Reporter Michelle Mediana of TV5 wows Taiwanese public


michelle_mediana_faceTo the legend of Helen of Troy launching a thousand ships, the Philippines has Michelle Mediana whose beauty could prevent the launching of a thousand missiles. Perhaps this lady’s classy presence is a welcome break amid testosterone-fueled tensions between the Philippine and Taiwanese governments that was sparked by the alleged shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman by the Philippine Coast Guard. ABS-CBN News reports

Mediana’s looks became a topic on Taiwanese TV, and her pictures landed on the front page of different newspapers.

Taiwanese reporter Anna Hsieh said their viewers appreciated Mediana for her fresh and youthful looks, which is a different take from their standard of beauty.

“She stands out from a crowd, people immediately see her,” Hsieh said.

Some newspapers jokingly referred to her as the Philippine’s “secret weapon” who could become an ambassador to end the ongoing rift.

Some speculated that Mediana was intentionally sent to either distract or appease the Taiwanese.

I guess this development is a reminder to us all of just what people really look for in their media. I am happy to report beauty and charms still trump guns and tanks anytime!

Michelle posing with officials from Taiwan's Ministry of Justice

Michelle posing with officials from Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice

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[Photo source Instagram.]

Mediana is a TV5 television news reporter on location in Taipei covering the situation on the ground there as Taiwan’s diplomatic row with Manila rages. Since she was spotted by TV viewers while being interviewed by the Taiwanese media, Mediana has become a media and social media sensation.

At least two Taiwanese news sites dug up photos and info from Mediana’s Facebook account and now call her by her nickname Mischi.

You go girl!

3 Replies to “Reporter Michelle Mediana of TV5 wows Taiwanese public”

  1. Looking forward to Mediana’s proposal on how to salvage our relationship with TW and leverage it against China with regards to our territorial disputes.

  2. Well, she certainly stands out from your run of the mill Filipina. That cute and bubbly look must’ve caught their eyes. In other words, The “Idol” factor which East Asians usually like.

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