President Noynoy Aquino cannot take credit for the abolition of pork barrel funds

Now that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel funds has been declared illegal or unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, we are seeing a lot of politicians who are doing an about-face. Some members of Congress are now saying that they are happy with the decision because they have been for its abolition all along.

One member of Congress who has been inconsistent about his stand on the pork barrel is no less than Senate President Franklin Drilon. Some will not forget the time when he said that Congress is useless without the pork:

“What will happen if we will not take a direct hand (in the identification of projects)? Let’s just abolish Congress then.”

Drilon even admitted at some point that abolishing the pork barrel was harder than he thought because some senators were not in a hurry to give him their decision on the controversial funds:

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Senate President Franklin Drilon said on Friday he has yet to muster a consensus in the Senate on the deletion of their pork barrel funds from the 2014 budget.

But while newspaper reports have put the number of proabolition senators at 17, Drilon admitted only three so far have written him of their desire to waive their PDAF. He did not name them.

To pork or not to pork: Senate President Franklin Drilon

To pork or not to pork: Senate President Franklin Drilon

Fast forward to today, and we now find Drilon lauding the Supreme Court’s decision saying it “reinforces the government’s efforts to reform the country’s political system and affirms the Senate’s position that PDAF must be abolished”.

All of a sudden Drilon is all for the banishing of patronage politics when the conflict-of-interest in his support for President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is quite obvious to some and even undermines the separation of legislative and executive powers in government. Let’s not even get started with those reports that he is a close associate of alleged scammer Janet Lim Napoles.

Drilon’s ever-changing stand on the congressional pork barrel says a lot about his lack of conviction. It seems he can’t make up his mind on whether to please the people or to please his colleagues and allies in government on important issues.

It would not be a surprise when President BS Aquino and his Malacanang mouth pieces start spinning the Supreme Court’s decision their way. We can expect this landmark decision to be included in their list of “successes” in their so-called “crusade” against corruption. Never mind that some of the President’s allies attempted to justify giving and receiving pork barrel funds by insisting that pork helps continue the nationwide scholarship and medical assistance programs initiated by some members of Congress in the past. Congressmen Ben Evardone and Niel Tupas even filed a petition with the Supreme Court to lift the temporary restraining order on the pork so they can access the frozen funds allocated for the remainder of 2013. They probably feel like losers now.

The real heroes in the fight for the abolition of the pork barrel funds include Filipinos who protested both on social media and out on the streets. More importantly, the case against the pork barrel funds would not have been deliberated upon by the members of the Supreme Court if not for petitions challenging the legality of the pork barrel system filed by Grego Belgica, Samson Alcantara of the Social Justice Society and Pedrito Nepomuceno. If not for them, the noise on the streets would have taken longer to subside.

President BS Aquino simply cannot claim credit for this achievement because he never really removed the allocation of the pork barrel funds in his 2014 budget proposal even when he announced that it was “time to abolish pork”. It was as if he left the decision to remove the allocation of pork in the hands of Congress whose members personally benefit from it. This made some members of the public very angry at him and called out his act of deception. His 2014 budget would have given legislators lump sum amounts of Php70 million per congressman and Php200 million per Senator. The amount of taxpayer’s money that could have ended up in the pockets of these “esteemed” ladies and gentlemen would have been staggering, indeed.

The Supreme Court will be deliberating on another controversial fund scam called the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) cooked up by President BS Aquino and his men. This early, constitutional experts have already declared its unconstitutionality. It would be a real blow to the President’s image once the High Court declares it illegal considering he took pains in justifying its legality.

Shattered dreams: President BS Aquino

Shattered dreams: President BS Aquino

Two weeks before super typhoon Yolanda wrought havoc in Central Philippines, BS Aquino even made a televised speech interrupting prime time shows in the early evening just to explain the DAP. Like what I wrote before, all of a sudden, he claims that DAP is now responsible for a lot of “good” things. It is quite suspect considering even lawmakers had not heard of it before Senator Jinggoy Estrada insinuated that the President bribed the senators in his privilege speech.

According to BS Aquino, the list of DAP beneficiaries include scholars, the Air Force, the police, and employees of the Department of Education. In addition, DAP funded “many other programs and projects that have a real, tangible benefit to Filipinos”. For his sake, he should keep a detailed account of those “many other programs and projects” just in case the Supreme Court finds it necessary to look into them.

BS Aquino can only blame his lack of foresight for the legal mess he is in right now. The members of the Supreme Court probably have a stronger motivation for abolishing the pork barrel funds. The revelation that BS Aquino used DAP to reward those who convicted a former member of Supreme Court would have been enough to help the justices decide that any tool that can be used to remove any one of them again in the future should be removed as soon as possible.

95 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino cannot take credit for the abolition of pork barrel funds”

  1. As expected, the palace spin doctors will be at it again, claiming this as their accomplishment. It is up to the citizens like us to make the majority of the filipinos that such is not the case. Pnoy and his cohorts are all two-faced, lying, cheating bastards.

  2. Drillon cannot be trusted. In the ’80s, his late wife, Voileta Drillon ran for President of IBP and Drillon who was then Secretary of Labor used his influence to use government resources to support that candidacy. Planes and helicopters as well as personnel of government were used by him to support his wife. His wife won but later removed from office when the election was later declared by the Supreme Court as null and void because of election anomaly.

    1. Drilon is one of the dirtiest politicians. Ive heard a some tales about this pig sh!t, on how a case can be bought for certain amount when he was the DOJ. But he sure does know how to hide, this pig seems to have able erase his history – no trace at all.

  3. the illegal DAP and the recently declared Unconstitutional PDAF by the SC are prone for corruption without the Transparent Mechanism to counter the hidden agenda and evil desire of the CORRUPT politicians and government officials. the PDAF as declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court is a SUCCESS of the PEOPLE but no credit to the Senators and Congressmen and even PNOY. hoping that the DAP will also be declared by SC as illegal and Unconstitutional. We the PEOPLE also want that Congress will pas the FOI Bill or Transparency Bill to becom LAW to totally eradicate corruption in government from natioanl to barangay level.

  4. AMAZING, the SC rules on a petition before it in a matter of weeks and yet 4 FUCKIN YEARS after the Maguindanao Massacre there has not been a single trial of the accussed misanthropic POS that are probably not even sitting where they are supposed to be sitting.
    if I were to call, BULL-SHIT on the statement about the alleged ‘conflict-of-interest’ cited by the author, what would it really mean? Nothing? YEP.
    In a country that can not even bring politicians that flat out MASSACRE citizens and get away with it, the fact that a blogger calls the cozying up of a member of congress and the President ‘a conflict-of-interest’.

    Just as murdering politicians go un-prosecuted by the government so go politicians stealing from the treasury, and supporting one another. Neither group will be prosecuted, NO ONE WILL GO TO JAIL, and NO MONEY WILL EVER BE RETURNED.

    Same old song and dance my friends.

    1. Don’t worry. PDAP will resurface with a new fancy name and in a very stealthy manner. And soon in the future we will another version of Napoles, another telenovela to entertain the pinoys.

  5. Let’s not forget that Pnoy used the Pdaf and Dap to BRIBE the legislators to destroy its co-equal body, the judiciary! How evil can that be?

  6. Karma will bite pnoy in the ar$e.
    A sad lonely old man with no accomplishments, no respect, and no friends – except josh!
    Too lazy to even take advantage of an unexpected, and obviously unwanted, opportunity as president to atone for a wasted and meaningless life.
    Not even worth a bullet. Already a dead man walking/lame duck.
    No bribery = no power.
    No wonder he is panicking and left his ‘people’ in tacloban so hurriedly after the SC ruling – another broken promise to add to the rest.
    Pnoy aquino must be the spitome of how not to lead – anybody, or anything, and a stark warning not to vote based on emotion, and for a nonentity

    1. Don’t be too sure.. PDAP re-incarnation might be on its way now. Naming it with fancy name will do trick to deceive the ever so easy to -oto-oto pinoys. It might even comeback with a bigbang, the govt can afford to finance infomercials w. tax payers money (endorse by no other than Kris Aquino).

    2. HA, what nonsense. What you see is a well planned out ACT. The guy is not nervous, rather he is impervious, even if he is run out of office, to anything and everything that could possibly come his way. Just ask The Marcos family, or the Estrada family, or the Arroyo family. NONE of them have gone to jail or lost any of the fortunes. Even the former CJ of the SC. He doesn’t give a shit he lost his job, he kept his money and will one day resurface to take a public office which is as of yet to be determined….but if you doubt these words just re-read the first part of this comment and ask the mentioned parties if what is stated here is false, uh…NO, it is not.

      1. Karma, ha what a laugh! Maybe he will have a severe injury or disease and everyone can say “Look, he got what was coming to him,”. but he won’t go to jail and he won’t be giving any money back and as Barberos says the PDAF will shortly be revealed in a different form. Same shit, different style.

  7. Well, seems to me things are sort of unraveling for some politico’s and their true colors show through, only thing is, will folks wake up out of their trance and see it? I am doubtful!

    1. Not a chance Ken. NOTHING will come out of this so called ‘scandal’. it is just another in a never ending line of bullshit stories created for entertainment of the masses and carefully manipulated so no one goes to jail and no money is ever returned….NEVER, EVER!

  8. This is for the dictator BS Aquino… You cannot fool all of the people all of the time… and that includes the Supreme Court. I wish you bozos in the executive and legislative branch commit violations in contempt of the Supreme Court. How does it feel to be a worn heel dictator? Your time is coming soon.

    1. HA! aren’t you the guy who was fooled into believing that you are the guys Uncle? if you’ll believe that you will believe anything.
      Butt hurt much lately? LMAO at YOU!

  9. Since when did the Legislature and most especially the Executive ever listen to a Supreme Court decision that either of them does not agree with or like? Ok, PDAF is unconstitutional, it won’t necessarily stop either of them from boldly and baldly defying court orders. Hell, it’s an acceptable practice here in BS Aquino’s term…

    1. AND.. since nobody can stop PeNoy and his minions and they are not accountable or liable to anyone and the Filipinos will not bother do anything or rather the Filipinos are sooo blinded by the color yellow shining so brightly and will believe anything ABS/GMA will say – I’ll bet my pwet SC decision is just another joke.

      1. You got that right, another Bull-shit pie served hot and steaming to the Filipino’s and swallowed up! mm-mm-mmm, HAY, DATS Good eating! HA!!!

    1. Don’t forget the botched hostage taking, the thousands of people dead from tacloban due to the slowness of his government action, his cancelling of the flood control projects which could have prevented the floods in manila and other places in the country in the past three years.

      Sorry to disappoint you but nobody will ever believe your propaganda,trollfag.

      1. I also forgot to mention that his greatest legacy is being utterly humiliated by foreign media because of his total incompetentence in handling the typhoon relief operation. Hahahahaha

        1. People that labor away at Jollibee are hardworking, tax- paying filipino citizens. You think you are better than them? If you do not like a message, refute the CONTENT of the message through the use of logical observation and evidence. Do not attack the messenger. Stop the childish name calling. It is demeaning and counterproductive. Given the lack of clear thinking evidenced by Cog’s articles; I am not surprised that he would take a “cheap shot” like that.

    2. AbNoy’s “greatest legacy” is spending taxpayers’ money for propaganda—it’s more of an embarrassment than anything else.

    3. And I am sorry ro disappoint you that your comments are all PROPAGANDA.

      You’re just SPAMMING the blog. Nice TROLLING btw.

  10. Porky Drillon and the liar Tupas, and others who wanted their Pork Barrels retained. Just wanted the funds, that they can use on their discretions. Especially, during elections.
    Mr. Aquino used the Pork Barrel, to entice legislators, to walk his line.
    It is Aquino’s Pork Barrel dictatorship. If you are against him. He will take away your Pork Barrel.
    It is the Filipino people, who are the winner of this fight. Accountability of public officials, who handle funds , must be implemented, also.

  11. It was Greco Belgica who first filed the petition. Too bad filipinos want popularity instead of credibility. That’s why he lost in the elections

  12. @Kathniel

    are you human? Or are you just a dick sucking, government paid whore? How the fuck can you continue to defend these pieces of shit? Are you really thst blind? Maybe after giving these motherfuckers BJs they sprayed sperm in you eyes, that must be why you cant see clearly. You keep defending these rich crooked assholes and I will continue, from an unbias TRUE AMERICAN viewpoint will attack you, your web of lies and these crooked assholes who have continued to destroy the filipino government and continue it to fill their pockets and lie and take advantage of your countryman. Its sad that an american without any connection to your country can see corruption from 6000 miles away while idiots like you cant. Dumb motherfucker!

    1. @kathniel

      Legacy?? LMAO

      He promised to stay in Tacloban until things get better. But when Supreme Court announced that they’ll get rid of the pork. He booked the first available flight back to Manila.

      He is damn scared for his bank account. How much does he earn as president? Php 65k? 75k per month? Without pork, he gets nothing out of this country. He’s after for the glory and the money. Only smart people can see that.

    2. @Proud American:

      Hey Dude!!! Your language is gutter level. A Hill Billy American have better words/language for being outraged. Why not take a soap, a basin of water and wash your dirty mouth.

      1. Fuck you, Unlike the Philippines, I am in American so no one can shut me up. Whats wrong? I offended you? Too fucking bad! You should ge offended by what your government has done to your country. So go fuck yourself asshole. Cant believe my choice of words is more important than those people who are suffering! My words show compassion and anger, because I hate to see people suffer. Now do me a favor and stick the slippers that Korina gave you and shove them up your ass, LOSER!


      You are deluded to think you have an unbiased “true” viewpoint. NO ONE DOES. There is no such thing as the “truth.” There are only differing perspectives and different points of view. But then again, if you can’t express yourself without resorting to such vulgarity; I can’t expect you to do much in the way of critical thinking.

  13. @Sea Bee
    hey dumbass Its not TRUE AMERICAN, its PROUD AMERICAN. As for you accusing me of being bias… Really? What do I have to gain, by telling the truth? Im 6000 miles away asshole! Im not even filipino, but I am human, and I am sick and tired of fat cats taking advantage and robbing the poor! Excuse me for defending your countrymen, dickhead! I bet you are some cocksucking filipino stooge of the Aquino regime. You should be ashamed of yourself, see younin hell, you piece of shit!

    1. Sorry I did not get your name right. I guess there is no poverty or injustice in your country. Your stock market is riding high on corporate tax cuts while Republicans try to cut food stamps. Why don’t you take your passionate concern for the least fortunate and volunteer for habitat for humanity or your local food pantry.

      1. @ S.B. yes, instead of proving what a limited vocabulary he has. Not that I disagree with the Proud one, but he got a mouth on him that makes even the scariest of whores blush.

    2. Good grief. You’re pathetic beyond belief. You just said earlier that you referred to yourself as a TRUE AMERICAN. And then, perhaps out of your blind, juvenile outburst, you suddenly brashly corrected yourself as a PROUD AMERICAN. I don’t mind swearing here and there , but at least try to sound more reasonable than just letting out your hot air.

      I don’t hate Obama, but he’s become a tool for your oligarchs, as well. Unfortunately he’s surrounded by corrupt Tea Party people who are not only bigots towards muslims but also towards ordinary Americans out there who are also struggling to find a decent paying job.

      You must be one of those bigots who support the big money people and now that your country has shown to have trillions of debt, the insecurities you felt have bloated out of proportion. Your pride, just like the oligarchs running the government, are of the same measurement.

      And your angry noise making is only proof that your country is losing power grip over the world both now politically and economically. It is comical how you tell us off coming from miles away without having lived in the Phils EVER in your life. I’m not offended by your remarks. In fact, I am amused to learn that you are no different than these BUTTHURT filipinos you speak of who also share your scorn for the shit you don’t even know about.

      People writing here in GRP do care and accept the truth about the depressing state of the country, and this is why this blog will always be running. But you and the ilk of the present filipino government – and most of all, its supporters are ones who hate to see progress happening in the Phils.

      And you don’t even know how to separate sensible ones from the bad. You see, many sensible ones have been outnumbered by the deprived ones. Why? Because a lot of filipinos lack proper education. No critical thinking is ever encouraged at schools. And therefore when they go to college, they would never be able to discern well how to choose their public servants in office.

      The government, alone, could’ve done much to improve the state of education in this nation. But they didn’t. Why? Because the oligarchs, descendants of the landed elites who are actually first off, installed in gov’t by American colonisers (yes, here’s some history that you’ve got to learn you pathetic loon)don’t want to do so lest their positions of power be challenged by better people who share deep sentiments for the enrichment of filipino society.

      And, you also have to know that it was also the US government who had turned a blind eye to corruption of Marcos, and didn’t care enough to get rid of the man until he started flexing his muscles and tried to ‘filipinise’, which was perceived as ‘anti-american’.

      Your hypocritical gov’t, much like your rants, have actually NEVER cared about getting rid of the oligarchs here. And yet, at the same time, your own people march down to the Middle East to fight vigorously against these faceless enemies. Those ordinary people who actually hate your presence there with great vehemence. Yeah, obviously, your oligarchs ever only cared about your own national interests. Just like our own government.

      Don’t also forget your government’s been playing these controlling ‘win their hearts and minds’ tactics since they’ve set foot in the Phils in 1900. That’s a part of American history you’ll never hear because it blatantly showed through the true colours of your representatives.

      At least, in my view, there are still respectable Americans, but nowadays, there are more who are no different than a lot of constituents here in the Phils who have thrown out their integrity in judging well who’s fit to lead the country.

      All around the world, oligarchs are taking more and more positions of power (like here in Australia with Tony Abbott) and are only wanting to seek their maintenance in wealth.

      I’m afraid that we’re heading back to those feudalist notions and I hope that you’d open your eyes more for what’s to come when your nation will eventually fall apart completely, just like how Rome did long ago.

      P.S. And yes, if you ever read the GRP posts around here, we are indeed ashamed of the Aquino administration as well as all the others around the world who think they’re too big to care about the needs of their people.

      Thanks for the entertainment.

      1. @christy

        At last, someone who sees the big picture. The deepening divide between rich and poor and the consolidation of wealth into fewer and fewer hands is not just a filipino issue; but a global phenomenon. In the USA, 52% of the GDP is controlled by the top 1%. We have more billionaires than ever before; but 1/3 of the planet lives in squalor

  14. Quit being so BUTTHURT Filipinos. Yes, there is no such thing as the “truth” and “critical thinking” especially in the Philippines. If there was, Philippines would be way ahead of Japan and Singapore.

    Why don’t we soap and wash the dirty mouths and hands of Filipino politician before the others. Obviously, Filipinos are dumb when it comes to politics.

    Filipinos get offended easily, because the truth hurts; Filipinos cant take the truth, they can’t criticisms no matter how constructive it is. The whole world knows that, what is left for the Filipinos is IMAGE. They just want to maintain an image but deep inside it’s all dump.

    What is happening in the Philippines right now, clearly, gave the whole world a clear image of how the Filipino leaders and people are.

    Butthurt filipinos… always been, and will always be.
    3rd World Country… always been, and will always be.

    …and both Sea Bee and Hyden Toro will get pissed off with this comment. Both cant handle the truth.

    1. @Ms Muffin

      well said! One of the few people who actually admits that the country is a hellhole . Congrats!

      Now to those crybabies who hate me for posting and being truthful, go fuck yourself. If you cant see what the whole world sees, then you deserve what you get, you ignorant stupid fools. I dare you to say to the U.S.A. to go away, your country would be devoured by the Chinese. But you who defend those crooks, cant see that because you would rather sell your mothers for a few pesos than stand up for your rights! Complain about me, see if I care! Attack me for being truthful and I will humiliate you losers, with facts. So either start voicing your displeasure at your government or continue being the laughingstocks of the world. Oh and one more thing to those who dont like my honesty….. FUCK YOU!

      1. As I’ve said, Filipinos have brilliant ideas on how this and that should have been or should be. But guess what? Nobody did a “critical thinking” during election. Cory Aquino died – BS Aquino won the election. As simple as that. Only a few people looked back and checked on BS’ achievements. Filipinos have always been immature in terms of politics. They keep blaming the politicians, but who had put those pieces of shit in power – Filipinos.

        Now they want BS’ sister to run. What a huge circus!

      2. HA, that all ya got? Fuck you? pathetic, yep! P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. What is the dealio with the mouth? No one cares that you have an opinion: good or bad, but every other word out of you is a curse dude. You cant be that proud, nope, not with a mouth like that….and I do not really care too much. HA, seen others here get scolded for much less, and you? Nada.

        1. @Bjorn

          I only tell it as I see it. If my comment offends you, then you have a big problem. Save your anger for that bitch or the filipino government, instead of directing it towards me. Focus on those who are starving because of an ill prepared government and idiotic President and his band of stupid moronic supporters. And if you dont like my commrnts, dont read them. Its that simple. Oh… FUCK YOU ASSHOLE

    2. You’re another butthurt fellow yourself. I find you no funnier than the yellowtard called Vicente (long ago) who’s full of hot air, but isn’t capable of really discerning the position of the bloggers here.

      I am not offended, and again I’m entertained. A lot of the people here are not against what you’re saying about us – so why are you suddenly turning against some folks here who actually share your sentiments towards the filipinos there?

      The country is shit, but the buck doesn’t stop there. They are here to educate and open more minds of others out there who are still willing to turn things around. Even if it’s slim, we won’t stop.

      You may rant as much, but you just stop there. It is shit, and yet, it sounds like you just want it to remain shitty. No different than those who support the corruption of the gov’t. Several of us really think that some aspects of our culture is damn shitty, but we don’t stop to push them to improve and be more honest about the situation.

      I hope that you’ll come up with a solution for us to chew on and discuss over. That way, it would make you more respectable than the delusional pro-oligarch gov’t people who really cannot see past the shit.

      1. I didnt come her to offer a solution. I amnherento comment since this is an open site. If your solution doesnt count in your country? How would mine be counted? Im realistic. If you cannot chew the solutions of you own countrymen, it would be harder to chew that of others.

        Dont hope that i can think of a solution because because I dont. Lol you are hoping that americans will think of a solution that you can chew!

        1. I am only telling the truth of what is happening to U.S. It so happen that Obama is the President. With malice towards none; I apologize, if it pricks the sensitive skin of Americans.
          I work in America. So, I am familiar with the problems of America; its history; its conflicts and also its failure of their leaders. The Bengazzi attack in the U.S. Embassy in Libya, is an example of Failure of Leadership in their nation. Along with the Obama Care. I teach technical subjects, in a University in California.
          I thank the U.S. for their charities on my countrymen.
          It is only an isolated case that a dumb and crazy Yankee is shouting invectives on me. I have no recourse, but, to reply to in invectives…

      2. Tell this to your president. You are brave enough to to say this in a comment with hidden name. Why dont you write an open letter to your government for a solution that you can chew on? Maybe you can help instead of hoping that I think of one.

        1. Ms. Muffin

          I have to allocate my time in earning a living; loving my family; and blogging.
          I help by blogging. I am far away from the Philippines. Our next generation of Filipinos, are getting smarter now…thanks to the internet.
          I prefer to stay hidden. I have relatives in Ilocos, Nueva Ecija and Cebu. Baka paginitan sila!!!

  15. @ Proud American
    Hey…Boy…are you proud of Obama? He is screwing your dumb head with your Health Care program…We do not need any Yankee sympathy. Why not have respect on yourself, idiot. You Asshole…with gutter language and dirty mouth.

    1. @Hyden Toro,

      You may want to drop OBAMA off in your comment because if it weren’t for him sending his troops, your countrymen in Tacloban would have died hungry.
      Insulting Obama is like like biting the hand that feeds the hungry in Tacloban. Remember, he sent his troop during first call – when did the other country arrived to help? After a few days. Did Aquino move, no. He waited for the Americans.

      You can say anything you want to Proud American, but don’t bite the hand that feeds your hungry countrymen, because that only shows the real image of a Filipino.

      Do that when your country is able to stand on it’s own. Unfortunately, right now, no matter what Obama does in America, he is still the hand that helps pull the Filipinos off the dump.

      By dragging OBAMA in this conversation, when he has done nothing but help you Filipinos, you are showing the true mentality of a Filipino. Look at you. What a shame.

      1. Filipinos are grateful for the help provided by the USA. Most filipinos love the US. The Philippines is the most Americanized country in Asia. Thousands of Filipinos live in the US. Thousands of American ex-pats live in the Philippines. We are brothers and sisters in the world community. Your arrogant chauvinism does little to promote understanding. You are a classic example of the “Ugly American.”

        1. See Bee» oh well, I dont mind being called ugly american, it’s your opinion. Im not butthurt.

          You should write this message to Hyden Toro who’s ranting about OBAMA if you want to promote understanding.

    2. @Hyden Toro,

      you are one of the many reasons why your country will always be dependent on others. Stupid idiotic thinking has continued to keep the Philipphines as a 3rd world nation! You love being a joke to the world? You and your kind are gutless cowards. Bet if I was there, bitch you wouldnt say shit to me, you prick. I would stomp you like a grape, you cocksucking government stooge. Tell you country to stop begging and stand on their feet. Show some pride! Filipinos in general are smart, intelligent snd proud. But the assholes who run your country and the ass kissers like you are the cause of its downfall. Fucken lowlife pricks who have no self respect stealing from the poor. Are you proud of that, bitch? Bet you are asshole!

      1. @Proud American

        If you had any idea of your own history, you would not be so proud. The economy of your country was founded on the genocide of the indigenous peoples and the enslavement of millions of Africans. You forced the Mexicans into war and then stole 1/3 of their country. You crushed the Filipino revolution and assimilated the country into your empire.

        1. So why do u guys depend on america if such a terrible history exist?

          Filipino mentality: i love america but first let me criticize your government and go back to history.

          Move on. Learn from Japan.

        2. See Bee:

          See what I mean, you fight low. You hate proud american and ugly american (LOL) but you hit back by criticizing American government.

          This post needs to be in an american blog so all americans can see this comment. I made sure I got a screenshot of this.

      2. @Proud American

        Our country won its independence, by our own. General Aguinaldo had already been winning the fight against Spain. Then, Spain defrauded America by selling its territories to America, thru the Treaty of Paris. America had no way to recover the money. They have to invade the Philippines. So, they stage out a fight, with the Spaniards called : “Battle of Manila Bay.” It was a mock battle to astonish the gullible Filipinos. Then, U.S. President McKinley, sent expeditionary forces to invade the island. We were called “insurrectos” not “fighters for independence”. Some prominent Americans like the writer/humorist Mark Twain was against your U.S. government policies.
        Japan invaded the Philippines. Because of the presence of U.S. Forces here.
        Filipinos work jobs in the U.S. as fruit pickers,farm laborers, and other menial jobs. Because of discrimination. They were subject to the Southerner’s Jim Crow Law. Because of the color of their skins. I thank the U.S. for its charitable acts. I know that there are more decent Americans ; not like you. I work with them, as a technical man in California. Most are my friends. They usually invite me for dinners in the homes.

  16. @ Hyden Toro
    Hes not screwing me asshole, I have healthcare already! Do you? Bet you dont you prick!nYou dont need anything you fucken gook? Who gave your country independence in 1898? Who saved your ass from the Japanese in 1945? Who has given millions of jobs to your country? Who has kept the Chinese from taking over your territorial rights? Who were the first responders during Yolanda? You dont need anything? Then tell your countrymen to dtop deornding on the USA, asshole! You fucken ingrate! You ask the filipinos who are they more proud of, Obama or Aquino? The majority will say Obama. So go fuck yourself. You cocksucker, FUCK YOU, you government stooge! Asshole!

    1. Hey fuckface. Learn our history right. In 1898, the US bought our nation, along with other former Spanish colonies, and took over as our new imperialists. It is laughable that your own history books even revised the most shameful things your nation has ever done.

      The Americans had a war with the filipinos in 1900, and killed thousands of us while we were fighting our way off for OUR OWN INDEPENDENCE. Our flag, our anthem, it was formed there whilst we were heading our way as the first independent state of the South East Asian region.

      But then the US gov’t of course, suddenly wanted to become just like his other imperialist European buddies by making their bases here (and up till now, in other Pacific Islands such as Guam).

      It was great that even Mark Twain and Carnegie really hated your gov’t for the actions they’ve done in the Phils. Unfortunately, a lot of the people supported their stance and hence why we’re never freed from your shackles (even if now we’re a state of our own).

      Your nation has left a mark on us that has actually torn our national psyche apart. US gov’t wanted YES people and they did just that by putting in place in power, filipino elites who have betrayed their own people by being these American colonising supporters.

      And what happened then? When the Japanese invaded the Phils, the US troops actually abandoned us, in the midst of the chaos, just so they can “recoup”. But they actually headed down south to Australia for military training. Because, as you see, majority of filipinos even then before the war broke out, never thought of Americans as their “heroes”. To cover up the dirty deeds your gov’t had done in 1900, they started re-educating us, even fixing our own history to even make us forever their loving zombies.

      Then in 1946, in grandiose showdown, your “hero” MacArthur arrived and made himself noble to “save” our already wounded people from these filthy “Japs”. And because of this, people started to believe the lies they’ve created and until now, we still NEVER hear MUCH about the many viewpoints of the American colonial period. We only hear what’s been favourable about them.

      At least during the Spanish colonial era, we had great individuals like Rizal who are able to express out what the negative impact of the Spanish presence of the Philippines was like.

      And yet, you never hear that much dissent during the US colonial era, even though now, many historians are actually seeing more for what they’d done.

      So, fuckface, who had crippled the nation in the first place by keeping these Spanish-era landed elites in power? Eh?

      Who has given us jobs? Your multinationals left when Marcos tried to ‘filipinise’ the country. Then furthermore, the very YES people your gov’t installed in the past were also responsible for closing down your US bases. I personally don’t like blaming your gov’t solely, but the truth is there that it was in the first place, your gov’t who has been supporting these elites because they always want to kiss your arses.

      You’re not a true American. John Sayles, Mark Twain, and those who acknowledged the flaws of their own nation are the genuine Americans.

      And the rest of those who support the cronies in Philippine gov’t offices are also not true Filipinos. Those of us here who actually call out the bullshit of all our corrupt leaders and making social awareness are the genuine Filipinos.

      Again, fuckface, think before you post who you’re arguing against.

      1. @christy

        Right on! Thanx for the history lesson. Please don’t judge all Americans based on the comments of Proud American. He is an ignorant red neck.

      2. Do the same, think. Because right now your country needs help. Move on, dont name american and european government. Just like Japan, they moved on, look at where they are now. Your mentality, keeps your country to where it is now. If you are being bullied by an american, do you fight back by criticizing their government? If yes, then your type of mentality keeps your country in the 3rd world.

        You are hitting on the countries that feed your hungry countrymen.

        1. Ms. Muffin….
          History is important we are all shaped by it. For example, right now in the U.S. the descendants of slave masters are trying to destroy the middle class and turn most Americans into “wage slaves.”

  17. I will end my comment by saying that no matter how much help the americans would extend, filipinos, would pay by pointing on Obama’s weak spot. But every year, more than 50,000 filipinos apply for a permanent residence visa in the US embassy. Thats the reason why they can never be granted a diversity visa – 50,000 a year? Nobody wants to stay in their country!

    Hypocritical american government? You dont call in ghostbusters during trying times. You people call the president of america for SOS. I would leave Obama out of this even if Proud American is being a badass in his comments, afterall, your countrymen are feeding on USAIDs. Hypocrites!

    Some just want to fight back with a badass by hitting on obama and american government of today and yesterday. That badass has nothing to lose, he doesnt need BS Aquino. How about you Filipino? Can you stand on your own?

    Those that criticized obama and the american government just showed the true image of a filipino.

    American government should see how other filipinos here insult obama just to fight for the badass. Thats how they say thank you to american government.

    1. And where do you ever hear that we ever hated Obama? In fact, your own people hate him and say racist things against him. Filipinos are the biggest fans of your gov’t. Even to the point that it earned the great ire of the Chinese. Go figure. We are a laughing stock because of these YES people leading the country down to its toilets. YES people, meaning, being a good dog to your gov’t which, in the past, had never really done much to depose dictators of the country soon enough (Marcos) or even helped their ‘little brown brothers’ until we had to woo you back today for the Spratleys.

      Intoxicated by wealth and power, these YES people, oligarchs, will never be deposed because they are your biggest allies. We don’t hate Americans, but we certainly don’t like your present gov’t who’s been going around spying other nations’ businesses that only concern their national interests.

      Stop evading the fact that we’re the real victims here, not you, your gov’t or the people who are acting the cronies of corruption.

        1. Read your comment, cant make up your mind? You hate the present government? Its the present government that feeds your hungry countrymen.

          You sure present obama government is spying? Tell us about it, so the world will hear. You should creat an entry about it so americans can discus with your claim.

    2. @Ms. Muffin

      You don’t get it do you? It is not America that is being attacked in these comments. It is YOU. Your smug superiority and self righteousness is offensive. Do yourself a favor, when you visit a foreign country; keep your mouth shut. The locals are not interested in your comparisons between the U.S. and their country. Instead, learn as much as you can about their history, culture and customs.

      1. See Bee:

        Your message suits you more. Tell that to yourself.

        Listen to yourself. Who acts superior? Who tells people here to keep their mouth shut? You are telling me to keep my mouth shut? Locals are not interested to hear me? Oh yeah, tell them to agree with you and I will leave this site.

  18. Man, so much hostility in this thread! Anybody have a chill pill?

    So when did anyone say we could expect less two-facedness from our politicians? It’s like asking a dog to be a cat hahaha! Politicians will always be the same, except that others are more clever than others. It takes skill to be a good politician, and not many have the stomach for the game. What matters to me are the results, the outcomes of their machinations, and in our case, our politicians are the worst of the worst. What a bunch of thick-faced baboons with a total lack of conscience.

    If we really want to move forward, shouldn’t we hire professionals to run our country, and allow the people to vote for a significantly smaller portion of our decision-makers? Can’t we see that by letting the majority elect all our officials, we will never get quality thinking, only quality thieves?

  19. Obama and aquino are similar – long on talk, short on achievements, one fiasco/failure after another. Neither are real leaders, and both administrations becoming lame ducks.
    Both relied on the ignorance of low class poorly educated voters and put style before substance in typical marketing led campaigns.

    1. So who is more qualified to run as PH president and get that post? Im interested to know.

      Since after obama helped Philippines, filipinos are still criticizing him, I guess if Aquino did SOMETHING, it wouldnt be enough for a Filipino.

      1. The philippines political system and culture primarily eminates from, and mirrors, the US, hence both are inadequate, unwieldy, prone to corruption, and attract mainly low calibre individuals.

        The philippines magnifies the faults and deficiencies seen in washington, adds a few of its own, and consequently struggles to develop potential leaders of note, in an environment where politics has nothing to do with conviction and everything to do with ‘the family business’

        “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.” ( result – uncouth, ill-informed naive rednecks with no perspective of the world, or passports)
        Oscar Wilde

        1. You are a reasonable voice. We could’ve been forming our own gov’t system to suit our geo-politics.

          The problem why we never moved on from our colonial past is that those who have been placed in power then, even after American liberation, are actually those landed elites from the Spanish-era who are mistakenly given more rights by the US gov’t and are never from the start, visionary intellectuals by the likes of Jose Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, and those who opposed these holier than art thou elites. Remember that first TRAPO, Aguinaldo? Him and his ilk who’re opportunists and wanting only to maintain power. These who kowtow to any powerful hand who gives them what they want.

          And so, onwards, they keep ruling on us without first, educating EVERYBODY in the past generations. They NEVER even made significant contributions as to how we can improve our economic structure. Nada. They think that having the US style gov’t, without even thinking through our geo-politics, is good enough.

          Then, they keep on and on practising their power flexing with their monopoly over media and religion. By virtue, they’d corrupted people around slowly and gradually. Marcos, then, was the finishing touch to the already fallen state of the nation. He added more flames by starting the hatred between us and the muslims in the south. And for draining gradually the money out of this country and onto their personal bulsas. He then only appointed men who are his YES people and who are as well getting more and more corrupted in their practices. The list just goes on.

          Then, just when we had EDSA, when it was our only hope to eradicate once and for all that awful legacy left on us for a long time, it was suddenly hijacked by ex-cronies of Marcos and being led by another incompetent no-visionary wife of Aquino, who herself, was from a family of landed elites.

          Once again, onwards, we see that these leaders descended from landed elites/ TRAPOS would never give up their posts for as long as they are tolerated from the people. And the unfortunate thing really is, is the rest of the filipinos under their subjugation. A lot of them haven’t been educated. They came from backgrounds who haven’t been educated from the past. So what do you expect when they keep voting in people who are only out there to rape their trust and poison their minds?

          It doesn’t help that the clergy we have here are also flexing its muscles onto the already poisoned consciousness of the people. Clearly, they should by now protest? Oh, but where will they feed themselves now? They’re not educated, so they don’t know any way how to support themselves financially, and they can’t get any work because again, our past gov’t never made enough effort to open up manufacturing industries as well as improve agricultural business. NADA.

          They’ve failed us and by now they should be gone. And I hope that, because of the fast widespread social media, we will continue to call out on their bullshit until their so-called entitlements to their lands be finally taken away from them.

          P.S. I am no socialist, mind you, but I am for social democracy, one who fist thinks over the well-being of the nation and who is a visionary.

      2. If you don’t know who’s qualified and who’s not then you obviously you haven’t done your homework and you are part of the problem. Choosing a candidate is a personal choice but that doesn’t mean you can just be irresponsible with your freedom to choose. If until now you are still not aware – that the media has massive influence on juan in choosing thair candidates – then you are again part of the problem.

        1. Barbero: Great answer, tell that to your countrymen.

          Sorry I cant do your homework for you, I cannot vote in this country. But I like criticizing the government because I feel sorry for people who got robbed of their taxes and those who were devastated by the typhoon.

          Now if you think that I am part of the problem, suit yourself.

        2. ypu asked i answered. and what made you think im in “that” country? and did i asked you to do my homework? just like you i like bashing the pinoy idiosyncrasies. and i feel sorry for them too – for not utilizing that thing in between their ears.

        3. @barbero”: whatever, I wasn’t asking you. I’m interested on what “libertas” was trying to point out. I’m not interested in your opinion. Suit yourself.

  20. I humbly suggest that getrealphilippins should make a quick summary of all the contradicting public statements these flipfloppers said about PDAF then make it a image macro and facebook mame.

  21. It amazes me to read on, this Proud American started ranting at this fellow KATHNIEL who is pro-Aquino when he clearly is screwing up the Filipinos.

    HYDEN TORO called out the foul language of PROUD AMERICAN. Proud turned his anger to Hyden. Hyden fought back by criticizing OBAMA care. MUFFIN called it foul since PH is currently needing US aid.

    SEA BEE & CRISTY think US is great but current government sucks. They taught us history. Reminding us of good and not so good stuff about US. They sound grateful to US with the help it is extending BUT they keep criticizing the current government blab blah blah

    They turned to MUFFIN, when she called Filipinos BUTTHURT. SEA BEE wants MUFFIn to shut up.

    What I am saying is, they are now too busy getting back at MUFFIN and that badass PROUD AMERICAN… They are actually losing sense of what they are fightimg for in this country. They are busy looking back. All history, move on. Nothing has changed in your country.

    Right now, politicians reading this thread are laughing their asses out. While you guys are busy criticizing me, your taxes are being robbed.

    Go back to the pork barrel issue. You gain nothing by hitting on me. At the end of the day, I will just laugh on this but you guys will remain in misery with the type of government you have.

    All politicians are corrupt but guess what, some leaves some to the people. Your current government gets everything. Go fight with what you think can help your country.

    This is the filipino culture, they can be stirred easily. No wonder an undergrad bitch has been stealing money from these educated people, right under their noses.

    1. You really don’t get it, do you? Why are you still antagonising some of us here, and the bloggers who actually DO NOT LIKE our own government? What the hell are you doing dissing some of us who are actually critical-minded about the pervading bad filipino culture that is all the time attacking its well-to-do citizens? You have nothing new or smart to say. You are just simply attacking.

      We keep criticising the US gov’t? Have you read a lot of posts here? Or are you just some parasite netizen out to make some trouble around? In fact, a lot of their articles keep bashing on our own gov’t, and not even an article here showing hate against US. You are a bully just like the awful blind pro-gov’t netizens here.

      There are even here in the past those who still laud some US politicians over their good governance. However, we don’t worship anyone here. We are critical over everything, and that’s something you don’t understand.

      Stop being like these pro-gov’t netizens here who can’t be objective in their view over their own support of the gov’t. And you are also showing that through your hypocritical BS you’ve done by twisting things around. Again, a lot of us here are not anti-American. We are anti-BS (like your divide and conquer tactic BS which you are displaying) and anti-corruption. PERIOD.

      So why are you so upset and suddenly display these awful outbursts which add nothing to the discussion? We are not hating on US for the sake of it. We are even grateful that they helped us. And US gov’t isn’t even the only one giving us aid (UK and Australia are as well), and yet you are here ranting as if WE OWE YOU SOMETHING. When you give, you give from the heart, because that means you care. Stop counting the cost, because that means we are still indebted to you, and that you are not being a selfless person for doing that gesture.

      But when you go around here suddenly attacking us, especially those who are critical over the way Aquino handled the situation, you are just being counter-productive and are no longer being reasonable. All it is is excuse for your prejudice over whatever personal issues you’ve got.

      In fact, I don’t understand your stance in this thread. Because I don’t hear a lot of bloggers writing away articles with their tirade against the US gov’t. So STFU liar and stop using your divide and conquer tactics on us.

      I know sensible Americans, but you are not one of them here. So there. I haven’t generalised every American have I?

      1. Compare Gordon to Aquino?

        It’s a crime even to put the names together…

        Aquino just won because of his mama and vendetta agains arroyo.

  22. My parents (baby boomers) still regard BS Aquino as a breath of fresh air compared to former presidents despite of his glaring incompetences. They argued that no president before him have improved our economy so much that we were able to purchase new toys like warships and jet fighters. Maybe they consider him the lesser evil compared to Erap, GMA and Marcos. Still, being the lesser evil does not permit him to act with impunity, thinking he is holier than them.

    Pres Aquino’s disappointing performance in dealing with the pork barrel scam together with the administration’s slow response after typhoon yolanda has further cemented the idea IMO that we cannot expect much from our “leader” to be there when we need him. So much for being his boss. What a bunch of bullcrap!

    1. Progress under BS Aquino is just bull crap. Poverty, unemployment/underemployment has increased. Prices of fuel and prime commodities are still increasing, what are your parents looking at anyway, to call this progress.

      You all can basque on the investment grade rating upgrades, GDPs, and all that, but reality is, we haven’t really progressed at all during his term, but IMO, we got worse.

  23. Its oo bad the webmaster of this site Beningo (probably a member of those bad of crooks, Aquino family) doesnt share your views. He banned me because I dared to criticize his lovey dovey article praising and practically endorsing another Aquino to run for president. But, I wont be silence! I have not one drop of filipino blood in my system but I will continue to call out those who steal and do nothing for victims of their country and to those who disagree with me….. I have 2 words for you……FUCK YOU!!!

    1. You are probably banned because you’re COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. You are a parasite no different than those who support the current administration, blindly.

      You are trying to make things BLACK and WHITE here, when, if you’ve been longer in this site (I’ve been here since 2011), you should by now know that Benigno is actually very critical over the bad culture pervading among filipinos (usually due to the colonial mentality that has never been eradicated).

      He hates the Aquino administration along with the rest of us who hate anybody in power who are always NEVER helping this country moving forward by their DIRTY DEEDS.

      You have nothing to offer but try to divide and conquer (only via internet). You are no less objective than the pro-Aquino pro-pork barrel pro-corruption and most of all, pro-oligarchical netizens who are all the time blindly crying foul whenever the articles here present a counter-view to the always rose-tinted mainstream view which many still hold.

      Benigno lives in Australia, so he has nothing to owe you. Stop promoting your past imperialist past on us. You are helping us with your aid? Fine. So did the UK and Australia. But unlike you, these people don’t disrespect us, and remain objective and who don’t expect any favours by sucking to your US “oligarch” gov’t, as if that would erase the fact that in our history, you (and US govt) had down-trodden our sense of independence.

      We are grateful for the help, but we don’t need your filthy hypocrisy through this thread. Need to check on your own trash before you start picking on ours first.

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