempted during his service in government was an alliance with the communist rebellion to overthrow Ferdinand Marcos. He also fomented a war between the Philippines and Malaysia over Sabah. Again with the objective of weakening Marcos’ power. That’s how he “tried to make a difference.”

          Marcos recognised Ninoy’s manoevring and took steps to remedy the situation. This was one of the reasons behind the implementation of martial law. Two political humbugs competing for the presidency with the goal of absolute political power.

        2. @JS

          What you said is in fact the truth about Ninoy and FM, that a lot of people fail to see even decades after.

        3. Joel,

          What’s frustrating is that the Ninoy “image” often overwhelms critical analysis of the Aquinos and their ilk.

          On the one hand Filipinos revere Ninoy for being murdered (likely by the Marcos administration) to the point of deification. And anyone associated with his legacy keeps getting a free pass. Regardless of the fact that the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos were themselves involved in the Marcos administration. Or did everyone forget about Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Jr.? And now we have Noynoy Aquino riding on the coattails of his parents’ fame, and whose record as president leaves much to be desired, botching up the country for the foreseeable future.

          On the other hand there is the segment of the population who will believe anything derogatory about the Aquinos regardless of how flimsy or absurd the evidence is. Like the long-standing conspiracy that Corazon Aquino was a CIA dupe. Ludicrous. Mrs Aquino was sympathetic to American interests in Asia and supported US strategic and military priorities. That suited them just fine but is far from definitive proof that she was a US “tool.”

          It is always frustrating to have Hollywood plot lines take the place of actual facts.

        4. @ JS

          Cory Aquino was just a housewife who cannot fill the shoes of a president. It just so happened that she was the most logical choice for the real people behind the ouster of FM, because knowing her as just a housewife, they could easily pull her reigns where they want, which happened really. She gave back pork, which every politico loved. The security of tenure for the workers was virtually stepped on, which her rich businessmen/friends/family loved.
          She had a chance to get most of FM’s wealth, but she refused, instead chose to make the filipino people suffer more until now.

        5. Joel,

          The most logical choice would have been Doy Laurel. He and his group had been the only official opposition to Marcos going back to 1973. Cory was a “symbol,” an “image” to perpetuate the memory of Ninoy. It was a means of generating sympathy — something which overly emotional Filipinos readily hand out like nobody’s business. Local politicians knew this; the Americans understood it fully. This is why Philip Habib forced Laurel’s faction to accept Cory Aquino as standard bearer over their objections. It was about “win-ability.” And it certainly her more attractive that she was sympathetic to American policies and interests.

          “…the real people behind the ouster of FM”? Who would that be? Some secret cadre of world manipulators meeting in some mountain hideaway? 😉

          The Marcoses were ousted because of a confluence of events initiated by the fact that he had grown sickly and weak and had no real political heir (except perhaps for Ninoy Aquino in whom he saw the same political savvy and ambition). The people power movement was not something the US expected. Neither did Cory nor any of the local opposition; Cory was ensconced in the Carmelite convent in Cebu, preparing for another series of rallies protesting the outcome of the election. Everyone was taken off guard. It was Juan Ponce Enrile’s desperate attempt to avoid being executed by his former boss. The response to calls from Cardinal Sin was a spontaneous, organic outpouring of hostility and disgust for 20 years of Marcos abuse. That led to TWO MILLION people congregating on EDSA and the eventual exile of the Marcos family, facilitated by their US patrons.

          On the matter of the Marcos wealth — let’s put that in perspective. The Cory years created the PCGG — a quasi-judicial body tasked with recovering the money stolen from the Philippine government by Marcos and his cronies. Ostensibly, it’s a good idea. In practice, it merely created another gang of thieves who continue to bilk the Filipino people. For the most part PCGG officials still sit on numerous sequestered companies and continue to draw huge salaries and bonuses, enriching themselves on the taxpayers dime. And quite a bit of evidence against the Marcoses that was volunteered was never acted on by the PCGG.

          The argument that Cory Aquino was a mere housewife and therefore easily manipulated is, to me, a specious one. She was hardly incompetent. She was class valedictorian and she majored in Math and French. Usually a sign that one might enter the Foreign Service. She was active in politics in the US; she volunteered for Dewey’s 1948 campaign against Harry Truman. And she was studying law before marrying Ninoy Aquino. I understand she was also involved with the family business — Hacienda Luisita. She was politically active after Ninoy’s assassination and participated assiduously in the 1986 campaign. She was also politically active after her term as president. Not to mention the fact that political figures were constantly around her going all the way back to when Ninoy was in the Senate. Taking all that into account one can conclude that far from being naive bystander, Cory Aquino was an intelligent woman in a unique position to be a political force in her own right.


    1. LOL!

      But that’s true. Noynoy is only good at noynoying. He is a terrible role-model to men as his sister Kris is a terrible role-model to women. No one should emulate any of them.

      If Filipino men emulate abNoy and women, Kris, then Filipino men would end-up as bumbling imbeciles and women, itchy whores!—But of course we all already know that.

  7. oops…why did I ever commented on the previous blog? Now, I am stuck in here. I don’t want to waste my time reading and stating my opinions to whatever topic that is in here. Now I understand what you are up to guys…birds of the same feather flock together…I’d rather spend my time and talk about positive things that to read all your opinions and negativism. Don’t judge if you are not a judge:) Enjoys your time guys…LMAO….Philippines doesn’t need people like you…

      1. @joeld. Maybe the sad truth is that Filipinos don’t need the Philippines. Or should migrate away from the Philippines once they are able to 🙁

        1. The sad truth is that too many Filipinos believe people like frequent GRP commentator “Gerry” in thinking they “should migrate away from the Philippines once they are able to” because “they don’t need the Philippines.” That doesn’t address the problems you frequently hear complaints about. That is a cowardly abdication of the duty and responsibility that Filipinos profess to have as citizens of the Philippines.

        2. @dodge

          I would still like to see a progressive Philippines. It is true that real change for this cannot happen with the filipino mindset like barok’s. The best that people like us can do is to somehow nudge this people to see things differently, hence the existence of sites like GRP.

          Reality is, this people with barok’s way of thinking would find it very difficult just be an OFW much more to migrate to other countries.

        3. u kno John I pat you on the back as I read the comments upwards,and you slap me! You punk ass, if your going to quote me, do it correctly,OK? I said neither of those quotes you ‘quoted’ me as saying.

          and as far as leaving goes, go ahead and stay and do your ‘duty’ as you say. you will be doing the same stooped shit in 30 yrs., railing against the corrupt state that will NEVER change, unless it is FORCED to.

          This means war, me and you…PUNKASS!

        4. u got that right! Run, coz ur future depends on it. Waiting for a change? 50 years and NOTHING has changed, still feel like waiting?

        5. Gerry,

          You posted this comment:

          “I say this ad nauseum but until the entire lot of them are dispensed with, NOTHING is going to change and the best move most Filipino’s could make, RIGHT NOW? That is to leave the country a.s.a.p. and never return.”

          and others like it with regards to how Filipinos should deal with the political oligarchy.

        6. @ J.S. Yes, I did say that, but did not say it is the way to deal with anything. U see, you did it AGAIN! The quotes you state came from me, above, were not mine!

          IF you want ONE opinion on how to deal with the entrenched oligarchy in the Philippines, surround the Palais/Senate with 300,000 pissed-off Filipino’s and demand resignations or face Treason charges and/or the noose. Done during a session were all are in attendance, this would be effective as the politicians are all guilty of treasonous acts against the people. It does not even have to have trials or all that convoluted horse-dung as it is already known what a sham all those proceedings are.

          Thailand and Bulgaria are in the midst of doing the very things just mentioned and Iceland has thrown the banksters ,responsible for wrecking the economy of the country, in fuckin jail where they belong. For such an intelligent group of people Filipino’s seem to lag behind the rest of the world in seeking true changes that would certainly improve the lives of the countries citizens. Senator Aquino, if he had lived, may have been the one true hope to come along in the last 70 years who could have really up-lifted the country to where it should be. That is, up there with Japan and Singapore as manufacturing Giants and financial hubs! Instead the few have stolen EVERYTHING that is not nailed down and the people have tolerated all of it.

          STOP misquoting me dude.

    1. So Philippines don’t need critical SMART people? I tell you the truth:

      ‘And so the
      Phlippines LOVES idiots like you who can be easily manipulated to tell whom to hate and whom to love by a simple whim.’

      Enjoy destroying this country with your stupidity, jackass. 😀

  8. Can we compare Nelson Mandela and Benigno Aquino, Jr.?

    At the very least, benign0, you will have to acknowledge that both men were imprisoned for their opposition to autocratic, repressive regimes. Had he lived, Ninoy would have likely implemented a socialist type of government that expanded the welfare state and instituted a similar type of “land reform” program. And while I disagree with their socialist leanings (Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party) they are both revered for being symbols of the struggles their respective peoples had.

    1. @Johnny Really hard to say what would have happened had Ninoy not been killed at the airport. Too many “what ifs” can be brought up.

      Aquino persuades Marcos into a peaceful transition.

      Or Marcos just tosses him in jail again, and leaves him there.

      Or Marcos does step down, but the stress of it all leads to a heart attack which downs Ninoy.

      That sorta stuff.

      1. Dodge,

        It really isn’t that difficult to predict.

        What would have happened if Ninoy was not murdered on the tarmac in such a visible and spectacular manner? In all likelihood — incarceration and solitary confinement with the local opposition figures like Doy Laurel attempting to galvanise grassroots support by keeping his memory alive and using him as a symbol for the struggle against the Marcos regime. Much in the same way that Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s rallying point while he was in prison.

        If the “people power” movement had not occurred, the US would have continued funding local organizations like PCCI and NAMFREL to mobilize the middle class and apply pressure on the Marcos regime while overtly declaring their support for him.

        If Ninoy Aquino had been elected president of the Philippines after transitioning away from the Marcos dictatorship, he would have formed some kind of centre-left popular alliance. He would have implemented a number of left-leaning, socialist style programs, including, but not limited to, social welfare and public healthcare services, education and expanded government expenditures on public infrastructure. Then of course, there’s the issue of land reform and legislation regulating the economy, labour and employment. If all this sounds familiar, it should. These are exactly the same issues that Marcos attempted to address when he started his “New Society Movement.” They’re the same issues that were the supposed priorities of each succeeding administration after 1986. They’ve become the canon of every populist political platform since the 1898 revolution. The likely result of pursuing these policies would be massive debt. Just as South Africa is burdened by its debt, which to date amounts to approximately 50 percent of their GDP.

        And we are maddeningly no closer to achieving satisfaction with respect to these issues than our forbears.

        Still, this may be more acceptable than a scenario where Marcos dies in office with no political heir. Or a designated heir too weak to consolidate political power. That would have resulted in a civil war with the various factions of Marcos’ coterie vying for the presidency. That conflict would have produced a massive refugee problem and in all likelihood, a balkanised Philippines.

  9. I extend my CONDOLENCE to the South African people; for they lost a great leader; who is on level with: Mahatma Gandhi of India; Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. , a civil rights advocate in the U.S.
    My eldest brother had a good friend from South Africa. He was an Indian-South African; a businessman. He was in the struggle against Apartheid ; a foot soldier of Nelson Mandela. Apartheid was a law enacted, in South Africa, by the Afrikaners; to separate Whites and Colored people. Colored people, cannot go to where the European White people go; in their own country. Afrikaners are the European people who settled in South Africa.Most of them are Dutch. Some are British.
    Nelson Mandela, a lawyer by trade, lead the struggle against Apartheid. He spent twenty seven (27) years in Robin Island maximum security prison. The Apartheid white government , ordered him ,to break quarry rocks, during his 27 years of imprisonment. When the world community learned of this matter. They put pressure on the White Afrikaner government to release him. Imagine, being sentenced to Life Imprisonment, because of the color of your skin.
    Nelson Mandela cannot be compared to Ninoy Aquino, Jr. Mandela never owned a Hacienda Luisita. And subjected his people to perpetual feudalism. Mandela was subjected to back breaking work, of breaking Rocks in the quarry. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. was the biggest feudal lord in his country…he never worked in prison. Even in breaking one piece of rock. So, it is a joke, if you compare the two. They are light years away from one another…After Mandela anti Apartheid struggle was won. The White Afrikaners, were worried, that blood would be spilled. However, Mandela forgave the White people. Received them as South Africans. And established the : “Truth and Reconciliation Program”. No bloodshed. South Africans now live in peace. Discrimination is removed. Both White and Colored people are now living in harmony.
    Never again in a century, can we see such a True Statesman. We have too many Charlatans in Politics. Nelson Mandela was a true genuine Hero and a Statesman. No need for any PR firm to promote him. Or any false surveys, to enhance his image. He will shine without these props…future generations will be astonished that such a marvelous man, came into our era .

    1. apartheid may not exist legally is SA, but it never left, get it? the rich stayed rich and the poor stayed poor.
      Mandela can’t be compared to NINOY as he did not GET FUCKIN MURDERED BY A RUTHLESS SCUMBAG, SEE?

      1. Mandela was a statesman, Ninoy Aquino, Jr. was a Political Opportunist.
        Rich and poor gap remains in every country. What I’m talking is outright discrimination; enforced by law. The dismantling of Apartheid. Of course, there will always be discrimination. We call that hidden discrimination: “glass ceiling”. You cannot go up, because, there is a glass ceiling that prevents you. Women, minorities, gays, lesbians, transgenders, colored people, etc…are discriminated because of what they are.

        1. @ HT, OK, gloves off….Mandela, was a lawyer! His family was wealthy enough to put him thru LAW-SCHOOL. Revisionist history aside, he was not some poor slob migrant worker pulling himself up by the boot-straps,OK? Just like Ni-Noy, he would have run for President of South Africa in 1962 BUT HE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO!

          Both MEN wanted to improve the lot of their people. Both MEN were from better than average families and both MEN were willing to die for their people, ONE died like a dog, ONE went to prison like a dog!
          but now, due to the silly-idiot FLIP Noy-Noy haters NiNoy will be demonized for the sins of his Son.
          Ninoy haters are LOSERS who most likely hate themselves for being SILLY-IDIOT-FLIP NINOY HATERS…NINOY would feel sorry for you!I DON’T!

  10. I read it through the news grapevine (Daily Tribune and Manila Standard)… The dictator BS Aquino is trying to consolidate his power over the Supreme Court by strongly influencing the honorable justices with impeachment threats. They (BS and his KKK/Liberal party mates, yellow zombies, etc.)want the Supreme Court to heel in the case of the DAP controversy. Once this is done BS will have complete fiscal dictatorship and will ultimately seek total dictatorial control of the entire government without firing a shot or declaring martial law. BS Aquino is truly the worst deceiver, charlatan and hypocrite ever to be elected as president. Perhaps he is not aware that this might be the spark leading to a revolution which will occur because of the massive graft and corruption that he himself instigated. The worst is yet to come! I will not compare the late, great Nelson Mandela to the dictator BS Aquino. BS Aquino is slowly destroying the government, dividing the people and is of course the worst example to a gullible following of a segment of our society. He is succeeding in destroying democracy, morals, decency and corrupting the very government he is leading to perdition. Damn you Mr. dictator!!!

    1. LOOK, Noy-noy is ur NEPHEW, RIGHT? SO, just tell him what you think…see what happens! Surely he won’t kill you as your running away at the airport named for his father…ur brother, or was he your brother-in-law? huh, WHAT?


        1. @ HT, ur missing the point. This T.J. clown is telling people he is Noy-Noy’s UNCLE…so there is his chance to tell him what he thinks!
          He has gone so far as accussing Aquino 3RD of snorting/smoking shabu, being gay, being a man-whore etc, etc, etc…w/no proof and he is ,as I said…FULL OF SHIT!
          The above comment is sarcasm at its most acidic level and is meant to burn the eyes of the intended reader, T.J., not you!

      1. @Gerry:

        I am not an Aquino hater. I am only telling the truth about him. How did the Aquinos/Cojuangcos owned 75% of the land area in Tarlac? Ninoy Aquino did not die for the people/country. He died for his Hacienda Luisita. Then, the oligarch made him a martyr. What had this Aquino family brought to our country? Family’s good Aquino was shot, by the NPA sparrow unit. The NPA wants to create trouble; then start a revolution. Aquino rode on a NPA tiger. He ended inside it. Remember MV Karagatan in Palanan, Isabela? Who financed the ship load of arms?

        1. Having something in life is not a crime, even when it is others in your family that have done things that others MAYBE would not do, but probably would…and no MAN is without sin.

          “The Pinoy is worth dying for…”, is EXACTLY what happened…and YOU can not re-write it!

          Personally I do not think that anyone or any race is worth dying for, and maybe Ninoy was a little naive to think so. BUT he put his life on those words and the scumbag tyrant took his life for it. BUT, it back-fired on Marcos(who denied it!)BUT Filipino’s being dummies allowed the entire scourge of the country to return and even sit in the palais they once RAN from. BUT the truth of that is the Marcos family had too much money and just enough friends left-over from the old days to make it safe to return. when the heat died down, and spend the money they stole, yes, yes…they stole! to see poor Bong-Bong tell his story, HA! Do you believe that guy? Well do ya? Imelda and her shoe collection…just lovely, yes yes…just lovely. How many pairs of shoes does anyone really need?

        2. “IT is good Aquino got shot”, oh yeah? Maybe one day it will happen to you? The difference will be that NO ONE will give a shit YOU got shot, NO ONE!

        3. Another Aquino Ass-Kisser is on the loose on this website. I don’t believe you do the defending of this Aquino idiot, without some monetary return… I will never get shot…may agimat ako, hangal!!!

          The load of arms in the MV Karagatan. the arms are : M14 Rifles, ammunitions, grenades and Rocket Launchers. All made in Communist China, then…
          Ninoy Aquino, whereabouts in the Liberal Party , Miting de Avance , at Plaza Miranda is never touched. He should be present there…Why was he absent?… a fragmentation grenade was thrown on the stage, during the Liberal Party , Miting de Avance. Ninoy Aquino came out, in the next day with an Israeli Uzi, automatic rifle, on his arm, for photo opportunities…I never believe; he has no knowledge in the Plaza Miranda bombing.
          You call this Scumbag, a Hero? He is now in Hell, together with his wife…

        4. Call him what you like, it will not change the International opinion of the MAN. Senator Aquino put his life on the line for his people/beliefs. That is ‘walking the walk’ if it ever was done, see? I did not say the guy was perfect, no MAN is. I accidentally attended a speech he gave in Boston and could not wait for it to be over. I did not like his delivery, long winded and verbose. He tried to be funny but wasn’t. BUT but but the message was pure and simple.
          Then he was murdered by a bunch of coward’s who his own Son has not brought to justice. I would not sleep until the people behind my Fathers murder were all fuckin dead, but that’s me.
          I wish you no bodily injury but You can not predict the future and so do not know if you will ever be shot.
          As far as being an ass-kisser goes…thattsa laugh! I, literally, kiss one ass. My HOT-AS-HELL Wife’s, and it is worth every delicious second…. and that is all. I also call things as I see ’em. Benigno Aquino Jr. was a GIANT, so was his wife. and BTW, The vast majority of the people on the planet agree with that statement and you can not change that, you just can’t.
          AND as for Mandela? People also forget he was involved in a Para-Military organization that was responsible for killing white people in South Africa, because they were white. So, you see? No one is perfect.

      2. Yelowtard idiots are rabid in defending the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos. The Hacienda Luisita was obtained with fraud , from the Philippine government.
        It is simply GREED on their part to own such land. Most of their Tenants, are barely surviving. And this Yellowtard idiot, is defending Feudalism, Greed and political opportunism.
        The Aquinos estasblished Family dynasties and Oligarchy in our country. They also made the stealing of the peoples’ money thru Pork Barrel, as a dictatorship tool, to consolidate their power. Remember, he now owns the: Senate, Congress and the Judicial Branch of the Philippine government.
        I would like the world to know the true colors of these Aquino charlatans. It is not Yellow. It is plain Greed!!!

        1. I only defended one Aquino, the murdered one,oops, and his wife. Mrs. Aquino answered the call of her people. She did not want the job, but she was called upon, and stood up when it mattered most…that is what makes a person a GIANT sonny, SEE?
          The rest of the Aquino clan? don’t know and actually don’t care.

    2. “The consolidation of : legislative, executive and judicial powers to one man is Tyranny”…from U.S. President Madison. So, Aquino wants to become a Dictator and a Tyrant?

    1. I think God never responds to politcal opportunists. So he’s not a ‘true Christian’.

      BTW nice TROLLING, Conyo.

    2. I think I’d rather believe in Ninoy Aquino’s words than Pat Robertson – this pastor is the same guy who blamed homosexuals for September 11 attacks. All respect I had for that person was completely gone the moment he said that.

  11. HA, thatsa laugh and a half, BOTH MEN? GIANTS

    one lived to see his dream come true, then that dream went backwards into a nightmare.

    the other? was MURDERED like a dog on an airport tarmac and his dream died with him, if anyone thinks the democracy Ninoy dreamed of became a reality….Well, the jokes on you who think so. The country is just a big SCAM and his Son is part of it.

    again, both MEN=GIANTS.PERIOD AND ANYONE WHO DOESN’T THINK SO IS A DOOSHBAG!and if YOU think you aren’t a dooshbag for thinking either MAN was not a giant, lets see YOU DIE FOR A CAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN, OK?Go ahead, if you think neither MAN was a GIANT, Blow your brains out! WHAT? oh ya can’t? didn’t think so.

    1. Brother Gerry,

      Why are you advocating suicide. This is clearly against God’s will:

      “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own, you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body”

      1 Corinthians 6:19-20

      1. RELAX PADRE, it is meant rhetorically, not seriously. I advocate nothing of the sort.
        btw, you made a snide remark to me about not being able to afford a starbucks coffee recently. On the off chance you might be a Priest, Imma refrain from being a bit rude to you.
        Incidentally , Starbucks coffee is way over-priced and I have better things to do than think I am impressing someone by plunking down ten bux for a mocha-choca-lakka-ya-ya!

  12. All roads which have taken the country down the route of feudalism, oligarchs, inequality, poverty, corruption, impunity and stagnation lead back to the cojuangco-aquinos.
    Not one of them – past or present – is worth pissing upon even if they are on fire.
    The brand only appeals to the emotions of the intellectually challenged, and the sheep like mentality of nonentities.

    1. and you conveniently leave out all the other feudal lords and their clans. Like the guy on Camiguin, and the Marcos’s and Arroyo’s and the Estrada’s, Enrile’s and all the other so called ‘dynasties’.

      Why not just challenge one of ’em, the Aquino-Cojuanco’s to a Duel? like in the old days? Pistols at 50 paces, at dawn. you obviously hate them enough.

      1. This Yellowtard idiot, on the loose in this website, is talking, nonsense.
        We must remember the causes of revolutions.
        French Revolution started with people tired of the power of Monarchy (Oligarchs in our time). The wealth of our nation is mostly in the hands of few families, like the: Lopezes, Aquinos, Cojuangcos, Tans, Ayalas, etc…90% of the people are in poverty.
        The Russian revolution started because of the Russian Serfs (tenants), in perpetual servitude/bondage to their land masters.
        Chinese revolution led by, Mao Tse Tung came; because of corruption and monopoly of power of Chiang Kai Shiek…same way that the last, Chinese Emperor Pu Yi was overthrown.
        Cuba had the same history. It was controlled by the American Mafia, under Gen. Batista. Feudalism was never removed. Until the revolution of Fidel Castro and “Che” Guevara.

        We have no time to argue. The Philippines is like a seasoned wood, ready to be burned…these evil leaders cannot escape their fates, if they remain unresponsive.

        “Those who do not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it”…

        1. So what are you waiting for? 300,000 pissed of Filipino’s surrounding the Palais, another 300,000 surrounding the Senate (when it is in session) demanding resignations or face the noose would get the job done.

          it is happening in Thailand right now, the people have surrounded the houses of government and the President has been forced to dissolve the Parliament. She should now be ordered to step down and a redistribution of wealth should be engineered, giving all a stake in the country. A real change could potentially occur there, RIGHT NOW, if it is handled correctly and the people get the leaders that will see to it that the same shit doesn’t happen AGAIN.

          If your calling me a ‘yellow-tard’? WOW,if so, then you are really as clueless as a rock.

    1. This represents total treachery.
      Blackmailing supreme court into suppprting the mechanism for bribery corruption and political patronage – the main reasons philippines is in the mess it is.

      Without pdaf and dap pnoy aquino knows he will have no power, and for him it will either be jail or martial law. No wonder he is panicking and is going to ditch mar roxas again, and wanting to use the 60-30-10 pcos machine for one more time.

      The little shit is going to be flushed down the toilet

      1. Aquino is not panicing, he has the World’s largest Military behind him. He is putting his game face on, fooling the people and playing the game already agreed upon. No one is going to jail, no one is giving any peso’s back and even if he is forced to resign it will change nothing. He and his family are entrenched in the countries elitist oligarchy and are not going anywhere any time soon…UNLESS…see the above reply to Mr. Toro.

  13. …And good riddance he isn’t. Instead of having tolerated these goons long ago after EDSA 1986, when tried and imprisoned or executed, it would have then paved way for a new set of leaders borne out of their natural skill for leadership rather than kinship.

    Now where is that DeLorean?

  14. no winder pnoy aquino didn’t attend nelson mandela funeral. he is getting honorary degree in japan.
    ninoy aquino was known as the absentee student.
    noynoy is the absentee president. warped priorities arising from a warped mind.
    and all the honorary degrees will not negate tge fact that he is both lazy and stupid – and not worthy as both oxfird and cambridge universities made vey clear to him.
    he should try working.

    1. Too much, bruh. I’ve seen a lot of PNoy hate in here, a lot of it withering in their anger and sarcasm, but at least fair within the context of what the guy has (and hasn’t) done as president — foul-mouthed slander like this has no place in GRP.

      Maybe (as seems likely) the event Noynoy attended had been scheduled before Madiba died, and that a last-minute deferral would be impolite to his hosts? Maybe? I mean, you wouldn’t think of me as a depraved scoundrel just because I didn’t go to Mandela’s funeral, would you?

      Of course you would — that would be only logical.

  15. Maybe if the bullet(s?) that killed him missed him — maybe if he didn’t go back in first place — maybe you’ll be singing a different tune? I mean, it’s great and all that Mandela survived his 27 years in prison, but to use Madiba as a stick to beat senseless a man who couldn’t do what he would’ve wanted to do had he lived on just doesn’t seem right to me.

  16. Stop comparing Aquino sr. to others he is not a hero I don’t know why he was buried in libingan ng mga bayani he did not do anything for the country

  17. Mandela policy and legacy is actually starts to turn South Africa into a third world country like our own. Crime rate, killings, rape etc. soared. Once all the whites are gone South Africa will turn into the next Zimbabwe.

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