Thomas Van Beersum learns what getting in trouble in a Third World nation is REALLY like

thomas_van_beersumPoor Thomas Van Beersum. He now stands as a shining lesson to Western Europeans of what it means to get in trouble in a Third World country half a planet away. Beersum is a Dutch activist who made headlines after participating in a protest rally during the delivery of the State of the Nation Address by Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. Just as he was leaving the country he was arrested by Immigration officers at the international airport in Manila and detained possibly to be subject to deportation proceedings. Bulatlat reports on the boy’s current plight…

In a phone interview with, Ephraim Cortez of the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) who was able to talk to Van Beersum over the phone, said the Dutch activist was being asked to get a clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) before he can leave the country. Cortez said a certain Soloren who introduced himself as an intelligence officer of the Bureau of Immigration told him over the phone that Van Beersum needs to secure a clearance from the NBI stating that he is not facing any pending charges. As of press time, Cortez is seeking ways to talk with the Dutch activist in person.

“He is not aware of any charges filed against him,” Cortez told “He did not do anything illegal and merely voiced out his opinion regarding the human rights situation in the country. He was only exercising his freedom of speech.”

Perhaps Beersum was, indeed, exercising this guaranteed “right”. But if one were to take the digital image — the “Five Saints of Communism” Ben Kritz notes in his article “Go Home Before Something Bad Happens to You, Thomas van Beersum” — that adorns Beersum’s Facebook profile at face value, one would conclude that Beersum is an avowed commie. And what are commies all about? They are, by their very nature, necessarily all about violent overthrow of any incumbent government. Indeed, this is the very issue that hobbles the credibility and undermines the emo rhetoric of politicians like former senatorial candidate Teddy Casiño who at one time was the subject of rife speculation that he continues to harbour strong links with the Philippines’ Communist Party.

Beersum's Facebook profile cover as of Ben Kritz's article publication.

Beersum’s Facebook profile cover as of Ben Kritz’s article publication.

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As many are aware, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is supported by its military arm, the terrorist New People’s Army (NPA) in its presumed mission to carry out an “armed struggle” against the Philippine Government. Chairman Mao Tse-tung wrote about this “armed struggle” in 1939 (text formatted in boldface for emphasis)…

What is guerrilla warfare? It is the indispensable and therefore the best form of struggle for the people’s armed forces to employ over a long period in a backward country, a large semi-colonial country, in order to inflict defeats on the armed enemy and build up their own bases. So far both our political line and our Party building have been closely linked with this form of struggle. It is impossible to have a good understanding of our political line and, consequently, of our Party building in isolation from armed struggle, from guerrilla warfare. Armed struggle is an important component of our political line. For eighteen years our Party has gradually learned to wage armed struggle and has persisted in it. We have learned that without armed struggle neither the proletariat, nor the people, nor the Communist Party would have any standing at all in China and that it would be impossible for the revolution to triumph. In these years the development, consolidation and bolshevization of our Party have proceeded in the midst of revolutionary wars; without armed struggle the Communist Party would assuredly not be what it is today. Comrades throughout the Party must never forget this experience for which we have paid in blood.

Unfortunately for Beersum, mere belief alone in the righteousness of violent overthrow of a national government already puts him squarely on the wrong side of the Law as far as the “rights” he enjoys as a visitor of the Philippine Republic. The following passage from Section 37(a) of Philippine Immigration Law is quite clear as far as what constitute offenses that warrant deportation…

8.Any alien who believes in, advises, advocates or teaches the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the Philippines, or of constituted law and authority or who disbelieves in or is opposed to organized government, or who advises, advocates or teaches the assault or assassination of public officials because of their office, or who advises, advocates, or teaches the unlawful destruction of property, or who is a member of or affiliated with any organization entertaining, advocating or teaching such doctrines, or who in any manner whatsoever lends assistance, financial or otherwise, to the dissemination of such doctrines;

Yikes! So any alien who, in principle, believes in, advises, advocates or teaches communism could actually fall within the domain of what constitutes grounds for deportation. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Unlucky for Beersum. Whatever motive or action of his, being a foreigner “coming from one of the richest countries in the world” to “take the cause of the Filipino people for national liberation and genuine democracy” (in the words of the esteemed Karlo Mongaya) may simply become a mere footnote in light of that other ironic pillar of Philippine activism: Rule of Law.

99 Replies to “Thomas Van Beersum learns what getting in trouble in a Third World nation is REALLY like”

  1. “He did not do anything illegal”. WRONG. Apart from the law cited above, as I pointed out in my article, it is a specific condition of visas granted to visitors that they are prohibited from joining rallies.

    Good riddance.

    1. Oo nga eh. BI (Bureau of Immigration) did good here. Effective ang kaliwa’t kanang panenermon ng ating pangulo sa ahensya nila.

      1. What an idiot. Still foolishly posting his flawed propaganda here yet nobody here would believe it. Are your really that desperate to get your ass humilated here AGAIN?

        Seriously, its like beating a computer opponent stuck on very easy.

        You really should quit your trolling and GET A LIFE, you loser.

        1. by the time he reached the safe confines of his government welfare-sponsored, comfortable little Dutch home he will be gloating and peacocking and writing/blogging about how bad azz he was being arrested and deported from a dinky third world country by its corrupt, anti-people, American lapdogs of a police force. He will also be gloating about how he survived and will keep fighting the anti-people puppet government of the Philippines.

          He will also feel that his street cred has gone legit, and he should be popular among their little circle of couch rebels.

      2. I am mentioning one of the president’s way of managing incompetent and corrupt bureaus by giving them a sermon. After that they were back, and this Dutch got the spank. Is that not a good thing for you?

        1. Yeah right and yet he still doesn’t took action on eliminating his incompetent kkk, senatongs and tonggressmen only to protect himself. He’s not a president. He’s more like a cowardly mafia lord.

        2. Not to mention that president himself is INCOMPETENT.

          Thanks for the LIES, childish punk.

        3. Still doesn’t hide the fact that your president is an incompetent twat you stupid sack of shit.

          When will you ever realize that you can’t win?

  2. He might also be overstaying. He arrived in June and would have fallen under the 21-day rule for visa free entry. Actually, even if he fell under the new 30-day rule, he’d still be overstaying.

  3. Those goddamn emo communists try to twist things with ridiculous arguments like:

    “You remain silent about your government abuses, but you condemn a foreigner fighting for human rights?”


    1. Carlos Conde has been whining about it all day on Twitter. Thing is, even the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (which Conde says guarantees the little twerp’s right to make a nuisance of himself) has at least three separate provisions giving the government the right to impose legal limits on that activity.

    2. It all comes from the simple fact that communists have never disavowed their ideology from doctrines that espouse violent overthrow of incumbent governments. Then there are supposedly “ex” commies like Casino and Hontiveros who themselves have never explicitly disavowed themselves of the CPP-NPA.

  4. Ah, after some time, more light on the issue is shed. Including the LEGAL side of it. As that picture of him beside Jose Maria Sison shows, he’s a commie. Commies, go to hell.

  5. Forget the law or anything else….this is just another case of what every foreigner in Phil experiences over and over….if you want to say anything about us that isn’t positively glowing, go back where you belong!

    1. YES, I was told to go back to where I was from while I was minding my own business in the country. and it happened more than once. BE CAREFUL HOW YOU TREAT FOREIGNERS, there are plenty of Filipino’s living outside of their homeland.bThat said, I have never seen a Filipino asked to leave a country he/she is visiting/living in. Seems Filipino’s get treated decently… in the West at least.

  6. actually it’s probably just another attempt by a philippines law officer to extract a bribe from a foreigner with bullshit!

    1. If you ask me, that he finds himself on the wrong side of a portion of Philippine Immigration Law is objectively clearer.

    2. that seems more likely than the kid being any type of threat. he looks like a little girl.
      Foreigners experience extortion at the hands of corrupt officials across the globe, not just S.E.Asia.
      Take NOTE: that is why when you step outside of your own country, it is best to keep as low a profile as possible.

  7. Looking through his profile, he spouses communism. He even has posts about NPA activity in the Philippines, like a file picture, and even the first same-sex marriage here in the Philippines through the NPA (link:, and even has posts about advocating armed resistance to bring down governments that are not communist, or at least socialist.

    To be fair, he raises good points about what’s wrong with the world governments today. What I still cannot understand is that how communism is a “good ideology” in theory but doesn’t work that way in real life, while capitalism is the “inverse”:.

    1. That’s the only thing you really need to take away from the “communism vs capitalism” debate. As political ideologies, communism and socialism directly caused the MURDER of 100 million people through the latter 20th century. On the other hand, capitalist systems under democratic societies have uplifted the lives of the majority of humanity. NO LEFTIST has ever been able to explain why GENOCIDE is “good.”

      The fact that Mr Van Beersum publicly and actively encourages the violent overthrow of democratic systems and their replacement with a totalitarian state that uses murder as a means of enforcing orthodoxy and implementing government policy is enough, in my opinion, to declare him an undesirable who shouldn’t be allowed in the country. At the very least, he should be monitored on suspicion of engaging in subversive activity.

      1. It is exceedingly bad taste to be critical of another country that you are visiting. Say something bad about the King of Thailand when you are there and see what happens. However, your thinking in regards to the communism vs. capitalism debate seems somewhat muddled. The communist Chinese government is responsible for uplifting more people from poverty than any other society. Although capitalism has a more benign face in the late 20th century; it was born of a legacy of genocide, slavery; and imperialism.

        1. Muddled?

          Do you actually know anything about Chinese economic policy? Are you blind or deluded? Whatever economic growth China enjoys today is a result of Deng Xiaoping’s policies to implement a market economy. The exact opposite of his hard-line Communist predecessor, Mao Zedong. We’ve even coined new terms for his strategies — “state capitalism” and the “socialist market economy.” They owe NOTHING to the principles of Karl Marx. In 1961 Deng was quoted as saying “(I) do not care if the cat is black or white, what matters is it catches mice” in reference to his acknowledgment that a free market economy was essential in building a country’s prosperity. On assuming power he implemented reforms which would open up and LIBERALIZE China’s economy while maintaining centralized control over the planning of economic policy directions. To this day China owes its success to Deng’s mix of capitalism, a stranglehold on the labour force, and blatant market manipulation. NONE of it had anything to do with strict communism as an economic principle or political ideology.

          I believe I already touched on the effects of Communism. The most horrific result of implementing this hideous social/political/economic ideology is the legacy of 100 MILLION DEATHS in the 20th century alone. Most of which may be attributed to two prominent Communists — Stalin and Mao Zedong. This ideology does not build; it DESTROYS. Your attempt to put a pretty face on mass murder is simply deceitful.

        2. Then there are probably millions of filipinos with “exceedingly bad taste”. That is believable.

      2. he should be monitored, BWAHAHAHAH…for what? looking like a little girl? he is about as threatening as a 12 yr. old girl.

        1. Van Beersum looks like a “little girl.”

          And Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has bubble headed teenage girls swooning over him because he looks like a rock star on the cover of Rolling Stone. This is the same Chechen terrorist that bombed the Boston Marathon, killing and maiming dozens.

          Don’t be a bubble head.

        2. No bubble-head here. That kid in Boston is not like any ROCKSTAR I ever hung-out with or even just met. this kid in Manila? HA, he would shit his pants in a street fight, never mind any type of ‘illicit activity’, he a little girl…and certainly nothing for anyone, in any gov’t. to get upset about.

    2. Dig deeper into his profile and you’ll see that he’s well ‘integrated’ into the filipino community in Utrecht, even rubbing elbows with Joma Sison; apparently also a facebook friend. It’s not by chance how passionate he is about the political situation in the Philippines.

      1. That suggests that he may have ties to terrorists. His presence in a rally on Philippine soil also shows he is willing to participate in propaganda activity on behalf of groups with ties to a terrorist organization.

      2. Apparently, he’s got longer ties. He’s participated in BAYAN’s protests abroad, and is no stranger to the Philippines – he’s been here way before, and has been posting about NPA activity that happened way back. To be precise, if his profile information serves me correctly, he has a Filipina for a girlfriend. It doesn’t help that he’s apparently long time friends with Joma Sison, too.

      3. The greatest irony, if I may put it that way, is that Joma Sison is part of the FB group known as “The AP Crowd”. You know, the group for

  8. its been said in other websites via the comments section that amnesty international and the dutch embassy have not protested.

    If this is true I’m guessing its because either 1. AI and the dutch embassy know that the law on “no rallies for foreigners” is clear and van beersum clearly violated the law or 2. AI and the entire dutch government is actually controlled by pnoy

  9. The right of a foreign-born person to get involved in Philippine politics is a privilege that’s earned, not a given or assumed. I’d expect the same is true in MOST nations around the world with regards to foreign citizens and their involvement with local politics.

    A Dutch, American, or Chinese or etc citizen has no right to engage in local politics the same way we have NO right to when we Filipinos are in their nations…

    1. I am afraid you are wrong on that point. Visitors to the U.S. has the same first amendment rights to free speech as citizens do. Of course, they cannot vote. In the USA, people are prosecuted for what they do; not what they believe. Of course no freedom is absolute. If a visitor engages in hate speech or conspires with others to commit violent acts; they can be deported. Of course, they can appeal the decision, if they choose.

    2. Philippine citizens do get involved in other countries laws and political discussions they also complain that they can’t afford to make it in such places as NY, CA because the cost of living is so high and yet they don’t bother to check out the other 48 states because of such reasons are racial tensions, their level of higher education won’t permit them to set up outside of Las Vegas, NY or CA, such double standards and special treatment for Philippine citizen and get this they don’t have to check in 3 days prior to their departure if they ever depart to see if they murdered family members, scammed anyone or robbed somebody blind, such double standards.

      1. Just another example of filipinos wanting one thing for themselves and denying it to others….they are filipino after all, and therefore “espesyal”

  10. As foreigners and guests of The Philippines, we do not have the right to protest. However, we do have the choice to go somewhere else that is more palatable if we want to.

    The law is clear. Van Beersum broke the law, let him face the consequences.

  11. Really happy about the decision. Buti tinutukan ng gobyerno.

    The 1987 Constitution is a blessing, it protects us from foreign influences. Hope that it would not be amended until the next centuries.

    1. You are pretty arbitrary in your choice of which foreign influences are acceptable and which are not. Your very form of government, including your constitution, is a foreign influence; not to mention all corporate foreign influences that bombard the consciousness of every consumer.

    2. Are you implying that ALL foreigners are evil you nationalist fuckface? Then I suggest you better stop using your PC for posting your propaganda trash since it’s made by foreign companies.

    3. Jeez, you really are a stupid sack of shit.
      Talagang bagay na bagay ang pangalan mo, bobong kapalmukha

      Are you implying that we don’t need any foreign influences? Then WHY are you using technology from influences which are CLEARLY foreign?

      Your propaganda has failed miserably yet again.

      Grow a brain you stupid sack of shit.

    4. And the country is STILL regressing today and in the future if we can’t abolish it.

      Thanks to the f*cked up constitution, the country is a BASKETCASE. Of course you won’t reply because it’s 100% TRUE.

      Your loss. 😀

    5. Fact: Bida KAPALmilya is a a sure fire totally proud hypocrite because of one thing:

      Express disdain to foreigners who have contributed to the modernization of the country and the knowledge they have shared.

      Pure ignorance.

      Of course you won’t reply because what I’ve said is actually TRUE.

      Deal with it, proud cowardly hypocrite. 😀

      1. He won’t reply because it is a known fact that he is a bonafide COWARD and also has very very low I.Q.

        FACT: Only idiots would stick to posting propaganda without even supporting it with credible facts.

        Face it, bobo kapalmilya, your propaganda is powerless here.
        Go play f*ck yourself instead of wasting our time here.

    6. If you do not like any kind of “foreign influence”, just wear G-string or bahag. Pants were introduced to our ancestors by foreigners. Also, do not use the internet, since it’s originally a foreign invention. Do not buy cars designed or manufactured in foreign countries. Just drive the Sakbayan or kariton. You should avoid anything that has something to do with foreign dollar remittances or do not benefit from them, since they are “foreign.” Do not also speak english, since it is foreign & not local or native.

      Just live in the Philippine jungle, since man-made civilization in the Philippines is largely foreign influenced.

    7. Take note that I used the word “protect”. So it means I am only against the negative things that foreigners do like land grabbing and stealing our jobs.

      1. Nagpapalusot ka pa e vincensus ignoramus. It still doesn’t change the fact that you demonize foreigners thanks to your last lines. Again stop buying and using foreign made products like your PC and internet you’re using to throw your trying hard propaganda to us if you think they’re evil you dummkopf.

      2. How convenient a life you must lead and your politic’s… it’s all about the moment and how you feel, same rules don’t apply for you in the Philippines but if you travel to the West, you expect such high priority and same treatment as citizens in that country, you must be a politician, hope laws change in the West to give you the same treatment you give foreigners, I like to see you guys scream and all the drama and stuff.

      3. Sus, palusot ka pa. You already made a fool of yourself again. Don’t try to save yourself the embarassment since you are already a laughing stock here


      4. You say that because you can’t accept the fact that there is massive unemployment here in this country.

        You never realize the fact that foreigners can provide JOBS for you and not the other way around.

        What a HYPOCRITE. Because the fact is that the wealthy Filipinos are the ones who did land grabbing and stealing jobs due to our crappy protectionist economy. That’s why this country is regressing for years. And you love it.

        Of course, you won’t reply because what I’ve said is TRUE. Fact is you’re DESTROYING the Phlippines. AND YOU LOVE IT. 😀

  12. I’m Dutch and simply ashamed by people like Thomas here. People like him gorw up to live for only one thing: to oppose. They truly become professional activist,showing behavior similar to that of hired guns who do not even care about the cause they are “fighting” for. It’s all about self-satisfaction, the idea od creating (their) better world. It’s a good thing that The Philippines kicked him out. For all I care we shoot all these kind of people to Pluto where they can live together and eventually start opposing each other.

    1. Hoi Pieter,

      Juist door dit soort acties is Nederland ooit groot geworden. Maar Thomas moet nu wellicht wel op de blaren zitten. Hoewel ik uit deze Blog niet zo veel kan opmaken wat Thomas nu in godsnaam fout heeft gedaan.


      1. Hi Robert,

        As a visitor he has been stiring up things, participating in a demonstration, yelling at a police officer and writing an open letter as “a delegate of the International Conference on Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines”. So what we basically have is a foreigner who just marches in and starts to meddle in a domestic affair. The Dutch wouldn’t allow it in their country, so why should the proud Filipinos accept it?
        The Netherlands, btw, did not make a name for itself because of people like Thomas or because of its fights for human rights. It was self-interest and trade, and later on diplomacy.

        1. Hoi Pieter,

          Wat heeft Tom nu precies gedaan dat het rechtvaardigt om hem op te sluiten in een politie-cel of misschien wel erger veroordelen en deporteren en/of voor jaren opsluiten? Zo hij heeft een politieagent uitgescholden. Big deal! Kom eens kijken bij een willekeurige voetbalwedstrijd hier of kom hier eens kijken in het verkeer. Een politie-agent maakt wat mee en heeft inmiddels wel een krokodillenhuid.

          Draaien we in Nederland nog onze hand om voor communisme? Communisme is echt passée, hier.

          Pieter, wat dacht je van de Dolle Mina’s, de Hippi’s, de Nozems uit de jaren 60?

          Voor de rest is de Filippijnen een achterlijk land in al zijn aspecten en facetten. Het enige mooie aan de Filippijnen (Cebu) is het weer en het lage levensonderhoud.

    2. I hate communist but I also hate people who have double standards. You will have hard time finding a Filipino who is also ashamed by the way some of them expresses their hate against the US. I witnessed some pretty nasty and ridiculous anti American outburst. I guarantee you if this commie was Chinese he would not be such a big issue. He is white and that touches a raw nerve.

  13. Just to inform yuou of a little detail. The name should be spelled always “van Beersum”. So it is Thomas van Beersum (his friends most likely will call him Tom).

  14. so the KID is a commie, SO WHAT? are the authorities going to deport him? LOL! he was already leaving the country, no? Go ahead and arrest him, so he can make even bigger headlines in Western Europe and decimate the tourism industry the country is trying to improve. Across Europe and the USA the recent bombings in CDO are already encouraging many people to stay away from the country. GO AHEAD ARREST HIM, or detain him or deport him, whatever. Believe it or not people care about what happens to their fellow citizens when they are in other countries.

  15. BTW, why that kid would waste his time in a rally in a corrupt 3rd world country is beyond me BUT GO AHEAD, Arrest him, prosecute him and PUBLICIZE IT INTERNATIONALLY.


      What about Filipinos who break the law in the USA by overstaying? They take away jobs from legal residents and they don’t pay taxes. Their number would be in the tens of thousands and all the jails in the US would be quickly crowded by them. Deporting them would be much easier.
      What about those communist groups who viciously hate the US and always protest at the Philippine Independence Parade. One of their favorite theme is ” Stop trafficking our people” Honestly believing that Americans are responsible for trafficking Filipinos. They are not that friendly either once they find out that you don’t share their believes. They may try to push you away and tell you to F***Up.
      No double standards please! If you want to jail Kanos than lets jail Filipinos and let’s see who’s number’s will be higher.

      1. Forgot to mention that the protesters are in New York during the Independence Day Parade.
        If Filipinos do push and curse Americans who don’t agree with their propaganda than they should also be deported. Unless they are legal residents of course. However many of them are not! Then they should be deported on the double!

        1. Yo Attila, I think you misunderstand the sarcasm of my post. This kid did nothing to wrong. IF IF IF they arrest/deport or otherwise treat him badly in the Philippines, IT WILL BACKFIRE on the country. I say leave the little girl alone, he is a non-issue.
          As for Filipino’s in the states, it is difficult for Filipino’s to get into the USA illegally as they are in a water locked country and can not board an aircraft w/out proper documents. The USA has 25 million illegal residents already and most are NOT Filipino’s.the USA doesn’t deport nearly as many people as it should but that is not what this essay is about.

        2. “it is difficult for Filipino’s to get into the USA illegally”

          They are over-stayers.
          They came here legally on a tourist visa or just jumped the boat. Many of them came years ago when it was easier. Their numbers are in the tens of thousands. Just because their number is lower than Mexicans or others that doesn’t make it right.

      2. Foreigners are now forced to travel to Manila 3 days prior to departure from the Philippines to check in with the PBI, Wow what human rights violation and a complete hassle (Not everyone lives in Manila) and yet as a Philippine citizen you can as a political plunder the nation’s wealth, Pork Barrel funds, hidden dollar accounts and your Visa is golden or traveling through customs and Immigration they find out the name was misspelled by one letter on the flight ticket and they leave country, what a crock!

        I have an idea with some new crisis management thinking like the Philippine politician, Philippine citizens leaving EU or the US must check in to the local Immigrations office 3 days prior to departure to any country this would include politicians.

        1. @ Mcalleyboy, OH YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! So as NOT to blow my identity I will not be specific BUT that last time I went to Immigration in the Philippines I WAS TREATED LIKE SHIT, FUCKING EXTORTED to the tune of MANY THOUSANDS OF PESO’s had an EXPENSIVE airline flight cancelled AND THAT WAS AFTER I had gone to the BoI three weeks prior to leaving the country and was told I was ready for departure, no problem. I FUCKIN HATE THOSE PEOPLE, and believe me THEY KNOW IT TOO! and yet Filipino’s travel to MY COUNTRY and get treated WELL. PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF, oh yes it did. YO Philippine BoI…FUCK YOU YA BUNCH OF SCUMBAG/CRIMINAL POS!!! there I said it!did I mention I FUCKIN’ HATE THOSE PEOPLE????

        2. that said I would still NEVER participate in any anti-government rally. especially in a 3rd world, corrupt as shit banana republic like the Philippines. OR any other country for that matter. If I am going to jail, its gonna be for a much better reason than that.

        3. @Gerry…I wouldn’t get involved in any politics either…I live in a municipality and one of the Mayors properties is next door but well hidden on all 4 corners, anyway my brother in-law suggested that I spy and take pictures of what’s going on because the property was loaded with tons of supplies, wood, blocks, cement, iron bars the list is long, I told my brother in-law that it’s up to him to change his country not me, I’m an outsider and don’t feel like taking a bullet for anyone here. With that said I couldn’t help but see what was going on there and the crooks were the neighbors and my wife’s family members taking supplies the one worker on the property was selling stuff or trading for food and other things, the Mayor ended up kicking out the one man watching his property and nobody stays there anymore and it’s not used for holding supplies. The Mayor used the supplies as people’s houses burned down or they needed help, he is an honest Mayor and he got re-elected, trouble is the municipality residents are clever crooks and they all work together.

        4. @Mcalleyboy, YOU are smart to NOT get involved.I could tell ya somethings about goings on along the same lines, thieving, lying etc,etc…but hey, you already know. it is difficult living as a target.a foreigner in that country needs to know, they are targets AND if ever making a large purchase, TELL NO ONE! The parking lots of banks are dangerous places. I KNOW, and that is why I carry a piece 24/7 and have several LARGE vicious dogs!
          My personal opinion is not a good one! HAPPENS everywhere.

  16. Freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble peaceably should be guaranteed to everyone; even to those whose message you do not like. If a Filipino goes to an American political rally and burns an American flag; he cannot be arrested. However, he might get beat up by some patriotic locals when they find out.

  17. Whoever it was that uttered, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” would probably have also been persona non grata in Da Pinas. Oh, the irony!

  18. GRPOS

    and take that professional bum Renato Reyes with you. He can also make a nice addition to Sison’s bevy of c0cksuckers over there in Netherlands.

  19. Funny how the apologists and probable hacks are now saying “…in the United States the first amendment..” when its convenient. But on any other day they’d be blasting the US and its policies and government, and secretly praising their idols and pine for the good ol’ days of Mao and Lenin, where you can’t even make a placard without being sent to prison.


  20. All those who say “allow foreigners to join rallies since it’s ‘freedom of expression,'” better bark up the Immigration Bureau and congress to change the law on that. But don’t forget, freedom of expression for communists should be denied, since communism is illegal in the Philippines.

    1. i’m no expert so correct me if i’m wrong but i believe this does not fall under human rights, i.e. the foreigner’s rights were not violated if he is deported because of attending a rally

      first of all, there is no right to travel except within one’s country and maybe within international waters. If there was a right to travel to other country then what the heck are visas for? A person who was denied a visa could simply sue for violation of human rights. A visa is a priviledge and can revoked anytime by the issuing country.

      Second. Was he “punished” for exercising his right to free speech? That’s debatable. A punishment can be defined as removal of one or more rights. Right to life – death penalty. Right to freedom of movement – incarceration in a jail. Right to own property – seizure of property or made to pay a fine. Right against torture – paddling or other physical punishment. I dont think any of the above was laid on him. All that was done was removal of a priviledge – the priviledge to enter the philippines

    2. “freedom of expression for communists should be denied”

      But the Philippine constitution is a COMMUNIST SOCIALIST constitution with a republican tripartite system.

      Have you read the constitution of the Philippines, ChinoF? Please do or you will get embarrassed with what you say about it.

  21. Actually I’m a bit surprised by this. I thought all us foreigners were whore mongering pedaphillic drunken dole bludgers and criminals…didn’t know we also had time for politics! Who’d have thought…ah but the result is still a criminal so I guess it’s fine. Wouldn’t want our reputations tarnished.

    1. @David…excellent point there if I watch the news it’s the foreigner who over stayed, OOoh No! and dare he get laid and get into a fight with his girl friend he will immediately get deported, that don’t happen here with God’s chosen citizen’s..wait I thought that was Jews. The NBI website alway’s loves to rub it in about the criminal Western man caught trying to scam or had a fight with his ex wife, what kind of nut runs the NBI and can’t seem to compare his own countrymen’s problems with world-wide issue’s, single out the foreigner and the Philippine abuser gets a talking to at the local Barnagay and then it’s tagay later on with the abuser and Brangay later on that night, what a convenience.

      1. If one sick or misfit Kano gets busted having sex with an underage girl it ends up in the news. Doesn’t make it right but compare that with the fact that there are 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand) underage pregnancies every year in the Philippines. That is a wide scale problem. How come that doesn’t end up in the news? What the hell is going on there?

        1. @Attila….Great point, my brother in-law his nickname is Bonga and he has a live in Kabit of 25 years chopping charcoal for him while he dates girls, his current girl friend is 14 years old and a school girl, everybody all his friends, neighbors don’t say thing its all accepted even by his Kabit, she don’t like it but she can do nothing because he couldn’t remarry because of the laws here so she can be thrown out at any time if she dissagree’s. The Foreigner news stories are alway’s negative you never get to hear the other side of the story the foreigners story and since they treat him like a fancy animal in a cage they won’t talk to the press either the innocent under aged girl that gets caught with the foreigner possibly was working in a bar and lied about her age, I know that happens here, if the girl dated a Philippine man it’s not news and not worth reporting by anyone even jealous family members and friends but throw in the foreigner and it’s game.

        2. Your brother in law’s example is not uncommon. I’m sure he has children with them also. so what happens to those single mothers? The lucky ones may find a misfit kano who will support her.

        3. I have to proof read my stuff more often, i’m jumping all over the place but what should have said is the American men get tricked or lied to by Philippine ladies and then when the parents or boyfriend find out he’s in jail. I’m very white and a US citizen, my brother in-law next door is 59 years old (Philippine man) his wife is on the same lot and kids but he abandoned the wife 25 years ago and has a Kabit, she works like an animal day and night re-chopping and selling charcoal, the brother in-law can’t remarry due to laws, so his Kabit can’t leave, no where to go, he also has a 14 year old girl friend, school girl I was told by my daughter.

        4. mcalleyboy,

          “I have to proof read my stuff more often, i’m jumping all over the place …. where to go, he also has a 14 year old girl friend, school girl I was told by my daughter.”

          What you describe here, sounds to me as the abnormality/absurdity becoming the norm.

          Its about time the Philippine society needs to change their constitution, a few/many laws as well as their culture/traditions. If not, it will take them more than 2 centuries to connect with the rich 1st world countries.

          But to me it seems they dont want to change at all.
          Since more than 3 years I am gathering what the impact of the Internet has on the Philippine society. Nothing at all? Dont they read and hear how other people live in other countries? I think most (or maybe all Filippinos) use the Internet only to chat and not using the full scope of the internet to gain information and knowledge.

        5. Robert it’s not only the norm but many of my brother in-law friends work for the Barnagay he was bragging also about his 14 year old girl friend at his 59th birthday party, nobody cares for sure in fact it’s all part of his macho, can you imagine the outcry if a 59 year old white man was caught with such a young girl friend, it would be a headliner on GMA news along with the Visa over stayers.

        6. mcalleyboy,

          here in my country a 59 year old and a 14 year old is plain pedophilia. Yes I do know a 14 year can behave more mature than a 20 year old and a 14 year old also may look (bodily) more mature than a 20 year old. But gosh, she could be his granddaughter. I dont hope he is eFFing her. In my country, the family and friends of the 14 year old would file his ass to the legal authorities. Is there no Bureau for child protection in the Philippines? For me this sounds very sick. I am still getting used to the age difference between my partner and me (50 & 36).

        7. What happens to the pregnant girls…good question I live around the Pagsanjuan Falls area and so not to many foreigners here the women don’t seem to be into foreigners but would rather stay with dirt poor fishermen, duck crap shovelers and calessa boys, they all dress up and make an impressive site for the ladies here with the little money they make, unfortunately it’s short lived and reality comes crashing in after sex and little or no money to live on for many girls in this area, it’s too late to marry a foreigner with such baggage.

        8. Mccalleyboy,

          “What happens to the pregnant girls… good question. …. it’s too late to marry a foreigner with such baggage.”

          What happened to the wisdom of thinking first (using contraceptives) before doing/acting? And pls dont come and tell me about the Philippines being a RC country. My partner (Pinay) and I use contraceptives more often than we need to. So, as far as “baggage” is concerned, it could have been prevented and avoided (pregnancy and all other shit you mention). A good proper education, parents who give real good sex-ed, and her eyes would finally open and she would be far more street wise than she is now. So I am sorry, I have no real respect for such women. But I do feel sad for them and I pity them. If only they were taught enough and young enough.

        9. The girls and any family in the Province I live in, it’s a good sized one can’t afford food 3 times a day there’s no way they can afford the birth control pill. Your right I mentioned way to much information about the local men here, sometimes I get angry they don’t treat me so well, the teenage men here are real smart ass’s and disrespectful to foreigners so I go off at times, I treat people with respect, sharing and also with greetings but along with the many nice people there are just as many jerks to deal with on a daily basis, got taunted and picked on just trimming my hedges yesterday, It went something like this…”Hi maaaan, I turn and look and it’s a smart azz face and Hiiiiii Maaaaan a nasty face, so I got it…again it gets old.

  22. i’m no expert so correct me if i’m wrong but i believe this does not fall under human rights, i.e. the foreigner’s rights were not violated if he is deported because of attending a rally

    first of all, there is no right to travel except within one’s country and maybe within international waters. If there was a right to travel to other country then what the heck are visas for? A person who was denied a visa could simply sue for violation of human rights. A visa is a priviledge and can revoked anytime by the issuing country.

    Second. Was he “punished” for exercising his right to free speech? That’s debatable. A punishment can be defined as removal of one or more rights. Right to life – death penalty. Right to freedom of movement – incarceration in a jail. Right to health – amputation of a hand as seen in muslim law. Right to own property – seizure of property or made to pay a fine. Right against torture – paddling or other physical punishment.

    I dont think any of the above was laid on him. All that was done was removal of a priviledge – the priviledge to enter the philippines.

    what do you think?

    1. One post is enough, but I’ll bite this one.

      I agree, generally. Although I prefer to look at it from the lens of the Universal Human Right Charter:

      Article 13.

      (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
      (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

    2. @Vince… He was banned form ever entering the Philippines again he comes often and has a steady girl friend here, that’s a huge slap in the face for protesting, what about the protesters why is the focus on the foreigner? How much of a difference can he make and what changes can he make, none… they just don’t like seeing a white man shovel some stuff back at them, you ever deal with their government offices boy they suck.

  23. Van Beersum’s religion is either Atheism or Marxist pseudo-Catholic. He venerates the so-called “saints” like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, and even Cory Aquino. He can’t be a traditionalist Catholic because he’s neither paleoconservative nor fascist.

  24. it is so easy to label someone as “communist”,
    this means you do not have to think anymore. You de-humanize somebody and at the same time fully distort reality. Are communists bad? Well, are capitalists bad? Both can be harmful, and both can be great, loving persons. There is no answer to that.
    What I can say that Beersum has the guts in a foreign country to go to a policeman and challenge him with the violence in which harmless protesters are treated. Then the policeman had to cry. A beautiful, human reaction. Why? because the policeman in his heart agreed with Beersum and also thought the violence towards peaceful protesters was not humane.

  25. “And what are commies all about? They are, by their very nature, necessarily all about violent overthrow of any incumbent government.”

    This is what we mean by little learning is DANGEROUS. We should not take little factoids as correct representations of the whole or we miss the mark entirely. The author is clearly misinformed if not totally maleducated in the subject.

    VIOLENT OVERTHROW of a government is in fact a right in a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. The right to bear arms is for that very purpose as envisioned by the founding fathers of America. Even democracy as defined by the Athenians.

    From America’s Declaration of Independence. Not only do people have the right to overthrow their government, it is a responsibility placed on them by the founding fathers of America. If their government betrays them, acts other than in accordance to their wishes, or they feel changes need to be made, it is their obligation to do so.

    As Jefferson puts it,

    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787. ME 6:373, Papers 12:356

    “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere.” –Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, 1787.

    “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [i.e., securing inherent and inalienable rights, with powers derived from the consent of the governed], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” –Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776. ME 1:29, Papers 1:315

    “We think experience has proved it safer for the mass of individuals composing the society to reserve to themselves personally the exercise of all rightful powers to which they are competent and to delegate those to which they are not competent to deputies named and removable for unfaithful conduct by themselves immediately.” –Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816. ME 14:487

    Sometimes, LIBERTY needs to be defended. And there are cases when force is necessary to defend it.

    I hope Benigno is now aware of THAT.

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