Daiana Menezes official statement: Benjo was dying for electoral reform!

According to a suicide note allegedly found in his office, former Congressman Benjo Benaldo, was supposedly dying for his advocacy of “electoral reform”. Along with the note, 100,000 in cash was reportedly found on his desk. “This is the money for my cremation please cremate… my death is for electoral reform,” read part of the suicide note.


Earlier, House Speaker Sonny Belmonte revealed in a statement to the media that Benaldo was despondent over his loss in the recently-concluded election earlier this year.

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Benaldo’s wife Brazilian model-turned-TV-personality Daiana Menezes clarified in a press release today that Benaldo’s attempted suicide was not related to any marital issues that the public had caught wind of recently owing to the cryptic tweets she had fielded in mid-June that started the circus…

First of all, I would like to clarify that any statement or interview aired by the media prior to this statement is totally unreliable as this is my FIRST and ONLY statement relative to what happened last Thursday.

While my husband is still recovering from his injuries, his family and I would like to personally appeal to everybody to please grant us some much needed privacy as we go through this difficult time.

As to what transpired last June 27, my husband, Benjo assured me that he himself would address all of you regarding the matter when he is fit do to so. What I can relay to you however is that reason behind the incident are the advocacies he strongly believes in as relayed to me by Benjo last Saturday.

For now, we plead that you reserve both conclusions and judgments until after an official statement is issued by my husband.

Meanwhile, I would just like to say with certainty that whatever reasons surrounded this misfortune, they do not include any reasons stemming from our relationship as a married couple. In spite of our recent differences, we still continue to love each other. We have vowed to remain committed to each other and to support one another as we weather this storm together.

Lastly, our families humbly ask that you offer prayers for his speedy recovery.

Thank you very much.

Privacy apparently is quite a challenge nowadays, specially when the challenged party are famous and outwardly-flamboyant public and showbiz personalities. But the real lesson to be learned here surrounds the use of social media plarforms such as Twitter where any man and his dog can broadcast just about anything to millions at the click of a mouse.

Ladies and gentlemen, please: Think before you tweet.

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! OMG!.]

14 Replies to “Daiana Menezes official statement: Benjo was dying for electoral reform!”

    1. Dogs barking make a lot more sense than you ever will.

      You’ll never be able to pass yourself off as “smart”, sendonggirl.

  1. The world of twitter and politics is far better off without the 2 drama queens – benjo benaldo and daiana menezes.
    Enough stupidity from such attention seeking morons – made for each other.
    I would like to request that they give the world some privacy and crawl back whence they came, never to be heard of again, rather than using every opportunity for publicity and then asking for privacy!
    This is a weird and screwed up couple.

  2. It’s a known fact that Filipino most politician wants to be caught on camera with foreign personalities it is their weaknesses. I remember way back then a handsome young son of a senator crawl in bed almost every night with a nigra singer name Z she was big heavy set bossomed woman.:) but I guess the son did it behind the scene, the singer treated him as Roy boy the toy ahihihi. The boy gave her a lot of expensive present and she really enjoyed it considering the drudgery back home.

  3. Why am I thinking of Nigella Lawson getting strangled by her husband?

    And the purported reason for the suicide doesn’t seem to follow…. wait, it’s totally a whacked-out response.

  4. Attempted suicide over electoral reform? Wow!

    Reminds me of someone. Also claims to have a Spanish speaking girlfriend.

  5. let me guess – not only is he dumb enough to shoot himself on the chest. but he’s such a retard to figure out that he was using a ball ammo or worse a reload. if he had used a branded jacketed hollow point, even if he shoot himself on the chest, he’ll be dead as chickensh!t at pinaglalamayan na sya ngayon. naaah… drama lang yan..

    1. Pardon my lack of in-depth knowledge about arms and ammunition, but what does the term “reload” ammo type mean?

      1. Usually reloads connotes practice or competition rounds. Unlike defensive rounds, which are spec for maximum damage, practice rounds are mainly to put holes on card boards and knock metal plates and sometimes are purposely under power to lessen recoil.

  6. Dying for electoral reform? Seems like she wants us to gain sympathy from a person who constantly ridicules his peer’s clothing and parades himself with expensive items that was funded no doubt by Filipinos from their hard-earned tax money.

    I still think this “tragedy” is some sort of publicity stunt gone wrong.

  7. Hindi natin alam ang lahat na nangyari.. Pero ang masasabi ko lang, hwuag tayong masyadong mabilis manghusga.. Masakit ang suicide sa pamilya..

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