Jeane Lim Napoles… Guilty of What Exactly?

Jeane Lim Napoles is really getting viciously thrashed and pummeled on almost all social media platforms.  If there was ever hate on the internet, Jeane has been somewhat subjected to it on account of her mother, Janet Lim Napoles — who has been accused of masterminding the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam.

Using “Who Talking”, I found a couple of tweets that seem dripping with contempt for Jeane and I’ve screen capped a few just to give you a rough sampling of what is out there:

Tweets on Jean Lim Napoles, all soaked and dripping with contempt.

Tweets on Jean Lim Napoles, all soaked and dripping with contempt.

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The venomous tirades directed at Jeane somewhat reminds me of the uproar over the “extravagance” of people like Imelda Marcos and her shoes; Erap’s women and Boracay Mansion; Chavit Singson; Lito Lapid; the menagerie of socialites involved in the DJ Montano/Brian Gorrel scandal; and others.

The hate online seems to have somewhat congealed like the rancid grease that flows through Binondo’s gutters and it made me wonder, why is Jeane being targeted in this vilification campaign?

More to the point, I asked friends on Facebook, “What crime can Jean be charged with?”

I think BenignO hit it dead center by pointing out that it’s just “Tough luck for the 23-year-old. Wrong place at the wrong time — kids do suffer from the sins of their parents. Ask Bongbong Marcos and he can very well relate.”

Fellow Get Realist ChinoF wrote: “What Jeane does is comparable to what Robbie Antonio of Century Properties is doing. But I wonder, why all the attention on Napoles? Even if it is proven she may be liable, bakit siya lang? All the others na liable din may be forgotten.”

Monsi Serrano, who is a columnist of Perk Up (A Philippine business and news forum online magazine), said: “the legal aspect or criminal is not yet established. I am not a lawyer to answer that question. But the morality of what she’s been doing is so disgusting, knowing that she can’t even explain where she gets (or her parents) get their wealth?”

Further on, Monsi added “If she (Janet Lim Napoles) truly worked hard for the money, it would be so easy to show the proof of income. What happens to the 10B Pesos Pork Barrel scam? This has not been answered yet under oath, or there is no closure yet.

“As I said, this happens in the Philippines — the lies and more web of lies woven become the truth. This applies to her and to all other corrupt people who will never admit even if they are lying through their teeth that they did it.

“One thing I know, the camp of Napoles has poured in a lot of money for her PR campaign team. Basta ako, I speak all my opinions in my columns, articles and post from my heart, as I see it. That will always be my belief. When I am wrong, I am willing to rectify or even face the consequence of my opinion, be it moral or legal consequence.”

JP Fenix, house husband and steak connoisseur, said “Only if she’s named officer and has signed docs on any of the ngos, companies or transactions. If she’s just a daughter spending mom’s money, then her actions are more evidence vs the mom.”

Ferdie Maglalang, former Malacanang Press Corps President and Remate Columnist remarked, “Nada, except that the PHL government (yes, the ever-zealous BIR Commish Kim Henares) will definitely run after where she is getting her money to support her lavish lifestyle. Probably, if Kim sees some discrepancy, then a tax evasion seems in order. But based on the photos circulating around the social media, the poor girl has not committed a crime, unless insensitivity or callousness to the pitiful plight of poor people is now a crime in the PHL.”

Taking it all together, I think that perhaps the larger part of the Filipino public on social media seems to have more or less rendered their judgement on Janet Lim Napoles and her daughter without the benefit of an actual court sentencing her guilty of the crimes she is accused of.

Anyway, Napoles lawyer Lorna Kapunan came out with a statement on the online morality fiesta over Jeane Lim Napoles:

In an interview with radio DZMM, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, said Napoles’ family is well-off because of their businesses abroad.

She said everyone should be proud of people like Jeane who excel in school.

Kapunan said she would also give expensive gifts to her children if they excel in school and if she had a lot of money from legitimate sources of income.

“I always say when I am asked, kung mayroon akong kayamanan ng kaunti at nakapag-magna cum laude ang aking anak sa isang US university, bibigyan ko din siya ng Porsche, bibigyan ko din siya ng Chanel kung afford ko. The bottom line is, afford nila. It is not ill-gotten wealth, they do not have a single contract with government. They have not owned a single peso from any of these public funds. They have their own money that they gave to their child who instead of persecuting, we should be proud of,” she said.

The thing is, if we believe in and advocate “the rule of law”, we shouldn’t be averse to other corny and quaint ideas like “innocent until proven guilty”, “right to due process”, “accuser has the burden of proof” and all that jazz.

Unless of course, we’re really a nation that in its heart of hearts wants to be just Mayor Rudy Duterte and Ping Lacson who are reputedly all “judge, jury, and executioner”.

And just to be fair, let’s make mention of other rich people’s kids who have also been subjected to “moral outrage” but  are so far still out there and living it up like the social celebs that they are.

Rajiv Ramesh Dargani who reported rammed his Audi R8 into another Audi on McKinley Road in BGC which resulted in the death of one person and the maiming of another.

Divine Lee who some say is an officer of Globe Asiatique, the company of her father Delfin Lee, who is accused syndicated estafa in connection with a scheme where he supposedly spirited away billions of pesos from the Pag-IBIG Fund through a ghost-buyer scam.

Delfin DJ Montano who supposedly bilked some $70,000 from his gay lover Bryan Gorell.

64 Replies to “Jeane Lim Napoles… Guilty of What Exactly?”

  1. ‘The thing is, if we believe in and advocate “the rule of law”, we shouldn’t be averse to other corny and quaint ideas like “innocent until proven guilty”, “right to due process”, “accuser has the burden of proof” and all that jazz.’

    all that is well and good in a country with a mature democracy and a good justice system… but in the Philippines… come on back-log of cases, missing/tampered evidence and all those things… i too want to believe in the ideals that anyone is innocent until proven guilty but sadly in the justice system in the Philippines its tough to live up to this ideals…

    1. I don’t think it’s a matter of preference. Presumption of innocence, right to due process, yada-yada-yada… These things are pretty much established principles.

      To say that this can’t be followed because of the sorry state of our court system just doesn’t sound right at all.

      1. The sorry state of your court system is due to the sorry state of Filipino mentality. That underlying reason is why established principles of justice cannot, and will never be, followed in the Philippines.

  2. Trial by publicity at it’s finest. The problem with social media is people tend to speculate & assume it to be true without evidence unless proven to be wrong otherwise. Pathetic!



    Thử nghiệm bằng cách công khai lúc đó là tốt nhất. Vấn đề với phương tiện truyền thông xã hội là người có xu hướng suy đoán và giả định đó là sự thật không có bằng chứng trừ khi được chứng minh là sai khác. Thảm hại!

    การพิจารณาโดยการประชาสัมพันธ์ที่ดีที่สุดของมัน ปัญหากับสื่อสังคมคือคนมักจะคาดเดาและถือว่ามันจะเป็นจริงโดยไม่มีหลักฐานเว้นแต่พิสูจน์แล้วว่าเป็นความผิดอย่างอื่น น่าสงสาร!

    1. This is what’s OA about the whole affair. People are slamming the daughter when the mom is the one in the hotseat. What the hell, punishing the daughter for the mom’s “sin,” which isn’t even confirmed? That’s unjust.

  3. hindi ba enough na guilty ang family nila na lagi lang sila nanalo sa mga government bidding specially time ni erap. in other words part sila sa corruption. tingnan lang natin ngayun na ma liquidate na ang porkbarrel funds kung ilang percent talaga ang ma pupunta sa project and ilang ma pupunta sa bulsa sa nag luto

    1. FYI… nakalagay sa isang news report na abswelto yung asawa ni Janet Napoles sa kevlar helmet case.

      Anyway, dito sa pork barrel, maganda talaga kung mahatulan na ng korte…

      Kaso, hindi pa nililitis… hehe… guilty na.

      1. Who absolved jimmy napoles?

        Aniano desierto.. same ombudsman who absolved dimaporo & other powerful moneyed politicians.

  4. I for one don’t think she can be charged with anything but I *think* I can be annoyed with her and other similar personalities. See tag “rich kids of instagram”.

  5. She may not be directly involved in the scam about the pork barrel and may simply be benefiting from whatever excess income her family has acquired.

    Perhaps the only “moral” crime she committed would be the sole indulgence to high end luxury goods at the expense of other people. The amount of money lavishly spent on her lifestyle is downright obscene.

    Apathy. Avarice. Sloth. Pride.

    Aren’t those something to be guilty for?

    Or is everybody is crying foul due to envy?

  6. i dont get what Paul Farrol what to achieve with this piece, you dont want us to judge Jeane… or if we want to judge her, also judge the others? hello, tapos na yun. iba naman ang nasa menu ngayun.

  7. oa kasi mga tao eh. dinadamay anak. pinagmumura. ok lang na paki alaman sya for proof pero yung pagmumura murahin. duh. what education did u get. hay naku. ang babaw ng ibang pinoy. i’m a pinoy pero gusto ko apihin tulad kong pinoy kasi minsan ang bobobobo nila… echosero. mahilig makita pagbagsak ng isang tao. mahilig pag pyestaan negative issues about tao. ang hilig nilang pag usapan ibang tao. mga chismosa!

  8. ‘The thing is, if we believe in and advocate “the rule of law”, we shouldn’t be averse to other corny and quaint ideas like “innocent until proven guilty”, “right to due process”, “accuser has the burden of proof” and all that jazz.’

    True. Pero meron din po na principle of “freedom of expression” and, in my humble opinion, karapatan ng mamamayang Pilipino na i-express ang opinyon nila sa internet.

    Kasi naman dapat may disclaimer ang Instagram, Flickr, Twitter at Facebook — post at your own risk.

    E maswerte po si Jeane, mayaman siya. Syempre ako na hamak na empleyado lang, inggitera. Ganon talaga. Hindi rin naman ako nagmamalinis.

    Pero sa totoo lang, hindi po ba may kasabihan po tayo na “where there is smoke, there is fire”?

    At may kasabihan din, “behind every great wealth is a great crime.”

    Hindi ko po sinasabing may great crime na nangyayari dito. Pero sa totoo lang, ang ganda po kasi ng Chanel bag at Herve Leger dress ni Jeane. Super ganda at seksi din nya. So syempre napag-uusapan.

    Ngayon, yung naga-associate sa pagkakaroon nya ng Chanel at Herve Leger sa diumano’y ma-anomalyang pinang-gagalingan ng kayamanan ng nanay nya, ang masasabi ko lang po ay: fiction din po ang Noli at Fili ni Jose Rizal. Pero diba bayani sya ngayon?

  9. Disclaimer: I’m not the Napoles girl in the article. If I am, I won’t be worried and praying for my next paycheck.

    I have to say that this new story and other related stuff went under my radar due to excess of work. At first, when I saw her pictures, so I was really shocked. How I wish I could trade lives with her. I read this article two days to make me certain of my feelings and yes, I do envy her to a certain extent because let’s face it, who doesn’t want that insane amount of money?
    However, as much I would want to play judge and jury silently but surely over this girl and the issues surrounding her, I cannot help that admit that yes, I did suffer a lapse. Even if she did pay in ‘legitimate’ money, it shows me how much the thickness of the face of some people. Granted that there are people who are like that but I guess this is where discretion comes in.
    In any controversy, people focus on the person/s involved and not necessarily the issue. And we all know that trial by publicity can be harder than any legal punishment. I would imagine that her social life will not be same again. If it does survive, her name won’t be the same thing anymore to society. It is, I guess, the way we even things out. Rich people can buy justice but with social media nowadays, one stupid post will land you in social Siberia.
    People, or the masa, might be getting hyped over this but I also share the assumption that if the accusations are true, is it possible that I contributed to that girl’s comfort via illegitimate means? I don’t know what would be my exact reaction if I know that my taxes are spent on a girl’s whims.
    But I will give the benefit of the doubt as long as I can. I just don’t know how much and for long. I just hope things add up soon and the stench of doubt will be cleared. Or else, I might just ask for their heads.
    Regarding maturity as society, even the first world countries can trip over themselves. See Edward Snowden

  10. If she is not guilty and has nothing to hide, then why does she have to delete her social media accounts? And right after her mom’s scandal broke out???

  11. Nagmamarunong naman author nito. Research state action doctrine muna bago ka magsulat bugok. Bakit mu kami pipigilan to judge her BASED ON PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE? We are not the State, you cannot invoke that on us.
    Cge nga, kung tingin mu nagbaviolate kami because we judge her, hindi mu ba vinaviolate ang right to free speech namin kapag pinagsabihan mu kami na wag ivoice out yung saloobin namin? Wag kang magpalusot na ndi absolute ang free speech, alam ko din mga exceptions nyan.
    Sa legal aspect lang muna tayo ha.
    Ang yabang kasi ng paggamit mu sa mga terms eh. Anu pa nga bang ieexpectko, sa profile mu pa lang self-righteous ka na

    1. freedom of speech has it’s limitation. if your only goal is to criticize, better keep quiet. kaya nga we have the saying na. if you have nothing good to say, better shut up. comment mo pa lang, ibabash mo ang writer, mayabang? anu kinalaman ng kayabangan sa article? yes, hi highfalutin words gagamitin nya, matalino sya e. on the other aspect, ikaw kaya lagay mo sarili mo sa upuan ni janet at tarantado magulang mo. ikaw sisihin, tama ba yun?

      1. and voicing out our outrage against these fuckin thieves is a limitation? c’mon, jeanne. if you have nothing good to say, just shut up!

  12. now, what can u say mr blogger? if there were no public outcry at di naisawalat lavish lifestyle eh di sana nalifestyle check napoles at nasabi ng bir kim na di raw angkop sa lifestyle nila and properties nila tax na binabayaran nila na accd to rappler ay mas mababa pa sa ordinary teacher, na ang coal business nila ay not enough to generate that much money angkop sa lifestyle nila. na accd to coa ay marami nga sa pdaf ay assoc sa ngo ni mrs napoles. na ang mga paring nagtestigo against benhur na siya raw ay di nadetain at nagretreat for 3 months ay under sa payroll ni mrs napoles, na even previous kasamahan ni mr napoles says sila ay biglang yaman at di nga kayang bayaran utang, na pinatotohanan ni mr badeo na may mga papers na pinamumudmod sina napoles sa mga politicians para sa ngo nila. trial by publicity? alangan naman na lahat ng ito ay galit lang at naiingit lang kay napoles? at if you say na dapat innocent until proven guilty, why are they hiding now?….. sige nga , masagot mo nga mr blogger. remember, if ok lang sa iyo ipakain sa kanila tax mo, wag mo na idamay tax ng iba.

    1. Unang-una Nu, hindi ko ipinagtatanggol si Janet Napoles at nagkakamali ka kung ganun ang iniisip mo.

      Pangalawa, sa lahat ng mga sinulat ko tungkol kay Janet Napoles, isa lang ang sinasabi ko eh simple: Kung may ebidensyang lumabag nga siya sa batas, dapat kasuhan na kaagad o sa lalong madling panahon. Pero, ayon sa mga pahayagan, ang kinaso ngayon kay Janet Napoles ay KIDNAPPING kay Benhur Luy — hindi plunder, syndicated estaffa, embezzlement o anu pang krimen na may kinalaman sa pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Bakit kidnapping ang kinaso at hindi plunder?

      Pangatlo, ang pinupuntirya ng maraming tao at naging dahilan ng pagsulat ko ng blogpost na ito ay si Jeane Lim Napoles — yung anak ni Janet. Kaya nga ang title ng blog post na ito ay “Ano ang kasalanan ni Jeane?” Para masabing may sala si Jeane, kailangan munang mapatunayan sa Korte na may sala ang ina at may kinalaman si Jeane sa ginawang kasalanan ng ina nya. Tumulong ba sya sa sinasabing pagnanakaw ni Janet sa kaban ng bayan? Yun ang tanong ko.

      At ikahuli, ang problema na hindi nakikita ng karamihan dahil masyadong nakatutok sa mababaw na mga isyu, ay ang hindi pag-respeto sa mga karapatan ng akusado at ang pagpapasasa sa tinatawag na Vigilantism. Trial by publicity ang nangyayari kay Janet at sa pamilya nito, pero ang dapat kay trial sa tutoong korte kasi – gaya ng sinabi mo — maraming ebidensya. Kapag trial by publicity, kahit anong akusasyon pwedeng gawin at kapag pinaniwalaan ay maaring humantong sa pagpaparusa nang hindi dumadaan sa korte natin. Kung gusto nating maging may kaayusan at pagsunod sa batas, kailangan idaan lahat ng mga isyung ganito sa korte.

      Ang karapatang tinanggal kay Napoles ay karapatan nating lahat at ang pagsuporta sa pagbabali-wala nito ay pagkitil sa karapatan nating lahat. Kung may kasalanan, idaan sa tamang proseso — kasuhan, usigin, at hatulan.

      1. u sound really biased though.. deny it, but u do.. now don’t talk about rights if you don’t respect the rights of people who were outraged by the wrongdoings of your beloved napoleses

      2. jeane is of age. she is, as her mother’s lawyer and everybody else in her circle claims, really smart. a smart person is inquisitive — surely, at one point or the other, she must have been curious about what her parents do for a living, unless she’s just too selfish and doesn’t care where the money comes from as long as she gets to spend it. now if her mother is guilty, how can she put up with it? again, we are not talking about a child who can’t know any better.

        if by chance (a really small percentage in my opinion though), janet napoles is not guilty of pocketing taxpayers’ money, then why did jeane have to close all her social media accounts? a “smart”, confident person with a clear conscience to boot won’t go running away and instead face whatever challenge head on because they KNOW they are armed with truth and integrity. things just aren’t adding up to the family’s favor.

        i think in the end, what matters is that people get to have their say. jln kept talking before she went in hiding why can’t the public exercise the same right?

  13. I really hate her mother, no doubt about it, pero sa opinion ko lang, bakit inaatake si jeanne, her daughter ng sobra-sobra. honestly, nainis din ako kay jeanne, but i just realized, na hndi nman siya dapat ang gawing punching bag d2 kasi hndi lang nman siya ang nag benefit doon. malas lang siya na pinost nya lahat i2 sa kanyang blog.

  14. Jeane garduated as magna-cimlaude in one of the US university..that means she’s really a clever, she should know the meaning of humanity.Perhaps she wanted to envy her by posting all the extravagant luxurious’ whims. Does this girl reaaly know where their wealth coming from? as an intelligent girl, she must be aware of kung saan ba talaga nanggagaling ang pera nila, talaga bang kaya ng magulang nya na gstusan siya ng ganon kabongga..saan ba nagsimula ang negosyo naila..she’s now 21 years old, from the beginning ba mayaman na talaga sila?saan nanggaling ang pinuhunan sa negosyo nila? o common jeane, huwag mong sabihin na you’re just their child and hindi dapat isinasangkot sa kasalanan ng magulang..ibig mong sabihin after ka lang sa kapritso mo na hindi iniisip ang perang pinaghirapan ng magulang mo e basta basta nalang wawaldasin..Maluho ka din na walng iniisp kundi makuha ang gusto mo.

  15. to add, bilang isang matalino at matinong anak,, hindi ka man lang ba nagtatanong o napaguusapan nyo na bakit kayang kaya kang gastusan ng ganun kahulo..ako kasi bilang anak I have an instinct sa kung papano nagyari sa pinaghirapan ng magulang ko.. hindi kakayanin ng lifestyle nyo ngayon ang halaga ng kinikita nyo sa negosyo base sa tax na binabayaran nyo. Kung dinadaya man ang pag-file ng tax ng negosyo nyo, kaso pa din yun. Hindi dapat pinagmukhang tanga at bobo ang masang Pilipino ng magulang mo. Sorry ka at nadamay ka sa kasalanan ng magulang mo, yan ang kabayaran sa sobrang kapritso mo! Na-trial by publicity kayo dahil sa kayamanan hindi naman angkop sa inyong kabuhayan at pinagmulan. So, dahil nagpadala at nasilaw ka sa luho na inakala mong sa inyo, na hindi ka man lang nagtaka sa kabila ng katalinuhan mo na ganun ba talaga kayo kayaman, sbi nga there’s a difference of people getting “smart” and people getting “high grades”.

  16. *people being “smart”… smarte ka lang malamang sa pagpapasoyal.. yun ang naging kasalanan mo. bilang isang anak naging matalino ka sana at responsable sa mga baagy na alam mong sobra sobra.

  17. Usually controversial cases having national interest implication like this Napoles case generate too much attention to the point that people cannot control themselves to share their two-cents on the issue. And they have all the right to get emotional and animated especially when it’s their money, so to speak, that is the subject of the controversy.

    For benefitting from the wealth accumulated by their parents thus enjoying and amassing material wealth themselves, are kids as guilty as their parents on cases like this?

    For those infuriated and emotionally drain for seeing too much red because of anger, they surely fit the bill. For them, people who benefit from corruption, such as the children, have the same dirty hands as their parents. However, that usually reflects on public opinion.

    Surely, the children are most often victims themselves for they have no hands nor participation in their parent’s indiscretion.

    As to the subject (Jeane Lim N.) of this piece, I think her participation, if she’s involve, in the whole affair will be clarified once a case is filed and the Napoles is given their day in court.

  18. To answer everyone’s question why Jeanne Napoles is being targeted, remember, the hurt of the daughter is a million times the hurt of the mother. That is how life works.

    Also, hindi exaggerated ang lahat. If you are a legitimate business owner paying legitimate taxes on time, you would be disheartened on where your taxes COULD’VE gone. A mere accusation is also as good as half truths. Ikaw kaya magtrabaho sa sarili mong kumpanya, paghirapan since nung 20s ka pa at ngayong malago na at nagbabayad ka ng million million na taxes every month para lang sa kapalit na magoperate dito sa Pilipinas ang business mo, tapos malalaman mo na ung million million na un ay may posibilidad na napupunta sa mga bulsa ng tao na hindi naman nila parang dinukot lang nila kung san san. Tapos makikita mo ung lifestyle nila, hollywood. Eh ikaw nga na 40years na pinaghihirapan ang pera mo, ay hindi magawang gastusin ng ganun un. Hindi ka kaya magalit? maoffend?

    The statement “everybody is innocent until proven guilty” may be applicable to some crimes. But when a crime is done with a nationwide, or even worldwide, effect, hindi na applicable. Ano na ngyari sa studyante na nagpakamatay noon dahil wala siyang pambayad ng tuition? Hindi ba job ng gobyerno un? Lives are lost because of this. Investments from foreign countries are depleting because of this.

    Given the state of our nation, OFWs everywhere, our population is at a working age, young and strong, yet our country is not considered “rich.” Samantala ung mga OFWs remittances pera padala na yan ay “free money” to the Philippines! Dapat sobrang yaman na ng Pilipinas!

    The Philippines is reacting in the right way. Finally, the Filipinos have awakened. I don’t trust the administration. Because the current administration is the son of the mother of pork barrel. I’m not buying it.

  19. In the legal parlance, they call it the “fruit of the poisonous tree”. No matter how noble the motive is or no matter who holds it, it is still poison and can never be justified… sorry na lang si jean at nadamay sya dahil di sya kasinggaling ng inakala ng mom nya na galing nya

    1. I don’t think the ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ is applicable, at least for now, with Jean Napoles. For one, she’s not a suspect, yet. No charges nor allegation against her has surfaced, so far. In short, it’s too early to wave that legal principle.

    2. Hindi na sila na aawa sa mga Mahihirap na OFW na nag sakripisyo ng MARAMING taon para lang ma ahon ang pamilya sa kahirapan! Tapos etong mga putang POLITICIANS na walang ginawa Kung Hindi umupo at magpalaki ng kanilang mga TIYAN at BULSA! Eh ang STYLE nila do-on nila denedeposito sa U.S.A ang mag Billiones na ninanakaw nila para Hindi ma TRACE UP!!! Etong si JEANE NAPOLES eh 21 years old Lang to, may PORSCHE at LIMOUSINE nag tataka Lang ako, saan galing ang pera na pambili niya? Pondo ng Gobyerno at tax payers yan, na ninakaw ng Nanay niya na walang hiya! Mamatay sana Lahat ng mga PASOSYAL na kawatan!!!

  20. she was schooled on stolen money, she started off on her own with a boost from stolen money, she may be living lavishly, but she’s still living a lie, cause all she has is what her thief mother handed her down.

    Poor B_tch. She should have known her mother’s a criminal, maybe then she wouldn’t have flaunted that much.

      1. By Philippine law…i don’t think there’s any.

        But it’s an issue on morality. She wouldn’t have any problem at all if she has pictures handing out provisions on the poor, helpless people. Or maybe getting involved on works that uplift the lives of those that need help so much.
        Instead, what we have are pictures of her flaunting what others wouldn’t even dare dream of having cause they only have daily sustenance to worry about. we get pictures with captions itemizing the brands she’s wearing.

        It’s an issue of morality. And she’s done one heck of a job on being immoral.

        1. I think either way she will have a problem. Once you define an act as an ‘issue of morality’ or call somebody ‘immoral’ there’s no way you can make exemptions. In short, if she’s immoral, no amount of helping the poor will make her moral.

      1. if she knew her mother has lot of money, she should know why can’t Senators make more money than her? mmmmmm

  21. Hello Mr. Faroll and all the bloggers here. I have plenty of thoughts regarding this issue on Jeane Napoles getting all the bad rep as a result if her mom’s doing. But I want to share how I percieve it as a daughter of a well-of businessman (this is not to brag but to give another view of it).

    I feel pity for the girl be ause honestly she might just be as clueless. And right now I will say her mother is guilty just basing it on the evidence shown on TV and on recent news and interviews.

    Yes, i want to be fair and say that Jeane might be innocent, and this is where I want to share my two cents.

    Growing in a business minded family, my father would naturally reward us with luxury wheneve we get good grades, be resposible etc. This is only natural if your family can afford it. The question is, do you really believe that Jeane doesn’t know anything in regard to their business? Because every rich parent will automatically teach their children how to take over the business. Or at least give them an idea of what they do and guide them. If Jeane doesn’t have a clue, it is either she doesn’t care to know ( grew up spoilt) or her parents simply lies to her.

    Also, there is her sibling where I read and also saw on TV that backed out on a party list. What does this say? They very well know the on goings inside the pork barrel loop if you ask me. Not to mention that co-partnership with Revilla’s son. And these are evidence of being accomplice to the crime. Also, light has been shed on this scam thanks to Benhur ( which is in truth just a quarrel among thieves). What am I gettin at is, these people are deeply connected to the widespread “web” of the scam. And we are giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are stupid or don’t know what they are doing, for an assumption of 10 years!

    Lastly, knowing people as a connection from doing business, we managed to get in touch with “silent millionaires”. These people are rich and you would’t know it because they dress like ordinary people, they use ordinary cars, and never brag about what they own. You will only know how rich they are when you do business wih them. My point here is, there is a psychology that if you are truly rich and you earned it through blood sweat and tears, you will feel no need to brag. Unlike if you earn easy money. It also applies to rich kids who either just spend their parent’s money and those who are taught to take over and run a business.

    Based on this my belief is that, Jeane has been the target of insults because o her mother and I’d say there might be reasons it sounds unfair. But the question is, to whom is it really more unfair? To toil everyday and get nothing, or to be scorned and have everything. And as to which, pictures and uncovered evidence speaks more truth than what these people say. I am well off yes, and I have a car but I rather ride the train to work. And it is painful to see and bear how public utilities and the people havig no benefit or improvement what so ever for the past 10-20 years. Also we have never seen real justice in the country. Until now I myself am scared that this might just be an issue now and forgotten tomorrow and get downplayed. I am also worried that they will forget the politicians involved. For people to be this disgruntled and mad or may seem uncivilized because of their emotions, I will not blame them.

    1. kitty ano bang pinagsasabi mo dyan? all you mentioned cannot be applied to napoles family because they are not well-of businessma! THEY ARE MAGNANAKAW PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

      1. Yes, isn’t that what I’m trying to tell the author? What did i say wrong? I just elaborated to him why people will lash at Jeane.

        1. I actually think you make more sense than the blog owner, Kitty. You made clear your argument that there is a delineation between morality and legality. That person who commented about you being off-center re: Napoles argument is a tad slow in between the ears. Keep getting outraged about social issues- not all rich kids are sociopaths. Some are like you. There is hope after all.

      2. Please re read what i just typed and mot jump to conclusions. All of it. Here is the summary if you do mot undersand: it is impossible for Jeane not to know their ‘business’, if it would be unfair to her might be because she doesn’t know bacause he parents simply lied to her or kept at dark. And i was only proving that their family is in the loop based on what i see on news. I just wanna be fair to her hat there might be reasons we don’t know why it is unfair to judge her and i see none. And thats what i meant. Sorry kung mali english ko or talagang hindi mo inimtimdi ang simabi ko.

      3. Please reread the whole post that I typed and not jump to conclusions. I will truly appreciate it. I didn’t say anything wrong and you just repeated what I am trying to imply to the author. I just elaborated a bit more.

        Sorry if i have to reply again. My posts doesn’t seem to show up or my net is lagging.

      1. You’re probably right, Kitty. I myself have never judged Jeane, but is curious whether or not she’s aware of their family business. But then, even if she knows about it, I doubt she has any power to stop it, when her whole family is depending on that business.

        Probably the only ‘moral’ fault she did, was IF she actually knew about the corruption her mother is into, then she would have thought twice in spending nation’s tax money that easily.

  22. Haters goin hate…. Get ready to get Negative comments people your putting your thought out for people to hear… Don’t so Defensive!! People will always hate the Rich (That is Broad and not always true). Especially if the Rich Flaunt it. Why do you think the Celebs get trashed talked and when there is Scandals then… Get Ready for a Shit Storm!! Is she guilty DAMN RIGHT THAT GIRL IS GUILTY… Its Her Mama the whole family is Guilty. Legit Businesses… WTF. Once One of your Businesses is Dirty they all are, its the Source. Would you drink the water from your sink, if the tank has a rotting Pig in it NO YOU WOULD NOT!!! And sadly that goes with the family, the name is tarnished. Good thing this girl isn’t in the Philippines cause i the US all this drama will die down and be swept under the rug… (Not in the Filipino Community). But with all people who can be connected to Janet will need to Earn Back their Good Name GOOD LUCK… Filipinos are stubborn – I would know i am one. No one is going to Court for Poor Little Rich Girl… People calm Down But she Has a Hail Storm on her head for life. Shit Shit. NO ONE FORGIVES AND FORGETS ESPECIALLY IF THE PRICE TAG ON YOUR HEAD IS 200+ MILLON DOLLARS. GOD I HATE HER TOO. NOT GONA DO ANYTHING TO THE GIRL BUT I HATE HER. She represent stupid and rich… don’t need to tell me how well she does in school and the nice gifts she gives people, Those gifts are dirty, all generous donations and contributions are dirty. Cause its not her money to give. Do these rich boys and girls care where this money comes from…. Most likely not, I didn’t start caring where my money came from till i was making my own so trust me she doesn’t know. can we punish stupid…. WE SURE CAN AND WE DO. WHERE DO PEOPLE HIT THE UNTOUCHABLE, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND SMEARING NAMES. She is getting whats coming to her 10 fold, cause we are all the product of our parents, and there mistakes and downfalls are embedded in out in out DNA and in our GOD GIVEN NAMES.

    I would write more but I’m already late for SCHOOL have fun Internet Community….
    This Cyber Bulling we are doing here…
    Please remember its just typed word they can be ignored erased and deleted don’t take it to heart.
    If you can’t take it trash your smart phone and computer stay away from the internet. CAUSE YOU WON’T MAKE IT
    Start Developing that think SKIN the real world is just as it is!! Ain’t Getting better Anytime SOON!!

      1. I’m thinking this girl doesn’t work yet so all money comes from mommy and daddy… And I can relate ( but not to Jeane rate) my parents give me things. Allowance for one thing , clothing, housing and a car. I’m living abroad in the Philippines and I have all these things given to me by my parents. I know where the money comes from, my parent’s jobs are straight forward my mother is a nurse and my father is a mechanic and my parents work there ass off to provide for my siblings and I. But when your parents jobs aren’t straight forward there is a lot of grey area on where their money comes from so I understand especially if your parents are doing illegal stuff. But as Filipinos we know in our whole beings that our parents will take care us and we will do the same for them. So that’s where everything comes from our parents material love.

  23. ang yayabang ng mga senador at congressman pag kaya nila…. eh bakit ngaun tahimik sila sa scam. i boycott ang tax at OFW remittances hangan dec papasko naman para may pera tayo

  24. wag na nating inglis inglisin pa tong mga ganitong kasimpleng bagay. ganito lang yan e, imposibleng walang alam yan Jean na yan sa mga kabulastugan ng nanay niya. lumaki siyang walang kaide ideya? kahit konti? kahit pagdududa kung san galing ang yaman nila? one word “IMPOSIBLE”. tapos makukuha parang mamuhay ng marangya? ipagmayabang sa social media? (yes, I said, Ipagmayabang, walang ibang dahilan kung bakit nagpopost ng mga ganyan ang tao sa social media kundi magshowoff). Ngayon mr. author, isipin mong mabuti yan tapos gumawa ka ulit ng article para ipaliwang sa lahat kung may kasalanan ba yang Jean na yan o wala.


  26. Guilty of tax evasion. You do know she hasnt paid a single centavo of income tax in her life. How was she able to afford any of these then? Or are bloggers now also on the napoles payrol?

  27. Its ill gotten if you can afford it but cannot explain how you were able to afford it. I dont know how this clown was able to write this article. Seriously man? Do you even have a fucking conscience.

    These kind of people doesnt even deserve death. They need to be shamed as long as they live. Mark them as outcasts and parade them like monkeys. Make them the model of corruption.

    Let me quote jeane napoles’ shout out on her tumbler page. “surprisingly she doesn’t give a fuck”. Guess what jeane and the clown who wrote this blog, the pinoys do!!!

    Oh yeah. Karma is a biiiiiiiiiitch!

      1. Oh rly? 😀 are u trying to be the hero now? Of course, kapag nagtytype ka or nakikipagusap ka sa tao, may emotion ka:-D pre, common sense lang 🙂

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