CNN’s Anderson Cooper versus Noynoy Aquino on the Typhoon Yolanda situation: like fact versus fiction

There is now an ongoing battle for the truth about the real situation in typhoon-ravaged areas amidst the tragedy that is still unfolding a week after super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) left the Philippines. On one side, members of the international media are giving factual reports from the ground at the disaster zone. On the other side are people from Malacanang including President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino who are giving a much rosier update from a cozier distance.

Telling it like it is in Tacloban: CNN's Anderson Cooper

Telling it like it is in Tacloban: CNN’s Anderson Cooper

While CNN journalist Anderson Cooper reporting from Tacloban City observed that he sees “no real evidence of organized recovery or relief” effort coming from the Philippine government where he is at, the same day President BS Aquino was giving a “reassuring” report during an interview with CNN studio reporter Christiane Amanpour that the Philippine government’s relief and rescue operations were well on its way. The President even said, “all national roads have been reopened and most national airports are back to operating levels”.

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Amanpour’s professionalism remained commendable despite her receiving some ambiguous responses from BS Aquino. Others would have asked for pictures as proof of the President’s claims, or else it hasn’t happened. In fact, ground reporter Cooper was actually reporting live and showing actual footage from the ruins of Tacloban airport. The picture he showed was grimmer.

Bluffing his way through an interview: President BS Aquino

Bluffing his way through an interview: President BS Aquino

From Cooper’s vantage point, there were hundreds of people sleeping at the airport because there was nowhere for them to go and if one would just walk three blocks away from the airport, there were also people sleeping in makeshift huts or out exposed to rains even lying next to the bodies of their loved ones because these had yet to be picked up. He said there was also very little water and food supply because there was no feeding station, which according to him, was what one would expect after five days. The journalist added that he only heard of talks about the airport being opened again by the US marines but it hadn’t happened yet. He warned that the situation is getting desperate and that sooner or later something is bound to give.

To make matters even stranger for outsiders like Cooper, Filipino news anchor Korina Sanchez who also happens to be the wife of Department of Interior and Local Government secretary, Mar Roxas became defensive and said that Cooper doesn’t know what he is talking about. Sanchez probably thought that her husband’s directing traffic on the streets of Tacloban could be considered a rescue operation. Thank goodness no one takes her seriously nowadays especially since she hasn’t even been to the disaster zone.

Cooper has covered quite a number of disasters overseas and he seemed to be in shock over the lack of real urgency in the Philippine government’s response to the tragedy. To quote:

When I was in Japan, right after the tsunami there two years ago, within a day or two, you had Japanese defense forces going out, carving up cities into grids and going out on foot looking for people, walking through the wreckage. We have not seen that here in any kind of large-scale operation.

It is too sad to hear Cooper say that it is not really clear to him and some of the international troops who exactly is in charge of the Philippine side of operations. The lack of real leadership in times of crises is now becoming obvious to the international community. As one reporter from ABC news claims, the Philippine government has become paralysed in the face of the disaster:

Villeamor Airbase – home of the Philippine Air Force and the main staging area for relief flights to the disaster zone – seems to be operating at half-speed. There is no thrum of activity, no evidence that there’s a real sense of urgency among the Philippine troops here. Every once in a while a civilian car pulls up and unloads a few boxes of goods some neighbors have collected. They put them on the sidewalk and drive away. A little while later, some Filipino troops (or reporters) move them inside. No method. No organization. It’s as if an earthquake hit southern California and Vandenburg or Nellis AFB were quiet and half-populated.

The U.S. Marines have swung into action, certainly. But there are just 215 of them right now, and they must coordinate with the Philippine government. As one high-ranking officer told me here about the host government, “They’re paralyzed.”

An Israeli Foreign Ministry official confirmed that impression privately to me. The Israeli team is here to assess what their country can contribute and where. Over the years, Israel has developed excellent field hospital capabilities that they’ve brought to disasters in Haiti and elsewhere.

But the Israelis, too, need to coordinate with the Philippine government. “When we ask them what they need, they tell us to talk to the Americans,” the official said.

The lack of leadership in the Philippines makes some Filipinos wish that foreign troops could just take over administration of the country forever. The Philippine government has become irrelevant. Members of congress are only good at grandstanding during Senate hearings in the guise of “aiding legislation” that hardly ever result in any significant outcomes.

Hopefully, the deaths of thousands of Filipinos during the super typhoon will not be in vain because this disaster is finally exposing the incompetence of the Aquino government not only to the rest of the Filipino people, but also to the rest of the international community.

Even back in 2011, the Aquino government was already being held accountable for the deaths of over a thousand people in Mindanao during typhoon Sendong. Kabataan party-list Representative Raymond Palatino already highlighted the Aquino government’s refusal to allot funds for disaster preparedness in the 2011 calamity fund. Fast forward to 2013, the Aquino government is certainly even less-prepared and ill-equipped to handle a much bigger disaster than Sendong.

It must be a real mystery to the international community why year after year, the Philippines is never prepared for the arrival of typhoons when in fact, during the interview with CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour, BS Aquino admitted that we get visited by at least 20 typhoons every year. It is as if the Philippine government has become desensitized to the people’s suffering when it comes.

The rest of the interview with BS Aquino was cringe-worthy as expected. Amanpour hardly got a straight answer even when she asked simple questions. When Amanpour asked, “How do you manage to reassure your people?” The President responded as if he was talking to someone stupid:

We have been able to demonstrate as a government and as a people collectively that we take care of each other and that the government’s initial response was reassuring to the vast majority of our people. Our ability to take care of our problems rather quickly…

Should the US military takeover administration of the Philippines?

Should the US military takeover administration of the Philippines?

I can imagine people shaking their heads in disbelief at BS Aquino’s claim that the “government’s initial response was reassuring”. The President doesn’t seem to be in touch with reality because chaotic scenes in video footage and photos being circulated around the world do not show a reassured public. Someone needs to inform BS Aquino that the Filipino public along with the rest of the world are actually worried about those who are starving and going mad with desperation.

In one of her final questions, Amanpour asked how BS Aquino would respond to people who will judge his Presidency on how his government responded to the crisis. His response seemed to trivialize the number of deaths caused by the super typhoon, which he claims is “only” about 2500. He kept emphasising that the government’s efforts to warn the public minimized the casualties and this time, did not include sinking ships:

I think you can ask all the governors of the areas that have been saying that our making them aware the dangers of the typhoon enabled them to move their population from danger areas into safer areas and thereby minimizing casualties. A lot of them with the exception of Leyte province, eastern and western Samar have reported practically of one or two or even zero casualties wherein normally when we have a typhoon, we will also have ships that were travelling that would have sunk casualties in the hundreds, probably merit too much attention. So the knowledge, the geo hazard mapping, the knowledge imparted to all of them enabled them to reduce the risk inherent in all the disasters that visit us.

It was hard to filter out all the bullshit, indeed. One death is one too many. For BS Aquino however, if the number of casualties is less than 10,000, it is an indication that the casualties were minimized and it is thanks to the efforts of his government. Never mind the fact that he is not even basing his statements on any formal statistics.

The battle to find the truth about the true state of the Philippines will continue. Let us hope the international community will not give up on the Filipino people and help win back the Philippines from the lies of the Aquino regime.

[Photo of US military plane courtesy]

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      1. @rallion

        If you’re referring to marvin…well at least he’s pretty smart in thinking that our government sucks.

        Okay lang kahit hindi marurunong mag english at least marunong mag isip!

  1. So much for the so called “Independence” the PH has been fighting for in its bygone years. Little kid just can’t let go of daddy USA and become a real man.

    What are those morons doing in Manila? I sure hope they get caught attending some grand party because that would really bring the house down literally.

  2. Mr.Cooper please,please,please go to Sulangan,Guiuan Estern Samar,coz we dnt have any news about my relatives there,the news team of abs-cbn and GMA they are focus only in the tacloban,how about the other cities or brgy?please help me fine my relatives there Maria”maring”Caberio-Abrajano my aunte,Marshall Caberio Abrajano my cousin,please please fine them,my heartful request..i dnt now f my ingles s correct but i dnt care coz me and my family here are so desperated..if u fine them please give my cp.#tm 09264759717, 09106443386 hre in Hinundayan Southern Leyte.thank you for reading my message,take care always

  3. pesteng yawa talaga ang governemnt nang pilipinas…. walang mga pinag aralan and walang mga commonsence… puro kase kurakot ang nasa isip eh… mga Gago……. bakit hinde mag triage and prioritize,\. Nasan na yong mga health officials and mga city officials na dapat nag handa na bago pa nang yari and bagyo? didnt they have any plan on what to do ater the typhoon? i know… probably not… kase maybe they didn’t have enough money and resources to plan ahead of tim… mga pusang gala kayo.. mga bobo.. puro pera ang pinapa asal,,,,tang inahit tagalaga… i will go back to the philippines and run for office… first thing na ibabalik ko ay death penalty lalo na sa mga nangungurakot…….. mga walang hiya.. at walang pusong mga politician… mga putang ina nyo!!!!!!!!

    1. Everything but the death penalty… You kin of went a little overboard there. I agree as well with the other stuff you said though.

      Strangely enough, the Philippines trains and educates more nurses than any other country in the world. At least, that how it seems based on the amount of nurses I’ve seen at international hospitals. So they’re are fully capable intelligent people in this country who can be activated to help in the ravaged provinces. I think that it is up to the Filipinos to take it upon themselves to organize and help where they can. You have trained engineers, doctors, nurses, that can help. Don’t wait for instruction from the gov’t. Just do it.

    2. Problema dyan pre.. kahit ano pang hiyaw gawin ng pinoy online.. wala pa rin pake yang mga yan.. kahit mamatay lahat ng tao sa leyte at samar dahil sa gutom o sakit la pa rin pakialam yang mga yan.. pusta ako iniisip nila mababawasan na ang botong bibilhin sa susunod na eleksyon..

  4. To all Countries,,


    1. the Phil. Government,..i dont know how Pres. Aquino see the situation right now in tacloban…but one thing for sure many of our fellow filipino is starving and asking help in the Phil. government…
      many countries are helping right now to give relief goods and help,..think about it if other countries doesnt help,what will happen…
      the Phil. government should double their action,are they enjoying what is happening to our fellow filipino in tacloban city?…act fast Government…

  5. It is really shame to see the President in the Philippines didn’t show any compassion to the Tacloban people. He came only in one place but what about the other provinces in Busuanga and other remote areas that lost their lives, too. Isn’t a president should be a leader of the country and not a coward. He should watch his own people, by giving them immediate needs. Where was he? he just disappeared for how many days and never showed. The President has no leadership and no concern. He doesn’t know what to do. I hope and pray Mr. Benigno Aquino , please wake up and do your job. That is one reason why they voted for you to take care your own people, but you left them alone. Think about it!!!!!

    1. It goes to show how Noynoy is. People are now seeing his true colors and how cruel he can be. He’s just plain coward and irresponsible. He’s incompetent and yet people voted for him. It’s sad that the president isn’t doing anything for his country and all he does is sit.

  6. Aquno qualifies for having Narcissistic Personaltiy Disorder

    One of the most important symptoms of pathological narcissism (the Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is grandiosity. Grandiose fantasies (megalomaniac delusions of grandeur) permeate every aspect of the narcissist’s personality. They are the reason that the narcissist feels entitled to special treatment which is typically incommensurate with his real accomplishments. The Grandiosity Gap is the abyss between the narcissist’s self-image (as reified by his False Self) and reality.

    narcissists have no loyalties, no values, no doctrines, no beliefs, no affiliations, and no convictions. Their only constraint is their addiction to human attention, positive or negative.

    Narcissists can’t afford to shut out the world because they so heavily depend on it for the regulation of their labile sense of self-worth. Owing to this dependence, they are hypersensitive and hypervigilant, alert to every bit of new data. They are continuously busy rearranging their self-delusions to incorporate new information in an ego-syntonic manner.

    Narcissists are never divorced from reality – they crave it, and need it, and consume it in order to maintain the precarious balance of their disorganised, borderline-psychotic personality

    1. You said it better than I ever did.

      Also narcissist doesn’t have any compassion. All they care about is themselves and they tend to pity themselves. Noynoy didn’t show any compassion for the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

      They are childish and infantile. Noynoy is an example of this.

      Narcissist also are dead inside… meaning that they are frozen in a certain age. Noynoy acts like a child whenever he’s faced with criticism.

  7. Hindi nya alam ang pinagsasabi nya kamo? Typical dumb pinoy mindset from what she said. Anderson Cooper already saw what is really wrong on Tacloban because he was actually there all the time while koring here is just sitting her ass in dzmm at Quezon city with the aircon towards her bitching stupid BS. Ang hirap kasi sa karamihan ng local media parang akala mo mga showbiz personality sila. And if those dumb flips still mark him as evil only because he’s a foreigner, then what do you call him letting a victim use his satellite phone to call that victim’s relatives in Manila and tell them the good and bad news that they’re alive and their mother died respectively?

  8. Aquino Assasination – Marcos Conspiracy (past)

    President BS Aquino – Mrs. Imelda Marcos hometown (Tacloban City)

    Ignorance – Payback

    1. It has been more than 2 decades and they could not prove any connection that FM had Ninoy assassinated.

      While BS Aquino and Tacloban, that is more clear cut. Although I think even if other cities/places are involved, they would still be as incompetent as they are now.

      1. and your point with regards to the marcoses? People are useless when only the mouth is moving… the red cross need help packing goods.

        1. And now you’re changing the subject with that marcos is evil BS of yours. You’re listening too much of your aquino-cojuanco mafias propaganda you noytard.

        2. hey how much have you donated anyway,, can you give us back all our tax money? so you can have the right to tell us what to do. idiot. hang yourself with your worshipped yellow ribbon.

  9. Mr Anderson, I’m a filipino and I believe in you.. I don’t believe what our politicians are telling, most of them are only thinking what or how to benefit from all of this…

  10. After all this, if BS Aquino is really that confindent in his leadership, I challenge him to conduct snap elections, no fiesta campaigning, just no BS plain and simple election, and forget the Hocus PCOS, Comelec and BS survey. Just the Filipinos counting.

    We need a new leader, not just the executive but all levels, we need a complete overhaul.

    BS Aquino has humiliated us too many times, while the rest of the Philippines is suffering.

    I say, stone him to death, including all the rest of his greedy KKKK.

      1. Alright, tutulong kami. And then… WHAT? Gusto mo ganito na lang palagi? The current status quo is more important to you than accepting the need for things to change?

        Tumulong ka na lang MAG-ISA. TBH, I can do BOTH at the same time. Ugh. -_-

        1. it’s the sign of the times, these super storms. it will happen to them or someone they care about. and this is how they want the government to respond. wow!

        2. dont ask what your deserving government can do for you,but ask yourself what you can do to your good government,simply because the filipino electorate deserves the kind of government that they have.,..

        3. The people who have been campaigning for a better leader and a better system do not deserve this kind of government.

    1. that what im waiting for. wala na akong nakitang matinong presidente. pero ngayon lang sa tanang buhay ko,, kung magkakaron ng rally, ngayon lang ako sasama. hindi lang corrupt government ang meron ngayon, inutil government pa.

      1. He is a puppet of the ruling class. He will be removed when they get tired of him. Then they will push to get Binay in there if they can have influence.

        It was done that way when they got tired of Estrada. That was a bloodless coup but it really showed that you are not a constitutional republic and when the tide changes the rats run fast to another ship.

  11. Sanchez doesn’t know that she’s talking about. I’ve got colleagues who are there in ground zero – some of them victims, some of them went there to do relief operations – and they will agree with what Anderson Cooper had said.

    I would be surprised if she ever goes to Tacloban. Jessica Soho would (she did go to Afghanistan) but Sanchez? Nah. Highly doubt it if that prissy woman can bear even a whiff of the stench of death.

  12. the money sent to help victims may land on the pockets of the politicians & family. Mr Cooper thanks for your help. please look after where the money goes. most financial aids from abroad get distributed among corrupt officials.Pls don’t leave the Philippines so ehere would be one at least true news. and perhaps to tract the cash. Thank you mr.Cooper, God bless you.

  13. Please, make sure that money donations from various countries will be used to build houses, schools hospitals, roads and livelyhoods for all the victims of typhoon. Don’t let the politicians gets involved to any recovery plan..please!!! It should go to the most needy not those greedy and corrupt politicians in the Philippines.

  14. Four to five days passed and I have a nephew named Erwin Velacruz who could not be contacted by his family in Manila. Family in Manila is too poor to go to Tacloban to search for them. Could Mr. Cooper help trace for my nephew? We can’t rely on the government.

    1. He’s got photos/videos of the situation in Tacloban, and he is there, physically. Are you saying it is all BS just because he is, as you say CIA asset? What is your point? Is BS Aquino telling the truth then from hundreds of kilometers away?

  15. c sanchez ang hindi alam ang sinasabi,hindi c anderson,pusang iring ka!c anderson pa ung nasa ground zero samantalang ikaw nasa airconed room nag papasarap! namputsa kayo!!!!!!!

  16. I do not remember Cooper being upset about the lack of Pres. George Bush slow response after Hurricane Katrinka in New Orleans in 2005. Or the continuing lack of support for the people in the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill. It is always easy to criticize Brown and Black people who are kept poor by the White Supremacy.

    1. In fairness to CNN reporter, we, both black & brown do it to ourselves. Hurricane Katrina caused damage that was more extensive due to corruption & leaders not repairing/constructing levees and other aqueducts in & around the city of New Orleans. Most of these leaders were black. Leaders in the Philippines & America learned these things from their white European counterparts, so we (brown & black) need to stop perpetrating the fraud. The fact that it is wrong, gives credence to call out Aquino & the powers that be. Do something for the Filipino & quit skirting the issue(s).

    2. I remember, after the bickering between the Gov of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans stopped, State of Emergency was declared and the bullshit (pardon my foul language) stopped when Genral Honore’ hit the ground… No such Commander, either civilian or otherwise, exists here in the Philippines.

  17. Cooper is hardly in any position to the things you are asking him to.

    Really, looking for a relative through Cooper? Let us not add more humiliation to the Philippines. You look for your own relatives if you do not want/expect the government to do it. Get your butt there, hitch a ride or walk, if you really want to find them.

  18. That’s the bitter reality… For over a decade or so yan ang pilit na pinagtatakpan ng bias at anti-progress na media natin. Parating puri at hindi mabalita ang totoo. Thanks to this guy, no ifs no buts… Bluntly told the world how incompetent our government really is, a bane for the Filipino people. Mga palamunin at kurakot. We need to overhaul this downward spiral system.

    1. Hello everyone..Mr.Cooper is being honest.He saw what happen in Tacloban..We just accept the fact that our Goverment is mabagal !!!imagine naman po until now nagreport ni Atom Araullo na 5 days napo hindi pa nabigyan ang ibang kababayan natin ng Food etc!!sabi po ni Madam Soliman nagbigay napo pero kung titingnan natin ang balita at mga tao umiiyak sila kasi wala silang makain at mainom yun po bah ay ok?!!imagine po sa part natin 1 meal or 2 meals magskip tayo kumain sobra napong gutom yan at super sakit sa ulo at tyan pero sa tacloban 5days napo wala maayos na pagkain!!sus magyosip!!!Please naman po yung Goverment natin unahin yung pag-kain ng tao hindi puro sat2x…Sa umpisa palang po alam na nyo na may BAGYO dba?sana po may budget naman tayo yung mga tax na binabayaran namin sa work at etc pa sana nag prepare na kayo ng Food at Water para pagkatapos ng bagyo READY napo!!AS IN ang BAGAL nyo PO!!!Thank you

  19. It seems that Mr. Cooper has single handedly destroyed the falsehood that the yellow media has been spewing for 2 decades now. I commend Mr. Cooper for telling the whole world just how incompetent Mr. Aquino is. The yellowtards are clearly not happy that their president has been exposed as a total FRAUD.

    The end is near…..

  20. Tacloban City after Yolanda is an affirmation that President Aquino is incapable of running a country. PERIOD! He is stupid and so are the people around him. STUPID AND CORRUPT. WHAT A SHAME.

  21. For those who are not Filipinos I understand why you think Mr. Cooper sounds racist.. but for Filipinos like me and who knows the truth.. we agree with him. Our president– though in no way am I blaming him of any tragedy– but he is all lies and all show-manship. He is sooo good in blaming others and always talking and saying he did this and that.. but if you know him better he is all talks. For our kababayan in Leyte and other affected areas — kayanon nato ni. Pinoy gud ta! God is merciful and gracious and we will be able to withstand these trials. Thank you for those people who have helped us.. for those countries who have shared their blessings. Salamat kaau.

  22. Everyone knows what happened or do you? Power lines were cut, cell sites were off, roads were impassable and the airport was unlandable and yet you say nothing was done? Do you guys even see machines in these areas? No! maybe it took bares hands to clear the roads, make the airport functionable, bring back the power and restore mobile signal. Please think again before you say the government is not doing anything.

    1. “Bare hands to clear the roads”… now that is purely stoopid.

      Ok, so maybe not “not doing anything” but “not doing enough” to even leave a dent with the calamity this massive. Also you are saying clearing of roads, other major services…. that is your LGU at work. National level on the other hand is naught.

      1. LGU structure? bgone after the storm. All of you who are so busy criticizing the government’s efforts should go to the disaster areas and see for yourself if anyone — or any single country on earth could have prepared a disaster of that magnitude…. or cope with the mind-boggling relief and rescue requirements in the aftermath of the typhoon.

        1. You see, jay ramos, I have been through calamities similar to that magnitude, one is 1990 earthquake in baguio city. Now clearing of the roads and airports, restoring elctricity and communications was the first to be addressed. Common sense dictates, why do a thing with your bare hands, when you have your equipments. I am sure that not 100% of the equipments are useless even after 5 days of the typhoon. Neighboring municipilaties/provinces, helped clear the major road arteries from their end. I am sure this can be done (or maybe being done) there too.

          The bottom line is this, if there is no real leader who will direct, coordinate and manage the efforts then the governments efforts would still seem slow, kahit hirap na hirap na kayo.

      2. You are talikng as if you have experience in emergency mitigation. Or its just cheap talk. Whats wrong with us as a people is that, we talk too much, we complain a lot. Tumulong kanalng.

        1. Just ask Gordon or any COMPETENT guy for that issue. Keep on defending INCOMPETENT schmucks and you just prove yourself that YOU are part of the problem.

          You’re just ignorant. Look at your comments. 😀

        2. And yet your trolling here has no substance and not helping at all. Go back on licking pnoy’s ass you noytard.

        3. yeah idiot,, why you have time to read all the comments and reply while you’re packing the reliefs. pakawala ni noynoy.

    2. THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING LESS. You and the other government officials don’t know the best provinces where help should come from to the affected region. You don’t even know what to prioritize in times like these. Live in Mindanao, the remote parts, and you’ll learn how they live, that if you’re smart enough to survive.

      Your profile is that of a rich person and let someone else do everything, even commanding without recognizing the factors.

    3. At the end of the day, the government will be measured by results, not by effort.

      Go ahead, tell the victims that “maybe it took bare hands to clear the roads, make the airport functionable, etc.” Go ahead, tell them to be a little more patient like they’ve already been for 5 days and counting.

      What Cooper implied, and what everybody knows, is that there is any leadership to speak of. The government doesn’t seem to know what to do; to their credit they may have been overwhelmed as well. But this isn’t the first calamity that the Aquino government has faced and it certainly will not be the last. They’ve had more than ample opportunity to learn from past calamities; they apparently have not.

  23. That’s the real situation in Tacloban after 5 days. Anderson is just showing to the world the current situation which has “no real evidence of organized recovery or relief”. Pres. Aquino and the rest of the gov’t official doesn’t like it and should take it as a challenge indeed.

  24. About 30 mins ago on CNN, Anderson Cooper effectively “Bitch-Slapped” all those who claim his reporting was untruthful! If Korina thinks Cooper is wrong, then get your ABS-CBN crew to prove it! Otherwise, Korina and the rest of the Noytards at ABS-CBN, have a hot steaming cup of Shut -The-Fuck-Up!

  25. Aquino’s advisers are stupid. Why get help all the way from Manila? Cebu is the best area to send help. Yet, Cebu is not being tapped especially by the government. The private sectors however are taking advantage of sending relief goods, & not the government.

    Cebu has sea ports that can arrive in Ormoc port & Palompon port in just 4-8hrs. Cebu has Mactan Air Force and Camp Lapu-Lapu Military bases.

    Bureaucracy is killing the people.

  26. Hello everyone..Mr.Cooper is being honest.He saw what happen in Tacloban..We just accept the fact that our Goverment is mabagal !!!imagine naman po until now nagreport ni Atom Araullo na 5 days napo hindi pa nabigyan ang ibang kababayan natin ng Food etc!!sabi po ni Madam Soliman nagbigay napo pero kung titingnan natin ang balita at mga tao umiiyak sila kasi wala silang makain at mainom yun po bah ay ok?!!imagine po sa part natin 1 meal or 2 meals magskip tayong kumain sobra napong gutom yan at super sakit sa ulo at tyan pero sa tacloban 5days napo walang maayos na pagkain at tubig!!sus magyosip naman po maawa naman po kayo …wala bah kayo kunsenya..yung mga tulong baka kinukurakot ng iba Diyos ko po matakot kayo sa Diyos ang pera hindi madadala sa kamatayan!!!Please naman po yung Goverment natin unahin yung pag-kain ng tao hindi puro sat2x at interview!!SHAME PO YAN!!!…Sa umpisa palang po alam na nyo na may BAGYO dba?sana po may budget naman tayo yung mga tax na binabayaran namin sa work at etc pa sana nag prepare na kayo ng Food at Water para pagkatapos ng bagyo READY napo!!AS IN ang BAGAL nyo PO!!!Please naman po Mr.President yung mga tao nyo paki advise lang po at eh pressure na double time!!kasi yung mga tao wala napong pagkain…tayo nga ang swerte natin kasi hindi nangyari sa atin….what if darating ang panahon mangyari yan sa atin bilong po ang mundo ang dami papong mangyayari..Thank you

  27. Americans are trying hard helping the people of the Philippines who are devastated by the thyphoon but the government itself are nowhere to be found… What had happened to tacloban people breaks the heart of the many.. The relief efforts and donations are outpouring here in the US to help the victims. The Philippine government should be ashamed for not stepping out helping their own people. Where are they! There are still bodies waiting to be found, there are more people that need to be feed, there are more people who needs shelter. When Pacquio fight is on the Philippine politicians are out in Las Vegas enjoying the show and they cannot even help their people.

  28. Media firms are busy counting the donations and even updating the public as to how much and from whom. That is BS. They should show how the millions of dollars and tons of food are distributed to the starving families. Papogi lang lahat no effective results. Partisan kasi

  29. The government is all talk. After 5 days since the typhoon, most are still desperate. What’s reassuring about that? Filipinos are resilient and can survive even the strongest typhoon there is, but will die eventually of hunger and thirst because the govern m e n t i s v er y s s s sllll o o o wwwwwwwww……

  30. Sad to say but that is really how our government and never our country will be rich and progress unless we find a leader with ambition and heart to serve.

    1. A disaster this magnitude should be controlled first & foremost by show of Police or Military
      security force contingency. prior to any sort of relief distribution. The load of the first relief provision & supply should have been done my aerial delivery, not only in Tacloban but all over the provincial area that was hit by the typhoon. 48 hrs is the breaking point. That’s when masses of desperate people will start contemplating of the self survival mentality. Second wave of relief supply will be designated by the ground force for distribution via airmobile delivery with drop site or zone area having a security contingency for proper order. This will give the Natl. Gov. enough time to re-organized the select a specific warehouse to store & secure the wave’s of relief provision. On the 4th day, there should be a specific location safe for setting up a small camp fence up with contingency of security for massive move of evacuation personal. Then it can be called disaster Base camp # 1 complete with portable water supply & porta potty for waist management, this will be re-followed by a second disaster Base Camp # 2 & so on. Medical emergency can be conducted and the base camp, & set communication center, generators then the LGU & Natl. Gov. can pre plan future recovery & cleaning up the disaster area. This will also alleviate looters in the city, since curfew will be implemented. only authorized personal will patrol the night. Rebel’s will take advantage of the chaos since the show of security & force is very minimal. Each designated base camp will then direct critical needs & issue to keep the flow of supply & provision. Utilized USMC Osprey & USN rotor craft for SAR Search & Air Rescue while constantly dropping relief provision supply. The air mobile can also transport survivors to base camp. The DWPH & other Natl support can then conduct clean up the roads & Hwy. without constant disturbance from POV. Private Own Vehicle. This will minimize the exodus of other survivor from Tacloban to west in Ormoc, which also have been awaiting for relief provision supply.Police & Military check point should be re-directed to supply drop zone. by having base camp recovering & accountability will be compounded & easy to locate missing personal. a Temporary mortuary should be established for accountability.We Filipino’s are brilliant in every aspect of re-organization, but lets act immediately since the situation calls
      for rapid respond team. Every seconds, minutes, hours, are very critical to save lives for the survivor. Other western province was hit, it should be also attended simultaneously. This my personal comments & suggestion, its a old standard, base mostly from the experience in Katrina that hit Louisiana, & South West of USA.

      from my IDOL B.A.

  31. OK…so lets just say Cooper is wrong, he doent know what he is saying and Mr. President is right no one was killed in Tacloban and everything is fine……whats next?????

    Sit wit the president and drink some wine? and discuss the strategy for the next election????

    Mr. Cooper is just trying to wake us up. We know something is wrong with the government and we need to tell it to the government. just like what they do to Marcos. Are you afraid to take your own medicine?

  32. When it comes from Sanchez vs. Cooper on who’s right and who’s wrong..I think the fact that Cooper is on site seeing the destruction left behind by Yolanda cements his credible news report. Unlike Sanchez who is in the studio, and still is right now since I think it is her show on the radio if I’m not mistaken.

    That’s the sad thing about it, it puts the
    “PINOY PRIDE” to shame. If we had a different president, would they have done it differently ?

    This isn’t racist or bigotry, it’s an issue that is about the helplessness of the people and how our own government snails its way to help them out. No wonder they say it is paralyzed, actions speak louder than words..and it is seen with this.

    1. Action is Mar Roxas directing traffic during the aftermath of the typhoon.

      Action is Pnoy, going there immediately to chew the local officials, without realizing that said officials are also typhoon victims themselves.

      Action is Pnoy, interviewd by Amanour, telling everybody that its only 2500 not 10000 and everything is reassuring then went on blaming again.

      1. Action in a snail’s pace, thinking in a snail’s pace…leadershit at best.

        Directing traffic lol, that was hilarious…just so it will look like he’s “doing” something.

        Chewing on local officials…again the same old crap of blaming other people because it is convenient…as if blaming them can change anything…oh wait..that will only mean he will have more haters! 😀

        Yup, I saw that online…that is just shameful for a man of such position..just can’t stop blaming others for their own shortcomings…

        To add to this, it was also said on the interview that we are being visited by more than 20 typhoons a year..and yet preparations remain poor at best..which actually sucks to be honest.

        Anyway, Just a question..Did we ever have a president or a leader that truly cared about this country?…Something tells me nobody ever did.

  33. The resilency of the Filipino people has veen abused where justice has not been delivered well by those governing the country. There have been several cases of corruption, bad governance and the like. The country is still sick.It needs a doctor from outside the country. Not a Filipino or we rather choose to become like Guam, a state of US where the people enjoy what the ordinary American in the mainland enjoys.

  34. It’s really tells a lot about the government when the entire world cares more about the situation than they do. Heck, the president even practically gave them the proverbial finger.

  35. Anderson has nothing to gain by lying about the situation whereas PNoy is always doing “papogi” that he is being a good president.

  36. I would agree n disagree to a certain point. First and foremost we are being compared to Japan… not a third world country. More disciplined than filipinos and listen to theor government… yes the support is slow.. I agree but what can u do when things fall apart and do not have the man power to fix it.. communication was out.. no way to get in and out. . No transportation due to being wiped out of the flood… no power to produce anything what are going to do? Not like here in the stayes where you have everything. Its a 3rd world country where the rich are in top and the poor as you can see took a massive hit… so don’t compare philippines to japan as the countrys are night and day. Anderson Cooper will never understand as he lives in a country spoiled with riches. And I agree the fact that the government needs to step up.. but wjat do you expect. . Its been like that for years

    1. Are you saying then, that it is just fine for the people to suffer because we live in a 3rd world country? That mentality is stuck like booger to the majority of the Filipinos, that is the main reason we have a mediocre government, mediocre government officials and a S__T for brains president.

    2. What we expect is for actual effort to at least be present in the areas hit by the storm. Sure, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the same level as Japan, but it’s already been almost a week and little change has been reported. Even most countries would have at least had supplies being distributed at this point. Here, they haven’t even cleaned out the bodies littered all over the place.

    3. I don’t think that Cooper doesn’t understand what’s going on. It’s you who doesn’t understand or maybe just so dumb to understand that Cooper is a reporter who has been to a lot of situations similar to this. And besides, he was just reporting based on what he was seeing.

    4. Then perhaps the Philippines needs to step up. Nobody said that the Philippines needs to be like japan, but the Philippines COULD certainly be better than what it is showing now. Ironic that for a country that gets 20+ typhoons a year, we have very little to show in terms of being prepared for it. Instead, Filipinos insist on pwede-na-yan, bahala-na, and “the Filipino spirit is waterproof” mumbo-jumbo.

      Comparisons like that will persist. Tough luck for Filipinos as they have yet to show that they can be good in absolute terms.

      It’s been like that for years – and it will be like that for years because Filipinos don’t like to complain in a structured manner, and because they don’t like being criticized.

      The Filipinos get the government they deserve, and one that represents them. They put in the same corrupt and indifferent bozos every single time.

    5. So what you are saying is that because we’re a ‘3rd world’ country, we should have lower expectations about what our government should be doing? So only citizens of developed countries should expect their governments to be efficient in times of crisis? This kind of thinking is the reason for the apathy that’s so common to us, Filipinos. Apathy that leads to us putting inefficient, stupid and all-talk-no-action people into power.

    6. what will you do Peter if you have encountered a major problem wherein your life is threaten? would you just sit back and admit that you lack the capacity to overcome such situation? thats why you are given the brains to think what would you do to counter and act immediately to save your life. your mentality is like your leader who just accept things and blame other to save himself on lack of leadership. whats the cost of hiring helicopters to do search and rescue and making food drops? is our govt cant afford that?it can be executed even just for few hours you can deliver but what had just happen it No Search and Rescue happen and lot of people could have been save and the worst part of it that those who survived had nothing just to eat cause the lack of our government leaders had not even initiated to do some research on what could they have done in this kind of situation and they continuously doing it from the past calamities

    7. Actually, Peter D, Anderson Cooper does know what he’s saying. He has done/anchored a lot of disaster news coverage and every single time, he does not fail to criticize what needs attention. He’s not comparing Japan to the Phils. in terms of economic status, he’s pointing out the lack of compassion of the government. In Japan, he was able to witness how soldiers even went barefoot while going thru the rubbles to find bodies on day 2 whereas here, he said it would have been understandable if no help was seen during the first day through the fourth day but it was day 5 already and roads have been cleared since sunday. He does not understand why no help has been given, no one has arrived and yet he and his news team were able to get there. People can only last a few days without food and water. If they didn’t die during the typhoon, they will die of hunger. That is what’s frustrating him.

    8. You’re obviously implying that Philippines as a 3rd world country is very hopeless. Do me a favor and kill yourself. You’re just a problem not a solution.

  37. This is what all the relief organizations should do:

    Forget waiting for the PI government to take the lead. Just get on private planes and helicopters and dropship the supplies across the areas of devastation. In the end, Filipinos will blame their own government for their lack of action.

  38. Peter D: I don’t think that Cooper doesn’t understand what’s going on. It’s you who doesn’t understand or maybe just so dumb to understand that Cooper is a reporter who has been to a lot of situations similar to this. And besides, he was just reporting based on what he was seeing.

  39. It is unfair to compare the relief action of the Japan tsunami to the situation in Tacloban. In Japan the tsunami only affected the coastal areas and maybe a few kilometers from the coast, thus the roads network leading to the coastal areas where still intact and accessible, whereas Tacloban and the whole of Leyte province has a different situation, all access roads leading to the city were clogged with debris and airport was damaged, making the city completely isolated.

    1. I don’t think the difference in the graveness of the situation between what happened in Japan during the tsunami and what’s happened to the Central Philippines provinces is the point. The point, for me, is government efficiency in dealing with natural disasters. The Japanese government was efficient enough to roll out relief aid (theirs and from international donors) as quickly as possible. It took our government 5 days to get their act together to deploy relief to the victims of the typhoon, and hindered international relief actors into doing their jobs.

  40. Being a 3rd world country is not an excuse…being prepared doesnt caregorize any country…we were gven ample warning by local and international weather centers but how come the national governmant itself was not prepared for the devastation brought about by typhoon haiyan to our country and to our fellowmen…they just give warning and warning and more warning but they didnt do anything abt it.the national government being in manila less likely hit by the storm then y didnt they deployed thousands of relief goods before the typhoon landfell so that minutes or even hours after the super typhoon they can already extend assistance.they r already estimating the wreck that supertyphoon haiyan will bring even b4 it entered the phil area of responsibility then how come even up to now 6 days after the storm people r still starving

  41. The issue does not matter if you are in a third or first world country. The issue is what’s being done. It’s almost been a week, where is the help? Shouldn’t we have been prepared since we have been warned almost a week before the storm hit? Shouldn’t the government have been prepared or atleast had the foresight of the possible wreckage? We get hit with 20 plus typhoons a year, hello? A lot of donations has come in, and probably, a lot of pockets are being filled …

  42. The best way that we can do is to help each other the fastest way,comments and comparison will no longer help the country,we have different situations,cultures,attitudes and even habits,what is important is the recovery period,,the immediate need of the,shelter,medecines,clean water and the complete understanding of the situation and what action we can do for early recovery,we appreciate the kind help of every country but at the end of the day the REAL FILIPINO NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE WILL REMAIN..we will RISE AGAIN.

    1. Did you even read what you wrote? Help each other, really, that is what you suggest?

      Reality…. people here most probably have their own day jobs to attend to (maybe you have too). The best help they (we) could give, we have given to the government already, month after month after month, in the form of taxes. It is now the government job how to get this resources utilized for the typhoon victims. Hence, the anger of the taxpayer why is it taking so long for it to get to where it’s needed.

      If you are saying other forms of help, such as donations, pledges, etc., I am sure majority here have done that.

      Stop it already with your “lets help each other”, “never say die”, and “filipinos will rise again”,….really dude, it ain’t helping.

      1. “Stop it already with your “lets help each other”, “never say die”, and “filipinos will rise again”,….really dude, it ain’t helping.”

        Er, especially when 2,000+ people have *actually* died.

        1. I believe the number is closer to 5,000 now. Double BS Aquino claim, half of the estimate made by a police colonel.

          I see how the administration is so compassionate with people who say any bad news. BS way to deal with someone who based on what he saw on the ground gets sacked while BS Aquino can sugar coat from Malacanang.

        2. Tom, iI am glad people are finally catching with the lies of thi BS group posting a slogan ” Let us help each other. etc….” We all know they are busy trying to resurrect the BS group. It does not make sense, how can they encourage us to help when they are busy with their posting. If they are helping, they will not have the time here.

  43. The dangers of a highly centralize form of government..i kept on reminding all that Federalism is the best way to run this country…an all powerful Malacanang is not the answer and Pnoy is not a “god” he cannot be doing everything at the same time…Charter Change is the best remedy..empower the Cities and the Provinces…

  44. How come Cooper is lying? it is exactly the same news what ive seen in TV patrol via TFC for the last 5 days?!!
    people is shouting for FOOD n WATER,where is Pnoy n his people?
    It was disgusting seeing Pinoy interview by Amanpour,inside an aircon room,instead on site and showing to the world,that we really need help.

  45. Pres. Aquino is just so unlucky that this all happened during his presidency. Although, i must admit the lack of initiative and urgent action in our government towards disaster and we have a crappy system, we can’t put all the blame on the Aquino government. The Philippine government has always been “unprepared” and “incapable” of all these crisis and tragedies management. Sure, the government should have took lead on the operations but we can’t just blame everything on the president. blame it on the whole government body. coz some officials denies their responsibilities on the operation because of the fact that they are oppositions- political rivalry.

    1. Does it really help that you are just trying to deflect the responsibility of Pnoy that if he could have been more effective, then less people would be suffering?

      1. not just him but the government in general and all it’s constituents; also, the community. more like the fault in humanities?

  46. We look at the world from different perspectives, point-of-views and standpoints and what one considers as a fact may differ from the other who is talking from a different situation or orientation. At some point, I may agree with the two broadcast journalists who became the talk of the town but the naked truth tells us that there is indeed gross neglect and lack of preparation to such disaster. The discussions on the net discrediting CNN’s anchorperson by a DZMM commentator can only be taken as an opinion by a spouse of someone in command and who is directly involved with the government interventions in the disaster stricken areas. That’s how I look at it and at the end of the day, we should set aside personal matters and instead looks at things constructively. I take my hats off to all who shared bits of their time, talent and treasure to the aggrieved Filipinos who are still in need of much help.

  47. Anderson Cooper open the eyes of every Filipino…maybe to the whole world ad well…Mrs Korina you shut up…you are the one who doesnt know everything…do you think your husband will be the next pres…I dont think so…Anderson Cooper thank you for bringing out the truth…

  48. There is another, more crucial and controversial, issue which has escaped the Philippine News Media and Government… This is now DAY-6. The human body can last up to 3 days without water (give or take). Remember all those buildings which have been completely destroyed and reduced to rubble? No one from the Philippine Gov has even bothered to search that rubble up to now. Why is this important? Because there may have been survivors buried underneath that rubble. I say “may have been” because we are now at DAY-6 and if there were any survivors underneath the rubble, they are ALL most likely DEAD!

    Marinate on THAT for a moment!

    1. You are talking like you are critiquing a movie!! They are not machines, and they didn’t have time to take pictures of what they were doing.They were there since day one and there were many islands not accessible by any transportation and without communication. The president was only telling the truth, and who are you to consider US Military takeover? US help hasn’t even reached the island and you are concluding our president is slow. Who has experienced such a disaster? How did you fare with Katrina? Don’t compare us to heartless people like you who looked at one corner, took pictures and made conclusions about how inexperienced we are.We don’t need you and your CNN,who make money out of degrading our country;you don’t respect our president, you don’t respect our people.

      1. You, Angelita, are an idiot. Day 6 already. No help from the government. The U.S. is the only entity operating that airport there. What happened to powers of the government, such as commandeering ships or airplanes? It could do that, but it hasn’t. About Hurricane Katrina, boots on the ground in Day 3, and that was considered very slow response. There is simply no excuse for the Noynoy’s government’s performance, especially after the all the taxes paid by its citizens that should fund disaster response programs. You, Angelita, and I’m calling you out, are part of the masses responsible for sugarcoating the truth, and helping to get idiot candidates like Noynoy Aquino elected.

        1. I know it sounds harsh, but in order to rebuild a perspective, the old one has to be torn down. You cannot, by any means, still be convinced that nothing more can be done. By any standards, the government’s response is just slow and very inadequate. It can do better.

  49. As always in the past in times of calamities
    (we have to admit that), we were unprepared for Yolanda too. But it does not matter anymore if the President and his subalterns in the cabinet and all the LGU chief executives would admit it or not or whether CNN’s Anderson is right. We have to stop bashing one another. Lets move on. Lets help the victims of Yolanda if we can and in whatever way we can. Probing who is the best debater does not help us.

    1. I’ve had enough of you people saying “stop cricicizing, blaming, pointing finger” something to that effect.

      Really? What help are you talking about? Specify. Because as far as I’m concerned, all the help that other filipino taxpayers can give were already given with interest in the form of tax money. I am sure pissed if my tax money never reached the typhoon victims. I am sure more help such as donations are already done. You think this site is all about debate? This is for changing perspectives so that the BS Aquino mistake will not happen again.

      What help? Enough lip service about helping each other.

      1. Moreover, the American and Israeli Army sent are simply paralyzed, awaiting for the Philippine government to take the lead.

        Perry, do you see where the bottleneck lies?

      2. before you criticize, then why not study and understand the culture of the people and the government process of the one you are blaming? who are you to judge? and you call this changing perspectives? what a politically mature individual understand of changing perspectives to improve a government is through giving constructive criticisms, not an overkill negative one. if you were BS Aquino, what would you say during the interview? are you going to say more gloomy stuff to further degrade the image of the people or say things that would further kill the hopes of the afflicted? then study the laws of power. a leader thinks far differently from that of journalists. i have been to tacloban for many times and the terrain isnt the type that you could simply access easily when it comes to transportation and communication, aside from the fact that its ports as an island aren’t that developed at this time to accommodate big vessels for relief goods and landing of troops. the airport can only accommodate small planes, around 20 to 30 passengers. there are a lot of areas that can only be accessed by foot or small boats, a lot of pathways that cannot accommodate trucks and ships. besides, have you considered that the government troops are spread thinly at this time to address the needs of Bohol and other areas devastated by the recent earthquake and the on-going rehabilitation in the southern part of the country? why are there delays in the the transport of the relief goods and relief teams? then try traveling from cebu to the afflicted areas or by ship or try accessing the area by land and you will understand. an individual person like a a single reporter can of course travel faster on his own to the areas because he doesnt have to bring with him trucks, planes and ships or carry tons of relief goods. can you bring loads of goods via airplane to areas with no runways? can you use helicopters to carry loads of relief goods to the victims within a day or two? can you make the cargo and military ships walk on land to the isolated devastated areas that can only be accessed by small groups of reporters on the field? and would you expect a third world country at this time to respond to disasters like how the developed nations like Japan and USA do? its common sense.

        nation doesn’t move much because of the government, but the government moves according to how its people take their individual roles.

        1. We understand how difficult it is to respond adequately to disasters of this magnitude, and we don’t expect our government to have adequately responded to all the needs of the victims at this time, but we expect, as the experienced foreign correspondents are saying, that there would at least be someone clearly in charge to coordinate all the aid and relief efforts coming from other countries. And yes, Aquino should tell the truth that we don’t have the capabilities and we don’t know what to do so we really need the help of our foreigner friends even as far as leadership is concerned in this time of crisis.

        2. The things you highlighted are all excuses. I was in baguio city during the 1990 quake, you should see how fast and accurate the disaster management was. Not to mention, that the quake does not have any warnings like haiyan. Baguio too was isolated and access was much much more difficult than what you sited. And mind you , Baguio was not alone as epicenter of the quake, but still, it was managed satisfactorily, thanks to the framework left by the “evil dictator”.

          Bottom line is it can be done, the only problem is an able leader.

          Being blunt with criticisms are crucial, this is real life, not the movies, people are suffering and dying because of inaction. If the government cannot take criticisms well then they better shape up. This is democracy for crying out loud, unless I am mistaken.

          Do you think amidst of the death and suffering you still need to sugarcoat words in front of international media? That is just plain dumb. It will not change the fact that people are still in need of basic necessities. Why the need to make it sound good?

          Again, your perspectives are skewed. You call a spade a spade, that is real life, iha.

  50. its very obvious most of the govt. official involved in the rescue operations are just doing it to gain points to further political ambitions. I for one do not understand why the President himself has pictured giving away water to the people. it wold be better for him to take the back seat and just manage the people under him to work harder than they are dong.

  51. I just happen to watch the CNN interview with Pres. Aquino. It is so sad to watch him convince the world that the Philippine government are actually acting towards helping our kababayans. As we all know how it happen over and over again the only control of the government is the money and how much they can pocket from all the donations and how to take advantage of the calamity and use it for the benefits of the crooks. I say rather than talking about it, and trying to put a show, the government should come up with better plan to reach out and deliver the help needed. And to those unnecessary comments. the people are trying to help.

    1. The money that you are talking about being pocketed is still in the air, the people cannot eat money that is still in the donors hands, it has to pass through proper channels so they will be accounted for and for transparency. You are already concluding based on the crooks of the past administration who were exposed by the present administration. The people in the government are doing all steps doubly hard to erase the past and not to be blamed for doing the right thing which make the process rather slow. If you are a Filipino, please help them change by not playing the broken record over and over again.

      1. Suppose that the administration is not corrupt. Remember that they have not done much to put a system in place to deal with disasters like this. In short, they’re response is slow. I doubt they even have any program to deal with any disaster. Since they’re not moving, people like me have every right to call them out for it. And since they won’t listen, they will be called out more rudely for it. If that’s what it takes to get these people to get the job done, so be it. It’s all about results, Angelita.

  52. I dont want to judge Pnoy this early. My heart is wrecked for my fellowmen. But Pnoy had done a lot of things for the Philippines. He has been a good leader for past years. Yes, I know he is not an effective leader for this situation but it doesnt mean that he is not an effective President in his term. This tragedy happened for one day and it is still affecting the the people in Tacloban, but how about his past deeds. Should we forget about that? I think his fault is, it is hard for him to admit that he’s not prepared for Yolanda, and he needs help. So instead of judging him can we just pray to God to give him knowledge and wisdom for all the decisions that he will be making to make every Filipino be secured and satisfied.


    1. @Gella

      But Pnoy had done a lot of things for the Philippines

      Oh really? Kindly list down all the things PNoy has done for the Philippines, please. Do not include the conviction of Corona because it turns out he just bribed congress to get his “guilty” vote.

      Thanks in advance!

      Praying is not enough. Sabi nga nila “God helps those who help themselves” and “God works in mysterious ways”. The deaths of the Filipinos during typhoon Yolanda will not be in vain if this tragic event will finally force our public servants to be honest. Think about that.

        1. u can’t see what Pnoy do in this country?

          If you can’t list it down, then he hasn’t done much.

          I can give you a list of what he has done:

          1) He bribed congress.

          2) He destroyed the reputation of his political enemies using taxpayer’s money and mainstream media owned and operated by his friends and relatives.

          3) He helped (indirectly) members of congress pocket taxpayer’s money when he gave them excessive amounts of pork barrel funds.

          4) He is causing division in our society. Filipinos are fighting and arguing about him.

          5) He is destroying the country’s institutions.

          6) His arrogance is causing more deaths because other agencies cannot seem to move to help the victims of the typhoon without his go signal.

      1. For one i was an OFW before. but now I am presently working here in the Philippines. isn’t that a big achievement of the Aquino government? Providing jobs for OFWs. Most of my friends who are OFWs before are also working here. And mind you, the salary package is competitive. I bet you are an OFW as well. I hope instead of bashing the government, why don’t you try to help in any little way you can do. Try to pray to ask GOD to help our government in their drive to help our countrymen. Have you done something to help the typhoon victims? Just asking.

        1. How shallow are you to even imply that because you are a former OFW and now you have a local job, that it is because of BS Aquino? It doesn’t mean that if it goes well for some of you then it must be good for all, that is just plain idiotic.

          I’ll tell you what, I used to work in the Philippines, and now I am working overseas together with a lot of my friends.


        2. Good for you. But my mom is an OFW and she can’t really come back because there’s no job waiting for her.

          I might not have done anything for the typhoon victims (Alas, I am only a nineteen year old in college without a job and still relying on my parents because our education system is also shit), but at least I’m aware of how stupid our government is.

        3. @joeld: Probably dakilang uto-uto sya about the improving economy propaganda.

          @jonjon: Good luck on weeping yourself for wasting too much useless taxes, measly salary and very expensive electricity.

        4. Then why did GOD let this happen in the first place?

          How do you call that an achievement? Not every OFW has come home..most only had no choice because some of the countries they work for are torn by war or economic problems, but given the chance they’d still go out of this country.

          Well we did try what we can do already, bashing them or criticizing them shouldn’t be a surprise since it is to be expected, after all they serve the public, right? Or so I thought, then what was all the taxes we’ve been paying for?

          Yes I repeat, already done. I know it will never be enough, but think about it..who has the most authority? who has the most power? I bet you already know the answer..and yet they say we don’t have enough resources? WOW that’s bs..whatever happened to the billions in PDAF? Oh I guess that’s not for calamities, I see. :))

        1. So that’s the problem….You think only of yourself and your loved ones, like many other Filipinos. That’s exactly why the Philippines is what it is today: Filipinos who can think only of themselves, never mind if so many others are dying all around them….

        2. I dont mean that way. Do you work for other people? We have all our own lives. If I have a job and so my co workers. If I have a family, and so they are. But life should starts in your own self. Not with your friends or your neighbor. That’s why we have elections to choose for good leaders that can manage our country and I’m not a president. But I can help in my little own way. And you as well.

        3. If I have a job and I can help my family and support my son as a single mom, I will thank God for his blessing but not jump to the conclusion that we have a good leader, especially if I look around me and see that so many others are not as blessed as I am.

          “I can help in my little own way. And you as well.”
          – You can be sure I’ve helped and am still helping. You wouldn’t believe how….

        4. Incompetent people are fired in normal situations..however in politics we are forced to endure it until they go away.

          I have my own life too, I have done whatever I could in my own little way as well, but when you say that you’ve got a good leader just because of how you’ve lived your life so far doesn’t really make sense in my opinion.

          You did what you did in your life because of your own effort not because of who’s leading this country and for that you can be proud of yourself..but it has nothing to do with who’s the leader to be honest..unless of course you work in a government institution or maybe in a company that had ‘connections’ in your favor but that’s not my call.

          I’m just reminding you, you have your job because you are good at it, you’ve worked hard for it and you deserve to stay. Not because someone from up in the ivory towers said so.

      2. I believe in the power of prayer. Its been said that “Id would rather stand against the cannons of the wicked than against the prayer of the righteous. you little of faith..

        1. I consider myself having a strong faith, lynel, and I love my God so much. He’s been with me through all the good and bad times of my life, and I know He will always be. But He wants us to help ourselves for our own dignity. That’s why He gave us a mind and a will. Fatalism (“Bahala na ang Diyos”) has been one of the biggest problems of the Filipinos since time immemorial.

      3. That’s being unfair, hitting below the belt,P-noy is not superman who can do this alone!!Before Yolanda, they have moved people to higher grounds but judging from the casualties, nobody could have been that prepared to protect small islands from such a super storm. I heard one island where all people are dead and another where there were lots of students in school who died.These islands were not yet reached by relief that is why nobody knows about them.

        1. Who said anything about PNoy doing this alone? He’s got his officials to do the work for him. However, he’s no good as a leader because he would rather blame others and be more concerned about his image than he is about getting the job done.

          Nobody could have prepared for such a super storm, like you said. So why is PNoy assuming that the high casualty was caused by Tacloban’s “lack of preparedness”? He could have said that perhaps despite all the preparations that Tacloban did, they still got hit pretty hard, and we will work to get them back into shape as fast as we can.

          BS Aquino would rather blame and avoid responsibility instead of tackle it head-on.

    2. Iha, wake up. Good president? Are you kidding? For the last 3 years he has been busy just trying to keep his family jewels within the family. In doing so, he corrupted the congress and the senate. all other “good things” you hear or read are just press releases designed to make him look good, and you people eat with gusto. Much like the Turducken burger in the TV series “Supernatural” designed to keep you happy and dumb.

      What deeds?

      Losers whine about doing their best. Winners go home and F___ the prom queen. (from the movie “The Rock”)

      Your president is a LOSER.

      1. But Sir, those who have lots to say about the President, were often times those who have not done anything, but watch and see. PNoy is not a perfect president, but aside from GIBO, he is the lesser evil among all who ran for the presidency. He and his allies were our only hope in our country filled with wicked deeds. Right now, they are the only ones we can trust. Would you blame us if we chose to support him despite being not as competent as Obama or Japan’s president? We don’t want his position to be snatched by someone else who would only get the goods out us.

        1. “But Sir, those who have lots to say about the President, were often times those who have not done anything, but watch and see.”

          I do not know what you want to imply here. If you are implying that I havent done antyhing, without knowing me personally, then that argument is just plain dumb and stupid.

          BS Aquino is not only incompetent, but also corrupt with a moral compass which needs a repair/replacement.

          Supporting this idiot of a president is, in fact destructive to our country. Look how he humiliates us for the past 3 years.

          Enough of your being so emotional, the country needs you people to wake up and smell the crap.

          Yes you had Gibo as a choice, but instead you chose the idiot.

        2. I understand your dilemma, Tine, but please understand that while “not being corrupt” (your perception of Aquino) is good for a president, that is definitely not enough. Presidency requires so much more, and it was obvious even while he was still campaigning that Aquino doesn’t have what it takes to be president. Maybe you overlooked that?

      2. wow, you criticize the president or whoever a lot….point blank, what did you do for your country? and what are you willing to give as a citizen? if all you can give is counterproductive criticisms, ask yourself again before blaming any leader. and study your organizational or government process. if the president sucks, then that goes to each of that nation’s citizen, including you. after all, the government is the people. If you were the president, then what concrete plans do you have? can you even design a realistic immediate plan at this moment? something that you think is highly operational in every aspect? if you have one better than what the current leader designed, then thats the time you have every right to criticize conterproductively

        1. Why is criticism necessarily counterproductive? Then that’s an issue with the person/s on the receiving end, not necessarily with the ones giving it.

          I can’t help but agree with you that if the president sucks, the people who elected him suck. After all, they chose that man, who was unarguably the most unqualified of all the candidates for president back in 2010.

          People have every right to criticize because they want to make sure the government is doing its job properly. People like you will never understand that.

        2. Typical dumb flip excuse:
          “what did you do for your country?”
          Oh no! What did YOU do for this country you indiot? I already done my part for those victims by donating relief goods at Red Cross + eating at Yabu for their dine with a cause yesterday.

        3. I’m confident that GRP can rise up to that challenge, Lia. In fact, they already came up with a blueprint for progress in the Philippines many years ago. So you see, they have a right to write what they write in their blogs.

    3. Which President are you talking about? What planet do you live on? Are you on drugs, or did you forget to take your medication?

    4. good day.. i do hope that you really do understand what you are saying, have you ever noticed what our president have been doing for the past few years of his term? have you watched or even heard his speech on his SONA? Tuwid na daan? stopping or eradicating corruption? All he bragged about is the shit that the former president had left for him. its all about vengeance, vendetta.. Please for God’s sake.. open up your eyes, if it is closed, use your hearing aid if you have poor hearing, and go outside so you can see the real picture of what is happening on our country.. I’l give one example of our president’s mistake.. The hostage taking at Luneta grandstand, Why? the Taiwanese Govt. only wants him to gave an apology, but no he did not, why can’t he say a word “I’m sorry” at least to the relatives of the victims that perished during that incident, in the first place it really is the govt’s fault why the victims died.. Is it that hard to say? now i ask you this, Can he say sorry to the people who suffered most after the disaster at tacloban and other affected areas, to our own kababayans? because of his laxity and incompetence.. there is one thing i see from our president, he’s a self centered, stubborn kind of a person.. he is irresponsible, no wonder he is single, he doesn’t know how it feels to lose loveones in a disaster.. He won the presidency because he bares the name of his father who died for our own country and his mother who served our country well as a former president.. what a shame.. what a shame..

        1. No, it goes at the heart of the matter as to why things are not moving as well as it should. It comes down to the people who vote for the wrong person. Voting for unqualified candidates results in inefficient or non-existent responses in times like this. And don’t forget the response to the hostage rescue response.

      1. you know what’s worst? whatever shortcomings we are facing as a nation, you always blame it on the government, especially to one person (the president) who is just one mere person representing the country. the real power and the real problem lies in our lack of mature culture of excellence as people/ as nation. in the first place, we are the government, coz we are the people. should we not be blaming ourselves? it’s easier to blame the government or the president than to point our fingers to ourselves. it pays to be vigilant with what’s happening around us especially during national disasters, yes…but a truly empowered people do not simply stay vigilant and faultfinders…they go far beyond that…instead of dwelling on the “lack”, on whos to blame…they are more concerned/ busy thinking more of solutions and helping this government move and act. giving your criticisms would be ok if its productive and not merely criticizing on a counterproductive end. if your acts of blaming others do not help at all, then theres something wrong in your own individual system. and imagine if all Filipinos are like that, then we are nothing but a nation governed by bunch of losers, nothing will be achieved. it’s so pathetic how some of us love to point fingers more than learning how to appreciate what our organizations and government have done. for someone to say that a certain administration never did achieve anything good…this only reflects a person’s pathetic immaturity escalated and externally projected to an external issue like the government, isn’t it?
        A truly political mature citizen would stay vigilant, and empowered enough to consider this instead: “Ask not what the government/ country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”
        and before you criticize your leaders, be sure that you have the guts and wisdom to at least think what reallitic and tangible solutions you could share to solve our problems and suggest SMART ways on how we can move on and stand again as a nation. if you can’t, then you are less than a Filipino.

        1. So many words, so little to say.

          Filipinos deserve the government they elect. They keep falling for the same song-and-dance tricks every election. An undiscerning population is an incompetent politician’s wet dream.

          Filipinos had their chance in 2010 to choose from more than 2 candidates who each had his/her own track records of service in various organizations. Instead they chose Noynoy Aquino, arguably the most unqualified of that bunch.

          So really, you’re right. It does go back to the people. They are simply sowing what they reap. And now the incompetence of this administration that the people voted for is reaping dead bodies all over Tacloban and the surrounding towns.

    5. Everytime I watch TV news I’m one of those who hate seeing people crying because they are hungry, thirsty , wet, tired ,wounded, sicked etc. If I will hate PNoy for this would that help those people relieve their pain? What I’m trying to say is prayer will always be the best option. God allowed Yolanda to enter Philippines because He has a reason. I’m not being dramatic. But as a Christian being objective is the best attitude to please God. God’s want us to be reunited. To work hand in hand, to be understanding and not to be judgemental. If you think Pnoy is bad President then you can pray for a good one.

      1. Of course. That’s all Filipinos can do, really. Kneel down, open their mouths to the sky, and pray. They don’t prepare, they don’t discipline themselves, and most of all, they don’t think.

        Because after all, they sow what they reap. And they reaped a highly unqualified Noynoy Aquino to be their president.

  53. a big YES ! the US Military should take over the administration of the Philippines. . No chances for the politics now on the Philippines. It is ruled by oligarchs

    1. you reaaaly dont want the US military to take over, trust me, they are a hammer, and only good for short term help, and trust me, Im american, they will suck you dry and leave you in the dirt crying in the end. I love the USA but what you want is not good.

      1. With all do respect sir, Puerto rico, Hawaii, Guam are doing pretty good compared to Philippines because they’re US teritory. You dont understand how bad philippine govt is…


  54. We can’t help it but be compared to Japan. Both countries are the melting pot of terrible natural disasters. We should have known by now how to react collectively. As a nation we know that we do not get hit by surprise, ambush typhoons that can be predicted unlike earthquakes. It is not even a question of being a first world country or not. It is about PREPAREDNESS. A civil defense mechanism/structure to lean on in times of big scale emergency situations. Sadly, we don not have one that works. Yes the local government units are the first in line to respond. But in a devastating typhoon of cataclysmic scale, we should anticipate that they can become victims, and did they! They and their kin lose their lives, they are devastated, they will tend to their family members, homes shredded, no food, no water, wounds infected, their spirits weakened and sapped. The local government disaster units will be rendered ineffective. No one can prepare for a disaster of an unprecedented scale that turned a thriving, bustling city into a veritable wasteland. This is when a well-oiled, well organized, well-trained national government relief and rescue system should immediately go into action as soon as possible. A national disaster triage immediately is mobilized. Immediately set up feeding stations, put up medical tents at strategic points, send police/military units with the special task to provide security,order and discipline, mobilize air Force units to ferry relief and medicines/personnel quickly, etc. This is akin to a SWAT team reacting to critical situations. This organized, ready for action, national disaster machinery is set up and specially designed to launch rapid rescue and relief missions and respond to natural calamities to any part of the country at any given time. It will have a coordinating system to receive, process and organize relief goods from all parts of the country as well welcome the expected tons of international relief aids that will be sent and link with the world’s medical volunteers and disaster experts who will come over so that help will be dispatched and flow to the affected areas with efficiency posthaste!. This should be organized and planned well even before a calamity hits the country. Let’s not dispatch our emergency efforts from a dazed, confused state and in piecemeal sorties. Yes, however resilient we are, as a nation we fare badly in this arena of PREPAREDNESS. Historically being visited by an estimated 20 typhoons yearly, we should have known by now. we should have learned by now. The only thing we’re good at at showing preparedness are the elections.Pity. Let us channel that expertise to where it matters most. We haven’t seen and experienced the last of it. Mabuhay!

    1. You must be dreaming!! How long did they rehabilitate Katrina victims? They who are well equipped? We are more prepared in jungle warfare because that’s where we are. In the jungle we don’t need money to survive, there’s ample food and water, and that’s what we should have in mind in the rehabilitation of our country. We won’t be having such disasters if only we had the forest around us. Stop the cutting of trees and start reforestation.

  55. Pnoy is inutil, as I have repeatedly since 2010, he cannot even make a decision as to where the regional center for zamboanga peninsula should be!!! what more when there is a crisis such as this “yolanda”

    1. Each and every time a disaster hits the Philippines, I hear the same tired song;

      “Now is not the time to point fingers”

      Yet, after all is said and done, we are faced with another disaster and, low & behold, NOTHING has changed! Besides, Aquino fired the first volley! So I ask you… When should people begin to voice out their anger or frustrations? Huh?

    2. Help again?

      Get this through your thick skull. All taxpayers have already done their part in the form of tax money. How the government utilizes it is the whole point of the matter.

      Most probably all have given extra, by donating to charities, Red Cross, Kapuso, etc..

      Really, what help are you talking about?

      You want people to give up their day job to direct traffic in Tacloban (no pun intended to Mar Roxas)?

  56. I am an American on holiday in Manila since 29 October. Witnessing Yolanda reminded me of the aftermath of Katrina. It is similar in that many parts of New Orleans were inaccessable forat least a week. Also, there was no coordinated rescue or relief for at least a week. Our federal emergency management agency (FEMA) was nowhere to be found, though George Bush was congratulating everyone in his administration for a job well done. All the while, people were pleading for help. Reports of rape looting and murders in a lawless New Orleans were common. My point is that 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world is irrelevant. What is needed is preparation, coordination and motivation to attack the problems whic arise after calamities such as what we are witnessing here today. The U.S. And the Philippine share the possibility of calamity each year with typhoons and hurricanes. The people must demand a better response.

    1. I’m an American who has been living here in the Philippines for a long time (over 12 years). I can understand the comparison with Hurricane Katrina however… The Philippines is hit my multiple Typhoons of varying strength each and every year. Yolanda (Haiyan) is the 25th such even this year. With each Typhoon and the subsequent aftermath, we here the same excuses for the same problems that have existed (at lest) since I’ve been living here. Effective response under President Aquino, however, has been non-existent since he took office (this is his 3rd year). The only response we get is the same tired excuse you and the rest of the International is now, thankfully, seeing on CNN.I hope this explains our frustrations. I truly hope you will enjoy your stay but, before you go back home… Please donate some time at the nearest Red Cross Center. Thank you!

  57. I agree with Peter. A progressive country like Japan can easily recuperate from any disaster. They have all the money and influence to do that. No Leader can change a poorly-managed country in just one click. Our president can’t immediately solve the hunger, job, housing and corruption problems, what more when being burdened with different disasters and calamities all at the same year?
    Being prepared or not, such strong storm surge could still destroy a nation full of houses build on woods and light materials.
    If relief goods were deployed even before the rain fell then how sure are you that the relief goods would not float along with the house debris when the temporary shelters were ruined too?
    Yes, Cooper is just stating the facts from what he sees but he must not make any comparison between 2 countries with different social standing.
    Yes, the country is paralyzed that why we seek for the UN’s help because our government cannot do it alone and with different tirades from different countries and even its own people, it just worsen the states problem.
    Those who have lots to say, were often times those who have not done anything but watch and see.

    1. Can you please stop giving excuses. The things you are saying is tantamount to saying, everything is all right because we are a 3rd world country.

      I am telling you now, in life, if you do not aim high, you end up a loser. The same thing with a country, the moment you say, “OK na yan” then the country ends up a loser also. I have been telling people even way back 2010, this country doesn’t need losers to run teh government, look what we have now, losers, just sitting on their cozy, air conditioned offices getting fat with people’s tax money, while typhoon victims have to do with a “Walking Dead” scene.

      Wake up and smell the crap.

      1. So what is your point? why don’t you come out of your sillhoutte and replace the president then? if you think he is incompetent, go to malacanang, demand his resignation and become president. Easy? Of course no, because you are not elected. Noynoy is elected…legally. You have no choice but to wait until 2016. Case closed.

        1. You imbecile, case closed? So what happens to the tax money that is supposed to be utilized for the typhoon victims? Let them suffer and die?

          My point was clear and simple, if that is too much for you go ask your mom.

      1. Support the government? Just how exactly do you do that?

        For me support is being critical to how the government is run, that includes, criticizing, bashing, telling them outright if what they are doing is right or wrong.

        It seems, your definition of support as skewed.

    2. So many experts here in disaster response it is amazing! Why don’t you shut up and volunteer? Japan easily recuperate? Really? They are stubbornly clinging to refusing help regarding Fukushima which in the long term may infect or kill far more than Yolanda just did. Response? In the Japan tsunami and earthquake areas were not inaccessible as they are in Leyte, Samar, etc. The areas impacted were far more developed and therefore far more easier to work to recover. They also did not lose all their local infrastructure, ALL their infrastructure! While Aquino has made mistakes, the biggest thing is that NO country could prepare for sustained winds of 190MPH and a wall of water…perhaps the worst storm ever.

      1. If indeed no one could have prepared for this, then why is your beloved President blaming the local government units for being “unprepared”?

  58. we cannot blame the international media because they are actually there witnessing all of it. its really a crap knowing that a government is more concerned about their image, than being focused on helping out – really helping out. instead of entertaining media outfits through interviews, i was hoping the leaders are actually there at the scene and laying out efforts to help the victims. i see only politicians, hungry for anything that they could benefit from, need i say, relief goods and money donations? it pains me being a filipino, being dragged by these corrupt politicians..

  59. Mind set. Different. Training. Different. Custom and tradition. We can not compare an apple to an orange. Anyhow, thanks to the international community and the whole world. For their HELP. God Bless…

    1. Hahahha. Ridiculous. As if one needs to be immersed for a decade in this country to see that it’s being run by idiots.
      Please lang.

      If anything he’s just pointing out a FACT.

      Brings to mind the story about the Emperor and his new clothes. Kindly look that up.

    2. Accept the truth. You guys are too proud and arrogant. Don’t be sensitive and close minded. It’s not who he is But the fact that what he’s saying is true.

    3. You are obviously implying that foreigners are evil. Hindi ka pa rin maka-move on dahil sa mga pinatay na Pilipino na kagagawan ng mga Kastila, Amerikano’t Hapon ano?

    4. Sino siya?
      Yung reporter ng CNN.

      Ano yung CNN? Cable network News, isang kilalang news agnecy sa buong mundo.

      Paano niya alam ang tungkol sa bansa natin? Kasi andun po siya mismo sa lugar na pinangyarihan.

      Panay ka kasi ABS CBN e, bobo.

    5. Wow, you are getting really stupid each time you show your face here, honesto.

      Better start waving that white flag since your malacanang comms group is already FINISHED.

  60. To the Aquino supporters, the first step in solving a problem is admitting there is indeed a problem.

    Eh kung ganyang nagpapanggap si Aquino na its all good and we’re making good progress. Paano nilang kung tumigil na ung international support(unlikely) kasi its all good na pala eh. Think about it.

  61. BS Aquino is portrayed here as “BS – below standard”, based on the degree of relief effort afforded by the gov’t to Tacloban, no less than from CNNs Andy Cooper. Well nai I may say that maybe, Andy is half telling the truth based on actual coverage. The president is in Malacanan, a thousand miles away and was only dependent on pad and pencil report from his colleauges. calibrating the level of care deserving to Filipinos elsewhere should have been afforded. Not that CNN has highstandards but the level of standard ought to be must be fit for a humans. Note: These guys are accustomed to seeing the hardlife and never lift a finger from it: shanties and squatters in the daily offing. Is it enough to hear aid pouring in then just letting the foreigns shove it in spoonfeed again?

  62. @ Honesto,and what do you know??judging from your comment, you are the one that’s clueless.Shut up at kumain ka nalang ng kamote.

  63. @ Honesto

    By this time, you should realize that the jig is up for your president.
    His propaganda has effectively been DESTROYED by Mr. Cooper who has more CREDIBILITY than your slut Korina Sanchez.

    Your propaganda won’t save your president this time.

    The end is near, you should prepare to surrender.

    1. At sino naman ang manok nyo, matanong ko? Alam kong may nagkakampania na dian para makuha nila uli yung mga naiwan nilang kayamanan!!!At nasaan yung mga taga Takloban na nahihiga sa pera? May naitulong ba?

      1. Obvious point-misser is indeed obvious. Alam mo tama si Lourd e. Ang pinoy ay unti-uting nagiging bobo at kabilang ka na doon indiot.

  64. My father used to work for the Department of National Defense and witnessed several natural disasters himself where he thought he will not survive. Up until now my dad is still having dreams about it. As we watch TFC, GMA Pinoy TV and CNN’s coverage of this disaster, my father can’t help but be mad. He is mad because he knows how wrong it is that at day 5 theres still no relief goods or even military’s on sites to supervise peace and order in most areas affected. He is mad because during his time, they were deployed on the areas thats going to be affected before during and after the calamity, relief goods were available to distribute in day 2 the latest, in areas where its impossible to reach by land they have planes dropping relief goods to the survivors. There were no looting because the military were visible. Even on disasters like earth quakes where it cannot be detected and be prepared for, they were able to manage sooner than day 5, if you remember the earthquake in Baguio, Cabanatuan that killed lots of people. It is such a dismay that even after it was announced that Yolanda is the worst hurricane ever recorded, the government still wasn’t prepared enough! Or could this be pure politics? I just watched 24 Oras on day 5 and it was shown that there were C130 the came from SG who helped bringing locals of tacloban to cebu.. when Mel asked Susan if the C130 has anything in it when it came, Susan replied that there were boxes of goodies in it; however, the locals still didnt receive any single relief good from anyone yet and they don’t know where these goods brought from SG went! later on, they showed Mar Roxas and Soliman both in Ormoc with tons of relief goods to distribute.. i thought Tacloban was the most affected area? why are they in Ormoc??? oh did I forget that Tacloban is Romualdez territory and that Ormoc is where the presidential sister’s best friend is from? Could that be the reason why the government became “paralyzed”?

  65. In the beginning, Pinoy was not really prepared to become a president. He was forced by some traditional politicians who were already becoming unpopular. In the first place Pinoy does not have any political flatform on how to run the presidency. Hence, Pinoy was banking only on his popularity since he does not have the leadership quality. And this is what we got, a POPULAR PRESIDENT WITHOUT LEADERSHIP SKILLS.

    Kawawang Pinas!

  66. Sorry for our government, but what i see is a lousy respons.WE need a more better response than this. You have sendong and pablo as model in disaster management, yet it seems your not prepared for it the way lackluster the relief efforts are. Your disaster protocols in disaster sucks, letting local 1st responders to the job first. you have days to prepare and knowing the outcome in hand, plans should have been placed, and yet it’s a mess…..WE need more appropriate managements not the 1 like this. What if our towns our ravaged by those category 5. will we experienced what tacloban had gone thru?

    1. I agree. WE CAN HELP WHILE WE CRITICIZE. Enough of that crap that citing the slow actions of the government is not helping. IT IS HELPING! The more we criticize, the more the government wakes up! Hushing the frustrations leads to apathy! It’s like saying, its okay for the government to move after week at least they moved after a week. No. No. No. Emergency means ASAP! A body decays in 24 hours, hunger sets in 12 hours, madness follows hours after that. Emergency means ASAP – even it takes doing it by foot if roads are impassable. Emergency is ASAP – is that hard to understand?

      1. yes the government is doing something. of course it will. doing something is part of campaigning but why are others denying that the gov’t has been very slow? i am sick and tired of being told “ikaw anong nagawa mo?” when i question why it is taking so long for the bodies of my relatives to be retrieved. it is not us who criticize who are insensitive – it is those who are defensive and in denial of the government’s lack of organization who are more insensitive!

        1. @luis56 – nakakagalit na yang robotic comment ng mga yellow army na ‘ikaw ano na ang nagawa mo?’atsaka yung ‘tumahimik ka na lang at tumulong’. ilang beses ko nang nasabi na ‘hoy ang dami ko nang nagawa para sa kapwa ko’ at ‘ang laki na ng tulong na binigay ko bilang ordinaryong mamamayan’. Eh ang gobyerno? Kelan sila nagong untouchable sa mga ganyang comments???

        2. this president might not if not will not be able to finish his term…..from the start of his presidency it was all blunders and disasters with him in malacañang….butch abad and dinky soliman fooled him to run for president so for them to be able to put their hands in the government coffers….abad and soliman are nothing but corrupt individuals….woe on to us…

      2. Your country had been warned that Typhoon Haiyan would be one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded. And that no meteorologist has ever seen a typhoon that big and those warnings were given days before it hit landfall. I cannot fathom why your government is not prepared for IMMEDIATE emergency aid after all those warnings.

        1. Yolanda is unprecedented and defenders use this to justify PNoy’s lack of swift action. With all the warnings shouldn’t he have made unprecedented efforts as well?

  67. We were all fucked up by both Marcos and Aquino government. Ramos, Estrada and especially Macafuckal Arroyuck. Their families are thriving oligarchs and they think they are all untouchables.
    It is really true that “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men do Nothing”… Kaya duon sa mga sumusuporta sa mga tiwali. Sorry andito lang kami…

      1. Yeah @ James sina Apo Marcos at PGMA ay pilit na inakusahan lang na Corrupt pero hindi mapatunayan. Samantalang ang mga Hinayupak na Cojuangco/Aquino ay garapalan at harap harapan ang pangungulimbat pero nabubulagan ang mga Yellow Zombies/Yellow Tards kasi nalason na ng husto utak nila ng mga Propaganda ng Abias-CBN at iba pang mga sorbysorbehang kumpanya.
        Bessing in disguise si Yolanda at nagdatinga ang mga Foreign Press at nailawan ang ka inutilan ni Abnoy at sampu ng kanyang mga Alagad.

  68. We need choppers that can provide sling load operation – transport palletized water and relief aid, we need airborne transport of aids that’s how we fix the problem..please rectify this idea to any foreign military..we gotta do this fast ASAP lets do the bitch moaning later…does anyone got better idea?

  69. Am a Filipino patriot, but now I am thinking with all the corruptions happening in the Philippine government right now…I think it’ll be best that we be colonized by the American govt…Only then we’d be able to put a stopper to poverty and corruption. Shame on you Government officials of the country!

  70. I President Aquino is really getting overwhelemed by Yolanda’s damage. He is displaying an unbelievable ineptitude. I think all presidents of any modern government would have emergency powers. Unfortunately, I don’t see any indication that President Aquino knows he has one for him to be able to govern effectively and prevent any anarchy due to any resulting chaos in the country especially in the province of Samar and Leyte where people could be very desperate now. Correct me if I am wrong on this.

  71. The only organized system here in the fucking Philippine govt is organized corruption, so organized that it runs the whole fucking nation. I don’t need sex coz the govt fucks me everyday!

  72. Yes it is so obvious that our leader Mr. Pres. Nonoy Aquino is totally a dumb insensiiblle,,, not a truly born leader so to speak..his lack of urgency to a situation that needed his help,,,like what happened in hostage taking of Hongkong tourists and now the urgency to help the victim times of super typhoon Yolanda,,,,oh gush……. So disappointing,,,action speak louder than words 🙁 He is not trulyeffective President & his governance….now not only in the Phil. Know it but the whole world. What a shame.

  73. Final question – and he said ” I think…..” Are you serious? I think your tap dancing …quit your day job let somebody else do the job for you…your the president and you let the governor run your policy..your done..get out..

  74. WE CAN HELP WHILE WE CRITICIZE. Enough of that crap that citing the slow actions of the government is not helping. IT IS HELPING! The more we criticize, the more the government wakes up! Hushing the frustrations leads to apathy! It’s like saying, its okay for the government to move after week at least they moved after a week. No. No. No. Emergency means ASAP! A body decays in 24 hours, hunger sets in 12 hours, madness follows hours after that. Emergency means ASAP – even it takes doing it by foot if roads are impassable. Emergency is ASAP – is that hard to understand?

  75. the reasons why there are still people who support Aquino it’s because he’s holding the media in the philippines the media cannot show to the public his mistakes, that’s why media only show positive side of aquino and lot of people doesn’t know that. I agree that US should take over the administration in the philippines, the fact philippines is one of the riches country in the world, but bec. Of these politicians who’s getting our taxes and putting to their pocket. More officials means more corrupt. Even we have a good president if we still have corrupted officials we cannot move on this situations. Because corrupted officials will pulling down our good leader to continue their wrong doing. Like ENRILE he is one of the leader of the cudeta during marcos administrations and now he is one of the corrupted senators.

  76. It is disheartening to see that many Filipinos are trying to nail down the government simply because a few news personalities commented on the slow-paced relief operations. I think the Philippine government, as well other international agencies, admitted that it will be a tough effort. Anderson Cooper’s comment is factual but subject to many interpretations. He said about “no government” when in fact literally, the LGU in Tacloban has been wiped out by the typhoon, if he was referring to national government, the DSWD, Defense, and other government agencies were there, it is just it is difficult to penetrate all areas. Cooper was there on the fifth day of the disaster, and he never bothered to know what happened from day 1 to 4. For me, it is unfair to say the government is not doing anything or is slow in their response, the point is, the damage of that scale is difficult to respond with on the first place. Second, is geographical reasons, the areas affected are islands with damaged roads.
    My other point is, i pity the Filipino race. They tend to believe more one or two foreign journalist over their government. Isn’t they were the ones who elected them on the first place?

    What we are seeing now is not only the incompetence of the Philippine government, but also the disunity of the Filipino race on world stage. Kudos to us!

    1. “Cooper was there on the fifth day of the disaster, and he never bothered to know what happened from day 1 to 4.”

      He doesn’t need to know. If he can’t see it, maybe it’s not there?

      Ok, granted, that efforts have been made by the government, it is still obviously too slow, or ineffective. Damn it, that is my tax money. Now compare that to the 1990 quake which no one has any warning, with Haiyan, virtually announcing his arrival with a marching band.

      Goes to show how the Aquinos mishandled what was left of the Philippines after the “evil” dictator left.

    2. It’s amazing how we can continue to deceive ourselves into believing the best of the people we voted for when the stark and ugly truth about them is already staring us in the face!!! Do you really believe what you just posted here??? Really, it’s amazing!!!…

      1. You find it amazing? I call it freedom of expression, just as you are expressing your opinion on the matter. you got yours, i got mine and you didn’t even had a good argument either on my post, so why question my post? Kung ganyan lang din pala pananaw mo, wag ka na bumuto, wag ka na magbayad ng tax, and maybe, maghanap ka na ng bansang magaampon sa iyo, kung meron man.

  77. i really appreciate all the efforts from other countries with their quick responses. as a citizen who also cares for our fellow countrymen we also did our part … its just sad that international community can actually see the whole image of the current government. how we just wish someone could just take over and change the system

  78. Yolanda (Haiyan) is not the biggest disaster that swept the Philippines. It is BS AbNoy Aquino and his supporters who are. They care more about their image than those hapless Filipino people whose lives hang in the balance!

  79. Let’s not forget that the disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina in the US were also notoriously delayed. The logistical challenges involved in providing relief in a disaster of this magnitude are not immediately apparent, and negativity and finger pointing serve only to divide our nation

    1. @Morales

      Well, delay is less a problem than the attitude of the leadership of Aquino towards it. International community, news and assistance, are already there, but how did the yellow government work with them?

      Look no further than to BS AbNoy Aquino himself as prime example of “negativity and finger pointing,” on how to really “divide our nation”, as well as noynoying.—What he sowed is what he now reaps. Karma is a b!tch.

  80. we do understand where you’re coming from but you are forgetting that Philippines is not a highly developed country like Japan or USA for you to compare our government’s disaster response mechanisms to your country or other nations. your judgment is clearly showing a great mismatch when it comes to standards of disaster management. you cannot compare a gold (developed nations) with a sandstone (third world countries) and simply criticize our government just because we haven’t yet achieved such level of golden standard in disaster management. It may seem that you are condemning our administration, but to us, Filipinos, its far beyond that, this this a direct insult to to us as a race or as a nation. You cannot just take the immediate sentiments of the victims at this time of crisis when they are psychologically traumatized and say that these are the sentiments of the entire nation. May i ask you, do you expect people in grief or in crisis to say anything positive when they are in the stages of the grieving process (DABDA- denial, anger, bargaining…depression) to tell you things are getting better when any person at this point would be naturally wallowing in hopelessness?
    And it seems you are just focused on Tacloban. How about the other areas that were devastated, like Coron, Iloilo, Masbate, other areas of Samar-Leyte, northern mindanao, Bohol?
    If you think your opinions or judgment against us and our government are helping us recover as a nation, sad to say…NO! You are just adding insult to our injuries.

    1. First of all, Filipinos are not a race.

      Secondly, disaster management should have been a PRIORITY for the government in the first 48 hours of a disaster, REGARDLESS if a nation is developed or developing. The mere fact that a “master plan” only developed after 6 days of hand-wringing shows how inept the current administration is, and this has been presented for all the world to see.

      Thirdly, Tacloban is Ground Zero and the front line for storms coming into the country. A fairly large city such as it would obviously be a representative for those towns and villages around it.

      The world must know the ineptitude that just happened, and if an insult is needed to bring that slap up the face of the current crisis, then so be it.

    2. Those are just plain excuses, designed to justify our shortcomings. Remember the 1990 quake, now that one has no warnings, still response was fast and accurate. Mind you, we were still 3rd world then. What changed?

    3. fyi…1980’s philippines is a developing country, its already year 2013 until now it is a developing country? Where did they used our taxes? Look at middle east 1990’s only desert, now its a wonderful city like dubai.uae. Take note, there is no tax here but they build this city.

      1. You are forgetting that Saudi Arabia is huge supplier of oil and makes a lot of profit from it. There’s no tax because there’s no need for taxes. While I won’t defend Philippine political systems and whatnot, it is a bit unfair to compare its development rate to a country such as Saudi Arabia.

        1. we also have oil, but the government don’t want to develop it, because they earn more money on importing oil bec. Of taxes. We are getting the oil from other country for only 5pesos/liter, and we are buying it in the market by 50pepos/liter. Imagine how much profit they can make on importing than selling our own oil by 5pesos/liter?

    4. Mr. Anderson Cooper is right and what he had seen was the true picture of it. I am a true blooded Filipino and yet I cling, hear and love the truth, I hate evil and you are one of them your blood runs like napoles, Sayang lang ang pakikipaglaban naming kay pinoy nuon, saying ang mga boto namin, sinisira nyong lahat…. Why not open your eyes and turn away from evil, LYING IS EVIL.
      Common deep in our hearts I can live peacefully cause I always love the truth.
      Sinisira mo pinakamamahal kong bayan ko.

      1. This has nothing to do with good or evil or being a true-blooded Filipino. First of all, yes, the administration’s response wasn’t effective and fast enough but that has nothing to do with Noynoy’s morality. He is unfortunately a politician and is forced to play the game. If you were him, you wouldn’t announce to the world how ineffective you are with the emergency response.
        Secondly, if lying is evil, then, everyone is evil. Everyone’s lied. You’ve lied. I’ve lied. If you see the world in black and white rather than in grayscale, you’ve certainly have a lot to learn.

    5. Stop with the excuses .
      It doesn’t take a developed country to summon the military forces and give them orders. Orders to get their ass moving .
      Unfortunately, there are too many incompetent and mediocre people in the Phil. government . That is a fact .
      Noynoy is not qualified to run a big company. Much less a nation.

    6. Hnd ntn pwd idahilan na hnd high developed country ang Pilipinas. Alam na ng buong mundo na bilyon bilyon ang perang nanakaw sa gobyerno sa Pilipinas. Gobyerno pa rn salarin ung bkit hnd umaseso ating bansa..

    7. Comparing what is gold and what is sandstone is not exactly the point.

      The subject here is government preparedness… which actually points to “no preparedness” at all. Whatever the people in Malacanang are saying, its more of shop talk… highly politically motivated photo-ops, I would say. Let’s accept the fact that we do really have sets of unreliable “leaders” and agencies that do not really understand the gravity of the situation. — and that we have situations to address — and you are right… it’s not Tacloban alone, but other parts of the country… If they cannot have a managed disaster mitigation process in Tacloban, what could we expect in other areas?

    8. have you seen TVpatrol? Even Noli de Castro and Tedd Failon said that the Phil govt is not doing anything. Same dead people at the same spot were seen friday and it was still there Monday…… STOP your excuses.

    9. cguro nasa pulitiko pamilya mo no?nagtaka kpa kung bakit ganyan kbagal response ng phil gov’t..ulol pumunta k ng tacloban para makita mo..

  81. Pres. Aquino is incompetence not a real leader is just so happened that he was a son of known political clan in this country and was elected as president because of that reason. He telling non-sense when he was talking, telling a lie against a solid proof of what really condition of the victims of yolanda. Hope this president should be resigned from office because if he continue to be the president of this country, more and more lives would be in danger because of his incompetence if there is a disaster coming in in the future.

  82. all he can do is mumble..its been a week so and nothing is happening there at tacloban…shame on the government…other nations had been giving their full extent to the country and yet all they can do is look into and doing just nothing…considering that a huge amount has been pledge by other nations and up to now…nothing is happening…just a shame…

  83. Truely our Goverment Leader is useless , in a disaster like this you must see the people from our goverment working , doing their part to establish everything like what the CNN reporter said he didnt see uniform man in action , that is exactly true we are so much Luck of these people , now adays our goverment is not recruting Man to be in Philippine Army, Philippines Navy , Philippine Marines & even Policemen ..there a lot of old uniform man whos retiring but there no one replaces them…it must have like some are going and some must come in…it is the continue part of Corrupt Politicians…theyre always saying we can not recruit more soldiers anymore because were luck of budget …Hellooooo——- the goverment must set aside a budget for that very important things…..well …Whats happening in Aquinos administration right now is a feed back of wrong doings he did …but sad to say …innocent people is suffering …i just pray that things will be ok soon …

  84. Does BS President means bullshit president then i for one agree to that. even if you are not pro admin or allies with the administration help is to be given right away for the people in need. Quote by Brig. Gen. Kennedy ” you are not going to see marines or a few planes and choppers, you will see the entire Pacific Command respond to this…these words are music to my ears and heartwarming unlike our BS President who blames the local goverment, my God 90 percent of Leyte was devasted can’t he see that. i am ashamed and appaled by his reactions to this situation…this is a reaction of a president who is not married and don’t have kids, his sense of urgency to the situation is appaling.

  85. Indeed, this is a wake-up call for the Philippine government to come up with a plan, and an organized/systematic way of addressing issues/problems of this magnitude.
    It is about time for the policy makers (Representatives and Senators) and the implementing arms (local and national government) to put their acts together and give priority to plans and programs related to disaster management. Taxpayers money should be channeled to the right plans and programs for the benefit of the Filipinos.
    God bless the Philippines!!!!

  86. I appreciate the help of other countries for the victims of super typhoon yolanda…God will reward you for all of your sacrifices and my fellowmen lets stop blaming others on what is happening in visayas..instead of blaming the aquino administration, the government or whosoever people you are blaming let’s just pray for those people who were in situations like this…why don’t we just start helping each other and touch the lives of those people and stop talking too much and blaming other people..honestly speaking we are not helping our country to stand up and rise, we are just adding problems to the government..FOR ONCE PLEASE, JUST THIS TIME!! LET’S UNITE IN HELPING OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN VISAYAS!! NO TO NEGATIVE THINKING, NO TO THOUGHTS..STAND UP PHILIPPINES!!RISE UP AND SHINE ONCE AGAIN!! PHILIPPINES IS FOR CHRIST!! GODBLESS PHILIPPINES!! LUZON, VISAYAS, MINDANAO SABAY SABAY TAYONG BABABANGON.. WE HAVE A BIG GOD!!

        1. scumbag aquino, two days before the 2010 election, the inquirer reported that he was tipped off of the presidency, meaning, that the election funders who paid people 500M to cheat the election was a done deal and when he was interviewed on election day, confidently, he said that he is going to win by a margin of 8M votes and VOILA!

    1. Can you please tell us how exactly we’re going to address the situation in the Visayas by ourselves, through our unity as a people, when our government is paralyzed? Should we all go there and lend a helping hand? That’s obviously not an option. I guess a lot of us are already helping or have already helped by donating money or goods, helping repack, mobilizing others to help, praying fervently for our brothers and sisters in the Visayas who were affected, etc. We need to speak up about our government’s incompetence so they’d speed up their efforts before it’s too late….

    2. I Agree….. instead of blaming here and there, LET US HELP AND PRAY FOR THE VICTIMS FIRST…THEN SAY what you want after everything are back to normal. (years to rebuild for sure)

  87. If Aquino has any sense left in him, he will resign when the dust has cleared after this incident so that a better leader can take over. It’s also going to be a breather for him, who, in his private moments, may already have realized that it was a mistake for him to run as president because he really doesn’t have what it takes to be one. Mr. Aquino, do what’s best for your country: RESIGN!!! Let someone else take over….

      1. I’ve never been and am not a fan of Binay (I’m all for Gibo or Gordon), but Binay’s the constitutionally mandated successor of Aquino, so there couldn’t be anyone else. I’d go for the lesser evil at this point. At least Binay seems to have better leadership skills and experience. Then I hope we’ll all vote for a truly good leader in 2016.

    1. alam ko na bakit ka ganyan…talunan iyong manok mo nung 2010 elections. di ka pa makamove on. hintayin mo na lang 2016, malapit na, im sure tatakbo uli manok mo.

      1. matthewchris, di ako kagaya mo mag-isip. Wala akong “manok-manok.” In fact, yan ang isa sa palagay kong pinakamalaking problema ng bansa natin, yang mga “manok-manok.” Ang sa akin lang, kung sino ang tutoong magaling na leader at tutoong may pakialam at pagmamahal sa kapwa niya Pilipino. Kaya sana magbago ka na at ang marami pang baduy na kagay mo.

        1. unahin mo munang baguhin sarili mo. di ka maka-move on na tala pala mga manok mo, tapos sisihin mo iyong duly elected? wala ka magagawa at siya ang halal, ni hindi nga siya ang binoto ko. the point is plain is simple. stop yakking and yakking if you don’t know what’s the real score in the ground. you’ve never been there right??? naniniwala ka kagad sa isang anderson cooper na isang banyaga at dumating fifth day na, dahil ba puti siya kaya mas mukhang may credibility siya kaysa sa kapwa mo pilipino? itigil ang isip koloniyal! iyan ang dapat baguhin at ang fixated mong pananaw since day 1 ni noynoy na incompetent siya.

        2. Nakakaawa ka naman, matthewchris. To finally settle the issue, wala akong “manok.” Kagaya ng nasabi ko na paulit-ulit, hindi ako ganon mag-isip. Kaya ako galit na galit ay dahil nakikita ko lagi na wala naman talagang pakialam si Aquino sa mga Pilipino. Kung hindi mo pa napapansin yon hanggang ngayon, may problema ka, kagaya ng maraming Pilipino na hindi malalim mag-isip at madaling lokohin. Tutoo, dapat sana tanggapin ko na lang na kahit di magaling si Aquino, arogante, at walang pakialam kundi sarili niya at ang pamilya niya, binoto siya ng 15M na Pilipino kaya dapat tanggapin ko na lang, pero tuwing may nangyayaring ganito na maraming nagdudusa dahil sa incompetence, arrogance, at insensitivity niya, nagngingitngit ako. Kung ikaw hindi, may problema ka na naman. There’s such a thing as “righteous anger.”

        3. ok got your point. iba lang rin kasi ang gusto ko sana mangyari sa ngayon, right at this very moment. but just like what i said, “ko” and I know hindi naman possible na pwede mag-agree lahat. mine is just focus on the present. fingerpointing and blame-game later.

        4. Thanks for considering my point, matthewchris. That’s a sign of humility, which we all need. As for stopping the fingerpointing and blame game, guess who started it? Besides, we’re not fingerpointing here to put down Aquino but to make him see that he should shape up as time is running out on our poor fellow Filipinos in Visayas.

        5. Besides, matthewchris, it’s not only Anderson Cooper who observed and reported that but many other foreign media and even our very own local media (Noli de Castro, Ted Failon, etc.). So stop yakking and yakking if you don’t know the real situation on the ground. Get the drift? Besides, your hatred for foreigners just because they’re foreigners won’t get you anywhere. Sila nga ang tumutulong sa atin, di ba? Don’t think you’re smart just because your anti-imperialist. Branding people is an evidence of a poor mind.

          “iyan ang dapat baguhin at ang fixated mong pananaw since day 1 ni noynoy na incompetent siya.”

          Kung may ginawang maganda si Aquino since day 1, kahit isa lang, hindi ko iisipin na incompetent siya. Kung wala siyang pinakitang competence since day 1 e year 3 na ngayon at iniisip ko pa rin na hindi siya incompetent, may problema ako. I can assure you, matthewchris, that’s not one of my problems.

      2. Tapos iboboto na naman ng mga bobotante ang kandidato na kasing-sikat ng taga-showbiz at hindi yung may utak at bayag talaga at ganyan talaga nangyari nung 2010 elections. You’re just a part of the country’s problem you indiot.

    2. How sure are you na mas maganda pamamalakad ng cnsabing mong mas magling na president?? Sana sa time na to stop na ntin yang mga issue na ganyan..hndi nakakatulong..Godbless

      1. Ang hirap kasi sa mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo, masyadong nanonood ng biased local news na pinapakain sa utak mo katulad ng abias-cbn. Gamitin mo kasi iyang utak mo independently dakilang uto-uto.

        1. Thanks to you domo..kung cnu ka man..huwag mo kong tawaging pinagaralan ako..and di mo po ako kilala so hwag mo kong tawaging a nurse and im about to go to tacloban next week..i volunteered myself sa DOH to help kung anu man ang maitutulong ko don..Godbless you domo 🙂

      2. Of course I can’t be sure na “mas maganda pamamalakad ng cnsabing (kong) mas magling na president,” but if one uses his mind optimally and considers the background, experience, track record (or lack of it) of the candidates; studies well their platforms (and takes issue over the fact that a candidate doesn’t have a platform); and keenly observes how they conduct themselves and how they speak or what they say to get an insight into their character (or lack of it), one would more or less get an inkling of who will PROBABLY be the best president among the candidates. But to be sure? Never, of course. God bless you, too, booarij.

  88. No, He is a president but NO WISDOM AT ALL. Therefore chaos will always be there for rejecting the truth. Their blood runs like napoles and their greed of money was their objective they are evil and enemies of the truth. Wake up world better distribute directly to the affected ones.

    1. I want to go to Leyte to help directly but I’m stopping myself because I know (and has been told) that we’ll only add to the confusion if so many of us will go there to distribute goods. The government really has to shape up because they’re the ones who should do it on behalf of the Filipino people. That’s what we elected them for. If they can’t, maybe they should admit it and tell UN or the Americans to take charge.

  89. Everytime I watch TV news I’m one of those who hate seeing people crying because they are hungry, thirsty , wet, tired ,wounded, sicked etc. If I will hate PNoy for this would that help those people relieve their pain? What I’m trying to say is prayer will always be the best option. God allowed Yolanda to enter Philippines because He has a reason. I’m not being dramatic. But as a Christian being objective is the best attitude to please God. God’s want us to be reunited. To work hand in hand, to be understanding and not to be judgemental. If you think Pnoy is bad President then you can pray for a good one.

    1. I prayed to God that the President would have this under control THREE DAYS before Haiyan arrived, but apparently God didn’t answer that.

    2. I love God, Gella, and I believe he loves us, too, but he also gave us a mind and a will to help ourselves and to make the right decisions. He wants us to help ourselves through the mind and will that He gave us. We can’t just sit here, witness our government not doing what it should, and pray that God take care of the problem by Himself. That’s why we’re speaking up against Aquino and the government. In case you don’t know, they monitor the people’s pulse and read the people’s comments in sites like this because they don’t want to get booted out of the government. So if we speak up, they might shape up. That’s why we do what we do.

    3. God’s gifts to each of us includes: a brain with which to independently think, criticize, plan (yeah, like make a blueprint), plan again (if plan A doesn’t work), and dream. We weren’t created to behave like lemmings, following the crowd jumping off a cliff. We weren’t created to passively sit and watch the world go by.
      God helps those who help themselves. So get off your ass already.
      – Lea Salonga

    4. Please don not involve God, with the typhoon and praying senselessly. I am also a christian, but please know that typhoons happen, plain and simple. It is not as if he chooses where the next typhoon occurs. Prayer alone will not do squat, kahit na magpagulong gulong ka pa. It should be coupled with hardwork.

      Hate Pnoy? You think this is all about hating Pnoy? You are sadly mistaken, this is about my part in helping the typhoon victims (in the form of my tax money) not reaching them in time. If you think that is no help at all, then what is the help you are saying? You people always say, “help the victims” , what is this help are you talking about? As far as I know, people have done more than their part.

      Praying for a good president, yes that helps if coupled with hardwork, i. e. help change the filipino people’s perspective. Share this site to your friends and peers, it will hurt, but it is the truth.

    5. I agree gella…our God is a big God..a God who Heals, a God who restores, our comforter, redeemer our saviour!! HE IS EVERYTHING THAT WE EVER WANTED!!

        1. Hindi nga pla ko catholic a christian..its not the religion that matters…its the heart that matters…Godbless pray for you domo 🙂

        2. Hahaha…thanks nlng sayo…walang puro ka salita…why dont you volunteer yourself sa mga foundation khit magrepack lng ng mga relief goods para nmn my silbi ka…you do lots of talking..hndi ka nmn nkakatulong.

      1. P.S. I’m not saying Pnoy is a good president nor a bad one. I just want to say that saying bad words to the president wont help either. It’s not about Pnoy anymore. It’s about unity among us as Filipinos. Because our fellowmen needs us.

  90. what do you expect from a president who is an UNDER ACHIEVER? i understood the failure of his mom as president before because she was not equipped for the position, being just a plain housewife & mother but for somebody like him who was a congressman & senator before becoming president? people who voted for him should have seen this coming. what’s worse is that he will have an excuse that he never wanted to be the president but was only forced into it. he even complained that he no longer have time even to eat or sleep as long as he wants. he blames everybody but himself and have never even STEP UP to the honor & responsibility of his position. it’s always somebody else’s fault. what a LOSER!

    1. Balita namin, wala naman ginawa sa Pinoy nung congressman and senator pa lang sya… Just another case of spoiled-brat kids… you know, the likes of being cuddled and given everything they need from their rich families… the clan, I mean..

  91. it’s true that philippines is not so advance & rich country. pero kasi ang nakkaasar from cooper vs pnoy, is that pnoy is not admitting na talagang maraming’s like he is trying to put make up sa isang bruise. para hindi halata. tapos yng inaabutan lang ng relief goods yng mga kaalyado lang nila. check nyo sa baybay, leyte.

    1. You know, it was best that Pnoy acknowledged to the world that there is really a big problem and was taken by surprise by the magnitude of devastation the country underwent, a lot better than provide a picture of uncertainty since there is no clear-cut plan on how he will lead the restoration process… About time those highly salaried cabinet secretaries did their jobs…. Tama na papogi… trabaho na lang…


  93. How long are we gonna stay as developing nation. Its more than 50 years has past, we are better country in Asia during the Marcos regime, We were make to believe that a new hope of government will take place after EDSA. or Na EDSA tayo….Hongkong people is right after all to ask forgiveness from PNOY due to his indifference and lack of leadership he is only good on blaming the previous president.

  94. yeah… it so obvious all of this people are supporters of estrada, arroyo and marcos who is well known as corrupt individuals… the supporters of marcos comparing this in the marcos administration that he done alot in the country but in reality marcos is a corrupt president and murder alot of our filipino in those days. arroy now in hospital arrest are now doing to make the current president look bad to people. supporters of these people are making the aquino look bad not only here but from other country ….
    aquino is the only president whos not corrupt and has many corrupts enemies that trying to bring him down.

    1. Miss Emma, may I ask how old are you now?

      Aquino may not be corrupt, but he is not the right man to lead the country…

      Dick Gordon is actually not in government service these days… and I am not saying that he should be president — but his organization, Philippine Red Cross is one of the first responders to the scene… at least the Philippine Red Cross has a contingency plan… but the Philippine Government??? Don’t expect a Plan B — there is no Plan A in the first place..

      It does not take a president to be hands-on but if he is a competent president, he can just stay in Malacanang and direct operations from there…. all ministerial — to hopefully competent cabinet members and other public officials… Ganun yung good managers, di ba?

    2. You really think that supporting a particular person is the name of the game? Please change your perspective, this site is does not support any person, it is more like anti-stupidity.

      Kaya walang asneso ang pinas dahil sa gaya ng pag-iisip ninyo.

  95. An incompetent fool of president who lying and covering his stinky arse. He has done a good job according to him, but where is he? Foreign correspondents are on the ground there and their countries resources to help. If we relied on this idiot of a government what will happen? Fact is fact that BS Aquino has failed and all his insipid cronies, when this blows by they will take credit for everything, even if they sat on their butts. It is sad that outside help is needed when if only taxes collected could have been used to prepare. The sad fact is they’d rather steal and now they have many donations and they are asking for more? The administration is covering up their ineptitude and ineffectiveness by lambasting from afar those who have shown concern for our people. He should shut up ( BS Aquino and Mar Roxas if they are as useless and inept as they are now! All foreign aid should be coursed thru other channels not GOVERNMENT, because they will steal everything leave little for the victims.

  96. May mga Die hard Noytards talaga na hindi matangap na ang Lider nila ay Inutil at walang silbi. Sana matghok na sila sa susunod na Kalamidad para mabawasan ang mga Ogag sa mundo.

    1. why are they the only people in the Philippines. you idiot Eilrem. I’d rather be colonized by America than led by any politicians in the Philippines.

    2. I’m sure you won’t vote for Revilla, Enrile or Binay. You are sooo satisfied with Aquino. But a lot of right thinking Filipinos will find better alternatives. We do not have to follow your patriotic suggestions on whom to vote come election. I just hope that time will come soon…

  97. This report is very true. And those Filipinos who have the audacity to disagree are out of touch. Swallow your pride and listen to what the international reporters are reporting. The Philippine government is so corrupt that even up to now people defend the incompetent government and at the same time expects other countries to do all the work. WAKE UP , ACT Demand what all the Filipinos deserve, the country is still a third world country , WHY? Because the people in charge are looting all the money for their own benifit! Soooooo shameful!

    1. Most foreign reporters always finds a way to curb the truth and Anderson Cooper is one of them that is good at it. There was a shooting in a Navy yard in the US and he reported that the gun used was an AR-15 and it turns out that it was a 12 gauge shotgun and they did have lots of plip plops in news reporting. The local police force was wiped out and missing,the road was littered with debris and even the local army were victims too,don’t you guys get it?And how about you what solution can you propose?the big reason for this failures are pointing fingers instead of acting upon your ideas or sollution,if you are not able to then shut up.

  98. Ang Panggulong si BS Aquino ay may deperensya sa Utak plain and simple. Yung mga Honghang na ayaw maniwala ay may deperensya rin ang mga pag iisip.

  99. This is what happen if we DON’T VOTE VERY WISELY. So who are the next leaders mga Laos na sa Showbiz? mga Ama, Ina,Anak, Kapatid at Pinsan? Lesson Learned?

  100. I’ve always been taught that if I don’t have anything nice to say, then I shut up.

    Then again, I can’t—I just can’t—keep myself from reacting over the insensitivity of President Noynoy Aquino since the beginning of this tragedy that befell our kababayans in Visayas.

    The only consolation I have is knowing that I didn’t vote for him.

  101. Matthewchris, well said….

    To all: read the news of speaker of UN secretary General…. Before you say anything. Anderson Cooper says something and speaker of UN Sec Gen says otherwise. I’m not a fan of Corina but, but she’s right that Cooper doesn’t know what he’s saying

    1. I agree with the above comment,well said.Dito kasi magaling karamihan ng walang magawa,imbes na solution turuuan na lang kung sino ang me kamali.Andito po ako sa America kaya kilala namin kung anong gawain ni Anderson Cooper. Karamihan sa amin nabigla kami sa inereport ng kanong ito. At wag kaming maliitin me facebook at mga video na padala na kuha ng mga tiga Tacloban,pati mga update.

      1. Ed misch,
        Ano ba ang gawain ni Anderson Cooper na sinasabi mo? Veteran and respected international CNN reporter yon.. Saan galing ang video at facebook na padala ng mga taga Tacloban? Guho na ang mga bahay nila pero nailigtas pa nila video at facebook, ganon ba ? Parang hindi naman kapani paniwala ang sinasabi mo…

    2. Eilrem you’re insane. corina just made cover-up. her husband is ineffective. her husband mar roxas is not a good leader period.

  102. Just to quote: “When I was in Japan, right after the tsunami there two years ago, within a day or two, you had Japanese defense forces going out, carving up cities into grids and going out on foot looking for people, walking through the wreckage. We have not seen that here in any kind of large-scale operation.”

    1st, we are a third world country. The resources that we have here are in fact, limited. This is the reason why we seek for foreign help. 2nd, Japan is not an archipelago. In Tacloban, there is a NEED to transfer trucks and people via sea and not land. With the lack of resources that we have, and the complexity to transport people and relief goods, there should be a delay. And to top that, what happened in Tacloban is FAR WORSE that the tsunami in Japan. We experienced the strongest and most dangerous hurricane in world history. Maybe these things should be taken into consideration.

    I agree with Cooper that there should be a feeding program while the community re-builds; there should be people re-builing camps for those who have lost their houses. I agree also that the turn-over time is slower that it should be. But let us be polite. It is not as if President Aquino is not doing anything about it. He may lack inspiration as a leader, he may have lied on how grave the situation is, but the whole country is doing the best it can to help. These government officials arent heartless. At times like these, maybe we should focus more on putting the ideas rather than imposing and blaming almost everyone for the mistakes that are happening.

    1. A lot may oppose that the government is not as heartless. But let us avoid generalizing. Look around you, you see almost EVERYONE, from the rich, to the poor, from the little ones to the old.. the whole country is on its foot doing the best that they can. These government officials, they may be as corrupt as f*ck, but they are also people. As a positive person, I am inspired more to help because I’m seeing a united nation being aware and giving all the help they could. Maybe, instead of bashing and generalizing, we can do more by builing the hearts of others to do more good. In as much as we want the government to do all of these for us, why dont we just set an example.

    2. Correction mam Cruz di po tayo third world country. Yung third world country is a cold war era of classification. Yung member ng aligned Nations(countries aligned to the US)are first at second world countries and yung mga communista ay sila ang third world.E-google mo ang description ng 3rd world country please lang and to inform everyone. Yan ang matalas kong sinasabi sa mga tanga na nagsasabi na ako ay galing sa 3rd world country, ni description di nila alam.

      1. But do you actually feel that you live in a second or first world country? I admire your knowledge, at pagpasensyahan niyo na po kung tinawag ko ang pilipinas ng third world country. Nabasa ko po kasi sa TIME magazine that we are. And if this is not true, and if this is reconsidered, then I am happy about it. The issue here is the capability and wealth and resources we have to be able to INSTANTLY do all of these things. As I have said, hindi naman po tayo mahirap. Mahirap lang rin po ang mag transport ng maraming kagamitan ng sabay sabay given our resources and the calamities that has happened in Samar.

  103. What we are seeing now is not only the incompetence of the Philippine government, but also the disunity of the Filipino race on world stage. Dalawang klase ng Pilipino ngayon after ng trahedya, iyong mga gustong tumulong, at mga nagdudunong dunongan na nasa harap lang naman ng mga pc nila. And we expect that we become a highly advanced nation like Japan or US? Dream on people. They’ve become united first amid the crises and adversities they have faced as a nation bago sila naging advanced nations. Eh tayo? Disunited and fragmented at the time of one of the greatest calamities we’ve ever faced. Kudos to us!

        1. We realists already told you about the real issues that must be addressed and yet you point-missers are still clueless about it. You just love and proud to embrace mediocrity are you indiots?

        2. Truli u domo..wala kang ibng cnsabi kundi idiot, bobo tanga or whatsoever words that you are saying..YOU are the big example of those words!

    1. You never realize this: the Philippines hate critical SMART people. Thanks to the current constitution, all of the smart people are gone.

      And please don’t get me on this ‘Don’t criticize and just help’ kind of an excuse. I can do that both. Are you not sick and tired of the same crap all over again?

      It’s sad that people like you wanted unity yet you want to remain on the status quo than crying out for change. The Japanese did that because of their culture. Or you never realize that we havea culture that is dysfunctional?

  104. Kate Cruz…
    1st. What resources? Is it hard to send military people by plane to help clear the mess?
    2nd. How many ships we have in Philippines? How many government heavy equipment we have in other parts of Philippines that are just laying around. Is it hard to send them ASAP?

    1. Hi, I’m not here to argue. And I do not know everything. What I was implying is that we have to take into consideration all of these things. It makes us angry I KNOW. And I bet the Leyte people feel worse. What I’m saying is, instead of bashing our government.. let’s just accept the fact that we cannot over -rely on these people. We have been living here all our lives and we know all our lives there is no way thats gonna happen. That is why we voice it out. We make them aware. But through hating and cursing, i dont think that would do any good.

      These people, I’m sure are doing the best way they can to transport these resources. But it will really take time. The airport is not accessible. The ships would arrive later. Maybe we should also manage our expectations. Keep pushing. Keep voicing out. But we must take into consideration the situation as well.

    2. ang dami mo pala di alam mark, puro ka tanong, eh bakit kung umasta ka para kang ang daming alam? dunong dunongan ka din pala, di mo pala alam sitwasyon sa devastated sites, kung ano ano na sinasabi mo. think before you click.

  105. I think it is about time to ask Mr. President to step down. He is a good leader “yes” and in terms of development of our country but the only problem was that he trust those who surrounds him to much where his name and good reputation has being dragged down. The President is too much dependent to his allies who have hidden agenda and taking too much advantage of the situation. Moreover the president is always playing the blaming game I am really pissed off of this shit.

    1. I dont think the answer to everything is to ask someone to step down to his/her position. We voted for this president. We voted the presidents preceding him. It is also our fault why he is where he is. We can use the power of democracy in a more rational way, rather than just asking almost everyone to step down.

  106. what do u expect to a abnormal leader, eh di abnormal goverment,
    do u think he will tell the thruth about the real situation, oh come on!! let us hope that our beloved philippines will rise up again

        1. Good that you voted for Gibo. Majority of people voted for Noynoy. Some maybe your relatives, come your friends. You cannot generalize and just call everyone out based on your opinion. Be objective.

  107. Sa panahon ng ganitong kalamidad, huwag na po tayong magsisihan. tanungin na lang natin ang ating mga sarili kung may naitulong ba tayo sa mga nasalanta. tanungin natin ang ationg mga sarili “Ano ba ang maitutulong ko sa aking mga kababayan? at Simulan po nating ipaabot yong ating mga tulong sa anumang bagay.Nakatingin ang buong mundo sa Pilipinas, magtulungan po tayo.
    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    1. The mentally retarded pwesident is the one doing too much blame games and not helping at all. If he even uses his 1 trillion peso DAP for not just the victims but also for the country’s benefit then I’ll be satisfied.

  108. the government may be able to use propaganda to fool the average juan, but the international press is a cut above and are disgusted with pnoy aquino and his imbeciles.
    the little sh!t pnoy aquino has done the usual – abdicate responsibility and run and hide.
    S.O.S – USA

  109. I am with the international journalists on the matter that government is irrelevant in the relief ops. The high and mighty senators came out on tv just to say that looters should be punished. We go through the parishes and private sector volunteers to send the aid needed out to the people FAST.

  110. Huge ttransformation from the government is what we really need,. I would say that almost 70-80% of filipinos are dismayed on how government officials respond to this kind of calamity. I’m actually afraid that if the donations that have sent from different countries all over the world will be given to those corrupt officials, I myselft would just leave this country because of this bullshit governemnt officials!! Im so pissed off! My heart is already broken to my fellowmen who are still suffering from the effect of typhoon yolanda. I just really hope that this disaster will be the start of improving governance and may the government officials knock their conscience and start to live with God so they will be more afraid to do something evil..

    1. The UN is a diplomatic organization. Of course they would.

      What they aren’t saying, and what we should realize, is that this “response” should have been setup decades ago. The national government could have mapped out disaster preparedness and relief points in coordination with local government units but it didn’t.

      But if you ask me, to be an ass about it, the UN is a flower vase – good for decoration, but pretty much useless.


    1. They are all the same. Birds with same feathers flock together. Not only his adviser who are brainless but he himself as well. He’s a mongoloid. Don’t you know that? Nasa lahi nila yon. Anak ni Kris Mongoloid din di ba?

    2. If he is HONEST, then why is he painting a rosier picture instead of assessing and reporting the real situation? Where is HONESTY in that?

  112. stop making excuses to the government., dont say that we are far behind in japan coz if theres a will theres a lot of way., you know that dhil thats what we are doing when we want something badly., if we will not talk about it kelan pa?!? when it happen again? when it happen to you? dont say we are in traumatic stage coz we are not but they are., we are not suffering but they are., stop including yourself if you are not directly affected by typhoon coz we dont really feel what they feel right now in their situation.,so stop defending your president coz everytime I remember his interview in cnn I dont see sympathy in his abnormal face.,what I see is a delighted politician being interviewed in an international news., correct me if im wrong bout that.,last thing.. those slow help frm government., do you think it will happen if the involve person are wellknown and rich? I bet not coz I know a wellknown persons have parents in affected areas and he easily trnsfered them in manila using a private chopper.,hmm.. how that possible if president said that theres no route for donations???

      1. Because the people alive has continually asked for help and the government official responded wait until Friday. How do you feel if you were in their shoe? Are you as corrupt as they are or just as blind. People are dead and need to be buried the longer your president sits in his lovely chair the risk of epidemic is possibly around the corner does he care. Its not time to play politics he hasnt proven he is worth his title. He is an utter waste of time.

        1. Another point-misser. For 3 years he already is an epic fail pwesident from the Manila hostage crisis to this.

    1. You guys are getting more and more pathetic each time you try to defend your idiot president.
      Only fools would still continue to defend him

  113. To the idiots, who always say, stop criticizing and just help…..what help are you talking about?

    Do you not realize that every taxpayer has done their part? If they donate and give to charities, that is extra help.

    And more help, by pushing the government ( BS Aquino) to utilize the tax money we gave him.

    What, you want people to leave their job and dig corpses? Idiots!!

      1. “What, you want people to leave their job and dig corpses? Idiots!!”

        That’s exactly what they want that is why they are idiots.

  114. Its true… All filipino mentality was influence by corruption and politics.
    If I could take back in time much better in time of Marcos regime…

    1. What!!! Marcos sow this culture of corruption in Philippines, you should know that by now if you have lived during the marcos regime!!! he fed all the generals and all government officials of people’s money so that no one will turn against him!!! and so all government officials and generals clung to him to share the loot. That’s pure and 100% corruption during that time. No one to question them too. everybody was quiet or else he dies.

    2. Dude, Marcos institutionalized corruption. The “massive” and “audacious”culture of corruption we have right now has as its genesis the martial law regime of Marcos. Please, get your history straight.

    3. Said the two indiots above me who doesn’t know what real corruption is. After marcos stepped down, failipinos like you brought this country down six feet under. And don’t you even think about accusing me as a marcos loyalist because I’m honestly not.

  115. What an insensitive asshole of a President we have.

    When he was elected, people my age were complaining because he was too “celebrity” and “more talk not much action” kind of a person. I don’t know what would have happened if we had a different President (my friends and I were rooting for Gibo that time because we couldn’t vote yet), but I’d probably take my chance on him.

    Also, what is the Vice-President doing? Do we even still have a VP? I don’t really know what’s even going on with the government right now because every time I turn on the news, I turn it off right away.

  116. kelangan me manggising sa gobyerno, kung puro tulong ka tapos di naman makarating yung tulong mo sa mga nangangailangan, bale wala ang tulong mo.

    1. Sinungaling din itong si PNoy. He paints a rosy picture na di naman totoo. Araw araw sinusundan ko ang mga news. Tama si Anderson. Take it as a challenge na lang kaysa magsinungaling ka. Di ka katulad ng magulang mo. Nilamon ka na rin ng bulok na sistema ng gobyerno.

  117. This is appalling! Because this is true… the president, together with his cabinet, the way he handles (and mishandles) the situation, becomes a hindrance in the rescue efforts. Korina Sanchez shows her self-serving and self-protecting sides in defending her husband’s position… no real rescue happening… people are dying…please please please please … if you cannot help, move aside!!!

  118. Very true, so slow and no system of government.

    thank you to all the other countries who are helping us. Thank you to international community, who action quickly.

    please continue, helping and saving our survivors… May God be with all of us always.

  119. A good president would go to the site of the disaster and assess the damage. Show his people he care and organise relief and make shift tent for food and water and medicine. Check things are in order not sit in their beautiful office while people are not getting help. Where is his conscience. He does not deserve his job. I am ashamed of his childish behaviour. The world is watching act respectable and attend to the position you have accepted it is a huge task given to you because the people believe in you. So believe in yourself and prove your worth. Act the way a president should behave. Take pride of yourself and your country and the countrymen who has faith in your leadership. Currently you are a failure. Rise above your self and take pride

  120. its true our govt. Sucks the president sucks….. but that does not change the fact that we are all under one nation….. we call ourselves filipinos…. to all those who commented on this post.. have u done anything to help our country? Have you lead your own people to make any changes? dont blame anybody for whats happening instead get off ur asses and make a move. go to tacloban to see whats happening… which im sure non of you will….. instead of ranting and complaining do someting
    about it.

    1. angel, that’s exactly what we’re not advised to do — to go to tacloban and see how we can be of help. Can you imagine what would happen there if all of us went there? MORE CHAOS!!! It would be better for us to stay put where we are and to just do whatever we can do from here, such as donating whatever and however we can, helping pack goods if our circumstances would allow it, mobilize others to do whatever they can, pray hard for our poor fellow Filipinos in the Visayas and that our president and government finally do what they should to ease the suffering of the victims and to prevent more problems from springing up, and put pressure on the government to do so by saying our piece in forums like this one.

    2. Angel, do u honestly think that these people commenting are doing nothing to help? They are shouting for a CHANGE from our leaders. Help does not only come in the form of giving money,etc. Not everybody can go to Tacloban, but anyone can have a voice to make the change that our country needs. Disasters like these do not come only once, and if you choose to close your eyes and just go with the flow, that’s your call. All I’m saying is, we have to be ready for these kinds of calamities, and if we don’t wake up now, we are in deanial and it’ll never happen. Everyone can help in their own way, just sayin’.

    3. Besides, angel, we’ve been advised by the authorities not to go there as we’re going to cause more harm than good (we’ll add to the problem of so many people just going around because there’s nowhere to go, clogging the pathways, increasing the number of people who could get sick because of the corpses littering the place, etc.).

  121. “Should the US military takeover administration of the Philippines?”

    it’s a NO.

    though I believe and agree in this article. But it’s a no-no for the US military to takeover the administration. Filipino people are still capable of governing themselves. And slowly but surely, reform is on the way.

    1. I agree with a US military take over of the administration of the Philippines. And NO we are not capable of governing ourselves. And a big NO reform won’t happen.

  122. I couldn’t agree more with Anderson Cooper. What’s taking Noynoy so long to set up relief goods? In these kinds of situations, he needs to take charge right away!!

  123. This is the worst disaster in our time due to the worst handling of the situation. I can’t not see the government working. The governors, mayors, barangay leaders are nowhere to be found. Nobody is working!!! How could this be???

  124. sa wakas, unti unti nang nagigising mga pinoy. kelangan lang talaga na taga-ibang bansa pa ang magmulat sa katotohanan para sa mga bobong Pnoy nato. nakita nyo na din kung gaano kabobo yang magaling nyong presidenteng abnormal na mongoloid. nsa harap nyo na ang katotohanan ngbubulagbulagan pa kayo. puro papogi lang ginawa ng bobong BS PNoy na yan.

  125. Pnoy was there during the Zamboanga Crisis. He was there in the Bohol after the earthquake. But right now what is he doing? People should stop watching ABS-CBN.

  126. Its wierd that we filipinos actually revolt to a president that is a gambler but help the people the best way he could but we dont revolt to a president that seems to be not there when people are have died and is currently dying 😉

    1. coordinating with the government is needed, definitely, but then this is a “major-major” disaster and coordination maybe an exemption to the rule. If Dubai is sending $10M, to whom in the government do they have to coordinate? If
      Canada is sending relief goods, to whom do they need to coordinate? Will it be done faster if given to DSWD or would it be better if they themselves (canadian) directly distribute them to the victims?

  127. ilang taon na natin tinatahak ang tuwid na daan na inihanda nya pero asan tayo ngayon? bakit parang wlang pinatutunguhan and tuwid na daan nya? lalo nbabaon sa kahirapan ang bansa. sabi nya dati, “kapag wlang corrupt, wlang mahirap”, eh wla naman nangyari s 4 n taon nya s position. d naman umasenso ang bansa. lahat ng opposition tinanggal niya at iniassign mga kaalyado nya, wla pa dn nangyayare.

    1. Eh ikaw anong ginagawa mo?hanggang panira ka lang.Take a step to be a solution not part of the problem. Gaya ng banka at isa ka sa tigapag-paddle at paurong ang pag-paddle mo,anong mangyayari sa direction ng banka nyo? Buti kayo sa Pilipinas pwede nyo e-expose ang mga politico nyo,kami sa America di pwede,pag gawin mo yon maprepreso ka,iba na a ng America ngayon. At isa pa humihiram din naman ang America sa Pilipinas in form of investments( Marami nga lang tamad sa Pilipinas na puro uma-asa na lang sa hands out,at marami ring professional iskwaters,na kahit ilang beses bigyan ng kaluwagan ayun bumabalik parin at ididnadagdag pa o nagsama ng buong tribo na mage-iskwat uli,tapos ibebenta yung bahay at mang ee-skwat uli.

      1. Sorry trollfag. Have you ever heard of the Watergate scandal?

        And yung sinasabi mo na humihiram din ang America thru investments, it doesn’t make sense. Bakit hindi makapagtayo ng business ang mga foreign investors dito with 100% ownership? And among other things?

        “Eh ikaw anong ginagawa mo?hanggang panira ka lang.Take a step to be a solution not part of the problem.”

        Wala ka pala sa Pilipinas e. I can criticize AND help out at the same time, fuck you very much. If you’d rather not say anything because the current status quo is more important to you than accepting the need for things to change, then YOU’RE part of the problem.

      2. Ed misch, sana mag-isip ka nang malalim bago ka magpost ng kahit na ano dito. Sumasakit ang ulo ko sa yo, e. Unang-una, ang dami mong sweeping generalization. Pangalawa, ang dami mong motherhood statements at empty slogans and cliches. Pangatlo, naga-argumentum ad hominem ka. In other words, imbis na isipin mo kung may punto yung kausap mo, inaatake mo ang pagkatao niya (“Eh ikaw, ano’ng ginagawa mo?”). Walang mararating ang Pilipinas kung lahat ng Pilipino kagaya mo. Ang sarap mong gamiting example sa logic class (fallacies).

  128. We have a weak government. It shows when calamity occurs. I wish we have a better government that leads a better country and better life to all of its citizens

  129. tama lang na maglabas ng ganitong report… ang pangulo ay hadlang sa rescue… namamatay na ang mga tao … may ginagawa nga pero puro pakita lang … at may isang presidente na bukod sa di alam ang gagawin ay napakahusay magsinungaling at gumawa ng kwento … pinaghalong showbiz at pulitiko … KAHABAG HABAG ANG BAYAN AT MGA KABABAYAN … pakiusap na bayaan ang mga may kakayanan na tumulong … wag silang pigilan sa pamamagitan ng inyong mga makasariling “coordination protocols” … kahit sa ganitong sitwasyon namumulitika pa rin…

      1. amanda-You are such un informed about the big difference of Japan and Tacloban. Fukushima is part of the Japanese Mainland and Tacloban is a separate Island from Luzon,got it?Where are you going to run your trucks?under the sea and later resurface in Tacloban?And the disaster affected the whole part of Samar and Leyte,that even the countries that went to assess the situation they them selves tried but it is hard to do it by land and they do agree that it will take time,don’t you get that?

        1. And it’s just the SAME OLD SH*T all over again.

          What you are doing is making excuses and playing the victim. And how incompetent the present administration. Don’t you get that?

    1. you need to ask a better question such as why is my government not doing anything, people are starving and dying and your gov. is lying through their teeth about the whole situation

    2. Ano naman e compare? Preho silang country…prehong may leader…pero bakit pagdating sa sakuna. Hindi nagawa ni abNOY ang ginawa sa japan na ang daling rumesponde ng gobyerno parta matulungan agad ang ang point ni Cooper. Mag isip ka nga Troll utak pulbura ka!

      1. Ya go ahead let someone kiss your ass,cause you got it soooo wrong!Fukushima disaster in Japan,well Fukushima is part of the Japanese mainland so it is accessible easily by land running vehicles but Samar and Leyte is a separate island from Luzon,kuha mo?saan mo idadaan yung relief goods,ilulusong mo trak sa tubig at lilitaw sa Tacloban?Pati nga foreigners volunteers agree sila na mahihirapan sila at matagalan lalo na sa pagdeliber kasi kailangan din ng fuel eh halos lahat ng gasolinahan nasalanta at nahaluan ng tubig yung gasolina,Looka like wala kayong experience sa rescue and relief operation ano,kaya basta na lang kayo dak ng dak ng walang kabuluhan.

  130. A while ago.

    Live CNN Interview with Rajat Nag, ADB’s Managing Director:

    “This is unprecedented. Let’s give credit to the Filipino people and their Government. They are doing what they can. Hindsight is always 20/20 and there’ll be enough time for post-mortems later.”

    I have a feeling CNN won’t replay that soundbyte.

      1. The foreign media would like greatly disagree with you, noytard.
        The whole world now knows how much of a f*ck up your president is.

        You are the one that should

      2. Indeed. Your ‘beloved excellency’ is doing a great job leading the people into the irredeemable,stinking abyss through his ‘daang matuwid’.

      3. Cry me a river noytard. We don’t believe on your stupid propaganda. Marami nang gising sa katotohanan. Now go back on licking your mentally retardede pwesident’s ass.

      4. I know that you care so much about president Noynoy, but I think he failed on this one. Maybe he has done a great job in other aspect, but this is an enormous task that he could have faced fast and faster.

        1. The truth is.. Pnoy will not help Tacloban because that is the land of his political rival the Marcose.. Sad but true

        2. If that’s the case then that’s just screwed up. It shows how petty and childish he is. That’s too much then.

          So he wouldn’t help in Tacloban just because it was Marcos land? Makes no sense. The people had nothing to do with it and yet they’re suffering.