President Noynoy Aquino’s cover-my-ass-from-the-pork-scandal speech: It’s time PNoy mans up

noynoy_aquinoFirst of all you wonder indeed what really motivates Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III. No less than the Inquirer described last night’s address to the nation as a “a rare public address on prime time TV”.

A rare public address.

Indeed, it is quite noteworthy that considering that it was akin to pulling teeth to get the Prayerful One out of his mancave to deliver the same in the midst of the most horrifying calamities and most pressing crises that hit the Philippines under his watch, that he would come out and do this rare act to defend his sorry ass is quite revealing of his character. It seems President BS Aquino is motivated by nothing more than self-preservation. Well, preservation of himself and his feudal clan’s embattled assets to be more specific.

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In short, when it comes to defending himself and his family’s interests, BS Aquino will come out on national TV.

So what exactly was the bottomline of the Reluctant One’s droning speech last night? It was this gem, according to the same Inquirer report:

I am not a thief.”

“The issue here is theft. I am not a thief,” he declared in a fiery 12-minute speech that purportedly sought to set the record straight on the controversial economic stimulus program whose constitutionality has been questioned in the Supreme Court and the special funds that critics describe as the President’s pork barrel.

“Those who have been accused of stealing are those who are sowing confusion; they want to dismantle all that we have worked so hard to achieve on the straight path,” he said.

“We were stolen from, we were deceived—and now we are the ones being asked to explain? I have pursued truth and justice, and have been dismantling the systems that breed the abuse of power—and yet I am the one now being called the ‘Pork Barrel King?’”

Fair enough. Any citizen of our fine republic is entitled to be regarded as innocent until proven guilty (though there’s irony in that too that we will not get into in this piece).

But this is not about guilt. This is about consistency in one’s politics.

Pork barrel may, as far as the Anointed One’s two-cent legal opinion goes, be legal. But there is a bigger principle at stake here than legality. There is the issue of the public trust — the same notion that underpinned all arguments that rationalised all the shortcuts and dodgy approaches that were applied, for example, to impeach former Chief Justice Renato Corona. The entire process that led to his ouster was driven by politics first and legality a far second.

So too then should politics — not legalese — be the locomotive for driving the next steps to be taken now that the public have withdrawn their trust from this government en masse. President BS Aquino was entrusted to defend the Constitution and serve as guardian of the Philippine Government’s trusted place in the hearts and minds of Filipinos as an institution to look up to. He has failed in that role and now the nation today staggers under the weight of a corruption scandal the vast vast scale of which utterly dwarfs any in this sad nation’s history.

The fact that sticks out the most, like a bright yellow spot on a black background, is that President BS Aquino has it in his power alone to put an end to this appalling crisis. All he has to do is say the word and sign on the dotted line, and the pork barrel — in its various guises as the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or that shadowy beast, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), will be gone (at least for this financial year, at best until his term ends in 2016).

It’s time BS Aquino proves he is a man and not some brat raised by a couple of dead politicians.

Once he’s learned to be a man then, perhaps, he could learn to be a leader. But let’s give the little boy a break and at least allow him to take that first step — to man up

“If you think that this will stop me from going after you, if you think that you can divert the public’s attention, if you think you can get away with stealing from our countrymen—you have sorely underestimated me and the Filipino people,” he said.

“If there still remains some vestige of kindness in your hearts, I hope that you stop acting in self-interest, and instead act to help your fellowmen.”

Such schoolboyish words have no place in Philippine politics. President BS Aquino comes across as quite presumptuous in his use of the words “me and the Filipino people”. Is he really on the same side as “the Filipino people”? Of course there are enough idiots in this nation of starstruck ignoramuses who will gleefully lap up BS Aquino’s BS about being God’s gift to “the Filipino people”.

And just to correct the President with some due respect; no, Filipinos do not underestimate you. Rather they have foolishly overestimated your ability to lead.

53 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino’s cover-my-ass-from-the-pork-scandal speech: It’s time PNoy mans up”

  1. Aquino’s communications team is very good at what it’s doing, right? I couldn’t believe how they can do that so brazenly while I was reading Aquino’s speech last night. Only people without a conscience or fear of God can do that! They really know the psyche of the masa (“Mga Boss, marami na tayong pinagdaanang laban…) And all those lies! (“…ang tinatamasang benepisyo ng ating mga kababayan, LALO NA NG NASA LAYLAYAN NG LIPUNAN–ito po ang bunga ng tamang paggastos, sa halip na pagnanakaw. Ang perang dating kino-corrupt, napakinabangan na ng taumbayan, LALO NA NG MAHIHIRAP) If the Filipinos fall for this again (which I fear they will), then this country is really doomed….

    1. ^Its true that they are good with lying but when it comes to attacking sites like this one, they miserably fail at convincing us of their president’s non-existent greatness.

        1. That’s the whole problem Chrissie, he doesn’t have greatness.
          It only exists in his mind and his blind supporter’s minds.

        2. Well, if he turns around and becomes a totally different man from who he is now, especially if he resigns after acknowledging that he doesn’t have what it takes to be president and that he can’t contribute anything good to this country, he can still be great. I know, of course, that only a miracle can make that happen considering how arrogant this president is and has been for all his 50 years on earth, but I still believe in miracles….

  2. Am a Liar! I am a thief! That is the real great dictator BS Aquino speaking last night over a lot of channels. Such a waste of government money and resources… BS Aquino is guilty as hell when he corrupted and bribed the lower house and the senate in the CJ Corona impeachment trial. He allowed the release of PDAF and DAP to the legislature. Where is the malampaya funds? BS Aquino thinks that this black propaganda of lying can get him off the hook. We are no longer the boss (propaganda lang po) as the great abnoy is already deep within his dictatorship. Magpapaloko ba kayo mga Pilipino? BS… You can’t fool the people all of the time! Resign yellow abnoy dictator!!!


    “Well, I’m not a crook. I’ve earned everything I’ve got.”
    — U.S. Pres. Richard M. Nixon defending his record in the Watergate Scandal during a question-and-answer session before 400 AP Managing Editors on Nov. 17, 1973.

    ” I have never stolen. I am not a thief.”
    –Philippine President Benigno Simeon BS. Aquino III, televised “public address,” Oct. 30, 2013

    NOTE:Nov. 8, 1974 – Nixon announces his resignation.

    1. Wow, I hope history will repeat itself here. That’s going to be a real blessing from above! Thanks much for sharing this, Domingo!

  4. Whoever hold presidency on our beloved Country, we still are the same, as long as Filipinos don’t know how to love the Country, as long as there are greedy politicians, as long as there are people trying to pull down current leaders.So sad that our beloved country is already sinking & some of our good people are leaving in search for a better future in other Countries… GOD SAVE THE PHILIPPINES…

      1. Mr. Joeld, seems ur on opposition? I am on good governance whoever in position, we had noticed that whoever is our current leader(s) people on the opposite side tend to pull or bring them down (crab mentality).

        1. Let’s not brand people. Not everyone who’s opposed to Aquino is like the leftists who are against everyone and anyone in position (because what they really want is the Marxist class struggle and absence of government). In fact, I think this is one of the most evil things Aquino has done to our country: divide those who honestly only want what’s good for our country – as in make them fight one another instead of work with one another to fight their common enemy – so he’ll rule. It’s true; it’s happening now. (To be fair to Aquino, I think it’s Estrada who first did that – rallying the poor against the rich by making the poor believe that ALL the rich people of this country are oppressing them and causing their miseries…. And the poor swallowed it hook, line, & sinker….)

        2. that is the plan, steal…get thrown out of office, give nothing back and do not go to jail. then someone else does the same thing,steals gives no money back, does not go to jail. then it is someone else’s turn and then it all comes back around again. round and round and round and by the time someone is prosecuted, they are out of office and the money is gone and the people forget. KLEPTOCRACY!!!

          it is not crab mentality. it is blame the guy that just left office, round and round and round. its been going on for decades and it is surprising that Filipino’s just sit there and let it all happen. they do it soooooo arrogantly, that is the awful part of it too. whereas other gov’t.’s do it behind closed doors the RP has politicians that just blatantly STEAL MONEY, get caught…and nothing happens! As if the Christmas presents handed out last year were given back??

          and you all just sit there!

      2. For good governance?. Yet you speak of opposition and supporting who is in position? You are a typical mindless zombie if you ask me.

        Time and time again, points have been raised on how the system of government is checked by pointing out it’s flaws, shortcoming and what have you. If you don’t get this and you just blindly follow the leader, then you are a zombie.

        Crab mentality, you fail to understand teh concept of crab mentality, what this site is all about is completely the opposite of crab mentality, we push for excellent public service, while you, on the other hand support poor governance, in effect, pulling down thw whole counrty.

        Who’s the crab now?

    1. Oh, no, Ronald may be one of the well-meaning Filipinos who were fooled by Aquino’s lies in his speech yesterday! Beware, Ronald, don’t believe everything you hear or are told, especially as Aquino has a whole team of spinners and congenital, unconscionable liars in his employ (his whole communications team – Coloma, Carandang, Quezon, etc. – who are experts in that as they have a wealth of experience doing just that)….

      1. I can’t blame Ronald for his flip flopping stand with the current administration for many Filipinos are. Majority are hopeless with decades and decades of similar leadership from the President down to Mayors in corruption scandals yet they continue to run and win. One President was convicted for plunder, was pardoned by his successor and now a mayor of Manila. I am sure those politicians who looted government funds the more, has more chance of winning the elections and so goes on and on. For me, we are in a hopeless situation. Do you have an idea of what to do?

        1. Like Rizal, our national hero, I believe that unless the Filipinos start deserving their freedom (become willing to die for it rather than tolerating stealing or raising their fists in anger not because they believe that stealing should not be tolerated in any form but because they were left out of the loot), they will never be truly free. Unfortunately for those who deserve to be free, they go down with the others because that’s how democracy is. What can be done about it? I’ve been asking myself and others that same question for some time now, and the only answer I can arrive at is PRAY (and try our very best, especially through websites and fora like this, to enlighten our fellow Filipinos). Really, we’re in a bind….

      2. LA702


        Unless a nation and its people understand what they are, questions as simple as the subject above become rocket science particularly to simple minded people like you and the rest of the responders on this blog. Your response shown below shows a confused little mind.

        I am amused that you bring up the subject of freedom. Did the Philippines ever achieved freedom? The answer is “NO”. Where is that written in Philippine history? The Philippines as a nation is in “perpetual lease” from its colonizers but was given the right to govern itself. You, and the rest of the Filipinos are perpetual tenants and slaves in a country you thought is yours.

        Do your homework my friend so you will understand who and what you are.

        1. I don’t know who you are, LA702, but I can see that you’re probably one of those guys I learned here at GRP are called “trolls,” meaning people who post insulting messages on online fora like this one to elicit an emotional response from the person being attacked. Well, it won’t work coz you’ve been found. Anyway, you’re just one of those people out there who’re pitifully obsessed with your own little “truths.” As for your view regarding our country, it’s always been debatable if our country ever became truly free, but I don’t want to waste my time arguing about that.

          “Do your homework my friend so you will understand who and what you are.”
          – I don’t want to always have to say it here, but I think I know my country more than the average Filipino does. In fact, I’ve even written a critically acclaimed book about its history, now available in major bookstores all over the country, and soon to be made available in eBook format, according to my publisher, Anvil. Read my book and you’ll probably understand who and what the Filipino is (that’s what I’ve been told by those who’ve read it).

          As for being simple-minded, if that’s the same as not having a convoluted mind, it’s a bliss. You should try having one (a simple mind).

    2. look, save it your self buddy. No one is coming to your rescue. learn how to do it yourselves. do you all have to steal? Filipino’s have such a shitty reputation world-wide.WHY? you all have to rob everything that is not nailed to the floor? a land with many resources and intelligent people should be capable of so much better. and yet, what have you all got? THIEVES!

  5. Ms. Chrissie, maybe you mis-interpret my message??? anyway i’m just sharing my thought.. in-fact i’m sick & tired of our EVIL & GREEDY POLITICIANS!!! who are trying to do their best to hold position in the government for their own sake!

    1. I’m with you there, Ronald… Sorry if I indeed just misinterpreted your comment. This whole thing is really so confusing and infuriating, to say the very least!!!

      1. Not confusing. Just think, Money=thievery. Where is the money? in the state treasury. where are all the thieves? in the gov’t.. Who are the thieves? elected members of gov’t. and appointees!

        What is so confusing? they are all thieves, its simple, not confusing! how can you tell when one of them is lying? when their lips are moving. see? simple!

  6. Isn’t the whole speech kinda moot to begin with?
    He is trying to do some sort of damage control, but everything has exploded in his face and I doubt there’s anything left to repair his image at this point.

    1. The language of the speech shows that he was actually appealing to the known weaknesses of the Filipinos masses (limitations in judging intelligently, aversion to thinking deeply, crassness, oversentimentality, etc.) in the hope that they can neutralize or confuse them into inaction/indifference on the issues hounding him or even rally them behind him.

  7. What a cringeworthy attempt at self preservation by pnoy aquino. Cowardly, childish, and predictable.

    “The 4 rules of the pnoy aquino blame game

    1. If something has gone wrong (or is not the way it should be), then someone other than myself must be identified and blamed for
    causing the situation.
    2. This person/s’ malfeasance diminishes the respect he/she deserves as a person.
    3. So, it is permissible (and only fitting) to treat this person/s in ways he/she deserves to be treated such as ignoring, name-calling.
    4. I must not accept any significant degree of responsibility for the
    situation inasmuch as to do so would be to admit that I am myself also diminished as a person, and therefore deserving of the same disapprobation and negative treatment.”

  8. Why do I always feel every time PNoy makes a speech he is somewhat confiding, addressing not to the Filipinos but to an imaginary friend… Wink! Excerpt…”if you think this can stop me from going after you,…”

    1. He’s just trying to sound “astig” coz he knows that’s what appeals to the Filipino masses (ala-Fernando Poe or Estrada)…

  9. The dictator BS Aquino keeps on repeating the Matuwid na daan mantra… He applies the repeat the great lie Goebbels technique over and over as it finally appears to be the truth. Hindi na matuwid na daan… Baliw na daan na ngayon patungo sa baliw sa kapangyarihan at baliw sa kayamanan ng kaban ng bayan! Resign BS Aquino!!! Magnanakaw kaw at linilinlang mo ang taong bayan!

  10. PDAF = corruption, dynastic rule, and patronage politics
    DAP = election war chest, presidential slush fund,
    PNOY = hypocricy, deceit, self-interest

    Pinnochios nose grew at every lie, pnoy aquino loses more hair with every lie he tells.

    What a despicable individual pnoy aquino is, who noone respects and who only provide support when being bribed/paid. No pdaf/dap means no aquino.

  11. Aquino is like a boy, with both his hands stuck in a cookie jar. Then shouting to high heavens, on his cahoot Media. That he is not stealing cookies.
    People have eyes, you don’t have to tell them. They have also brains to think.
    If the reality in our country, lags behind what you have spoken and claimed in the media. With your credibility as wide as the cracks of the earth, left by the recent earthquake. Then, your people will not take you seriously. We are tired of politicians who keep barking, but cannot bite. They cannot deliver, what they promised.

  12. LISTEN Benigno, I get that you do not like the guy. BUT, he could not have been raised by TWO DEAD POLITICIANS! Because they are dead, one has been DEAD since 1983!

    WHEN will the FILIPINO people realize that they are all thieves? Each and every one of the politicians: From Baranguay Capitan to Mayor to Senator to Congressman and Chief Executive.

    What did the CJ lose? NOTHING!!! You accuse the railroading of the CJ out of office as if he were innocent. When it was plainly shown that he took P4million($100,000.00USD) to FUCK the PAL employees and the woman who proved it, PROVED IT!!! she was not lying!!!

    This has all been seen before and for call for one Man’s political end will accomplish NOTHING! LOOK AT THE HISTORY: from Marcos to Estrada to Arroyo and the Aquino’s. They are all part of the same game plan and to call one a thief and not the other is to miss the POINT!

    COMPLETELY!!! they all come back to Filippine politics even after conviction, SO? Estrada…CONVICTED….THE MARCOS FAMILY…run out of the country and yet…THERE THEY SIT! and all the rest of the sleazy scambags!


  13. @ benignO

    What’s the big deal about a 10 billion peso pork barrel scam? $250M US dollars? This is a drop in the bucket if you look at scams in other countries. The top 2 players in the NBA make this $$$. Move on my friend, this subject is past its shelf life.

    1. I get it, you’re a yellow zombie masquerading as a simple netizen who’s become jaded with the goings-on in the country just so he can convince the people to drop the topic and move on. Maybe a Malacanang lackey paid to kill the issue? Wow, I guess you’re right after all, I really am so simple-minded as not to have realized it right away! Well, sorry, but it seems the issue’s here to stay, at least here at GRP.

    2. @LA702

      But the problem is that we are not other countries and 10B PHP is quite a big amount for a third world country. And even though it is happening in different parts of the world, it doesn’t make it right or at least acceptable.

  14. Our situation is like: our house is infested with Cockroaches. They are even running over your face, while you are sleeping. What would you do?

    1. Fumigate the pests.

    2. Live with them. Because they have been there, ever since.

    3. Pray and hope, they will go away.

    Anyway, Cockroaches were the ultimate survivors, in this planet earth; compared to any species. Because, they can eat everything. They can even run fast. And their antenaes are
    are sensitive to any sound. They even outlived the Dinosaurs. Sounds like our politicians?

  15. “The entire process that led to his ouster was driven by politics first and legality a far second.”

    Isn’t it rather, family first; politics, second; and legality is never considered?

  16. Pigs will fly before pnoy aquino tells the truth.
    Give the swine the chop.
    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear, or an honest man out of an aquino.

    1. You really think that your precious president is still clean? Looks like you are trying to grab more than you can handle here since you keep insisting that those 3 are the only ones who are involved in the pork barrel scam.
      Get real, Troll.

      1. That’s how clueless he is, thinking that the 3 he mentioned are the only ones guilty, while claiming Pnoy as the cleanest of them all. He has sh__ for brains. Ginagago na ng harap harapan, todo depensa pa rin, you must like being effed from behind, john c. jacinto!

  17. Absolute power corrupts absolutely like a president the buck stops with him if the Philippine ppl do not realize he is wiping out all that are against him like all before him when he is out then jail for him and the cronies did he grab funds yes it seams funny to me all the prominent government agency’s are run buy department of finance if napolis needs a bathe tub then president needs a dump truck to hide it all
    wake up ppl impeach and find a new system

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