Bullies, traitors and Philippine President Noynoy Aquino

It has been said that all that is needed for evil to flourish is for people of good will to do nothing. Indeed, for every handful of cruel people in the world, it seems there are millions more who would do nothing to stop cruelty from being carried out against vulnerable people.

Adolf-Hitler-9The mentality of many individuals is that, if the injustice is not being done to them, they don’t need to do anything about it. In general, most people could not be bothered to speak out against a wrongful act done to others until it is too late or when damage has been done.

How many times have we read in news reports of a person or group of people being harassed and abused in public with no one even bothering to intervene? The answer to that is, a lot of times for sure. It happened during World War II when six million Jews were exterminated in what historians refer to now as the Holocaust. It happened because the people who knew about the German Nazis’ plans to purge the nation of elements they deemed inferior to their kind did little or nothing to stop it from happening. The German people even thought of Adolf Hitler’s vision as their country’s ticket to a rise back to greatness.

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In recent times, the minority of Muslims in Myanmar are being persecuted by radical Buddhists who want to purge their country of elements they think are inferior to their kind. There were almost 200 Muslims killed in clashes between the warring groups in 2012. Things are far from being under control since Muslims from Indonesia are planning to retaliate. The atrocities committed by radical Buddhists have surprised many people around the world since they are known for promoting peace and tolerance. Well, not anymore. In fact, their actions are fuelling anti-Muslim violence in Asia and could dampen the economic development of Myanmar and promote instability instead — all because of a radical Buddhist leader named Wirathu who is inciting the hatred.

In a lot of instances, some people actually enjoy watching others being persecuted — like they have some sort of perverse need to see others suffer. In the celebrity world, the photographer who took photos of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson allegedly being choked by her husband, advertising mogul Charles Saatchi was criticized for not intervening instead of merely photographing the incident. One wonders too why the rest of the people in the restaurant who witnessed it and who were said to be appalled by Saatchi’s abusive behavior did nothing to stop the abuse.

To be fair, it’s not always easy to speak out against bullies. Yes, that’s just what these cruel people are. They are bullies who are used to getting their way at other people’s expense. They start out committing petty offenses against their target and then eventually progress to criminal acts as extreme measures when they don’t get their way. A bully is an overbearing and domineering person who suffers from tunnel vision or extreme narrow-mindedness. They sometimes act like sociopaths who can put on their charm to win people’s trust in order to gain leverage to manipulate certain situations. They also derive pleasure in seeing others suffer after they have made them look bad in the eyes of the community.

Bullies habitually badger and intimidate people who they think are smaller and weaker than them. In the advent of social media, bullies would badger and intimidate innocent people by incessantly posting defamatory messages online. If they see someone siding or defending their victim, they will not hesitate to retaliate by including that person in their hit list. Sadly, that can be enough reason for some people to avoid getting involved. It takes individuals with a lot of moral fortitude and strong principles to stand up to bullies.

One reason why some people tolerate appalling behavior from bullies is because more often than not, bullies can be popular owing to their flamboyant nature. Another reason bullies tend to get away with their actions is simply because it’s difficult for other people to accept the realization that someone they used to look up to is not who they thought they were. Once people have put their trust and confidence in someone, their mind switches to denial mode then refuse to accept that they have been betrayed. This is especially true of bullies who habitually defer to God as their reference.

noynoy_aquinoIt would be easier for people to acknowledge the reality that no one is a saint, particularly those who are in politics. Most people with political ambitions always have personal agendas. Those who enter politics tend to be those who are attracted to the power and privilege that comes with the position. Take the case of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. Millions of Filipinos placed their trust in him because his parents were popular and were perceived as saints. Likewise, when he was campaigning for the job, he continuously promised to do the right thing.

Unfortunately, three years after being voted into office, there is enough evidence to suggest that he comes across as a bully. He has relentlessly badgered the public with messages that his predecessor, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies are “evil”. A lot of people can tell he uses this as a smoke screen to divert people’s attention from his own shortfalls. In fact, lately, there are an increasing number of people who are starting to realize how seemingly manipulative BS Aquino is.

Obviously, there are still a lot more Filipinos who think he can do no wrong. He is infallible to some because it is hard for them to reconcile what he says with what he does. All his talk about the righteous path just doesn’t jive with the way he applies double standards in dealing with his allies and enemies alike. It has been noted in the past how he intervenes with due process whether it is one of his friends or one of his allies who fall into trouble with the law.

A quick look at the records will show you how BS Aquino helps facilitate how things progress in court cases. He was quick to declare his ally Grace Pacada innocent when she was charged with plunder. He even paid for her bail and awarded her with a lucrative position in the Commission on Elections. When it comes to his enemies, BS Aquino sought for the speedy conviction to oust former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona from his post in 2012. Unfortunately, a speedy trial is not something GMA will get under BS Aquino’s administration. She could actually be under hospital arrest for the rest of his term even when there is no solid evidence to prosecute her in court. Keeping her locked up means the President who promised to put her in jail will not have to look bad to the public. It seems the best way to keep her under arrest is to delay the legal proceedings. Frankly, any normal court would have thrown her case out for lack of evidence a long time ago.

The above proves that in many cases, things are not always what they seem. Those who have clean and good images may actually be bullies. Only a few people can see through the haze though. It is not easy to go against people’s perception of the truth especially when the bullies are in power or when they are influential.

The truth is, most people are not ready for the truth because they can’t handle the truth. And the reason they can’t handle the truth has a lot to do with their unwillingness to accept that they simply made a mistake in their character judgment or that they have been duped. When you campaign heavily for a candidate you trusted and believed in but that candidate got involved in criminal activities for example, it won’t be easy to accept that you made a mistake.

Not everyone is strong enough to handle the repercussions from any fallout in relationships after the trust has been broken. This is because most people are sticklers for routine. When they have relied on someone to do the right thing and it turns out that someone was unreliable, it becomes a daunting task to find someone they can trust again. This notion is universal and not something unique to any society. It just so happens that there are people in some societies like the Philippines who are gullible enough to believe that some politicians who belong to a popular family unit are saints.

Recent events around the world have proven that most politicians cannot be trusted. Every citizen in the world has to apply a certain degree of skepticism to those who hold power in government. The government exists to protect its citizens and not the other way around. Government abuse is rampant even in First World countries. Politicians in power can bend the law just to persecute those who try to speak out against government abuse or bullying. Instead of protecting whistleblowers, they turn them into enemies of the state.

The case of whistleblower turned fugitive Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor in the US, has attracted worldwide attention and divided sentiments about how the US government gathers information from people they perceive to be “persons of interests”. Snowden has revealed damning information to the media stating that the US government has authorized spying on phone and text conversations not only of private US citizens but also of other international diplomats. He also revealed that major online providers like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are in cahoots with NSA, giving them access to search information on foreign suspects with court approval.

There are people who see Snowden as a hero but there are also those who see him as a traitor especially when he divulged that “[the] NSA does all kinds of things like hack Chinese cell phone companies to steal all of your SMS data.” But it seems Snowden has found powerful allies in the international community with Chinese and Russian officials ignoring requests from Washington to hand him over. Now he has slipped under the radar with the help of Wikileaks officials. He managed to go underground with speculation going around that he is now under the protection of the Ecuadorian government. How he got there remains a mystery and would be good material for a future suspense/thriller Hollywood film.

It is still not clear what motivates people like Snowden to publicize highly sensitive and secret information to the rest of the world. Whatever the reason, his life will never be the same again. Likewise, he has made the people of the world more paranoid about their privacy. It remains to be seen if his actions will either prevent “evil” from flourishing or encourage it even more and serve as an inspiration for others to step up and muster the courage to speak out against wrongdoing or hold their silence and allow injustice to continue.

70 Replies to “Bullies, traitors and Philippine President Noynoy Aquino”

  1. Noynoy’s term before us is a national spectacle of Revenge of the Nerd. Believe if you want the “Cooper” stories of his Ateneo youth. The guy all throughout his adult life relied on his mom and youngest sister for identity. He evoked pity from the nation to get his position. He never once marked his territory before the 2010 elections. Now that he is in power bullies with the war club known as the pork barrel.

    I love how he unleashes his “fury” on Arroyo and GMA. While he was in Congress and in the Senate did Noynoy ever turn whistleblower on all this corruption? Nope, just there timidly blending in with the carpet. Noynoy is the anti Indigo Montoya. Where is the GMA/ Corona rage at whoever had his father killed? Of course his mom also had that relaxed attitude towards it. Ninoy has been used as epal by his family for his years. Cory, Noynoy, Bam. Why wreck a good sob story by figuring out who got the ball rolling? That is the pinoy spirit. Get elected emotionally. Spilled blood elicits emotion better than most things. Worth the cost of justice denied in the eyes of Noynoy and family. Noynoy is not unlike Geoffrey in Game of Thrones.

    1. ahihihi…off with his head, off with his head or heads will roll ! I’m a go serve your brother’s head on your wedding day w/ the midget :):)

    2. Hi Gogs

      Too right. He didn’t even say anything considering he knew a lot about the things that went on especially the “Hello Garci” tapes.

      They say weak people mask their weakness with a false sense of bravado once they find themselves in a position of power. This is why PNoy has to surround himself with his KKK. He is pretty much useless without the people who can spin his gaffes and shortfalls.

  2. People who ignore bullies are afraid of getting involved. They are afraid of confrontation, and just say, “mind your own business,” “don’t get into trouble” or even say, “let nature take its course.” Maybe, in the Philippine context, it’s akin to the tendency of Asians to avoid confrontation. But bullying anywhere indeed prevails because of people who refuse to intervene.

    1. @ChinoF

      We both witnessed how some people enjoyed being a spectator to a bully doing his dirty deeds on us. It was so disappointing.

  3. Pnoy’s life has been hiding in the shadows, behind womens skirts, avoiding work/decisions, and achieving nothing. His presidency only proves that leopards do not change their spots, and that aquino’s are full of BS and self interest, but devoid of integrity and intellect.

  4. all the headlines made against GMA and Corona are LONG GONE, neither were imprisoned, although they probably should have been owing to proof of theft during the last days of her admin by taking everything that was not nailed down, and Corona ,who clearly could not account,legitimately, for his funds. DO NOT FORGET that NEITHER of them will spend a day in a REAL jail cell and none of their ill-gotten wealth (that helicopter deal was a slap in the face of ALL Filipino’s) will ever be returned.
    SO LETS FACE IT, NO one is being BULLIED! it is all a charade, the players know their parts, what they will have to do/endure to get away with the MILLION’s of tax-payers peso’s that are being, and have been, stolen on a constant basis. it is estimated half the countries GDP can not be accounted for! ANYONE who thinks there is one ounce of integrity/honesty in any of these criminals, no matter which ‘PARTY’ they belong to is just naïve or plain dumb or probably BOTH!

    Nothing has changed in 60 yrs. and aren’t any of you making the connection, YET? MY GOD MON!!

    1. Now, I know where you are coming from. You’re one of the idiot EMO Pinoys who are very EMO over those people who wants to see them in jail w/o giving them any proper trial.

      I pity people who believe in HEARSAYS.

      1. NO, NO, NO…it is you who are to be pitied, unless you are one of them(in which case you, too, should be jailed), for thinking there exists an ounce of integrity in the Judiciary. DO NOT FORGET, the same Judiciary that reversed a decision against PAL workers weeks after siding with the PAL employees and then reversing the original siding with the workers after a HUGE DEPOSIT into the CJ’s ‘dollah. dollah, dollah account! DAHLING!U KNO, those dollah accounts that are conenientlykept from the public scrutiny due to ‘bank secrecy laws’,BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

        Keep ur pity, and put it where the sun should not be shining, yes?

        1. Honestly, you’re the one who sould be pitied because it’s more like vilification if you ask me. I don’t trust EMO people. 😛

          Actually, you’re just batshit insane, yes?

        2. @wintersoldier, just because you FAIL to understand what stares you blatantly in the face doesn’t make me, or anyone else, ‘batshit insane’. it is more likely the case that you are just DUMB as RAT SHIT.
          and, btw…who you kiddin? I’d bet you never spent a minute in any governments military service.

      2. @Dan THE MAN:

        I can’t understand people who have MOB MENTALITY in one’s mindset.

        So yeah, you’re batshit insane. I’m not as dumb as you think because I am not that BIASED.

        You jelly? 😛

        1. a dismissive circular argument with a psychiatric analysis from a non-professional psychologist/dr..

        2. @Dan The MAN:

          I was right. You’re insane. One liners and personal won’t help.

          Deal with it.

  5. WinterSoldier, from where i come from, criminals like gma, mike arroyo, ninoy aquino, corazon aquino, noynoy aquino and a lot of others deserve to be jailed, for as long as it takes. if you are not frozen in the brain yet, you will know what they did.

    1. I do. But I’m not an EMO prick, being EMO on GMA like others who are claiming she stole millions of YOUR money (when its the governments money to begin with. Taxation money ain’t yours, son! You aren’t down with that? Complain about taxation without representation!) when she also was an efficient leader that kept the Philippines economy afloat, invested on its economic side and did what she could to keep the government from going astray as she wasn’t going to get any legitimacy as the transitional leader after Estrada. So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.

      Don’t be such a hypocrite because I’m very positive that you’re fine with Noynoy having the biggest pork barrel of all the presidents. If you ask me, there is no progress with INCOMPETENCE and I prefer a magnificent bastard than a nutjob.

      Honestly, you’re just BIASED.

      1. YOU YOU YOU are the HYPOCRITE, sonny! Blaming the previous admin.(E-CRAP) to justify The Little girls actions and then condoning bribery to keep the country ‘afloat’,in case you do not notice it is sinking! oh but that is Aquino’s fault, right?

        YOU do not get it SON, they are all in it together. You are the one to be pitied(or stoned) for not realizing this FACT! each criminal plays their part, flawlessly and you lap u the political theatre/charade as if it is some sort of ‘justice bound society’.

        1. Nope, it was still you because you’re totally missing the point. Also, the fact is that you’re totally EMO against an ex-President. Sorry, but EMO people don’t cite facts but mostly ASSUMPTIONS. So source for the record, or it’s all nothing but HEARSAY, idiot.

          And yes, it was Aquino’s fault to begin with since the country began to sink after the Aquinos and their oligarch allies were in power. Gloria wasn’t even part of it. So you’re just TROLLING, son. 😛

          EMO people should be pitied (or stoned).

        2. if YOU don’t get it, well too bad for you! I am not anti GMA/E-Crap ,no! I am anti-criminal. and that is what the country has representing it in every elected office since 1964, that is the only point I make. the blame game works just as it should:creates headlines that go away and the sheeple forget and none of the peso’s are ever returned and no one ever goes to a real jail for anywhwere near what a jail sentence for plunder should be or is!
          the is no EMO involved on my part, just the cold hard truth! it is not a surprise to me that you can not handle it, the truth. but to resort to mealy -mouthed laughable li’l school-boy insults (EMO, huh?! ya can’t do better than that? how s-s-sad!)

        3. Nah, it’s still EMO and not the cold-heart truth. If it was, e bakit palaging nakasulat sa papel mo ay si GMA? Are you trying to say that Abnoy is clean?

          Too bad that you can’t accept that you’re BIASED and an EMO prick; I mean, what you’re looking for is a small deal. And even these so-called ‘criminals’ will be put to jail, nothing’s gonna change since we’re still a basketcase. That’s my point. And you can’t handle it. Truth means no BIAS. 100%.

      1. Too little, too late for you TROLLFAG.

        Honestly, you’re all “anti-criminal” talk but there is even no justice w/ INCOMPETENCE.

        Deal with it.

    1. And those others will be just buried.

      Not just GMA. Get EVERYBODY. Why was PNoy and his family getting away with Hacienda Luisita? And how about the smaller portions of government?

      The problem is the SYSTEM, not necessarily the people in it.

      1. WOW, you are dense…its the people who have corrupted the system. YOU got it ass-backwards little boy-ee!!and now, thru manipulating the laws to suit the problem people, the system is tainted as well.

        1. Meh. I would believe that if Arroyo is the author of the abomination called the 1987 Constitution. Of course, all will I get is crickets…

          So who’s dense?

          EMO people should be stoned. 😛

        2. your hearing crickets, huh? the long line of relatives of the person you referred to where all a party to the ‘abomination’ you refer to, YOU FUCKIN DUH-MEEE!!! you make a point that has little, if any ,merit than stand back with ur arms crossed as if you’ve said something profound. then pronounce that you ‘hear crickets’.Well that is because no one wants to talk to you because talking to people who do not know what the fuck they are talking about, but act as if they do, are really fuckin annoying and not worth it!
          CASE IN POINT: you will not be getting another response from me, because you are just an un-informed imbecile!

        3. @Dan THE MAN:

          “our hearing crickets, huh? the long line of relatives of the person you referred to where all a party to the ‘abomination’ you refer to, YOU FUCKIN DUH-MEEE!!!”

          Then who are those ‘relatives’ that you’re talking about? If you tell me if it’s Arroyo, then you’re an IDIOT. 😛

          The author of the so-called abomination called the 1987 constitution is none other than Cory and their oligarchic allies. Policies that helped her and her personal cronies do their thing LEGITIMATELY and set the country back for years while she and her group get kickbacks.

          Better for you not to reply to me, because the biggest imbecile is the one who is a hypocrite that has yellow-colored glasses. Sorry, but you can’t admit that you’re actually EMO. Just look at your own comments.

          Three words: ANGRY MOB MINDSET.

  6. dissenting opinions frequently get bullied here in grp. and if you wanna talk whistleblowers google gloria arroyo acsa ramirez

    1. TROLL. 😛

      Dissenting opinions is nothing against facts. And googling Acsa Ramirez would not count because every sane person wants 100% concrete evidence and not from whistleblowers.

      Whistleblowers are for chumps.

      Deal with it.

    2. Opinions that are indefensible or hollow will get shot down here in GRP. Too bad for you, one-liners don’t really count for much in the way of substance.

      You’re still not very smart, are you, sendonggirl?

      1. you havent posted anything of substance for a while now either youve been reduced to an attack dog unleashed on those who disagree with the grp agenda

        1. Actually, he did. A numerous times.

          Are YOU that dense or you’re just trolling. Admit it. :p

        2. If you call strawman arguments and trolling as with substance, then you’re an idiot.

          TBH, his comments have substance. Fact is that you’re DENSE. 😛

          Deal with it.

        3. since youre the kind of person that condones and encourages bribery by arroyo lets just agree to disagree because we have different principles 🙂

        4. @oca: And the rushed filing of the impeachment case against Corona is NOT bribery in Noynoy’s part? Not to mention that he has the biggest pork barrel.

          Sorry, but you’re encouraging HYPOCRISY and EMO. And your principles are FLAWED.

          Deal with it. 😀

        5. @soldier, u say ‘deal with it’ as if you have actually won something.
          I know ur future, look what is in your hand!then in ur pocket, NOTHING!!!! NOTHING FOR YOUR SORRY ASS, except a bankrupt argument!

        6. @Dan The MAN:

          Meh, now you’re resorting to ad hominems. Maybe I should pity you from now on. Is that also a bankrupt argument?

          Also, all of your posts didn’t make sense. That’s the 4th time. Stop wasting your time. It’s futile.

    1. Hello there.

      Thanks for the link. The article is saying that it seems, young people would instinctively jump in to stand up to bullies to defend other victims. However, society is teaching us not to intervene for various reasons like “you’ll just get hurt”. The message nowadays is to “save your own @$$ first before other people’s”. I think that notion is wrong because if we tolerate bullies, they will continue to victimise more people and they could include the very people who tolerate them.

    2. not standing up to bullies is what you were indoctrinated to? no wonder it never stops!

      as a country? USA gets it right:”Don’t tread on me!”.

  7. @Danny Boy:

    TBH, it’s better for Filipinos not to focus on people who were branded as so-called ‘criminals’ to be put to jail, especially on ex-Presidents (before Noynoy Aquino, of course). If they were found guilty with 100% concrete evidence, then so be it. Just deliver the punishment not the pussyfooting and the insult and the bullcrap that is the trial by media. It’s more like TRIVIAL. It’s insinuating that you tell everyone that “Oh look kababayans, let’s get angry over spilt milk! Screw the fact its been many years now, what about the spilt milk!?!?”

    What you and people are getting mad about is a small deal. There are things we should leave the past alone about because it won’t haunt the future of the country. The constitution still haunts the country in the past, certainly the present and most definitely the future and so is the system of the government if we don’t change it for the better. Much like how we should change how we think about mythical concepts like crab mentality and colonial mentality, like you do. Because people cannot progress if they keep thinking like that and playing the constant victim when things get messed up.

    Of course someone would refuse to reply…

  8. @Winter non-soldier, I said nothing about ‘crab-mentality’ or ‘colonial mentality’. NOTHING. you are a mere typical idiot-flip who puts words in peoples mouths and then uses those words to win some sort of idiotic argument that was not even up for discussion to begin with.Well BRAVO…NOT!!!
    Heres a FACT:What the RP has (history repeating itself doesn’t matter, huh?) is generational, institutionalized, organized criminals masquerading as a gov’t., your just to damm stupid to see it(it is right in front of you on a daily basis, and they are LAUGHING at you, much like I am, but THEY for VERY different reasons)/figure it out AND EVEN WORSE have even less balls to do anything about it.
    if you like being governed by criminals, continue w/’as you were’, and if you are what you claim to be then you know what that li’l phrase means, but who you kiddin, HA!, you never served in any military. HA, your still upstairs at Mommies and dinner is getting cold, best you get down stairs to your adobo whatever b4 you get a walloppin from Mommy!
    so there’s your ‘reply’, like it or not, and it is the last one to be made to your delusional ass! from me anyway, as: SCHOOLS OUT, BUTT-HEAD!

    1. No, butthead. You put up on the ‘military’ stuff and it doesn’t make sense.

      You always brought up if I like being a government being ruled by ‘criminals’. If you ask me, I’m more like PRO-PROGRESS. What I’m laughing at even more is the FACT about how bad our country is not just because of those people you call ‘criminals’ but because how bad and dysfunctional our society as a whole. We have a crippled culture. Unless we change something, I believe this country would never move forward.

      Ok, let the courts decided on what will they do to them. Oh please don’t tell me that we should set up something like those trials by media bullcrap and stuff.

      If you think that I’m a idiot-Flip, then you’re the bigger idiot. I’m more like pro-progress. You keep on blaming the past, but I look forward for the future. Honestly speaking, you’re just bringing up PETTY things like this.

      Try harder next time. 😛

        1. “we can never delete your comments” what does that even mean its wrong grammar again. can anybody here make sense of winter’s comment improve your grammar so we can never delete your comments hehehehehehe what did you mean winter help me help you

        2. Nothing to say again eh, “inciang” but nitpick on grammar?
          Resorting to yet another red herring comment.
          You still fail to realise that you’re getting your ass kicked AGAIN.

          TROLL HARDER

        3. “we can never delete your comments” what does that even mean its wrong grammar again. can anybody here make sense of winter’s comment improve your grammar so we can never delete your comments hehehehehehe what did you mean winter help me help you

          Going grammar nazi mode, eh?

          Now you’re resorting to personal attacks. It’s cool, right?

          Fact is that it’s your ONLY WEAPON hehehehehehehe 😀

    1. @amity/oca/sendonggirl:

      Then YOU should really improve your grammar and BRAINS so we can never put your comments to the spam section.

      Oh wait, you can’t, hehe. Accept the fact that you’re an attention-seeking whore. 😛


      1. hahay i will try

        lesson 1 winter, you are talking about a future event so you should use will

        so it should be “improve your grammar so we WILL never put your comments to spam” thats it.

        did you reach grade three?

        1. tsk,tsk,tsk, you really have nothing left to say but post red herring comments.
          What a LOSER.

        2. hahay I will try YOURS.

          Please use capital letters when making a sentence.

          Did you reach Grade 2? 😛

          Your trolling antics won’t work here. Requesting deletion.

  9. Hi Ilda. I noticed the trolls who played the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo blame game card. Interesting pieces of work.

    1. It’s just one troll. Oca and Amity is Sendong Girl. He just wants us to think there are more people who disagree with GRP.

      1. He doesnt seem to realize that his plan has failed bigtime.
        Yet another pathetic “attack” made by MR.sendong“girl
        Seriously, his trolling is just like the plans that coyote implements in “trying” to catch the roadrunner, never even realizing that it would all blow up in his face like dynamite.

    2. It’s not really that hard to detect a malacanang troll here in GRP.
      Just look for the flawed,weak and stupid arguments that they keep posting here.
      Also look out for their whining on how they think they’re being bullied here.
      I’m also going to mention the way they hide under obvious multiple names like “senddonggirl,oca,amity,fishball,etc.”

        1. yet for YOU, it apparently takes a LOT lower IQ to disagree with everything GRP writes.
          U mad?
          Troll harder,inciang a.k.a sendong”girl”

        2. “it doesnt take a lot of iq to just always agree with grp writers”

          So you agree that millions of Filipinos have very low IQ but bigger EQ, right? That’s why we can never move forward.

          inciang a.k.a. sendong girl is in fact, an attention-seeking whore.

          Accept it or go home. 😀

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