Incompetence and corruption rule in the Philippines as evident in PNoy’s popularity and the continued rise of dynasties

Most Filipinos would rather stay in an abusive relationship than a healthy one. This is evident in the latest SWS survey result showing that most Filipinos are satisfied with Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino’s performance despite his government’s glaring incompetence and abuse of power.

Popular with the gullible crowd: President BS Aquino

Popular with the gullible crowd: President BS Aquino

In fact, those who are dissatisfied and who are calling for a snap election might just end up regretting it since BS Aquino’s popularity — if we are to believe survey firms owned and operated by family and friends of the Aquinos — hardly falters even in times of crisis. Unfortunately, a snap election held now would likely result in the incumbent President winning again. In short, the whole “democratic” exercise is futile when Filipino voters are concerned.

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No wonder some people are wishing for a coup d’état instead. They should not hold their breath though because it is so easy for an incumbent with access to a bottomless barrel of funds to win back the support of the Filipino public and lull them into submission by hiring public relations firms and paying a few members of the media to write something “nice” about them.

As it is, it is already very hard to motivate Filipinos to do something to escape their own misery. Some people think the majority of Filipinos are just too lazy to stand up against tyranny or worse, are simply satisfied with the status quo. Likewise, it could also be a combination of Filipinos being in denial and being too scared of the unknown. They are in denial that something is wrong with the person they voted for and they are also scared that they might end up with someone “darker” and more “sinister”, which is why they stick to someone familiar or what they refer to as the “lesser evil” yet predictably mediocre.

When you read history books from around the world, you will realize that people from advanced societies took matters into their own hands by not only ousting their abusive leaders, they also executed them in public. The execution of King Louis XVI of France in 1792 comes to mind. The French revolutionaries showed no mercy in beheading him and his loved one Marie Antoinette. The Russian Imperial Romanov family also suffered a similar fate in the hands of hired assassins. The idea behind their elimination was to remove the chances of any member of the old aristocracy from ever resurfacing again and reclaiming power in the future.

Family comes first when it comes to government appointments.

Family comes first when it comes to government appointments.

In the Philippines however, members of ruling dynasties even get voted into power every election instead of being eliminated or executed for their corrupt activities. It will not be a surprise when Presidential sister and celebrity Kris Aquino wins a seat in Congress or even wins the coveted Presidency itself in the near future. And after her term ends, her sons will likely take over the reins running only on the “Aquino” name. After all, Senator Bam Aquino won a Senate seat using the same. His resemblance to slain former Senator and “hero” Ninoy especially when he wore a similar pair of spectacles in his campaign posters also helped him charm the voters.

Recent events are proving the Binays of Makati are giving the Aquinos a run for their money. Currently, the Binay clan has become very powerful with Patriarch Jejomar Binay as the Vice President, daugher Nancy as a Senator, Mar-Len Abigail Binay-Campos as Congresswoman of Makati and Jejomar Binay, Jr. or “Junjun” as Mayor of Makati City.

Junior Binay flexed his political muscle recently when he seemingly forced his way through an entry/exit point of a gated community despite a “no-exit after 10pm” policy enforced at that gate. He and his handlers simply argued and threatened the guards manning the gate and got their way in the end. As expected, his father and siblings in government defended his actions and claimed that his demand was simply an entitlement of his position as Mayor of Makati City. He will suffer no further consequence as a result of his seeming display of arrogance as recorded by the CCTV camera. This PR disaster might even work for him and win him another term as Mayor. That’s how pathetic the situation is in the Philippines. The Filipino voters love-hate relationship with the members of the dynasties is something for the books.

Full entry and exit access all over town: The Binay clan

Full entry and exit access all over town: The Binay clan

To be fair, it’s not only in the Philippines where dynasties flourish. An India Times article discussed this phenomenon in the past. Indeed, this also happens in places like India even with a parliamentary form of government. Some of the reasons mentioned in the article, which also applies to the Philippines is that “it is convenient for parties to turn to established brands rather than take a risk with a newcomer”. And, “with the kind of money needed to contest elections it’s difficult for fresh candidates to raise funds or resources to match incumbents or their family members.”

In other words, candidates who don’t have any funds or who do not get any financial support from anyone but who might have better ideas about running the country do not have a chance at all of winning an election. This is especially true in the Philippines with incumbents who use a big portion of the pork barrel funds or taxpayer’s money to finance members of his own political party who are running for government during an election.

The article further elaborates on why dynasties flourish in some parts of the world:

One reason for voter confidence in dynasts (sic) could be the inability to look beyond clan and kinship networks, which prompts voters to back a family over generations. Some political families are former royals who still command respect and fealty. A more compelling motive could be the belief that dynasts are more efficient distributors of patronage than a greenhorn trying to find his feet. Finally, in a perverse way political families might represent a safer bet to garner and allocate scarce resources since they’ve been doing it for generations and have a reputation at stake, compared to a newcomer who could either be inefficient or only interested in lining his own pocket.

Things could change only if political parties are forced to become more democratic due to pressure from voters, and there are drastic reforms in the way election campaigns are funded.

The last paragraph could be a key to changing the political climate in the Philippines. It is simply a matter of the voters getting wiser and punishing erring government during elections by not voting for any politician associated with a political party that has a record of abusing their power in the past and who doesn’t have a platform or vision for the future of the nation. Some political parties in the Philippines like the Liberal Party seem more focused in retaining their power than improving the lives of the Filipino people.

Likewise, the incumbent President should not be allowed to use taxpayer’s funds to support his “Team” during elections. For instance, it was absolutely absurd when BS Aquino kept joining the campaign prior to the mid-term elections in May 2013 for his party’s candidates. Unfortunately, most of the members of the public didn’t see anything wrong with him using the government’s resources during the campaign. People don’t realize that Presidential funds could have been used during the previous election campaign. No wonder most unknowns and underfunded candidates didn’t stand a chance.

Lastly, an anti-dynasty law will help eliminate political dynasties from flourishing in the Philippines. At the moment, Filipinos are “free” to vote for anyone they prefer including those who have had insignificant accomplishments in the past. An anti-dynasty law can end the abusive relationship Filipinos have with a public servant like BS Aquino.

49 Replies to “Incompetence and corruption rule in the Philippines as evident in PNoy’s popularity and the continued rise of dynasties”

  1. Yes and no. For me the reason is not because they like or prefer it, I mean who in their right mind would? But as long as the- me, myself and I mentality is what the majority (culture) rules, life just goes on. We even use terms like “political maturity” to excuse the depravity of the system. When I question what I do, if it is helping, I just settle with the truth that I do it not for results I hope it would have, simply because its the right thing to do. If the majority will do things not for rewards or recognition it would be a better Philippines.

  2. Maybe, we can see changes when majority of the citizenry starts to pay correctly their individual income taxes and that includes the gullible masa. The problem however is the present taxpayers whose taxes are witheld are just a drop in a sea of tax evaders and cheats. Maybe changes can happen when only those who file their individual income taxes are allowed to vote.

    1. Right about paying taxes correctly but i thought if you are in the legal age taxpayer or not you are already allowed to vote? Didn’t know that individual taxpayers are not allowed to vote in the Philippines

  3. “More dynasty family members in 2013 elections at all levels than ever before”. (PCIJ)

    People power has given way to dynasty power, and is already past the tipping point, such that any attempt at change would be like taking a juicy bone away from a hungry lion.

    And 2016 will no doubt consolidate the power of dynasties and their fiefdoms to such an extent that the money, resources, and thugs at their disposal makes even the ‘coronation’ of dimwitted, lazy corrupt siblings a virtual certainty. Hell, even josh aquino could win in the current climate.

  4. Good luck in the elections when Binay wins/another Aquino is granted a presidential seat.

    I think any form of government except democracy would be more appropriate provided we’ve finally elected a person who is most worthy of leading this country.

  5. 90% of our problems would be solved if our electorate had brains and used them. But they don”t care to use or develop them so I see no reason to like what they like or eat what they feed me. Proud to be Pinoy!!!!

  6. Looking at this issue from the outside (being an OFW) isn’t all these exposé what we want so these practices are made known to the public. I mean I’m sure the corruption in the senate, the BIR, the Customs are not unique to this administration. I’m not for this administration but if your goal is to clean the system, your bound to find all these things. For me, it’s better to expose all of it and be done with it.

  7. Someone told me years ago that there was a senator/congressman/whatever that suggested that all squatters should be killed instead.

    Now I wonder, how come none of these corrupt politicians are killed right now, I would have wanted that to happen since nothing good will come out of this country in a couple of years.

  8. The incompetence and corrupt leaders will stay and thrive in the government’s high positions unless the constitution and not the voters will be changed. The constitution allowed any citizen of the Philippines to vote provided that they are in legal age and sane at the same time during elections regardless of what know-how they have for the candidates they would cast their votes for. Thus, the provisions of the constitution for the suffrage is defective and dangerous because it promotes direct and unfiltered elections which allowed those uneducated and incompetent voters to vote those inept people into office.

    The system is shot and at fault on the national government as described by mayor Duterte which he himself admitted that he is not qualified to be president or vice president of the Philippines because there is a greater propensity that either he cannot fix the system or he will be swallowed by it even how great he is as most people described him. Even if the President say like Gordon or Gibo has a great political will for the country, if the corruption and vested interests of those politicians especially members of congress and cabinets will surround them, this nation would still be in shambles. I thought when Erap was ousted and replaced by GMA the Philippines would soon rise as the next tiger in Asia because of her competent resume as a public official but after almost 10years has passed the Philippines was still Asia’s laggard as evidence on the poor education, infrastructure, agriculture, technology and manufacturing when she leave the office. Therefore, there will be no assurance for everything here.

    I suggest that the constitution must be thoroughly amended in all aspects especially in political, electoral and economic provisions. That’s one of the greatest solutions to change the status quo and improve the lives of the Filipinos.

  9. Ilda

    The twenty-second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ratified in 1951 provides that:

    “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.”

    The second line in Sec. 4 of Art. VII of the Philippine Constitution stipulates that:

    “The President shall not be eligible for any re-election.”

    Why not a truly anti-dynasty amendment to our Constitution worded as:

    “No person shall be elected to any government office more than once. This perpetual disqualification shall apply to the spouse and the children of the person concerned.”

    The grandchildren of the person, however, would be eligible to seek and be elected — but still only once.

  10. “Roughly 80% of the youngest legislators in the Philippines hail from dynastic political families” mendoza
    (ergo – dont expect any change in the next 30 plus years!)

    And no other country comes close to the % achieved by the philippines where 70% of posts are held by dynastic family members. In the US it is 4%, and in UK less than 1%. Western democracies and 1st world countries average 3%.

    The correlation between dynastic rule and corruption is evident across all such countries ( mexico, colombia, india etc) and when combined with the incompetence/lack of public interest from dynastic politicians/officials it ensures that such countries remain mired in poverty, organised crime is rampant, and they lurch from crisis to crisis with no sense of vision, strategy, or any genuine desire to even change, but simply perpetuate power and the status quo, with arrogance, self-importance, and a sense of entitlement, replacing values of decency, integrity and honor.

    The political agenda, and all their time, is spent on self-serving pursuits, infighting, black propaganda, clan rivalries, and endless scams. Their personal life is invariably as debased as their character

    It all does not forebode well for the tens of millions who suffer abject poverty and simply struggle to survive. Any economic growth is siphoned off by the few, meaning that inclusive growth will never be achieved in such a system/culture, where monopolies operate, wages are kept low, and innovation is virtually non-existent.

    Such countries also invariably have very bad human rights records, impunity for the rich, high levels of tax evasion, and demonstrate the worst characteristics of mankind where greed and easy/dirty money takes precedence over endeavour, contribution, and earned respect.

    Democracy it isn’t – and that is without even considering the election scams, vote buying, broken promises, PCOS reprogramming etc.

    According to Gandhi, the seven sins are
    “wealth without endeavour,
    pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character,
    commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, and
    politics without principle.”

    Sounds like the dynastic charter.

  11. the only way the Philippines can eliminate this political dynasties is to execute all this political family clans one by one. One thing i find common among poor corrupt countries. SAME OLD SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. NEVER ENDING drama of the same corrupt politician s, inept govt and the Gullible, Idiotic masa. In the Philippines as the saying goes. ” THE GOOD DIE YOUNG”. EVIL EXIST IN THE PHILIPPINES BECAUSE GOOD MEN DO NOTHING. SAD but true.

  12. House Aquino, House Binay, House Estrada,…House XYZ

    It’s just like Game of Thrones. None of these clans care about serving this country and making it better; it’s all about their personal interests. I’d rather be slaughtered by White Walkers than be ruled over by these incompetent fools.

  13. When the ‘ great and the good ‘ ( which is what the senate is meant to be – wisdom, experience, integrity, independence etc) – consists of criminals, jokes, idiots , plus morons like lapid, binay, and aquino, then for f@cks sake, no-one can take it seriously, and it is a complete and unnecessary expense as well as the protectors of the corrupt. Abolish it. One positive step for change

  14. An open prayer to god:

    Dear god, sorry to disturb you but, i pray that you can make it better down here. God, if you’re up there and really listening, please DO NOT LET BINAY WIN the next elections. If this clan of entitled ass wipes win, then I’ll petition China to annex us. Anyone but these fools please. But…
    WHO deserves to win? Who can lead this country out of this sink hole of greed and corruption? God, if you got any miracles left, send us one in the form of a good man or woman that can really lead. And send a lightning rod up the asses of the binays, enriles, Aquinos, Estradas, arroyos, lapids, revillas, etc. may all these political dynasties burn in hell.


  15. India and the philippines have many political and societal parallels.

    “There are two things in Indian history – one is the incredible optimism and potential of the place, and the other is
    the betrayal of that potential through corruption. Those two
    strands intertwine through the whole of Indian history, and maybe not just Indian history.”
    Salman Rushdie

    Pnoy aquino and his incompetents ride the anti corruption pr bandwagon festooned with slogans and motherhood statements, but the reality belies the odious hypocricy, a vacuum of conviction, and rhetoric devoid of any passion.

    India’s ‘common man’ party is elected to power in delhi. A significant milestone.

    Would that there was a ‘common juan’ party.

    Only a new broom sweeps clean.

        1. Because they don’t see it as an insult to gandhi as long as they get to glorify themselves andtheir “dear leader”

  16. why would you single out the President? Why not the entirety of the system? Political horror has been hounding for more than a century in the Philippines and now, yet, you would say that the President is “BS”. Tell that to all politicians in the country.

      1. Manny you are somehow true. This author seem to focus more on the president and in some way equate him into a plague who primarily cause destitution to the nation when in fact the president is just 3years in the office as compared to the erring other national and local politicians which should be given much more attention.

        In fact, based on the studies, the first 3year-performance of Pnoy is much better than the previous president’s like GMA, Erap and Ramos when it comes to infrastructure, manufacturing, education, health, social services, tax collections and what have you. Moreover, only this time that those identified corrupt practices hounding the nation for so long have been exposed and addressed unlike his predecessors.

        Assuming that those aspiring presidentiables in the last elections like Gibo and Gordon who were admired by some people because of their platforms, agendas and competent track records would be our president today, there still no assurance that they would not be driven by mediocrity due to some unscrupulous members of the congress and the latter’s influence that continually conspire with the implementing agencies and powerful businessmen who continue to suck the nation with their own vested interest and demonic agendas and caused massive devastation to the lives of the Filipino people. Also, their parties (gibo and gordon) evidently link to the several trapos in the government. So what can we say?

        Without cleaning first the system by eradicating corruption and promoting transparency and accountability in the government’s functions which the current administration is gradually doing nowadays, this nation will be doomed persistently.

        It’s high time to amend the provisions of the constitution particularly in political, economic and electoral. It could drive an inclusive growth and would change and alleviate the lives of the poor and perchance put an end to the corruptions and incompetent public officials.

        1. TROLL. 😀

          Those studies are not factual. They are as BIASED as any Pinoy fact finding study. Or you don’t even learn to do academic research out of your butt?

          Nice post. But the fact is that Noynoy Aquino is incompetent. All of his ‘achievements’ mostly come from CREDITGRABBING.

        2. @Jigs

          Lord knows, I’ve long been eagerly awaiting some argument from PNoy admirers like you that would convince me otherwise, but what I get are the same old propaganda.

          You are also entitled to your own opinion, but facts are facts and your president has been leaving a trail of dead bodies, starving people, and lost opportunities, untapped innovative talents, and so on, while ever more deeply keeping the country entrenched in dynastic practices, and turning logistical and strategical issues into political issues (some even recently with the help of sidekick Mar). Talents will remain untapped as long as ‘family name’ trumps real talent—which exactly is the opposite of what PNoy actually stands for.

          Corruption has not even diminished, but has assumed only a more insidious form—making it even worse—thanks largely to the priority this administration has given to image. It is unfortunate for you (but fortunate for PNoy’s victims), the international community helped expose a lot of corruption and incompetence under/from this administration.

          “PNoy’s” (using the label that his image-builders’ use to market him) administration has not been transparent. It only wrongly reinforced prejudices against its political enemies—making it appear that something is being done to curb corruption, only to conceal a deeper one. He was neither really in favor of FOI nor was he ever against getting rid of pork barrel. Only when public perception became a threat does he change positions—showing lack of conviction towards underlying principles, not worthy of leadership.

          Gibo and Gordon know how to fold up their sleeves and get down to work. Gibo has shown that he puts the interest of the country over family affiliation—which unfortunately led to his doom. The best the yellow image-shapers had against Gordon were weak rumors absolutely unsupportable by facts.

        3. @WinterSoldier

          oh? should i believe in you? then show me your own version of academic and factual findings and I will compare it to the report of the economic experts in the Philippines and abroad. You imply that the local news are biased, then, how about those positive economic prospects of credible credit rating agencies like S&P, Moody’s and Fitch. I quote one of the reports from bloomberg news “The Philippines won a rating upgrade from Moody’s Investors Service, completing the nation’s ascent to investment rank as President Benigno Aquino leads a growth resurgence that’s outpacing the rest of Southeast Asia.

          The rating on Philippine government debt was raised one level to Baa3, Moody’s said in a statement today, citing “robust economic performance,” ongoing fiscal and debt consolidation, political stability and improved governance. The outlook on the rating is positive. Stocks and the peso rose.”

          And from the cnbc news, “In 2012, the Philippines’ economy grew 6.6 percent, the fastest growth in Asia after China, prompting many analysts to raise their growth outlooks for the country and earning it the title “rising tiger of Asia.”

          Even investors from first world countries and World Bank and IMF have gain confidence in the Philippines for its economic and political reforms possibly made under Pnoy’s term in just 3years time. First 3years is not a long time to be judged. Even China’s reform since early 90’s has only gain its stability after two decades of continuous improvements.

          You just mentioned the common problems of third world / developing countries. You should not forget that the Philippines is one of those. How can you possibly solve the decades problem in just 3years or even 6years? Of course, it’s normal that there will always be challenges but what is important is to learn from it. In fact, according to the economic pundits, it would take at least a decade or more to feel the impact of economic growth providing a relentless positive reforms in a country. Stalin, even in its totalitarian regime, took 10years to industrialize the Soviet Union during his time.

          Regarding on corruption, the PDAF misused and fake SARO are among those issues investigated and abolished and those individuals involved in graft and malversation are now being charged including those allies by the administration which only made possible under Noynoy’s term. He has all the means not to divulge it to the public in the first place because he knew that a lot of high ranking officials in the government are involved but he still chose to do it otherwise unlike his predecessors.

          Malacanan has been advocating for the passage of FOI bill (in fact, they made their own version of it) and for the abolition of pork barrel (after the scandal) but he is not in control of everything. Unfortunately, the lawmakers especially those corrupt ones continue to impede the necessary reforms of the country. They are too proud of themselves because they are the lawmakers and they have their own independent powers equal to the other branches of government.

          See? even if who’s the president of the Philippines and is not a problem and has a political will, if those corrupt members of both chambers; the house of representatives and the Senate, and the LGU’s will continue to pursue their own vested interests then this nation would succumb to prolong mediocrity. Just like in basketball game, even how great a one player is but with his mediocre teammates on his side, it would not be possible to win a championship. That’s why i favored to amend the provisions of the constitution especially in the electoral and political. In electoral reform, those allowed to vote are only those who have Income Tax Return and are college graduate if possible among others. On the other hand, we should shift to parliamentary form of government or we should have our own version of in choosing the president and the vice president just like in the USA.

  17. Splendid article!!!!

    But wasnt it the same Ilda who wrote something about the mediocre society/population (some time ago) stating something like: a mediocre society will have a mediocre presidency?

    So who has to be eridicated first? Sounds very much like the chicken-egg problem.

    1. That’s a bit of an oversimplification of the issue. Intuition will have us believe that if the society one lives in sustains a culture of mediocrity, its leadership will reflect those values. That does not imply that ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL who lives in that society is necessarily mediocre. Neither does a culture of mediocrity automatically preclude exceptional individuals from aspiring to a position of leadership. In fact, it is more likely that exceptional individuals WILL SUCCEED.

  18. First of all…Happy New Yesr to all!!!
    Family dynasties are like monarchies in the
    Middle Ages. We are still in the Dark Age of the Middle Age era. Where families and clans rule countries (kingdom). Feudalism is still in our coutry. In Europe, It’s gone a long time. In Mexico, it’s gone for a century . Family dynasties prevent capable people, who have no financial means to give their good shots also in government leadership.

    Family dynasty members have their names already in the brains of YellowTards, like most of the Filipinos. Where in times of elections, they become like,Zombies and elect leaders, as incompetent as the Aquinos.
    Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, had also his veraion of SWS False Asia surveys, in his time. He got 98% in every survey. Because his oppositions are either Dead or working as Slave Laborer in his Labor Camps…

  19. Another beautiful day in our beautiful country and all you poor wannabe revolutionaries do is hide on this website and keep whining.

    I thank our lord almighty because if all you failipinos are the best anti government opposition there is to offer, then I feel safe and content that NoyNoy and his dynasty will rule us many lifetimes and keep us safe and good fortune!

    Our kababayans work hard to grow our country, I’m proud of our progress.
    Our god gave us our government, blessed are we under leadership chosen by the divine.

    I wish to thank my president and my party for giving me a strong and happy life, and for looking after our family.

    Thank you for destroying the wolves that once threatened our country,

    Thank you for having mercy and letting leaving the whining dogs here a chance at life and to repent.


    1. Beautiful day with our beautiful president whose illusion of beauty He hopes to maintain by beautiful trolls like you. If you think we are disillusioned then the beauty of the system is you can ignore us. But then again you paid to troll Proud Pinoy. The beauty of it is, you are paid by money I pay in taxes. What a beauty your precious president is.

    2. @Proud Pinoy:

      As long as I am paying my Taxes…and I do not get “good services” as agreed upon before the election. I will be a “Tinik sa Puwet” of Aquino, his cahoots and other government officials.

    3. “Another beautiful day in our beautiful country and all you poor wannabe revolutionaries do is hide on this website and keep whining.”

      Indeed it’s a beautiful day yet all you do here is spread your pathetic propaganda. We’re not whining, YOU are the one who’s whining since nobody here is believing you.

      “I thank our lord almighty because if all you failipinos are the best anti government opposition there is to offer, then I feel safe and content that NoyNoy and his dynasty will rule us many lifetimes and keep us safe and good fortune!”

      Look who’s talking, it seems that you are the only malacanang troll here right now, hopelessly outnumbered. You’ve chosen a magnificent prison, one which you won’t get out of unscathed.

      “Our kababayans work hard to grow our country, I’m proud of our progress.
      Our god gave us our government, blessed are we under leadership chosen by the divine.”

      What progress are you talking about? God clearly didn’t give us this God-forsaken government that keeps f*cking things up.
      By the way, you broke a commandment,
      “Thou shall not LIE”

      “I wish to thank my president and my party for giving me a strong and happy life, and for looking after our family.”

      Oh yeah, you’re thanking him for hiring you as a pathetic troll.
      Too bad you’re doing such a shitty job at it. -_-

      “Thank you for destroying the wolves that once threatened our country”

      Those wolves are still around, they didn’t get destroyed by your precious president, they only multiplied.

      “Thank you for having mercy and letting leaving the whining dogs here a chance at life and to repent.”

      You’re one to talk, Mewling quim
      The mere fact that you’re here, spreading LIES and propaganda isn’t doing your boss any favors since you’re only making things WORSE.

      Enjoy your failure, TROLL

  20. Survey shows pnoy aquino no longer has the trust of the majority of people and it will continue to fall in 2014.

    Finally people are waking up to the reality of a corrupt, lazy, and incompetent president who has wasted 3 years, and put the country further behind its neighbours.

    Propaganda is the last refuge of laziness and incompetence.

    Slogans are the sign of insincerity and hypocricy.

    Another year, no achievements, just a series of failures and cock-ups.

    The lame duck president pnoy aquino is losing support faster than kris aquino drops her knickers

    1. The fact that malacanang troll named “Proud Pinoy” keeps showing his face here definitely says a lot about this government’s reliance on propaganda to make itself look good. The president doesn’t need people like “Proud Pinoy” if he was doing his job right yet here he is again, spreading propaganda not even realizing that it’s only making his boss look even worse.

      The malacanang troll group is definitely a waste of money since they only hire idiots that can’t even troll hard enough to save their own skin.

      1. even the philippine daily inquirer has started to become more overtly critical of pnoy aquino – that would have been unheard of 6 months ago.
        the writing is on the wall – and the graffiti says ‘ bugger off bum boy’

      1. As the english saying goes – ” all fur coat, no knickers”

        Meaning – tries to create a sophisticated image, but still trailer trash

  21. the binays kept quiet about the reason they were in dasmarinas – sister abigail binay owns a house there. lfe-style check!!

  22. Tired of Reading Filipinos negativities, specifically, stupidity and immorality. Can you write something about WHAT FILIPINOS MUST/SHOULD/WOULD DO to MAKE PHILIPPINES A CIVILIZED COUNTRY?

    1. Different writers handling different topics will go about what they do differently. My suggestion is try to see different articles on the same topic using the tags. I guarantee you what you will see is concrete examples of what we see here and sometimes concrete examples of how it is done differently elsewhere.

      Then once you get a better grip on how different people in GRP see the problem then you don’t have to stop there. You can Google/ Youtube other societies and how different it is there with them. Once you have all that, don’t expect change since pinoys too busy chest beating with pinoy pride to bother changing.

  23. Wealth redistribution will always happen.

    It’s just a question of in whose generation and how? Bimby’s? Maybe not yet, unfortunately for us. Oligarchs do tend to hold on to a society’s wealth forever. So the “how” will have to be disruptive, unfortunately for us again.

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