President Noynoy Aquino acts like he is above the law and spends public funds without Congress approval

Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino has so far been very good at playing the “victim card” and the “blame-game” during his term. In fact, he comes from a long line of Aquinos who make it a point to emphasize that they are being persecuted. They do this to get public support. The victim-mentality could be genetic because his late father, Ninoy and late mother, Cory thrived on portraying themselves as the “victim” during their heydays in the public arena.

The leader of the Liberal Party gives out money liberally.

The leader of the Liberal Party gives out money liberally.

Playing the “victim” seems to work on the gullible crowd. Ninoy Aquino played the victim-card so well that he was even declared a national hero after his family and supporters successfully sold his death to the public as a catalyst for “change”. Ninoy’s wife Cory was then declared “democracy icon” after the first People Power revolution in 1986. Never mind that not much has changed since former President Ferdinand Marcos was ousted from Malacanang and that real democracy hasn’t been achieved since allegations of vote rigging and vote buying still plague every election held in the country.

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Since BS Aquino’s own parents have always used appeal to emotion, it is only natural that BS Aquino would play the only game he and his family knows best in an effort to salvage his flagging popularity. He will keep trying to play the victim-card in a desperate attempt to justify continuing to give “development” funds to members of Congress even after promising to abolish that practice.

Allegations of corruption and bribery involving the priority assistance funds (PDAF) and the newly minted Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) has indeed affected BS Aquino’s popularity rating recently. This has obviously compelled him to make a televised speech to “explain” his side. Unfortunately, his speech has again made him look too self-righteous and like someone who harbors delusions of grandeur:

You are all witnesses to the conflict taking place. On the one hand, there is you and your government, to whom you gave the mandate for change—a government that has implemented reform for the past three years and five months, pursuing the corrupt and working to alleviate poverty. On the other side, you have the corrupt officials allegedly involved in the Pork Barrel Scam.

One cannot help but wonder what reforms the President was talking about. It can’t be the removal of former Chief Justice Renato Corona because the latter’s removal is ironically proving to be BS Aquino’s undoing. While the President and his minions called Corona’s ouster a “success” in the fight versus corruption, it turns out he may have bought Corona’s conviction using the taxpayer’s money. Some legal experts agree that giving “reward” money to the senators who voted “guilty” can be considered bribery.

To be precise, BS Aquino was an accessory to the “corrupt officials” he mentioned in his speech. If not for his generosity to the members of Congress, they would not have had the opportunity to siphon the taxpayer’s funds into their personal bank accounts.

While BS Aquino insists that he is not a thief, he gave money to alleged thieves. And since he is reluctant to abolish the pork barrel funds and the DAP and its various incarnations, he will continue to give money to future thieves.

While BS Aquino insists that he is the one who goes after thieves, a lot of people have noticed that the only thieves he goes after are from the political opposition. Aside from that, his appointed people in the Commission on Audit are not prepared to release audit reports on the use of pork from 2010-2013. They could be hiding something.

The harder BS Aquino tried to distance himself from the “thieves”, the more he comes across as a defensive loser.

Constitutional experts have agreed that there is no law that says the disbursement acceleration program is legal. Dean of the Graduate School of Law at San Beda College, Ranhilio Aquino even said that BS Aquino committed worse crimes than Corona when he released DAP funds after Corona was ousted. However, BS Aquino who doesn’t even have a law degree would have people believe that it is legal. He tried to sound noble when he said in his speech that DAP is from savings from his administration’s “efforts to stop the connivance of some in bidding for contracts, in padding costs, overpricing, and kickbacks”. Furthermore, he said, “they came from the proper spending of our budget. They came from good governance…[yada-yada-yada]”.

BS Aquino did manage to “save” during his first year in office when he refused to proceed with some projects initiated by the previous government seemingly out of spite. Nevertheless, he didn’t have the right to use those funds to reward some of the senator-judges during Corona’s impeachment trial.

Tinapay na nga, naging bato pa.

As usual, like most of his speeches in the past, BS Aquino’s speech justifying the existence of DAP was long on rhetoric but short on details. All of a sudden, DAP is now responsible for a lot of “good” things. It is quite suspect considering even lawmakers have not heard of it before Senator Jinggoy Estrada insinuated that the President bribed the senators in his privilege speech.

The other DAP 'beneficiaries'

The other DAP ‘beneficiaries’

According to BS Aquino, the list of DAP beneficiaries include scholars, the Air Force, the police, and employees of the Department of Education. In addition, DAP funded “many other programs and projects that have a real, tangible benefit to Filipinos”. Well, obviously the Presidential speech writer thought no one would be interested to know what these “other programs” and “projects” specifically were considering they supposedly benefit Filipinos. They must have thought the sentence was good enough to end it that way. Oh well, we can understand because BS Aquino’s speechwriters don’t have much to work with.

Sometimes it’s too corny to ask the obvious: why can’t the government just increase the budget for the departments that needs more funds? Since BS Aquino and some members of Congress keep justifying the existence of PDAF and DAP using the “scholars” for example, then why can’t they just increase the budget of the department of education? The same goes for the other departments that claim to benefit from the DAP, like calamity or contingency funds for the rescue and relief operations in the wake of typhoons and other natural and man-made disasters. They can just allocate more funds for those needs in the yearly budget they propose to Congress. That way, the expense will be legal and they will not have to defend it after spending it.

Here’s the thing: ordinary Filipinos who are not knowledgeable about the law will think that as long as the funds go to where BS Aquino says these went to, it’s all okay. But how will Filipinos know the funds really went to the beneficiaries he enumerated? The auditors cannot even answer that question. Do Filipinos just take the President’s word for it? Only morons would do that.

Furthermore, the way BS Aquino spent his administration’s “savings” didn’t seem to have gone through an approval process. Apparently, BS Aquino thought he had the power to disburse the savings without consulting the law and the members of Congress. Sadly, the members of Congress weren’t even bothered to check where their “reward” money came from because they were more than happy to receive it.

BS Aquino does not have the sole authority to spend public funds. In a fully functioning government, members of Congress are by law mandated to scrutinize every item in the proposed budget before the executive can allocate it. If they notice something amiss, they have to raise the issue and object to it. To quote Dean Ranhilio Aquino:

Discretion is exercised within the bounds of an enabling law,” “What enabling law was passed to authorize this disbursement? For Malacanang to allocate funds to members of Congress, or to whistleblowers, there has to be a law allowing that. Where is that law?

Well, BS Aquino has painted himself into a corner once again. That’s what happens when he acts like he is above the law and above the other branches of government. He’ll probably keep playing the victim-card until he steps down from office and beyond. That is the one thing he is good at.

[Collage of gulty-vote senators courtesy]

36 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino acts like he is above the law and spends public funds without Congress approval”

  1. Nice one, Ilda, but we of course know that Aquino was not targeting the “thinking” Filipinos in his speech but the Filipino masses who are not wont to thinking critically or deeply about what their president, or anyone for that matter (radio commentators, TV newscasters, or their neighbor), says, and who just swallow everything they’re told or they hear hook, line, and sinker. I really hope the speech didn’t produce the desired effect – killing the issue once and for all among the greater majority of Filipinos – but frankly, I’m not sure it didn’t and wouldn’t.

  2. What the Aquinos have contributed to the nation…utter disregard of the law and the constitution, disunity, self discipline went on downhill and the idiot pinoys beleived it was freedom.

  3. Pnoy aquino – ‘liar-in-chief’

    Clearly aquino has a deep rooted problem with telling the truth which goes beyond even the normal ‘spin’ associated with politicians.

    He reminds me of the little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and despite chocolate on his face, says ‘ it wasn’t me, it was him’.

    Not only deceit, but falsely accuse others. The mark of an unprincipled coward.

  4. Politicians today like BS Aquino seems to have bought the presidency……just imagine the last barangay election…..candidates supported by an incumbent LGU Offficial and/or political party gives out money like PHP 300 to 1,400 each voter.

    1. It never changes, does it? That’s how it is in the country today: Even petty politicians are not afraid of being caught and punished while doing corrupt acts for as long as they’re with Aquino’s political party. But if you’re not with Aquino’s political party, beware! He might even invent crimes to eliminate you from the scene. Tuwid na daan? Who’s a fool to believe that?

  5. Solid observation Ilda. At this point in time the dictator BS Aquino is really playing the victim card. He is now using the same strategy plus outrageous lies in order to deceive the Filipino people. This dictator is truly an evil political entity who seeks to destroy the Republic and the people. Resign BS Aquino!!!

  6. The lies continue.

    Sonny coloma – promoted from court jester to chief storyteller said in response to general criticism of pnoys aquinos ‘mea non culpa’ speech – ” 75% of comments on social media approved of what aquino said”

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    1. If that 75% is real, then the Philippines is in a deeper hole than what seem to be now. Kawawang Pilipinas, gutom na, tanga pa.

  7. Since, this is always the case,…I feel nostalgic of the days,when, I rooted for ninoy, and cory,and took part in sloganeering, to the tune of “Bayan Ko”, just before & after macoy was ousted, while, felling the pain, when noynoy, got shot and injured, at the height of coup uprisings, & emotionally, touched, when kristeta, was crying to her mom, as, she was emotionally abused by joey, and later on,…james ( noynoy still has 3 more years in his term, as president).Now, that you mentioned, about this family ,as, “feeling victimized”,..I’d rather suggest their patrons, in the main stream media,especially, the big 3 tv stations, make a teleserye out of this brouhaha.

    1. Which makes me wonder what in the world did Senator father do when he was a lawmaker himself anyway??? Where’s the list of “achievements”??

  8. A liar thinks he can gain advantage over his victim. He doesn’t realise that ultimately he will be the victim.
    pnoy aquino will pay the price for his lies, deceit, and hypocricy

    1. Oh NO he won’t. not a single person has been imprisoned for corruption, tax evasion etc, etc, etc… since the guy came to the fore.
      so what makes you think the people he is protecting will not protect him? just like Marcos’s, E-Crap and the Arroyo’s, Corona’s etc etc etc who stole everything, and did not go to jail…he won’t either.
      they protect each other, get it now? SO, get a clue, right here ,right now!!! NO ONE IS GOING TO JAIL, and NO ONE IS RETURNING ANY MONEY!!!!eh-gad mang , don’t be so dense!

      D-U-U-U-U-U-H-H-H-H!!!!!!! they have bigger friends than you do!

  9. This is a good example of of undeclared dictatorship, I mean can BSA just has to have some unaccounted war chest and dole them out to selected important people who will be compliant and obedient to his commands. BSA will never give up those funds since it’s the only chain that Legislative binds to his will.

    1. 1. Carandang is too busy being in the latest issue of Town and Country magazine and,
      2. Lacierda was moved to NEDA cause maybe he was proving to be too incompetent a spokesperson considering the last drop in presidential ratings, and amidst the most recent HK brouhaha

  10. First; who are the contractors, whom he allocated the funds? Are they his fellow oligarchs, who are supporting him? Was there a bidding, to get the best price and service? If Aquino used the funds to siphon out taxpayers’ money to the pockets of his fellow oligarchs, like the: Ayalas, Lopezes, Cojuangcos, Tans, etc…then, this is another side of the story. Did he put a system of audits? To know where the money went? Was there a system of inspection of the completed projects? How about Quality Control of the materials and workmanship? Did he put any systems of checks?
    If he cannot answer these questions. Then, I presume the money went to his pocket, his cahoot pockets, and his fellow oligarchs’ pockets. We are tired of senseless explanations… with his promo team, covering Aquino’s Ass..

  11. @Ilda…SO WHAT? Enrile just robbed $100,000.00 last year and gave it to his friends…and what was done about that? Nothing.
    They all rob and steal everything that is not nailed down. Generation after generation of the same Filipino families are ruling the local parts of the country.
    You can not stop it, so why not become part of it? before you become a has-been spinster doing the same thing for the next 30 years and accomplishing nothing? Look at the last 30 years if you think I am kidding. 1983, look what happened and what is going on now and what has gone on in the intervening 30 yrs.???

    Give it up, and get to steppin on a way to make some serious ca$h, so maybe you wont wind up like some Haggard out old bitch scrounging around Manila. You seem like a bright girl but but but you should have figured all of this out by now, eh?

    I could see if the country had any hope of being cleaned up, but the people who run the local parts of the country are all beholden to the people/powers that run South East Asia. but sadly,

    There is not a single Filipino who makes that list.

    1. We are all Slaves. We embrace our fate. We do not lift a finger, to better our situations. What an idiotic thinking!

  12. A culture of lies

    Everyone lies, but filipinos elevate it to a whole new level where deceit becomes part of the national culture, an individual’s dna, and an accepted part of daily life, adding intrigue to a humdrum existence, and where innuendo and gossip add spice to monotony.

    Whether on the golf course, CV applications, or hustling for money, the truth is now a distant companion for the vast majority of filipinos, irrespective of social class. In fact the higher the class, usually the bigger the lies, and deceit is the one area where trapos/politicos excel, and lead by example.

    As far as pnoy aquino is concerned, whether it is a result of abandonment when young, seeking attention, needing to belong/be loved, or just the result of the national characteristic of begging and playing the victim, it is clear that the vicious circle perpetuates under his watch, to such an extent that he is delusional about right and wrong, and is an enabler and therefore a co-conspirator in wholesale fraud and spiralling corruption.

    Obviously the anti-corruption platform was just a campaign lie, and subsequently a political weapon, but no change, and no results – not even 1 person has been convicted of tax fraud in 3 years – and who has been jailed for corruption to date!

    It all boils down to PR, with no substance, and no desire to change the status quo.

    The man who cried pork too many times, has been hoisted by his own petard, and skewered by his own hypocricy

    A wasted 6 years, as neighbouring economies leave the philippines in their wake, and as international investors now openly scorn at the sheer incompetence of a corrupt president/administration.

    Tricky dicky and pinnochi-noy – peas in a pod
    “Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught
    himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.”
    Harry S. Truman

    1. Maybe, Filipinos are Congenital Liars. It is in their DNA. Let us Clone ourselves with the Truth. We may become a better race – a better people.

  13. May I direct my question:
    To: BS Aquino – how could you claim savings when at the start of your term, Economy Drops because you stop all government projects because of “alleged” corruption of the previous admin. “Alleged” because until after +50% of your term, everything gone silent.
    To: COA/ Abad – which of the two? a) either you hide the situation of DAP 2012 on purpose or.. b) you were confident that this will not be divulged to the public. It’s almost end of 2013, an answer is needed now and not tomorrow because BS Quino’s boat is sinking.

    To: Pilipino Katipuneros – kailan ang gising? Ngayon na talaga!Di ba?

    To: Ilda – this not a question, but thank you very much. A little pain eased in me here,

  14. The President of the Republic dapat ay hindi exempted sa COA. Dapat lang din na may Freedom Of Information tayo gaya ng sa US dahil lumalakas ang loob ng President na gumastos at gumamit sa pera ng bayan nang sa buong pagkaka-akala niya ay magagamit niya sa lahat ng gustuhin ng hindi ina-account at hindi tsine-tsek ng madlang interesado. Parang lumalabas na tayo ang mahina sa batas at siya ay hindi saklaw ng batas ng COA. Darating ang araw na kapagtapos na ang kanyang termino ay sa kulungan din ang kanyang bagsak sa kasong malversation o plunder. Kakailanganin din niya ang wheelchair.

  15. No wonder Pnoy keeps refusing to mark passing of the FOI Bill as urgent even though he promised during his campaign the swift passing of the said bill.

  16. isn’t it an irony that while BS who is good at playing the “victim” role to gain public support,is also well known for his lack of empathy?

  17. “Trial By Combat” na lang para mabilis, si Panday ang ilalaban ko sa PNoy PANDAY VS PNOY. MAGANDANG LABAN ITO.

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