Massing of Iglesia ni Cristo congregation in Metro Manila: Charity event, or show of force?

If the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) weren’t a religion, today’s event (benignly described in an Inquirer report as an “outreach project”) would surely constitute what may be a unique peace time civilian invasion of a major capital city. The anticipated scale of the INC’s “medical mission” was such that it prompted Manila mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada to suspend all college-level classes last Friday and the Department of Education (DepEd) to issue an even later eleventh-hour advisory on a decision to suspend classes in major affected cities in the Metro yesterday (Sunday). According to the Inquirer report, the DepEd announcement came on the advise of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino…

“I am proposing a floating holiday which is normally done abroad, particularly in the United States. In this case, employers allow their workers to take a leave of absence with pay whenever they wish to attend religious activities,” Tolentino said Sunday on MMDA’s weekly radio show.

The MMDA chief also explained that apart from the INC project, there are important occasions for people of other faiths that employers should also consider this week.

“Tomorrow is the start of the pilgrimage to Mecca of our Muslim brothers. It is also the eve of their Eid’l Adha, which is an important day for them. Today, members of the Roman Catholic Church observe the feast day of Our Lady of La Naval and Our Lady of Fatima,” he said.


As of this writing reports have started trickling in of buses and jeepneys full of people (presumably INC members) coming into the city and parking along major thoroughfares snarling traffic flow in the process. Some reports have estimated that up to 1.6 million people may be engulfing Metro Manila over the course of the day. It is likely that much of Metro Manila will be effectively paralysed for the rest of the day.

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Some people have noted the bizarreness of this latest religious extravaganza. The question of whether this event which significantly impacts access to public areas within Metro Manila had been issued the proper permits is floating around. And if so, it begs the obvious question: Why was the MMDA evidently unprepared for this? Others have described this spectacle as a “show of force” masquerading as a “charity” operation. One thing is certain, the interesting timing of this vast and paralysing mobilisation of warm bodies in the Philippines’ premier city — its centre of commerce and industry — is not lost in many observers.

The INC has always been a force to reckon when it comes to mobilising blocs of compliant voters and activists to support political positions and agendas decreed by its leadership. Just about every one of the most controversial presidents who’ve ever ruled this sad nation had at one time or another found favour with an INC top honcho

Rather than elaborate further, I will instead illustrate my point with a brief history of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) religious sect:

1986: The INC supports President Ferdinand Marcos over then leader of the “Opposition” Corazon Aquino (Noynoy Aquino’s mother).

1998: The INC supports Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s successful bid for the presidency.

2004: The INC endorses Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in her campaign for President of the Philippines.

2010: The INC endorses Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas as future President and Vice President of the Philippines.

Perhaps what the real agenda of this “charity” event really is will be revealed at some point. For now, as always, we shall defer to the very relevant advise of our favourite kapamilya media outlet:

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata

38 Replies to “Massing of Iglesia ni Cristo congregation in Metro Manila: Charity event, or show of force?”

  1. As a semi regular contributor to your blog site . You know I am a big fan of proponents of herd mentality . I am also a big fan of being what my values are supposed to be and which people those values reside in. There is no room for independent thought in 2013.

  2. It was in March 2012, shortly before then Chief Justice Renato Corona was convicted by the Senate Impeachment Court when Noynoy with Kris in tow paid a confidential visit to Manalo at the latter’s Central office in Diliman. What for? To convince him to withdraw his church’s support for Corona? If that was the case, could it be possible that money from DAP during that momentous event change hands for obvious reason? Just asking.

      1. The thing is just because Noynoy was elected as President in this Showbiz/ Emo culture does not magically make him a leader. He is not a leader, he never was a leader and he never will be a leader. Why do you think he is holding on to pork for dear life?? Because no pork means no perks. No perks then he will have to rely on skills he never had. No idea why you are so proud of him Harold. Oh yeah, you are hired by the MCG.

        1. I just read that he is still justifying giving each congressmen 24 million each for “scholarship” purposes. LOL…maybe to use for bribing voters in the next election.

        2. Harold,

          Your president is a bonafide hypocrite.
          Why can’t you realize that you are defending someone who is already doomed to fall?
          Why do you keep believing his lies?
          Why do you keep spouting flawed propaganda?
          Why are you so stupid?

        1. I thought he wanted transparency? The people have the right to know because the people are his “boss”. 😉

      2. That assumes, of course, that your Bobo President can string a cohesive sentence together without the aid of a prepared script, speech, or a teleprompter.

        1. Simple lang sagot dyan. There are a lot of gullible Filipinos who still think PNoy is honest despite his blatant abuse of power.

      3. “so what? it is just normal to high profile people like PNOY to talk with leaders.”

        But its not NORMAL to do POLITICAL BLACKMAIL just like what your president is attempting to do with the leader of INC.

        So, unless you can give us a coherent, non scripted rebuttal or reason why your president needs to talk to the leader of INC, don’t bother replying or posting here ever again.

        1. He is equal to all?
          Hah! Don’t delude yourself,TROLL.

          Face it bub, your president is going to go down in history as the most CORRUPT,INCOMPETENT “leader” that the philippines ever had.

          Besides, you didnt even answer ilda’s question without resorting to propaganda.

          Your pathetic malacanang troll group is finished.
          You should get a REAL job and get a LIFE

        2. Equal to all? He has no skill. That is not equal to all. He won because of his mom died. That is not equal to all you pea brain. Hint: your unit should spend more than a hundred pesos a month on script development.

        3. They probably can’t spend more than a few hundred pesos a month, considering the money’s already been spent on the MacBooks and their other gadgets.

          On another matter…


          You catch the Broncos and the Cowboys last week? Finally, something exciting in the NFL!

        4. “PNOY will never do political blackmail. he is equal to all.”

          (Lies. HE DID. Please explain on why the Corona impeachment was RAILROADED?)

          (You can’t answer because what I’ve is 100% TRUE).

        5. U Kno that I do not like pols at all, BUT IF IF IF Aquino wants to talk to the leader of any group he has every right to do so. He doesn’t have to explain himself either, he just doesn’t have to. it is a fact.
          Aquino has a lot of people to keep happy and the more people that are tied to one another, the more attention he will pay to that particular group of people. it is simple politics, that’s all. a lot of people call the guy a dummy, but uh….NO, he is no such thing! He is a master manipulator who knows exactly what he is doing…and he is good at it too! Aquino did not become President of the country by being an idiot. He might not be much of a leader that is good for the people, but the people who REALLY run the country like the guy just fine. If they did not, he would not be there…just sayin…

  3. Once again the INC is taking advantage of the current political situation in the furtherance of its VESTED INTEREST i.e., to be able to bargain highly sensitive positions in government or largess from PDAF or DAF, maybe both. Expect Noynoy to be reporting again to Diliman in the immediate future.

    Indeed POLITICAL BLACKMAIL can come in different form!

  4. this is the real deal inc importing building materials for there project in bulacan the philipine arena and aquino giving order to custom to hold that shipments

    1. You are a cult of the highest order. Ruining education and economy for your special show down called medical mission. Why do your zombies even pick a weekday- a working day, to do all this??

      Why don’t you head down to Southern Mindanao to do this as well- I’m sure you meant well when you did all this, ruining school hours as well as the flow of traffic. There are so many out there in rural areas where medical services are limited. Of all places, why only these urbanized regions?

      Where is the clear separation of church and state? Oh wait, not in this administration, obviously. Bunch of sell outs.

  5. Unbelievable. If these zombies have a sway on influencing even down to the most corrupt men and women in power…dammit.

    when will we ever get out of this s#@t?

  6. When you use religion, as a force to promote your political agendas. It is a sign of desperation. The Iglesia Ni Kristo got rich, thru its selling of votes of its members to politician. It is not the teaching of Jesus Christ, already. It is bastardizing religion, treating it, as a commodity for the highest bidder.

  7. kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas dhil sa inyong mga mapagbintang .. puro kayo hinala .. wala naman kayong kayang patunayan .. patunayan nyo mga kaibigan yung mga pinagsasabi nyo .. panindigan nyo .. wag umasa sa hinala at bintang .. minsan . masama din ang sobrang paggamit ng imahinasyon ..

  8. Kaming mga myembro ng INC alam naman naming peke ang relihiyon ito.kaya lang kami dumadami dahil sa benepisyo.pag may kaaway ka pwede mong ipatumba.Pag may kaso ka abswelto ka. exempted ka sa batas ng pilipinas ang kapalit lang ay iboto ang mga katulad ni Erap. UNITY ang tawag namen sa sapilitang pagsunod at pag di kami pumayag ay ititiwalag kami.pinagmamalaki namen ang Philippine Arena na galing sa Pork barrel ng mga politikong dinala noong eleksyon at 10% ng sahod ng mga myembro buwan buwan.

    kaya nga minsan nakakahalata na ako hindi na yata ito religion, mafia na to. ang mga guardya namen sa church ay may dalang ak47. Lalo na sa Sentro na may factory ng tanke at jet fighter at ang kaduda duda sa lahat ay ang doktrina namen na si kristo ay isang ordinaryong tao lamang at si felix manalo ay isang super sayans. kaya minsan napapaisip ako na tumiwalag na lang kaso natatakot lang ako baka itumba nila ako dahil marami na akong nalalaman. alam kase namen si manalo ay manyakis hahaha.

    1. at eto pa. kaya naming gumawa ng pinakamalaking stadium sa buong pilipinas pero di namen kayang gumawa ng sariling sementeryo. Ang tao kase pag patay na wala na ring pakinabang

  9. the sleeping giant is the iglesia ni cristo. it has been called a church militant during the cancelled-oil price rally in 1991 under cory time. now they have come massive for humanitarian thru kabayan ko, kapatid ko project, which benefited millions of filipinos throughout the country

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