Outraged Over Carlos Celdran’s Foul Mouthed Antics?

Active and retired friends in news media couldn’t help but share their thoughts on Carlos Celdran’s rather uncouth behavior towards Henry Sy and his family — the owners of the SM malls and realty development companies.

Apparently, Celdran mouthed off on the Sys after mistakenly thinking that SM would be tearing down the Philamlife Building and the theater inside it.

In a status update about four days ago, Carlos unleashed rather unsavory language against the entire Sy family:

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carlos celdran says fuck you henry sy


SM will try to convince Olivier Ochanine of the PPO on Wednesday that they are committed to building a “state of the art venue” at the Philamlife Hall. CONFIRMED. They are tearing down Philamlife. And of course you know “State of the Art” means CHEAP, UGLY, BADUY architecture in place of a half century old classic. Seriously. FUCK you, Sy Family. FUCK YOU. #FuckYouOfTheDay

Posted by Carlos Celdran on March 18, 2013

And then, when people appealed to Celdran to stop using cuss words against the Sy Family, this is what he had to say:



For those who say leave the SY Family alone, I say “OF COURSE NOT!” It is a FAMILY business. THEY are directly connected to this cultural crime. AND THEY are not not only guility of destroying Philamlife Theater, their damage to Baguio, Tagaytay, and their demolition of Leandro Locsin’s Benguet Center in Ortigas does NOT let them off the hook at any time soon. All I’m saying that they’re fucking clueless, greedy, and baduy. And we’re just letting folks know that. It’s the LEAST that WE – the AFFECTED public deserve to do. Bilyonaryo na, kelangang bigyan pa sila ng awa? #fuckyouoftheday

Posted by Carlos Celdran on March 19, 2013

As if that weren’t enough (or perhaps thinking that not enough people gave him attention), Celdran posed for a picture in front of the Philamlife Building with a handwritten sign.

Fuck You SM Carlos Celdran

I don’t know if this has anything to do with his being an ambassador for FRIEDRICH NAUMANN FOUNDATION FOR FREEDOM or if his being such gives him license for libelous behavior online, but a number of people who follow him on Facebook and Twitter found his antics disgusting.  I checked the FNF website, nothing in there says uncouth behavior should be the default mode of fighting for the freedoms it articulated.

ambassador for freedomI think Friedrich Nauman Foundation should clarify their Terms of Reference with Celdran or come out with a statement if they actually sanction libelous behavior.  With Philippine German relations being somewhat cold as it is, I don’t think a German organization should encourage Celdran in behavior that might strain relations further.

Some said that Celdran’s behavior is completely unnecessary and some thought that he was merely throwing a fit after being somewhat overshadowed by Chiz/Heart brouhaha or the Kris/James fight.

Anyway, on the profile of his Twitter account, Celdran claims to be a “cultural activist” and if so, one really wonders what kind of culture is active in him? Gutter trash culture?

Whatever it is, Celdran seems to be proud of it and even crowed that the picture above got around 800 shares in an hour.  But that certainly didn’t impress everyone.

JP Fenix, who belongs to the same circle of people as Bart Guingona, Jim Paredes, Lory Tan, and others in P@P, had much to say about Celdran:

Perhaps Carlos Celdran should rethink his tactics.As the saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

In fact, even the Bible speaks of this better alternative in tackling causes and people relations. In Proverbs 16:24 it says “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

I’m sure Carlos will bring his cause to new heights.

The online provocateur, Atanacio Salvador had this to say about Celdran:

Who on earth does this Carlos Celdran think he is? Just because he has gained some celebrity status — through notoriety, mind you — he thinks it gives him license to be an asshole. If you think that his ranting and raving has helped in the democracy we live in and the freedoms we enjoy, think again. His brand of activism is exactly the reason why many people find the creation of those unjust libel provisions of the anti-cybercrime law necessary.

It’s like when Ferdinand Marcos declared matrial law in 1972, people actually loved the instant imposition of peace and order because of the widespread chaos prevailing in the streets. While the activists then had the best intentions in their minds and hearts, the hooliganism gave it a nasty face. Ordinary folk were, to say the least, inconvenienced by all the trouble and inconvenience of riots and street violence.

No matter how you look at it, capitalists like SMDC give the rest of the ordinary folk jobs, opportunities and lievlihoods. What have you done for them lately? Your bitchin — another word for your ART — gets all of us nowhere.

Remember, to this point SMDC has not revealed any plans on what to do with the property yet and has in fact expressed that it is open to suggestions.

Celdran, maybe you’re really courting more legal problems, considering you have already been convicted of a crime that carries jail time. Maybe you want more jail time? I’m not surprised — you wanting to have more shower time with the tattood boys in the barracks. I bet you’ll drop your soap every so often.


Maybe while you’re at it, you can take your blog buddy Ivan Henares with you. he’s so starved for attention he’s mimicking your moves. Perhaps it’s a result of his U.P. days when nobody would give him the time of day.

You two belong together.

75 Replies to “Outraged Over Carlos Celdran’s Foul Mouthed Antics?”

  1. I’ll never understand how being the “rebel” is considered cool. Glad to know that even most people can’t stand Celdran.

  2. This is no outrage fad. The outrage is well-placed. Celdran uses crassness to make a statement. But crassness often makes a bad statement.

    But what’s worse is “kuryente,” the local journalistic term for getting wrong information and airing it. Even if you’re not a journalist, spreading the wrong information is a deadly shame. It’s tantamount to spreading g a lie. Saying that SM will demolish the Philamlife Theatre for sure, despite SM saying it was never confirmed, is quite the case.

    Who knows if that campaign against SM is paid spin.

  3. I am a musician. ever since I was a kid, the auditorium was a home to me and many others. The Philippine Madrigal Singers and its network of choirs, various dance and theatre companies, and even orchestras call this place home. However, though we all do not want it torn down, you dont see us posting such petty and cheap comments. Mr Celdran is smart. He thinks, thats a fact. The problem is, he doesnt think of what he says. This is like a toddler trying not to breath during a tantrum. He speaks well yet thats all he can say? Being the rebel, or better yet, the immature brat, will not get your message through the way it should.

    1. On the contrary he did get his message through, in fact Henry Sy is now considering to keep the theater. Although I won’t give Carlos the sole credit

      1. You can say the same thing for politicians: They did manage to get elected. Many of them do on the back of no-substance slogans and promises they do not plan to keep. The end justifies the means, right? In the meantime who is the loser? People who continue to lack any thinking skills as a result of all the dumbed-down messages that bombard their brains coming from politicians and activists alike.

  4. I like this guy he is what’s right in the Philippines.

    SM malls suck all to shit, their grocery stores suck beyond belief same old shit different spot nothing imported, try to find corn meal, corn flour, real American hot dogs, black beans in huge quantity in any mall or grocery store in the Philippines good luck, China isn’t in to “Corn” other than mini corns for stir frying. How about the politicians they get their money from this crooked family and the mega condo and housing developers all Chinese controlled with a token Philippine man as head dummy in charge.

    China owns the Philippines, China doesn’t have to take over what they already own and make money off of, who doesn’t know that? might as well start learning Chinese because the US ain’t gonna stop them from taking over this entire area, once the US developes alternate energy sources and their on their way with the 3D battery, they won’t worry about the vast oil deposits there anymore.

    Philippine citizens should congratulate this man for bringing to light what’s going on here.

    1. You’re just blaming the SY family because they are Chinese. Your comment shows your irrelevance and ignorance.

    2. Yes, you are correct. I do not like the guy Celdran, he looks like an idiot in that hat, but he is not wrong. the country is screwed, and gettng worse by the hour. There really is no hope for it, especially when a guy like this gets harangued for cursing. Too bad he is not in a position of power, he might be able to actually reverse the sorry-ass tide the country is being washed out to sea in.

    3. The problem isn’t that the Chinese are getting rich, it’s that Pinoys don’t know how to get rich.

      If you give the average Pinoy a million bucks, it’ll soon be all spent and dissipated.

      1. The average pinoy doesn’t know how to save. If they are given a million bucks they would give it away to family and friends rather than save it in the bank. Even their hard earned savings goes down the drain because they way they spend their money.

      2. I dont think so, i’ve been to 3 carlos celdran tours and i belive it’s one of those activities to recommend to tourists.. About preservation of cultural landmarks, im one of his strong supporters. People like you are just insecure.

      3. So, what is your plan yo help this people again? I dont see any point of your blog to share your thoughts about it, all you can say is “the average filipino will do this and that… ” but no proactive suggestions or moreover, actions. Too bad, you are just a mediocre writer… And suspectingly, PAID. Tsk tsk. This is a shame on blogging.

        1. Mediocrity lies in Filipinos’ inability to imagine solutions given a clear articulation of the issues. The trouble with Pinoys such as this fine specimen you represent is that all they do is look up to the sky mouths agape waiting for “solutions” to fall from the sky (or from brilliant people like us). This is the reason Pinoys are so addicted to blaming their leaders — because they themselves lack the brain power to help themselves and find in their politicians and leaders convenient scapegoats on which to pin the imagined causes of their wretchedness.

          Tragic that you’d use the handle “ProPinoy” as your manner of eliciting responses from the author merely reflects the stunted mind of the typical Pinoy schmoe.

      1. Not in this case? How is this article any different? I don’t see the difference. A “not in this case” does not cut it.

        1. So Paul, why write then if you don’t have the integrity to explain. Hahaha! You’re a small minded trip.

    1. We’re not talking about people. We’re talking about how being crass and disrespectful are not part of a real advocacy.

  5. No, The guy is a douchbag, the ‘elites’ of the country are even worse. The corporate elite’s are smothering the working class. They refuse to pay a reasonable wage and are getting richer as the country sinks further into poverty, misery etc, etc, etc as each minute passes. The guy is a douchbag, no doubt, but do not let your underwear get in a bunch over a few curse’s, that is what old ladies/bitches do.

    1. It’s not really about his cursing and all. Problem is that douches like this have a larger share of voice and they ought to be called to task for inflicting their banal sense of right/wrong on susceptible people.

      1. I did not read the whole article BUT BUT BUT if,as you say, it is not about his cursing: then why is the title of the essay “Outraged……over ….foul-mouthed antics?”. I mean, dude, it is right there in the title.
        Called to task for influencing susceptible people? C’mon mon,If people are too dumb to discern what is said into right or wrong, it is no ones fault but their own. It could be said that you are doing the same thing?
        I actually do not like the guy, him and his idiotic hat, but he has a point. Sometimes people understand only one thing, a G.F.B.!

  6. The guy is an activist. The Sy family are full of greed. Chinese are now taking over the buildings. They owned the biggest landholdings, like the Cojuangco. They owned the biggest businesses. They are in politics. Soon, we will be a Province of China. Learn Mandarin now.

    1. It’s more likely that the Philippines will infect China with fliptardness.

      In my High School, teachers ran an experiment wherein the rowdiest kid was put together with the brightest and most well behaved kids in order to see if he’d imbibe good behavior.

      In a span of one quarter of the school year, the grades of the brightest and most well behaved kids plummeted by an average of 5 points. Moreover, a number of kids were suspended for drinking Tanduay ESQ in class which the rowdy kid brought.

      I’d say Fliptardness will save the day for Filipinos.

      1. Typical pinoys will rejoice when other cultures assimilate their qualities. Many described here in the many GRP blogs. And of course they will all be beaming with pride. Proud to be PINOY!!!!!!

      2. you know what mr. farol..youre mouth is full of non-sense..youre a hypocrite.defender of the SM owners..kc binyaran ka ata..cge ang depensa mo sa kanila..This time mr. celdran is right and you know what youre doing? you just keep on depending the wrong people.

        1. I agree! Atleast somebody had the balls to say the “F” word straight at Sy’s face! Mr. Farol is a paid dude for the billionaires. Why bother arguing with him?

  7. He is so annoying nowadays, I unfollow him on twitter and unlike his facebook account. I noticed that most of his posts are irrelevant to change our society for good but he’s provoking our youth to become his mini-me a ‘douchebag’

  8. to mr. farol..pls stop defending the SM owners..for the past days youve been writing all these BS that turns out just like a defender of said people. magkano ba binayad sau ng mga SM owners na yan..wala ka na bang ma-isulat na iba?

  9. Farol..depender of the SM owners..Mr Celdran is correct this time..I wonder why this farol guy keep on depending them..

  10. @ Paul Farol

    It takes a certain personality to be an effective activist. Carlos Celdran, I would say is that prototype. Now that he got the attention of SM management on the Philamlife Building issue, I think he should step up his act further and challenge SM management to find ways for SM to truly give back to a country that have supported not only the SY family, the Tantoco’s, the Ayala’s and others to support the Philippines poor and deserving students through college so that incidents like the UP student suicide does not happen again.

    Most people do not know that Manny Pacquiao, Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Arnel Pineda, Rep. Amado Bagatsing of the 5th Dist. of Manila have scholarship funds for deserving students. I think most members of Congress have their own scholarship funds. Students need to check out these information months before school semester starts to get into the program.

    Celdran is certainly not a hero but he is absolutely doing a great service to the community.

    1. Mr. Farol would not even lift a finger to condemn SM if they destroy the environment building CHEAP condos! Baka naman may unit na syang binigay ni Mr. Sy kaya in defense sya palagi at isisi kay Mr. Celdran ang lahat and accuse him as “bastos”. Bastos na kung bastos…..we need a Big bastos to confront a BIGGER BASTOS like SM (SY).

      1. I concur!
        Youve gone so far this time Mr. Farol..youre writings of comments here does not help. Im surprise to hear from you such BS..You know what? since I started reading all the blogs and comments here, I was very glad that I found this site coz it totally shared my views in life..I love the way Mr. Benigno, Ilda and the rest(chinoF, fallen angel) express their thoughts. since then and up to now..I enjoy just reading all their writings, In fact I have tons already of their writings downloaded and kept in a folder for later reading once Im at sea(Yes Im a seaman, Master mariner). I can say that i belong in this flock..But once you came into the picture..Sorry to put you in this category anjustly, But i have to say this…I AM GRAVELY DISGUSTED ON HOW THE WAY YOU HANDLE IN TERMS OF YOUR WRITINGS ON THE SM issue. Again Im not a fun of Mr. Celdran either..But in my humble opinion..he was totally correct this time and you are making a fool of youre self, albeight making yourself STUPID by re-acting to his stunt this time..

    2. How do you expect people to develop an intelligent regard for the way they suss out and evaluate their politicians and the issues that plague the nation if we have activists like these who encourage them to gawk at their colourful costumes, outlandish spectacles and circus sideshow acts? Next time you criticise a politician for dancing and singing on the campaign trail, look back at activists like these who themselves embody that very trait we detest in politicians and think about whether or not they are instilling the right ways of thinking in the starstruck folk who mindlessly follow them.

      It seems when things happen to be convenient for us, we are willing to lower the bar of the standards of decency we apply and the principles we presume to pontificate about. “Bastos kung bastos” nga ba? Well, then there you go. Bastos when convenient breeds all around kabastosan, just like the way jeepneys were once convenient but have now turned into a PERMANENT reminder of just how idiotic and lacking in imagination Pinoys are.

      Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw… 😀

      1. hmmmn. funny..but youre correct in every sense mr. benigno..but quoting ms. Ilda..”In life, things are not always what they seem”. Well it seems that in adressing such issues we have to outsource the intelligent way as you were saaying..Well then, what is the intelligent way noww..do you think all issues can be resolve thru intelligent means, I think on this issue, this people(SM) will not listen to intelligent people, coz they are too greedy and they have the right tools to bend whatever intelligent means to convince them to play squarely. I guess “In life Intelligence is not all above things”. Practicality and reality is the end game..Thank you.

      2. @pogi: Indeed. As I said in my recent article on Kris Aquino’s plan to run for governor of Tarlac, the amounts of money at stake are enormous — big enough to trump any desire both on the part of the politicians and the people who swing from one side to another to really give a hoot of what is the “intelligent” or “logical” way forward. Intelligent discourse is just too hard and too much of a bore for the ordinary schmoe — which is where shock-activists get their power, by presenting the issues using the same approaches politicians do, through spectacle, circus acts, no-substance symbolism, and clever catchphrases.

        Ultimately they are all the same, just on different sides, but the same in essence in the way they ommunicate.

        1. [Ultimately they are all the same, just on different sides, but the same in essence in the way they ommunicate.]

          Perhaps, but ultimately the essence of what they’re fighting for matters the most. Carlos Celdran may be criticized or despised for giving the church and SM the finger, but let’s be honest here, he made everyone aware of issues people tend to purposely ignore and would rather gossip over who Kris Aquino is banging next.

        2. Lemme get this straight Paul Farol. You condemn Carlos Celdran for his method of protesting and turn a blind eye to the impending doom of the Philam life theater? Lol

        3. Athena: the point ultimately is that though Celdran is about raising awareness, there really is nothing more that he and other pop activists would WANT to do after raising awareness. He got the ball rolling, but his very actions are letting people doubt about what they should do next.

          And Paul Farol already highlighted in a previous article that there really was no need for Celdran to go all potty mouth about the Philamlife Center, when a much more dignified suggestion from an unlikely source might already save that building, anyway:


          If Celdran truly is the activist that he claims to be, giving flak to the Church and SM and all, then he should have just sucked it up and spend time in jail like those who truly deserve to be activists.

        4. Thanks benigno. I understand..you still have my admiration the way you handle commenters here. BTW, I also like hyden toros comments.. he’s so realistic.
          Are you a robot or something? and Im not a troll pendiho..get a life, OK.

  11. I don’t like the way celdran do his protests but i have to say he is quite effective..he got the attention of everyone when he did the damaso stunt…i have found this blog site full of insightful articles (which i recommend to everyone) because of him…i think you are worried about his influence to his followers but i think it’s in every filipino dna to enjoy being part of a revolution (blame the media) and carlos is leading it…People chose to follow him and we cant do anything about it. Let’s be grateful that at least there are still people who cares about this country. Now going back to the issue I am no expert to assess why sm is doing this business but my hunch is that they will resurrect the place to build more opportunities to others.. Carlos and getreal are doing a great job influencing\educating people but id really like to see them both working together to further influence organizations like sm, ayala , govt etc which could make bigger differences.

  12. Wonder if this is Celdran’s philosophy: if you have an assumption, an “akala,” and if even if you haven’t confirmed if it is true, go ahead and attack people based on it.

    If that’s how it is, indeed “online discourse” has denigrated to moronism.

    1. Sometimes you can never get enough proof or there’s alway’s something missing usually all of the food in the house and of course the spouse’s family was in the house over the weekend on a love fest and bonding thing and many things are missing I have no proof but I am still going to blame them for stealing our goods, tools and electrical equipment along with other items, you don’t need proof anymore it’s in the pudding.

      1. It’s not always that way. I’m sure it’s not that way with the auditorium in this building in question.

        Besides, why cuss over a mere building?

  13. Here’s the thing. Aside from being a “celebrity” (which I really don’t consider him to be), Carlos Celdran is a Filipino. He’s an asshole to begin with. But the intelligent kind of asshole. That’s the kind of asshole our country needs. Whatever he is saying on his FB page or Twitter page is his freakin opinion. No point writing a whole article about it unless of course it was part of your job description. Take it with a grain of salt. You people react to the wrong things. The issue is not about Celdran here, really. It was the auditorium. I don’t like the cussing part but I cuss on my personal status too… who am I to judge? This post is just like that of a little boy whining because he hates the other boy who runs faster, jumps higher and smiles better. Don’t be that little boy.

    1. Mr Koyaai

      Whatever the blogger is saying is his “freakin opinion” as well.

      What makes you think Carlos is an “intelligent asshole”? Just remove the intelligent part and say he is simply an ASSHOLE.

    2. We have too many assholes already starting from the C-in-C. Don’t be a sheep.

      Don’t be a part of the butthurt critic group, oh sorry, freedom of speech group that Mr. Damaso claims to ‘respect’ other’s opinion, even if it doesn’t agree with his.

  14. Celdran cusses about a building made for the elite, while he doesn’t do the same about the very poor in the country who are eating pagpag. An ostrich with his head in the sand, some would say.

  15. Paul Farol is a paid hack who does demolition jobs ON anyone for pay or without. Paul leaked Benedict and Ilda’s photo to me through a fake account called Kristine Panlaqui. I have posted that photo on my facebook site. (Kristine Panlaqui has since been deactivated proving Paul’s guilt). Man. You have snakes in your ranks, GRP. Clean house guys! Clean your house!

    1. Hey damaso guy,

      You’re a real piece of work. It doesn’t matter who supplied whatever information to you. You failed the character test when you shared that information with your followers. Your intention was to shut Benign0 & Ilda up. What kind of a freedom of speech advocate are you? You’re a HYPOCRITE!

      Your followers proved that they’re nothing but lemmings. Naniwala kaagad sila na inaapi ka ng GRP. Ay sus! None of them asked for proof. Some of them haven’t even heard of GRP nor read any article from GRP but when you alleged that GRP is dedicated to writing libelous articles about you, they didn’t even stop to think that you were just making things up.

      Now you are alleging something else again without any proof. Is that base on a hunch or did someone whisper it to your ear?

      Here’s a famous line you should live by:

      “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

      1. Anong lemmings? Gerbils diba? hek hek hek

        Anyway, ano bang proof nitong si Carla Celdran sa mga pinagsasabi niya?

        Baka nakakalimutan niya na hindi ito gaya ng facebook page niya, kung saan kung ano ang isubo niya eh buong-buo na nilulunok ng mga ‘friends’ niya.


      2. Dude, what do you expect? The lame brain declared GRP dying then deleted the post. See my write up on it about two months ago. Not exactly dealing with a courageous one here are we?

    2. Celdran, you’re a real piece of work. First of all, none of that is true (we’re way ahead of you, genius), and would probably land a big libel suit in your lap if you were relevant enough to actually cause anyone any real harm with your sophomoric antics. You are the best argument there is for things like the cybercrime law, and Exhibit A for the strong and repeatedly proven argument that social media’s real-world impact is entirely self-referential and grossly overestimated.

      Personally, I don’t think you’re worth the bother for everyone to be discussing at all, to say nothing of the great volume that conversation has become, and I’ve said so. You’re a personality, not a topic. But whatever. You need to reflect on what you really are, not what you imagine yourself to be, because up until maybe 3 years ago, that was somebody that actually deserved the recognition you mistakenly imagine your vulgar clown act is worth now. I think you’ve exceeded your design tolerances, pal, and while the annoyance that is a consequence of that is easy to ignore, the disappointment in seeing someone with potential devolve into another shallow triumphalist blowhard is not.

    3. Do you want me to translate this in Tagalog?

      “and while the annoyance that is a consequence of that is easy to ignore, the disappointment in seeing someone with potential devolve into another shallow triumphalist blowhard is not.”

    4. Oy! Nagpapakalat ng text message si Carlos Celdran. Klarong-klaro na Sy Family ang sinabihan niya ng fuck you sa facebook niya, tapos dito deny-deny sya.:

      Dear Sy Family. It’s not personal. I know some of the younger SYs and they are awesome and cultured and cool. I know “talking can open doors and change minds” but I AM NOT The more powerful one here. You have billions of pesos, lawyers, and construction crews. I only have facebook. After the irreversible damage to Baguio, Tagaytay, Manila City Hall sightline and the demolition of Locsin’s classic Benguet Center, I have no reason to trust SM MANAGEMENT (note: I didn’t say family). But having said that. I am very open to a pleasant surprise. I really am.

    5. Youre absolutely right mann. This farol guy is a junky..I dont even like the way he present his profile pic here. mukhang hindi mapagkakatiwalaan talaga itsura..mukhang pero kayabangan lang ang alam neto…tsk tsk tsk..

  16. Its all about shock factor people. His words are meant to shock and provoke thought. It seems it worked. Even if they had no “solid” plan to demolish the building just a rumor should be enough to insight anger, oo? For those that say Henry Sy provides job, oo he does. They are very low paying and are they permanent or full time? I bet they are 6 month contracts. You know the 6 month contract system is being used by everyone to avoid paying full time benefits. I looked up the 6 month contract law and it says they are supposed to be used for short time high tech jobs. Like when you build an SM mall and you install their IT system or security system for example. But the Sy family use the 6 month contract for everything. So do most employers in PH. I am American with my asawa in Leyte so I do my best to educate myself on things that affect her life. When I leave how things are setup in PH to keep the poor poor it upsets me. I just wonder why it doesn’t upset other filipinos and filipinas.

    You may not like the way Carlos talks and speaks his mind but at least he has you talking about it. Maybe thats his whole plan.

    To whoever said there was a good side to martial law I dare you to say that to someone who lost a loved one during that time.

  17. Mr. Farol, what you done for your country lately? Let us say he’s doing it on a not so very nice way but at least he’s doing a very good service to the Filipino people by saving some cultural heritages that are still salvageable so our kids can enjoy it in the future. How can that be wrong? Do you think they would hear him and listen to him if he talk to them nicely? Oh well, your guess is as good as mine.

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