Who are we to judge Chito Miranda and Neri Naig?


Why video yourself having sex? Admit it. Y’all have it in you. Perhaps when a scandal does erupt (as we are seeing now with this latest one involving Chito Miranda and Neri Naig) we react from within the context of regarding the shame of it all and think I’d never make one of those! But then does your mind work the same sensible way while in the throes of ecstacy? Think again. Judging people isn’t always that straightforward an undertaking.

The current girlfriend: Neri Naig

The current girlfriend: Neri Naig

I think a sex video is just another form of a selfie. We take snapshots of ourselves to record a proud or noteworthy moment in our lives — say, when back-dropped by a breathtaking landmark during a European tour or just before digging into a big fat porterhouse steak. An episode of great sex, if you think about it, can be considered an even prouder and more noteworthy moment than posing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or being on the verge of wolfing down a juicy slab of meat, don’t you think? And so the impulse to take the ultimate selfie kicking in with your main squeeze between the sheets can’t really be that implausible after all in that light. Tsk tsk, right? Seriously?

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Maybe, too, when we judge people who take videos of themselves having sex, we do so from the lens of our respective personal definitions of what having sex means. After all, there are such things as sex toys and other trinkets that help enhance the satisfaction one gets from the act. There are even condoms that are “ribbed” — presumably for her pleasure. Taking a video camera into the bedroom and turning it on, in effect, makes the device and what it is doing part of the act. It becomes, in essence, part of that couple’s experience of having sex much the same way as using a ribbed condom does. Some couples like using ribbed condoms, and some couples like using video recording devices in the bedroom (or, on the kitchen sink). Do we judge couples who used ribbed condoms as harshly or ridicule them as vehemently as we do those who use video recorders while making love?

The ex: Kaye Abad

The ex: Kaye Abad

Well, eat your hearts out people. Chito Miranda is a rock star and Neri Naig is a hot starlet. And they seemed to both be aware of the camera they were performing in front of — which makes the video a record of an act engaged in by two consenting adults. And from the snippet of it I’ve seen, it looks like they put in quite the stellar performance. Perhaps that is where the fascination with this “scandal” is coming from. Even in the sack, the Parokya ni Edgar lead it seems is every bit the legend. Now that is fascinating. No surprise, as I recall, why Chito’s ex Kaye Abad despite being the ex back in 2011 admitted on record that she was open to a “reconciliation”…

Asked if she has any regrets about their relationship, Kaye was honest enough to say that she’s open for a possible reconciliation if that’s what the future holds for them. “Ganon talaga ang buhay. Malay natin ‘di ba? Ayoko naman tuldukan at sabihin sa inyo na hindi na talaga.” But she added that she doesn’t see it happening at this point in time. “Hindi na siya gagawa ng move.”

Apparently, it was a mutual decision for them to set aside their relationship in favor of other opportunities coming their way. “Hindi ko naman sinasabi na hindi na siya makikipagbalikan [ever]. Maayos kasi yung naging pag-uusap namin. Kumbaga, trabaho lang, enjoy muna. Late bloomer kasi ako. gusto ko muna ma-experience lahat. So kung kami sa huli, e ’di kami. Desisyon naming dalawa yun.”

If you ask me, the character of a guy can often be sized up by taking stock of what his exes think of him. That Chito’s ex Kaye Abad remained (at least back in 2011) open to a ‘reconciliation’ says a lot. Then again, poor Neri Naig, though. Chito may be a nice guy (at least based on the ‘ex test’). But I don’t know how one moves on from a sex video ‘scandal’ of this scale — considering that the video itself is a pretty good quality one.

[Photo of Neri Naig and Kaye Abad courtesy Aliwan Avenue and Starmometer Gallery respectively.]

85 Replies to “Who are we to judge Chito Miranda and Neri Naig?”

  1. Parang plano na talaga nilang gawin yon. Kasi masiyadong kasual lang ang pagkakasabi ni Chito na he’s sorry sa pamilya ng girlfriend niya basta ganon na lang ba yon na he’s sorry kumita na yan. Cguro baka mahina ang kanilang shobiz career kailangan nilang mapagusapan para maraming offerz.:)

  2. Who among u who can really say that you have not sinned in his/her life??? Go ahead and cast the first stone on him. Parang kau mga pharasees kala mo kung sino kayong malilinis kung maghusga sa kapwa nyo. Manalamin muna bago mang husga, chito already asked for forgiveness so everyone just shut the fuck up!!!!!!

  3. Believe it or not, not everyone takes selfies, and even fewer record themselves having sex.The activity is not normal. Anyone who does record such videos has a low self-esteem and is insecure.

    slow news day?

    1. Who decides what is normal? You and your priest? From my perspective shame is more perverted than exhibitionism. The body is not good or bad; it simply is.

      1. It is not a moral issue for me, so no need to confer with a priest. I perceive the filming of oneself having sex a character flaw because of the narcasictic nature and a poor self-image it points to.

        I am having a hard time undestanding why people do it. What gratification does it provide?

    2. Yes, that was one of the main points I tried to make. By what authority do we get to define what “nornsl” is?

      1. Oops, I meant “normal”.

        True, the middle of a bell curve will tell you what the most POPULAR practice is, but where that point in the curve lies does not say anything about what is right or not right…

  4. Cyber sex between two consenting adults is harmless; especially if it is a private communication between two people. Besides, who cares what someone else does between the sheets?

  5. I can attest that Chito and Neri are good Christians who live according to the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (just like the many Christians I know who hang out at Starbucks and dedicate their lives to praising the Lord).

    Please do not judge Chito and Neri if you do not know them. They are people of exceptional character and virtue. As we walk the difficult path of our savior, Jesus Christ, we sometimes stumble but we do get up. We make mistakes but we do learn from such mistakes and are forgiven as we forgive those who trespass upon us.

    That is why I am very impressed how another exceptional Christian, Jeane Lim Napoles, has handled the smear campaign against her. Like a true Christian, she offers her other cheek, never striking back at her oppressors. She selflessly continues inspiring so many people of what can be achieved through living the life according to the teachings of our Lord and Savior Christ.

    God bless Chito and Neri. And may God protect Jeane Lim Napoles from all these envious people who only want to pull her down.

    See you at Starbucks. If you cannot afford to go there, then please don’t hate us Christians who can.

    1. I haven’t judged them.

      I’m just saying that the best way to keep a private moment private is not to record them on video — which can be stolen or lost.

      This is good advice, not judgement.

      Anyway, it’s clear to me that you must be referring to people who seem to have judged them and they should be admonished against such.

      As for being good Christians, perhaps we only have the Bible and Christ as the judges of that.

      What does the Bible say about sex outside of marriage?

    2. Hi Pastor Ernie,

      I think there is nothing wrong having video during your sexual intercourse as long as it is limit to the couple themselves and it must not out in the public. The publicity of Chito- neri sex video is not an intentional but it is an accidental. So, you are right we cannot judge them. But you have said that you can attest that Chito and Neri are good Christian and live according to the teaching of our Lord Jesus. Are they married already? If not! They are doing fornication and it is sin against our God. They are doing sex outside marriage and it is a sin! Sex or having sex video is allowed and enjoyable only for a marriage couple in Christian community who live life in accordance with the will of God. Sorry Pastor this is what I know and just correct me if I am wrong because you said that you are a Pastor I know that you have more knowledge than me in Biblical Principle.

  6. Okay, first off.
    This blog post just pisses me off. It… it just… It’s wrong. On so many levels. Why compare a sex video to Instagramming your next meal or posting a selfie on some social media site? I mean, if a person’s turn-on is filming themselves while they’re in the throes of passion, who am I to judge? Let them be, seriously. There is, however, a difference between making a home video (Read: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY) and Instagrammimg the shit out of your pretzel bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s. They did not intend for the video to become public. If someone likes ribbed condoms over Trojan Hot and Cold, they wouldn’t tell you unless you were their boyfriend now, would they? Same goes if you have dildos or butt plugs or gag balls. You don’t publicize that shit. You just don’t.

    What Chito Miranda and Neri Naig had was not an Instagram moment, it was a terrible invasion of their privacy, and those who watched the video and found the nerve to say “Ew kadiri I would like, never do something like that!” are peeping toms. They have no business whatsoever judging what they saw/complimenting it and saying it’s “a stellar performance.”

    That’s all.

    1. A boss of mine used to tell me: don’t say anything via email that you are not prepared to have others possibly see someday. So I have this theory that deep inside, people who take videos of themselves having sex fantasize about that video being viewed by strangers someday. Maybe at work there is the same part of your subconscious from where these bizarre dreams of finding yourself naked in public comes from.

      What I was expounding on in this article is what I thought were possible sources of motivation to take personal sex videos. If you think about it, taking a sex video is just as nonsensical as taking a snapshot of your meal before you dig into it. I mean, what is that?

      I did note as a matter of fact how in the video, both Chito and Neri seemed to engage the camera actively as well, almost as if the presence of the camera was a major contributor to their pleasure – like they could almost sense what theor future viewers might be feeling as they recorded their performance. Fascinating, right?

  7. Who are we to judge this video scandal? Depends. If you saw the La Salle, Mindoro, Dubai and I Love you Bebeh scandals I guess you can compare them against each other. Not sure what the criteria will be like embarrassment factor. Proud of your assets factor. I am leaving Hayden video series out of this since there were no consenting “performers”. People like Leo and Charissa Mae are in the Hall of Fame of Pinoy Scandal videos.

    1. The Philippines is not a “Christian” nation. It is a democracy that has the separation of church and state written into its constitution. If you want to live in a theocracy, go to Iran.

      1. Sea Bee,

        hear, hear!!!

        @James Dean,
        You have a mind that works now like it is the 1950s today. At least from a western perspective. I am not gonna say “Get real”, I will say “wake up” (you are really dreaming a fake dream). You will be a parent that surely will say “oh, my daughters wont and dont do that kind of things”. So ignorant and so naieve. Wake up little boy before its too late.

        1. Sea Bee,

          if he is pulling your legs, I will catch you (lol). But I am afraid he (james dean) is dead serious.

  8. I find it tasteless to begin with, but who hasn’t seen porn to discern whether it is good enough?

    To appreciate their porn skills, well:

    the humping was too soft to make slapping sounds
    too much talking (wasn’t even dirty)
    they were too focused on looking good at the camera the same way clueless teens are taking their chance with a cameraphone

    at least Chito was much larger in size than Hayden but the former lacks rock star bed skills

    … and I don’t get the purpose of the “prayers” solicitation on his tweet.

    1. I don’t get the prayers thing either. Parang basang sisiw — kind of diminished Chito’s rock star image. That’s one of the things about Pinoys that turn me off when they “ask for prayers” when in some kind of trouble or beset by some sort of problem. So PRESUMPTUOUS. What business is it of anyone what one chooses to pray for anyway?

      1. Well, nobody can stop anyone from praying anything to whomever they consider as ethereal being they consider god.

        But I don’t think there is any doctrine of good faith that teaches remorse/repent ONLY after being caught.

        Crocodile tears.

    2. Having not seen the video, I only have Seth’s review to go by. Maybe they prayer request is hoping that God will improve his technique by introducing more slapping sounds and some top-notch profanity.

      1. Like.

        Gagawa na lang din ng sex vid na nakakahiya…

        Sana performance level na din di ba?

        I can be bad but I’m perfectly good at it – Rihanna 🙂

  9. No need to judge. They’ve already been judged. We don’t care what they do in private but to show their sex escapade by recording video? Nah. I suspect the two were on drugs when the video was taken.

  10. as a guy i understand what kind of gratification it brings. but in terms of digital devices and technology nowadays, chito could have compress the file encrypted with password so that no one can access the file except him even if its stolen/copied by someone.

    1. True. There is some high one can get by having such naughty moments on record.

      They missed the part on being safe and secure, ultimately boiling down to keeping such records, stupid.

      Why record it when nobody needs to see the hanky panky and one can silenty outdo the last round anyway.

      Now that it is out, then they are at the mercy of the people’s scores. hehehe

  11. Nice write-up Kate.
    I kinda laughed when you mentioned that a sex video is a form of selfie. And Filipinos have the option of ignoring them, yet they don’t.

    Filipinos kinda keep up this veneer of being “religious” but predictably give in to their curiosity of such things like this. Tsk tsk. Looks like the moral compass was thrown off again. 😛

    1. Thanks Fallen Angel. That’s right! There’s always the option to ignore. But to be fair to all , sex videos of celebrities are difficult to ignore. Footage or pix of them are hard to ignore na nga, sex vids pa.

      Maybe celebs are really more predisposed to do such things. I guess if you are a performer to the bone, the instinct to do just about everything with an audience in mind runs deep…

  12. intimate moments should like that – intimate…recording it for whatever purpose makes it a potential exploitative device…chito and neri should learn how to move on to what happen to Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes…puede ba kung ayaw nyong i-share ang sexual activities nyo, don’t record it! Engot. :-<

  13. i just want to thank these two for sharing it to the whole world…i’ll add it to my collection, 20 to 30 years from now we will be re-uploading it to revisit this once nostalgic events, and to all upcoming idiots who will also shoot their precious moments…keep it coming! it’s not a crime after all!

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is a crime It is called Republic Act 9995 “Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009” Now if you feel like orange suits you well the go ahead and re-upload.

  14. i agree that we’re in no way to judge these two, or anyone. Eh ganyan talaga eh, nakita natin, oh tapos?… 🙂

    sugat na nga, dinudutdut pa… 🙁

  15. the thing is i really find it hard to believe na ninakaw yung hardrive???

    if its really private bakit andali manakaw???

    wtf pwedi mo naman i store sa USB drive then hide it it o safe place, say put it on SAFE with security code

    atsaka sa dami dami ng magnanakaw yung hardrive pa??? ano amkukuah ng thief dun???

    ndi naman cguro iisipin ng thief na may porn video dun diba??

    o sige sabihin na natin nanakawin nung thief ung hardrive.. meron o wala.. ano gagawin nya dun? eh puro mga pics lng laman…. pakasawa cya at wala naman cya makukuah…..

    i think this was intentional, sinadya….

    para sumikat gagong mukhang langgam na si CHITO mukhang gago..


    baka inggit lng ito kay hayden kho lol!

    1. or baka ung laptop/computer yung ninakaw… not sure hardrive daw eh… that hardware part of computer is small kelangan pang tangalin sa part ng computer..

      who would do that??? mag effort tangalin yung hardrive from computer.. i dont a thief would do that..

      baka laptop or a portable hardrive.. may mali eh.. yung madali nakawin…

      1. Alam mo unknown shit..your over reacting ha..sa bagay kaya nga shit ang pinangalan mo sa sarili mo kasi nga puro pang-shit ang pinagcocomment mo..Eh bat ba nakikialam ka kung yun ang kwento ni chito??eh sa yun namn talaga ang nangyari..angal ka dun??ano ka??Nostradamus??you can predict also?hay naku..oo tama nga naglogic ka..kaso lang logic mo puro yung tumatakbo lang sa isip why dont you try na magDirector nalang para may kapuntahan yang kwento mo hindi yung ginagawan mo pa ng ibang kwento yung issue kay chito..

        1. opinion nya yun kaya wag ka na magreact at may karapatan sya magcomment.kaya nga meron tayong tinatawag na “freedom of expression” mamaya makuhanan pa kayo ng fight scene video lagot kayo…bwahahaha

  16. Kate, this is the best opinion piece on the matter… 🙂

    But then again, Chito is part of a band that wrote songs such as “Don’t Touch My Birdie” and a host of other hilariously silly songs so I’m not surprised he’d do something like this eventually.

    1. Now when we hear the song, the image will forever be associated with it, lol! Neri will be The One Who Touched the Birdie… Ha ha!

  17. Kate,

    in the first paragraph you use the word scandal. Can you pls elaborate on that? Where and what is the scandal here? Two people fucking each other; two people filming it; that it (the video) gets out in the open (purposely or accidentally); that it happens before marriage?

    To be honest with you, I dont see a scandal here other then maybe the frustration (felt by both involved)about the video being out in the open.

    1. Hi Robert, you’re right. There really is no scandal there. It’s just become a colloquial term for what is really just a modern technological curiosity.

      ‘Scandal’ to me, when used by Pinoys to refer to these things, just shows how titillated Pinoys are of their own judgmental dismissal of stuff they find too different for their tastes..

    2. Kate, Robert,

      It’s a “scandal” in the sense that it’s considered “scandalous” in the eyes of a supposedly moral and upright community, that prides itself in being very religious, to hear titillating rumours about a couple engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage. And not for procreation either.

      The reality is that because “modern” Filipinos use “scandal” to describe every incident where a 3rd rate actress bares her knees in public, the word itself has been deprived of its original meaning. 😉


  19. why do it in the first place…… even if accidentally it is uplaoded in the net or intentionally…. if you are in your rational mind why do it then later you will regeret it and ask sympathy around you thats bullshit….

    1. I really don’t remember that Chito was asking for sympathy ? What he posted to his twitter and instagram account is an apology to his and Neri’s family. People will be too judgmental if Chito is doing that just for public sympathy, or just adding a different color on his intent.

  20. kung gusto mo ipahiya ang sarili mo o reputasyon mo just make a sex video and presto….. your credibility is now in the toilet drain…………

  21. sa maga artista at sikat dina uso ang dangal at reputasyon kaya isang maling halimbawa sa mga kabataan ang mga artista kaya ang karamihan ng mga pilipino ngayon mga gago at walang modo dahil sa mga napapanood at mga iniidulo nila

  22. nagagawa nga nmn ng mga artista kahit mali na ang ginawa panay suporta parin ang mga bobong fans di nmn sa masama ang humanga pero ilagay sa lugar at gamitin ang sintido kumon kahit mali na ang mga pinag gagagawa ng mga artista ehhh ayon namn ang mga fans sadya nga bang mga uto uto ang pilipino di ba nila naisip na mga tao rin ang mga sinasamba nila……… most pilipinos are happy go lucky and a pathetic joke.

  23. ready na ni neri ang sarili nya kapag pinakita sa future kids nya ang video nila. malamang meron talagang gagong bully classmates ya. videos are filed and will exist forever

  24. wag na kayo malungkot chito at neri.ang saya-saya nyo nga habang ginagawa ang sex video nyo.hayaan nyo na mga madlang people sawa na sila sa katawan ni neri hindi sayo.bwahaha…tama lang yan,sabi nga enjoy enjoy din pag may time.sarap na sarap nga kayo ni neri habang nagdodogie style kayo at habang bini-bj ka ni neri.sabi nga feel it before it eat.haha..atleast hindi ka nagdamot chito mapagbigay ka pa nga eh.ang tawag jan share what you have…thank you sa pagsishare mo sa katawan ni neri sobrang saya ng madlang people sa ginawa nyo.nalibugan ang madlang people at kayo naman mga madlang people wag kayo ipokrito jan.,aminin nyo nilabasan din kayo at sinasabayan nyo pa habang pinapanuod.bwahaha…magsilbing aral sa inyo yan neri at chito…next sex video is coming soon!!!!

  25. Adventurer ..explorer sila. Uploaded the video on purpose. For fun. For adventure. Hahaha! Hey we’re so inlove.. let’s make a video of us having sex and spread it to the world let’s go craaazzzy!

  26. ako din gusto ko sex video ko before i die. i’m so in love din and i wanna get wild talaga. do weird fun unusual things with my bf. who cares about what people think. it’s my life beaches!

  27. If it is true that the hard drive was stolen, there must be a sequel. If no sequel, the “robbery” is hard to believe.

  28. Ang pinaka mabuting gawin ni Chito ay pakasalan si Neri. Not because of the video, but because he wants to protect her and of course gusto talaga nya pakasalan dahil mahal nya. Kung hindi sila magkakatuluyan kawawa naman si Neri. I think they both agreed to make that video because they were already planning to get married or they already have plans in the future. Otherwise, luging lugi naman si Neri kung wala silang balak at pumayag siya sa ganun. I mean, kung sakaling mag break sila what happens? Eh yung video forever na yun kahit hindi pa nag leak. Unless magiging honest silang dalawa na kapag nag break sila idedelete nila lahat ng video files nila.

  29. lesson learn wag tayong gumawa ng exhibition gaya nito. Ninakaw kaya ang hard drive o drama lang ito para ma pag usapan at magind sikat sila. Second hindi kaya binayarn sila ng million ng involve sa Pork Barrel Scam para mag divert ang focus ng mga tao sa mga Senators. Posible ksi hindi nag workout ang Zamboanga Caper…or na Naig talaga ang libog nila..

  30. Stupid si Chito Miranda! The best place NOT to put your fuck videos is in a portable hdd! or better yet dont make videos if you’re afraid of getting caught! Anyway, CHito benefited from the scandal becuz a lot of peeps attended his concert after the release of the video/videos. Too bad for Neri though, I dont see projects lining up for her.

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