President Noynoy Aquino and opponents talk dirty while issues plaguing nation remain unresolved

It’s campaign season again in the Philippines. Senatorial and congressional candidates are gearing up for the big day in May this year. The Filipino people can expect more mudslinging among candidates and less talk about policies between now and Election Day. Those who still bother with what some say is a farce activity will be heading to the polls to vote for their “representatives” in government in a few months. Between now and then, bystanders will have to bear with the mind-numbing campaign jingles, which include subtle to blatant accusatory statements directed at political opponents.

Noynoy: In his element on the campaign trail rather than in the office

Noynoy: In his element on the campaign trail rather than in the office

Voters don’t really have much of a choice with regard to who to vote into vacant government seats every election. Candidates vying for positions in Congress include the usual suspects: has-been actors who aren’t even qualified or don’t even reside in the district they are running for; the sons, daughters, nephews, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, wives or husbands of congressmen and senators who are still sitting in Congress or who still hold positions in government.

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The same types of people coming from the same breed keep winning every election. One should already get the idea by now that most of the congressional bets won’t really represent the people when they get voted into office. This is true even when the candidate’s last name is Aquino or even when he kinda looks like a clone of the late Ninoy Aquino. The candidates will more likely represent themselves and their family’s vested interests. It’s all about keeping things in the family like in any arranged marriage. Never mind if the situation is starting to look like inbreeding, a reproductive approach said to produce half-wits. If you find that hard to believe, try to ask senatorial candidate Bam Aquino what he would do if he received a “bonus” from the Senate President once he becomes a senator.

When are politicians going to address the real issues?

When are politicians going to address the real issues?

It’s bad enough that voters don’t expect much from their representatives. What’s worse is that even the judiciary is in on the national swindle, dismissing a bid to compel the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to prohibit members of so-called political dynasties from running for national and local elective positions. The Supreme Court conveniently dismissed the petition without elaborating even when the law clearly stipulates “The state shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.”

Sadly, the members of the Supreme Court headed by the President’s school buddy, Chief Justice Sereno seemingly want to keep the status quo by allowing members of political clans to run the country to the ground. There’s little surprise in why ordinary people without political backing and campaign funds who could be more qualified and who could have the people’s best interest at heart have no chance at all of winning an election.

Quintessential Pinoy campaign: Erap para sa mahirap

Quintessential Pinoy campaign: Erap para sa mahirap

Of course while the candidates are campaigning, the gullible voters won’t even notice they are being duped. This is because aside from the voters being star-struck ignoramuses, the candidates are good at using public funds to buy voters, excellent at sweet-talking the masses into eating off the palms of their hands, and are experts at coming up with the catchiest slogans like “Sa UNA gaganda ang buhay”. Who can forget the slogan that won a former actor the Presidency? “Erap para sa mahirap” is still arguably the best one for sure. It has that last song syndrome effect among voters. This is evident in the fact that the former President and convicted plunderer, Joseph “Erap” Estrada almost won the Presidency again in the 2010 election. It’s very doubtful that “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap can achieve the same result for the Liberal Party, not when there is still corruption in government and not when the number of poor people continues to rise.

Like in every Philippine election, the country goes into fiesta mode during the campaign period and every politician switches into “sip-sip” gear in an effort to reach out to the electorate and hopefully catch their votes. Speaking of fiesta, President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino was in Cebu recently to attend the Sinulog Festival together with his party’s senatorial candidates. While in Cebu, the President could not help himself again and took the opportunity to lambast his political opponents in a speech at the opening of the Austral Philippines Shipyard Operations – an event where bringing up political issues is considered inappropriate by most normal people. You can trust President BS Aquino to use a microphone to his full advantage whenever he gets a hold of one.

President BS Aquino did not seem amused that members of the United Nationalist Alliance’s (UNA) political party are leading the campaign polls. In an effort to bring UNA down, he accused the party of being desperate enough to conduct early campaigning:

“Kailangan nating unawain siguro ’yung kabilang panig na mas marami silang kailangan pruwebahan kaysa sa amin,” said Aquino, who was in Cebu Wednesday for the opening of the Austral Philippines Shipyard Operations.

“They have to catch up so they have to—hence, the need to have all of these sorties at this point in time,” he added.

He said that while urging the public to vote for the administration’s bets. Talk about being hypocritical. UNA secretary, Toby Tianco found it amusing that President BS Aquino “would take issue with UNA’s supposed early campaigning during a political event organized by the LP and attended by some of the LP coalition candidates whom he asked the public to support.”

First, you just have to wonder why President BS Aquino keeps acting so unstatesmanlike. He’s the one who seems to appear desperate. If he’s really confident about their party’s ability to fool the public, why does he feel the need to enter into a mudslinging contest? Isn’t that kind of behavior unbecoming of a head of state? It most definitely is. Besides, he wouldn’t feel nervous about his party members’ chances of winning a seat in congress had he and his party mates not been accused of grave abuse of power particularly with their habit of removing public servants from their post without the application of due process.

Second, when it comes to early campaigning, no one can beat the Liberal Party because they’ve always been on campaign mode even long after winning the 2010 election. And just to recall, the Liberal Party was accused of blatant early campaigning at the expense of flood victims when the President, his actress sister, Kris Aquino and Liberal Party’s senatorial and congressional candidates – with most of them wearing the standard yellow shirts – boarded an open truck to “survey” the flood damage caused by torrential rains in August 2012.

[Photo and preceding caption courtesy Showbiz Government.]

President BS Aquino is determined to undermine his political opponents rather than advocating unity. The fact that his Vice-President Jejomar Binay belongs to UNA doesn’t stop him from putting the party down. He might as well say that he doesn’t trust Binay at all. He seems to think that members of the Liberal Party are God’s gift to the Filipino people.

While UNA and LP are accusing each other of early campaigning, one thing has been proven: politicians in the Philippines are basically all the same. No matter what political party they belong to, they are more loyal to their party mates than the voters. The only way to stop the bozos from being voted into office is to ask them what they intend to do once in office. In other words, ask them about their platform. Their slogans will only mean something if they can state in detail how they can provide the people with “magandang buhay” or how they will actually achieve getting rid of corruption. It’s a simple task that hardly any voter bothers to ask their candidate. If a candidate cannot answer the question without vilifying his/her opponent, he doesn’t deserve to be in public office.

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19 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino and opponents talk dirty while issues plaguing nation remain unresolved”

  1. It’s a really sad fact that our politicians prefer to campaign first than focus on the real issues at hand. What we need is a REAL leader that focuses on the issues, doesn’t bullshit around with blaming the past administrations
    , doesn’t wait for a week before going to disaster struck areas, never bringing along his/her platoon of stooges for early campaigning and he/she should have no questionable mental health issues. Sad thing is, what we got is the exact opposite of those traits that I have mentioned.

    Kawawang Pilipinas

    1. I forgot to mention that a desirable leader doesn’t need propagandists to make him/her look good and he/she definitely doesn’t need malacanang trolls to spread his/her propaganda if the president is REALLY performing.

      1. In the Pinas, its a necessity to have propagandists, for where else could the stupid zombies and lemmings get their latest survey results, infos, gossips, etc. to make them feel good about their sorry state.

    2. @Johnny Derp

      In other words, we need someone who is proactive and not merely reactive. PNoy comes across as all over the place because he just reacts to problems as they come up, which is why not much gets resolved.

      1. Yes, yes and definitely yes. Although 2016 is 3 years away, I think we should really take into consideration who we vote as the next pres

        1. Pinoys and consideration are rarely found together in a sentence. We are too emotional, knee jerk and rude. Before anyone whines at me take a look at any MRT rush hour or even non rush hour.

  2. I know p-noy likes to lead from the behind!, but he could at least try to pretend to be presidential.

    Oh, for a shred of decency, honesty, and integrity in any of them. They would make even lance armstrong look good.

    1. He isn’t even trying to be presidental. He is still stuck in campaign mode even after 3 years have already passed. With the way things are going, I highly doubt aquino will survive 2013 without shit hitting the fan.

    1. @Thomas

      PNoy is a good example of someone who is simply a result of good PR. The problem is, PR can only help you to a point. They can bring you to where you want to go but when you get there, you are on your own.

  3. When these candidates try to amuse you, to swindle your votes. You have to use your brain, if you have one. These politicians have thick skulls; that they are using the same tactics again. Promises are made, that our lives will be better; if they are elected. Once, elected:these politicians have their lives better. Our lives becomes worse. We are swindled again.
    Don’t be taken by the political Zarzuelas. Just be amused. Let them make fool of themselves.

  4. Ilda seems to realize these POS’s are all the same. Talking and criticizing will get the avg. Filipino nowhere. The time has truly come for something more, and what that more is I will not say in print. It won’t be pretty, will involve much suffering but will , ultimately, be necessary. REALLY, how much more ‘BS’ can one countries populace stand?
    Voting is for those who believe in the political process. In the Philippines that belief in the political process is long gone, long FUCKIN gone.

  5. Joe, the issue really in Philippine elections is that the more intelligent voters are vastly outnumbered by those who believe more on the cult of personalities and money that oils their campaign. I do not mean to disparage the poor because I belong to their group but don’t they number in the millions? So how can the handful of voters who believe more on issues cancel out the votes for the showbiz personalities? That’s why even if you boycott the elections which I have been doing for the past many years it will not make any dent at all in the outcome of elections.Add to this the introduction of automation which makes cheating all that much easier.

    1. @RFGarcia, Sorry Dude, I understand what you mean, but that is not the point I am making.
      Nowhere near the point I am making.
      Do you think Lito L. was corrupt before he became a Senator? Kill the King, long live the King OR, if ya don’t get that…..”Meet the new boss, same as the old Boss!”.
      It will take much more than an election to right the wrongs visited on ‘the people’, by the few.

    2. Amen to that RF.

      There was a time when the poor can’t just vote without consulting the elders of the community.

      Who are the elders of the community?

      They’re those people whom they trust.

      At least, these elders are giving them the choices.

      And when was the time they don’t do that anymore?

      After people’s power.

      Erap made it worst.

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