Down with the Colonial Apologists and Imperialists!

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This is a reply to Mr. Hector Gamboa’s “Down with PC Police and Muslim Butt-Kissers!” which appeared at the GetRealPhilippines.COM, posted on April 25th.

I agree with the author that: “As we move along the post-Boston Marathon bombing period, I see that there is a lot of debate all around about terrorism issues.”

However, I cannot say the same thing with his next statement that:

There are those who downplay the terror inflicted on the innocent people in Boston and that they blame the United States for its past (and present) atrocities. They seem to imply that such violence inflicted upon innocent Americans can be justified as mere retaliatory actions because they seem to suggest that the American government has terrorized and continues to terrorize more people around the world than these radical Muslims have done.



Those who downplayed the terror inflicted upon the innocent people in Boston are bastards, in the same vein that the US military’s act of killing innocent people around the globe is also terroristic and sadistic acts.

Both that Boston bomber and the US government are equally guilty of inhumanity and terrorism.

Those who implied that the violence committed against innocent Americans can be justified as a mere retaliatory actions because of the habitual and continued terrorism being carried out by the American government against the people of the world — are idiots of the worst kind and completely being inhuman.

I condemn to the utmost the American government for being the number one terrorist state in the entire world, in the same vein that I also condemn those evil creatures that bombed the World Trade Center and Boston!

Both entities are bloody bastards and terrorists! Both all guilty of crimes against humanity!

Hence, I condemn the US military, so as all the jihadists, fundamentalists, whackos, etc. for their terrorism and idiocy.

I condemn all terrorists not because of their race, religious creed, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, economic status, etc., but because of their barbarity and inhumanity.

I consider the strict view and so hold that to condemn and to criticize a specific terrorist base on the ground of its race, religious creed, nationality, sex, gender, economic status, etc., is not only myopic, but undeniably idiotic to the maximum!

We must condemn and counter the terrorist’s act, not his or her background and other labels; but his or her act of madness, inhumanity and barbarity.

The author proceeded and claimed that:

I do not agree with these people but they are free to vent out their deep seated anger towards the American government and perhaps the American people as well. Imperialists… fascists… terrorists… whatever they call the American government or the American people, for me they can knock themselves out with their vitriol.


I want him to know that I also do not agree with him! Yet, for purposes of the records, let me just state that:

I am an ardent enemy of the US government, specifically its blood-hungry military but not half of its people.

In my view, there are two Americas. One side is the moral one, who are faithful to your populistic and revolutionary past. They are the Jeffersonians.

This is the America that I love, the America that the world loves and respect.

The other side is the evil one, the problem of Humanity. They are the racists, the capitalists, the war mongers, the imperialists, the neo-conservatives who wish to conquer the whole world. They are Johnsonians and proponent of Reaganism and Bushism.

This dark side of America is what the world hates, opposes, exposes, condemns, mocks and fighting against.

Hence, the author can also knock himself out for his vitriol and vigorous defense of American imperialism.

Then, the author lamented that:

However, what annoys me more is the Political Correctness (PC) police and the leftist peaceniks that seem so obsessed with being careful not to offend the feelings of Muslims. Who the heck are these folks trying to impress? Would jihadists really care and would they stop attacking America if Americans were only PC with their choice of words? I doubt it.


What also annoys me is the unfounded and baseless charge of the author.

To reiterate, terrorist are terrorist whether they are Christian, Muslim, agnostic, atheist, black, white, rich, poor, male or female, etc.

The duty of humanity is to condemn all of them regardless of what type of terrorist they are and irrespective of what their background is.

To completely show to this author my complete views of the subject, I beg the indulgence of the reader to allow me to post here my brief theses.

Below is the article I’ve composed on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of 9/11:

Terrorism, then and now: Remembering 9/11

On September 8th last year (2011), the Sun Daily (Malaysia) paper published my article entitled “Eradicate root causes of terrorism”. On that piece I marked the 10th anniversary of the said infamous and bloody event.

Tomorrow, the world will once again remember the said horrendous, gory and horrible catastrophe!

For the benefit of our reader, please allow me to share once again my take and views on the whole event:

ON Sunday, the world will mark the 10th anniversary of the infamous Twin Tower attacks that killed thousands of lives. The gruesome events led the United States under President George Bush and its allies dubbed as the coalition of the willing to start formally the “war on terror”.

First on their list was to wipe out the Taliban of Afghanistan (which they themselves helped in its formation). The year was 2001. Then, after that they went to Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein (they earlier helped him to consolidate power and subsequently used as a pawn in their war against Iran) who they accused of concealing weapons of mass destruction, which turned out to be the mother of all frauds; because it was revealed that the dictator, despite his arrogance and criminality towards his people, had no capacity to create the weapons he was accused of.

Despite this embarrassing revelation, the coalition of enduring freedom continues its occupation of Baghdad. What follows since the occupation of the “liberators” up to the present is the sectarian violence between the Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims, not to mention the Kurdish restiveness.

On May 1, 2003, Bush declared: “Mission accomplished”. Everyday, scores of civilians are dying and American soldiers are dying in the areas they declared as already “pacified” and “peaceful”.

While all these horrendous things are happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, at their home front, the US Congress, the various defence agencies, the US State Department, the police and other relevant government agencies were used by Dubya to further amplify his war on terror.

He urged Congress to pass the Patriot Act I and II which restricts the political and civil rights of the citizens. He then used and abused the courts even the highest one to declare his unconstitutional laws constitutional.

Yet, despite their claim for “victory”, the terrorists still managed to strike Spain on March 1, 2004 and this gruesome event was followed by another on July 7, 2005 in England. Not included in this list are the bombings and strikes in Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and the latest which was hit back to back was India; while the recent victim was Norway.

What is the lesson we could draw from the foregoing premises? I will argue that terrorism cannot be defeated by imperialism, by neo-colonialism, not by force (whether it’s military or economic, or both) and by equal or superior violence. History has already proven that.

The United States, the United Kingdom and their allies are also guilty of terrorism and violence. They are no different from the criminals that they are claiming to bring to “justice”. By doing the same acts of these vultures and creatures of violence and terrorism; they are terrorists and criminals themselves!

The US accused the terrorists of not respecting human rights; yet they cannot admit their own animality and barbarity inside the Abu Gharib prison, where they tortured and humiliated thousands of people, simply by their hunch that those individuals were Saddam loyalists Al Qaeda sympathisers.

The US accused the terrorists of not respecting laws and international conventions. That is true, yet they themselves went to war against Iraq without the sanction of the United Nations Security Council. In fact, what they did was a violation of UN Resolution 1441.

I can go on and on. However, the central point that I would like to drive at is to hammer the irrefutable truth that: the whole world must condemn those 19 criminals who slammed themselves into the Twin Towers. They are terrorists. Plain and simple!

In the same vein that the world must also condemn the US, UK and their allies for their crimes against humanity which they committed in such a large and global scale against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. They are terrorists themselves. The Taliban and the US marines are one and the same. In their glorious quest of eliminating each other; it is the civilians and the innocent people who are suffering and dying.

Equally, the whole world must also condemn Pakistan. While, allowing the west to use its territory as a military base, it also harbours Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Lastly, the international community must also condemn the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and all terrorists of whatever breed or type or form; whether they belong to the centre or the right of the political spectrum.

The legacy of 9/11 is for the world to remember those victims of these idiocy, fanaticism, hatred, bigotry, racism and ethnocentrism of man towards his fellow men.

The world must not be duped again by those western powers in their war on terror; their message of liberation and their concept of freedom.

The whole world must study, locate and eradicate the root causes of terrorism and violence. They are poverty, economic slavery, ignorance, apathy, religious fundamentalism, ideological paranoia, and cultural supremacy.

If we as members of the international community do not act to address these global issues and universal problems, our only prerogative would be to pick between the battles of two “terrorist camps”; this so-called “war of civilizations”.

We will defeat all kinds of terrorism by humanism, violence by reason, hatred by love, barbarity by humanity.

The choice is ours.

On September 13th, a certain correspondent by the name of Ms. Amina Omer replied to my commentaries and viewpoint, published by the same paper on their Letter to the Editor section.

Immediately, I issued a reply, yet unfortunately, said paper where both our articles appeared did not print my piece. I am hoping that this time around, the various newspapers will not publish my response by reason of the paramount significance of this case and the extreme importance of the universal human public interest involve with regard to this pressing international issue. 

Here’s my reply to her.

Let Pakistan admit the Brutal Truth

I want to thank Ms. Amina Omer for her letter (Pakistan is a victim of terrorism, Sun Daily, Sept. 13th) wherein she categorically stated that she “agree with most” of my opinion expressed in my comments (Eradicate root causes of terrorism, Comment, Sept. 9th).

However, I do not agree with her position that “it is unjustified to say that Pakistan should be condemned for its role in this war”. Let me debunk her contention. It is precisely by virtue of Pakistan’s role in this so-called war on terror that I am condemning it! Why it allowed its land to be use as a base of the imperialists-terrorists? In doing so, it gave more reason to the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other fanatic fundamentalist to attack the country and its people. Because of their “selling-out” to the west, Pakistan became the magnetic field of all haters of the west.

Hence, her claim that “Pakistan is not a cause but a victim of this terrorism” is utterly devoid of logic! By allowing the US base and its allied forces to used its land, Pakistan committed the graves injustice to itself, worst its people are the one who are suffering everyday in a state of fear and paranoia! Undeniably, though it is not the main cause of global terrorism; it is a cause in itself and incontestably an indispensable link in the global theater of war and regional conflict!  The whole world community do acknowledged this irrefutable fact!

It became the symbol and arena of the global struggle against two stupid camps. Her argument that “Pakistan has already paid a heavy price for it and that too in terms of blood of its own people” is not only misplaced, but undeniably bereft of any merit. It is a fallacious contention! Does it mean that because Japan has already shaken by a 9.0 earth-quake and tsunami, lost scores of its people and cost massive damages to property and structure, does it washed its crimes and sins against humanity that it deliberately and arbitrarily committed to the peoples of Southeast Asia during World War II?

Does it mean that because of this colossal calamity it also washed its barbarity and indescribable animality that they carried out, such as the infamous rape of Nanking? I do not think so! Though, they are in a sense paying now for their sins; history however will passionately pursue them to pay the ultimate and complete price! The vengeance of history is more terrible than all the might of Mother Nature combined!

Though I agree with her that: Pakistan did not bring this war to its territory, it did not offer its bases to the US this war was forced upon it through a dictator, a man whose status changed overnight from an outcast to the most allied ally.

Internally it’s an extremely unpopular war, which has brought terrorism right to the doorstep of each and every Pakistani”. I concur! However, the ultimate question is: why the government and the people of Pakistan agreed with this “pact with the devil”? Please don’t tell me that Pakistan has no choice! Turkey was asked, yet that country declined the “honor”! Hence, the question remains: Why?

How on earth could Pakistan explain to the whole world the brutal assassination of former PM Benazzir Bhutto? The greatest irony ever of finding and killing the number one terrorist, Osama Bin Laden in its territory; worst his hide-out is just outside a military camp! Whose sane and rational man would ever believed that that bastard criminal simply managed to sneak into that country without the knowledge of the authorities; whose military is one of the best organized in the world?

Is there any person, who in their right frame of mind would ever believe in the explanation of the Pakistani authorities that they are not aware that Osama was hiding at their very lair?

Days after the “glorious death of their boss”, Osama’s bunch of criminal hoodlums attacked a military camp, held their ground despite their inferior numbers and shamed to the maximum the Pakistani military in their laxity and seeming lack of interest in containing the situation!

Not included with this are the series of bombing across the nation! Those animals and barbarians claimed that this is they revenge attacks for their fallen leader. How could the authorities and the government of Pakistan (especially its military) allowed this mayhem and massive terrorist activities to unfold? Why are they allowing these Satanism, barbarism and sectarian violence to thrive?   

Reality bites! Sad but true, but the Pakistani authorities is engaged in a dual military prostitution; while allowing its territory to be used, utilized and abused by the west in killing innocent people, helpless civilians, men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Pakistan itself by using its so-called sophisticated drone attacks and other weapons of mass destruction; it also allowed the Taliban and the Al Qaeda terrorist networks to flourish in its very soil!

Could Ms. Omer dispute this fact? Where can you find a country in this planet who would allow an aggressor, an imperialist nation to freely use its land for purposes of killing people in other lands, including its own citizens? Only in Pakistan!

Why? Is it because of the financial aid being given by America? Or, perhaps it is because of the training of its local military by the US military? Or, could it be the case that they are truly partners on the so-called war on terror? I do not think so!

With all due respect to Ms. Omer, I firmly maintain my unshakable contention that the whole world must also condemn Pakistan, as a war criminal state like its partner US, the UK and their allies in their so-called war on terror. In fact, said country is the worst kind of terrorist entity! Why? The US and the UK and their allies, truthful to their racism and imperialist aggression are terrorizing the peoples who does not belong to their own ranks, who does not believe in them, who does not want to join them; while Pakistan is not merely terrorizing its neighbor; worst it is also engaged in a global criminal partnership in terrorizing and killing its very own people. What kind of government is that? If that is not terrorism, then I do not know what the hell is that?

The whole world knows the truth! It is the moral duty of the Pakistani government to admit the truth and do the right thing! Which are: expel the US base, renounce religious fundamentalism, fanaticism and combat their own native terrorism!

In the moving and prophetic words of Emile Zola:

If you deny the truth and bury it underground; it would but grow and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it burst through, it will destroy everything in its way!

If the government would not do all these things, then I call upon the Pakistani people to launch the necessary political transformation of their society and country for global peace and the universal brotherhood of men!

Hence,   I condemn all kinds, types and varieties of terrorism. They are the scum of the earth! The duty of humanity is to expose, oppose and fight them all!

On the Question of Fanaticism and Tolerance, Barbarity and Humanity: Their Terrorism and Ours

Below is an article dated September 17, 2012 that I’ve posted for CNN I-report during the height of the “Innocence of the Muslim” film fiasco:

The Question of Reasonable Protestation: Discourse on the Freedom of Expression and the Right to one’s religion

I am writing to express my thoughts and views concerning the on-going massive tensions and large-scale violence at the whole Arab world.

What trigger the fiasco and violent protestations of the Muslims all over the world is a low-budgeted, flimsy, out-of-context, far-out, and distorted film entitled “Innocence of the Muslim” which they claimed lampooned, bastardized and disrespected the prophet Muhammad. Further, they are also attacking the said film, which they view as an attack to their religion.

The Muslim world, in the process of their condemnation and renunciation of the said rubbish film, also included the rest of the West in their vehement barrage and vicious attacks.

As a humanist and an independent observer, I extremely respect and always encourage the right of all people to air their grievance, whatever it is, whatever the issues are, to protest, as much as they like, to demonstrate collectively, even individually, to vent their anger and disgust, in short, to express their views and to dissent.

However, having said that, the demonstrators and protesters must be aware of the reasonableness of their means, conscious of the logic of their purpose and always govern by the justness of their cause.

If indeed the said rubbish film, which ironically is the root cause of all these anger, rages, rant and frustration of the Muslims — is truly a misrepresentation of what Islam is, that it wrongly portrayed the prophet and that it shows an untrue version or picture of the faith; then, by all means criticize the film, condemn the film maker and question the veracity and purpose of the same; yet do not resort into violence, madness, paranoia, fanaticism, barbarity, savagery and hooliganism.

I have always been critical of the West, all my conscious life, specifically of America. The reason behind my hate, mistrust and disgust with them is by virtue of their world-wide arrogance, their imperialism (whether economic or military) and their unjust act of hegemonizing the entire globe to bow-down to their financial control, economic dictates and cultural brain-washing.

Yet, despite the seeming evilness and arrogance of the Pax Americana Empire, I also like some of their core beliefs and central values. There is no debate on this, yes, they are bad, but there are also some good beliefs and worthwhile values in them.

That is the other side of America.

The specific beliefs and values that I love and cherish about them despite my rant, contempt and hate against them are the following:

a.   Their extreme respect for the right of the individual. This is their philosophy of Individuality;

b.      The Freedom to Believe; and,

c.      The Freedom of Expression.

These beliefs and values are all utterly related and intimately interconnected.

There is no iota of doubt that the utter respect for individuality is the hallmark of most Western society.

Corollary to this are the twin indispensable rights stated above guaranteeing the citizen’s right to think and to believe, whatever and everything they want; and to say, express and utter everything that they wishes to express and convey — that is regardless and irrespective of whether it is in private, public and to the whole world, in whatever means, in whatever form.

Hence, in a case under consideration, the government cannot pass a law that will infringe and invade on the right of the people to practice and exercise these rights. Such law would definitely be unconstitutional, unjust and illegal!

1.      The government does not have right to tell to the press what to write or to report;

2.      The government does not have the right to tell to the artist what to write, what to paint, what to carve, what to perform, what to dramatize, in short, what to do in their respective crafts;

3.      The government does not have the right to tell to the teachers and professors what to teach and what to discuss;

4.      The government does not have the right to tell to people how would they going to live and lead their lives; and,

5.      The government does not have right to tell to the people how would they going to practice these rights.

The citizens are all free to exercise and practice all of these rights, so long as their actions are confined within the parameters of the Constitution and the law. 

The Question of the Controversial Film

As I already noted, if the Arab and Muslim world believe that said film is rubbish and indeed, a garbage product, then criticize it by all fury and by all might; yet to engage in violence, hate-mobs, mass anarchy and terrorism is equally wrong, undeniably stupid, palpably idiotic, unmistakably preposterous and can never ever be justified in whatever grounds!

Fighting fire with fire is not only unreasonable but definitely inhumane and unethical.

Instead of bringing the points and highlighting the issues to the fore, due to the violence and mayhem and pandemonium being committed by those who claimed were hurt by this stupid and rubbish film, it rather obscure and evade the truth. This is a shame! This is truly disgusting and undeniably deplorable!

I understand why they are angry with the said rubbish film and its maker, but what I cannot understand is: why attacked various foreign missions, embassies and consulates?

What did they have to do with the said rubbish film?

On this juncture, I would like to underscore and strongly emphasize the firm fact that I have never liked the so-called Secretary of the State of the United States of America, Hilary Clinton, yet nonetheless, let me state for purposes of the records that I overwhelmingly concur with her in one particular speech. Said speech of her on religion is so powerful and I cannot help but agree substantially, to all of the points that were raised and theses that she advanced.

Here’s what she said during an Eid ul-Fitr reception:

“When Christians are subject to insults to their faith, and that certainly happens, we expect them not to resort to violence. When Hindus or Buddhists are subjected to insults to their faiths, and that also certainly happens, we expect them not to resort to violence. The same goes for all faiths, including Islam.”

She further added that:

“I so strongly believe that the great religions of the world are stronger than any insults.  They have withstood offense for centuries. Refraining from violence, then, is not a sign of weakness in one’s faith; it is absolutely the opposite, a sign that one’s faith is unshakable.”

Lastly, I commend her when “she asked the crowd to work towards building a world where if one person commits a violent religious act, millions of people will stand up and condemn it.”

Finally, I love her moving pledge, especially when she said forcefully that:

“We can pledge that whenever one person speaks out in ignorance and bigotry, ten voices will answer. They will answer resoundingly against the offense and the insult; answering ignorance with enlightenment; answering hatred with understanding; answering darkness with light.

“In times like these, it can be easy to despair that some differences are irreconcilable, some mountains too steep to climb; we will therefore never reach the level of understanding and peacefulness that we seek, and which I believe the great religions of the world call us to pursue, but that’s not what I believe, and I don’t think it’s what you believe… Part of what makes our country so special is we keep trying. We keep working. We keep investing in our future.”

In my conclusion, I call upon all our Muslim brothers and sisters to refrain from violence, and for America to renounce their imperialism!

Our Muslim brothers and sisters must practice the true teachings of Islam and America must return to their basic fundamental principles, if not and if they will continue from their respective falsification, distortion and deviation — then both of them are terrorists and there is no need for the world to distinguish the one from the other, because both of them are the same!


Sad but true!





13 Replies to “Down with the Colonial Apologists and Imperialists!”

  1. Tell you what Jose, The USA will just become an isolationist and leave everyone alone and let the Russians and Chinese be your masters. You can then live in your utopia.

    1. @Jim




      1. I think that will only work if you have a capability to wage this “fight” using your own homegrown resources. Unfortunately for us we along with most of the world has to choose a side in most cases. Just like kids can only look like fools issuing big talk while still living under their parents’ roof, Da Pinas cannot make lofty claims to charting its own course so long as it is indebted to one world power or another, dependent on someone else’s hardware to defend its “sovereignty”, and sending its children to work for someone else’s coal mines.

        1. Many fail to realize that the current system was set up after WW2 when the industrial countries were wiped out and only the USA was left with Russia as a military economy. Leaving a democracy and a ultra paranoid dictator to rebuild. So there where only two sides to take and some did by choice and some not. People want goodies but don’t want to know the ugly part that keeps it running and later cries because its not pretty. Or you can take the dictatorship and do it their way or else. It is proven that only real capitalism works but not perfect, it is when business and government collude (cronyism) that capitalism breaks down. Dictatorships don’t work and either collapse or spiral into despotism.

        2. There will always be losers and winners in ANY system. The winners in capitalism are those who PRODUCE stuff and the losers will always be those who merely consume. In communist systems, even those who produce are losers because the stuff they produce will be distributed by central edict. But of course there will be winners under communism — those with good connection with party honchos and the bosses of criminal organisations who make money off the enormous black markets that are created as a result of the institutionalised artificial market intervention inherent in communism. Connections with the politically powerful and a talent for organised crime also spell success in capitalist societies — but the incentives to engage in such is less pronoounced and ordinary folk are generally in better positions to work around these because of the existence of a legitimate environment for exercising the same creative talents for making money that otherwise get channeled priimarily to crime and politics in communist states.

        3. @Brother Benign0

          Still I believe this godforsaken country, banana republic of ours will play a significant role, one day in world stage and international politics! I am still waiting for the arrival of our local Mandela, Castro, Walesa, Guevara, Chavez, or perhaps a new breed of our very own Rizal, Bonifacio, Sakay Evangelista!!!

  2. Ah yes, the neediness speaks again.
    Same old mantras no original or new ideas why they disdain America and the West.
    They just repeat the histrionics of the anti US crowd.
    Seems like they’re stuck in the past and can’t move on.

  3. The one thing that doesn’t work is a muslim. Pray and play is their mantra.

    Their inferiority complex breeds hatred and their lack of education makes them easy fodder for radicalisation, in a world they neither understand nor feel part of. Being inferior is no excuse, but as with all such people/cultures the blame has to be placed elsewhere rather than accepting reality.

    Muslims should make love not bombs, and stop f@cking goats and children.

  4. neo-Imperialism and capitalism is simply another version of the survival of the fittest.

    Socialist ideals will only work in a perfect society where equality is placed before individual preferences and desires.

  5. I’m not surprised that you like Jefferson.

    I don’t.

    A man who mortgaged his own children by his slave mistress, despite promising to set them free in his will (he didn’t, because he had spent the money needed to redeem them – he died in debt) is not my idea of a hero, no matter how fine his words.

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