Awesome! Charice Pempengco’s mom is a lesbian too!

So now it turns out, Charice Pempengco’s mom is also a lesbian. Oh, sorry, was a lesbian. According to Raquel Pempengco “she, too, was once a lesbian but chose family over her own sexual desires after meeting the young star’s father.” And there’s more

“I’m the lesbian,” she told Bandila, according to a Huffington Post translation. “I’m the lesbian — until my mom sent me off to my husband and [Charice’s] father. I told Charice this before, I told her that I experienced what it’s like, too. But then I changed.”

Raquel apparently decided to speak out because of the backlash she has faced since her daughter’s coming out.

“I spoke out because I couldn’t take the accusations that I couldn’t accept my daughter,” she said. “If there’s one person who knows what it’s like, it’s me. But as you can see, I kept it hidden for so many years, because I didn’t want to destroy her.”


Whew! Too much information there. You wonder why these people use the media like it was some kind of confessional box. No wonder the Catholic faith is in decline. Its most effective scare tactic — its serving as a monopoly channel for confession — is under direct competition from the Philippine Media!

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Trouble with celebrity is that those afflicted by it lose the plot. The irony that seems to be missed here is that by making such a big deal about being a lesbian (or having experimented with other gals in one’s youth) is that the topic becomes an even bigger source of scoopy topics for the Philippines’ eyeball-starved media.

I mean, hey, so what?

Apparently the religious powers-that-be have got lots of people by the nuts — including the management of the who recently banned Pol Medina from its pages after his popular Pugad Baboy strip cracked a few jokes about lesbianism in St. Scho.

No surprise then why people still get the giggles and suddenly start speaking in hushed tones when the subject of homosexuality comes up at a dinner party. Rather than face the matter head on, we drive the issue underground where misinformation thrives. Yet we all pay top peso to educate our kids in Catholic schools. Go figure. The country’s men-in-robes hold our parents’ wallets by the balls too!

As really astute businesspeople, maybe our priests and nuns should re-think this whole business strategy of demonising lesbianism. Today’s parents are no longer of the generation that defined Atenistas as dashing boys who carried rosaries in their pockets. Though, on second thought, referring to the motherly insight of blogger Angela Stuart-Santiago, maybe not…

[…] if parents of st. scho students were all as sophisticated as this in their thinking and perception, i’d say, and they’d say, indeed, so what if st. scho or any other exclusive school has lesbians among its students and faculty. but the reality is that most parents, who have just invested in their kids education in st. scho for a new schoolyear, are far from sophisticated in their thinking on sexual matters, and that comic strip could only be causing them undue anxieties about their daughters’ sexualities-in-the-making, and the really conservative ones would be wondering where to transfer their daughters next year, thinking that st. scho must be the worst since it was singled out in that comic strip.

If Raquel Pempengco had a bit of sophistication, she would have spared us the awful cringe that crawled up our spines when she made that sensational press release about her “true” sexual orientation. Funny thing, though, is that I’ve always known St. Scho to be a bastion of progressive thinking — a breeding ground for Leftists, in fact. One would’ve thought an inclination to breed commies rather than being a legendary nest for girl-on-girl action would have been the bigger outrage here.

[Photo courtesy The Guardian.]

6 Replies to “Awesome! Charice Pempengco’s mom is a lesbian too!”

  1. If the events of last week tell as anything. Howard Stern is correct. Howard Stern for those who don’t know is the real royalty of all media. Not that attention starved perpetual victim who is threatening to run for public office in 2016. in his 1997 movie Private Parts he declared ” It was then that I made a startling discovery.Lesbians equal ratings.” It seems everybody knows that except the Inquirer. Than again I have this theory that PDI is very touchy about coming out stories since they have been trying to supress one for a while.

    1. It’s already obvious that baldly mc-retarded f*ck is GAY.
      Too bad for PDI that they can’t hide that obvious fact from Mr. Baldymort’s critics.
      I can already sense that our favorite punching bag will make another appearance here but in another retarded screen name.

  2. St Scholastica’s college – the most lesbian friendly school in the world, bar Nun.

    Motto – Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit.
    (To boldly go where no man
    has gone before.)

    A prospectus perspective for parents

    We take kids, gay or straight
    Thin or fat, that’s okay
    But coalface black, no way

    2,4,6 and a quarter
    More than a schooling for your daughter
    Give us your tomboy at seven
    And we will groom the lesbian

    From penivore to vagitarian
    Activist or libertarian
    Cum one, cum all
    Let’s have a ball

    1 minus 1 equals nun
    Lots of habitual fun
    1 plus 1 equals 69
    Fail on maths, but oral fine

    Our girls are upper class
    But can take it up the ar$e
    Our alumni includes Cory
    But that’s another story!

    Our headmistress is a treasure
    Through pain she finds pleasure
    1,2…6 of the best
    2 on the bum, 4 on the breast

    Our headgirl is called jane
    She likes it now and again
    And again and again
    And again and again

    Bend over, touch the floor
    Such gymnastic powers
    And thats just in the showers

    Who do we appreciate
    Short skirts and long curls
    St Scholastica girls

    We do not discriminate
    Gay, lesbian or bi
    Have fun, give us a try

    In the worlds most gay friendly nation
    Perfect for your daughters ‘education’
    We ready her for an occupation
    Masturbation for remuneration

    The philippines finishing school – it ain’t over ’til the fat one screams

  3. Lots of my expat friends living here with long time gf’s or wives say many of them are bisexual. Is this making a statement about the local men here or just homosexuality is more prevalent in this country?

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