ABS-CBN News publishes ‘exclusive’ photos of Noynoy with Jeane Napoles!

jeane_napoles_noynoyPhotos of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III with Jeane Napoles, daughter of alleged pork barrel scammer Janet Lim Napoles, have been featured in an “exclusive” by ABS-CBN News. It appears to be an Instagram (or some other photo sharing social media service) photo of Jeane standing next to BS Aquino.

Malacañang after being queried on the subject is now reportedly appealing to the public not to put any malice in the photo.

Sabi ng Malakanyang, hindi ito nangangahulugang kilala ng Pangulo si Jeane Napoles.

Ayon kay Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang, hindi kilala ng Pangulo sinuman sa mga Napoles.

Aniya, ang larawan ay kuha noong Nobyembre ng nakalipas na taon sa isang pribadong pagtitipon sa Shangri-La Mactan sa Cebu kasunod ng canonization ni San Pedro Calungsod.

[Translation: This does not mean the President personally knows Jeane Napoles. According to Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang, the President does not know any of the Napoleses. The photo was taken November last year in a private gathering in Shangri-La Mactaon in Cebu after the canonization of Saint Pedro Calungsod.]

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Get Real Post author Mike Portes observes on her Minsan may Isang Puta Facebook mega-page

The body language at the September 10, 2013 presscon of the President of the Republic of Philippines was already telling when reporters asked the FAQ of the year: Did you know Janet Lim Napoles before she surrendered to him in Malacañang?

PNoy’s answer was: No. Then he exited the podium. A few seconds after, he returns and graciously explained that :

“I tried to search in my mind if I ever came across her or even heard of her name [before the scandal] and I hope I am not turning senile but I don’t recall,” Aquino said. “Did I ever meet her? I can’t even say I ever said ‘hi’ to her. When I saw her when she came to the Palace, I was trying to look at her and I don’t remember her.

[Source: Manila Standard Today.]

Aquino apologists were quick to jump on the issue and put in their moronic takes. One quick one was “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles who tweeted

Baka naman nilapit ni Janet Napoles and anak nyang si Jeane kay PNoy, baka sakaling magkagusto si PNoy at i-date. Kutob ko lang.

[Translation: Just my hunch: Janet Napoles was pushing her daughter Jeane to PNoy in case he might take a liking to her.]

…insisting too that the point is that the picture is of the daughter and not the mother Janet.

[Photo courtesy DZMM ABS-CBN News.]

21 Replies to “ABS-CBN News publishes ‘exclusive’ photos of Noynoy with Jeane Napoles!”

  1. Let’s give the President the benefit of a doubt. We know for a fact a lot of people want their pictures taken with him. What is more important is that the accused plunderers are prosecuted, and, hopefully, get convicted in the fastest time possible.

    1. There’s benefit of the doubt… then there’s double think… Too many dots are lining up and pretty soon, the cat will be out of the bag.


      One former business associate of Napoles, for instance, has confided as much to me. This person said that Napoles never feared that her business dealings would ever be investigated, because of her “personal relationship” with Aquino.

      “Even when she wrote her letter to the President [last April, asking that Aquino look into alleged harassment by the National Bureau of Investigation of her brother, Reynald Lim], she bragged that she would get quick action because the President is her friend,” this potential witness said. “And she was right, she said, because the President acted on her request right away. She always made it a point, in conversation, to mention that she and the President were friends.”

    2. If it was ordinary me to have my picture taken with the chief executive, first, I would have to be well connected to be in that party, and then I would have to get past the ordinary security and then there is the PSG.

      Sadly for ordinary me, can’t do any of that because I am ordinary.

      Gamitin ang utak, connect the dots.

      1. It appears the party is a private one and with around 200 pax as what the palace says, it would be real tough to simply walk in without an invitation. Now what was Napoles doing in Cebu right at the time noynoy was there? If it was a chance photo op by the napoleses, how come they have so many? As I know, at most 2 shots will be taken by the photographer. What is not being told is why the palace have so much copies of these photographs? Nevre thought to give the celebs a copy of my picture if I had one! What is clear here is the palace photographer was the one who took all those pictures! That is why the palace have copies of not one but 8 pictures showing noynoy in lovey dovey pose with the napoleses!

    3. A nobody or a regular person CANNOT simply walk up to the President of the Philippines to have her photo taken. She would have had to deal with security and protocol. Surely, she was introduced and had a chat before this photo was taken. And to get the President’s attention, you would have to be important because you are also competing with many others who are trying to get his attention. Obviously, the Napoleses were important to the politicians.

      1. I am just waiting for someone to say:

        “Mabait si Tito Noy sa lahat ng tao, kahit sino maaaring magpapicture kasama siya. Sa dami niyang nakikilala di niya matatandaan lahat ng kung sino sila. Huwag na natin pansinin itong paninira kay Tito Noy.”

        1. It is already clear that the president and his allies are already sinking in political quicksand.
          No amount of yellow propaganda can save them now that the cat’s out of the bag.

    4. Ironic that the accuser is also guilty of benefiting from pork barrel.
      The 20 senators that convicted Corona are getting hit by KARMA.

  2. I have to agree with orlando. Visitors to any event where the Pres might go to may be checked by security, but I doubt it if the Pres is briefed or has knowledge to each and every one of them.

    Although I have to say this is a good opportunity to let politicians know that information is distributed fast nowadays. Keeps them careful with their actions.

    1. The PSG routinely checks a public place as early as 24 hours before any event the chief executive goes to. That includes guests, hosts, the food, etc.

      Bluezippo, if what you are saying is true here, then we really have a student government.

  3. Please analyze the situation, no one could ever be invited in any gatherings with the politicians unless they knew each other…especialloy if the gathering are for top ranking people with the VVIP as like the President…and it’s not a matter of Napoles to recomend her young daughter to Noynoy, it’s obviously there’s a strong friendly connection between two families…is it BINGO?

    1. Rey Bello troll,

      This website is anti dumb, anti troll, anti sheep, anti inbreeding, anti brain damage. If you interpret as anti Noynoy Aquino then goes to show you what you think of your idol.

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