Are there still available men like Chris Tiu??


The ABS-CBN News headline got it right: “Sorry ladies, Chris Tiu is already married”. He’s the perfect Pinoy guy — handsome, Jesuit-educated, star basketball player, smart (as in, a grad of the Ateneo’s flagship mega-hard ultra-elite course Management Engineering), and, get this, super religious. Legend has it that he prays the rosary everyday. Wow! What a guy!


I mean, maybe Atenistas back in the days of kopong kopong were known to carry rosaries in their pockets — maybe even actually use them for prayer once in a while. Can former president and Ateneo alumnus Joseph “Erap” Estrada help us out here? Is this rosary thing really true, sir?

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Nonetheless, are guys like Chris Tiu even supposed to actually exist today in boom-boom Manila of 2013?? Tell me, Lord, if there still any like him out there? Even more incredible, the girl he married, Clarisse Ong, is supposedly his one and only girlfriend since third-year high school. Is this guy for real?

Hold that thought there and let’s pause to thank God Chris Tiu is now married. The Philippines is now a safer place for the lovelorn now that Chris is off the market. Perhaps now we can start to appreciate the guys next to us who are for real. Don’t get me wrong though. Without a doubt, Chris Tiu is the real deal. The fact that he’d quietly slink off to wed his sweetheart in a hush-hush ceremony in Vancouver proves he is not one of those tacky narcissist attention whores that populate Pinoy showbiz (oh yeah, and Pinoy politics too).

But me having taken college Statistics 101, I’d know enough about the odds of finding a guy that has all the boxes ticked. Pity the gals who try so hard to find such a guy. Now there is one less to hope for.

All the best to the TIUperman!

10 Replies to “Are there still available men like Chris Tiu??”

  1. Hehehe… the reality is that the “impossible dream…” is really that, the impossible dream.

    Or maybe, it’s just the ordinary people ask for too much. They need to… apparently… get real.

      1. Racist comments. Hope racist people will live forever on this earth so they will continually suffer the wrath of God and Nature! Racist doesn’t have any place in Heaven nor in Hell.

  2. Get real people he is from “opus Dei” as well as his family. Talk about prpper upbringing. If your looking for appropriate men to marry try looking at appropriate venues.

  3. management engineering is overrated! math classes with a higher than average passing requirement dont make you a better or successful person when you get outside school. My friends who graduated have a hard time thinking out of the box, which I think is a more desirable trait than just being good at math.

  4. BSME at ADMU is what it is– a course that’s easy enough if you’re MENSA. It does not promise to make its graduates a success in life, but it sure won’t stop them. Am looking at this from the perspective of an ADMU alum whose daughter has already finished college there too. Tell you what– Chris Tiu makes me wish that I had a male child too.

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