Why Lucio Tan gets to keep his loot while Manny Pacquiao’s all remain frozen

On one hand, the issue surrounding the tax evasion case the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is raising against boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is pretty straightforward. The BIR had given Pacquiao two years to submit the documents required of him specific among them are original tax returns from the United States’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Top Rank Inc, Pacquiao’s promoter and the company that withheld taxes on income he had earned in his fights and other business activities in the US, had reportedly requested those documents from the IRS only three months ago as of this writing. Instead, Top Rank had sent a letter to the BIR certifying that it had already paid the IRS those withheld funds on behalf of Pacquiao.

“We’ve actually given him leeway and we back off every time he has a fight because we don’t want to be blamed if he loses,” [BIR Commissioner Kim] Henares said. Authorities gave Pacquiao two years to produce a tax return from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Henares said. The 2.2 billion pesos the BIR is seeking includes interest and surcharges, according to Henares.

A fool and his money: Manny Pacquiao

A fool and his money: Manny Pacquiao

The rules are the rules, the BIR had, as it seems, given enough time to produce the documents, and, as reported, Top Rank Inc had initiated the securing of these documents from the IRS only three months ago. One wonders what Pacquiao’s accountants had been doing all this time. It sounds like they dropped the ball on this one.

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Then, on the other hand, questions have been raised as to whether Pacquiao is being unfairly singled out by the BIR. It is common knowledge that tax evasion is as institutionalised a crime in the Philippines as any other big-time racketeering and money laundering operation perpetrated by Filipino politicians and businessmen alike. Back in 2006, the Philippine government had “lost” a tax evasion case against business taipan Lucio Tan. The case involved allegations that Tan’s Fortune Tobacco Corporation had evaded paying Php25 billion in taxes over the years 1990 through 1993. The case, at the time, was dubbed the “Mother of all tax cases” due to the sheer size of the loot at stake.

Tan’s success in court is likely owed to the top-notch skill of his legal team and the resources at their disposal. By many accounts, Tan has had decades of experience building an awesome tax evasion infrastructure around his business interests consisting of dummy corporations and setting up complex networks of business links among these that could mask illegal activity.

Rich and untouchable: Filipino mega-taipan Lucio Tan

Rich and untouchable: Filipino mega-taipan Lucio Tan

Pacquiao, on the other hand, is a sitting duck and a naive amateur when it comes to big-time Pinoy-style money management. His fans, no matter how many of them there are, cannot help him. The BIR, under pressure to meet collection targets, is wise to single him out. Compared to Fortune Tobacco Inc, Pacquiao Inc’s lack of experience in business management and its readily traceable money trail makes it easy pickin’ for the BIR, promising the embattled agency big returns for relatively little risk of failure. Why climb a tree to pick the bayabas when you’ve already spotted a fat ripe one hanging by a thread that you can simply sit underneath and wait to fall into your gaping mouth? That’s Risk Management 101.

Just the same, the question of how hard the BIR really tried to nail Tan to the wall over the years on his tax liabilities is still being questioned. In 2012 a House inquiry led by Gabriela Party list Rep. Emmi A. de Jesus filed a resolution to do just that, alleging that the BIR’s response to the Tan cases — up to the present — were all consistently lacking in enthusiasm…

De Jesus said Danilo Pacana, a former internal audit manager of Allied Bank, filed tax dodging cases against the Tan-owned companies on December 6, 2011. The congresswoman said Pacana described how these companies failed to pay their tax obligations estimated at more than P1.2 trillion, inclusive of the 25 percent penalty and 20 percent interest charges for Fortune Tobacco alone. The whistleblower claimed that Fortune Tobacco and Asia Brewery used 27 dummy marketing companies to grossly under-declare their actual sales, thereby reducing their taxes.

De Jesus said Pacana, as early as 1987, filed tax evasion cases against Allied Bank, which was assessed to have outstanding obligations of P213 million. But then Commissioner Beethoven Rualo dismissed the complaint “reportedly under highly questionable circumstances,” the House resolution read.

Citing Pacana, De Jesus said the whistleblower in December last year filed his complaints with Henares, who allegedly promised to look into the Tan companies.

The congresswoman said Pacana complained that follow-ups with Henares on April 12, June 15 and August 29 showed his complaint was “not acted upon.”

De Jesus said a separate complaint filed in 2010 by Elpidio Que, a former regional sales manager of a Tan company, also bore no fruit. Que had exposed the “atrocious tax evasion schemes” meant to cheat the government “hundreds of billions of pesos.”

De Jesus said the Department of Justice on June 1, 2011 endorsed Que’s complaint to Henares, but “the said endorsement was not acted upon until the present.”

The silver lining in all this is that Pacquiao is a member of Congress. What is he in power for? That is the key question that begs to be asked here. Pacquiao has the power, as a House Representative (a legislator to emphasize that point), to initiate measures to reform the system that allows astute businessmen like Tan to fly way above the clutches of Philippine Law. This should be the sort of publicity campaign he should be mounting whenever he faces the media. Instead, however, Pacquiao — as with countless legislators before him — is squandering an opportunity to make a lasting difference by focusing on the wrong arguments.

107 Replies to “Why Lucio Tan gets to keep his loot while Manny Pacquiao’s all remain frozen”

  1. Yung mga buwis na binabayaran natin ay binubulsa lang ng mga pulitiko at bureaucrats. This is a given. In this sense, why should Lucio Tan be honest with his tax dealings?

    Sayang lang nga di niya pina-share ni Mr. Tan ang knowledge na ito. I would have moved my savings to the Caribbean years ago.

        1. Dahil corrupt ang government gagayahin mo na? Kasalanan din naman ng mga Pilipino kung bakit corrupt ang mga nakaupo dahil sila ang bomoto dito. Duty nating mga tao ang magbayad ng buwis para may karapatan tayong murahin ang mga pulitikong nagbubulsa. Hindi robin hood si Lucio Tan, nagulangan lang niya ang Supreme Court dahil sa galing ng mga abugado nya.

    1. The word “loot” in this sense means their bounty, fortune, wealth.

      Loot does not necessarily mean stealing as kids call their candies after trick or treating as “loots”.

  2. The head of the BIR must be an absolute idiot,. and not qualified for the job if she does not know that there exists a treaty between The US & The PI where money earned in either country is not taxed in the other. The American IRS deducts their share of the money BEFORE Pacquiao gets his pay and the BIR should know that is standard practice and that in America we do not have such fraud and theft of services as is common and rampant here.

    1. BIR and other Government Agencies like the DOJ, NBI, COA etc became the tool of this Yellow Administration to harass individuals not allied with them. It is headed by attack dogs of BS Aquino. Even those supposed to be co-equal bodies like Congress, Senate and SC were corrupted by this Admin trough DAP and PDAF.

        1. It was the SC’s decision. Abnoy lost his jimmies when he found out so he was forced to accept it.

          One reply from you and you’re TROLLING. 😛

        2. I am more and more convinced that BS Aquino’s gov’t would turn out to be the most corrupt gov’t in Philippine history, considering what they claim, actually improve, but took from the country. Not even McCoy or Gloria can top it. Erap’s gov’t probably comes in second.

          I’m just amazed how some people are willing to plunge into hell’s darkest depths to please that yellow smiling dog c_r_a_p.

        3. “it was the marcos era that was most corrupt”

          COOL STORY BRO.

          Marcos was a crook because he was pointed as one by media pundits but let’s not go after Cory for her crookery while in office and what her family has done as well because she is well loved by autists like you an everyone else because she bore the ‘Aquino’ name.

          Because only fools are gullible enough to believe the Aquino magic and hype, much like everyone with a last name has a label to them. And it’s still exists today under Abnoy. 😛

        4. kathniel says:

          it was the marcos era that was most corrupt, heck, aquino’s term is not yet over.

          Generations ago, way before Marcos was even born, corruption already runs in the ancestral bloodlines of BS AbNoy’s family. The money that was collected from Filipinos to fund or finance the revolution during the early Spanish to American periods (at the turn of the 1900s) was hidden and eventually lost.

          This turned out to be just temporary. Later, Ysidra Cojuangco, who knows where the people’s wealth was hidden, suddenly showed up as a very rich woman. Also, considering the bloody extent by which the Cojuangcos would go to try to preserve Hacienda Luisita, we now know that the Cojuangcos know how to put wealth and money over people’s lives. Heck, we can even see traces of this character in AbNoy as he would buy a Porshe amidst the poverty in the Philippines, only revealing how sentimentally detached he really is to the plight of his fellow Pinoys. Only propaganda advisers persuaded him to sell it, as it is a problem in keeping up appearances.

          That’s just on AbNoy’s mother’s side. On his father’s side, his paternal grandfather was a Japanese puppet, similar to how AbNoy is now a puppet to the ruthless yellow oppressors who advice him.

        5. @ felipe

          Actually his Porsche would amount to about the same as his supposedly “humble” bullet proof LC200. Not taking into consideration, if he would be driven or drive it himself.

      1. @ kathniel

        You idiot, your president is the most corrupt, hindi pa tapos ang term niya pero trillion na ang unaccounted for.

        If you are a real person, answer me this: magkano nga ulit ang national debt natin during macoy time and magkano na nga ulit now since nagsimula si st.cory mo. Take into consideration all infra, projects, etc done during their time.

        This country went downhill, when Macoy left and that, kathnieil, you clueless idiot, is the truth. Made even worse by gullible idiots like you, believing so much in your L sign. (Which means loser) The sooner people like you realize this, the sooner this country can stand up and progress.

        1. debt went high in the cory administration because there was nothing left to spend. marcos already stolen our money which we pay until now.

        2. Idiot, that was decades ago, “still paying for it up to now”. You are pure propaganda crap. Answer the damn questions.

        3. “debt went high in the cory administration because there was nothing left to spend. marcos already stolen our money which we pay until now.”

          Nice TROLLING, fraud. 😀

          Right because cory herself never borrowed money and didn’t give back to social services either! Nor her oaf of a president son who borrowed money (with the help of PGMA financing the loan) to do what? give aid to the poor people by throwing money to them as well?

          News flash: Cory refused Marcos’ offer to use his 90% of his wealth in order to pay the debt. It’s no BS. Doy Laurel revealed it.

          TROLL again and you get the paycheck from Malacanang. 😛

        4. @joel when macoy left, we had multi-billion dollar debt already not to mention the domestic debt denominated in pesos. when cory took over the coffers were empty. worse, through Presidential Decree, there was automatic appropriation for debt payment. In the General Appropriations, a big chunk was for debt servicing. Since Cory chose to honor the debts including questionable ones incurred by the previous administration, she had no option but to borrow from multi-lateral agencies as well as domestic sources to meet the budget. If a third of the GA is used to pay off debt, how much is left to spend for social services, etc? To run the government, you have to have money and since the tax take was also low, only borrowings can sustain the government. Eh kung walang utang ang Pinas during the ascendancy of Cory and she started in a clean slate with money in the coffers, then, baka iba ang usapan.

        5. @ ahmad,

          How much debt did macoy leave behind? Enough of indefinite answers that is just blurring the facts.

          How much debt do we have now?

          You take into consideration all the infra, all the programs, etc.

          Now you judge.

          You people are so drunk until now with the yellow kool-aid that you even refuse to accept the fact that 2 decades under the “evil” dictator proves to be more progressive than almost 3 decades under the yellow oligarch.

        6. Ok, since you cannot give figures: 1986 external debt = maxed out at USD 40M. Fast forward today = maxed at USD 60M.

          Take into consideration how much infra was built then, SLEX, NLEX, LRT, Maharlika highway, Lung Center, Heart Center, BNPP to name a few within his 2 decades “reign of terror”.

          Fast forward today after almost 3 decades of the happy yellow freedom. …. uhmmm. ….yeah right.


      2. @ Winter Soldier, OH NO, I call Bull-shit on you, AGAIN! Marcos was/is/has been proven to be a fuckin POS CROOK/CRIMINAL. He stole every single U.S. Dollar that was paid by Westinghouse Corporation for a Nuclear power plant that was never even brought on-line…some say as much as $25Billion was stolen and at a time when $25Billion was a lot of money. The money never was returned to the people he stole it from either. The total amount that that guy stole will most likely never even be correctly figured out, but just like every other political dynasty in the fail-ippines: after the media hype to get the people all riled up dies down, they resurface again after they are done laughing their collective asses off at the dumbest fucks on the planet, and get elected again(even though the elections are rigged, there are some people that still actually vote for the crooked scumbags!) and business remains the same in the Kleptocracy that masquerades as a democracy.
        The part of history that branded Marcos a thief will not be re-written, not by a you anyway!

    2. This is correct. Earnings from one country is not subject to tax in the Philippines. If that was inaccurate, we have millions of tax evading OFW’s out there.

      BIR, why do you again bite the hand that feeds you?

    3. Well, that depends if Manny Pacquiao is subject to double taxation in the Philippines, aside from his income from other country.

      Anyway, taxation in a global economy is a very complicated matter, considering if there is an existing taxation treaty between two, or more, countries in question and the scope and extent of bilateral treaty between two countries, like the Philippines – US.

      Correct me if I’m mistaken, in the Philippines – US bilateral taxation treaty, a Filipino is subject to Philippine tax if his working stay in the Philippines is more than 182 days, aside from his tax from US.

      Fact: Manny used to be the top tax payer and since then the tax he paid gets lower. No wonder BIR smelled something fishy.


        1. “then why is the government prompting him to pay?”
          ==> excellent question, be sure to ask them that

          “are you the government?”
          ==> we wouldn’t be having this conversation if that were true, is it

        2. to steal money. remember the pork barrel is frozen. they can’t steal money from it so they are making an alibi to steal from taxes

        3. TROLL.

          So why are you here posting propaganda? Are you the government?

          If you say no, then you’re a RETARD. Congratulations. 😛

        4. “steal? this is our taxes! i know pnoy won’t let it do that.”

          That’s because of what the media tells you that. Nothing else. 😛

        5. @ kathniel

          “…are you the government?”

          Yes, the government by the people…. not the way you idiots, see the government as some sort of monarchy, treating Pnoy as some sort of king.

  3. PNoy has already spoken. If Pacman pays his taxes well, then there is nothing to worry about. That is one good president, always has the balls for the country.

    1. Lies. He had only the BALLS to BLAME and play tantrums.

      BTW, why don’t he just focus on the Yolanda situation rather than waste his time meddling on Pacquiao? Is because to get money?

      Of course you won’t reply because you will make a foll of yourself, which is very true. 😀

      1. the president is focused in everything. it is just a advice to pacquiao, not to be scared and don’t use media to gain sympathy.

        1. Look who’s talking. Even PNoy himself used the media to gain symphaty (ABSCBN, Inquirer, etc.)

          Someone is totally BUTTHURT. 😀

        2. Poor pathetic little kathniel,nobody here is believing your propaganda.
          You know why?
          Because we’re not gullible fools like YOU.
          The truth is that the aquinos are the most corrupt political family this country has ever seen?
          Don’t believe me? Just look at how they keep getting more and more inept at handling things each time a disaster happens.
          Mr. Aquino can’t even handle his own personal life properly since he lets his Boyfriend Mar handle him in the rear.

          Of course I know you’ll never reply back because everything I’ve said is 100% true and no amount of yellow propaganda can ever change that FACT.

    2. And those taxes to will go where? Oh I get it. For your mentally retarded pwesident and his mafia’s pockets and for your huge salary for trolling here of course you malakanyakanyang miscommunications troll.

        1. kathniel says:

          it will be allocated to different government branches.

          Makes me wonder what other schemes AbNoy’s group would come up with to continue their brand of corruption—i.e. bribing politicians and gov’t officials to comply with their illicit yellow agenda.

          Perhaps due to international media exposure, the SC finally called a spade, a spade, when they declared that pork barrel practice that BS Aquino makes extensive use of as unconstitutional.—Sad, that initiative doesn’t come naturally and spontaneously, but has to be elicited by outside factors such as international exposure.

    3. kathniel
      That is one good president, always has the balls for the country.

      BS AbNoy Aquino does not have the balls to admit any of his mistakes and shortcomings. He always needs to be shamed to admit his errors. I do not admire him for being a coward.

      The gov’t through lapdog Kim Henares wants Manny to do double taxation, even though everyone knows the IRS definitely would tax him already.

    4. It’s a bullshit comment from the lying BS. Let BIR take actions on Pacquiao’s tax case. A president that always do hands on opinion is someone who just wanted to be excused from doing his real job in Malacanang. Anong silbi ng mga ahensya kung pati siya e nakikialam sa mga bagay na hindi niya alam?

  4. Pacman is at fault and also a hard headed individual. All the BIR is asking two years ago is the record that he paid U.S.A. (IRS). Then this issue would never come out. Why is it that until now Pacman never submit the proof of payment in taxes. I think he just want publicity and sympathy from the boxing world.

  5. Obviously stupidity runs in the pacquiao family but surely he can afford to employ someone with sense.

    ” better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool, rather than open it and prove them right”

      1. Actually no.
        And if he cant lay his hands on 20,000 dollars then a few of my microsoft shares are worth more than he currently is.
        I suspect he would be more jealous that he couldn’t get a job at microsoft hq.

        next time engage brain first

  6. Poor Manny Paquiao, he is no excepetion to the ‘Boxer’s dilemma’. Surrounded by scumbags of all sorts he will now have to keep fighting just to pay the tax-man and probably take not one, but a few too many, shots to the the head and maybe even get to end up like the Ali’s/Tysons or, even worse, the Jerry & Mike Quarry’s of the boxing worlds’ ‘tragedies’. Jew Arum, chief scumbag, will at least hand picked Manny’s opponents for him and make sure he uses catchweights/oldmen and throw in a few ‘has-beens’ to try to ease the damage Paquiao will no doubt endure as he tries in vain to ward off the taxman…but in the end, and undeservingly as it may seem, the taxman will get Paquiao just like he gets everyone else in the public eye, and doesn’t have political connections high up enough the food chain to keep him off his ass. Paquiao’s dream to become President will most likely even be derailed by the tax-evasion charges he will likely face as well and he will one day go back to Sarangani Province just as broke as the day he left.

  7. Pacquiao ventured into Philippine politics. Aquino and the BIR had digged dirt, and are now digging more dirt on him. They found his can of worms. Poor Pacquiao; he should had stayed in California, U.S.A. And box his way out of retirement.
    The Boxing Ring is where your talent is, Manny Pacquiao; not in dirty Philippine politics.

  8. if Pacman has paid his income tax in America then he has to show to the BIR the original receipt of it which he failed to do it.so since he failed to do so, then it means, the interest of what he supposedly earned in America from the time which the BIR asked him, is growing to become 2,2billion (interest, charges etc.)

    1. IRS in the U.S. is very strict when it comes to tax and Pacquiao had already paid his tax due. He was able to submit the documents, proof that he already paid his taxes. However, problem with the BIR (Kim Henares), is that she was asking for the “certified true copy” which is a practice in the Philippines due to rampant fraud and bureaucracy. The IRS, need not provide such thing because all of the documents released by any U.S. agencies are considered original and authentic. Really, a Philippine official, asking for a “certified true copy certificate” from a U.S. agency is a laughable matter and perceived as ignorance.

      1. All Pacquiao is to do is: let the IRS (U.S.) official, who received his taxes, write “certified true copy” . Sign and date it. If they want some seal. do it…It is just simple…we don’t need any controversies.

        1. Well, do you think that if Pacman was able to submit such document, the BIR would just accept it on face value? No my friend, it’s just the beginning of the Pacman’s journey to the calvary. They(BIR)have a new argument now. Granted he was able to pay his tax in the U.S., amounting to 20% of his boxing income, the BIR would slap him with another 12% because according to them, the Pacman’s income tax in the Philippines should be 32%. So, 12% plus the so-called charges and surcharges in penalty and whatever charges they would like to apply and so on and so forth, coupled with the BIR’s tax target from him which is around Php 2.2 Billion, so more or less they would still try to achieve that same amount. In short, the BIR would not stop at nothing unless they were able to milk the man with all of his boxing income, flattening the man to the ground. That’s a win-win solution from the tax-embattled BIR and a huge dilemma for the boxing hero, Pacquiao.

      2. As long as the masses, especially those devastated by this recent calamity look up to Pacquiao as their beacon of real hope, he’s a looming threat to the future political ambitions of the yellow camp (who continue to fail miserably in serving the people well).

        It’s up to tuta Kim Henares to do her evil ways on him. From what we’ve witnessed with Corona, to the yellow camp, it’s just a matter of flexing their tentacles, strategically placed in various areas in the gov’t, yet again in order to bring any possible threat like Manny to his knees.

    2. pacquiao’s taxes was not checked during the past administration. it is only now that you witness it, because the aquino administration is strict when it come to this things

        1. @ Winter-Soldier, so anyone who doesn’t think and say as you think and say gets a ‘DELETE’ stamped on it from , WHO? YOU? Get a clue dude, its a debate…not a one-sided affair that YOU govern.

      1. Bwahaha, your posts reek of Aquino-fandom. All I hear from you are biased propaganda. Pls. do tell me that you work for the Malacanang so that more people will know what kind of an idiot you are.

  9. Pacquiao is the type who needs a lot guidance and good counsel. Unfortunately, people who genuinely care for him do not seem cognizant of his growing troubles. The rest of those leeches surrounding him are not even that much help to him.

    I can understand how frustrating it must be like to give to someone or some entity who doesn’t really deserve your hard-earned money, considering how much of a failure they really are when it comes to rendering even the most basic services a free country is suppose to give its people.

    1. Pacquiao knocked out by BIR. All Filipinos living in the U.S., Canada, Europe, etc…don’t go home .The BIR “Buwayas” are waiting for you, to take a big bite on your hard earned money…Become citizens of your adopted country…

      1. @ HT…oh you said it right there! anyone who is fortunate to get the fuck out of the hell-hole country that the Fail-ippines is absolutely out of their fuckin minds to ever go back.
        the remote island beaches in the country are even being ruined NOW by the ever expanding WISH of people thinking the ex-pats and tourists are going to flock there, but when the ex-pats and tourists arrive the first thing that happens is they get robbed by a tax-cab driver and then everyone else they meet until the end of their stay and THEN they too leave…and NEVER return to the rat bag shit-hole mess.it really is too bad as it doesn’t have to be as such! Corruption permeates the entire archipelago!

        1. Which reminds me, when I go to foreign lands…I don’t usually associate myself as a Filipino.

          Why? Because there aren’t any countries who wouldn’t ridicule/discriminate Filipinos anymore – they think we are thieves, corrupted, unsympathetic and oversensitive individuals who only worship foreigners for money.

          How I envy my friends and family members who have migrated to 1st-world countries and sad at the same time when they say that our country has fallen so far.

      1. I live in the Philippines for more than 20 years and I have seen bad things that are very real.

        Too bad for an Abnoy apologist like you. 😛

      2. AbNoy’s severest criticisms come in fact precisely from people living in the Philippines, but a lot of them I believe have seen how different it is in other countries where the gov’t actually does its job properly. You just need to try to work in other places for awhile to see how dramatic the difference is, and be free from yellow propaganda and media for awhile. You can’t easily tell that you live in hell over there, until you experience how it’s like to live in heaven outside the lies and control of yellow propaganda.

        Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

      3. Too bad for you, I also live in the philippines but I’m really happy that I live far away from YOU since your stupidity is contagious. It seems that you are the one who is clearly living outside of the philippines since you are clearly living in YELLOWZOMBIEIDIOTLAND.

      4. FYI, I live in the Philippines and I have a right to criticize your idiotic, blinded, over-gushing love for PNOY and your refusal to respond intellectually to the criticisms that are leveled against the president.

        1. @Ian
          Kathniel clearly can’t respond intellectually to us since:
          1. He’s an Idiot.
          2. He’s Mr. Aquino’s #1 C0cksucker.
          3. He’s not being paid to do so.
          4. He’s a stupid sack of shit.
          5. He doesn’t have a spiel that can answer our criticisms properly.

      5. Guess what vincensus ignoramus. I’m a Filipino. We’re just criticizing what is wrong with your precious pwesident. Sige pa continue licking not just pnoy’s ass but also his hotdog and eggs you trollfag.

      6. OH NO, not true! a short visit of less than a month is enough to figure out that hell-hole. Anyone who lives in the country can figure out the entire culture in less than the time it takes to impeach a President or an SC CJ or a political dynasty family head that commits mass murder and never gets to trial. Yes, the country is a quick and easy read. Corruption at all levels of gov’t., no human dignity/rights. A total Kleptocracy masquerading as a democracy.

  10. Maybe this episode will toughen up pacquiao, and if he really wants to help the country rather than just have the title/status of congressman, army colonel etc and maintain his public exposure/appeal for commercial self-interest, then he should also get some decent political advisors and take life/politics seriously.

    His pretend politicians act is not helped by the fact that he is having a months holiday xmas/new year and then goes into boxing mode for 3 months for his april 2014 fight and back just in time for congress recess.

    Ain’t karma a bitch.

    1. “We couldn’t all be cowboys
      So some of us are clowns
      And some of us are dancers on the midway….”

      —counting crows

      Manny should just stick to boxing and philanhtropy and not get into politics.

  11. The IRS doesn’t issue certified true copies of individuals tax return. Your tax preparer is submitting your income tax if prepared electronically and you will mail your copy to the fed and to your state. You only retain a copy for yourself and the copy of 1099 and or W2 with it. Now the BIR of the Philippines is asking for a certified rue copy for what? There is no such thing as certified true copy in the USA, it relies honesty on every individual and you cannot escape from UNCLE SAM since everything you earned is recorded and if you missed to include anything from your return then you will hear from the mail that UNCLE SAM wants your tax payment with penalty and interest on top of the 29% rate, plus state tax on those missed income you failed to include on your return. Since the BIR does not want to honor or recognized papers from the USA then something fishy is goin’ on. They want you to pay up because you don’t belong to the KKK cicle or you don’t belong to the presidents party, that’s what it is. It is, you are from the other side of the fence and in this administration they will nail you down if you are against them, look at what’s happening around us, insanity are the norm of this administration and look how silly they harass they perceived as enemies.

  12. Curious lang ako, bakit may sinasabi na VAT ngayon na dapat bayaran ni Manny Pacquiao?

    Hindi ba VAT applies if it is earned here? Pero bakit kelangan nila singilin ng VAT ang hindi niya kinita sa pilinas?

    Curious lang ako?

    Second, possible din ba na yung mga local marketing/promotional “gigs” ni pacquiao since sumikat na siya ay dinaan sa isang company na si Pacquiao din isa sa may ari or basically CEO? So meaning yung kinita ni Pacman ay hindi naman direkta sa kanya kung hindi sa company na mas maliit na lang makukuha ni Manny pagkatapos? Yung company may sariling tax declaration?

    Kasi magtataka ka din naman, sa dami ng entourage niya or posse niya, under saan sila category? Kasambahay? Walang company na employee sila, so tingin ko lang naman, parang may ganung scenario. Kung hindi, e bakit yung entourage naman niya ang hindi nagbabayad ng tamang “buwis” sa kanilang “kinikita” dahil wala silang technically “payslip”.

    Pero yun lang talaga, bakit may VAT? pinagtataka ko pa din lang hanggang ngayon. May resibo bale si Manny Pacquiao? Tsaka ganun din dito sa atin diba? Nag withhold na yung company na pinagtrabahuan mo as consultancy or kung anu man yun pag “vat-able”, so di ko lang maintindihan bakit malaki, kung may pagkukulang man plus plus interest and surchages.

  13. Why not be fair on this article and let us not be naive about not paying Taxes.

    Why single out Lucio Tan ??
    Why not the Ayala, Sy, Aboitiz, etc…

    All of these Families had their fair share of not paying taxes.

    I was told that it should be based upon the magnitude of how much was not paid.
    My answer is basically, if a person steals $1 Million from a Bank, does it make him a better person than Lucio Tan or Pacquiao ???

  14. Top Rank and HBO submitted original copies of the documents (EFT acknowledgment from the IRS). There is no original copies of the1040NR that the IRS holds, what they have is a digital copy, because Everyone who prepares professionally must e-file. Per the IRS agents at a tax seminar I attended, their copy looks nothing like the copies we have either.

    As a foreigner working in the USA it is mandatory to withold his tax payments , there is no way he can avoid his USA taxes, HBO and TR have already witheld them. Manny files a 1040NR and all required schedules to show the calculation of income and deductions and credits in order to obtain a refund from the IRS.

    I would assume if the tax rate in the philippines is higher than the US tax rate then he would be liable the difference to the BIR.

    Sources: I am a taxpreparer practicing in CA working for someone who is CPA EA Masters in Tax

  15. therefore: pacman should be wise enough to use his money in order to get the wisest lawyers then he shud file a case too , spend some millions and have his name cleaned.unfortuntely, it will take a very long run and henares myt be in senate by that time. lol
    -PNOY’s administration is really as bullshit as i thought. he’s slowly going after for those who aren’t in yellow uniform.

  16. c manny ang kawawa dito….ito namang mga accountant ya sana naman ginawa nila ng mabuti ang mga ganyang obligasyon….true and yes if manny had already paid, then why the hell these accountants did not not follow up the payments? in as much that they really know the consequences of the actions…..maybe they presumed that being a congressman will eventually delivers him( manny) in such disastrous situation if ever there will be……then this issue……..i pity you manny pacquiao…..you are a good guy….the only difference is that you have no credible people to protect you around……….

  17. In the article, it is mentioned that; “[Lucio] Tan has had decades of experience building an awesome TAX EVASION infrastructure around his business interests…” –> Is the author suggesting that Pacquiao (and the rest of us) do the same?

    1. No. Not a single mention of that. What the author wants to happen is on the last lines, usually where conclusions, generalizations and resolutions are in any essay.


  19. Manny mag migrate kana lang sa US.puros magnanakaw dyan sa Pinas. sa state kahit mag bayad ka ng tax hinde ka garapal na 2.2 billion tulad Pinas. At sigurado kapa nakatulong sa filipino veterans & Filam wellfare. bulok gobyerno kahit sino pumalit dyan magnanakaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thus, I become curious where he gets all his advise from? IF these are indeed the facts, Why was it difficult to comply? Why until now, there seems to be this enormous resistance to pay-up? There are several occasions there in which he simply refuses, as if he doesn’t really believe he has to.—It appears to be more than mere negligence.

      1. As Monsod opined, it could’ve just been a case of garden variety Pinoy-style arrogance, perhaps aggravated by the false sense of invincibility and infallibility afforded by vast new fame and popularity. His refusal to pay up is evident in the way he focuses his campaign on non sequiturs fielded via the media rather than on a conscious and deliberate resolution of the actual problem. Delusional is the defining word here.

  20. 2009 was the first year that manny pacquiao went from earning peanuts to big bucks.
    Then his spending, gambling, plus political campaign/costs escalated.
    So no surprise that in 2011 he was broke and needing to borrow forward from his next fight earnings. Hence the need to carry on fighting come what may.
    Money and boxers never stay partners for long.
    I suspect bad advice and bad ‘friends’ could bite pacquiao in the ass and am sure more tax pressure for tge years after 2009 will follow, unless of course he withdraws his support for binay!

    1. Ok…

      So, it could be possible that his entering into politics cost him to spend even his tax money just to finance his political career.

      Wasn’t it also his political career part of the distraction that led to his losing the fight with Marquez?

      I fear this incident would now motivate him even further to run for president (or vp), as soon as age permits.


      1. I suspect

        2 fights 2014
        1 final fight biggest payday mayweather nov 2015
        Senate run 2016 – allied with binay
        2022 who knows. We will all be in the sh!t by then anyway

        the triads and gambling syndicates are rubbing their hands at the prospect.

  21. According to the Supreme Court, Tax Case against Lucio Tan has no basis because there was no assessment made by the BIR base on the report/comment of the BIR under Henares. Hanggang saan ang lakas ni LT. Hindi pa naman tapos ang laban.

  22. What a lot of nonsense this BIR case is. Kim Henares is nothing but an EVIL CRAB trying to bring a good man down.

    These yellows are always targeting people with integrity (Corona, et al) who stands in the way of their corruption. I hope Pacquaio finds a way to get through this very troubling move by the Abnoy administration yet again.

  23. I can only relate about
    Manny Pacquiao’s frozen assets-

    The BIR should not freeze Manny Pacquiao’s assets due to the following, to wit:
    Said assets came from his earnings abroad where taxes are withheld;
    Manny’s earnings are contract based, as such Manny is an OFW and OFW’s earnings are tax free, whose remittances kept always our economy afloat;
    Freezing of assets should equal only to the tax chargeable from the earnings, e.g. 25% of PhP 2B=PhP 500M;
    The public’s outraging sympathy should be considered in application of law/s to anyone esp. to a hero; this is an internationally accepted enforced regulation, e.g. Delhi, India Rape Murder case death sentences to several minors.

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