The BIG broken promise of the administration of President Noynoy Aquino

Apologists and fans of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III cannot help but be “disappointed”. Disappointed, because people have supposedly started to lose faith in the promise of a better Philippines that the Second Aquino Administration purportedly heralded.

The Prayerful One

The Prayerful One

Indeed, the campaign of President BS Aquino promised a lot. With flying colours — well, flying colour (in the singular) — it promised the eradication of corruption and, by transivitiy, the elimination of poverty under the principle that where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty. The Prayerful One also asserted that his administration will be characterised by a singular adherence to the straight-and-narrow path, the daang matuwid. These promises were made absolute gospel truth by the graces of BS Aquino’s illustrious parents shining their heroic light from the heavens above on their only begotten son and all those who take up his colours and flash the holy hand gesture.

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Platform? What is that?

The Reluctant One did not need a platform. So his minions said back in 2009 as the vacuous campaign of then presidential candidate BS Aquino kicked off. As chief Aquino media champion Conrado de Quiros wrote back then, BS Aquino is the Philippines’ Aragorn

Noynoy holds the key to it. If he discovers it, he will raise, like Aragorn who conscripted the dead kings and their legions in “Lord of the Rings,” an army mightier than any of his enemies can muster.

The purported resemblance no longer convinces many Filipinos

The purported resemblance no longer convinces many Filipinos

Where is this “army” today? It’s certainly not out there defending the nation from China’s encroaching navy. It is not not out in the field turning what is supposed to be a windfall of financial resources delivered by that much-vaunted “economic growth” that BS Aquino is laughably claiming credit for into tangible outcomes. No. This “army”, instead, continues to foolishly cling on to the Anointed One’s promises and write about how “disappointed” they are about how BS Aquino’s critics have “missed the point”.

And what is this “point” BS Aquino’s critics are missing? Simple: that the Aquino administration is “a start”. Not a “perfect start” as it is “riddled with problems” but “a start” just the same.

Well, President BS Aquino is now in the third year of what is a mere six-year term. And all he has so far achieved is to preside over what is likely the biggest, the most profound, and the most paralysing corruption scandal in Philippine history. Because the source of the funds that fuels corruption at this unprecedented and astounding scale traces its line of accountability ultimately to the Office of the President, quite simply nothing that President BS Aquino says to justify the continued existence of the pork barrel, whether it be marketed to the gullible Filipino public as the “Priority Development Assistance Fund” (PDAF) or bandied around as the mysteriously alluring “Disbursement Acceleration Program” (DAP) can ever fly. The Philippine president alone has the power to shut this spigot of money liberally used to motivate the country’s lawmakers.

The President holds the key to ending this crisis!

The President holds the key to ending this crisis!

So to the laughable excuse that perhaps some slow steps only need to be taken towards some nebulous “general direction”, I say the solution has never been more obvious; never been as crystal clear. Indeed, this appalling crisis presents a unique opportunity for a Philippine president to demonstrate his unconditional sincerity.

Is President BS Aquino up to the task?

As I said earlier, President BS Aquino just needs to say the word and sign on the dotted line, and the gravy train will stop on its tracks and its beneficiaries’ greed starved of its nourishing sweetness.

Contrary to what people are led to believe, money that would’ve gone to these phantom-like “scholars” and quaint “community development” initiatives will not dry up. It will only be appropriated and disbursed differently. After all, we as a people need to embrace what is different. For only that way can we ever hope to see the day when the Philippines enjoys different results for a change.

62 Replies to “The BIG broken promise of the administration of President Noynoy Aquino”

  1. As I recall, next year (2014)is a big year for this administration. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t 2014 the year President Aquino promised he will return Hacienda Luisita to it’s rightful owners? This is one of the biggest promises in his campaign, I believe the outcome of this promise will be a “make or break” situation for him.

  2. HA, a change in Philippine politics is as likely as a pgi getting wings and then…flying!

    That said, the present admin is nowhere near as corrupt as the one ousted in ’86…nope! That guy and his family openly bragged about how they had a ‘hand in every piece of the economy’, and they probably still do! The ‘Imeld-ific one’ holds a prominent public office and the Son of the late ‘sleeping-beauty’ is a Senator.

    a change? Keep dreaming!

    Had one truly come along a mere 15 yrs. ago, the country would have a military capable of holding off a bullying nation to the North. But No, it just was not to be…greedier minds made that reality a dream. Soooooooo…….z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z!

  3. It is very easy to promise prosperity, especially during elections. If the gullible people, like the Filipinos, swallow the bait; hook , line , and sinker. You are elected in the position. The question is: can you deliver what you promised?
    Talk is cheap; but fulfilling and delivering your promises is really hard. Anybody can promise anything.
    It’s like promising the “pie in the sky”.

    1. “Real leaders never play the blame game.”

      TROLL. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. why not ASK the past administration???
    its their FAULT,hard to heal(FAST) the wounds that they have DONE to this NATION???

    1. Oh dear, we have another clueless noytard.

      So tell me, why do you think that it’s the past administrations fault? Because your precious president told you? Hah!

      Your president already had broken most of his promises so why do you bother defending him?
      Like Gogs said before, your president doesn’t need moronic mooks like YOU to spread his propaganda if he was indeed doing his job.

    2. Don’t ask because it’s like saying “Hey guys, I’m a COWARD and I’m like a idiotic, childish crybaby LAWL!”

      “Real leaders never play the blame game.”

      TROLL. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    3. The Aquinos,their cronies and people like you, were the ones who inflicted so much damage to the Philippines. And still you insist it’s other’s fault. More than 2 decades naghihirap pa rin ang Pilipinas under their administration, and still manage to blame others. You still manage to blame GMA despite her struggling to keep the economy afloat during her tenure and well into the start of Pnoys admin.

      Let me guess, si Napoles pa rin ang tinuturo mong mastermind sa PDAF scam? Aanga-anga ka kung ganun.

  5. The filipino voter, not necessarily through any fault of their own, are largely uneducated, simple and extremely gullible, added to which is their general malaise of apathy.

    It consequently makes those politicians, and pnoy in particular, all the worse by exploiting such people in an unprincipled manner, by falsely professing to want to help them, knowingly make false promises, and then put their own greed, self-interest and power lust before the good of the nation, and at the expense of desperate people.

    The calculated lies and deceit reflect pnoys character, which was evident from the outset, but is now seen by all.

    The liar is the thief’s brother.

    Pnoy aquino’s pathetic tv appearance and feeble effort at damage control is too little, too late, and was just another attempt to push an emotional button and fool the people again.

    “Fool me once, shame on you;
    Fool me twice, shame on me”

  6. The troll – adapted from urban dictionary

    A commenter who makes ridiculous inflammatory statements solely for the purpose of gaining attention and to distract from the real important issues.

    Their comment/slogans are intended to anger rather than inform, dispute, or debate. They feed at the bottom of the political pond.

    The troll is always present in the executive branch, as if they are trying to be all three branches government by themselves.
    They feed of regular “scandals” that actually turns out to be baseless and not consistent with any factual information, in an attempt to discredit another politician or hurt an opponent’s credibility.

  7. As Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union had written: “Promises are like pies; they are made to be broken.” The communists in the former Soviet Union, promised Paradise on Earth. When they were in power. They put on the “Gulags”, or slave labor camps in Siberia. To make those who oppose them, work as slave laborers, until they die.

  8. Why don’t you create cartoons parodying Noynoy supporter claims? Use Poe’s Law and mirror their arguments. It’s far more psychologically effective.

  9. Haters! U have to admit Noynoy is the best president the Philippines has ever had. Look at the stock market. Pataas nang pataas. Aminin ninyo, haters lang kayo at mga alimango. Noynoy went to Korea and got $$$ investments+ for Philippines. He slept in tent in Bohol and proved his humility to the people.

        1. It’s fine if you don’t prove your humanity since you’re already proving your STUPIDITY to us.

          TROLL HARDER

        1. TROLL. -_-

          Mas ulol ka because it’s all PROPAGANDA. And TBH, mga mayayamang negosyante lang ang nakikinabang sa stock market at hindi ang lahat ng Pilipino. O talagang wala kang alam? You’ve been blind all along.

          Bravo for your sheer idiocy and ignorance. Sorry if I’m not drinking the Yellow Kool-aide like you do. -_-

        2. Halatang hindi mo binasa ng mabuti ang title ng pinost mo noytard, “Philippine economy soars but NO JOBS CREATED”.
          FYI, it was thanks to gloria’s economic policies that made the economy soar, NOT noynoy you ninny.
          Your president did diddly squat and you insist that he did all that?
          You really are stupid you know that?

        3. Ramdam daw ang kaunlaran?

          If so, Where are the results?

          3 years and all your president has to show is diddly squat.

          Face it, you malacanang moronic mooks have lost the propaganda war.

        4. Philstar is a crony newspaper,they don’t published any wrongdoing of your Boss, This site was heavily infested by paid trolls

    1. He went to Korea despite a natural calamity, and when he got back, he slept in a tent……just to show he did not ignore Bohol and his “humility”

      And you believed him, hahaha, what an idiot.

      And btw, what does sleeping in a tent got to do with being a good leader? If you ask me, with his mental capacity, he wouldn’t even last 1 day in the wilderness, he is no Bear Grylls, you know.

      If he is that good of a man, he should be managing a family right now, at his old age. Having a family, as every married person knows, takes a lot of effort to keep in the strait path.Which boils down, to “sarili nga niyang buhay, hindi niya maayos, Pilipinas pa”.

      Frankly, i blame people like you for the Philippines not achieving it’s full potential. You are the ones holding this country back because of how you think. The corrupt are feeding upon your idiocy, stoopid ijet!

  10. Pnoy aquino says he is not a thief, but he turns a blind eye to others stealing, especially his kkk and his sister ballsy, and he cannot deny that he is a liar, so he still ends up as a scumbag and low life.

  11. @Johnny Derp: “Halatang hindi mo binasa ng mabuti ang title ng pinost mo noytard, “Philippine economy soars but NO JOBS CREATED”.”

    O siya siya. Pero yung stock market dun kami magaling pataas nang pataas.

    1. Stop being delusional you stupid sack of shit.
      The stock market isn’t going to feed our hungry countrymen.
      As I was saying before, Where are the results?
      Your propaganda won’t fool us.

      1. The results? Yes stock market it make our country better. Don’t you know that? Isn’t it true if the stock market goes up I am 100% sure that it means that gov’t is doing something good for the economy hindi ba Johnny Derp? LOLOLOLOL Puro ka nalang “where are the results”? Lumabas ka sa bahay mo at magbasa ka ng dyaryo. Go ahead. Tell admin benign0 here to prove me wrong and wriet an artcile to disprove me. I dare him. Haharapin ko siya punto por punto. benign0 where are you? Stock markt rising = good economy = daig natin ang mga karatig bayan sa Asya.

        1. Kung Inquirer at Philippine STAR ang dyaryo mo, then you sir are an idiot. And in any case, we are DISCUSSING ideas here so you’re just wasting time on putting up personal attacks.

          And please, stock market ALONE doesn’t necessarily mean a good economy. China had a better economy compared to the Philippines due to the fact that they have a ‘free economy’ policy. A good economy is determined of a good ECONOMIC POLICY.

          You’re not even SMART, are you???

        2. I really pity you since you keep being so delusional. I wonder if you can still keep up that charade because your president is already in danger of being ousted.
          You still havent answered my question, where are the results and why are the people in our country still experiencing poverty, high unemployment rate , high prices and high crime rates? Three years and your president hasnt done anything.
          DEAL WITH IT

          I wouldnt dare benign0 if I were you since he can easily prove you wrong.

        3. MagalingSiNoynoy’s logic is as cockeyed as the economic growth President Penoy claims is the result of his administration. If anything, the surge in the stock market occurred DESPITE the government’s feeble attempts to manipulate the economy.

          Lets be clear: the rise in the stock market IS NOT AN INDICATION OF ACTUAL INCLUSIVE GROWTH. The phenomenon is based on so-called “hot money” being pumped in to fuel the real estate boom, low-end BPO service jobs, and retail. None of these sectors produce long term sustainable growth. Worse, the money could be pulled out by investors and re-invested in other markets outside the country at any time. The Philippines still lacks the required elements for real growth such as a robust manufacturing sector. WE DO NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING OF REAL VALUE. Instead, the local economy is propped up by consumerism, funded by OFW remittances. It is precisely because of this that the Philippines remains unattractive to foreign investment. Much of the FDI money avoids Manila and finds its way to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and now Myanmar.

          Incidentally, the claim that the Philippines is outstripping its neighbors is hogwash. Just take the case of Indonesia. While the Philippines has undergone its boom-and-bust cycles, Indonesia’s TRILLION DOLLAR economy grows at a steady 6% per year. More people want to do business with Indonesia as well as other ASEAN countries compared with the Philippines. Since the 1990s, Indonesia about doubled the FDI it received; in Thailand, it quadrupled. Since BS Aquino took office, FDI actually DECLINED for the period 2010-2012. We currently attract the SMALLEST amount of FDI among the five largest ASEAN economies.

        4. @joel_delr

          He has stocks in stupidity, ignorance and idiocy. Only thing that he has not invested in is common sense and a BRAIN.

    2. Fact: Mayayamang negosyante lang ang manginginabang sa stock market na sinasabi. Hindi mga ordinaryong mamayan. Not to mention na palpak ang economic policies natin.

      You’re not SMART, are you???

      1. He is never smart and he doesn’t have a chance of beating us with his pathetic propaganda.
        He keeps avoiding answering our questions and plays the victim card whenever he’s cornered.

        Really pathetic how malacanang keeps relying on retards to spread their propaganda on sites like this one even though nobody believes them.

        1. How on Earth did you come to that absurd conclusion?!

          You need to get your head around this: the trends in the stock market are numbers — facts and figures; empirical data. They reflect the events in the economy. THEY ARE NEITHER “GOOD” NOR “EVIL.”

          Taken ALONE, stock market information IS NOT THE SOLE MEASURE OF ECONOMIC PROGRESS OR PROSPERITY. This is simply an INDICATOR of what is happening in the market. An analysis of the stock market and the forces at work in the market is what will demonstrate whether the economic fundamentals in the country are sound. In the case of the Philippine economy, the growth in GDP is largely a result of consumer spending, and “hot money” flowing to industries that feed that consumerism. These are the economic sectors that are flourishing and this is exhibited by the stocks that are currently trading — such as retail and real estate — at high prices.

          Ultimately, this is unsustainable. There are NO VALUE-ADDING economic activities to keep the current trend moving. Eventually, we will be experiencing another “bust” if, say, the real estate market collapses.

          This is why it is stupid to assume that a “rising” stock market automatically means economic prosperity has finally arrived. That notion is misleading. It is more likely an indicator that a very small percentage of the elite in this country (such as the Cojuangcos) have cornered an even greater portion of the available wealth.

          I’m sure that child selling sampaguita necklaces on the highway in pouring rain will agree.

        2. That is NOT pessimism. That is a simple, objective statement of fact. The high prices in the stock market are driven by those industries I cited previously — real estate, retail, and low-end BPO jobs. NONE of these produce long term employment. REAL JOBS are what determine the health of any economy, not short term “hot money” or remittances dumped into the market. The moment this is pulled out, or the remittances dry up because of the devaluation of the US Dollar, the stock market will plummet because there is NO OTHER economic activity to sustain the high prices.

          The economy should be built on a robust MANUFACTURING and agricultural foundation. Commercial activities that actually produce “things” of measurable value.

          For example, Xerox started selling photocopiers in the Philippines and in Japan roughly around the same time — the late 1960s and early 1970s. Flash forward forty years and the company is now called Fuji-Xerox here in Asia, a leading producer of printing and replication equipment. We still don’t know how the damn things work.

          Philippine manufacturing used to be ahead of its counterparts in Japan, Korea and Indonesia. Both Japan and Korea now produce world class products such as their own locally developed automobiles. Indonesia produces around 800,000 vehicles, mostly assembled for Japan and Korea, including self-designed cars and trucks. Filipinos BUY their cars from foreign manufacturers; we haven’t produced anything aside from jeepneys with surplus motor vehicle parts.

          See the pattern emerging here? The most active, robust economies in the world are founded on being able to produce goods as well as services that can be traded with other countries/economies. They are NOT based on consumption.

          We shouldn’t be solely concerned with nebulous, abstract “products” that only have value because we say it does; or services that depend entirely on economic activity on the other side of the planet.

        3. Incidentally, the idea that there may be a real estate bust in the offing is not far-fetched. Recently, SM Development Corporation (SMDC), Henry Sy’s property development company, opted to be de-listed from the stock market. That is an indication it isn’t making money. It further means that the real estate market is saturated; margins are getting smaller with only the very high end segment of the market being capable of generating a profit.

        4. There you go again twisting statements. The comments against the rising stock market is rooted against the FACT that it will not directly contribute to the dinner table of the common juan and jose, which is what is needed by the country. Can you tell us how it would relate to mamang magtataho? How small (big) would that part be? Sige nga.

          Ang hirap sa mga kagaya mo e, you always define criticism to the government as being pessimistic. Which do you think, if acted upon properly, would contribute more to the country, being critical to the government or just plainly “optimistic”?

  12. beningno should also list the small number of legitimate projects (in our area college scholarships) that will be affected by a sudden stoppage of pork barrel. just so we have perspective

    1. This issue has been debated several times before. Why is the pork barrel — and the political patrons behind it — necessary for ad hoc programmes at all? ALL of these educational programmes and scholarships are supposed to be handled by the Department of Education.

      How have these “legitimate projects” impacted your community? Hasn’t life improved significantly? It seems that if you constantly require some constant piecemeal effort for community development, that is evidence of a systemic failure on the part of the Aquino administration to deliver the services it is supposed to as part of its mandate.

      1. its required because theres only one regional province of dpwh for the entire region x but there are many congressmen that can help in small projects like culverts 🙂

        1. So — you admit the executive department of the Philippine government under Pres. BS Aquino has FAILED to properly deliver the services it is mandated to. As a result you have to beg for assistance from local politicians to interfere with the regular government business just to get by.

          The proper course of action should be to establish the required DPWH infrastructure and manpower needed by the region in order to be able to serve the community. One wonders why this is not being done by the administration and what the priorities are instead.

    2. “…small number of legitimate projects (in our area college scholarships)….”

      “…small projects like culverts…”

      Can you step back a bit and say this will cost billions in taxpayers’ money?

      Tell me, concernd, if you are really that conerned, why are you so hellbent on defending an idea which is outright wrong and illogical?

  13. Humans are really sophisticated, you voted for your president and now you condemned him because he can’t accomplish what he promised before. You cry babies that arguing out there must be really lonely in your life. I’m neutral on the topic about the president and the citizen. I believe people like you are the ones that caused the lack of improvement in the Philippines. Cyber bullying is for the weak, I’m just stating facts. Poor anti-government and pro-government just talking BS in the internet and crying.

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