Ten Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam Includes Administration Allies in Congress

I really don’t know what to make of it, but an article from Rappler says that at least 15 lawmakers allied with the Aquino administration are also involved in the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam.

The names left out by Benhur Luy, the self-confessed bagman of an alleged public fund syndicate, include 15 who are now allied with the Aquino administration, Rappler learned.

They are:

  • 1 former senator whose son ran under the administration’s Team PNoy last May
  • 8 turncoats who are now with the President’s Liberal Party
  • 2 party-list representatives who are with the administration
  • 4 who have long been with the LP

I can only guess why this bit of information has surfaced surfaced weeks after the story broke in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and after the names of five senators were accused of being beneficiaries of the pork barrel scam, some of whom are regarded as President Aquino’s political enemies.

These are senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, Jinggoy Estrada, and Gregorio Honasan II.

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One clue that came up in the deluge of articles on the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam is the insinuation that the whole story had been propped up and pumped through Malacanang Palace propaganda machinery to distract as well as get back at Aquino’s enemies for the alleged Ballsy Aquino $30 Million extortion try story.

Including the names of lawmakers allied with the Aquino Administration in the P10 Billion could possibly be a good way to lay the predicate for a possible refutation of the insinuation that it could be revenge — assuming it’ll be probed by either legislature or the executive or a constitutional body.

It is a funny to think though that senators and congressmen could conduct a probe on their peers’ use of the pork barrel fund, considering that it’s quite possible that almost all lawmakers may have committed “indiscretions” with their funds.  It’ll be a TV fiesta of pots calling kettles black… ugh!

Then again, if a congressional probe might look like a sh*t storm, the whole scam story from the start didn’t have the usual complexion of other scam stories where the whistle-blower was characterized as somewhat of a do-gooder fed up by corruption.

benhur luy theftAt the center of the P10 Billion scam is a certain Benhur Luy, who by his own admission, had been somewhat central to the perpetration of the pork barrel scam.  Also, in various reports, it seems Luy’s credibility has been quite damaged by accusations drug-use and reports of an arrest warrant issued against Luy by the Pasig Regional Trial for qualified theft involving P300,000.

While most of the reports on the P10 Billion pork barrel scam have been quite dignified expositions of facts and analysis, one thing that caught my eye was a rather gutter level personal attack perpetrated by a certain journalist and former official of the National Press Club named Berteni “Toto” Causing.

toto causing libelWhile most of his peers seem to have reported on the pork barrel scam with a good measure of decency, Causing came up with a post on his personal blog (www.totocausing.blogspot.com) which seems to go against journalist ethics and standards.

In a post titled “Meet girl in extremely-costly lifestyles using some of P10-B pork barrel of the people?”, Causing accuses Jeanne Lim-Napoles using proceeds from the scam to support her lavish lifestyle.  Jeanne is the the daughter of Janet Lim-Napoles whom Luy alleges is the mastermind of the P10 Billion pork barrel scam.

Causing writes:

“This daughter of the “mother f*cker” should know she wears all the money out of the blood of poor Filipinos. Where is the conscience of this girl?”

“Like her mother, she must be f*cked to prison, too, and all her signature apparels confiscated as unexplained wealth.”

toto causing motherfucker

Going beyond Causing’s the gutter talk, the former National Press Club official should have put out evidence (documents, affidavits, etcetera) that would prove Jeanne had used money skimmed off from pork barrel funds to support her lavish lifestyle.  Alas, nothing in Causing’s blog post shows anything of the sort.

A gay friend who read Causing’s post remarked that the vileness of the words used against Napoles’ daughter tended to make the whole P10 Billion pork barrel scam appear like “away bakla”.

He said, “Hay nakuh! Mukhang overblown na away bakla lang yan.  Ang bakla, lalaban ng siraan ng buhay and that’s what it looks like to me.  They’ll say anything and everything, even invent outright lies to destroy the life of their enemy.  Apart from that, isa pang tell-tale sign is the kampi-kampihan that happens! Did you see that news report of Eddie Badeo? My gawd… ewan ko ha, pero there are stories going around that he asks for advances for design work but doesn’t deliver the goods!! Kalurkey!”

Anyway, if ever the P10 billion pork barrel scam gets air-play during a congressional probe hearing, I just hope it focuses on exposing the real problems of government fund use and not on this gutter level mud slinging.

15 Replies to “Ten Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam Includes Administration Allies in Congress”

  1. With the unabated increase in corruption – including cabinet members, and LP senators/congressmen pnoy will prove to be the most corrupt, and hypocritical of all presidents.

    pnoy aquino never had control, and now everyone is running amok knowing that he is just a bag of wind who is too cowardly to take any action.

    Another aquino traitor, and a weakling without any backbone.

    What a poor excuse for a man. pnoy clearly has too many female chromosomes.

    1. The reason why we got all these corrupt senators and congressmen is because the president allows then to do what they wanna do. In return, the president will suck their dicks. That’s one big mistake the Pilipinos did, voted for
      a gay president.

  2. What can be said about Rappler that has not been said before? That story they had last weekend making Noynoy look like a cross between Steven Covey/ Anthony Robbins and George Patton takes the cake. If Rappler told me Merry Christmas on Dec 25th. I would ask for a second opinion.

    1. I only believe it’s Christmas if I see it on the front page of Manila Bulletin. Haha!

      But anyway, I think this is pretty much one of those expose fiestas that won’t go anywhere.

    2. If they cannot resolve a crime as hideous as the Maguindanao Massacre, what makes us think that a “crime” involving pork barrel will be sorted out properly? That’s Da Pinas for us. 😀

  3. 2013 SONA – Vulgarity and hypocricy in equal measures.

    Some congresswomen spent the equivalent of a years salary on their dresses – naturally, not their own years salary.

    The criminal elite in the senate and congress are happy – buffoon biazon is staying at smugglers cove – ‘business’ as usual

    Predictably no FoI – ‘pork scams as usual’

    Predictably praise for PNP – ‘massacres and extrajudicial killings as usual’. Atimonan report dead and buried, like the victims.

    Overall, predictably boring, and as usual delivered with the finesse of someone with a speech impediment.

    1st world royalty have another heir to the throne. The Queen is delighted.

    3rd world aquino has no heir, no hair, and no scruples – just josh aquino! The Queen would not be amused.

    1. Give josh a break, for my sake. The kid has autism and I can tell you, it’s a tough condition without having to worry about being someone’s heir. 🙂

      But yes, these pork scams are kinda “meh?”

  4. Sir I was wondering how did Causing became a National Press Club official? Ganyan na ba ka cheap ang mga press natin or ganyan talaga ang press natin? Wala xang breeding, walang etiquette at walang utak. Sorry but i am not a fan of the Napoles but parang di nya nerespeto ung innocent until proven guilty at isa pa, anak naman un at di ung ina na.

  5. P10 Billion? that is a lot of CA$H, it should surprise NO ONE.
    if this is not enough to OUTRAGE every single citizen of the country…WHAT IS?
    Full-of-shit as the day is long, they are all in on it TOGETHER! you betcha!
    Just a hunch BUT, this will all just quietly go away. Big headlines at first but then… No one will go to jail, no money will ever be returned. Not even a single black-eye will be delivered to any of these sleaze-ball ‘hoodlums-in-robes’. Just a hunch.

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