Real promise or political stunt? Kris Aquino ‘retires’ from showbiz again

kris_aquinoPresidential sister Kris Aquino surprised everyone Thursday night when she reportedly announced on ABS-CBN “news” program TV Patrol that she will be “resigning” from showbiz…

During a live interview with “TV Patrol,” an emotional Aquino told anchor Ted Failon that she must do what’s best for her son, James “Bimby” Yap Jr., even if it means sacrificing her lucrative career.

“I’m giving up my shows. Hindi ko sinasabi ‘yan just so that I can say na I’m the one making the bigger sacrifice. Tinatalikuran ko ang mundo na kinilala ko na bumuhay sa akin dahil higit doon sa karera ko, mas mahal ko ang anak ko,” she said.

Aquino currently has three shows on ABS-CBN: the morning talk show “KrisTV,” the primetime drama series “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” and the talent search “Pilipinas Got Talent,” where she sits as a judge.

Aquino explained that she wants to be able to tell her son when he grows up that she did everything for his sake.

Included amongst the surprised people, it seems, were characters one would expect would be the least surprised: “My sisters don’t know that this is what I was going to say. My lawyer doesn’t know that this is what I was going to say…” As to how long Kris Aquino will be taking leave from showbiz? Well, it is always handy to include an escape clause in one’s fits of drama: “I don’t know. I can’t speak about forever, I can speak about what’s best for my son…” As such, it really depends on Kris’s concept of exactly how long is “forever”.

The whole drama erupted after a domestic row with Aquino’s estranged husband James Yap that led to a nasty legal battle over visitation rights to their son Bimby following allegations of “psychological” abuse perpetrated by Yap against mother and son. A temporary protection order (TPO) has since been granted by a court in favour of Aquino. The order has a validity period of 30 days, but Aquino legal counsel Frank Chavez will be petitioning the court to make the order permanent.

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The influence Kris wields over an electorate renowned for their beholdenness to celebrity over substance in political platform is legendary. As such, the timing of these spectacles is suspect.

This latest of media frenzies surrounding Kris comes at a time when polticians and their bankrollers are turning the heat up on the campaign effort to bag a lucrative seat in the Philippines Senate in the May 2013 elections. The Aquino clan is seemingly under intense pressure to seize control of as many branches and agencies of the Philippine government as possible to progress its goal of securing Hacienda Luisita from subjection to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

Back in 2010, just as then candidate Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III was set to ascend the Philippine presidency, another media circus also errupted over a war of words between Kris and showbiz honcho Annabelle Rama and her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez. As that showbiz crisis raged, Kris also “promised” to retire from showbiz and leave the country.

39 Replies to “Real promise or political stunt? Kris Aquino ‘retires’ from showbiz again”

  1. Queen of trailer trash kris aquino should be forced to go on a parenting course. Her behaviour is so disgusting on so many levels. Dad dump and then baby grab, and not for the first time. No wonder the aquinos raise gays – no fathers in childrens life.

    Kris wants ‘baby bimby’ to be called aquino, not yap – mainly to keep the political dynasty going and for the brand to keep bringing in the money, and is resorting to any underhand means.

    ‘ ex husband tried to rape me whilst son in room, but superhero 5 year old stopped him and told him to leave’

    With the press in her pocket a demonisation process based on a bad telenovela begins.

    And after the orchestrated tv blitz kris aquino is today getting a gag order on james yap so only she has had her say!

    It all shows how deceitful and calculating the aquino’s are, even exploiting a 5 year old and trying to make him hate his father! – how despicable is that.bimby james will end up a nut job just like his mother and uncle p-noy. And naturally lots of tears and sympathy for the masses to feast upon. No sense of style or decorum in this tacky family. They make snooki and the jersey shore crowd seem sophisticated.

    Kris aquino wins bad mother of the year, again.
    And no doubt her ‘exile’ from tv will be short lived. She needs it more than we need her.

    This Be the Verse
    They f!#k you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
    They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.
    But they were f!#ked up in their turn
    By fools in old-style hats and coats,
    Who half the time were soppy-stern
    And half at one another’s throats.
    Man hands on misery to man.
    It deepens like a coastal shelf.
    Get out as early as you can,
    And don’t have any kids yourself.


  2. Tor rated na naman pala ang telenovela ni Kris Aquino. Well gaya ng sinasabi dito lagi: “Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.”

  3. To try and deprive a child of his father for selfish reasons, and by using underhand methods and lies, warrants a special place in hell, next to child abusers.

    To use a child as a bargaining tool and for emotional blackmail warrants a special place in a psychiatric clinic, next to those with narcissistic and borderline personality disorder.

    Kris aquino needs serious help. Such people damage lives without a second thought and certainly have no genuine empathy, simply temper tantrums when they do not get their own way.

    And just like alcoholics they become skilled at lying and manipulation. It becomes their stock in trade.

    1. Consider this: Kris Aquino had every intention of taking her son by James Yap from the start. Based on her behavior, it seems every relationship this bimbo has had was with the express purpose of breeding and perpetuating the Aquino line. Nothing more nor less.

      1. Dapat lumayo na si James kay Kris. Napanood ko ang interview niya sa TV Patrol at naramdaman ko mas tama si Kris.

        1. I don’t buy all the drama crap Kris is doing right now. 13 years ago, she did that to Joey Marquez.

          Same old sh*t as they say…

        2. Halatang halata na pinagsamantalahan ni Kristeta yung pagkakataon upang makapaghiganti kay James. Ginamit pa yun bata sa kalokohan niya …tsk tsk tsk.

        3. Kris Aquino has no credibility.
          The SLUT practically admitted on public television that she has STD and you still believe her?
          You really have no brains eduardo just like the gullible and insane people that would believe her.

          Kahit na yan ang isyu ngayon, hindi parin namin papalampasin ang kapalpakan ng presidente mo sa sabah.
          Don’t even think that we would forget that easily you stupid sack of shit.

        4. just to let you know, james is so over kris, I met his girlfriend and they are happy. Of course, one of Kris victim naman, nadala sa iyak2 nya..come on, wake up,

  4. Kris Aquino has no positive public credibility when it comes to marriage and sex-related matters.

    It could be vividly remembered here scandal with Joey Marquez.

    She even had the guts to reveal to the public before that she “goes around naked inside her house.” Not so pervert, huh?

    She shows how a good actress she is though. And calloused enough to brag about the remaining three years term of her brother to scare the hell from James Yap.

    Here sisters without qualm showed their mindless support for their sister perhaps despite of the real truth about the situation.

    I think this goes with their family culture. “Complacency” with the oppressor who are close to them. Just like their brother who demonstrated his lack of straight and decisive leadership principles even during his campaign time speeches and answers to media questions.

    With the current political culture in the country she can be a fitting politician – very good at distorting the truth, and fabricating lies.

  5. My advice to James Yap – Get the hell out of Kris and her family as quickly as you can!

    The longer you linger even for the reason that you’re fighting for your son, the deeper you’ll be buried in their distorted and schizophrenic culture.

    Get out quickly for you to have the chance to fight back for the next appropriate time.

    I think that would not be considered as irresponsible and cowardice. But fighting now is just foolishness.

    1. No, dapat panagutin si James sa pagkakasala nya sa presidential sister. Marami ang nalulungkot na magreresign na siya sa showbiz.

      1. eachhisown has a point. I pity you because it seems you worship her as a demigod.

        She’s resigning in showbiz? I’m happy. And I hope that it will be for good. You love whores, admit it. 😛

        1. I doubt though, that she is quitting for good…ilang beses na niya ba sinabi yan…she quit for like three weeks after the Joey Marquez brouhaha…then she promised to leave again if her Brother wins…then recently she said she would just keep things private and let PNoy focus on National Issues….all of these, all lies…Kris Aquino is made for Showbiz…she would DIE if she goes quiet…it’s not her thing…

        2. I doubt though, that she is quitting for good…ilang beses na niya ba sinabi yan…she quit for like three weeks after the Joey Marquez brouhaha…then she promised to leave again if her Brother wins…then recently she said she would just keep things private and let PNoy focus on National Issues….all of these, all lies…Kris Aquino is made for Showbiz…she would DIE if she goes quiet…limelight to her is like blood to a vampire…she cannot live without it..

      2. Check out Histrionic disorder. The problem with you people is that you listen to her drama.hahah..Kris was so right when she said: isang iyak ko lang maniwala na lahat sa akin..hahah…try spending a day with her or week and you’ll see…I’d rather waltz with Imelda Marcos than listen to the cries of the Aquino sisters…They’re pathetic

  6. It’s really funny yet relieving that the Twitterverse is still unsympathetic on Kris Aquino’s actions. This is my favorite:

    “kung makikisimpatya ako kay kris aquino, maayos ba ang gulo sa Sabah? lalaki ba yung budget for education? magkakaboypren ba ko?”

    1. Too bad for gullible folks like eduardo that the aquino’s brainwashin is already wearing off.
      The lack(or total lack of) sympathy for kris’s actions further proves the fact that more and more people are losing their trust in the aquinos.

      Be afraid edurardo…..
      Be VERY afraid….

  7. well, as always. kris aquino is rattling the cage so the attention of the Filipinos will be diverted again to all her nonsense and away from kuya bulls*it benidiot.

    1. Unfortunately for her and the yellowtards, it seems to be having very little effect since the people still want to know what’s happening in sabah and what government actions(or lack thereof) will be done to ease the escalating issue.

  8. Kris aquino says james yap tried to rape her.
    Chiz escudero says he is not an alcoholic
    And its not even all fools day yet

  9. and even if she does leave showbiz for good (hopefully), will it be any different? i mean, c’mon, it’s not like showbiz or the world for that matter would stop once her idiocy cease from airing or seen in tv.

    1. If ever she leaves it will never for good, I bet you.

      She can’t afford losing her millions of income. She even advocates to have her son in whatever product endorsements she can grab.

      She will surely come back. And just like the the kind of pile of stinking manure that all political clans would say – “due to the demand of the public who loves her so much, blah, blah, blah…

      I think whatever Kris’s and her (supporting actress) sisters stunts would do some more is part of a diversion to distract the public’s focus away from the Sabah conflict which their brother is currently entangled with.

      Most Filipinos are very easily distracted and prefers to watch s**t-full of telenovelas and tinker with cellphones rather than focus on issues that would liberate them from their squalid living conditions.

  10. this site among others still fell for the trap… negative or positive man ang reaction nyo… pinansin nyo pa rin… na distract pa rin kayo


    so the best way to get it over with is to ignore it

    stupid sheeps

  11. The kids needs to be taken away from Kris because everyone knows that she’s an unfit mother. She is too narcissistic and I doubt she even love her children. From what I see, hindi niya mahal ang mga anak niya. Kailangan kunin ng DSWD yung bata o kaya lumaban si James Yap at siya na ang magpalaki sa bata mismo. Masyadong isip bata si Kris. Naaawa ako sa anak niya.

    1. I have dealt with so many people like kris aquino in psychiatric clinic.
      You are right – too narcissistic and self-centred to have genuine love and real emotions or fulfilling adult relationships, and are always protesting their love for their children as though trying to convince themselves as much as the public, whilst in reality simply raising a future psychological mess.
      Kris aquino’s children have the worst to come and will pay a heavy price in their adult life.
      When you cannot manage or control adult relationships you fall back on controlling your children and smother them to the point of suffocation. Even more damaging when the mother does this to boys with no father figure in their life.

  12. penetrated by an unknown group.
    Not the first time that has happened to her.
    She has more chips on her shoulder than a branch of mcdonalds, and like the fast food outlet she is ‘open’ 24/7, you get change from 100 pesos, but risk being sick afterwards.

  13. According to the Columbus Dispatch Daily of Ohio, USA 33% of men engage in gossip every day compared to 26% of women. That 80% of their conversation involves gossiping they call networking or men bantering.

    Social media with its great intent and purpose has become the outlet on distorted views and opinions from modern day court jesters. But the beauty of this modern day phenomenon is that nobody is held accountable until somebody decides enough is enough.

    1. What are you implying about the President’s sister?? She is a role model of virtue and good breeding. OK scrap the adjectives and just leave the verb.

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