Pot calling the kettle black: Noynoy Aquino warns Manny Pacquiao against using the media to fight the Tax Man

Ironic that Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III would warn boxing champ Manny Pacquiao about using the media to gain public sympathy for his tax woes.

“If [Pacquiao] did right, then I’m sure he will be able to prove that he did right, and therefore there is no issue,” Aquino said. “So the way to settle it is to answer all of these queries of the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and not to engage in a media war.”

He added, “The media will not decide who is right or wrong.”

'Hindi ako magnanakaw!' - President BS Aquino

‘Hindi ako magnanakaw!’ – President BS Aquino

Is that so, Mister “President”?

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The administration of President BS Aquino, after all, is noted for the standout bloat in its public relations machine, what it calls its “Communications” team — an indication of how much of a priority media spin is to his government. Up to five top-level Cabinet officials including the once Noted blogger Manuel L Quezon III make up this awesome media manipulation arsenal.

The government of President BS Aquino has slid from a routine but benign use of acceptable persuasion techniques to downright belligerent use of sly propaganda tactics. Noted Australian National University sociologist Nicole Curato observed how the once-popular Philippine president has degenerated from being “the country’s top cheerleader” to mere “spin doctor”. Curato cited the hallmarks of these approaches, (1) the administration’s use of polarising bad-versus-good rhetoric to divide the landscape to monopolise a coveted moral high ground, (2) use of simplification techniques such as the reduction of complex issues into emotionally seductive soundbites, and (3) repetitive messages packaged in different forms — Curato observes, “[…] it is not surprising that the President failed to say something new [when he went live on TV to defend the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) fund he is accused of using to fund the persecution of former Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012].”

Indeed, President BS Aquino spent the better part of 2011 and 2012 laying the groundwork for Corona’s impeachment trial by making good use of his allies in Philippine media to demonise the former Chief Justice and pre-condition the minds of ordinary and prominent Filipinos alike to see things his way…

2011: Persecute Corona and GMA

In 2011, BS Aquino continued unsuccessfully in working towards the resignation of Corona by badmouthing him in public. He also continued the persecution of GMA in public with the help of various media organizations. Towards the second half of that year, when there was no sign that Corona was going to resign, his government worked towards strong-arming members of congress into signing the impeachment cases against Corona and preventing GMA from getting medical treatment abroad.

2012: Persecute Corona and GMA

In 2012, the whole country was focused on the impeachment trial of Corona in most of the first half of the year. BS Aquino’s minions worked hard in conducting media campaigns against Corona for five months, which included but was not limited to releasing black propaganda, lies and violating the law in obtaining false evidence against the respondent.

'Take responsibility for what you say and what you do.' - Rappler CEO Maria Ressa

‘Take responsibility for what you say and what you do.’ – Rappler CEO Maria Ressa

The use of mass media to demonise Corona in those years went as far as the Aquino propaganda machine could take it. New-kid-on-the-block (at the time) “social news network” Rappler.com which appeared out of nowhere just as the impeachment trial against Corona was being hatched led the vilification campaign, possibly violating the Philippines’ bank secrecy laws by allowing its reporters Magtanggol de la Cruz and Carmela Fonbuena to publish “news” stories that revealed bank accounts and their bank balances supposedly belonging to Corona in the midst of the trial proceedings.

These potential criminal acts by these Rappler.com “journalists”, suffice to say, reflected badly on the integrity of the Senate impeachment court that administered Corona’s trial which, it can be argued, became party to violations of bank secrecy laws when it allowed admission of evidence obtained by unlawful means.

'I am not a criminal or a thief.' - Manny Pacquiao

‘I am not a criminal or a thief.’ – Manny Pacquiao

To be fair, Pacquiao is himself using his clout over the deeper sentiments of the Filipino masses and their addiction to “heroes” to put pressure on the Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). His “appeals” which he delivers via interviews with media personalities and through press releases do not address the core issue of his tax liabilities and, instead, largely consist of mere non-sequiturs

“I appeal to them to remove the garnishment so that I can move and pay for my staff’s salaries,” Pacquiao told reporters in his southern hometown of General Santos city. “I am not a criminal or a thief.”

Funny that. No less than BS-in-Chief President BS Aquino made a similar but more presidential “covenant” to the public back in 2010 when he announcedHindi ako magnanakaw” (“I am not a thief”). Dubbed by many pundits as “the quote of the century”, that no less than a President would start his term under that premise says something about the low bar from which Filipino politicians are measured. You wonder about a society such as that of the Philippines — where everyone has to continuously assure one another that they are not thieves. It’s more fun indeed.

47 Replies to “Pot calling the kettle black: Noynoy Aquino warns Manny Pacquiao against using the media to fight the Tax Man”

  1. ‘I am not a thief’ – the filipino slogan

    Reminds me of a foreigner friend who was on a filipino dating site.
    He said they nearly all say in their profile – ‘ i am not a liar or scammer’
    At first he wondered why people would put such a thing in their profile. He soon realised why, and also that they invariably were liars and scammers.

    Is lying simply a national pastime. How and where do people learn such ‘values’, and have no shame about it either

    1. More like cultural, not just a pastime. I find that our culture in general seems to have a very low ethical threshold where there seems to be few or none at all that can stand against the rigors of ethical standards. I have seen this and noticed it on so many instances. Note how pinoys will do everything to hide & defend to the death a family member who committed a crime. Remember Ivler and his loony mom, or perhaps with lesser star power, Pinoy OFWs convicted of a crime abroad and about to be executed. Perhaps I may be simplifying things too much but that’s just how it seems from what I see; where, for the family or the group, barkada, or the gang, morality, objectivity, hell even the entire country can just go hang.

    2. Like I said, self discipline went out the window with the advent of EDSA revolution, now we have only impunity, from the highest position in the land to the lowest bottom feeder in society, resulting in chaos. And this is marketed as “freedom” by the yellow clan.

  2. Regarding Corona…wasn’t this a necessary thing to do, though? If the SC chief was going to be used as Arroyo’s weapon vs the people going after her, why not neutralize him?

  3. BS is actually saying “Don’t go on a media battle with me.” Pacquiao might be the world’s best pound for pound King, but BS has the media stacked neatly inside his purse.

  4. Now we get to see just how far that “people’s will” or “people’s mandate” is willing to go, and for whom…

    Unfortunately, the media is NOT neutral, and it is very obvious whom they will vilify. They’re supposed to report the news, not make it up.

    1. That’s the problem with local media nowadays, they tend to be biased…take note of ABS-CBN. Remember the time when ABS-CBN vilified FPJ during his presidential run?

      Yes, FPJ’s candidacy was questionable but that does not give them the right to portray him as a villian.

  5. The big factor in a media battle is how many filipinos would believe media crap. Hence it would still be the pinoy idiot being his usual idiot watching the idiot box judging idiotically. We need people to wake up. No matter what the media says if everybody is in their right minds then we would have no use for such display of assholedom.

    1. Nowadays, Filipinos are more into escapism like watching recycled soap operas. They will believe anything the media dictates to them.

      If only the TV stations were not bound by politics, then my faith for local media would return. Until then, I would just rely on foreign media instead of listening to biased local news.

      1. All media is slanted to a certain point of view. Doesn’t matter if it’s ABS-CBN, Manila Bulletin, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, RT or the Daily Show.

        Heck, even GRP has an agenda – that’s why its tagline is “we beg to differ” and it carries its alternative tag as a badge of pride.

  6. gago yang pinoy na yan e.yung mga taong nagnanakaw na nakaupo sa gobyerno d nya asikasuhin. yung taong nananahimik na totoong tumutulong sa tao titirahin nya.
    wala na kasing PORK BARREL na paghahatian ang gobyerno kaya naghahanap nang pagkakaperahan.

    mga abnoy nga naman sa gobyerno. pagdating sa pera ang bibilis kumilos.

    yung perang donasyon ng ibat ibang bansa hindi na binigay sa bayan pati pera ni pacman gagalawin pa :/

    please check:

  7. gago yang pinoy na yan e.yung mga taong nagnanakaw na nakaupo sa gobyerno d nya asikasuhin. yung taong nananahimik na totoong tumutulong sa tao titirahin nya.
    wala na kasing PORK BARREL na paghahatian ang gobyerno kaya naghahanap nang pagkakaperahan.

    mga abnoy nga naman sa gobyerno. pagdating sa pera ang bibilis kumilos.

    yung perang donasyon ng ibat ibang bansa hindi na binigay sa bayan pati pera ni pacman gagalawin pa :/

    please check for cool songs for our beloved president BS Aquino:

  8. Manny Pacquiao is certainly a lot more popular than the dictator BS Aquino. His extreme popularity must have hit a raw nerve in the political sway of things. Therefore he must be put in his proper place by Palace attack doggies. I wonder… Does BS pay his taxes properly? Does his donated luxury armored Lexus and Ferrari including other luxury vehicles have proper tax papers? Kim Henares should have done her homework and requested the US government for tax documentation relevant to Manny’s alleged tax deficiency if any.BS as the godfather of the PDAF/DAP must have gotten away with cash from his executive discretionary funds. Did Henares bother to investigate how BS Aquino uses his more than a trillion funds?

  9. Dahil ang totoo, may mga alam talaga na lihim si Rep. Pacquiao regarding sa mga modus operandi ng ating mabuting panggulo BullShit Aquino. Natatakot ngayon si Noynoy na ilahad ito in public dahil mas may credibility si Pacman kaysa sa kanya.

  10. Correct me if I am wrong… Kim Henares has accumulated (by purchases) a number of Porsche sports cars. Did she pay the proper import taxes for these luxury vehicles? How can she afford to buy such expensive toys on her government salary alone? Kim’s credibility to afford such expensive toys goes beyond any lifestyle check. Damn your hypocrisy in government taxes!!!

    1. where are these Porsche’s you speak of? do you have any registration documents with Ms. Henares name on them? YOU, who say you are an ‘Uncle’ of the duly elected(?) head of the state, are just Full of shit, aren’t you? if what you say is true…PROVE IT T.J.!
      HUH? WHAT? You can’t?…didn’t think so…..

  11. noynoy got a seat in the government out of media manipulation, now he does not want others to use the same strategy.i would not wonder why he is branded as a dictator.

  12. The issue here is very simple: Manny misdisclared his income tax returns.

    He was given a chance to correct it–in fact quite long as such. But he didn’t rectify it. No one is above the law. Whether you are a hero or not. Whatever news media is reporting, sensationalized or not,–rational people should stick to facts and the truth.

    1. Wrong! The issue(s) is simpler:
      1.) Garnishment without court order is illegal.
      2.) Pacquaio has IRS documents, BIR rejects them because they want original (as an afterthought) because they didn’t see the attachments.
      3.) People like you who support NoyNoy is the reason why people are dying in Tacloban

      Those are facts! You deserve your president and we who didn’t vote for him is dragged to hell with you.

      1. Some foreigners, who are helping in the rescue. May have been laughing now. Aquino wants original documents. These people from industrialized countries are now in the “Paperless documentation era”. Everything you document goes to the Data Base of those who needed the documentation. what an ignorant fools these YellowTards are…

  13. The joke is upon them now. It is not the quantity of people, you can align to promote your agendas. It is the Quality of people. Even if, they are in hundreds, if they have the same intellectual calibers, like their , Boss, B.S. Aquino. Their demonizing of their opponents will never work.
    Remember, these people have also computer hackers. To put computer virus on your computer, website, blogs, etc…they have also False Bloggers with multiple names. However, these “bloggers” are like robots. Writing the same stuff, to defend and give praise to Aquino. These people are nonsense.
    Aquino has not learned that , our era is now: Information Technology era. We can access information easily and readily, by internet. Any Filipino, even those living in North Pole, if there are any; can blog , inform and communicate with their countrymen, easily. Some of these Filipinos are highly educated. So, take your lesson Mr. Aquino. Move to the information technology era. Who can control the Hyperspace( cyberspace) ? These idiots think, they can!!! Hoy, mga asungot ni Aquino…matuto naman kayo!!!

  14. Hetong si BS abNoy Aquino, pagka-kailangan mo hindi mo alam kung saan nagtatago, pero kapa siya naman ang meron kailangan mabilis pa sa alas kwatro!

    – Manila hostage, wala, until it’s too late. Pero, railroad ni Corona, ang bilis nila!

    – Pagka tulong sa kalamidad, wala na naman. Tapos, etong double taxation nila kay Manny Pacquiao, andyan na naman si BS Aquino, very visible na naman.

    Mabilis lang sila kumabig, pero sobra hina sa pagsilbi sa bayan. This is the Aquino gov’t that you voted for! BS Aquino’s gov’t is so lousy, paying taxes is like giving your life’s savings for such a low-quality product or service. Too bad, they would ostracize whoever would expose their lousy gov’t!

    Politics is already dirty, and this government is making it even dirtier!

    1. Maganda raw sa ibang bansa, like America for instance, You can sue the government! Lalo na ‘tong ganitong parang extortion na halos ang ginagawa….P2.2 Billion!….wow!

      Jeeze, even Manny is been seen wearing yellow…parang si Ampatuan, biglang nag-suot ng dilaw!

  15. In the uk there is a variety of very good outlets which expose politics/politicians through humour/satire. E.G.
    Yes minister
    Private eye
    Spitting image

    in the philippines the politicians provide their own farces and telenovelas without the need for any help from scriptwriters, and without even realising what prats/idiots they make of themselves.
    3rd rate politicians in the 3rd world really are so amusing and anywhere else would be laughed out of office and blackballed from decent society.

    1. Problem is that Third-rate politicians here in this country can twist such truths that the masses will believe them simply because they run the country and the lack of access to information.

      If the government can’t take itself seriously, then it is not a surprise that Filipinos as a nation are belittled by the rest of the world.

  16. NO matter what anyone says about Corona, THE GUY IS A SCUMBAG that took $100,000.00 bribe to change a SC decision and fuck the PAL employees out of their jobs, health benefits and pensions! Look GRP,STOP acting as if he was persecuted when he was never even prosecuted for what he did to hard-working decent Filipino workers who are now without being able to feed their families. THE GUY IS A SCUMBAG that belongs in prison. and where is he? just waiting around the corner for his next role in the great charade that is the Fail-ippine political carnival act. He lost nothing of his fortune just a dip-shit $1500/crap job.

    1. what $100,000.oo bribe-to-change-an-SC-decision-and-fuck-the-PAL-employees-out-of-their-jobs,-health-benefits-and-pensions are you talking about ? where are the pieces of evidence that prove your accusations ? do you have any authentic documents that would warrant you saying former CJ Renato Corona is a scumbag other than your slanderous hypocritical remarks ? YOU are just Full of shit, aren’t you? if what you say is true…PROVE IT Gerry!
      HUH? WHAT? You can’t?…didn’t think so…..

      1. If Corona received that alleged “$100,000.00” this Gerry claims to know about, it would have been easily exposed during the kangaroo trial. So far, the only accusation the farcical trial was able to show was that Corona wasn’t yet able to itemize some amount belonging to his family anyway (not to other people). In other words, the $ are still all theirs. It’s just the preferred reporting that the Senator-judges faulted him for.

        In fact there were more allegations disproven rather than proven, e.g. the gazillion properties that Corona actually doesn’t have. Beware of falling into the snares of the vilification army that the yellow camp relies heavily on to thrive.

    2. How can you call Corona a scumbag when the yellow media clearly made him a villain in the eyes of the people?
      How come you hate him so much Gerry?
      Did he kill your puppy when you were a kid?
      Or is it because Mr. Aquino told you so?
      Besides, the blog topic is about Manny Pacquiao not Corona so don’t drag the guy into this.

      1. We may hate Mr. Aquino but we have VALID reasons in hating him.
        Corona on the other hand was only a victim of Mr. Aquino’s vindication.
        I suggest you rewatch the impeachment trial again since it’s clear that you didn’t watch it entirely. FYI, the bumbling prosecutors only managed to win the case because they were bribed in convicting Corona.
        They only proved 1 in their articles of impeachment against Corona since they didn’t have any evidence on the other articles of impeachment.

        1. I watched it and don’t suggest anything to me sonny, u see what you want to see. U KNO, it is actually looking like it is a surprise to you that the strongest part of the gov’t.’s case was dropped, isn’t it? HOT DAMM SAM, YOU still haven’t figured it out have you Johnny?
          Corona lost nothing, NOTHING! the entire case was a charade, choreographed from beginning to end by ALL OF THEM, for your entertainment and at tax-payer expense. You still do not seem to understand that the only people who are buying the whole ‘yellow’ shirt ‘blue’ shirt nonsense are the idiots who are not part of the gov’t. scam, huh? tell me, no, I already know. ask yourself, why is it that NO ONE EVER GOES TO JAIL? and all the people who are allegedly ‘persecuted’ never give back anything that they have stolen?or go to jail, none of them,ever!!! why is it that polticians who were convicted of charges that could have resulted in the death penalty are now back in seats of power in the gov’t.? why is it that political clan leaders that have apparently ordered the massacre’s of 57 people and are never put on trial and are probably not even sitting in the jail cells they are supposed to be rotting in?why are politicians who are caught red-handed stealing money not prosecuted? EVER? NEVR EVER PROSECUTED, why is that Johnny? wanna take a guess?
          U REALLY NEED ALL THIS EXPLAINED TO YOU AT THIS POINT????? it doesn’t get any more hopeless than this, it really doesn’t get this hopeless anywhere else in the entire world.

      2. and you think I like Aquino? Can you be any more dense? Look, it was proven the guy took $100,000.00 to fuck the PAL employees. I am for the working man, all the way down Roxas Blvd.. Corona is a scumbag, a criminal who sold his court to Lucio Tan, and then the rest of the gov’t. who wanted Corona’s ass were paid to drop the PAL employee part of the case because it would have back-fired on Tan and his airlines would have had to pay a decent wage to people who are now working for dog-shit, and got fucked at the same time out of everything that they worked for!
        and you probably think I will listen to you tell me what to do too, HA …you make me laugh!
        AND just so you know, if Corona did kill my puppy when I was a kid, he would have been dead a long time ago.

  17. Kim Henares is so unfair, why focus only on Manny Pacquiao tax liability? how about the tax evasion case of Lucio Tan? Is it becauce Mr. Tan contributed millions of pesos to the political campaign of Pinoy? this is a clear case of political vendetta of Pinoy to the opposition particularly to Manny. Henares is just a “Tuta” of Pinoy, she has no backbone. Go to hell Kim Henares and Abnoy Pinoy

  18. Popularity is the foundation stone of philippine politics and the route to easy money.

    Popularity plus money is a guarantee for high(er) position

    I do not particularly like pacquiao the politician, but respect pacman the boxer.

    It seems others do not like the idea that pacquiao could be a serious threat/influence in 2016 and are intent on curbing his ‘people power/political appeal’ and nip it in the bud.

    And i am sure what also wrankles with the trapos is that someone from humble beginnings could be ‘dining at their table’, when they have only ever seen him as either entertainment or useful for their publicity, and feel that he is not their social class and only fit to serve them, not eat with them.

    If i remember pacquiao was blackballed from joining the polo club.

    He needs to watch his back and be ready for more low blows.

    He and his advisers are stupid for opening him up to this farce.

  19. Thanks for spelling it out to all the Filipinos who have not yet realized to this day that their idol, Aquino, is a hypocrite, to say the very least!

  20. Pnoy aquino reminds me of the middle aged junior accountant which every corporate company has, usually hidden away in a cubicle poring over details, or in a toilet cubicle fapping away over porn.
    A loner, devoid of personality, who is only reluctantly invited to social gatherings, and who could drive the most stoic of individuals to contemplate justified homicide.

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