What Does Jeane Lim-Napoles and President BS Aquino III’s Picture Prove?

jeane_napoles_noynoyAbout an hour after I posted the picture of Senate President Franklin Drilon with Janet Lim Napoles, my neighbor sent me a text message saying that it wouldn’t be unlikely that President B.S. Aquino would also have a picture with Napoles.

After getting over the initial shock of finding out that my 75 year old neighbor actually reads Get Real Post, I quickly dismissed the idea that the “guilt by association” bandwagon would actually roll around and figuratively run over President BS Aquino.

As it turns out, I should have given my neighbor more credence because when I logged into my Facebook account last night  my timeline was filled with pictures of Jeane Lim Napoles with President BS.

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Yes. Janet Lim-Napoles’ baby girl and the subject of so much vilification for her “undeserved” lavish lifestyle.

Yes. President Benigno Simeon Cojuanco Aquino the Third.

Together. In a picture.

Sure, the picture by itself doesn’t prove anything beyond the fact that both the President and the daughter of the supposed mastermind of the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam were in the same place together.

Of course twisted minds will try to impose their interpretation of the picture on others like little lady dyornalist Raisa Robles:

raisa robles says janet lim napoles was fixing up her jean with pnoy

Raisa’s tweet says, “Maybe Janet Lim Napoles brought her daughter to Pnoy hoping the President would want to date her. Just my hunch.”

Like, come on Raisa! Really?!  Then again, why did I think that it would be beyond you to go that low?

Thing is, Robles ought to be more circumspect because as recent events have shown, what goes around comes around and as far as the President’s sister is concerned, people could as easily have their own thoughts about this picture below.

kris aquino bolkiah

But, let’s not go there, shall we?

Anyway, what the President’s picture with Jeane Lim Napoles signifies for me is not “guilt by association”.  But, rather, it gives form and shape to the thought that President Aquino could be lying about the closeness of his association with Janet Lim Napoles.

The President had previously denied knowing Janet Lim Napoles saying: “I tried to search in my mind if I ever came across her or even heard of her name [before the scandal] and I hope I am not turning senile but I don’t recall.  Did I ever meet her? I can’t even say I ever said ‘hi’ to her. When I saw her when she came to the Palace, I was trying to look at her and I don’t remember her. She doesn’t look familiar [at all]. In fact, I’ll be very honest with you, comparing her to pictures of her in the newspapers, I thought for a while: Is this really the person that we were looking for?”

And yet, so many dots are lining up:

Janet Lim Napoles not only surrendered to Pnoy, but was fetched by high ranking members of his communication staff.

Brian Yamsuan apparently had “dealings” with Napoles and was until recently the consultant of Aquino’s Executive Secretary, Jojo Ochoa.

And then there’s Napoles’ letter that so easily found its way to the President, when other such letters could have been lost.

Then… then… there’s this bit of information in Jojo Robles’ column:

One former business associate of Napoles, for instance, has confided as much to me. This person said that Napoles never feared that her business dealings would ever be investigated, because of her “personal relationship” with Aquino.

“Even when she wrote her letter to the President [last April, asking that Aquino look into alleged harassment by the National Bureau of Investigation of her brother, Reynald Lim], she bragged that she would get quick action because the President is her friend,” this potential witness said. “And she was right, she said, because the President acted on her request right away. She always made it a point, in conversation, to mention that she and the President were friends.”

Lastly, we have to consider that the very nature of the so-called pork barrel scam puts the onus on the President — not legislators accused in the controversy.

Former Philippine Daily Inquirer Vice President for Operations and good friend JP Fenix explains the Executive Department’s culpability in the pork barrel scam:

What people have to remember that our government system is supposed to be one of checks and balances. That in as much as the legislator with his (or her) legally allocated fund can assign projects to which it will go to, the rest of the process involves a series of steps and procedures supposed to ensure that the project and its proponents are vetted and that the funds make their way to the right people and projects and that spot checks are done in each step of the way.

Simply put: when the legislator assigns the PDAF fund, the allocation application goes to the implementing agency which assesses it and all its aspects (ie The Department of Agriculture for farmer or planting assistance, the department of Public Works and Highways for building a road or Department of Tourism for a promotion event), then it goes to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for the needed funds. In all this the Commission on Audit (COA) has in-house auditors in each office for pre audits, post audits and everything in between.

From here we can clearly see that the PDAF scam that Napoles and company perpetrated was not so much a legislative scam but an executive scam, it going through the process and supposedly due diligence of the executive departments. So even if the congressman or senator wrote a lengthy treatise on how good and noble a project or NGO is, the executive has all the chances to say “No, this is not right” or “No, this is criminal.”

Which leads me to think, where do we go from here?

Now that we’ve pretty much seen QUITE CLEARLY that the Aquino Administration has not and can not fulfill it’s promise of “walang mahirap kung walang korap”, what do we do now?

24 Replies to “What Does Jeane Lim-Napoles and President BS Aquino III’s Picture Prove?”

  1. hayy..ang gulo-gulo na ng Pilipinas. Hindi mo na alam kung mapagkakatiwalaan mo pa ang gobyerno. And dumi na ng government system natin. Hindi ba pwedeng i-reset na lang ang system natin?

    1. Pwede naman. Magkaroon tayo mg revolution. A revolution that will change the current systm and the current “kings of the land”

  2. These photos prove nothing in any Country at the presidential/prime minister/dictator levels. Simply photo opp. Could be with a mass murderer. Press secretary says smile and the President smiles. Simple as that

    1. Well, its is not as if it was a public place and she just happen to ran into the president?

      It was a party, and I am assuming for the chief executive to attend a party, protocols were in place, making it near impossible for just about anybody uninvited to take pictures with the president. Otherwise, photos with ordinary people on the same event would be existing.

      Bottom line, me as an ordinary citizen, cannot get a photo like that with BS.

        1. He can deny all he wants. The thing is, the truth is staring at you in the face. Napoles and BS definitely have a connection. If you fail to see that then you are not seeing it with the correct eyeglasses.

      1. Joed you comment is so typically naive as are so many things with Filipinos in their own country…. lots of generalizations and supposition. Of course people are screened but that has NOTHING to so with whether he knows her or not. He meets, shakes hands and has photos taken with hundreds if not thousands a year both in private parties or public places and in most cases he has no clue who they are be it in the palace or anywhere for that matter.

        1. I understand what you’re saying, Corey. But you do understand that this is the Philippines where you rarely see a government VIP in a public place without his security detail. You must be the one who is naive on how it works in this country. And note, they specifically acknowldeged the photo to be authentic and taken in a party. A party where you have the chief executive as a guest is not like your private party at a TGI Friday where you can just have your photo taken with anybody you want whether you know them by name or not.

  3. The picture proves NOTHING! and just like the ‘Gentleman’ who went so far as to sell the gov’t. USED helicopters…he never signed the official bill of sale and it could not be proven. SO, GET REAL for a second.
    THESE people are not idiots, they walk right up to the letter of the law with every intention of breaking the law, then take a ‘legal’ side-step, and BOOM! Peso’s disappear and no one can PROVE anything. The game is rigged, the laws protect the guilty…the ‘Gentleman’ got paid for the helicopters, didn’t he? and these pics sure do make it seem that the guy who says ‘I am being honest here'(so where are you not being honest? must be asked?) when he searches his memory and can not for the life of him remember someone who openly brags about being ‘friends’ with him and that very same person is able to ‘surrender’ herself to the guy, hey? ask yourselves, why can’t you prove it? OOOOHHHHH!

    WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE KIDDING? the question is already answered and it is the Filipino people, and they fall for the shit every time!

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”. Hardy har har har! HUH?

  4. They are close and knew each other. Jeane wanted to show the world that don’t touch her mother, she has a bomb waiting to explode. Malacanang forgot to instruct the young Napoles what to say and what to do.

    “I think they need (my mom) more than she needs them. They were never enemies, she and the President and Mar Roxas. They were like a family when P-Noy was a congressman-senator, and Mar a senator. There’s no axe to grind against her.” Jeane Napoles


  5. A picture is worth a thousand words, so since everyone is hiding behind a wall of silence, ( or in the case of enrile’s mistress gigi reyes, has already gone abroad) maybe jeanne napoles’ camera could make a comment.

    ‘Me,me,me. Thats all jeanne napoles thinks about!
    I must be the most overworked camera that exists. ‘Selfies’ every 5 seconds. The social climber should get down from her ivory condo, and try working.
    “Work is a 4 letter word”, she says.
    Bitch is a 5 letter word, i say
    “I don’t give a shit” she says
    You are shit, i say

    I dread the new iphone launch. I will be discarded like a pair of last years manolo blahnik shoes. No longer the best, the latest, the most expensive. Used and abused, just like the flip flops her mother employs. I hope she doesn’t give me to her mum. i hate politicians and janet lim napoles spends all her time brown nosing them – aquino, drilon, ochoa.

    get the picture!
    got to go. another selfie of the wannabee’

    “(Smile please, smile. You too, Sir)
    (I am smiling)
    All lined up in a wedding group
    ‘Ere we are for a photograph
    We’re all dressed up in a fancy suit
    There’s always been a photographer
    To record the ‘appy scene…..
    ‘Old it, flash, bang, wallop, what a picture
    What a picture, what a photograph
    Poor old soul, blimey, what a joke
    Hat blown off in a cloud of smoke
    Clap ‘ands, stamp yer feet
    Bangin’ on the big bass drum
    What a picture, what a picture
    Stick it in your fam’ly album”
    Half of sixpence

  6. From the senate hearings, the executives of the GOCCs admitted that they were “naloko” (swindled?) by the Napoles NGOs. This happened after the liquidations to the projects were certified by the lawmakers’ signature. It seems there was a syndicated effort to steal the PDAF for personal gains?

  7. The pic does not deviate the issue, it so happened the she surrendered to the President, i would like to conclude that she enjoyed VIP treatment from this goverment, i’m pretty much convinced that she is in the good hand of the conductor who rehearsed her when she will sing infront of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee,
    she will choose to sing what her master wanted her to sing in exchange of her liberty just to silence the opposition in 2016 election

    1. @Ernesto mateo

      “i’m pretty much convinced that she is in the good hand of the conductor who rehearsed her when she will sing infront of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee,
      she will choose to sing what her master wanted her to sing in exchange of her liberty just to silence the opposition in 2016 election”

      – ang galing ng tira mo Sir,,,sapol…

    2. Senate Blue Ribbon Committee=Criminals excusing criminals. A poke in the eye of the collective Filipino.
      IOW, they are all full of shit and are collectively laughing at the Filipino people. ‘How ya like that, EH?’ ‘Aww, not so much? Aww, well WTF are YOU going to do about it?”.
      AH, they know that already, and it onlu makes them laugh harder, till their ribs hurt!

    1. Please put your real name, address, and phone number here. I’ll make sure the police give you a call.

      As far as Jeane Lim Napoles is concerned, I don’t think the girl has anything to do with her mother’s alleged crimes.

      You, on the other hand, could be culpable for a number of crimes under a half dozen laws in the ocuntry.

  8. Hay! Napaisip tuloy ako maniniwala pa naman sana ako na hindi nya talaga kilala ang mga napoles. Hirap na talaga sa Pilipinas mukhang wala nang mapagkakatiwalaan.

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