The REAL Million People March of Iglesia Ni Cristo


There are NO CLASSES today in pre-school, elementary, and high school in Manila, Quezon City, and in other component cities of Manila.  It was something that caught me by surprise last night when my wife and I were scheduling activities this coming week.

no classes october 14Apart from being a little relieved that my daily schedule today would have one less stop (I wouldn’t have to drop off my kid at his school before going to a meeting), I was also a little perturbed by what could be a show of force from the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

In a press statement that seemed to have been circulated quite widely, it is said that the massive gathering that has suspended classes in 12 component cities of Metro Manila will be participated in by some 1.6 million members of the INC.

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Granted that the gathering is meant to drum up the INC’s Grand Centennial celebration in 2014, the record breaking size of their medical and dental mission should be a cause for concern should the orgnizers of the event shift its focus on one particular malaise that has rocked the Philippine government — a malaise that has symptoms composed of the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam and Malacanang’s illegal and unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program.

Apparently, I am not the only person who received word that the INC gathering today may be somewhat of a sign that the leaders of one of the country’s politically potent religious organizations are not at all pleased with the Aquino Administration.

In a status update on Facebook, Stuart Santiago said, “even before mmda announced suspension of classes tomorrow in metromanila, husband says he was advised by an iglesia friend to stay away from manila especially, the traffic will be humongous, hundreds of thousands of members expected to converge on quiapo for march to palace. anti-pork? would neither confirm nor deny. interesting. we will see soon enough kung ek nga lang ang medical mission press release.”

Just consider the timing of the event!

This ginormous gathering happens in the wake of the controversy surrounding the Disbursement Acceleration Program, a budgetary anomaly that has been described as illegal and unconstitutional by Joaquin Bernas (one of the framers of the Philippine Constitution), Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, and Senator Joker Arroyo.

And the fact that last week, the talk of the town was Conrado de Quiros’ brother Emilio granting board members of the SSS P1 Million each in bonuses!

JP Fenix encapsulates the uproar this has caused among members of the country’s pension fund:

When any of us fail to pay a debt – credit card, housing loan, car loan – first thing auditors look at is what expenses we have to get rid of to pay the debt. Next, what assets or things do we have in our possession do we need to get rid of or sell to add to the funds needed to pay the debt.

In other words your standing depends on how they perceive you handle money. No matter how much you tell them that you’ll pay them back, no matter how credible and trustworthy you character references say you are, nothing proves your worth better than showing that you put settling your obligations first. Be it just one peso or a million, showing your priorities reveal your character and sincerity.

Now in the case of SSS, these management decisions are seen in the light of retirees not being able to make ends meet, high costs of food, medicines, clothing and other basics, long queues and waiting time to be served and even impatient, grumpy SSS employees behind the counter and even slow or erratic internet access to the website.

SSS management’s moves are seen as – to say the least – insensitive to the millions of private sector employees who contribute to and are the real owners of the fund.

While these board members are appointed by the President, it would also be good to note that these appointments were made by the power vested in him by the citizenry, many of whom are the members of SSS.

And that’s why these very same members – who may or may not have a loaded gun on their hands (I pray it isn’t the latter) – are pissed.

Then of course, we have the discovery that the Aquino administration has been sucking revenues from various GOCCs and slush funds — like the Malampaya funds.  Bobby Tiglao’s column is tells of the VOODOO perpetrated by Aquino’s financial shaman, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima:

Aquino hijacked the P12.3 billion in profits that government-owned and controlled corporations had turned over to the Treasury. That was just for 2011 though, and still unreported are the amounts for 2012 and 2013.

These were from such GOCCs as the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor), Development Bank of the Philippines, and the Land Bank.

This is so patently illegal. Under the Administrative Code and the GOCCs’ charters, and emphasized by Republic Act No. 10149 or the GOCC Governance Act of 2011, these firms’ profits remitted to its principal shareholder—the State—form part of the General Fund, or the nation’s kitty. No wonder then that Aquino through his finance secretary Cesar Purisima since mid-2011 had been pressuring the GOCCs to remit as much profits as they could to the Treasury, even to the point of cutting down their expenses and operations.

But each centavo and peso of the General Fund has to be authorized by law, which is done by Congress when it enacts the annual appropriation laws. The President even has a crucial say in these laws as it is his budget department that prepares the bill, which he signs into law after the Senate and the House of Representatives approve it.

The word that has been going around is that Purisima is the go to guy as far as any financial voodoo is concerned.  As one bureaucrat points out, “You don’t have to steal money in order to control it.”

Anyway, just consider that in March this year, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima received some $1.1 Billion from the government’s Malampaya Joint Venture partners.  The amount represents the government’s revenue form operations for the year 2012, from the pioneering natural gas project that supplies 2,700 megawatts or up to 45% of Luzon’s power requirements.

cesar purisima receives malampaya funds2

Bayan Party-list Representative Neri Colmenares has questioned the use of Malampaya funds in the wake of the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Fund Scam:

Colmenares enumerated other items in the Malampaya funds that should be scrutinized:

* P 5.8 billion ($131.25 million) given to the Department of Agriculture as “agricultural guarantee fund” for typhoon victims;

* P7.09 billion ($178.78 million) to build roads in lucky districts favored by the President through the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH);

* P745 million ($16.86 million) given to the Department of Health (DOH);

* P1 billion ($22.63 million) given to the AFP Modernization especially since there was no record of the release of this fund;

* P2.14 billion ($48.43 million) given to the Philippine National Police supposedly for “disaster preparedness.”

Now given all these indications that CORRUPTION has increased rather than decreased during the reign of President Aquino, is the INC’s literal MILLION PEOPLE MARCH today really a message to the President to either SHAPE UP or SHIP OUT?

If you’ve ever wondered why the Aquino Administration’s “Tuwid na Daan” seems like a reference to the INC’s “Tamang Daan” — which is the title of one of INC’s TV programs that features debates and rebukes of what it calls false teachings — wonder no more.

The INC endorsed the Noy-Mar Tandem in 2010

Iglesia ni Cristo leader Eduardo Manalo on Wednesday officially endorsed the Liberal Party tandem of Senators Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel “Mar” Roxas II.

Manalo announced the names of the candidates through a “palibot liham” distributed during Wednesday’s worship service at the INC central temple in Quezon City.

Coincidence or not, among the many things that makes INC a politically potent organization that could END the Aquino Administration:

1. Not only its size but the quality of its membership and its cohesiveness as a group.

2. The INC owns the highest rating (BAR NONE) radio and TV network, which is an essential tool for mobilization and coordination.

3. As mentioned above, its members are well placed throughout the government.

67 Replies to “The REAL Million People March of Iglesia Ni Cristo”

      1. I know what a business is. I know what a cult is. I know what a religion is.
        The INC (stands for Incorporated) is a business masquerading as a cult masquerading as a religion. Just exactly what do you find incorrect or faulty in the assessment?

  1. It was in March 2012, shortly before then Chief Justice Renato Corona was convicted by the Senate Impeachment Court when Noynoy with Kris in tow paid a confidential visit to Manalo at the latter’s Central office in Diliman. What for? To convince him to withdraw his church’s support for Corona? If that was the case, could it be possible that money from DAP during that momentous event change hands for obvious reason? Just asking.

    1. Toto Onato, what if for obvious reason you are now being watch by presidential guards, n.b.i. m.i.g, for accusing the President of the Philippines for DAP that changes hand. hala ka! magtago ka na.

  2. Once again the INC is taking advantage of the current political situation in the furtherance of its VESTED INTEREST i.e., to be able to bargain highly sensitive positions in government or largess from PDAF or DAF, maybe both. Expect Noynoy to be reporting again to Diliman in the immediate future.

    Indeed BLACKMAIL can come in different form!

  3. I call this bullshit. These cults ought to be razed down. Why even disrupt the classes and businesses- for a fake medical mission?

    Hoorah for the bobocracy of the Philippines! This only shows how the people in general possess the zombie mentality.

    When calamities strike the country, they sure are slow in even shutting down classes and businesses to accomodate in helping out the victims.

    And yet these same idiots immediately respond to a bloody cult that is actually a business organisation, and even ruin not only the education and business, also the traffic. Dammit why couldn’t they even pick saturday or sunday for their so-called fake “medical mission”?

    They’re ruining education and economy. I don’t bloody care if they hated Aquino. This cult is creating zombies out of the people- especially on the politicians!

    1. Wow, cult you say? SOME people these days, They say what they feel like saying without really reflecting anything about their words. You are angry because of what, suspended classes? Traffic? Many people were helped because of the event and you think that is stupid? Hindi lang katoliko ang nakatira sa pilipinas. May ibang relihiyon din. Hindi pag aari ng sinumang religion ang pilipinas. Kaya kung may ganitong mga pangyayari, kagaya ng pagcecelebrate nyo ng Nazareno, Pasko at iba pa na may traffic din wag ng bigyan ng batikos. May narinig zba kayo samen na nagrereklamo ang INC pag ganyan? And to think na ang INC tumulong lang. Ruining education and economy? Itanong mo yan sa mga milyong taong natulungan. Wag makasarili. Buksan ang isip. Minsan kasi mahirap yung may pinag aralan, akala natin lahat ng bagay alam natin. Lagyan din natin minsan ng puso. Kapag puro utak ang pinagana ,wala. Just saying.

      1. INC (note that the initials “INC” stand for “incorporated” is a cult masquerading as a pseudo religion and I have said before that medical missions are not carried by a million cult members in the middle of a capitol city. They are carried out in places where medical care is not available. This was a political mission of some kind and by no means a medical mission. Anyone who thinks or says otherwise is a flaming idiot!

        1. If you consider INC as a cult, then you should also consider the Catholics, Protestants and Born Again Christians as cults. All of them have their own businesses in the form of schools, hospitals, dorms and so on. The good thing about INC is that they are willing to spend millions to help the poor. You may have forgotten that there are millions of POOR in Metro Manila alone.

          Did the priests or pastors of other religion in our country have the guts or heart to spend millions for the poor?

          They can’t even rebuild their churches in Bohol after the earthquake.

        2. It has only been a couple days since the Bohol earthquake and I’m sure those churches will be rebuilt, but never as good as they were before because it is modern day Filipinos doing the work. For that reason you can be assured that much money will be funneled into local political pockets and the workmanship will be shitty.

          Let me reiterate, NO organization “conducts a charity mission” in the capitol city of a country, thus stopping business, government and schooling.

    2. how could u possibly say that…. isnt it good to help those people in need than giving urself a problem… if people dont have food to eat or they cant afford to have medical assistants, do u think they can survived… maybe sometimes think of their situations first.. u dont know.. someday.. u can be one of them helping by INC..

  4. We all have our different beliefs and practices. Let them have theirs. IMO, the feast of the Black Nazarene/Undas/Christmas does the same damage in terms of disruption. It just happened that Catholicism is the dominant religion in PH. Maybe their fault is the last minute announcement?

    FYI, I’m a Catholic (with questions to the purpose and relevance of religion 🙂 )

    1. Yeah I am Catholic, too. But I myself do not celebrate those days such as Sinulog. If ever you have to celebrate these events, they should NOT fall on workdays AT ALL.

      And Iglesia ni Cristo as well as those who are neither recognised by Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus- are a cult. This is why you don’t even have a holiday.

      This cult is all show- no substance. And it is trying to make a bigger zombie out of the people than even the Filipino Catholic Church ever did.

      I repeat, if they ever make religious days holidays, make sure that they do not do it out in the busy public area on workdays or AT ALL. Or if you ever sanction one on a freakin workday do it in an area where it isn’t busy or causing many disruptions.

      Have a great time, zombies.

  5. Not that I want to connect some weird lines, but I just find it strange that this “medical mission” event has taken place a day before a Muslim holiday, the Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)… “Show of force” indeed?

  6. Pagpasensiyahan na nalang natin ang mga naninira sa INC’s medical/dental mission. Paano kasi iyon na ang pinakamataas na naaabot ng kanilang pag-iisip.

    But your article Mr. Farol shows how highly educated and instructed you are. You have shown us how to think beyond the picture.

    Thanks to the INC for teaching us impliedly how to read between the lines. They have shown us that while Malacanan Palace and the politicians unconstitutionally reallign and misappropriate public funds, millions of their constituents (mga Boss?) wallow in poverty.

  7. No matter how serious our situation is: I am not a fan of religions poking their noses on political issues. Jesus Christ gave us a teaching, for the separation of the Church and State. He stated: ” Render unto Caesar, things that are of Caesar. And, unto your God things that are your God”.
    Aquino treated the National Treasury, as if he owns the money. This was the
    reason, he wanted to control the: executive, Legislative and Judicial parts of the government. Adolf Hitler, did that , before World War II. Then, he burned the German Parliament building. And, threw all his political opponents in the concentration camps. Some were summarily executed. We have an Adolf Hitler, in the making.

    1. I definitely agree. Before the Aquino administration in 1986 (and even though Marcos was a bastard), the Church didn’t have as much involvement in politics since our independence from the Americans in 1946.

      We were heading our way towards Protestant work ethic culture building mindset, but was hijacked by a rotten few who have resurrected the ugly Spanish-style Catholic feudalism- which has completely damaged the national psyche.

      I know my dad was one of the Gen Xs who possess that individuality when it was still thriving in those days before 1986 (even though the economy was already shitty then).

      This unfortunately ended, when instead of having replaced the filth the Marcos admin bred, the hacienderos (Aquinos) and their brand of religion has brought the country a big step backwards.

      I believe in a filipino leader who bears that Protestant work ethic (not Bro. Eddy style- but how Max Weber defined this set of cultural attitudes) as well as bearing the utilitarianism of Jeremy Bentham.

      Filipino-Spanish Catholicism in the political arena must be rid of, as well as in media outlets. They’re teaching the people to be counter-productive, spiritually, physically and mentally.

      They also force subservience on us, as if we can’t think of ourselves what God really teaches and discourage critical thinking and individuality.

      P.S. I am Catholic, but if even South America had their liberation theology (which I even highly disagree), the Philippine Catholic culture can still change to suit the present needs of the people without even engaging in politics. That is, if they ever still desire to stay culturally relevant.

      Apologies for the long-ass post.

  8. @ mr.Farol,tnx for the very informative article and positive feelings towards the INC event last monday.i just want to comment thru quoting some catholic religious holidays.this is in reply on christy’s bitter comments.
    1.march 28@29-maundy thursday@good friday.
    Area of coverage:whole country
    2.nov.1@2-all saints@all souls day
    area of coverage:whole country
    3.dec.24@25-christmas eve@day
    area of coverage:whole country
    area of coverage:metro manila vacation which starts mostly on 2nd week of december and ends up first week of january
    area of coverage:whole country
    take note:there are even enormous religious/patronal feasts/festivals in many parts of the country that suspension of office works and classes is needed.
    @ christy,how would you compare the damage of these religious holidays to the phil.economy and education sector with that of INC medical mission last monday?.
    Answer:thousand times greater than the medical mission last monday.
    Actually we didn’t ruin the economy because of that activity.we even helped the government to save hundreds of millions of pesos that day.what do you think will the gov’t do if during that day this 1.6 million poeple simultaneously asked for food from them?a very big question,right?one thing more,the mmda and manila city government failed to make earlier announcement for that activity because as far as permit is concerned,INC had already had it as early as couple of weeks before the scheduled date of medical mission.
    Apologize for very long comment.TY

    1. I don’t think you’ve read properly with what I’ve written over. And this is due to your irrational reactive emotions running higher than your thinking. This is your religious cult zombie mentality that’s done your head in.

      I even stated clearly that I don’t even celebrate those freaking holidays! Get it now? In Cebu, the only biggest events that ever do this are Sinulog and Lenten seasons. Perhaps we don’t have as much religious nuts as in Manila/Luzon so go dump your head in the sand for assuming that I even hinted/suggested in any way that I would encourage to celebrate these holidays.

      Hell, your cult doesn’t even help when they get themselves involved in politics. Just like the Filipino Catholic Church here. You and the CBCP should just hang yourselves.

      At least here in Australia, churches/religious institutions are left to themselves by the government. No need for politiquing when they have to raise their own funds to keep themselves relevant.

      And INC only helps its own members. It just fucks the rest of us- Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, Humanists, indigenous populations, etc.

      So, keep talking zombie and have a great time fooling others for your invested interests!

      1. Christy, if you do not celebrate, that’s your problem. But the fact still remains, Catholics have more holidays that messes up the traffic.
        Australian government, Philippines government, it’s apple and orange dumbass!
        INC only helps INC members? you imbacile, INC have been conducting LIngap sa mamamayan long before you went to Australia. Slap the back of you head for me, will you!

  9. Oh @christy,i’m sorry i forgot to remind you that those catholic religious holidays were also practiced in the protestant religion,right?meaning that you are also among the millions of people that keep on ruining philippine economy yearly,right?I wish to tell you that INC never had any regular religious holiday that the whole country or any non -INC member is being involved.INC never intervened in any issue that the government is facing.who are the people that often intervene with so many political issues?CATHOLIC AUTHORITIES!now,i want to ask you where is the separation of state and church with this?did your religion had any humanitarian aid just what INC is always doing?none@never,i’m very sure of that.

    1. The fuck did I just say over? Didn’t I make it clear that I, myself, DO NOT APPROVE of so many of these holidays even though I am a practising Catholic?

      It’s a great thing that INC never got any holiday. It’s not as culturally relevant as the Evangelicals and Catholics. So, tell me, who colonised us? First, it was the Catholic Spaniards. And they brought with it culture along with this religion.

      Then you’ve got the Americans. They have Evangelicalism which comes with it their own culture, especially on democracy and protestant work ethic values which their religious sect promotes.

      Now, what has INC brought to us which has cultural signifcance? Oh yeah, you know, politiquing and making zombies out of the people.

      The Catholic churches here before 1986 used to never really get themselves involved in politics. But thanks to the growing number of zombie mentality among the people it has allowed your cult and other shady religious nazism to also try weilding in back the feudalism from our Spanish colonial times.

      In terms of humanitarian services, the Catholics and Protestant groups here still contribute more inspite of the level of corruption within these groups- even extending their hands to the Muslims and others.

      INC helps only to influence others to join in the party/ or to serve only its own members.

      INC=Scientology of the Philippines.

      Catholic Aid around the world: Caritas International

      Even if the church in the Philippines is fucked, at least the Pope right now in the Vatican is way more humanitarian than your bloody zombie-infested cult.

  10. INC didn’t conduct the medical/dental mission in weekends because they have WORSHIP SERVICE on those days..

    and according to my INC friend,
    before 2013, they already have a line-up schedule for their Lingap sa Mamamayan in different areas AROUND THE GLOBE for the whole year!

    every district of their church has their own schedule in medical/dental missions..

    nagkataon lng na naging issue ngaung year ang PORK BARREL SCAM..

    anyway, honestly, i don’t see anything wrong with it, and they already apologize for the inconvenience they have caused..

    puro kase tau malisya,
    just because there’s a political issue
    nowadays, we keep on connecting it..

    why don;t we just be thankful na me RELIGIOUS GROUP na ganyan..they just want to help their fellow countrymen..mamasamain pa..

    RESPECT for them..
    they did it for the God’s glory and not for man..

    yan hirap sa mga pinoy..
    lahat nlng ng issue ikokonek sa politika..

    anung mentality b nmn yan..

    1. The INC is a Filipino cult, not a genuine religion and when any group votes as a block they are interfering in politics. When any such group alters the lifestyle of a city they are just a disruptive force. As a Catholic I believe the horrible mess caused by that burned Nazarene thing being paraded through the streets should also be stopped.

    2. Stop it with your religious hypocrisy. You accuse the Catholics for doing this? Then it doesn’t help when you justify these acts. Again, INC does not have the same cultural impact as the Evangelicals and Catholics, all through our history.

      You’re just a cult like the one from Korea, that Sun Myung Moon. It just centres on the lives of men who neither created miracles nor have any words of wisdom to teach us by at all.

      The Spanish Catholicism has some good that comes with it- delicadeza, which is entirely now lost on our political culture, and Protestantism have the hard work ethic values, which promotes not only merit but also respect for individuality.

      Heck, even the Marano Muslims have some good cultural values (which is slowly eroding due to the infestation of opportunists).

      INC? The thieves in the guise of religion. You bring nothing but a mindset that should be unquestionable- nothing new or revolutionary about it.

      If you want changes in the country, stop fucking with the government and politics! And this goes for ALL religious sects too, especially the Catholic organisations here.

      Stop promoting Spanish colonial feudalism, which keeps this country from progressing both economically and socially.

      1. I agree with every word you said and would like to add that I wonder why you don’t include other such businesses operating as religions such as the PBMA, another homegrown Pinoy cult in your writings?

      2. why just INC? why do you keep on pointing the finger to INC, there lots more of what you call “cults” in the country. Mushrooming “christian” churches. I think, if you have nothing good to say, you better not speak. we all have different beliefs, just respect others.

  11. I’m not buying what they’re selling. They are trying to say something, and they are doing it blatantly. To add insult to injury, they are claiming that is under the guise of a medical mission and dental mission.

    Disrupt classes and businesses under the guise of a medical and dental mission? The INC has several churches which they could had used, mas marami pa sana silang natulungan, imbes dun lang sa isang location.

    1. FYI po, just to tell you a FACT, INC had been doing this ever since, mas malaki lang yung impact ngayon kasi mas marami yung nilingap, but almost monthly they have this activity, different locations, provinces, hindi man broadcasted sa media, alam yan ng mga taong natutulungan. 🙂

      1. @Cristy may your faith save your life and one simple question, may natulungan ka na ba?dami mong satsat, puro k lng nmn sarili inaatupag.

  12. how could this people accused INC? Nagtataka ba kayo kung bakit ang INC ay nakapaghold ng malaking Medical Mission at kayong mga sangay ng gobyerno ay hindi? Tungkulin po ng bawat kaanib sa INC na maghandog ng mga biyayang galing sa Panginoong Diyos ng walang pag aalinlangan at galing sa puso. Sa bagaynatural na magtaka kayo, kasi yung mga budget na dapat para sa mga mamamayang Pilipino eh kayo ang lumulustay.

    1. The only part of your post I can read is what I think you asked in the first sentence. People accused INC of causing a mess for political purposes because that is exactly what they did. When a church, or in this case a cult, wants to have charity outreaches or medical missions they don’t have them in the middle of the week in the middle of the largest city in the nation. They do them in outlying regions or in small gatherings where the services are needed.

  13. Medical and Lingap Missions were not the main feature of the INC’s activity held last Monday. Evangelical Mission was the main feature. All People who criticize INC should look first at the reason why INCs do evangelical mission in large areas or cities. If you wonder why INC members do this, start reading bible and you’ll find out that God’s people are told to go into all the world to preach the Gospel in every creature. Medical, dental and Lingap are just part of the evangelical activity. It is one of the teachings of Jesus to do good deeds right? Is your religion do good deeds too?

  14. Dont u worry guys, here in isabela we have stopped the Lingap thing, they should have receive the same blessings just like the people in manila but due to your nonsense and political thinking they’ve just decided to cancel the said event. Now maybe your happy…. acting intelligent but no brains at all. aren’t u guys happy an organization is willing to help a number of poor in different locations and countries? if i were you, better shut up.

    1. No. Because clearly YOU AREN’T. You keep people poor by giving them the crutch mentality. How about funding for public education, eh? So that these kids won’t be begging on the streets anymore. They would learn to work hard and get a decent job and they wouldn’t even have to resort to your zombie cult along with the rest who do this to many people (CBCP, JWs, Mormons, Quiboloy , and all those religious fanatics).

      You prey on the weak and deprived by your social agenda and then you would threaten them when they start to defy what you all believe in.

      No, you, and the CBCP, are harmful to society and must be BARRED COMPLETELY from politics. You do not help by making “scenes” out in the public just to show your self-righteousness. God is not pleased with your hypocrisy. You are as what Jesus say, “white sepulchres”- white on the outside, but inwardly, so filthy. Pretty much sums up your cult and the CBCP organisation.

      1. You forgot the PBMA cult run by a convicted murderer who the police can’t seem to find while he is “hiding” right inside his own house in San Jose, Dinagat.

  15. Again, whatever you say. These are all speculations. No proof. Diba? Naghahanap lang tayo ng bagay na idudugtong. Maghahanap tayo ng bagay na makakasira sa iba. We are all blinded by our irrational thoughts. Aminin na natin, ganyan tayo eh. Hahanap at hahanap tayo ng isusuporta sa mga paniniwala naten, minsan kahit hindi naman totoo, nagiging kapanipaniwala. Kaso puro speculation lang naman eh, nasan ang proof? Bakit? Meron na bang politikong tumayo at nagsabing, HOY BINIBIGYAN KO NG PERA ANG INC, eh kung yung sa pork barrel nga na iskandalo nailabas nila eh kung sa INC meron man, edi sana matagal ng lumabas. Over and over again, ganyan nalang ang sinasabi nyo. Wala kayong pruweba, puro lang kayo hinala, ay ganito ay ganyan ano natinag ang INC? No. And hindi magpapatalo ang INC sa mga sabi sabi nyo. We are binded by FAITH not by just mere BELIEVING. Kaya matatag kame. So God bless everyone.

    1. You are rather, bound by BLIND FAITH rather than REASONABLE FAITH. If you and the CBCP organisations STOP intervening the political system then may be I’d stop spouting my disgust over your cults- erm, “religions”.

      So, may be it is time to just lay off with the herd mentality and start thinking, as a reasonable and rational-minded individual, to think of ways to fix the system and to educate the populace in the right direction (and clearly your cult isn’t the way).

  16. Puede ba? Pakiintindi…INC is not a religion, it does not even belong to any religious sect. Same goes with catholicism, its not a religion…again it is just a sect.

    And guys, please note religion has nothing to do with it. Bottom line…it is between you and your God (or non God) in the end.

    This goes for the die hard sect believers there.

    1. Excuses. Catholicism is religion. Christianity is way of life. Yours is a cult out to make zombies so learn to even educate yourself. You do not belong to Christianity. You do not believe Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Saviour.

      You also do not understand that God’s kingdom is not of this world so rather than getting yourselves involved in politics, you practice faith from the heart by not disrupting people’s lives through your destructive methods (cutting classes and shutting down businesses, for something as listless as your missions).

      It isn’t the humblest thing to do that, you know. You yoke yourselves with TRAPOS, so how can you represent God’s righteousness?

      You and other sharks in the country are the very reason we never lift ourselves out of poverty. We like it when there are OFWs working in highly dangerous and exploitative work places and earn pittance rather than here back home, where the gov’t should’ve provided jobs for these people.

      And my family is just one of those who have been forced to look for a place where future is certain. You and the gov’t (and the CBCP) just are narrow-minded; not seeing the forest through the trees.

      And then you would continually spout off your sermons as if you are better than all of us, spiritually and mentally.

      Again, zombies, THINK RATIONALLY without spouting off the usual soundbites.

      1. read my comments again. You are preaching to the choir.

        Same as you, I am disgusted on how the INC conducts it’s activities.

        I disagree btw that catholicsm is a religion. It is just a sect of the christian religion. Religion as a whole, be it hinduism, islam, bhudism, etc IS a way of life.

        Again, you are barking at the wrong tree. I do not belong with the INC, hence, my comment about INC doing it’s “thing” for everybody to see and disrupt important activities. This things if they want it done, straight from the heart shoud not be publicized and cause inconvenience and should be between them and their god ( or non god, whichever applies).

        Hey, it’s not only YOUR family who are forced to do that. I am an OFW working in one of the most hazardous work environments, sacrificing a lot already just to insulate my family from the effects of greed and vindictiveness of this administration.

        Please read carefully between the lines, next time.

  17. Kaming mga myembro ng INC alam naman naming peke ang relihiyon ito.kaya lang kami dumadami dahil sa benepisyo.pag may kaaway ka pwede mong ipatumba.Pag may kaso ka abswelto ka. exempted ka sa batas ng pilipinas ang kapalit lang ay iboto ang mga katulad ni Erap. UNITY ang tawag namen sa sapilitang pagsunod at pag di kami pumayag ay ititiwalag kami.pinagmamalaki namen ang Philippine Arena na galing sa Pork barrel ng mga politikong dinala noong eleksyon at 10% ng sahod ng mga myembro buwan buwan.

    kaya nga minsan nakakahalata na ako hindi na yata ito religion, mafia na to. ang mga guardya namen sa church ay may dalang ak47. Lalo na sa Sentro na may factory ng tanke at jet fighter at ang kaduda duda sa lahat ay ang doktrina namen na si kristo ay isang ordinaryong tao lamang at si felix manalo ay isang super sayans. kaya minsan napapaisip ako na tumiwalag na lang kaso natatakot lang ako baka itumba nila ako dahil marami na akong nalalaman. alam kase namen si manalo ay manyakis hahaha.

    1. at eto pa. kaya naming gumawa ng pinakamalaking stadium sa buong pilipinas pero di namen kayang gumawa ng sariling sementeryo. Ang tao kase pag patay na wala na ring pakinabang

    2. maliit pa iglesia ganyan na ang paninira ng mga lolo at lola nyo, nangamatay nga sila sa inggit.
      e lalo na ngayon na malaki ang iglesia ano magagawa ng mga paninira mo nayan baguhin mo kaya ang style mong bulok. baka sakaling umubra.

  18. Bitter ADD member ka ata. Kumain ka muna ng maraming ampalaya baka matanggal pa ang pagka bitter mo sa INC. Paninira ang tawag diyan. 10%? ha ha ha… sa protestante madami nyan pero sa INC never meron nyan. Magbigay ang bawat isa ayon sa pasya ng puso, ganun ang sa INC.

    Kmusta na pala si Elesia este Elesio Soriano? Balita ko ala ng maperahan sa Brazil.

  19. let the world judge the iglesia ni cristo but let them see how it’ll become more successful.The Iglesia ni Cristo will continue its mission eventhough the world experienced the plague that caused by God.We will continue to lend our hand for the benefit of many…..


  20. @ Juan Delacrus Mr Juan sa ginagawa mo pong pagpapanggap na isa kang INC tapos dinudumihan mo ang pangalan ng INC! alam mo bang ang INC ay hindi kay kapatid na felix kundi sa Panginoong Jesus? Binili nya ng Dugo nya ang INC dahil tanging dito lamang makakatangap ng kaligtasan ang mga taong umaanib dito!…Hindi ka isang INC kundi isa ka sa mga taga san libutan na hindi pinalad na pagkalooban ng Panginoong diyos na maintindihan ang katotohanan…kung ano man ang relihiyon mo..naawa ako sa iyo mr Juan “di mo tunay na name” Iniimbitahan kitang makinig sa mga doktrina ng Iglesia ni Cristo para naman kahit paano baka sakaling liwanagan ng Panginoon ang iyong isipan at maintindihan mo ang saka dun mo ma realize na napaka laking kasalanan ang iyong ginawa.

    GOD BLESS and More power INC


    1. Mr Juan Tanga kahit mag aral ng Biblia di mo kaya unawain Sugo ka ng Diablo kasama ka sa lilipulin kaya kung ako sa iyo makinig ka ng Doktrina namin para mabuksan sa iyo hiwaga ng Katotohanan.
      Iyong sinasabi mong philadelphia at iba pa ay mga Lokal ng Iglesia ni Cristo noong unang siglo pero kabilang sa iisang Organisasyon.
      Iyon namang sa Saling lamsa eh maliwanag na walang pagkakamali dahil si Cristo ang tumubos sa Iglesia sa pamamagitan ng kanyang dugo kung ang Dios ang tinutukoy doon eh di lalong di katanggap tanggap dahil wala namang laman at dugo ang Dios di mo ba nabasa iyan sa Juan 4:23-24?

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