ABS-CBN Facebook post #RememberCoryAquino backfires: slammed by commentators weary of ‘people power’ rhetoric


A colleague of mine had the presence of mind to take a big screen capture of the epic response to ABS-CBN News’s legendary update “Cory Aquino. Democracy icon. How do you #RememberCoryAquino?” posted on its Facebook page late last night — in case it was deleted. I thought for a while that it had been deleted, but it turned out it wasn’t as it remains online here. For me, personally, having been a consistent critic of the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan and the notion of “people power” being owned and branded by that clan, propagated via the vast information dissemination machinery of the ABS-CBN Network, and ingrained deep into the minds of an entire generation of Filipinos, I have to say even I was astounded by the scale of these responses.

But, really, is such a response really that surprising?

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One of the first and simplest of comments entered by a certain Joy Levy who said “the bigest mistake of philippine history…” attracted 446 ‘Likes’ and 78 mostly assenting replies as of this writing. This is a far cry from what was once the popular Filipino sentiment back in 1986 that held the Aquino clan up to a lofty pedestal of virtual sainthood. So popular was this “Edsa spirit” that many attempts were made in subsequent years to use it against one poltician or another. The most successful of these “people power” reincarnations came in full force in 2001 and resulted in the ouster of then duly-elected former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada — a spectacle that was criticised by Seth Mydans in a New York Times article where he wrote…

The man they overthrew, Joseph Estrada, was a democratically elected president half way through his six-year term. The popular uprising took place when it became clear that due process — his impeachment trial in the Senate — would not produce the result many people hoped for: his removal by constitutional means. The turning point came when the armed forces chief informed Mr. Estrada that the military was “withdrawing its support.”

The legal rationale for his removal was a last-minute Supreme Court ruling that “the welfare of the people is the supreme law,” in effect stripping Mr. Estrada of any legitimacy.

Filipinos were thrilled at the peaceful ouster of a president who had become an embarrassment — a lazy, hard-drinking womanizer who had allowed the economy to collapse and had, according to testimony in the Senate, engaged in systematic corruption.

But if they expected cheers once again from around the world, they were instead hurt and infuriated when People Power II was met with doubt and criticism, described by foreign commentators as “a defeat for due process,” as “mob rule,” as “a de facto coup.”

It was seen as an elitist backlash against a president who had overwhelmingly been elected by the poor. This time, it appears, “people power” was used not to restore democracy but, momentarily, to supplant it. Filipinos seemed to prefer democracy by fiesta, still shying from the hard work of building institutions and reforming their corrupt political system.

A feat of prescient writing there in hindsight. As it turned out, the regime of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who ascended to power following Estrada’s fall has gone down in history as the age of Ocho-Ocho Revolutions — an allusion to the way the Opposition and their horde of self-described “activists” of the time employed the services of go-go dancers (dancing the “ocho-ocho” dance craze of that day) in their street rallies to attract the mobs of kibitzers needed to for the hoped-for show of “people power” to further whatever agenda might have been at stake then.

As expected, street revolutions were worn down by overuse over the 00’s to a joke of an approach to furthering political “reform”. Most interestingly, it was one led by former President Cory Aquino herself in 2005 to protest a faltering impachment bid against Arroyo that represented the final nail in the coffin of the old 1980s relic of Filipino-style “activism”. What would have been billed Edsa IV (or Commonwealth Avenue I, as the case may be), promised to be another spectacle of sorts. But there was no particular heir-to-the-throne around which the fete was organised. If it succeeded in its bid to amass enough warm bodies in the streets to make a statement against Arroyo, it would have marked a new low in the practice of a concept that Filipinos fancy themselves to have invented back in 1986. If it had failed, it will have further served to highlight the utter ridiculousness to which the concept of “people power” had degenerated to.

Prayer politics: Cory with Jun Lozada in the mid 00's

Prayer politics: Cory with Jun Lozada in the mid 00’s

Indeed, failed miserably it did. Bursts of little street protests sporadically erupted in Manila’s streets in the days following the House dismisal of the impeachment bid, but none even remotely approached the kind of numbers these would-be anarchists crowed in the days leading to it. Each were in fact smaller in number than an equally ridiculous street gathering in Makati that preceded it described in this interesting report published on SunStar.com

It looked like a huge street party with an interesting mix of characters… Street vendors were out in full force, peddling corn on the cob, boiled bananas, fish balls, deep-fried chicken gizzards on a stick and scoops of ice cream on hamburger buns…. Music and entertainment were another crucial component, keeping the crowds from drifting away. Pop stars crooned on a huge stage and the “Sex Bomb” dancers–a group of young women in tight white tops and blue capri pants–did the classic bump and grind.

A final indictment on the tiresomeness of these street circuses came out in a February 2011 TIME article written by Hannah Beech lamenting the lack of any convincing results that could be attributed to what she described as the “withered potential of people power”…

This month, the Philippines will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the start of its historic uprising. Those following the events in Egypt will find many parallels. Ferdinand Marcos, a corrupt, aging, U.S.-backed dictator, was ousted by a populace that rallied, in part, thanks to technology. (Then it was radio, not Facebook or Twitter.) But a quarter-century later, with the son of people-power heroine Corazon Aquino now serving as President, the Philippines is still beset by the poverty, cronyism and nepotism that provoked the 1986 protests.

Perhaps the only way former President Cory Aquino can truly rest in peace is for Filipinos to move on and evolve. We should let go of “people power” as it had become nothing more than a failed propaganda experiment that should now be sealed in a glass case and put on a shelf in a museum along with communism and the other great failed social experiments of the world.

[Photos courtesy New York Times and Yahoo! News respectively.]

92 Replies to “ABS-CBN Facebook post #RememberCoryAquino backfires: slammed by commentators weary of ‘people power’ rhetoric”

  1. It’s ironic how the propaganda trolls keep crooning about how Cory was a “hero” but then the truth about her pretty much has kicked hard them in the balls.
    As more and more people realize how much of a sham this Aquino family is, I won’t be surprised anymore if a revolt happens due to Aquino’s incompetence.

    1. I for one actually want the whole of the Philippine government to go up in smoke, we need reform and massive amounts of restrictions and screening for people who run for politics in the foreseeable future. Quite honestly I also expect someone, if there is ever a revolt,I’m kinda expecting someone to come up and hog the lime light to becoming as equally corrupted and influential as these pigs playing government repeating this cycle. Hopefully by then the majority of the people are competent enough to deal with these future idiots. Time will tell…I just want to watch it all burn, not to be sadistic but seeing corruption and turmoil repeatedly taking affect, it is something most people like me feel.

  2. Tandaan nyo na si Corazon Aquino ang dahilan kung bakit kayo nakakapagrant sa gobyerno ngayon. She gave you freedom. She is the icon of democracy.

    1. Speak of the moron, and he appears!

      Unfortunately, bobo kapamilya, she WAS the icon of democracy until she decided to ruin it by overusing street revolutions and turning them into a joke.

      People Power is DEAD. The magic of EDSA is DEAD. And your precious Cory Aquino is DEAD. It’s time for Filipinos to keep it that way.

      1. Why stop a popular franchise? I can already see it now: “EDSA IV: A New Hope”

        Coming soon to Manila street near you.

        1. I would so love to see a poster of that.
          There can be Marcos’ face in the background, and either Ninoy and Cory in the foreground or PNoy and Cory in the foreground. Or something like that.

    2. TARGET ACQUIRED! Tell that to all the realists commenting on your precious bs propaganda’s article who are also sick and tired of your aquino mafia’s democrazy bullshit. Still a big fat dummkopf eh vincensus ignoramus?

    3. Tandaan mo rin na sa ilalim ng administrasyon niya, nagkaroon ng sangkatutak na coup de tat at malawakang brownout.

      Face the music you fool, your propaganda is DEAD just like your pitiful existence.

    4. LIES.

      Democrasy for just a FEW.

      Democracy MY ASS.

      Here’s something for you about DEMOCRACY:

      “True democracy comes if people know the LIMITS of democracy.” -Mahathir

    5. She gave us freedom??? Icon of democracy??? Are you insane?! Where the hell she was when edsa 1 was still ongoing? She’ s hiding at her dwelling place in cebu that time!

      1. That’s unfair. Cory Aquino didn’t plan the coup nor was she privy to what they were doing. She was in Cebu with her people planning another series of rallies against the Marcoses. The attempted coup was all Enrile and Honasan. In fact they preferred Cory out of Metro Manila for their takeover. When the people started flocking to EDSA, the ports were locked down. How did you expect her to make her way to Manila?

        Of the prominent members of the Aquinos only Butz Aquino was in town. And he was moving between Dubai and Camp Aguinaldo almost from day one.

        1. what’s unfair about that? wasn’t she supposed to be the icon of this so called democracy?

    6. You need to go beyond your amoeba brain and read more. Then maybe you will be able to write more than an inane one line piece of propaganda idiocy.

      The real cory aquino:
      She was a weak puppet of the US
      She had an affair with her cabinet secretary
      She hid under her desk when the action was happening
      She was chinese in her values
      She ensured hacienda luisita was not distributed and remained in cojuangco hands, illegally.
      She institutionalised pork barrel
      She never bothered to bring her husbands killer to justice.
      She gave away state assets to her family and political opportunists/crooks
      She raised a dysfunctional family

      In short, cory aquino was a weak and opportunistic housewife who had no comprehension of democratic principles and values and was manipulated by all and sundry, at home and abroad to ensure feudalism and the status quo was retained under the guise of democracy. Like mother, like son. A traitor and hypocrite who missed the opportunity to actually do something beneficial for the country. A modern day irrelevance.

      1. I’d like to disagree with your opinion regarding Cory being ‘opportunistic’ before, during, and right after EDSA.
        One could say, in a way, she was a Saint before she became President.
        I’d now like to quote Uncle Ben, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’. Due to her inexperience with the world of politics the ‘responsibility’ part became too much for her to bare. She was put into ‘power’ by people that could use her, at first as a symbol and later on as a pawn for their own plans.
        Then there’s that quote about power: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. She rose to the height of power, and some part of her fell. Like the angels that rebelled against god had fallen.

        1. Cory’s opportunism, if one may call it such, is not due to any political ambition of her own. It’s rather motivated by vengeance and bitterness rooted on a narcissistic sense of entitlement or perhaps simply outright Cojuangco-bred [closet] greed. The word “opportunistic” in the political sense is more applicable to fellows like Drilon, Dinky Soliman, Sereno, and so on.

          In fact, no party has raised the bar on vengeance and bitterness other than the yellow party, yet they ironically accuse others, who are not into their hate campaign against Marcos (and later, GMA), of being “ampalya” or bitter.

          Ninoy died for his personal political ambitions and communists sympathies not really for the Filipino people as he declared in his “Filipino is worth dying for” rhetoric. It was simply the Lopezes’ media machine who enshrined Ninoy as a sort of modern-day Rizal (unfair to the latter). Was Marcos really unfair to him or was Ninoy really a communist sympathizer as Cory’s release of communist advocate & leader Joma Sison (Leila de Lima’s brother-in-law?) reveals?

          Yellow is a very bright color, and yet the party that adopted it has always kept the country under the clutches of cowardice, darkness, militantly aggressive propaganda and vengeful historical revisionism.

          There is a very serious disconnect BETWEEN what the government along with their local and foreign correspondents report regarding so-called “progress” or “improvements” in the country AND what one really experiences in everyday Filipino domestic life.—Very surreal indeed!

        2. Saint? She could not even forgive the ailing and aging soldiers who were implicated in hers husband’s death. She said she would only forgive them if…there was an if…and that was if they confessed who ordered them to kill Ninoy. That’s not what saints do. They forgive unconditionally.

          Saints do not turn their face away from her friends and relatives’ wrongdoings. If she tolerated their crimes, that would have made her an accessory or a participant to the crimes. Again, that’s hardly a saintly behavior.

          Saints do not deceive the people into believing they were giving stock options to the tenants of their hacienda. They don’t circumvent the law so they could avoid their.


      3. totally agree with you.. those were the years that we thought it’s a beautiful dream for us only to find out that it’s a nightmare when we woke up later.. her administration spells FAILURE..

      4. SHE WAS A HOUSEWIFE, she is now dead and you slander a dead woman like a dog! You fuckin COWARD. Mrs. Aquino did not ask to be President, the country asked her! as if YOU could have done better? YOU FLYING jack-ass SLANDER Mrs. Aquino’s private life as if its any of your business. and probably delude yourself to think you somehow could have done better(you would have been thrown under a bus!)? ROTFLMAO.
        YOU have the nerve to call someone a ‘Modern day irrelevance’,BWAHAHAHAHA? Mrs. Aquino was SOMETHING YOU CAN NEVER BE! INTERNATIONALLY RESPECTED!
        Your just a COWARD FUCKIN LOW-LIFE, for slandering a DEAD WOMAN’s personal life.

        1. @Gerry – “Mrs. Aquino did not ask to be President, the country asked her!”

          SHE COULD JUST HAVE SAID a simple NO – simply as she was a simple housewife. But no, she went for it urged by the powers that be. Philippine history could have been different. She should have only been an interim one and an election could have been done after that. Filipinos as emotional as the drama series, high with emotion, did not even stop to think about it. Anyhow, it’s time to move on and move forward even with the worsening scenario that it is now.

    7. @bida…kelan ka ba pinanganak? I dont think you even experienced life pre-Aquino to be able to say that only after St. Cory that we are able to rant about the government. Ano yan, itinuro sila sa iyo sa eskuwelahan niyo for brainwashing you?

    8. Icon of democracy? HAH!
      The smart commentators in the facebook page would would beg to differ you stupid sack of shit. Face the truth you stupid sack of propaganda fueled shit, your propaganda fueled president is going to get his butt kicked out of malacanang soon.


      1. and be replaced by the next crooked Filipino Politician/Thief. the succession line is getting longer every day too. chock full of the worst the country has to offer.


    10. just imagine if cory adopted a dictatorial kind of government and continued the way marcos ruled the country, she would have been lynched mob. it’s not as if filipinos owed her our freedom. whether she liked it or not, she had to respect the people’s clamor for democracy. she had no choice. it was the people’s triumph!

    11. Excuse me, she did not give us freedom. We, the people fought for it. We, who went to Crame in the early hours of the Edsa Revolution risked our lives from the attack of Marcos forces. Cory was not even there. It was the people who installed her thinking she could help resurrect our republic. Reluctant as she was to accept the responsibility, she just gave us to the dogs, her friends and relatives!

      Kung alam ko lang na ang resulta ng people power na yan ay isang pesidential daughter na aaming may STD siya sa national television, natulog na lang sana ako. Bwisit!

    12. “She gave you freedom”

      And yet here you are, trying (and failing miserably) to take away our freedom to criticize the government.
      Your beloved government is no different from a dictatorship.


    13. Tanga, Cory gave us freedom? bobo ka ba? asan si cory ng maganap ang people power revolution? nasa CEBU NAGTATAGO! nagpapaniwala ka naman sa ABiased CBN!!!

    14. bida kapamilya —Correct me if i am wrong,lumuwas lang si Cory from Cebu dahil nag rebelde si enrile kay marcos. yung rally ni cory sa Cebu ay walang power iyon para mag alsa ang buong pilipinas at saka safety ang habol ni cory kaya sa cebu siya nagtago. Ayaw lang nh mga kano na si enrile ang papalit ke marcos dahil lalabas na coup iyon at di sang ayon sa US policy…kaya lumabas ,ke cory ay rebolusyon ay yon ay puwede sa mga kano.Ok si cory ,tumaas lang ang kilay ko doon sa 40/60 na pro oligarch

      1. Discipline and education are exactly what Rizal said about what his countrymen needed, not Cory’s quo d’ tat…

  3. I believe that the late President Cory Aquino did not in any time ever wanted to perpetrate the dominance of her clan in politics. She hesitantly accepted the candidacy and it took at least a million signatures to convince her. The same is true with now President Aquino. The EDSA 2 was an entirely different matter. There is no arguing that Estrada was popularly elected and there is no doubt, too, that he used his office for his own selfish interests. It was just unfortunate that the person who succeeded him when he was ousted was as corrupt as Marcos.

    1. TROLL.

      Fact is that Marcos and Gloria are ‘corrupt’ because they were victims of demonization and hate campaign from none other by media pundits.

      Deal with it. 😛

      1. Nah, they were true thiefs, corrupt as the day is long. Just like all the other Filipino politicians/thieves.
        try to rationalize what the 1st gent did with the helicopters, for ONE example of the thievery, any way you like BUT…the truth is? they are all fuckin criminals, well-organized criminals.
        Not a single one of ’em isn’t, not one.

        1. And everyone paid attention at her taking the people’s money (when it’s the government’s money to begin with) yet nobody was shocked and awe that PNOY took over 60 million pesos in pork barrel money? Oh but of course not since the incompetent individual has not done anything bad and is compensating himself as a proud member of the Aquino family and taking his rightful place in the government.

        2. Well, IDK how many people are or aren’t shocked by what PNoy does or doesn’t do, BUT I am not surprised that ANY politician/thief steals the people’s peso’s. That is what THEY do! The politician/thieves in the country are ALL guilty as the day is long! it is just a SAD fact that these people are parasites that feed on the people they are supposed to serve.
          From 1972 to the very present day if there is ONE that did not steal any money I would bet that ONE would be Mrs. Corazon Aquino.
          The rest of them? all a bunch of fuckin criminals. Well organized fuckin low-life criminals.
          It is widely accepted INTERNATIONALLY that the reputation of the caliber of people who are in public office in the country does not rise above that of BANK ROBBER.

        3. “From 1972 to the very present day if there is ONE that did not steal any money I would bet that ONE would be Mrs. Corazon Aquino.”

          Right because she spend 1 TRILLION in her 6 year term and most of the government-owned businesses were given to her relatives. And who would forget the infamous Mendiola Massacre?

          I just want to tell you about the 1987 Constitution: It has policies that helped Cory and her personal cronies do their thing LEGITIMATELY and set the country back for years while she and her group get kickbacks.

          That’s what we call “stealing money in front of your face.”

        4. To say that Cory Aquino herself was not involved in corruption is terribly naive. And a bit deluded. At the very least her preresidency abetted the positioning of the Cojuangcos, the Aquinos, and their assorted relations, allies and hangers on in key positions in government agencies and GOCCs.

          To say that the 1987 constitution was crafted to facilitate this is equally biased. It’s also somewhat deceitful. Read the document again. It doesn’t specifically favor any political dynasty. Rather, it is the political establishment’s refusal to follow constitutional mandates that allow the perpetuation of societal ills like corruption and dynastic succession.

        5. Well, IF what you say is true and IDK that it is…it is not blatant ‘in your face’ theft, it is not. It could be considered some sort of insider-trading or manipulating the law to benefit a few certain individuals. It is not BANK ROBBERY like the sort of “Christmas GIFTS’ taken directly out of the treasury and handed out in plain sight of the entire country, not given back and brazenly acting above the law as “the OLD SCUMBAG” did just 8 months ago.
          There will always be malcontents screaming about what is fair is fair and what isn’t is theft, ALWAYS.
          I stand by the statement made. I never said she was a saint, but I just do not think she was a thief. There is no proof that she was either. Unlike OTHERS to numerous to mention here. the ‘gentleman’ with the helicopters is one of many as well.

    2. Right.. you can say that to Doy Laurel after you’ve met him.. EDSA Dos is where the “peceful revolution” was hijacked by the progressive groups that also boycotted the 1986 elections before,and it was not the fault of Arroyo that she was the vice-president of that time. Hay naku! tsk, tsk..

      1. Sure, but the people ASKED, practically begged, for her to be President. that is ONE thing that makes her different, she did not ask/declare her candidacy out of sheer greed to get hold of the keys to the treasury…like all the rest of them.

        1. @Gerry,
          Remember, she could have refused the offer, like the late Dolphy did, while famously saying, “eh papaano kung manalo ako ?”.
          My family and me, like many others, really hoped for her to succeed, as we thought our lives would be better if the late President Marcos were deposed. But alas, she became a collaborator of the oligarchs Marcos removed from power, no different from the others, so now I’m disillusuoned.
          If you’re blind, let me remind you what the road to hell is paved with.
          Also, collaborators are as guilty as the ones who perpetrated the crime.

    3. Ramon Mayuga–Kung buhay pa si cory a,sa tingin mo ba ay ayon pa rin ang mga tao sa performance ng mga aquino ha…Lahat ng mga sinasabi nitong mga aquino na ito sa inyo ay nanggagaling sa TELEPROMPTER. lumalabas wala silang alam sa sinasabi nila..parehong abnoy pwe

  4. Democracy? more like killing spree for me. nung panahon ni marcos stricto ang gobyerno kaya naging maunlad ang pilipinas. ngayon naging sobrang malaya kaya malaya din gumawa ng katarantaduhan ang mga kriminal. even the death penalty was abolished. ang hirap sa ibang pilipino ayaw magpailalim sa totoong governance. ultimo itong recent law ni erap about busus ang dami nagreklamo dahil hirap silang magcommute, ang totoo nasanay lang silang sumakay sa mga bawal na lugar. hindi talaga tayo uunlad kung pansariling kapakanan lang ang iniisip ng iba

  5. I believe that we would have been better of with the late and former president Marcos. Though I believe it would have been even better had he not cheated on his wife or gotten caught cheating on his wife, or even better…not been married to Imelda at all.
    It is my opinion that Imelda was and in some cases continues to be the Root of All Evil, as far as our country goes anyway.
    I also believe that as far as “people power” goes, it remains as a dream or ideal that we shall continue to be unable to make real so long as the majority of our country’s population remains ignorant of the way the world goes round. The lack of proper education, or quality education, is a burden that hinders there being any possibility of there ever really being a true revolution.
    I believe that EDSA I was both a success and a failure.
    (this comment was supposed to be much longer, but I decided that it sounded either too preachy, opinionated, or confusing)

    1. who Marcos slept with is no one’s business and has nothing to do with what he did as DICTATOR.it has been proven that he RAPED the treasury, took a billions of DOLLARS from Westinghouse to build a nuclear facility that never materialized. THE GUY WAS A CORRUPT SCUMBAG.
      if that is the sort of leader the Philippines wants there are plenty more where he came from. some are in public office as I type this.

      1. They have proven nothing against FM within their 2 decades reign, hence, their effort to change history. How old were you anyway when Marcos was president? The manner you speak of the “evil dictator” only shows how effective the yellow propaganda has on you. So you are believing Guiness of Wrold Records and books from authors demonizing FM and what not? It only goes to show how dumb you are at handling facts and information.

      2. Fiction or facts, in the very near future the truth will come out. FM is one of the richest, if not the richest Filipino before he became President. He had accessed the gold of Hitler, Carpio and then Yamashita treasures. These are now deposited in various banks around the world (900+ banks). We should now benefiting these treasures after the 30- year claim period issued by International Court of Justice for the claimants of these gold. That period ends in 1985 but was extended to 2000. We should be the richest country by then if he was not removed from office. In his Last Will and Testament, 70% of the 4% interest are Willed by Marcos to Filipinos and these runs into Trillions of Dollars. 30% of the interest will go to the host country of the bank, thereby benefiting the whole world. FM is genius and his name will remain eternal with the treasures. Find the TRUTH yourselves and change your way of thinking.

        1. what U think if Aquinos found thouse tresures instead of marcos, they will distribute them to us, Hacienda Luicita is one of the example how aquino loves the poor.Speak up people

      3. Remember Marcos asked Cory to continue the nuclear plant to provide electricity in Metro Manila and other parts of the country,but Cory strongly opposed,of course, so there was massive brownout then. That’s why she was called “Queen Darkness”.

  6. Cory led a revolution against Erap and later on announced in public that she was so sorry for initiating a people power against a convicted plunderer. Such a failure!

  7. The Aquino brand 2013 a la pnoy
    400 political prisoners
    142 cases of extrajudicial killings

    Bam aquino – the next generation – more of the same

    Reneged on his campaign promises within the first week as senator!!

    Now he supports pork barrel!
    And also for sim card registration – cyber martial law.

    What lying shits the aquinos are

  8. Anybody who says Cory was saintly must be mentally challenged. Just wondering what values she imparted to kris. Besides, she hijacked people power. She was never on EDSA, but in some convent hiding with nuns. Such a coward.

  9. I was there at EDSA as a military volunteer. Cory Aquino was not even there. Many of us who volunteered went there to stop our people from killing each other. After the one and only EDSA… People power was used and abused as a sorry short-cut unconstitutional way to remove people from power. Even minor functionaries were subjected to this so-called people power. Cory a saint? Nah she was not one. Besides, she was never canonized by the Vatican.

  10. What do we want more from PNOY? It was under his administration that the HLI was subdivided among sugar farmers. It was under his administration where a corrupt Supreme Court was made to account for the first time. It was under his administration where he declared a war against corrupt custom officials.

    Despite his intellectual limitation and lacking the political suave of his father, he was trying his best to achieve what is best for the country… It is our turn now to do ours.

    So what is our contribution other than cheap digital soundbites?

    1. As the character played by Sean Connery in The Rock say:

      Losers whine about doing ‘their best’. Winners go home and f*ck the Prom Queen.

      ha ha! 😀

    2. Mr jcc —Siguro habang binabasa mo ang nagawa ni aboy ay sa salamin ka nakatingin kaya lahat ng ipinaiintindi mo sa amin ay baligtad. pag nawala si abnoy sa 2016 kanino ka naman sisipsip.ke GMA–kupal

  11. “But if they expected cheers once again from around the world, they were instead hurt and infuriated when People Power II was met with doubt and criticism, described by foreign commentators as “a defeat for due process,” as “mob rule,” as “a de facto coup.”

    hehehehehe… another white person trashing a third world for mob rule… but look around your backyard… you deposed JFK by bullet so you can replace him with one you can control..

    your war for the frontier is a total war of annihillation against the native indians, your deposed third world leaders that do not look upon you for ‘democratic guidance.’ Please don’t lecture the Filipinos about ‘mob rule.’

    1. Americans do what they do because they can. Same thing as what Tagalogs do to the Aetas and what other dominant colonising tribes and countries do to marginalised and indigenous people who happen to be standing in the way of their conquering armies and settlers THROUGHOUT HUMAN HISTORY. That’s what being a winner is all about, dude. Deal with it.

      1. @Beningo… u kno I am a supporter of yours. I differ on the above statement about AMERICANS. they do not always do what they do because they can. they could have easily stayed in Subic Bay and quite simply refused to leave(we both know they could have ‘because they can’), thrown a coup-de-tat the countries way, but they did not and respected the right of the Philippine gov’ts. request to vacate.

        1. They vacated not without having explored all scenarios and considered all options gleaned from those scenarios. In short, they did so because they figured out that they can. Perhaps there is a proportion of “respect” in the decision frameworks Americans use to guide their actions that is likely to be higher than most societies. But, ultimately, national interests trump the interests of non-Americans whenever American officials take their seats at the proverbial round table — as what it should be as well when Filipino officials do the same.

    2. right, paisan! why not go back here in the Philippines and lead the revolution yourself against the white man’s empire? being an attorney with the small letter “a” in America is just too good for you..

  12. CORY AQUINO..EPIC FAIL!! hindi makabayan ang mga Aquino, makasarili sila..makapili din hehe!!
    For me its a total failure and I don’t want to remember this lady.

    1. Don’t worry – even the worms moved on long ago. It’s only a few gullible and uneducated fantasists who miss their ‘mummy’ and still live in the past.

  13. ABS-CBN is the mouthpiece of the Marxists, Liberals, and Yellow Oligarchs.

    Cory Aquino is one of the “saints” in the Marxist Liberal Church run by the two leftist, Yellow Oligarch religious orders within the Catholic Church. She joins the rank with Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Oscar Romero, Che Guevarra, Fidel Castro (living “saint”), etc.

  14. “It was under his administration that the HLI was subdivided among sugar farmers. It was under his administration where a corrupt Supreme Court was made to account for the first time.”

    – I distinctly remember it was the Corona Supreme Court who ordered the HLI to be distributed and right at its heels the CJ was impeached.. hmmmmm…
    – BOC corruption issue, all PNOY did was bitch about it, didnt even give a solution to the problem…

  15. For those of you who claims that she did not really want to run for president, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, before her candidacy, she told her mother-in-law that she would run for president but did not make it a public knowledge. Her condition of acquiring a million signatures “turned out to be a wise tactic as it effectively launched her campaign before it had been declared.” (Simon Lewis) She is far from popular perception that she was a novice. She really knew how to play her cards well. The best evidence of her shrewdness as a politician is her success of not looking like a politician. #NOTOAQUINO

  16. Cory is, not now, not then, nor will ever be the icon of People Power Revolution. She had nothing to do with EDSA. She was just the fortunate beneficiary of that great event in Philippine history. Not that she deserved it but time and circumstance somehow allowed it to be so. Maybe it was her fate, but then again, it could have been a fluke of history. A fluke that gave way to a series of events that plunged the country into misery.

    An euphoric and unsuspecting nation hailed her as “Chief” after EDSA, only to realize later that she was a mere figurehead…a puppet, if you will, whose strings were being pulled by her relatives, the so-called “Kamag-anak Incorporated”, from both sides of her ear, the Ramos controlled military from behind her and by the Catholic Church through the strings of her rosary. Of course, there were the yellow “We Bulongs” who occasionally managed to pull strings that tied her to her favorite seat at the “mahjong concierto” and earned for them behest contracts of the juiciest kind.

    Ramos wanted a stranglehold on the military and the police but could not muster enough leverage because of the popularity of RAM and the undeniable charisma of Honnasan. This prompted him to convince Cory that the RAM was a threat to her tenure, and the ever so gullible housewife, out of fear, re-assigned RAM leader, Gringo Honnasan to Laur where he could do no harm, or so she thought…for it was in Laur where Gringo’s forces started to grow in astronomic proportions and the rest is history…

    She pulled Gloria Macapagal Arroyo out of obscurity and offered her a Senatorial candidate’s slate in her coalition. We all know what became of her later on and the injuries she inflicted on us all…

    She chose Ramos as her successor on top of her loyal supporter, Ramon Mitra and we all know the plunder that was during the Ramos presidency…

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