Nancy Binay candidacy: Pinoy Political Success Is Relative

One child grows up to be
Somebody that just loves to learn
And another child grows up to be
Somebody you’d just love to burn
Mom loves the both of them
You see it’s in the blood


Sly and the Family Stone. “Family Affair”

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Dads will be dads and their little girls will always be daddy’s little girl even if they are forty. Vice President Jojo Binay was quoted on April 6 that he pities his daughter for being scrutinized as a senatorial candidate.  Maybe he was returning the favor when back on March 5 Nancy pitied him for being picked on by critics in what she interpreted as their way of detracting her own campaign as senator. Back in 2009 the death of former president Cory Aquino created a tsunami of sympathy significant enough that surprise Liberal Party standard bearer  Noynoy Aquino was able to take out a surfboard and coast quite comfortably into Malacanang. While Cory was alive the party had Mar Roxas as their presidential hopeful.  What does all this tell you? It is not quite election season in the fun Philippines until the pity party goes into full swing. Nobody else finds this perpetual motion of pity pathetic?


I am not a big fan of the current vice president yet when contrasted the workaholic Noynoy, Binay does have certain traits I can appreciate. I even stated them right after the May 2010 election concluded. The vice president apparently  finds himself conflicted tossing his own daughter into the political ring and the realities that come along it.


Nancy took an Inquirer column quite personally suggesting she was not fit for the position she is vying for.  The offending coluimn was titled Unqualified. It is so peculiar that Ms. Binay is offended by a column stating what she has not done yet it is perfectly OK with what her father said about her. Jojo Binay  when asked to identify what exactly  is Nancy’s advantage as senatorial candidate  he simply replied “she is my daughter”. It should be noted though the quote may have been taken out of context. I link to Rappler, self proclaimed bastion of though leaders. It was their article and video they uploaded claiming that is how Binay answered the question. A video that is comprised of collected sound bites. I was not  there during the interview of the elder Binay nor have I seen a longer clip. I will assume things happened the way Rappler claims that it happened.


I have never analyzed Rappler in a blog of my own. I did however say the following in response to a Benign0 blog should you care about my take on them:


You would like to think you are getting objectivity. Whether it was on Rappler or their Twitter , they were showing photos of their press passes on the eve of the SONA. Words of any politician are usually useless. That goes double for Noynoy since he has never talked about anything he ever did pre election. Not once. But Rappler staff seemed to be so excited for this SONA as if they were waiting for Moses to come down from Mt. Sinai. That’s not objectivity. That ‘s not perspective. They should be objective. But I saw more restraint from teenage girls at the Bieber concert in MOA.


January 15, 2013 at 3:29 pm Reaction in Who are behind DMT Ice Angels who own 17 percent of Rappler?



I have never been a parent. I will assume from observation that is natural to stick up for one’s own child. I will also assume that that it will come natural to some to stick up for one’s own child in order to avoid admitting one made a mistake. Another apparent example of this is the great director Francis Ford Coppola. You may read of my admiration for him here.  Mr.Coppola however pulls a Jojo Binay in the commentary track in The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration. Eighteen years after The Godfather III came out he is still defending the choice of casting his daughter Sofia in the movie as the daughter of Michael Corleone.


Sofia and Andy Garcia


Tonight it hit me like a sledgehammer to the privates that there are some weird parallels between the Binays and the Coppolas.:


  • Both fathers defensive over bringing their daughters into their world. High profile politics for the Binays and film making for the Coppolas.
  • Both daughters are last minute replacements for people who abruptly withdrew from their fathers’ endeavor. Nancy Binay replaced Joey de Venecia III and Sofia Coppola replaced Winona Ryder.


Nicolas Cage in Peggy Sue Got Married

Nicolas Cage in his uncle’s movie (Francis Ford Coppola) Peggy Sue Got Married. Yes I recognize the guy to his right.


Francis Ford Coppola often uses family members in his movies. You can be the judge if they were appropriate choices:


  • Carmine Coppola ( composer/ father)
  • David Shire (composer / brother in law)
  • Talia Shire (actress in all three Godfathers and Rocky Balboa’s wife/ sister)
  • Eleanor Coppola (documented Hearts of Darkness/ wife)
  • Nicolas Cage ( Peggy Sue Got Married/ nephew – he changed name from Coppola to Cage)


Since this is my piece I just want to add David Shire is responsible for an instrumental I have loved for 35 years: Manhattan Skyline. Judging by the comments in the Youtube track, I am not the only one.


A theme I hit on every now and then is that sports is much more real world than Filipino topics. Noynoy Aquino as I have said many times before owes his position as president by having the right mom die at the right time. If Cory dies June of 2010, Noynoy would still be in the Senate with a mysterious pork barrel.  Sports does not care if your mommy just died. Sports does not care if you are an action star or your dad was an action star . All they care about is your effectiveness when they put you on the field, ice or court. Can you produce in the here and now? In sports (unlike Filipino politics) , results are valued by the consumers and the decision makers more than hype and family ties. So when a family name in sports becomes synonymous with success chances are that family endeared themselves to sports fans with their success in sports. Through reality not perception.  There is no dynasty like it was some entitlement. Allow me to name a few:




The Manning family. Archie Manning was drafted second overall by the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately as good and as beloved as Archie was over his career, the Saints were never a factor in his ten years there. Archie then produced two sons who were both drafted first overall and who both won the Super Bowl. If pinoy politics had dynasties that performed this well I would be the first one to demand dynasties.

Hurley Family


The Hurley family. Bob Hurley Sr. lead his team to the New Jersey High School Championship 26 times in his 39 years.  His son Bobby Hurley played for the Duke Blue Devils as well as the Sacramento Kings. In the end of March he was named the head coach for the University at Buffalo.  Three days ago Rutgers University in New Jersey fired their coach due to player abuse caught on video.  It was on international CNN   but did not get much play here because pinoys find it hard to relate to a video scandal where everybody has their clothes on.  Dan another son of Bob Hurley is rumored to be the replacement coach. This buzz about the Hurleys has nothing to do with sympathy or pity but is a result of work and results.


The Sutter Brothers


The Sutter family. Back when I paid a lot more attention to hockey, it was hard for a night to pass by during the season without a Sutter on the ice or behind the bench somewhere in the NHL. The National Hockey League is the best hockey league in the world for those who do not know.  The Sutters never had anything handed to them growing up. They got what they wanted out of sheer will. Even as players they were not the pretty boy scorers but they were the grit every team should have in order to win. The tougher players who did the essential  little things that casual fans do not see tend to make the best coaches and front office staff. So it is no wonder why the Sutter family has been a constant presence in the NHL for decades now.


In sports names like Sutter in hockey and Hurley in basketball mean what they mean because of the collective toiling at their craft and being respected within the industry. It’s not like showbiz and politics where nepotism is sometimes overlooked because popular appeal in those venues often trumps effectiveness, work ethic  and efficiency.  So in this country expect more politicians  pitying other family members as well as using sympathy as bait to lure your vote. Pity.


97 Replies to “Nancy Binay candidacy: Pinoy Political Success Is Relative”

  1. Not only is nancy binay unqualified, i suspect that she feels a sense of entitlement. A disastrous combination.

    Her lacklustre education was exemplified by driving an expensive car without lto plates and just ‘binay’ instead. This was a socialite and not a worker in the making.

    20 years hiding as part time gofer on mummy and daddy’s tax payer funded payroll was not work but a ticket to social events and unlimited flexitime.

    Now the dimwit thinks she can craft laws and be a thought leader and opinion maker when she backs off from debates.

    Incredible arrogance and an insult to the country, and indicative of vp binay’s trapo ways should he become president in 2016.

    The dearth of intellect and integrity in filipino politicians is staggering

  2. ‘Blood, stick ’em in the MUD, its a family affair’,
    Sly was such a stoner, GOTTA LOVE THAT GUY.

    but the pity party is just as abhorrent as the people involved are. this little girl is about as qualified to be a senator as lito lap-it-up, MAYBE. how this can even be happening is beyond what anyone outside of the country would deem acceptable. it is sooo ludicrous and it will happen that when it is time for the country to take a few slurrs/insults/nazzy jokes on the international scene for being one of the more comically put together governments (known more for its corruption at every level than it is for its locally known, but internationally obscure, actors/politicians/crooks), the people will get insulted, yes they will get will be as if someone has smeared the good name of their parents when , in fact, it is a deserved barb and was even asked for. these idiotic candidates that show up on TV shows and dance w/ladies that could be their Grand-daughters are the laughingstock of the political world.
    it can hardly be a surprise that no one takes the country seriously on an international level and that the respect that the country could once have had, is not even a distant memory but more like a fantasy that can never really happen,pity!

  3. I’m not a fan of the Binays but may I ask what is or are the qualifications enshrined in our Constitution before anybody could run as senator of the Republic? The 1987 Constitution was ratified by our own representatives.

    1. i think lazy, stupid, and greedy covers it.
      the constitution also bans dynasties but everybody avoids implementing that

      1. and pdaf/pork barrel is a non constitutional expense but that was the first thing to become ‘an unwritten tradition’

        which of the senatorial bets are prepared to abolish that. none of the main players

      1. comparing obama to a gay idiot who became the accidental president of a 3rd world rice republic only exists in your wet dreams.
        now go and play with the traffic.

      2. The only things Barack Obama has done for America and the world at large is to first bring us all to the brink of another financial crisis ($20+ Trillion in debt!) and display cowardice and stupidity in the face of military and political challenges. Just like BS Aquino.

        1. Obama and the righteous Dems have passed as many budgets as Noynoy has held cabinet meetings. Care to guess that number?

        2. “Still, Obama is America and America is Obama.”

          That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

      3. Obama’s resume in terms of work pre election almost identical to Noynoy pre election. But at least Obama can speak well. Noynoy can just blame.

      4. EDDIE, you, and some of the others here, seem to think you know what Obama does, who he serves and that P-noy is somehow like him,YES? well NO. P-Noy is not like the guy and the jobs the two of them have , while similar in title, are vastly different.
        The leader of the worlds largest economy and the worlds strongest Armed Forces and the responsibilities that go along with those things resembles the 3rd world banana republic that P-Noy is the head of very little.

  4. The comelec online poll is interesting.
    It seems quite realistic and not vote bombed by interested parties and certainly more believable than sws or pulse asia.
    1750 voters
    Top 12
    Villaneuva – 816
    Gordon – 486
    Hagedorn – 450
    Cayetano – 341
    Escudero – 340
    Legarda – 324
    Hontiveros – 321
    Casino – 302
    Poe – 266
    Zubiri – 261
    Trillanes – 255
    Angara – 252

    Binay – 112 (circa 24th)

    1. Cayetano, Hagedorn, Escudero, Legarda…….etc. Seems like, the voters are still idiots. Why can’t candidates be like the game trump cards (if any of you still remember). Just list down qualities of each candindate in the same manner, none of the BS they are spewing out, just plain merits and accomplishments.

      1. The problem is that when the deck is stacked with jokers some will inevitably end up in the winners circle – a la lito lapid et alia.
        A low benchmark to start with.
        and agree a matrix on key issues would be useful.
        media not that bright or interested.

        1. Are you referring to the nuisance candidates from UNA and Independent? Well don’t worry they won’t have a chance to win.

        2. Um, the most nuisance candidates are from Team PNoy. Don’t worry they won;t have a chance to win. 😛

  5. the one clear message – people/electorate do not want dynasties – no aquino, binay, enrile,estrada.

    pity election day will miaculously show otherwise!!

      1. they are not on top.
        you clearly do not even read or understand what is said.
        just post your irrelevant 1 liners.
        about time you were banned again.
        or are you just trying to lower the tone.
        curious you never comment on the main article but just like to pepper inane comments to everyone.
        would you say that you are representative of aquino supporters.

        1. You are swearing that the electorate do not want dynasties. But that is clearly false, as candidates of these dynasties are topping the survey. Magaling na nga ang pamamahala nila tapos hindi pa iboboto? They need to win so that there will be continuity.

        2. you are threatening people on this site!
          cant take free expression
          a new eduardo/tactic.
          clearly desperate.

      2. Why you ask? It’s because those surveys are already rigged to favor the yellows.
        FYI, only gullible morons like YOU would believe those “surveys”.
        Your tears are delicious.

        1. LOL, in the recent news, someone got sued for criticizing the results of local surveys. You want to be next?

        2. Is that supposed to scare me? HAH!
          Your threats are empty just like your posts here.
          You should just go f*ck yourself since there is no chance that we will be scared of YOU.

          Troll harder, dumb twat

        3. i think eduardo should be banned and posts removed.
          constant offensive and meaningless posts and threats are only an attempt to dumb down the site.
          amusing but irrelevant.
          a diversionary tactic since no substance on which to argue

        4. Too bad your warnings are futile.
          What a joke, can’t even threaten me.
          TROLL HARDER, twat

        5. @eduardo: Lies. It’s more like a THREAT, nothing else.

          No wonder why we are in a controlled state. Just wanna tell you that surveys are biased and manipulated. So you’re ok that you want people to be sued just because they are not gullible and they knew the truth? LOL

          Propagandists like you will never succeed.

        1. Is that her platform? She has no political experience. Oh yeah, she is just Binay’s daughter. Nothing else.

          Last names always didn’t matter.

        2. Kahit na sino pwedeng mangako ng ganun. Pero makiikita palang sa plataporma na walang maasahan sa kaniya.

          Ika nga…

          Platform Plez!

  6. A view from a palace insider said the 2013 election results are being viewed as indicative of, and critical to, 2016, hence bam aquino must win well at all costs, and nancy binay be humiliated.
    The strategy for 2016 will be drawn up after the elections, and if una/nancy binay do well then mar roxas will not be the candidate in 2016.

      1. Let me tell you something, uneducated as you are, which symbolises the deceit of bam aquino, and is reflective of the aquino dna/modus operandi.

        He is currently saying in press releases ” harvard educated” and “harvard alumnus”

        I don’t know about harvard, but i suspect, as at my university, oxford, we take great offence at someone attending a 2 week public paid course being so disingenuous and deceitful.

        Alumni are those who have completed an examined masters or degree course.

        This also repeats a pattern regarding his role at hapinoy, which as the founder mark ruiz will confirm was negligible.

        Get your facts right and get banned again.
        You are as deceitful and low as your idols. Peas in a pod.

        1. That’s it? You forgot about his other achievements and awards. You forgot that he belongs to a trustworthy family. He is my senator, he will continue to serve the country which Ninoy started.

        2. Achievements and awards don’t mean anything if you haven’t done anything worthwhile. Bam has no experience whatsoever as a politician. Obviously, you favor candidates like your president, no track record, no good and good for nothing.

          TROLL HARDER

        3. so no response or comment about his ‘harvard’ deceit.
          he is not fit even to clean my toilet.

        4. My cousin got both of her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard–talo pa niya si Bam. Too bad, wala siyang political ambition.

          Malas ang idinidulot ng mga Aquino sa Pilipinas–hanggang entertainment nalang sila. Bam will be another Aquino na pakain ng mga Pinoy tax-payers.

        5. You post only revealed how much of a moron you are eduardo. Congratulations twat, you just made yourself 20% more dumber.

          TROLL HARDER

        6. “Do we care about that basis of yours when we are voting our candidates. Of course not!”

          Of course, we do. Because those who vote for the likes of SHAM BAM Aquino are gullible, delusional fools only believe on the Aquino magic and hype. Oh yeah, his father, Paul Aquino is also a crook.

          Awards and achievements won’t mean nothing if there is no ACTUAL action. Sadly, their media friends did it for them. 🙂

        7. @ Libertas, it is common practice for Filipino politicians to brag about ‘going to Harvard’ and leading small minds to believe that they attended actual ‘program studies’ and that they actually graduated from that school. When , in fact, all they did was attend a two week seminar (that anyone who can afford it can attend) during summer-recess.
          Two that come immediately to mind are Senator Miriam Santiago and the sissy-boy House Rep. from CDO whose favorite campaign slogan is ‘during my time at Harvard’, he makes me laugh.

      2. Eduardo! You are really earning your overtime today. Which makes you the hardest worker in the current administration. When people say they are Noynoying you are not included in that umbrella statement. Let’s get back to what passes for logic in your case. Speak for the children = seat in senate? There is one small problem. The current administration lacks adults. Your precious president always believes it is play time. Everybody else goes to your supervisor Laceirda and sings Liar liar pants on fire. Noynoy’s crew should grow up. BTW Noynoy loves Grace Poe , another epic fail. Somebody who is more useless than him.

        1. it is a new tactic.
          meaningless one liners everywhere in reply to anyone/everyone so that his ridiculous comments will not be deleted.
          no individual new posts of his own.
          hope he is proved wrong by webmaster.

        2. Looks like eduardo is getting more desperate by resorting to lame one liners, empty threats and “warnings”.
          Too bad for him because nobody here will take him seriously since he is afterall, a dumb twat and a JOKE just like his boss in malacanang.

    1. That’s where you are wrong, twat. Three years already and your “leader” hasn’t done anything except play the blame game and making sure his KKK are enriched.


      1. ” your “leader” hasn’t done anything ”

        Only the blind about the current president will mention this

        1. Wrong again twat, only gullible morons like YOU would continue to be brainwashed by your pathetic “leader”

          TROLL HARDER, twat

        2. “Only the blind about the current president will mention this”

          But you are STILL being IGNORANT about it. 😛

        3. “Only the blind about the current president will mention this”

          And yet, eduardo, you also remain blind to the positive achievements of the previous president. Stop judging people when you can’t even cross-examine your own words.

    2. haha
      his list of achievements would leave space on the back of a stamp.
      21 million suffering with 12 hour daily brownouts
      27% un/underemployment
      30%+ on breadline
      philippines – smuggling capital of asia
      broken promises – e.g no FoI
      the man is an international joke and national disaster.

        1. Is that all you can say but blame blame blame?
          What a JOKE, your president has already been in power for 3 years and you yellowtards still blame the past admin?
          Wow, your stupidity knows no bounds eduardo.

          TROLL HARDER

        2. That doesn’t make sense. The problems were from the past admin but it became currently worse due to the run of the current administration.

          Sadly, the current admin can’t think of solutions right now due to campaigning at if there is something that is their fault, they will put the blame on someone else.

        3. “Those that you said existed during the previous administration which were inherited by the current”

          Why didn’t he fixed them? Are these issues not in his list of priorities?

          You are like the President – blames other for the problems without resolving them. Three years has gone and he still blames others for problems the country has.

          Please, tell the President to grow up 😉

      1. i’ll give him that, he really does make people laugh!
        take a look at the guy, just hysterical.reminds me of Peter Griffin doin the blowfish!

    3. According to BS Aquino supporters pala, Pinoys do not deserve anything better than what abNoy BS Aquino has to offer…Kawawang mga Pinoy.—Pilit na dapat makontento nalang kay abNoy. Pinagsasamantalahan ang Pinoy ng mga bayarang supporters nila Aquino at ang ng LABAN party.

    4. No, it’s more like a LIE. PNoy doesn’t do anything but campaigning, blunders and blame games.

      Of course, it’s still Yellow Propaganda. Sorry, we won’t accept it because what your spouting is LIES and PROPAGANDA, not fact.

  7. this is also eduardo no 5 or 6 or 23 after benigno got rid of the last one, or he got fired.
    it makes you wonder how many pesos it takes to sell your soul, independence and principles to become a propagandist.
    they employ the same tactic in china so no surprise chinoy p-noy uses this here.
    it actually only reflects so badly on the administration to need to do it

    1. Only goes to show that the Aquino “government” is already starting to fall.
      They can’t even hire smart propagandists, instead we get an uneducated twat like eduardo here.

      1. Exactly. They hire in their own image. Or is it that the position as advertised tends to turn off anyone with half a brain. Think about it since we can: taxpayer money going to trolls to attempt to disrupt perfectly legal and healthy discussion. Who in their right, moral mind would want to work with an organization like that? Hence we get that knob Eduardo/ Fishball/ Vicente/ or whatever name . Name changes but style and stench do not.

  8. you are issuing warnings on this site!
    i dont think uneducated nobodies count for anything.

    but you have made a good case not to vote p-noy slate, even though you are not bright enough to realise it.

    bring on the next eduardo.
    this one is too dumb and easy to dismiss
    at least the last one was funny

  9. eduardo “obama is America and America is Obama”

    that is so crass it could only be said by someone who has never been out of their barangay and is an insult to americans.
    epic fail on all counts
    dont think about a career in diplomacy – or propaganda. you are sh!t at both

  10. why does p-noy wear yellow.

    to match the color of his blood.

    how can you tell apart the men and boys in malacanan

    with a crowbar

  11. You can see here that Gogs shows that dynasties tend to be consistent. It can be a problem or a blessing.

    In the examples abroad, use of family members abroad is a good thing. They’re consistent.

    In the Philippines, they just preserve the status quo and bring no change. They’re consistent.

    Dynasties only reflect the VACUOUSNESS of the society they are in.

  12. totally off topic but joke friend just email me.
    some light relief after eduardo.
    those who have been to europe will appreciate more.

  13. There was a Frenchman, an Englishman and Claudia Schiffer sitting
    together in a carriage in a train going through Provence. Suddenly
    the train went through a tunnel and as it was an old style train,
    there were no lights in the carriages and it went completely dark.
    Then there was a kissing noise and the sound of a really loud slap.
    When the train came out of the tunnel, Claudia Schiffer and the
    Englishman were sitting as if nothing had happened and the
    Frenchman had his hand against his face as if he had been slapped
    there. The Frenchman was thinking: ‘The English fella must have
    kissed Claudia Schiffer and she missed him and slapped me
    instead.’ Claudia Schiffer was thinking: ‘The French fella must have
    tried to kiss me and actually kissed the Englishman and got slapped
    for it.’ And the Englishman was thinking: ‘This is great. The next
    time the train goes through a tunnel I’ll make another kissing noise
    and slap that French bastard again.’

    1. Nice one.
      Got one for you
      What is the difference between Air France and the French Air Force?
      Air France killed 100 Germans.

    2. Hilarious! 😀

      This one will probably remind you of eduardo though:

      When I was young I wanted to go to a medical school, but I was confused by the entrance exam.

      One of the questions was, “Rearrange the letters P N E S I to spell an important part of the human body that is more useful when erect.”

      Those who spelled SPINE became doctors.

      The rest ended up in Congress.

      1. nice
        last one bashing the french.
        have house there and love it really!

        How do you get a French waiter’s attention?

        Start ordering in German.

        How do you know you have been robbed by a frenchman?

        The garbage is gone, and the dog is pregnant.

    3. Ahhh, I love English-French jokes, like that mechanical french hater bit from the Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

  14. If she wins…I guess I should try running for senate or whatever government position too. LOL.

    After all, you don’t really need that much qualifications to get in, I’ll treat it as my on the job training. 😀

    Seriously though, I’m already starting to feel depressed with all the bs with regards to the elections…:(

    1. Don’t feel depressed, mate.

      This one I just got in my inbox (purporting to have originated from Sen. Miriam Santiago):

      Q: Why is the campaign period scheduled during summer?

      A: Because this is the time the true nature of politicians is exposed. Kung matunaw sila sa init, ibig sabihin plastic sila. Kung masunog sila sa araw, ibig sabihin mapapel sila. At kung mahilig silang magbilad sa araw, malamang buwaya sila.

  15. To those trying to piss off at eduardo aka Vincenzo Arellano/fishball in this particular article,

    I don’t think eduardo is a dumb guy per se, that is, without content. But what I think of him is that of a morals-based guy, simply voting based on morals alone, since most of his usual sayings of Noynoy is about Noynoy’s morality, his family’s morality, or anyone else’s morality. In other words, I see him as a deontologist/means-based person, where the nature of the action is important. In this context, he will vote for whoever is moral, regardless of practicality, since morals are important to the deontologist.

    BTW, that emphasis on family and last name politics has been considered morally good in the Philippines. With family emphasis an influence of Confucianism and supplemented with family emphasis on politics that borders on nepotism via Christianity(God the Father and the Son Jesus, anyone?) Filipinos get that culture that family is more important than those who are able(nepotistic in nature), and it became deeply ingrained in Philippine politics.

    That Confucianist-Christian style of doing society and politics altogether has been failing the country and yet eduardo is still emphasizing its usefulness despite its obvious uselessness, due to his emphasis on what is moral rather than what is practical.

    1. Unfortunately, as proven in Philippine history, a “moral” perspective of government hasn’t exactly brought about a “moral” transformation of government.

      1. Actually there was, only that it was negative – that the Filipinos view that questioning the government(including its family members) is equivalent to questioning God and His Family which leads to going to hell(perhaps a connection between Christianity and Statism). Such fear of questioning superiors is also very Confucian, so the Christian-Statist notion mentioned mixed with the Confucian attitude seems to be a match made in hell. That is why we have people who prefer to be sheep – they all follow the ways of the transcendental, neglecting what is mundane – leading to the breakdown of the State. The point is, what is the use of such transcendental ways? For a Christian, what is the use of salvation? Just a ticket to heaven and that’s it – it is not useful to the State whatsoever. As such, the State should focus on what is PRACTICAL, not moral – what is useful for its everyday survival, not for its showing off for just a one trick pony.

  16. As a taxpayer, I just one someone qualified to run for the position. It’s as simple as that. If a person has no experience on doing something, why would you EVEN consider that person?

    Example: Would you hire a fishball vendor for 10 years to do Accounting or Engineering work?

    Of course not! Tanga lang ang gumagawa nun.

    ‘Nuff said.

    1. This is the Philippines. The Binays and the Aquinos do it because they can. They can because the public lets them. What does that say about the public?? PROUD TO BE PINOY !!!

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