Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight!

The quote below is credited to Spanish soldier Marcos de Isaba during the 1580s…

“These nations outside of Spain that are subjects, friends or allies of His Majesty, are by nature inconstant, unreliable, restive and seditious. The greatness of our king and blessed name of Spaniard have few friends. In the past Spaniards were well loved by all peoples, but for the last ninety years we are hated and detested and all because of the wars. Envy is a worm that does not rest, it is the cause of the resentment and hatred shown to us by Turks, Arabs, Jews, French, Italians, Germans, Czechs, English and Scots, who are all enemies of Spaniards. Even in the New World there is hatred and detestation for the valorous arms of this nation”.

apollo_11_1969During that time, Spain was a big superpower and very much like America today, it was also hated by many other people. In fact, you can pretty much substitute Spain with America, “His Majesty” for “Our Nation”, king for country, Spaniard for American, all the other countries mentioned for all the present countries with anti-American sentiments and the whole quote can easily be applied to the case for America today. So bashing big superpower nations and condemning them as big bully jerks aren’t really new. What is amazing is how anti-American activists seem to be bullying everyone into accepting their noise that America is the biggest terrorist nation today. Yeah, sure… bullying sucks and I’m sure the leftists, the peaceniks, the PC Police and the Muslim butt-kissers have a tally of American cases of bullying included in their long-winded diatribe against America. However, I would have to apologize for not bothering to look at that long list. This “Colonial Apologist” is too busy giving a melvin to the skinny nerd after taking his lunch money. Even for the nerd whose underwear gets jerked up so high sharply dividing his butt, getting a melvin would seem a lot more pleasurable than to dwell on a phony outrage as anti-Americanism. But oh well… different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Yeah, Marcos de Isaba was correct. Envy is really such a bitch that does not rest. But for the case of America, is it really envy that drives it’s “enemies” to so much hatred towards it? It sure does drive America haters bonkers whenever they hear about “American Exceptionalism”. But what is it about America that makes its people proud and the target of envy of many other nations? Is it the country’s military strength? Is it the economy (despite its current problems)? Is it the scientific wonders it produced and continues to produce? Is it about its culture? Perhaps a combination of all of the above? Here’s what Bill Whittle has to say about that:

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There you have it. So is it really any wonder why so many people still sacrifice life and property just to move to America to partake of the American Dream? If America is such an evil nation and if America is indeed the number one terrorist State in the world, then millions of refugees since 1990 coming from countries outside of the United States fleeing to America to seek protection from persecution in their countries of origin must be a bunch of sadists to be further subjected to more awful injustices coming from the worst terrorist nation in the world. Tens of millions of people must be really crazy to come to America even illegally just to be closer to a bunch of terrorists. Heck… forget about the crazy illegal aliens, how about those 14 million or so folks from 2000-2010 alone, there must be something wrong with those law abiding, peace-loving and decent folks to want to leave their great countries of origin just to be a part of the most shameful terrorist country the world has ever known.

Now let’s get real here. Beyond the anti-American vitriol spewed by the leftists lies the fact that the world still looks favorably towards America despite the noise of America’s haters. Even during the time of the very much reviled President George W. Bush, the publication The Economist reports that:

“…the Pew Research Centre published the broadest single opinion poll so far taken of national attitudes in 44 countries. In general, the findings bear out the president’s view, rather than Mr Kagan’s: more seems to unite America and its allies than divide them.

In 2002, 61% of Germans, 63% of the French and 75% of Britons said they had a favourable view of the United States. Majorities of the populations liked America in 35 of the 42 countries where this question was asked (it was banned in China).

It is true that America’s image has slipped a bit. The pro-American share of the population has fallen since 2000 by between four and 17 points in every west European country bar one (France, where opinion was least favourable to begin with). All the same, the reservoir of goodwill remains fairly deep and reports of sharply rising anti-Americanism in Europe seem to be exaggerated.

This finding is at odds with the reams of editorialising about growing hostility between America and the rest of the world. But it is consistent with another recent survey by the German Marshall Fund and the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (see chart 1 ). Asked to rate other countries on a scale of one to 100, the six European countries rated America at 64 (more than France), while Americans gave Europeans between 55 (for France) and 75 (for Britain). Feelings towards Israel diverge sharply: it is rated at only 38 in Europe, against 55 in America. But despite that divide, and whatever the elites may say, the ordinary folk on either side of the Atlantic continue to like one another.

The two sides also share a number of more specific similarities. The Pew study found that between two-thirds and three-quarters of Europeans support “the US-led war on terror”. Between two-thirds and four-fifths called Iraq a serious threat. Everyone admires American science, technology and popular culture.

In both the Marshall Fund and Pew studies, there were surprisingly few significant differences in public attitudes towards the armed forces (around three-quarters think their role in their countries is positive), nor was there much difference in public readiness to use force abroad. The Marshall study found that support for multilateral institutions like the United Nations or NATO is every bit as strong in America as Europe. In the Pew study, majorities in nearly every country said the world would be less safe if there were a rival superpower (see table below). This was true even in Russia.”

So down with American imperialism, fascism, terrorism and whatever-isms? Yeah sure, but I have this nagging feeling that the outrage for those isms is just as phony baloney as Kris Aquino’s “sacrifice” to quit showbiz. Why do I think the outrage of the noisy leftists and Muslim butt-kissers is phony baloney? Well, aside from the fact that American Exceptionalism can be a subject of envy by a lot of people in the world, it is also a fact that many people around the world still looks favorably towards America. In addition, the outrage is phony baloney because I think these leftists and Muslim butt-kissing peaceniks believe that thugs can be stopped through hugs and that it is so much easier to smear big America as a bully rather than to look at things in perspective.

The leftist and Muslim butt-kissers would probably deny that the world has a problem with totalitarian Islam and they will instead argue that it is really the literal interpretations of archaic literature (such as the Bible and the Quran) that is to blame. If only people were to junk literal interpretations of religious scriptures, people would come to their senses and the fighting would stop. That sounds great! If only we can have this purple dinosaur in real life, huh?

So target fundamentalism but not a particular religion. Yeah, I’m sure Barney would agree as well. But seriously folks, who are we really trying to impress with such a sophomoric notion? The problem with these peaceniks is that they fail (or refuse to) see the difference in various religious fundamentalisms. Sure, the Old Testament mentions about killing men who engage in homosexual acts but no priest, rabbi or pastor now will stand in front of their Church and call for the death of homosexuals. (Those who do like the Westboro Baptist Church are openly mocked and condemned by their fellow Christians. Heck, from what I am aware of, even the Westboro Baptist Church merely engage in anti-gay campaign and not actual gay killings.) Old testament passages may be cited to discourage or oppose same-sex marriage but there wouldn’t be any demand to round up all the homosexuals to be killed. By contrast, Muslim fundamentalists instruct women to lengthen their garments to cover themselves well for the sake of modesty (including the covering of their heads). This doesn’t seem to be much of a big deal since some Jewish men wear yarmulkes as a requirement in Judaism. But when fifteen young girls are left to die during a fire at a school in Mecca because the city’s religious police wouldn’t allow firefighters to rescue them because the girls weren’t wearing proper head coverings (and thus they couldn’t be seen in public), this kind of fundamentalism is just out of whack in my book. So as much as the leftist Muslim butt-kissing peaceniks would love to capture all religious fundamentalisms to be under one shade, it is really a matter of comparing apples and oranges. While it is true that there are lots of passages in the Bible for justifying injustice and atrocities very much like what we see in the Quran, the difference is that Jews and Christians have gotten past doing those while the Muslims haven’t. Even the most sophisticated Islamic apologetic acrobatics wouldn’t get rid of the fact that fatwas are still issued by Muslim clerics calling for the death of infidels. So would the unjust treatment for women and fatwa killings stop if we only give Islam a big hug? Is Islam fundamentalism not any different from Jewish or Christian fundamentalism? Yeah… phony baloney.

Now about bullying… well, it is always easier to call someone bigger a bully. Of course in the world of geo-politics, America is always accused of being the world’s biggest bully, despite America’s help and generosity it extends even to countries who give them crap. The United States gets lambasted by smaller countries even if these countries are themselves a bunch of jerks. Smaller countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Korea can pester America and its allies but when America strikes back or protects its allies, the leftist peaceniks give the sympathy to the little buggers and America automatically looks like the big bad bully. So the American ally, Kuwait, was bullied by Iraq and there’s a deafening silence from the left about Iraq being bullies as well? How about Afghanistan under the Taliban, where’s the outrage from the left against the bullying of the Taliban against the powerless common Afghan folk? How about North Korea and how its dictator ruler controls the rights and freedoms of its citizens? Where’s the outrage from the left? Heck, how about in our own backyard? Where’s the outrage from these leftists when it comes to the bullying tactics of the yellow administration? The thing is, everyone (yes, the leftist Muslim butt-kissers included) claims to be bullied but no one owns to being a bully themselves, even at some point in their lives. I was a big fat kid in the fourth grade but I was bullied by this fifth grader jerk smaller than me. He used to push me around and tease me in the playground. But when I finally stood up to him and beat the crap out of him he told the teacher that I bullied him. Sure enough, because I looked bigger than the other kid, I was the big bad bully in the eyes of the teacher. So what’s the take home lesson from my pathetic school playground memories? Well, for one thing… we all can be bullied and be bullies as well. But size doesn’t necessarily determine how much more of a jerk one is compared to another. So again… the notion of America being the world’s biggest bully is phony baloney.

So down with American imperialism; down with American fascism; down with American terrorism; down with yadda-yadda-yadda. Yeah, sure… whatever! But to me the outrage is only good if it is real. If it is about envy, a gross exaggeration of the world’s disdain towards America, the peacenik notion of hugs for thugs, and playing the bully card… I would rather do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight.

58 Replies to “Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight!”

  1. The American Declaration of Independence

    We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    The passage above is an American DNA. They believe it so much that it is a bequeath to humanity and every Immigrants for generations swear by it. Beside the envy that was brilliantly stated, America is hated because like what Michael Jackson said, “We Are The World.” Why? It is because of kamag-anak inc.
    If the kamag-anak in another part of the world starts crying who do they turn to, the kamag-anak USA! There was a time when America refuse to rescue their European kamag-anak against the Nazis because it is not their trouble. Until the Axis powers became a treat to humanity USA kamag-anak gave in, you bet, The Americans of Japanese, Italians, Germans, and others of ancestry liberated many countries. To be an American entails a heavy responsibility always the first in any disaster natural or man made because of kamag-anak inc. Americans are also have a straight forward humor as he sees the world sees them: “Damn If We Do, Damn If We Don’t.” Then there’s the hilarious “America love it or leave it” slogan, it’s so true one is free to depart voluntarily anytime however, very few do. To all left-wing-nut-jobs and buttjuice of the world who make it their habit doing lip-jobs as their pleasure, I give credit to The Americans whom are not known to whitewash or have the notoriety of being revisionist of their history. Americans give their shirts off their backs often free-will, I have his back. Last, I stand with the quote of one of Americas founding fathers Benjamin Franklin – “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend.”

      1. Lol! A ‘toon G. Patton would love delivered eloquently. Imagine him delivering such statement at the UN and he would be fired for not being PC by the current American Administration. Much Thanks….. 😉

  2. The european view of and relationship to the US is quite different to the rest of the world.
    Despite the economic ties and trade interdependency there is neither the degree of control nor the cultural influence which is prevalent in other countries – the philippines being the most americanised of any country, and that explains a lot, and is the root cause of many political and social problems where the US remains not only the master, but the role-model.

    Europeans have greater intellect, a stronger culture and fortunately few american visitors, and see americans more as a source of amusement and look down upon them in many respects, particularly intellectually, socially and culturally. Hence little desire of europeans to visit or work within the US.

    A country is strong not simply because of its economic power but because of tge respect it commands through its own identity and values.
    The philippines lacks identity and just like the cuckoo wants to steal or copy from others rather than control its own destiny.

    So many say ‘why are filipinos such weak people’. I wish i knew.
    Maybe playing the victim is all people know, and whether it is some nonentity on the buzz or a senator caught out with foreign property, it has to be a tearful performance. Without self-respect, others will not respect.

    1. Hi Libertas,

      I came across an article that states that points to the difference in values of Americans and Europeans… kinda like a Mars and Venus kinda thing. I think both have their pros and cons. Anyway, here’s the article…

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Your assertion that Europeans have little desire to visit or work in the USA is false.
      Europeans find getting a work-visa’s in the USA extremely difficult to come by (as a matter of fact).Its almost impossible to get. Emigrating to the USA from a 3rd world country is much easier and that is the reality.
      If you listen to yourself you sound as if you are espousing your own views of AMERICANS and not that of Europeans who happen to like the ‘YANKEES’.IDK a single European that dis-likes Americans, not one!
      It is more the lot of the 3rd world to be anti-American/West/European than the other way around.
      The only place I have ever experienced any sort of anti-American sentiment is in the 3rd world where anyone who is white is automatically American. In the Philippines especially. People will ask what part of America is the u.K. in, unbelievable!
      Next time these 3rd world good-for-nothings ask for help, the West and USA in particular is who they will ask. As in biting the hand that feeds.

    1. I saw a youtube video showing that the Philippines is number one when it comes to text messages. 🙂

  3. I’ll just comment on Bill Whittle: no time or space for the rest.

    Military: US budget $682 billion (4.4% of GDP). Next biggest China at $166 billion. More importantly US spending is 39% of total world spending on military. Together with Nato this increases to 70%. Throw in non Nato allies like Australia, Japan, Sth Korea and it rises to 76.7%.

    Exceptional? Sure, but exceptionally what? At what point does this exceptionally overarmed non existent empire think it has enough? BTW: Vietnam wasn’t an aggressor. That was a civil war that US wanted to get involved in for it’s own ideological reasons. And as is now known it used bullshit to justify it…hmmm sound familiar?

    Economy: Exceptionally large? Yes, but then: US per capita income is ranked number 11 in the world…and likely to fall further in that ranking.

    Per capita Healthcare cost ranking: number 1. by a factor of 50% to the next, Norway). That may indicate how exceptionally the US takes care of it’s citizens except within the OECD, the US ranks 28th for Infant Mortality and 16th on Life Expectancy. Perhaps Mr. whittle would like to seasonally adjust that for dead marines.

    Gross government debt as a percentage of GDP (IMF) 137th. Perhaps a bit misleading…but there is no doubt the US has a huge debt problem. Laughably for this exceptional country, that believes it is the leading light in the world of democracy, its political process has become exceptionally dysfunctional and solving the “debt crisis” isn’t happening.

    Science: No doubt the US has contributed much to science. Human Genome Project? ..”Most government parts..performed in universities and research centres from US, UK, Japan, Germany and Spain.” Mr Whittle is disingenuous when he implies its solely a US thing.

    Citations: He loves to spruik the 5% world population then conveniently fails to apply populations to his analyis. US citations about 75 mill for a population of 310 million. That is about 1 for every 4 citizens. Using his own figures of about 18 mill citations for UK with a population of about 62 mill….well, you do the math, as americans like to say.

    Without a doubt the US does have the worlds leading universities. On any ranking (there are a few) the top 10 will usually include 7 or 8 from the US. In the top 200 there are 84. So while exceptional at the very top, it is not so exceptional for what is the largest economy and supposedly brightest country on earth.

    Is it the best/most educated country then? The 2007 ranking of “most educated country” put the US at 13th. A recent OECD study suggests it is currently 4th.

    A recently released Harvard study says “US students fall behind 31 countries in math proficiency and behind 16 countries in reading proficiency”

    New Scientist Feb 2010 “Scientific output has grown 11 times faster in Iran than the world average, faster than any other country’. Maybe that’s why the US really will need that exceptional military and why the dogs of war are already barking.

    Exceptional Culture: On this one I can’t help feeling Mr whittle was taking the piss! He basically is saying culture is movies…we make the most popular movies. He dismisses other countries output as “they don’t have the money”. So US creates “the international culture” (american produced movies)…because they have the money! So culture is made from money.

    Interestingly he talks about the list of 50 movies and then conveniently forgets to mention (again) that some 11 movies are based on original literary work by non US authors. The remainder really are mostly US culture: movies based on comic books from 40 years ago. Wow.

    He completely (deliberately) ignores other forms of culture. Total number of Nobel laureates for literature: 109. US 11. I won’t bother with other things like fine arts…it really is all to obvious.

    American exceptional culture: “Americans are four times more likely to report using cocaine in their lifetime than any other country”.

    The other exceptional thing that Mr. Whitton cites, and quite correctly, is the american rite to kill each other in large numbers. Mr. Whitton sees this as the reason for part of US exceptionalism. Unfortunately for the international culture this aspect hasn’t caught on much except in failed states.

    The WHO reports current annual deaths in the US from gun death is about 30,000. This includes murder at 10.2 per 100,000 of population. The rest being suicide or accidental shooting. In a world ranking the US is 57. Now that is exceptional for a supposedly educated, scientific, cultured country with a great economy.

    I’ll have a big mac and fries thanks!

    1. Well no one is forcing you to love America and believe in American Exceptionalism, david. America certainly isn’t a perfect place (there is no such place). But America, with all its faults and with all the crap you American haters love to dish out, the fact remains that it is still the number one country where most people would love to move to given the chance. It’s plain and simple… America is awesome. If you don’t like America (and Americans)… then that’s your call.

    2. the Vietnam war was about rubber trees for tires in in Detroit, and heroin planting in inner cities(detroit again, the South-side!) had nothing to do with ideologies. Unless Ho Chi Minhs ideology of his country profiting from its own resources is what your referring to.

  4. There is another example of american exceptionalism: No. 1 ranking for per capita prison population. Exceptional policing and judicial system? Or a dysfunctional society?

  5. Hahaha…sorry it really doesn’t bother me except that the US’s belief that it is exceptional is partly what drives its foreign policy…and that is something we all should be concerned about. Frankly I would move to the US as about number 10 on a list of other countries. I’m aussie and thanks very much for that. Part of americans belief that they are exceptional seems to be from ignorance…damn statistics are annoying at times aren’t they hector.

    1. if you dislike the ‘Yankee’ so much. stay in Australia.
      Sounds like ur jealous of the states from where I am.

      the sad fact about the prison population in the states is it is 80% black people that make up that prison population.or 1.6 million black-guys sitting in U.S. state-prisons.

  6. BTW. Your “all the crap you american haters love to dish out” is crap!. You don’t want to work for Fox News do you? Just because somebody counters a bullshit argument with some real facts doesn’t mean “they hate” america. Sounds like the type of argument used over and over by american politicians and paid gobs to shut up any negative comment on the US. It would seem that you really do have the american disease and take it rather personally.

    1. Oh wow…. it took you this long to show your Fox Derangement syndrome? 🙂 hehehe No one is forcing you to shut up with your American bashing, david. Heck, Americans deal with your types everyday and even from those who live here in the States. But like I said, even with all the crap you anti-Americans dish out… well… America is still the number one place where most people in the world would rather move to. But hey… if you love Australia and would rather stay there then good for you!

  7. Fox Derangement Syndrome. That’s a chuckle. I won’t bore you with some stats on viewers of fox and their lack of knowledge of reality and their misinformed ideas. Enough to say that the guy that owns them was an asshole aussie. When Rupert moved to the US the average IQ of both countries increased. LOL. Have a good day there Hector.Keep your head down!

    1. Glad I made you chuckle, david. So who informed you about how dumb Fox News viewers are? MSNBC and the Occupy Crowd? 😀 LOL See it’s really funny how you American bashers are harping about how arrogant Americans are yet you continue to belittle the intelligence of Americans. You guys must really be so insecure and so envious of America that you just guys are just itching for every chance to bash America, huh? If you are proud of your country and you think it is better than America then I’m not stopping you to believe what you want to believe. But hey…. like I said, the facts still show that most of the people in the world would still rather move here in spite of all your American bashing and insults. Have a good day, mate! 🙂

      1. Actually there are market surveys done that compare audience knowledge of current affairs with facts. I didn’t once use the word arrogant. Nor did I belittle american intelligence. I simply pointed out some salient facts…provided by international orgs and illustrious US institutions like Harvard, CDC etc.

        I can assure you that I habour no envy for america…in fact I find that to be a fanciful american belief that actually to my mind shows the insecurity of americans.

        I do find it a little offensive that americans believe we are all envious. It’s just plain crap! As for most people in the world wanting to move there “in spite of all your american bashing and insults”, perhaps if more real facts were known instead of american hubris than less would be so inclined. Mind you, if I was living in any one of about 150 countries I’m sure the US would seem marvelous. After all you have Captain America, Ironman, and Harry Potter. Oh wait…harry is british…or did he immigrate?

        1. The total irony about Fox is that as a mouthpeice for the Republicans it was so intent on misinformation prior to the election that its viewers and republicans believed their own bullshit. Shock and awe when they got their asses kicked. What the fuck happened?. Fox commentators kept saying we had it in the bag…including asswipe Karl Rove. hahaha…it was a funny thing to watch. Comedy channel becomes the real news and Fox becomes the comedy channel. Only in america…god bless it!

        2. David get your facts straight. USA is a Center right country. Fact 40% conservative and 19% liberal. If Fox is so narrow in its focus why are the top five news shows Fox with MSNBC a distant second. Americans don’t think people in places like Europe envy the USA, we know that they look down on the USA so Americans jokes about them as with envy. The prison population is because of drug proliferation and nothing else. A recent poll taken last week said the 33% of Mexicans want to come to the USA. Maybe they enjoy being tortured (sarc). Vietnam was about stopping Communism and for the most part it worked.

          Hector notice when they lose the argument they resort to name calling, justifying bad behavior with other bad behavior is not an argument but a cop out.

    2. statistics can be made to do anything and manipulating alpha levels is as easy as an entry level statistics class.Stats should never be believed for that reason. even murder rates, without all the bodies, are erroneous.

      America, the country everyone hates but wants to go to live.
      except David who likes Australia. Well Dave, have fun there.
      America will not miss you!

        1. Dear Jim, good joke! you are absolutely right, we should get the facts right. Sorry but i fail to see exactly what you are proving by stating US is 40% conservative and top five shows are Fox. The more important question is what % of the population watches fox? It could be a better example of those peoples engagement then anything else…especially if another 50% of the population are watching nothing.

          As for lying statistics, again you are correct. 50% of prisoners in Federal prisons are there for drug related offences. Unfortunately when populations incarcerated in State and county jails are added the revised national figure is 47% for crimes of violence with drug offences falling to number 2 at 21.7%.

          If I was Mexican I would want to go to the US. Yes I agree Vietnam was about communism…that’s why I said ideology.

          To Gerry, do you really believe that “stats should never be believed..”? “Murder rates without all the bodies..”?

          If you truly believe that, than throw away all the stats, including the ones that say america is exceptional and that most people want to live there…!!! The irony of your statement is that stats are what is used to make those claims.

  8. See that’s the thing about folks like you guys with inferiority complex. You can only feel better about yourselves by putting someone else down. Most Americans are proud of their country and they do not need to put some other country or people down to feel that way. Heck… a lot of them don’t even think of other countries to validate their patriotism. It seems that it really is bothering you that a lot of people would rather want to move to the States and you merely account this to their ignorance. Wow! I guess a lot of your entertainers must be really ignorant, huh? Or maybe they just wanted to move to America because there simply are more opportunities in the States? Like many people of other nations whom you insinuate to be ignorant feel? I mean why would a lot of your talented entertainers leave your awesome Vegemite for crappy American food? Oh isn’t Vegemite now owned by American company Kraft? Oh well… doesn’t matter… I’m sure it’s delish… 🙂

    So you are bothered about American attitude. That they think that they are so great and that others envy their country. Why are you bothered about it? What do you care? Deep in your heart you believe that your country is far much more superior than America, right? Tsk…tsk… tsk… such insecurity.

    Awww… MSNBC and the Occupy Crowd must really have a great influence on your worldview, huh? The funny thing about you folks with Fox Derangement Syndrome is that you put a label on Fox News as a Republican mouthpiece yet you seem to simply dismiss the many folks on the left (Democrats) who are also part of the Fox News family. The thing is, unlike MSNBC and pretty much the rest of the MSM, no one at Fox News would tell on live TV about his tingling sensation on his legs while listening to Obama speak. 😀 LOL

  9. Hhaha. you can’t be serious. So, many talented aussies have made it big in hollywood. Why wouldn’t they go there and get the money helping to “internationalize” your culture. I’m sure they appreciate the opportunity to make the big money that no other movie industry offers. But have they moved there in that they are US citizens? I’ll think you will find just about every one of them is still an australian citizen. If you are saying we don’t have good food and US does then you’re just showing ignorance.

    BTW you are welcome to vegemite.. keep it! Try some next time you have a 2 kilo cheese burger with 1 kilo fries. Enjoy!

    I’m happy for americans to continue to be dillusional…it’s just that it gets a bit boring for the rest of us when the US are forever justifying all sorts of crap on phony bullshit about how exceptional they are. The problem is that your article is really saying that people attack the US because they are envious. it’s bullshit. It’s the US propensity to be a bull in china shop with foreign policy.

    No doubt Islam can be interpreted as a violent religion. No doubt some muslims would like to see a pan-islamic world…but really…admit it…terrorist attacks by muslims on the US have mostly been because of the US stomping around the muslims backyard for the past half century applying their exceptionalism…not because you “have freedom” or because “we are wealthy” or they envy “our lifestyle”. Its mostly been US foreign policy coming back to bite it on the ass. As for my world view from MSNBC…I don’t watch it. Fox I do watch because it’s funny watching Bill O saying “fair and balanced” then doing the exact opposite. Hannity…now that boxhead really is a crack up. As for the Dems that Fox has on its payroll, it’s mostly soft or if they try to make a good argument they are yelled down. Come on. Look at the five: fat bob versus the other 4 dipshits. hahaha

    Anyway, we’ll keep sending our talented actors, directors, novelists, scientists and other assorted persons that you have a shortage of. No worries mate!

    1. You know david, if you hate America and Americans so much then there’s nothing I can do about it. But okay… maybe it’s not America or Americans as a whole that you hate… just the American Conservatives. But that’s the thing… it’s all about difference in ideology. Conservatives believe in small government, individualism and personal responsibility. You lefties believe in big government, collectivism and the nanny state. Hey, with you being a lefty I can see how Australia can be such a paradise for you and I really am happy for you there. I, being a political conservative, prefer America for its lower cost of living and the great opportunity to get ahead in my career here. Australia, I believe, is ranked amongst one of the top 3 countries in the world when it comes to cost of living. Sure… you guys get free healthcare but you guys also pay through the nose in taxes. So what you gain in one aspect, you lose in another. I understand you guys have lots of incidence of long waits to get healthcare as well. With regards to education, I read in an article that the number of students in private schools now exceeds the number of students in public schools there (at least for the Australian Capital Territory). Well, sure education can be said to be better in AUS because private schools tend to be better than public schools anyway. And the gun culture in America which a lot of you guys criticize? Sure, you guys have less gun crimes but you guys also have 43% more total crime victims than America. In fact, I believe you guys are ranked number one for total crime victims. You guys also have 150% more rape victims than in America and I believe you guys are number 5 in the rape category while America is number 13.

      So really, we can play stats to support our respective narratives but at the end of the day when it comes to stats… there will always be someone better than the other in different categories. So why do people still prefer going to America? Well, it is still the land of opportunity where your talents can take you a lot farther and reward you more than many other countries. I know this… I am a Canadian who moved to the US because there is simply more opportunities for me to spread my wings here in the States than in Canada.

      Now of course in addition to opportunities, we have these:

      Which country has the most powerful military? America

      Which country has the biggest economy? America

      Which country has had the most scientific citations? America

      Which country produces the greatest hits in pop culture? America

      Sure America has its own share of problems but despite its ugly side and the bashings and insults from you American haters and calls for “Down with US imperialism”, “Down with US global domination”, “Down with… well pretty much all the crap you and other lefties can muster”… the fact remains that most people would still want to move to America (and it isn’t because of ignorance… well maybe for some). That a lot of people still look favorable towards Americans and that America still remains one of the most generous countries in the world (it was number one in 2012) despite the economic problems it currently has.

      With regards to Muslim terrorists… these nutjobs target America (and well… pretty much everyone else) because their core belief simply fosters violence and hate towards folks who do not believe their god. They also hate America because America is allied with Israel… and you know how much the Muslim nutjobs treat the Jews are their bff, right? 🙂 hehehe

      Now just in case you failed to connect the dots…. the article was not meant to prop up America (doesn’t really need propping up anymore) but to stick it to some noisy lefty loon who keeps on spewing vitriol against America and Americans. Which frankly, I and a lot of readers here are getting sick of. Now you come barging in with your hard-on against America after my article points out that the outrage under anti-Americanism that your American hater buddy pontificates is phony. Yes, a lot of nations do envy America just like how a lot of nations have envied Spain in its heyday. That yes, America has a lot of achievements that other countries look up to. That yes, anti-Americanism, although increasing, is still very exaggerated by the noisy leftist loons. And yes, that playing the bully card is not only pathetic but also is phony. Size does not necessarily determine how much more of a jerk one is compared to another. Oh…. I guess you must have missed those other things, huh? You were simply so fixated against the notion of “American Exceptionalism” that you opted to trash the article (and America) based on your insecurity and anti-American sentiments. It simply drives you bonkers to see good things about the States.

      Anyway, you are an example of the folks I talked about previously who downplay the Boston bombing into mere retaliatory attacks. Your fellow American basher pretty much lumps you together with the other bastards he claims to condemn in his last article. Congratulations, david! I guess you must be so happy for the innocent civilians in Boston who lost lives and limbs because the representatives of the Muslims whom you claim the Americans have wronged through their foreign policy have scored. Wow!

      Now, with regards to food… so you guys have good food too huh? Good for you, david! Maybe you don’t have to have those burgers and fries you asked for earlier. 🙂 hehehe Oh by the way… you don’t watch MSNBC? My goodness! I can only imagine how much more of a lefty loon you will sound if you do watch it. 😀 LOL Give it a try…. you might feel a tingle going up your legs too. 😀 LOL So you watch Fox News, huh? Well there goes your stats for low IQ on Fox News viewers. 😀 LOL By the way… if you think Bill O, Hannity and the 4 “dipshits” are bad at Fox News… go watch MSNBC and see for yourself how moronic Chris Matthews, Olberman, Maddows, and… well… pretty much everyone there are! 😀 LOL

      1. Firstly let me tell you that I’m quite capable of connecting your dots. I am well aware of the writings of your adversary on GRP.

        No need to be so condescending, though I do note that is a tendency of yours. While I may have called Karl Rove an asswipe (as an example)and been a bit disparaging of certain other public figures, I don’t believe I have attacked you personally. I don’t believe you can claim the same.

        Firstly you claim I “hate america” yet nowhere have I said such a thing. You choose to interpret certain facts presented as a tempering argument to be “hate for america”. then proceed to suggest that shows my insecurity. It’s quite laughable really.

        Somehow and without any obvious reason you assume that I’m a “lefty”. On what do you base this assumption? Do you assume it because I’m Australian?. Because I post some facts about the US not supportive of your position? Please explain. It will reveal more about how you think than how I think.

        I find your arguments to be shallow…more like beliefs than based on facts. “you guys pay through the nose for taxes”. Really? Try doing some research on total tax take as a % of GDP by country. US 26.9, AUS 30.8. Not such a great difference given free or subsidized healthcare, welfare , pensions and education. If it’s an extra 4 cents in the dollar to keep homelessness, poverty, and untreated illness to a minimum then most are happy to pay. Likewise for achieving 40%+ tertiary education and literacy rates at 99+%.

        I do understand your point about conservative beliefs and how Aus is a “nanny state”. Maybe you should consider this: Economic Freedom Index: AUS ranked 3; US ranked 10. Corruption Index: AUS ranked 7, US 19. Ease of doing business Index: US ranked 4, AUS 10.

        Americans on welfare 4,300,000. Food stamps 46,700,000. Now that is an impressive example of conservatism free enterprise!

        “the number of students in private schools now exceeds those in public..(at least in ACT). Are you serious? What sort of BS is this? Total students in private schools last year in all Aus was 34% (US 8.8%…maybe that makes you the nanny state). Quoting an article about ACT is deliberately misleading. ACT population is only about 1.5% of the total population while at the same time it has the highest per capita income at $91,000 vs Australian $66,000. It’s a one industry city…federal government.
        Press Freedom Index: AUS 26; US 32.

        Your numbers on crime are probably the most laughable and least researched. I note that you source Nationmaster. It’s data collection is outdated and worse poorly interpreted. It suggest the Australian population will reach 22,250,000 by 2015. It actually hit 23 mill a few days ago. More importantly you failed to apply its won warning “Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime than actual prevalence.” Example of data from other sources (government) Aus report rate for “break and enter” 78.5%. US for “burgulary” 50%. As for rape…well that data has been well fucked without being invited, that’s for sure!

        A true picture of rape andor sexual assault and its prevalence is difficult. Wikipedia says US 191,000 cases. US Department of Justice (2005) suggests 65+ per 100,000 population, while RAINN suggests that studies show 59% of rape in the US goes unreported. US CDC says in 2012 5.6% of woman experienced sexual violence. While the Australian Bureau of Statistics using police and justice dept records says Aus sexual assault was 0.3% in 2005. wiki puts Australia at 28.6, New Zealand at 25.8 (mostly sheep,) UK at 28.8, per 100,000.

        But do a little dance: go back to nationmaster. Request rape stats by country as a list. You will clearly see that Australia is not number 5. Interestingly the US doesn’t appear. obviously there is no rape there!

        I don’t doubt the generosity of the US or it’s people.

        My american hater “buddy”? Again, my posts don’t make me an american hater, nor that I support the arguments made elsewhere by other. But never mind…

        Yes, I’m sure SOME nations do envy the US.

        No. I wasn’t fixated on “American exceptionalism”. It just seemed (still does) that the basis for that perceived exceptionalism at least as presented in the clip you posted is just jingoistic triumphalism that cherry picks! US exceptionalism if there is such a thing should be approached from the truth, not from a cartoon caricature. As I stated elsewhere the arguments used are partly false. That makes me an “american hater” “leftie”. I would say it makes you the insecure one.

        “you..folks…downplay…to mere retaliatory attacks..”. I never suggested any such thing. Certainly there was never any “mere” or “downplaying”. I was simply making the point that anyone who believes that terrorist attacks on the US (or anyone else) solely due to Islamic radicalism and “envy” are in denial of history.

        “must be so happy for the innocent civilians who lost lives and limbs”. I find this statement loathsome. Are you suggesting that because one questions the reasons for a terror attack that they therefore agree with a terror attack? Suggesting that US foreign policy may have contributed to the growth of radical islam and its attacks doesn’t mean you agree with the attacks. to believe so is very simple thinking.

        Never suggested that Fox viewers have low IQ. Merely that studies have shown they are misinformed. It’s not the same.

        As for being a “leftie loon”, its pretty much the attack I would expect from an american conservative. Name calling is much better than facts. It’s SOP for you guys.

        1. Yeah whatever, dude…. see the funny thing is, “Mr. Facts”, that you think facts and facts alone is the end all be all. The problem is that people tend to seek out, recall, and interpret facts in a manner that sustains their beliefs. The interpretation of data is often deeply shaped by the beliefs of the researcher. These implicit beliefs are often so deeply held that they affect the way in which people process information and arrive at judgments. Overly patriotic Americans are susceptible to this flaw of course. So are anti-Americans like yourself. Both sides can be resistant to anything that threatens to undermine, challenge, qualify, or disconfirm strongly held beliefs.

          Your beef is about condescending attitude? And you battle that with condescending attitude as well? As far as I know we were just exchanging potshots at each other and I really couldn’t care less about how much you detest the notion of American Exceptionalism. It’s you who are going through great lengths to harp against something you claim to be bullshit. Are you friggin’ kidding?

          You know what, david? I don’t know if you’ve read my other articles here at GRP and how I respond to folks who cared to comment (both positively and negatively) in my articles. You will notice that I am actually the more “nice” ones here… often giving folks the courtesy of a “thank you for reading” even if I get lambasted and insulted. But you came in with your anti-American piece, which was fine, as I said that I am not forcing you to believe in American Exceptionalism and you are free to believe what you want to believe. But you went on to great lengths with sarcasm and insults. Gee… you probably thought I was an American, huh? But I said to myself…. enough of this crap. If you’re going to be nasty then I’ll have to give as much as I take.

          Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about how you deny being an anti-American or an American hater. I don’t know who you are… I don’t know what you eat… I don’t know where you sleep on and I don’t give a shit. But I can only go with how I perceive you to be based on what you write. So if you want people to know that you aren’t an American hater then for petessakes quit with your American bashing and American insults. At least the vitriolic nut lefty doesn’t deny that he hates America..heck, he even yells in all caps “FUCK AMERICA”. At least the honesty is much more admirable than your weasel.

          If you don’t like to condescending attitude here, Mr. Aussie, then don’t visit here. Gee…. you have a problem with people’s attitude here yet you keep on coming back? What, to prove your point? Tsk..tsk..tsk… go tell Oprah your insecurities.

    2. dillusional, huh?

      sounds like you take what the media in the USA says as the pulse of the American people, and that is so far from reality it might as well be an illegal alien.
      I know plenty of Americans who do not want Wars eating up the federal budget but have li’l say as to what there gov’t. says and does.
      Bill O’Reilly is not a good example of the American people. The anti-unionist is a member of ‘SAG’, the screen actors guild and has to be, Fox news is a closed shop.He also belongs to AFTRA and also MUST BE to get the work he makes sooo much money doing!

      1. Yeah, if I was an American voter I would go for candidates who would stick to what the Constitution says about wars. I like what Ron Paul said that America should only go to war if such a war is approved by Congress and America should not play the part of World Police anymore. The cost is just draining the country a lot.

        1. I agree with your suggestion of Ron Paul. Gee…how is that possible, that doesn’t gel with your idea that I support “nanny states” and that I’m a “lefty”. But of course it is easily seen in your writings that any dissent is interpreted as “american hating crap” and baseless or whoopdeedo invented statistics or worse some deranged socialist mind. You should read your own shit back sometimes!

  10. ur right about Fox news. they are FOS. a lot of Americans know that too!
    Hugh Jackman lives in NYC, Angus Young lives in Europe and both of them have their strongest fan base in the North-Eastern USA!They know where their bread is buttered best, the U.S.A..

    BUT BUT BUT, the USA has no shortage of talent….they just don’t.
    the people who go to the states from ‘down under’ do so because there is more opportunity on Broadway, or Hollywood. it is a fact.

    1. I said exactly that, that they go for opportunity….BUT…they aren’t american! I only said about shortage of talent to take the piss…cheers

      1. So yeah… that’s another thing that’s great about America. It’s the land of opportunity, baby! 🙂

  11. Dear oh dear!

    “Not Everyone Wants To Live in America” Forbes, 06.04.10.

    “if every national border in the world was opened up, and people had the opportunity to live anywhere they wanted what would the world end up looking like”…using “potential net immigration index (PNMI)”…

    “The US has a PNMI of 60%, less than a quarter of the top ranked Singapore (260%). Other countries that rank higher than the United States include New Zealand (175%), Canada (170%), Australia (145%), France (70%), and the UK (65%).”

    1. Sure, go tell those people who don’t want to go to the US to stay away! Australia can take them for all I care. 🙂 hehehe

      But your point is…???? That since not everyone wants to live in America that America isn’t a great country or even as great as how Americans feel it is? Again, what do you care? If you believe that then go knock yourself out! Again… going through great lengths to deflate pride in America or the notion of American Exceptionalism? Gee…. get a life!

      1. I’m truly amazed at your response. A thread through this article and responses to it has been the proposition that much of the world wants to go and live in the US. If you support that idea and the facts don’t support it does that automatically mean I only intend to deflate pride in america…geez…

        1. Well I don’t give a shit about what you mean to intend. What you write pretty much tells people what your thoughts are. If you do not want people to think you hate America (and Americans) and if you do not want people to think you are merely about deflating pride in America then do a better job in expressing yourself. You can deny all your anti-Americanism all you want but hey… as the saying goes… if it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it sounds like a duck, well… I’m sure your superior Australian intellect can figure it out.

  12. Fidel Castro said “A revolution is not a bed of roses”. I agree… gee… that means I must be a nut socialist too, huh?

    See, david, if you are going to be cute, at least try to do a better job. Agreeing with something from the opposite camp does not necessarily mean belonging to that camp. Heck, I agree with some liberal stuff too like gay marriage (although I don’t think it is the State’s business to be involved in defining it). You are perceived to be an American hater because what you write and project are pretty much all about bashing America and Americans.

    My goodness, this is really eating you up inside, huh?

  13. Hi Jim,

    Yeah… the problem with folks like david is that they have this desperate need to be (or at least appear to be) more superior. Sure, many Americans have this feeling of superiority but many of them don’t need to put someone down just to feel superior. So folks like david would engage in sarcasm and insults to belittle the other side. Then if they get back the same crap they dish out, they’d complain to the other side of being condescending?! Gee… pathetic! And stats and “facts”? Gee… they must think everyone they debate with were born yesterday. We all can play stats and facts but these are tools we use to support our contention… they are not our contention. Bob can give stat X to spin Contention A, Tom can give stat Y to spin Contention B. At the end of the day it’s about what’s real. No one is saying that everyone wants to go to America or that that everyone loves America. But the reality is… America has and continuous to top the world in producing a lot of wonders… that lots of people would like to move to America for the opportunities…. that many people still look favorably towards Americans, despite the noise of the American haters like david.

  14. “Ever since Homo sapiens first wandered out of Africa, the story of humanity has been one of constant migration. Today is no different – 213 million people leave their countries every year, according to U.N. statistics. Just ten countries absorb the majority of that migration, with the U.S. leading the pack by a wide margin.”

    Gee… the U.S. leading the pack by a wide margin?! Even if America is such a terrible place, filled with ignorant and arrogant dipshits? Worse… even if it is the number one terrorist State in the world? Hmmm….

  15. It’s too easy to see Hector that your mind only sees a dichotomy of thought. I’m actually fairly indifferent to the US, like most Aussies. In fact I had no intention of mentioning any stats on Aus until you did. We see the good and the not so good. I assure you I didn’t comment to show any superiority or deflate any pride. While you say I’m being cute or whatever…let’s look…my first comment was simply to point out somethings in the bit on exceptionalism. Your immediate response to that was…” with all the crap you american haters love to dish out..”. Then just down from that..”all the crap you anti-Americans dish out..”

    Then it’s “you guys with an inferiority complex..” hahah. I find that funny..really. So lets see if I have this right…you want to argue on a public blog that america is the greatest, blah blah blah…but, if anybody puts up anything that contradicts that they on any aspect, they have an inferiority complex…have I got it? Whether you like what I’ve written here or not, whether you want to believe or not is irrelevant to me, but I actually agree that there is no perfect place and that extreme pride is not healthy for anybody or any country.

    Anyway Hector old buddy, the US has been a great country in many ways. Hell saved my countries ass once. Just don’t expect me to kiss yours!

    1. Oh you’re analyzing my psyche now… who the hell do you think you are, Dr. Phil? 😀 LOL

      Oh I’m sorry… did you just say you didn’t use stats in your first response? Boy… you must be high! 😀 hahaha Oh and you weren’t cute with your response? Gee… maybe you should take your own advice to read through the shit you write.

      My goodness… you have a problem with the term “all the crap”? This is what started you to drop the bombs?! Boy you must be a really touchy (and insecure) fellow. Look…. even after all the bombs and all your crap about how bullshit my article is… you have this need to be on top and appear to have the far more superior argument (and perhaps intellect)? 😀 LOL Look, if you believe you are much more sophisticated, more intelligent, and by far much more superior than “Colonial apologists” (to use your fellow American hater buddy’s term) then go knock yourself out. I’m just amazed how you invest so much of your time bombarding and insulting an article that you think is bullshit.
      Anyway… again…

      Country most people would like to move to? America! (

      Most popular destination for actual immigration? America! ( )

      It’s not about a question whether everyone wants to move to America. The question is about which country is preferred by most people and which country most immigrants actually go to. And yes… it seems that the facts I have support my contention that America is still number one.

      Oh… wait… of course… you probably think we can only use facts that support your narrative that America ain’t so great as folks like me think it is, huh? Gee… don’t kiss my ass… take a hike! 😀 LOL

      1. If you look at my comments then look how right from the start you label as american hating then continue it, it’s plain that you only see it one of two ways…someone either loves america or they are an america hater. Did I say i didn’t use stats in my first response? If truly astounds me the leaps of logic you use and how you paraphrase things into more than they are. “bombarding and insulting..” All I will say now Hector is you seem to have a bad case of transference. Sorry if I fucked your glory up by commenting on your post. I will cease and desist in the interest of international relations.

        1. You fucked up my glory? You flatter yourself too much, Aussie boy. 😀 hahaha I think this is actually the first time I have ever been nasty to a commenter. I usually prefer to be mellow but for this case you got me to exercise and improve on my “attitude” which a lot of my other fellow GRP writers are very good at. Darn… it feels good! I gotta do this more often to asswipes like you. 😀 LOL

          Funny…. you engage in potshots and insults then you bitch about my condescending attitude when I hit you back? 😀 LOL

          Well david, it has been fun… you think I’m full of shit, I also think you’re full of shit. But man I’m getting a little sleepy now…. gotta wake up for work tomorrow, buddy. I’ll tell you what… why don’t we just settle this on agreeing to disagree. Afterall, you did say that you do realize the nature of the article (a stab at the leftist loon who loves to spew anti-American vitriol here). I’ll trade you a poutine for some vegemite. Deal? 🙂

    2. Oh… by the way, david old “buddy”…. you don’t have inferiority complex simply because you offer a differing opinion. It is more about how you project yourself to have the need to overcompensate. You go through great lengths to gather up “facts” to convince the readers (and perhaps yourself) that America is shit and Americans have such a far worse dysfunctional society. Seems like you are so insecure about your own country’s merit that you have this need to bash America (and Americans) just to show that America ain’t as great as many people think it is. You see, Libertas doesn’t seem to agree that Americans are the greatest either… and he offered his critique of Americans. But unlike you, he didn’t have to go through great lengths to the point of insulting and bashing Americans and America the way you did.

      Yeah… whatever old buddy…. whatever… 😀 LOL

        1. Thanks, Jim. Although I wasn’t looking at it as some sort of a pissing contest unlike how it appeared he was treating it. Initially I didn’t want to argue with him because the article was really directed at crackpot leftist loons who love to engage in anti-American histrionics. For the record, I don’t think david is in that category (yet), although I think he is just annoyed at the notion of American Exceptionalism and he merely wants to deflate American pride. So I pretty much said he can believe in what he wants to believe in and it really doesn’t matter to me. But then he goes on and on and on about bashing America and Americans even seemingly arrogating upon himself to suggest that all the facts are on his side. Even his first responses gave the flavor of sarcasm and insults so I told myself… “Well, enough of this crap. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Time to have some fun!”. 😀 LOL

          He seems to have been so annoyed by how I was labeling him (as anti-American and a lefty). 😀 LOL I loved that! But I couldn’t help it… he was providing me ammo himself! His ego just seemed to be just egging him to make sure his piss was higher. 😀 LOL He continued on with his “stats” and “facts” as if these were the end all be all. Gee… I guess he must think that these “stats” and “facts” are the argument itself and not mere tools to support a contention. How I wish I could do a good impression of Bill O saying: “The spin stops here because we’re looking out for you!” Oh david probably would have gone nuts with all his Fox Derangement Syndrome and all. 😀 LOL

          In the end he couldn’t really dislodge the facts that do not support his narrative. America is still the number one nation most people in the world would love to go to and actually do go to, despite all the crap it’s critics hurl such as being the number one terrorist State and having a very dysfunctional society. He tried to make a spin at showing that not everyone wants to go the America. Well duh??? That wasn’t the point. Of course not everyone wants to go to America. The point was that most people in the world still want to go to America. Why? Simply because America still leads on many important fronts (e.g. military, economy, science, culture). I guess it is really eating up insecure folks deep inside that is why they have this need to overcompensate and go to great lengths to put America down. Well… it seems that Marcos de Isaba’s take really can be applicable to America’s case for today.

          Take care!

    3. Oh david… technically speaking Canada is still my country. Can I expect you to kiss Canada’s ass instead? Please? 😀 LOL

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