Experts say President Noynoy Aquino is part of the Philippines’ problem

Foreign and local experts in their studies of government and economy have confirmed what some of us have been saying all along: that President Benigno Simeon Aquino is part of Philippine society’s problem. In the gathering of intellectuals held recently, participants have agreed that the country’s weak institutions combined with public servants who act like warlords are to blame for why the country remains one of the world’s basketcases:

In a forum, experts on Wednesday said the answer lay in the country’s weak institutions, which were put up in reaction to Martial Law.

So if it were to become an economic powerhouse like South Korea, which went through a civil war, then the Philippines should strengthen its institutions first so that development doesn’t depend on whoever is president, the experts said.

During the forum, James Robinson, a professor of government at Harvard University, said nations fail because of “extractive” institutions, which place power and resources or opportunities in the hands of the elite.

He said nations fail because leaders were unable to transition to “inclusive” institutions that are supposed to spread wealth and power to the greater society.

Robinson, who is in Manila for several days, said some of these nations have centralized power in the hands of weak states that “comfortably cohabit” with warlords, which can be seen in African countries and Columbia.

Yes, being part of the status quo and without initiating real reforms, President BS Aquino will likely not accomplish anything significant when he steps down from power in 2016. Experts have noted that the real social and economic decline started with the hastily crafted and ill-thought out 1987 Cory Aquino constitution, which some say was written out of spite in response to the Marcos regime.

Gerardo Sicat, another UP economics professor who served as economic minister during the Marcos regime, said the blame can be heaped on mistakes made during the transition from Marcos to Corazon Aquino, the late mother of President Benigno Aquino III.

Aggravating this, Sicat said, was the lack in continuity of reforms and limitations on foreign investments prescribed by the 1987 Constitution, which the first Aquino administration put in place of Marcos’ 1973 Constitution.

Even before he was voted into power in 2010, TIME magazine already noted BS Aquino’s awkward and un-statesman like figure and in particular, the fact that he is a member of the oligarchy or the “wealthy class” — those who more often than not come across as uncaring and out of touch with reality. Like what I said before in one of my previous articles:

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It is crystal clear that Noynoy’s win does not guarantee a complete change unless he completely cuts off ties with his family just to implement the necessary changes in the system. We all know this is not going to happen. We all know that out of respect for his late mother and their family’s allies, the policies that were implemented by members of the inner circle, will remain untouched. It is going to be business as usual for the landowners in Hacienda Luisita and the rest of the oligarchies (and their personal empires — e.g. PLDT, Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN).

The irony of what Noynoy promises — to change the problem that he is part of — escapes him and his followers. From the same article, I quote Greg Rushford, a Washington-based expert on trade who has monitored the Philippines for over 30 years, “The basics for success are here, at least in terms of human capital. But there is a lack of seriousness in the political leadership — institutions are dominated by an uncaring wealthy class.” To which I add: Isn’t Noynoy Aquino part of that wealthy class? He might care but we have to ask, was he actually actively participating in advocating real change before he was asked to run for the presidency? I don’t think so. Why are we only hearing him now and how come he hasn’t been vocal about it before? Could it be because he remained in the shadow of his late mother until she passed away? Forced to come out now, I wonder how Noynoy is going to address this problem:

“There are ties of clan, family and region that are stronger than the nation,” says Ramon Casiple, a leading political commentator in Manila. “To this day, it’s all about patronage.”

From Day One, President BS Aquino already showed signs that he is into patronage politics. A lot of Filipinos have noticed that he is predisposed to assigning a lot of his friends to sensitive posts in his government. After successfully removing former Chief Justice Renato Corona from the Supreme Court, he filled up the vacated post with his college friend Lourdes Sereno who is also a member of a law firm hired by his family’s estate Hacienda Luisita. Having been a corporate lawyer for most of her career, Sereno doesn’t even have any experience handling a criminal case in the past. That fact didn’t stop the President from assigning her to the Supreme Court to handle criminal cases.

Unfortunately, all is not well in the Supreme Court under Sereno’s watch. While Corona brought unity in the SC during his stint, Sereno has brought in division among the members of the SC particularly with some associate judges alleging that she recently issued a fake resolution without their knowledge. What kind of “reform” did President BS Aquino expect to happen in the judiciary with an allegedly fraudulent Chief Justice like Sereno at its helm?

Yes, there hasn’t been much progress since democracy was “restored” in 1986. Some would argue that we are even worse off now. This last statement can be true in the sense that, today, Filipinos already have freedom but still don’t know what to do with it. As early as 1992, Singapore’s former leader Lee Kuan Yew said that “Filipinos have too much democracy but too little discipline” — a very astute observation that remains relevant today.

The Harvard professor, James Robinson could not help but compare the status of the Philippines to that of South Korea. After all, both South Korea and the Philippines were under dictatorship for decades but South Korea is now an “economic powerhouse”. Just to reiterate what I wrote before:

The Philippines’ political history has a lot in common with Korea’s. For one, both countries have a Presidential system; two, similar to Korea, the Philippines was under a dictatorship for decades. From 1972 the Philippines was under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s regime until he was toppled and exiled in 1986 while Korea was under Military dictatorship since the 1950s until they switched to more democratic governance in the 1980s. Third, Korea’s political system even after switching to democracy always got bad international press as late as the 1990s because it was riddled with corruption and nepotism which is something that the Philippines is unfortunately still experiencing until now.

The situation with the Koreans in the 1990s was so similar to what is happening to Filipinos now. There were massive election frauds committed with public servants spending public funds and television was totally under the control of the State.

To be sure, Philippine elections in the past and even the recent one in May 2010 were mired by allegations of fraud in the form of vote buying and rigging of election results, the latter not prevented even by new electronic voting systems. Sadly, the powerful elite who exert a strong influence on the electorate controls the media.

However, despite the turmoil in the political scene in South Korea back in the 1990s, strong institutions backed by an ancient Confucian culture provided a check and balance that eventually resulted in a stable Korean economy. The sense of nationalism in Korea is unmatched even by the Japanese. Part of this strong sense of nationalism has a lot to do with the draconian laws and decrees introduced during the period when they were still under dictatorship. To quote an excerpt from an article written by the late Teddy Benigno:

In the 1950s former General Park Chung-hee set-up a dictatorship which first decreed land reform. He then got the leading capitalists, entrepreneurs, economists; policy planners together win to something like a ruling national council. He drove them to excel, meet or exceed targets. Or else. The story goes that a prominent businessman complained, said he couldn’t meet his target. Park Chung-hee simply replied he would be executed at dawn. The businessman relented and met his target.

That was iron discipline. But it was that discipline that forged the new South Korea and today it is the 12th biggest economy in the world.

What was Korea’s secret then? The average Korean is ambitious and works furiously hard and long hours. There is even a saying that “Korea is the one society in the world in which the Chinese go broke and the Japanese look lazy”. They instill this discipline to the younger generation. The average Korean child goes to a coaching school three times a week and it is standard for them to learn English because they recognize the importance of being proficient in the English language.

There is one thing that the experts in the recently held forum failed to mention. While weak institutions combined with weak leadership contribute to the failure of nations, the culture of the people is likewise to blame for allowing it to happen – each individual’s contribution to society whether good or bad affects everyone else and this includes voting for the wrong leader.

309 Replies to “Experts say President Noynoy Aquino is part of the Philippines’ problem”

  1. I agree
    Extractive wealth is driven by self-interest, concentration of economic & political power, maintenance of status quo, protectionism, wide inequalities, and feudalism. It is an unsustainable model in a global economy.

    Inclusive growth on the other hand creates dispersed wealth through innovation, job creation and achievement through results. It forces efficiency, accountability and a culture of improvement, but demand a political will which is clearly lacking and which only represents a threat to those who in the main achieved wealth and position through corruption – p-noy included.

    P-noy is clearly part of the problem and incapable of either change or leadership with a narrow education and insular view of the world.

    Maybe just as disconcerting is that the alternatives are cut from the same cloth. Yesterdays men trying to cling to power for their own interests, not for the country.

    Overall a bunch of uneducated losers, and not bright enough to see the oncoming train

      1. You did it again hitting the nail but it seems the nail too big for just one blow meaning, the apathetic FILIPINOS which is proving as the blocking Force to real reforms. What I can offer is to keep on hammering away at the stupidity of many FILIPINOS thru your hard hitting articles! May the Force be with you!

    1. I see the RP President and the RP Presidency as part of the solution. I see it the same way I do of the countless productive, unproductive and problematic workers, from the lowest position and all the way up to the Vice President’s office. One has to be idealistic for and toward our nation. He or she must faithfully execute what the job description requires, or give-up and get out of the position so that one who is better qualified can and will work for the people.

    2. He is not only part of the problem…Noynoy is the PROBLEM! he shouldnt have been President. He is neither qualified nor capable.For 6 years the country was not ruled by him but by the oligarchs! His governance is inept, inefficient, divisive and stupid! Simply because he is not hands on…some people are…

      1. He just did what he has promised to the public in Luneta 6years ago… that he will continue his parents’ legacy… Indeed he did

  2. The Filipino people is the problem. Our choice of leader is a reflection of ourselves. I won’t be surprised if our next president is Senator Sotto…..

    1. The Filipino people is not the problem, it is the people who manipulated them for decades(that inclydes themedia). They are the Oligarchs which the Aquino’s immdiately re&established.

      1. ala,

        The media is made up of Filipino people, too; so is the government and private sectors. Thus, the Filipino people are the problems to their own kind. When we (or they) do good–or bad–things to our kinds, essentially, we are doing it to ourselves.


    2. That’s what I am afraid too. most voters in the Philippines are composed of idiots. They vote who they see on TV and movies. what a crap

  3. People like Fishball/Swagger is also a part of the problem. They refuse to see the true nature of the “leader” that they are supporting. It might be too late for them to change when the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan for this government. True change is needed in our country not false change brought about by the yellow zombies.

    1. In addition to blaming the previous administration, they refuse to see the obvious acts of corruption by this president but I personally don’t think that this second aquino administration would survive till 2016 since their web of lies are already being unraveled.

    2. Another observation: Whenever arguing with one of the yellowtards, they always use the “blame gma” card whenever they are backed into a corner. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work since it is only there to pass the blame to another instead of acknowledging the fact that their “leader” is the one to blame.

  4. Following your links and looking at the photos, Johnny Derp is correct to say that people like swagger/fishball are also to blame. Like zombies they are, just accepting the information being fed by the bias media as basic instincts.

    Worked a few years with Koreans and I can say that our level of discipline cannot be compared to them. Five minutes before the time, Pinoys would already be finished cleaning up and literally just waiting for the minute hand of the bundy clock to strike 5, while the Koreans are still at it and we find out the next day that they went home late, well into the night. Self discipline for Pinoys is non-existent. Just observe how the standard issue Pinoy drives. High blood and heart attack just waiting to happen.

  5. Sadly, Filipinos would rather sit and watch stupid telenovelas rather than attend and participate in these types of discussion. If I was in the Philippines, I would love to attend one. Thank God for the internet.

    1. @tonybac

      The Filipino people are again in a stupor. They have complete trust in their President. Knowing that, PNoy can do whatever he wants.

      1. When cory aquino became the pilot of the Philippines she doesnt know the hands on and the Nation crush down to distruction a chance for pinoy to rebuild and soar high given the opportunity BUT he instead blame the marcoses…what a stupid! pilipino! …a true Pilipino is known for their ability to restore remodel.

  6. “…– each individual’s contribution to society whether good or bad affects everyone else and this includes voting for the wrong leader.”

    How do I recognize the good leader to vote for if all (those who run for president) come from the same elite back ground?

    1. It doesn’t matter if one came from an elite background. For example, Former-Pres. Gloria was the daughter of a former president, yet she was a workaholic who has drastically improved Philippine infrastructure and bureaucracy.

      There are a lot of projects that came through during her term resulting to more jobs (directly) and improved economy. If NoyNoy had built on those legacies, the Philippines’ growth would be through the roof right now.

      What should be looked at is the track record and a leader’s clear vision of the future.

      1. @Toinks,

        okay, I get your point and drift.

        Basically, I am completely unfamilair and unknowledgable with Philippine government (city, provincial and national). So for me its better to shut up. Except for what I hear from my partner, of course.

        1. You just posed a straightforward question, and someone just answered it. You were completely unfamiliar and unknowledgable, but at least you got an answer and understood the point. I would be more worried if people stopped asking questions.

        2. @Darkness,

          Thats how we are brought up here:
          Dont take No for an answer;
          Dont take things for granted;
          Always ask why.

          But sometimes its beter to know when to shut up than to speak/say BS. But I also sometimes speak before I think. A bad habit.

        3. @Darkness,

          Sometimes (or even more often than sometimes) I do think I have the solution how to make the Philippines a better country. But by venting those solutions, wouldnt I become the joke of the day, being a foreigner?

          Why do I want the Philippines to be a better country? Not for personal benefit(s). But a basketball competition is much more interesting if all competing teams are equally good or almost as good. Its no fun to beat the poorest team with 120-10. No both teams will learn from such a match. You get my methaforical drift?

          Pls allow me to be the joke of the day and let me vent my solutions:
          – get rid of the elite who are in charge in politics, business and other fields
          – also get rid of the those who are assigned/appointed by those elite
          – modernize the constitution and the laws
          – modernize the culture
          – change the educational system drastically
          – make the RC church less powerfull

          Okay you may laugh at me now. But I am dead serious about my propositions.

  7. Hands up those of us who believed Noynoy was going to take on corruption??
    Said this before and I will say it again. Noynoy as a congressman and senator was either : 1) part of corruption 2) corruption bystander but lacked ability or courage to do anything about it 3) too clueless and out of the loop to see corruption .

    Those are the only three scenarios for one who promised to stamp it out.

      1. Same as his mother. She did nothing but divide the country and changed what Marcos built to her husband’s name. Ex. Manila International Airport to Ninoy Aquino International Airport? What a shame she didn’t built a good project but want an Aquino name on something built by Marcos. Now some idiot followers of Nognog Aquino want to change NLEX to Corazon Aquino Highway. Another stupid proposal by these Aquino puppies.

  8. And now we have bam the sham aquino trying to be a senator.
    What a joke and an insult.
    Has anyone ever seen a hapinoy store!!
    And why does the board consist of hacienda luisita personnel!

    Another ngo which collects grants but does nothing.

    Copying the idea of mohammed yusuf – nobel peace prize – and not even acknowledging him. Very disingenuous. deceit is clearly part of the aquino dna

  9. A false leadership image shaped by propaganda, promises, slogans, double-standards and blame games reveals the real truth about BS. Where in the world can you see a supposedly “great leader” aid, abet and assist in the creation of a Moro Islamic Liberation Front Terrorist State? The MILF is allied with the CPP-NPA-NDF, Jemaah Islamiya Al Qaeda in Asia, Abu Sayaff Group, Al-Khobar Extortion Group and other criminal elements like Kidnap for Ransom Groups, MILF Special Operations Group, child and women fighters and civilian support elements who are mostly Jihadist. BS gave all the advantages to the enemies of the state where it first started in his still secret Tokyo, Japan talks and continuing Malaysian peace talks that conferred a repeat status of belligerency on the enemies of the state. The “great leader” did not even bother to read, analyse and review the Framework which he and Leonen signed without thinking. This Framework gives all the advantages to the MILF and all the disadvantages to the Republic of the Philippines and the Sovereign Filipino People. Pardon me Ilda if I say that BS Aquino is not part of the problem. He is the problem!

    1. He wanted his headline. He does not care nor did he ever care about long term ramifications. He has never had to do anything big picture in his life. Yet a lot of people thought he would be a great president. He is not even mediocre. Unless you ask Fishball, then Noynoy gives the real Thomas Jefferson a run for his money. Right Truth Minister Ricky?

    2. YOU ARE RIGHT. He is the problem! Treason is in his blood. On his father’s side, his grandparent was a Makapili, a mole for the Japanese during the war. He was sentenced to die for aiding in the torture and death of countless Filipino nationalists and for the rape of countless women! His father, on the other hand, was a communist who sold out SABAH. Now, this oil-rich region is the milking cow of the Malaysians while Filipinos continue to wallow in poverty. That is only on his father’s side. And we all know about the countless massacre committed with the nod of the “saint” mother Cory, the queen of brownouts.

      1. all the cojuangcos and aquinos have blood on their hands.
        they have little regard for human life as they exhibit time and time again.
        a civilised country/society would have run them out of town a long time ago

      2. Get him out of there please. And let us be wise in choosing the next President. Not a popular one. Not a widow of popular one . Not a daughter of s popular one Let us learn by our mistakes. I wish I can express myself better but I guess you understand what I mean.

  10. Ano ang gagawin mo NOYNOY, after 2016 kapag nalaman ng mga Filipino na hindi si Marcos ang nagpapatay kay Ninoy, si Bong Bong Marcos ang nanalo bilang pangulo, at lahat ng nagawa ninyo ni Cory at iyong mga tauhan, ay walang naidulot na kabutihan sa Pilipinas?

    Based on critical thinking and substantiated evidence, at di haka haka lamang!

    1. I don’t think Noynoy would politically survive after 2016 since by that time the people will be sick and tired of his empty promises and defective philosophy.

    2. Just want to react… Talking/saying out of mind? Bongbong Marcos nanalo bilang pangulo? Susmaryusep!!!!

  11. The Philippines is not a Democracy. It is a Feudal Monopolistic Oligarchy. Political family dynasties, are the rulers. Political WarLords are in power in the Provinces. It has a Culture of Corruption, and Political Patronage. Most of the Political Leaders are political opportunists. They change political loyalties, like a Reversible Jacket. It is a BasketCase country.

  12. The secret for SK was economic protectionism. The same goes the rest of the “tigers.” PH, on the other hand, went the other way because of restrictions imposed by the IMF-WB.

    Second, given a powerful local elite, it is inevitable that the government will work with it. That was the case for SK, too. The difference is that there was no US for SK officials to siphon off stolen money. That is not the case for PH.

    Finally, about discipline, etc., PH citizens and others are capable of the same, as seen in the work of overseas workers and even citizens who moved to other countries.

    The problem is a local elite that wants to maintain power, foreign investors who want to work as partners with it and profit immensely, and a weak government that works with both.

  13. The dismal problem in running the Country’s government is that the Nation as a whole doesn’t find any good and qualified captain of the ship.The other thing is that for the Nation’s interest, the 1987 constitution must be amended to cope up with the international business demand.It is really the leadership problem for which this Nation is still in economic agony after Ferdinand E Marcos have gone.

  14. mas pinaka maganda siguro na ang ating mga magagandang saloobin para sa pag unlad ng isang bansa ay ishashare natin ng harapan sa mga nasa katungkulan,sakaling silay magising sa pagiging,( kung ano man ang kanilang kahinaan o pagkukulang)maling tagapamahala sa bansa.
    matuto tayong magsalita ng maayos na may pagmamalasakit sa isat isa.nang sa ganon ang pagtutulongan ay ating maramdaman para sa sarili nating ikabubuti.
    at sa tingin ko, kong ganito lagi tayo,na puro patalikod kong magsalita,wala ring mangyayari eh. masasanay lang ang kanilang mga tainga at lalong walang pakialam sa anumang mayron na kahirapan.
    lambingin kaya natin sila ng may tiwala at suportahan sa abot ng ating makakaya.
    dahil kong uupo man ang paborito nating presidente kong ganito rin ang kanilang nababasa at naririnig,wala rin,mawawalan din sila ng gana.
    suporta ang kailangan ng mga nakaupo, hindi pangtutuligsa sa kanilang kakayahan. abay tao rin naman ang mga yan.
    sino man ang uupo sa gobyerno irerespeto ko’t igagalang at ipagmamalaki ko kong sino man ang makakasulbar sa mga problema.

    1. @josephine r. damulog

      Speak for yourself! Criticism and legitimate dissent is part and parcel of a free democracy. Respect on the other hand, is earned and not forced upon those who suffer incompetence of leadership in government. There is nothing in the Philippine Constitution that says that we the people must respect our leaders or show unswerving loyalty and obedience to political personalities. Loyalty to principles is the path I and many others follow!

    2. @josephine r damulog

      at sa tingin ko, kong ganito lagi tayo,na puro patalikod kong magsalita,wala ring mangyayari eh.

      Anong “patalikod”? This is a public forum. Anyone can access the articles here even PNoy’s communication team. In fact, some of them join the discussion here using handles like “fishball” and “Vincensio”.

      dahil kong uupo man ang paborito nating presidente kong ganito rin ang kanilang nababasa at naririnig,wala rin,mawawalan din sila ng gana.

      You mean to say “wala ng gana” si PNoy? He should just resign.

    1. What has the suicide rate in Korea have to do with this article? Is this a random thought that you are just tossing out there?

  15. I don’t know about you but I really do think our current president is trying his best. He did after all made our country’s reputation a little nicer internationally. He made our local businessmen confident in pouring their wealth to our country. He removed the bad apples (people and policy) in gloria’s time and retain the best ones. He is prodding the media to at least highlight the good news so that when international people read the headlines or get the headlines from our newspaper they wouldn’t think that our nation is full of unruly people who likes to kill. He capitalize his last name to induce confidence and unity to support him (it made him win the election). He choose people that are good in the job. For example the DOT (they are doing their best and with limited budget), the BIR (they are doing the shame campaign so that there would be a lot of people who will be afraid the next time they would not pay tax), the Ombudsman (she’s fair and she’s working). And because of what he did to the ex-CJ, it made people think that maybe he is doing what he promise to do. Getting rid of corruption.

    I think the problem is that a lot of people think they know how to solve this country’s problem and because of that they won’t support anyone. Some people think their ideas are the best and that no one can surpass them so that every tiny, minuscule thing that they can find in the recent president they would criticize. These people find no joy in great news. They however find happiness when there’s a lot of bad news in our country. Unfortunately this year’s our year. The great news may not reach the poor yet but certainly it will. It takes time. It does not happen overnight.

    Our current president is not ABnoy, stupid, incompetent and lazy. If he were then there would be rallies everyday and thus disrupting the confidence shimmering in our country. Maybe people should think about supporting the chosen by majority president. I did that to every other president (even if they were mired by intrigas) and I’m doing definitely well.

    1. @claire

      He made our local businessmen confident in pouring their wealth to our country.

      Can you be more specific about this? How do you know this?

      He removed the bad apples (people and policy) in gloria’s time and retain the best ones.

      Again, be specific. Who are the bad ones and who are the best ones? Are you referring to CJ Sereno as one of the “best” ones? What can you say about the allegations that Sereno issued a fraudulent resolution just to get her way? Do you consider that a good move? She hasn’t exactly brought unity to the Supreme Court.

      If the “bad apples” have been removed, how come the same problems plague the country today?

      He is prodding the media to at least highlight the good news…

      It seems to me he just hates being criticised. What good news anyway? Please be specific? I think the death toll in typhoon Pablo is now over 400.

      Would appreciate if you can get back to us with the details.

      1. ‘Can you be more specific about this? How do you know this?’

        my father is a businessman. and in his business there’s a lot of people borrowing money to expand their business or start one. also i’ve read news that our local tycoons are pouring a lot of their money in the country. creating housing and office space that cost a lot. in cebu there’s a lot of big buildings that started sprouting last year. srp finally started to get busy ( there are a lot of cranes there) there’s also a survey about high business confidence in the country. (sorry, correct me if i’m wrong with all i’m saying.)

        ‘Who are the best ones?’

        Amando Tetangco Jr. and Cesar Purisima (sorry that’s all i know.)

        Good Policies? – continued GMA’s economic policy.

        ‘If the “bad apples” have been removed, how come the same problems plague the country today?’

        it takes years to get rid of the same problems plaguing all the past presidents. it’s just like you clean out the closet but you still find that there is still dirt or stain. at least this government is trying or appear to be trying.

        Sereno: she’s new to the job. for me i’m giving her a chance. about the, issued a fraudulent resolution just to get her way, no i don’t agree but i’m hazy to the issue.

        ‘What good news anyway?’

        Yeah, what good news? in t.v, the news i always see is a lot of kidnapping, a lot of looting, a lot of hold-up. it makes me feel like my country’s people are all mad men. the way the media is telling it, it’s like it magnified the crimes 100 times making the philippines a no man’s country. but it’s different, you know. i mean there’s still the looting, the hold-up the deaths but when i walk the street, i don’t immediately get killed or get hold-up. it’s not like i have to look twice, lock my bag to my body like what the images in the media suggested when walking around the street. like in mindanao, if you step in there you get kidnapped or killed. it’s not like that. you don’t see that the road is good there, the people is nice and the plaza is big where you can play a lot. we always vacation in makilala and labason (somewhere in mindanao) and it’s nice there. in labason my grandparents live in the mountains and it’s relaxing. the people’s perception in this places get screwed up because we were never shown the nice things there. bad news always sells. so we always see in the media bad things that are happening in our country. and if there’s a good thing it’s about the artista. so yes, the media needs to highlight the good news not just all the bad. you know balance it out. whenever i see the news i always feel depressed and drain because everything i see is all bad. there’s a lot of good things happening in our country but the bad ones are the ones magnified.

        it’s sad about the death toll. in cebu we were warned in our newspapers about the intensity of the storm. and the local government told us to get away from areas that will flood and go to the designated safe zones.

        1. @claire

          You’re just talking about investments in real estate. There seems to be a boom in construction in investment properties but the question is, who’s going to buy these units? I certainly wouldn’t. I hate being inside an airconditioned apartment the whole day.

          Are they counting on OFWs to invest? Good luck with that. Their jobs are not secure. The real estate bubble could burst in the next round of economic crisis.

          Investing in manufacturing leads to more jobs for the people. I don’t recall hearing of news about the rise in manufacturing in the Philippines.

          The best apples you know are Amando Tetangco Jr. and Cesar Purisima. Gees, then you do not know what you are talking about.

          Sereno: she’s new to the job. for me i’m giving her a chance. about the, issued a fraudulent resolution just to get her way, no i don’t agree but i’m hazy to the issue.

          What chance are you talking about? Did you guys give Corona a “chance”? No, you did not. He did not even violate the law. Only a fool would appoint someone who does not have experience in the judiciary as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

          Regarding the news from media: why wouldn’t the media report crimes as it happens? Are you suggesting that they hide the truth? You’re not making any sense. Please think carefully before you write your next response.

  16. sorry, i just have to add, Korea’s not all that rosy and nice. it’s hard to live there. not everybody is rich. not everybody could afford a house. some people there are full of debts. you have to work ten times as hard so that you could afford to live there. people is so stress out and overwork. the average child don’t have time to play because they are overwork. I read a filipino teacher’s story about teaching in korea. she said, it’s so hard to teach english to korean children because they are so tired already that they stop listening. they are also passive. it’s a rich country, yes but i think it’s easier to live here than there. in here, like bohol, there’s place there were you could fish and take it home to eat. in davao people can earn higher salary but still laid back. also we have complete albeit crazy, democracy. it’s also the culture. we’re laid back and they are ambitious. our government is so-so, theirs is controlled by one person (correct me if i’m wrong).

    1. So what you are saying is that we should not aspire to do anything and instead settle down to fish for our daily sustenance because you — Claire — are afraid of what life might be like in an industrialized society. If cowardice is how you want to live your life please don’t drag the rest of the Philippines with you into the grave.

      Apparently you know nothing about the Philippines or Filipinos. Or perhaps you are just lazy? If you bothered to look around outside your sheltered life you will find that the majority of Filipinos — say 9 out of 10 — will tell you that they wish their lives were better, that they aspire to be better than what they are now. No Filipino wants to settle for mediocrity when they can achieve more. Your mistake is in assuming that people around you lack the desire or do not possess the drive to achieve when what they really lack is the opportunity to succeed. This is what forces Filipinos to settle for less — the need to survive as opposed to the desire to achieve.

      The commentators on GRP have always lamented the fact that Filipino politicians in general, and BS Aquino in particular, come from an elite that deprives the majority of their share of the opportunities in the Philippines. That is what we take away from the events in South Korea — the fact that after the military dictatorship was dismantled in the 1980s (YES, you got that fact completely wrong; do your homework before citing facts), it achieved economic prosperity when it allowed a freer market that was not monopolized by politicians and their cronies.

      No one here has ever said that Filipinos shouldn’t relax. No one has ever said that citizens in an industrialized nation couldn’t relax. More importantly, no one ever said Filipinos would be AFRAID to work. You do us all a disservice by claiming we are too “laid back” to do our jobs.

      1. ‘Or perhaps you are just lazy? ‘ Maybe.

        ‘If you bothered to look around outside your sheltered life you will find that the majority of Filipinos — say 9 out of 10 — will tell you that they wish their lives were better, that they aspire to be better than what they are now.’

        okay. i’ll take what you suggested. i’ll look outside away from my sheltered life. You know what i see? People wishing. wish their lives were better. some stop there. just wishing. or wishing their kids can make it happen. isn’t that also one of the reason why the poor keeps having kids? they might get lucky. never did anything to get them out of the rut they are in.

        ‘No Filipino wants to settle for mediocrity when they can achieve more. ‘

        heard of people saying, ito lang ang binigay ng diyos? or this is according to god’s will? or mahirap lang kami, mamatay kaming mahirap? ito lang ang makakaya namin? i’ve heard it. isn’t that also the reason why only a few filipinos get rich? they also get pulled down and people will laugh when they failed.

        ‘Your mistake is in assuming that people around you lack the desire or do not possess the drive to achieve when what they really lack is the opportunity to succeed. ‘

        Opportunity you say? Let see, I’ve known managers in a company who gets profit sharing. example if they earn a million, they get half. the managers i know who got booted out of the company never had any savings left. they are left to sleep in the sidewalk because those people they ‘help’ turn their back on them. the money they were earning they spent it all to their kamaganak and extending it to the kamaganaks of their husband and the kamaganaks of their siblings. A big family. a big spender. like they want to shout to the world that they have money to spend so praise me. Money is not enough so they resorted to thievery.

        Filipinos can’t save. i’ve notice that quite frequently. someone works for my family they get their sahod and give it all away to their mothers who already bought a t.v, a radio etc.. on utang. because the mothers’ rely on their children’s work. bahala na. may pera naman dumating. ika nga. the money earned was given to pay those utang. we often told them to put it in a bank but no they all give the little money they have to their family who spends it like crazy. if you can’t wrap your head to that then let me give you another example. i have this maid. she got a big salary (9000 per 15th and 30th, free lodging, food, medicine, hospitalization etc…) spent all her money on materialistic things. now she got pregnant to this guy she really likes. quits working and now asking back for her job because she cannot survive because she don’t have any savings.

        filipinos like to gamble away their money. Ex. a friend of my father from a poor family got rich because of lending and then he got a big head, give money freely to his friends and gamble all his money away. it made the business go bankrupt. and he went back to what he was before.

        filipinos waste the help they were given. i know this girl, she gotten a scholarship. her family dream of her getting a job. saved the money and have her own business like her sisters. all that hope dash because she got pregnant to a guy who is younger than her and have no job and did not finish schooling. now she is back to the bukid and relying on her parents.

        there’s also this girl, our maid, she was given a scholarship by my parents to the school of her choosing and to a course she wanted. we knew she got a boyfriend. our parents told her just to relax and concentrate on her schooling because it’s expensive (more expensive tuition than ours). what did she do? she got pregnant. not the normal one, the ectopic one. it got so bad because she never told us about it, she needed immediate surgery. she got no savings because she spent it all to her no good bum of a boyfriend and we got the bill for the expenses. my father wanted her to use her money we give her every sweldo to help herself but since she got none she almost died until my mother decided to foot the huge, huge bill.

        Opportunity you say? there’s a lot of opportunity here but i think people just don’t need it or use it. or maybe they are just too lazy like me to use the opportunity given to them.

        ‘This is what forces Filipinos to settle for less — the need to survive as opposed to the desire to achieve.’

        people always settle for less. where have you been? where are you basing your comments? people always want now na. they want instant money. isn’t that the reason there’s drug lords and those drug pusher. easy money. foolish individuals taking drugs. they have money to make it into an investment (business) but they immediately go to the mall and spend it on food expenses and clothes and things they don’t need. don’t tell me it’s impossible to invest into business using a small amount of money. because it is possible. i came from a poor family. my father sells newspapers on the street before but he use that earning to build a business. now as you say i have sheltered life. it takes time to grow your money but people just wants to settle in for now and never think about tomorrow. no one forces filipino to settle less but only themselves.

        ‘The commentators on GRP have always lamented the fact that Filipino politicians in general, and BS Aquino in particular, come from an elite that deprives the majority of their share of the opportunities in the Philippines.’

        that again? deprive the majority opportunity? don’t make me laugh. opportunities are there for everybody but not everybody grabs it. opportunities present itself in every day. no one is stopping you. not even the government. i know this because i’ve seen this.

        ‘No one has ever said that citizens in an industrialized nation couldn’t relax.

        people in an industrialized nation find it hard to relax. they have a lot of debt to pay so they have to work.

        ‘More importantly, no one ever said Filipinos would be AFRAID to work. You do us all a disservice by claiming we are too “laid back” to do our jobs.’

        disservice? really now? employees in my family’s company talk a lot and very loudly. they have a lot of break chatting and doing other things than working. they also bring their children to work. and those children run around like the building is their playground while the mothers kept on doing busy things not related to work. so yes, filipinos are too laidback on doing their job.

        stop thinking that everybody is like you.

        1. Then stop hiring people who don’t do their job. If you find them lounging around instead of being productive, fire them. Find people who can do the job and stay after hours to do more. We have them in our company. If you want them you will have to pay a premium.

          You haven’t cited anything in unique in the Filipino character that makes them any different from say Americans, many of whom lost their homes because of the housing market crash. Because they failed to save. Or because they didn’t think to plan ahead and splurged on themselves when the economy was better. And ended up on the streets and committing crimes. And Filipinos still have a LOT of debt. Even if we aren’t an industrialized nation. And ordinary people still have to work hard to pay off their debts. How again is that different from America or South Korea or Europe?

          And that comment about drugs is utter nonsense. People sell drugs because its easy and the payoff is huge. That is true for all societies in the world today. Rich or poor. It will happen if the benefits to committing crime outweigh the penalties. As they do in the Philippines where society feels that access to law enforcement is lacking. It happens in industrialized countries where recreational use is widespread and money is abundant. Drug use is an epidemic that is not limited to social class, political status, race or gender. It isn’t solely determined by economic necessity.

          You also completely misinterpret my comment on how and why people “settle for less.” Its about QUALITY. In our work, in things we use in our daily lives, in things we produce. Filipinos are often criticized for doing something “good enough” when they are quite capable of doing things that are “excellent.” We settle for products that are “okay” when we could have products that are superior. It really comes down to economics. If you can’t afford the one, you will settle for the cheaper one with less quality.

          To discount the reality of how the Philippines has been managed for the last 40-50 years because its easy to set up a newspaper stand or a bakery
          or sell snacks on the corner is just dishonest. With over a hundred thousand documented small/medium businesses in the country and countless more in the underground economy, you would expect that the Philippines is well on its way to “Tiger” status yet we are still classified as POOR. Over 25% of Filipinos live below the official poverty line. And that’s because the national government keeps moving the line back. 100 million Filipinos and we have effectively 2-3 telecommunications companies. Practically one professional electric distribution company (and they don’t even produce their own power). The United States has around 200 power utility companies. That doesn’t include alternative energy producers. The power situation in Mindanao is so dismal they project rotating 8 hour blackouts. We have one water utility company and pretend to have competition in Metro Manila by creating two distribution companies — Maynilad and Manila Water.

          The point is — selling newspapers will get you only so far. I don’t disparage it. A friend of mine sent his children to college and eventually migrated to Australia by selling newspapers and magazines. Another worked at, and eventually owned his own gas station. They migrated to the US. And they did so because there was no opportunity in the Philippines. BS Aquino calls for foreign investment but denies foreign companies easy access to the business here. LESS CHOICE = LESS OPPORTUNITY. And this happens because the economy is managed by a small elite who maintain a stranglehold on business opportunities and political power in the Philippines.

        2. You come across as very judgemental and very ignorant. I have to tell you that it is a fact that most people do not choose their circumstance in life; they do not choose to be unemployed or live as poor people. This explains the OFW phenomena in the country, there is simply not enough jobs to go around.

          And yes, the country is poor because the oligarch controls the country. The Lopezes, Ayalas, Cojuangcos, and other greedy families out there know that it is in their interest to keep foreign companies out – that way, they would be the only game in town. Wonder why there are no factories in the Philippines? One main reason is the freakin’ electricity bill which is controlled by the Lopezes and Manny Pangilinan. It stops any person with any sense from investing here.

  17. sorry about the long tirade. it really irks me when some people think they know better. or people saying, ‘Apparently you know nothing about the Philippines or Filipinos.’ because clearly they do too. it’s just that for me people live like hell because of their own doing not because of the government (except those who got treated badly by the army like those up students or those shot because of politics).

    i’m sorry for not researching about korea well. it was my mistake.

    ‘So what you are saying is that we should not aspire to do anything and instead settle down to fish for our daily sustenance because you — Claire — are afraid of what life might be like in an industrialized society. ‘

    i just said that it is better to live here than there. more comfortable here especially in the province.

    1. just said that it is better to live here than there. more comfortable here especially in the province.

      You saying some Pinoys find it more comfortable to live under the bridge sleeping on cardboard boxes or among the dead in cemeteries than in South Korea?

      1. hmm…i don’t know. why did they live there in the first place? no home, no place to live? why? there’s rent that’s low as 1000. there’s a dorm and you can have roommates to share the cost. No money? Why? Because of no jobs? but there are others that have a job in that place. or maybe it’s just fun to drink and gamble? Maybe they can’t save? Or maybe it just so hard to put a little savings for rainy days? Or maybe there are too many mouths to feed? why do they have children that much when they don’t have money? do you think those people and their brood are better off living in south korea? with their unhealthy lifestyle? i don’t think they are going to be comfortable there.

        1. @claire

          You obviously live a very comfortable life, which is why you think that it is better in the Philippines than in South Korea. Speak for yourself. A lot of Filipinos enjoy living and working in South Korea.

          You seem to think that the poor people in the Philippines have very little excuse for being in their situation. While there are Filipinos who have no one else to blame but themselves, there are also those who cannot rise up from their wretched existence due to circumstances beyond their control. The warlords in some regions have control over people. Unfortunately, PNoy is not even the right person to help change the situation.

          You also come across as very judgemental of South Koreans and their lifestyle.

        2. Claire is obviously living in the lala land Ilda. She’s just another incarnation of jon-ass who delusionally thinks that Philippines is far more greater than any country despite it’s heavy issues.
          Oh and about South Korea claire, did you know that the reason the South Koreans made a very rapid progress of them today is because they realized how dysfunctional they are? And please rebutting me with that suicide crap again is a very lame excuse because you just want to escape the fact that the likes of you and this country is a basketcase.

  18. @johnny saint

    no. we hire again and again but still the same attitude. there’s great perks too. sss, philhealth, scholarship, health benefits etc… but still the lax attitude.

    i’m sorry, i can’t really understand your point. you said that filipinos wanted to live well. strive harder. but there is no opportunity here in the philippines because of our elite government particularly the President. i cited reasons why filipinos can’t use the opportunities around them to their outmost fullest. why they can’t make it big. why they can’t live well here in the phils. so why are you saying this, ‘You haven’t cited anything in unique in the Filipino character that makes them any different from say Americans, many of whom lost their homes because of the housing market crash.’?

    ‘And they did so because there was no opportunity in the Philippines.’ i won’t argue with that because it’s their choice.

    ‘LESS CHOICE = LESS OPPORTUNITY. And this happens because the economy is managed by a small elite who maintain a stranglehold on business opportunities and political power in the Philippines.’

    i just want to ask why is their less opportunity? people i know (a lot, specially coming from my father’s business and quit to make theirs) made quite a fortune here in the philippines. so why can’t filipino find that opportunity too? the chinese, the koreans, the americans, the indians who stayed here found their opportunity to make it rich and live comfortably so why can’t the filipinos?

    1. Then I feel sorry your company is in such dire straits it doesn’t have any reliable employees.

      Let me try to express this in a way you might understand.

      I’m not disputing the effort your father put into his business. Or that he came from, as you put it, humble, if not wretched, beginnings. I find it laudable. It should be an example for others (not just Filipinos) to follow.

      I find it condescending of you to assume that because one person did it everyone else can or should do the same. As Ilda said in another comment, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. But that does not mean they should be excluded from being successful.

      The fact that your family is successful does not prove the Philippines has a progressive business environment. The experience of the last 30 years shows the opposite — that your story is an exception rather than the rule. In fact the Philippines ranked one of the lowest in ease of doing business according to the World Bank. It takes at least 40 days to set up and register a company for the average entrepreneur. In Israel it takes a week. They have the most number of entrepreneurs in the Middle East. In the Cayman Islands, it takes as little as a few hours to one day.

      The Philippines depends heavily on foreign companies setting up BPO services here. That isn’t an investment that provides sustainable development. The moment there is something cheaper, they will move out. Ask any call center agent who didn’t get contract renewed. Its likely because the principal from abroad did not continue their project. The fact that over half the country’s income (as per GDP) relies on BPO and not on manufacturing or other industries shows there is no impetus to develop other economic sectors. All the work is being thrown behind the effort of turning the Philippines into the concierge of the world.

      Even after the Marcos years, no effort was made by any administration to actively develop nascent industries. Our neighbors are exporting their homegrown brands like automobiles. We still haven’t progressed beyond World War II jeeps. And while the Philippines pioneered rice research, we now import part of our rice supply. All our exports — aside from the human/intellectual capital — are negligible.

      Local small scale industries fair no better. They generally grow to a point and taper off without expanding beyond a certain level. As I said — people settle for some measure of success that makes them content and no longer aspire to achieve other things. They don’t progress into becoming international brands. There is no support structure for that in the Philippines unlike the effort put in by South Korea and Taiwan.

      And the simple fact that over 10% of the population works abroad as OFWs, with thousands more aspiring to migrate, points to the fact that the unbearable situation in the Philippines is pushing people to seek opportunities elsewhere, even under dangerous conditions. Past and present administrations praise the efforts of OFW “heroes” to bring money home, stating that they recognize the opportunities in the Philippines do not compare to those abroad. They even negotiate quotas for the export of skilled labor such as nurses and other medical professionals.

      We can trace these to an oligarchy that eschews transforming the economy in favor of maintaining political power. You can single out which clans control the majority of our resources without referring to GRP. And that is the point of Ilda’s original article — to advocate the development of “inclusive” institutions that allow economic prosperity to spread to the whole of society, not limit opportunities to an elite few.

    2. You keep insisting that there are boundless opportunities in the Philippines: THIS IS A LIE. Change has to begin with improving investment policy to make the country’s economy improve. Otherwise, the Philippines will continue to be a banana republic, ruled by an elite with no conscience.

      Using the other nationalities you cited as an example, do you know that most people with Chinese-Filipino background are not getting richer, they are in fact getting poorer! A significant number has relocated to Australia/Canada/US to seek a better life. Yes, they willingly sacrificed this “comfortable” life you keep bragging about to seek greener pastures, even if it means becoming an outsider and where the money they saved all their lives here means sh*t.

      It is true that there are cultural problems in the Philippines that push people to accept sub-standard performance and service; also to make mistakes that can hinder their long-term potential. But to deny that the major problem is based on the constitution (60/40 Filipino ownership) would just be plain retarded. That is the root cause why the Philippines is poor and continue to struggle with ALL OTHER COUNTRIES in the region are doing well. And take note that they are of the same Malay descent.

    3. sometimes the problems is how the employers treat their employees..even there are lots of benefits offered but your treatment with them like a slaves…it will never work out. treat your employee well even no benefits they will stick to you like a glue.????

  19. @ilda

    how judgmental am i to the south korean lifestyle?

    of course i live a comfortable lifestyle now. i also think the poor have no excuse why they stay the same way. my father came in cebu with nothing on his name. he sells, cigarettes, newspapers and anything he could think of so that he could and my mother fend for themselves. he also gambles because he said it earn him money. what he earned he turn it into a business. anything just to feed and house them. my mother said she can’t buy clothes or food for herself or for my father because my father thinks it’s a waste. when i came to the world, i have no milk, diaper, baby food, and other baby things because there’s no money. there’s no doctor visits or appointments. if sick get an albularyo or manghihilot. when my other two siblings came, it was the mananabang that help my mom. there’s no christmas. why celebrate when there’s no money? my mother grew vegetables for her to sell so we can eat nice things sometimes. we eat only dried fish or rice with milo or lugaw. i only heard cable tv and computer in school. if we are lucky we can utang food in the carenderia next door. My father’s mantra in life is not to touch the money for useless things. business first.

    Now? I’m living comfortably. very comfortably that i will not be ignorant to computers or cable tv. the first time i saw them i was jumping up and down and hog the tv because there are so many channels. so why would i think no one can get out of poverty? my family tried it and it resulted very well. it’s up to the individual. there’s nothing stopping them.

    about Pnoy. give him a chance. belittle him when his six years are up.

    1. @claire

      Your responses come across as ignorant. Of course there are people like your father who were born to be entrepreneurs. People like him make it look like it is so easy to become rich. Not everyone is cut out to be a businessman like your dad though. We all have different personalities. Some people are just born to be employees and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is, there aren’t a lot of jobs available for everyone. Unfortunately, we also have this culture of relying on the government for handouts or what I refer to as the squatter mentality.

      Besides, not all poor people have complete control over their circumstances. There are some who just cannot afford proper education or can’t even learn any skill. Good on your father for doing something with his life but unfortunately, not everyone has the skill and the drive to change their economic circumstance. This is why the government has to provide jobs for the unemployed, strengthen the education system and curb the population growth.

    2. Sorry, but I gave up on Noynoy after what he did to ex-CJ Corona. You’re all business talk but never wanted to talk about any blunder and any blame game he spat, especially on his blame games against the past administration. You’re cool with that? I am not because that is not what a LEADER is.

      There is no progress and no results with INCOMPETENCE.

  20. @ilda

    I concede. the philippines is still a basket case, there is no economic growth, the president is no good and we are forever ruled by the few elite. who am i to refute you or your very, very meticulous research? after all i am just basing my view on the country to my everyday life. who cares why i think the media favors heavily on the negative side of the country? i mean there’s killings, bombings, floods, and rape everyday. nothing is good in our country. so there’s no good for the media to report. who cares about my confidence in this great country? i cannot refute you because i do not know things as much as you do. remember the time when you said that pnoy can’t touch corona? wow. your heavy research really impress me. i can never change anyone’s mind here. some already called me living in lalaland. so yes, i feel sorry why i even tried.

    1. @claire

      It’s because you are being inconsistent. You say you are positive about the country and yet you also say that poor people have no excuse for being poor. You are basically saying that Filipinos are hopeless. Ano ba talaga? Make up your mind.

      1. of course i’m positive about the country. it’s a wonderful one. and of course i think the poor have no excuse for staying poor. some filipinos rise up on their own two feet, why can’t the others? It’s all about the attitude and some just prefer to live that way. some filipinos i know are doing their best to strive for a better life. some just breeds leeches for a family. and there are a lot of that here in the philippines.

        1. @claire

          It seems our earlier responses to you did not sink in. You may need to read up more on the economy and life in general because your view is limited to what your father experienced.

          You said: of course i’m positive about the country. it’s a wonderful one.

          Where is that positivity coming from when you actually think that some of your fellow Filipinos live in squalor just because they “prefer to live that way”?

        2. Are you being positive about this country because you and your father are enjoying the 60/40 ownership restriction of this country’s constitution in which you are being such a bunch of crybabies for not competing with other foreign investors. And please don’t rely too much on what the BS media and independently use your brain for once to see the real problems of this country you incompetent simpleton.

  21. W O W ! What some very good, if not excellent, thought-provoking, and highly intelligent exchnages of knowledge, ideas, and socio-economic-political subjects/facts that delivered me to the conclusion/s that “the Filipinos”, as a race, are both highly sophisticated and intelligent indeed! TYVM to All…Ilda, Johnny Saints,Vergil, toinks, domo and, no least nor lesser, claire! (Albeit, fr the latter’s perspective, her plane (is lower), subjects and expeeriences are limited to her simple personal and family exposures/experiences, estranged fr the reality of the living World, as it is to our 100 Million Pilipinos! Mabuhay Kayong Lahat!! (At Salamat!)

    1. @francisco.servillon

      Thanks for reading.

      I must say that there are people who can be so arrogant in their views sometimes. They seem to be stuck in their ivory tower.

  22. i couldnt agree more with your comments as well at the others. No arguments what can I add both of you covered the entire spectrum. Let me add though that in all my conversations with people in all walks of life, Filipinos define a good President who does not steal from the people. Apparently, since the First Republic to the present,corruption issues hound all of them. I would like to give this Administration the benefit of the doubt, I will be the first to throw stones if I discover that this President is dipping his hands into purse of the people. Until such time, I will support his programs and policies, not necessarily his appointees, mind you some of his cabinet members are long time colleagues when i was in government service. I am an independent minded but i support the government,until i am convinced i should not.

    1. @Rene S Lazo

      The number one problem with PNoy is that he masks his weakness by acting like a bully or someone who is above the law. This is evident every time he conducts a trial by media witch-hunt against his perceived political enemies. This happened before, during and even after Corona’s impeachment trial and it keeps happening again and again whenever he makes a speech or media conference. What he is doing is unproductive and likewise causes disunity.

      PNoy needs to remember that he did not win the election by a landslide. This means that he’s never going to win the support of the people who wanted another candidate to win particularly when he plays the blame game. People get turned off when he tries to distract the public from his shortfalls.

      He should also entertain the idea of assigning more qualified people to sensitive posts outside his inner circle of family and friends. He’s never going to get fresh ideas if he keeps assigning “yes” men.

      PNoy also needs to give credit where credit is due. He cannot accept full responsibility for the economic growth when he is just using the same economic policy that his predecessor used.

  23. this economic growth we are experiencing is a product of the different sectors in the country, not him alone, nor the past admin, it includes you and I, let us not give or take away credit of the people. Without the spending of the people, no economic growth even by the best economist in the world can be achieved. True,Pres Aquino has his weaknesses, if he harps on the past mistakes of Gloria,that is his choice, let him,for as long as he keeps himself honest, so far i have not heard of any misdeamenor committed by him,let me know if you have information, l am only saying let us support our government leaders,just to stress my point, I supported the administration of Gloria. His brother Buboy or Diosdada Macapagal Jr is a barkada in La Salle and we used to go to their house in North Forbes when we were in college. So in the same manner, I support Pres Aquino, no, I dont know him personally,even though, I could have been introduced to him during the birthday party of my Rotary classmate Jun Jun Binay, or Mayor Jun Jun of Makati city. I feel it is incumbent for all Filipinos to support our President, as I said, I am an independent, show me good reasons for me to throw stones at him, not the impeachment case of Renato Corona to me is good reason to withdraw my support just yet. we have no disagreement we both want a clean government who serves the interest of the people, all the past presidents are guilty of some corruptions others like Marcos and Arroyo are both outstanding. It does not mean the rest were clean, no they are not Cory may be honest, but there are also other issues against her, so brace yourself, let us support while we have good reasons so far. I am with you to pinpoint weaknesses and wrong doings of the government including the President

    1. Rene,

      I believe even the president’s announcement of a 7.1% GDP growth acknowledges that this is due primarily to one sector — BPO services. And this industry really took off under the auspices of Gloria Arroyo.

      I also believe that the commentators on GRP fully support the institutions of our country. But no one here should be afraid of frank dissent especially if our democratic structures are superceded by the cult of personality. It keeps our politicians honest.

      1. Read Ilda’s article again. While they are not technically illegal, the handling of the Corona impeachment and the appointment of Lourdes Serena are highly unusual and questionable. Just like the rest of his incompetent cabinet appointees. The president’s bloated communications group are thoroughly inarticulate. They always seem to get their signals crossed. Then there were the threats to media to tow the line during the president’s inauguration speech. And a seemingly endless coterie of “friends” like Ronald Llamas who feel it is their God-given right to lord it over the rest of us because their association with the president makes them immune from prosecution.

        BS Aquino owns this menagerie. It is his alone. As such judge him by whathe has done. Judge him by the company he keeps.

    2. @Rene S Lazo

      You did not address the points in my response to you. Obviously you don’t have a problem with PNoy acting like a bully. That says a lot about your own bias against GMA and her allies. You seem to agree that it is ok to persecute a human being just because you already think she is guilty of the allegations against her. It could mean you do not have respect for our institutions. The court is already there to process the charges filed against GMA. PNoy does not need to poison the minds of the people. His penchant for vilifying his enemies is what turns most people off – those who did not even vote for him.

      Besides, supporting the incumbent President does not necessarily mean that we need to agree with everything he does. Supporting him also comes in the form of providing constructive criticism, to help bring him to the right path. What he needs to do is to listen to his critics for fresh ideas. His critics do not necessarily want him to fail. Some of us want him to change his negative ways. Like what I said in my previous article: Criticizing PNoy is good for us and democracy

      Those who do not trust PNoy or the government to do the right thing are lucky. They are lucky because they see beyond the story told to them by the Establishment. As a result, they are not only more critical of PNoy, they also actively participate in politics than those who trust him; they can take radical and concrete steps to do something to improve their own lives without waiting for the government to do it for them.

      Just think about it. After each change of government or People Power revolution in the past, most Filipinos simply go back to their apathetic ways and let the newly installed government run the country without bothering to check if the right things are being done. It is like a cycle and this is part of the reason why public servants get away with not doing their jobs properly.

      Most Filipinos become dissatisfied and act only after the term of the incumbent President is almost over – when they have had enough of the “corrupt” activities or when the lack of progress is undeniable. This is evident in how they would rather mount street revolutions to remove the incumbent President than guide him by being more vocal or involved in the crafting of government policies from the very beginning. In other words, prevention is better than the cure. And being more critical of whoever is the sitting President can prevent corruption and help progress along.

      By putting pressure on the government to shape up, ordinary Filipinos will have a better chance of making their public servants work harder. The fact that Malacañang’s communications team was compelled to show photos of the President supposedly working after activists branded him lazy is proof that criticism is an important input into a successful democracy.

    3. It is not enough for him to keep his nose clean (if he really does have a clean and shiny nose. What this country needs is action and not just praise (press) releases. Seems like you are not seeing the real picture here, maybe because of your 3d glasses, you better take them off first.

  24. I cant imagine that elections and voting happens in a different way in the Philippines then anywhere else.

    In the days/months prior to the elections all president candidates (polital parties, depending on in which country one lives and what kind of governmental systen one has) will make speaches, statements and talk about programs (more bridges, more roads, less income taxes, no more corruption, more jobs to name just a few) they want to execute once in power. The candidate should also state how he/she wants to reach all those goals and when.

    I will cast my vote for that president candidate that speaks about things that is primarily in my own personal interest (read: benefit) and in the interest of my country secondly.

    Bot now what if that president candidate doesnt stick to his own promise once in power? Did I chose the wrong person? Can I “impeach” the president once in power or do I have to wait 6 more years to vote for another candidate? And maybe 6 years later the new candidate will “lie” as well. What can be done once it is established a president doesnt stick to his own words, his promises, his program?

    If the goals are reached during a presidents term but achieved by mainly external factors then so be it. A real intelligent voter will distinguish between what a president achieved by his own doing (with his administration) and what was achieved/reached beyond his power/control. Or critical newspapers should have pointed that out very clearly to the voters.

    What any first term administartion wants is a second term, right? So they better stop “hoaxing” the people/the voters.

    1. @Robert Haighton

      Some Filipino politicians may appear to have a platform when campaigning but when you look closely, their platform does not really include the details of how they are actually going to implement their proposal. In other words, they do not have a plan. More often than not they just want to please the people during the campaign by saying what the people want to hear. Most of the time they do not think things through. This is why we need more intelligent voters who can scrutinise and demand that candidates explain their platform in detail before the election.

      The job of every citizen does not end on Election Day though. If they voted for a candidate based on the candidate’s platform, they need to make sure that the public servant they voted in stays true to his promises. If he doesn’t, the people can call for his resignation because they voted him in based on his platform. If he does not resign, the people can take revenge by not voting in any member of his party-mates. When politicians know that they cannot fool the electorate, they will have no choice but to shape up.

      The problem with majority of Filipino voters is that they vote based on personality and popularity. It has something to do with the fact that most Filipinos are star-struck ignoramuses. This is the reason why their call for resignation once they’ve had enough of the corrupt and incompetent public servant is not justified. Some voters also vote for someone because they were bribed. In that situation, the public servant actually owns the voters.

      1. Over time the media should create a matrix for each senate/congress candidates with clear position on where they stand on key issues and other relevant points. E.g
        1. Rh bill
        2. Foi – roreply
        3. 60/40 ownership amendment
        4. Anti-dynasty
        5. Scrap pork barrel/pdaf
        6. Decriminalise libel
        7. Disband private armies
        8. Tax evasion – clampdown
        9. Anti-epal
        10. Lgu accountability
        11. Congress attendance
        12. Saln publication
        13. Corruption – general
        14. Gocc review. Performance/costs
        15. Achievements
        16. Academic records
        17. Relatives in govt
        18. Dollar accounts/property abroad (incl wife, sons/daughters)
        19. Court actions past/pending
        20. Other

        1. The members of mainstream media should be the ones asking these hard questions to every candidate prior to election. Unfortunately, the only question they ask candidates is “how’s your love life?”

        2. That pinpoints the problem quite nicely. While they are always quick to paint themselves as crusading heroes, claiming their lives are threatened by vengeful criminal organizations and lawless political warlords, for the most part the mainstream media in the Philippines practice little more than yellow journalism and rumor mongering.

          One the one hand there are the sycophants who fawn all over the president and are generally willing to give him a free pass on any issues that might embarrass his administration. There is Ted Failon and company who specialize in attacking business owners based on equivocal evidence. (Or perhaps he’s being paid to do it?) And then there are those like the Tulfo brothers who seem to revel in launching scatological attacks on anyone because it makes for exciting radio sound bites.

    1. It’s unbelievable that companies still let their fishermen go fishing even with the typhoon warnings. They simply underestimated the power of the typhoon because they were too focused on their catch instead of the safety of their personnel.

  25. unfortunately the corruption in mainstream media and desire not to rock advertising revenues means that an independent professional political journalist is as rare as p-noy telling the truth/keeping his promises.

  26. This article is way too one-sided. I’m not, in any way, convincing you to throw your support to the president or anything, but at least do recognize that in his short stay he had initiated genuine reforms and had reached numerous milestones in different aspects of the government. His notable achievements include impeccable GDP growth, several credit ratings upgrade, modernization of the Armed Forces, quashing of tax haven identity of PH, great performance of PSEI,and more. I also do think it’s quite unjust for us to expect that he could “large-scale things” (and I’m not implying that he hasn’t), considering the fact that he had so many burdens on his shoulders including but not limited to uncertainty in the global economy and low government confidence mainly because of his predecessors. I’m not exactly a fan but I think we should give praise to whom it is due.

    1. TROLL. How can you say that this article is too one-sided.

      All of these things you have listed are odd and very questionable, especially the impeccable GDP growth. In fact, you should give credit to Arroyo instead because of her good use of Keynesian economics.

      Please re-consider.

    2. @Toffy: Thing is though, a causal relationship between (a) what a president does and (b) the performance/behaviour of a complex and large system such as a national economy over a given period cannot be established as there are just too many variables at work. So the size of the contribution of what a president does to the change undergone by an economy over a given period can never be reliably calculated or even just estimated.

      What you pointed out in your comment above was more a statement of correlation — i.e., citing evidence of a favourable change in economic performance that happens to have occurred within the term of a sitting president. Whilst causality is usually consistent with correlation, the corollary is not true; i.e. correlation does not necessarily establish causality.

    3. @Toffy

      “…least do recognize that in his short stay he had initiated genuine reforms and had reached numerous milestones in different aspects of the government. His notable achievements include impeccable GDP growth, several credit ratings upgrade, modernization of the Armed Forces, quashing of tax haven identity of PH, great performance of PSEI,and more

      Impeccable GDP growth? Didn’t GMA turn over 7.9% growth in 2010? But no thanks to PNoy, economy grew only by 3.2 percent in the third quarter of 2011.

      Several credit ratings upgrade? You can credit that to his PR machine, which includes some members of the mainstream media who are allied with him. They continue to write positive spin for their boss. Like what I said before: First of all, business confidence is only so because of perception. Stock markets are all about perception. Some members of the Philippine media who are very biased for PNoy, created all this positive perception surrounding him. This positive image reverberated across the globe. The positive image gives investors more confidence to invest in the country.

      But if you think about it, if the mainstream Philippine media was responsible for giving PNoy or the Philippines a positive image, they were also responsible for giving the former president Gloria Arroyo or the Philippines a negative image and driving away potential investors as a result. Headlines like, “Failure of elections will benefit GMA” or “Another Arroyo dinner to cost $15,000.00″ also reverberated around the globe. Such articles were not even worthy of front-page news and were also written in tabloid style. In short, the uncertainties created by the media during GMA’s term made foreign investors jittery or gave them useless anxieties. The “business confidence” we see now is all thanks to media’s reduction in much of the ado they make about nothing and has nothing to do with his so-called “reforms”.

      Let us give credit where credit is due — to the whole lot of factors including the previous administration’s economic policies that PNoy is still using, global economic recovery, increased remittances from OFWs and increased consumer spending, which generates a lot of business.

      What modernization of the Armed Forces? Please be specific.

      BTW, let’s just say PNoy is doing what you say he is doing, but isn’t it just part of his job? Don’t make it look like what he is doing is something special.

      1. Ilda and Johhny Derp, I’m using capslock so as to highlight my point that Vergil keeps on overlooking in spite of my apparent fruitless attempts to explain it to him. And it’s a little bit disturbing how you would criticize me for my slight show of rudeness (which obviously I did not do in tackless fashion) while you keep on calling the President “BS” and people trolls, that is in incomplete disregard of the context.

        Apparently, after my “capslocking-ing”, you too failed to understand my point. First, I said that he was bending the National Accounting Equation and not your article. As a matter of fact, when I perused through your article, I was surprised that not once you mentioned the accounting equation, and that is why I think your article lacks substance to be considered as a concrete source. Second, I did not discredit GMA entirely. I simply stated the fact that since GDP accounts for all the expenses incurred in a single fiscal year (in this case Jan 1, 2012 up to present), GMA related stuffs would not, at least, directly affect its growth. Third, if you’re going to claim that “government spending left and right” is a GMA proliferated idea, then you’re robbing her predecessors the same entitlement. My point being, it is not her policies (cause these are not policies at the first place), but rather it is a normal and expected way to stimulate the economy. It is not like she “invented” it. Again, the accounting equation and most economic models are comprised primarily of Total Consumption (Private/House Hold Consumption) and Government Spending. This is not a GMA-created idea. It is almost an economic axiom. Fourth, you shall not fault the president for reviewing the international contracts that he put on hold, considering the fact that his predecessor is believed to be a medium of corruption.

        Just a quick question:
        If you’re attributing 2012 Q3 GDP Growth to Arroyo, then you must have also attributed the 2011 slowdown to her?

        I know you would say things that it is his fault and everything, but my point is GDP from different years are independent from each other.

        1. It’s simple, really. The only thing being criticised here is Malacanang implying that this 7.1% quarter (annualised) growth is something that Noynoy can take credit for. The BS in all that (and thus the “BS” in President BS Aquino) is that contributing factors to economic performance transcend presidential terms and therefore the performance of the economy even over short periods within a presidential term cannot by fully accounted for by the activities of that government over said term. In short, macro-economic performance over a given period cannot be accounted for by any one president.

          And yet

          […] Lacierda attributed the high growth rate to “sustained confidence in the leadership of President Aquino and his administration, which has consistently equated good governance with good economics.”

          Now that, from the perspective of the simple principles I laid out at the beginning of this comment, is what is called BS. Thus the “BS” in President BS Aquino.

        2. @Toffy

          First, I said that he was bending the National Accounting Equation and not your article.

          Well, Vergil was quoting my article so technically you were addressing it to me too.

          My point being, it is not her policies (cause these are not policies at the first place), but rather it is a normal and expected way to stimulate the economy.

          Hello? All of a sudden it’s a “normal” way to stimulate the economy? Government intervention like spending is supposedly only done during a recession, meaning it should be temporary and not a permanent solution. It became more of a default plan due to lack of better ideas to stimulate growth. Kung baga, panic buying.

          I didn’t say that it was a “GMA-created idea”. Why don’t you read the title of my article again. It’s PNoy and his minions who keep attributing the economic growth to “Aquinomics” as if they came up with this unique policy.

          You contradict yourself by the way. In one of your comments you said that PNoy is responsible for the impeccable growth rate and now you’re saying that “I’m robbing GMA’s predecessors of the same entitlement”. Why do you think PNoy made such a difference if he’s doing the same thing as his predecessor?

          As a matter of fact, when I perused through your article, I was surprised that not once you mentioned the accounting equation, and that is why I think your article lacks substance to be considered as a concrete source.

          I’ve already explained to you that that the equation is not the point of the article. The point was PNoy is simply using his predecessor’s economic policy. The absence of the “accounting equation” in the article doesn’t change that fact.

          Check out what GMA said in her paper written last year. She even credited her predecessors:

          No amount of black propaganda can erase the tangible improvements enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of families liberated from want during my decade at the helm of the nation. But these accomplishments have simply been part of the continuum of history. The gains I achieved were built on the efforts of previous leaders. Each successive government must build on the successes and progress of the previous ones: advance the programs that work, leave behind those that don’t

          You can’t even expect PNoy to say something like that because he seems to want the credit all to himself.

        3. @ilda: re what you said here:

          Hello? All of a sudden it’s a “normal” way to stimulate the economy? Government intervention like spending is supposedly only done during recessions, meaning it should be temporary and not a permanent solution. It became more of a default plan due to lack of better ideas to stimulate growth. Kung baga, panic buying.

          Indeed, the old-fashioned and more sustainable way to keep the economy going is to continuously develop and expand the fixed capital base (i.e. infrastructure, capacity for innovation, production capacity, etc.) that contributes to consistent productivity gains from which real and robust economic growth stems.

          A lot of the spin doctors even miss the point on spending on infrastructure as they attribute the spending per se as the driver of short-term growth/economic activity when it should be the productivity and efficiency gains yielded over the lifespan of the actual infrastructure built that should be the whole real point of said expenditure.

          Unfortunately pulling “economic growth” out of a hat via economic stimulus/spending has become the new “normal” as so-called “economists” (Atenista pa naman din) like this “Toffy” guy seem to have been taught back in their little schoolie days. 😀

        4. The thing is, that you shouldn’t give credit to a known credit grabber like aquino. 7.1 GDP shouldn’t be credited to a person known for his laziness. If you say that aquino deserves it then well that is just your opinion. Stop trying to convince us that your president is better than the previous presidents because he isn’t.

        5. @Toffy

          Fourth, you shall not fault the president for reviewing the international contracts that he put on hold, considering the fact that his predecessor is believed to be a medium of corruption.

          I can fault it whenever I want. Like I mentioned in my article, not only did they anger the foreign contractors the previous government signed with, BS Aquino’s government simply sat on some of the projects.

          This included the cancellation — seemingly out of spite — of GMA’s PhP1.9 billion worth of various flood control projects as well as the P18.7 billion Laguna de Bay dredging project signed during her term. Some say that this resulted in the disastrous flooding that brought many industries — including the vital financial services industry — to a standstill for more than a week in the beginning of August this year. Worst of all, the Belgian company, Baggerwerken Decloedt en Zoon (BDC) who was contracted to do the dredging job filed a lawsuit against the Aquino government for the cancellation of the deal. This is something that media outlets owned and operated by family and friends of the President don’t seem to highlight in any of their networks. His lack of professionalism does put the whole Philippine society in a bad light in the international community.

        6. Well put. History shows us that the longest periods of sustained growth are those times when government limits its intervention in the economy. It is when society promotes innovation and entrepreneurship by tapping the intelligence and creativity of its people that real progress is achieved.

          Unfortunately, today’s leaders (both BS Aquino and his contemporaries abroad) have arrogated to themselves the right to control the direction of people’s lives. From business and the economy to health and nutrition to sexual behavior. All under the assumption that as elected (and in many cases non-elected) officials, they have a monopoly on understanding what is “best” for everyone’s welfare.

    4. @Toffy

      LOL! You are the first yellow comedian that really made me laugh hard. If you think modernization of the AFP in acquiring 46 year old Hamilton Cutters with only conventional guns and no missile or ASW capability is modernization, think again. The tip of the naval spear are widow makers.

  27. If you’re attributing the GDP growth to Keynesian Economics, you really shouldn’t be praising Arroyo but rather congratulate the BSP instead. The Kaynesian Theory has two legs. Monetary Policy and Public spending (mainly infrastructures). And as we all know, in GAAP Matching Principle, expenses should be credited in the year when it was incurred. So basically, your idea of “thank you President Arroyo for her Keynesian Economics” is self destructing because if we are to use that specific economic theory, you shouldn’t be really crediting her because, as the Matching Principle implies, the expenses incurred during her term is no longer reflected with that of the present then therefore has no effect in today’s GDP.

  28. TROLL. Did you actually read the article thoroughly? Or did you just come here to troll? Read the entire article before you judge it.

  29. GDP is the summation of Investments, Government Spending, Total Consumption and (X-M). You cannot really attribute today’s GDP growth to her because as you can see, GDP is accounted via expense method (for a specific fiscal year).

    And don’t be so naive so as to deny the one-sidedness of this article. Really, you might have skipped the title.

    And I’m not “trolling”. I thought this forum is open to opinions (as said by the writer in one of her comments), if that is the case, you shouldn’t be hostile to others. After all, I’m just stating my opinion.

    1. But by the looks on your comments, you’re trying to credit PNoy for everything. I gave up when he is still on his other blunders and blame games and other nonsense.

      Go figure.

  30. I’m not attributing everything to PNoy, but I’m entirely attributing today’s GDP growth to PNOY. If you have a good grasp of the Kaynesian Theory and the National Accounting Equation, you’ll know why. Again, whatever she did in her term has little effect in today’s GDP because GDP is accounted via expense method. MEANING, they’re simply assessing the size of the economy by computing the total expense incurred in a specific and definite year.

    1. That’s where you’re totally wrong. I suggest that you should read the link of Ilda’s other article about that. You’re just clowning around. I dunno, but are you one who’s spewing Yellow Propaganda and tries to tell me that PNoy is a better president?

      Cite specifics, plez.

      1. The biggest mistake the Filipino peoples did is so much trust on the Aquinos..if you analyzed why Ninoy is so much on Marcos at that time is bec. of hacienda Luisita that it’s going to be distributed upon the deal between the farmers and Donya Luisita itself and everything should be done in the 80’s but the Aquino won’t let it go that is why Ninoy is making noised and trying to get the peoples attention against martial law to make that the distribution of hacienda won’t up to now still with them.The plan of Marcos to our country is to be an industrialized nation and that nuclear power plant is the best way to used, we should be next to Japan of having a nuclear power plant..with this we should be paying less electric bills and any industrialized nation has this..actually we are left behind in Asia..if you notice since Marcos is gone, we created a lot of politicians and not only that we put them in power to corrupt…our life never change after they were in power but it went to worst what more is political friends, relatives are tap to hold in gov’t. offices.

    2. .. think again and do some research. Are you sure you are not one of Pinoy’s angels? I mean, one of his statesmen? You are talking non-sense. This GDP is a big lie.

    3. Toffy is right about BS being responsible for the GDP growth!
      For all the wrong reasons.

      Massively increased Government spending is the reason for the recent GDP growth. Thus, yes, BS is responsible for spending more of my money, and your money, in order for us to pay even more of our money in the future to pay everything back. Congratulations – Somebody give him a medal (or a Nobelprice – these are handed out to every numb nut these days)

      1. And to add my two cents on the post below (again from Toffy)

        Abandoning the ideas of “Keynesian Theory” is probably the best Idea you mentioned in quite some time!
        In fact, I would bet one of my balls, that Keynes himself would abandon them, if he would see how his theories have been hijacked and abused/misused in recent years.

    4. GDP growth from PNOT? ohh I mean PNOY? FYI galing ke GMA yang economic growth na yan.. sya lang ang nagenenjoy sa Economic policy na iniwan sa kanya.. angkinin man nya d naman nya ma gagawa ulit.. for sure before sya umalis sa pwesto lugmok nanaman ang ekonomiya nang Pinas..

      P.S. D ako maka Gloria pero mas lalong d ako maki PNOY…

  31. Seriously Vergil, if you’re trying to discredit PNoy for what he has done in today’s GDP growth, you should abandon the ideas of Kaynesian Theory and the National Accounting Equation all together because the two would really point that PNoy really caused the GDP growth.

    1. And you should abandon on licking his a$$ and see the bigger picture. As the title of the other article suggests that the “7.1% growth is not due to Aquinomics, it’s a continuation of GMA’s use of Keynesian Economics.”

      This was also from the article itself:

      “It is such a shame that President BS Aquino and his minions continue to credit only his administration for the latest glowing economic growth statistics or for whatever projects that were finalized or something that he is just continuing but obviously were initiated by the previous administration. His public relations team is hell-bent on painting him as the architect of the country’s perceived good performance compared to its ASEAN neighbors. They even brand it as “Aquinomics”. They think the people are gullible enough not to know that the economic policy he is using is actually based on classic Keyenesian Economics of spending, which GMA used during her term.”

      1. And you keep on insisting to use that article as a source where as the article, itself, is a mere blog entry and shouldn’t be treated as such. Nonetheless, because of your insistance, “I shall quote They think the people are gullible enough not to know that the economic policy he is using is actually based on classic Keyenesian Economics of spending, which GMA used during her term.”. If we are to surrender to your claim that PNOY used Keynesian Economics, then we shouldn’t be thanking GMA but thank Keynes instead and not her. They both borrowed the ideas of Keynes. AND PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT BEND THE GDP EQUATION. THE ACCOUNTING EQUATION IS RESTRICTED TO A DEFINITE PERIOD. SO PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT GMA THRIVED 2012’s GDP BECAUSE IT ONLY ACCOUNTED FOR THE CURRENT YEAR’S EXPENSES, EXCLUDING THE PAST ONES.

        Haha. I would no longer argue with you cause you’re trying to manipulate what are considered as “almost-axioms” of Economics.

        1. Good. Since that because you’re becoming one of ‘them’. You’re becoming one of the people who tried to manipulate us that PNoy is a better president.

          Haha, I would stop bickering if he completely stops his.


          Well, well, well. Looks like someone had to resort to all caps just to try and get his point across. 😉

          Which part of the article makes you think that the GDP equation was bended? The article was merely pointing out the fact that PNoy is using the same economic policies of the previous administration. He is spending left and right just to stimulate the economy the same way GMA did during her term.

          After putting a hold on infrastructure projects, PNoy’s “government has reportedly increased spending by 12 percent – “a record this year while seeking more than $17 billion of investment in roads and airports.”

          So you think my article is a “mere blog entry”. That’s exactly what Sen Sotto said about the blog he plagiarised.


        3. He denies that he is a troll yet he is acting like one. Using capslock just to prove his point only shows his true nature.
          A TROLL

        4. too all Pinoys… we all have to PRAY HARDER for the best outcome in the investigations…THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING THEIR BEST.. AGAIN.. THEY’VE LISTENED AND GOT NAPOLES IN TO CUTODY… then several people supported via the walk to Luneta last Aug. 26,… IN SHORT… MAY NANAGYAYARI…

        5. @Irene

          Prayers will not mean anything when the people turn a blind eye to BS Aquino’s shenanigans. Tell your idol Aquino to authorise the audit of pork barrel funds from 2010-2013 and prosecute his allies who misused it during his term. That’ll prove that he is really interested in reducing corruption in government.

          By the way, BS Aquino is still ignoring calls to abolish allocation of the pork barrel funds to congress. This means he does not want to lose control of the congressmen.

          Aquino is also partly to blame for the bloodshed in Zamboanga City because one, negotiating with terrorists was wrong in the first place and two, he also excluded MNLF from the peace deal he made with MILF.

  32. Vergil, if I were you, I wouldn’t use the article you’re referring to as your “source” because, really, this is a blog and not a reference.

    It would be my pleasure if you would enlighten me how GMA contributed to today’s GDP growth. Seriously, I’ve been telling you, GDP is simply the size of a certain economy for a SPECIFIC AND DEFINITE time, which is, for this case, Q3 2012. This is computed via expense method: Government Spending, Investments, Total Consumption and (X-M). They would only account all expenses made in that SPECIFIC AND DEFINITE period. MEANING, GMA’s Kaynesian Economics (and btw, her spending eventually lead to bloated deficit) has no effect to today’s GDP.

    1. Even some “sources” can’t be trusted. ABS-CBN, Inquirer, and other media can be questionable.

      So your attribution on the 7.1.% GDP to PNoy can be misleading. I don’t know why Aquino and his supporters think the growth is a big deal. It’s either they do not know what they are talking about or they are just trying to fool the people. Either way, it’s bad. Are you trying to- oh wait…

      I just don’t care for PNoy after all. As I said, I gave up after what he did to certain personalities like Arroyo and Corona and other people he perceived as ‘enemies’. That is NOT what a leader looks like. Yes, you can give him credit, but you’re also applauding on his childish antics.


      1. Yup, but ABS-CBN, Inquirer, and other media at least tries to be impartial, regardless if they succeed or not. Unlike the article you’re insisting we treat as a source, it’s argumentative, which has bias, in contrast to a report, which is simply stating the two sides. But rest assured, I’m not treating them as sources. If you have time, visit me in my office in Ateneo de Manila University, Leong Hall 4th Floor Economics Department. Till then.

        1. The irony is that those media outlets that I mentioned are BIASED. So they’re not or not trying to be ‘impartial’. Your argument is invalid.

          Thanks anyway. Because in reality, PNoy is still a nutjob.

        2. “Toffee”, you have completely disregarded the realm of economic and fiscal policy formulation in your claims. At best your explanation is elementary, it is insufficient.

          My goodness, you don’t even have the discipline not to re-arrange the natural order of accounts. GDP= C+I+G+NX,NX=X-M. Student?

          There are three methods of computing GDP, in your example, you use the term “EXPENSE METHOD”. You are incorrect and tend to mislead. The correct term is EXPENDITURE or SPENDING. Any economist would know the difference.

          If you can not tell the difference between an expense and an expenditure, then you have no business dragging the name of the Ateneo Economics Department. Go back to your freshman books. Clue: Accounting Principles.

          Clearly you disregard lag-time variables, economic modelling and forecasting for the medium term. In fact, national accounts are estimated figures that form the basis for economic planning and policy formulation/ implementation. The economic policies that have been in effect, even from the period 2010 to the present, have been defined and published by the previous administration. There has not been a single major economic policy change since, inspite of the re-naming and re-badging.

        3. Toffy,

          Don’t use that technical BS brouhaha. The programs were from the administration of GMA. The glaring fact that is staring you right in the face like a fog light is the fact that most of the people comprising of Pnoys economic team where from the admin of GMA!

          Seriously, you thought those programs were GMAs idea? C’mon she can’t juggle all of those it had to come from her advisors which again are the same people in the Pnoy admin!

          Those programs don’t take a week to bear fruit, it takes years hence the Abnoy admin is taking credit by making it as their own.

        4. wait, what?

          did you just say “Yup, but ABS-CBN, Inquirer, and other media at least tries to be impartial, regardless if they succeed or not.”

          impartial??? seriously??? wtf?

          you’ve just ruined your credibility, pal. (if you had any to begin with).

  33. I think that Pnoy’s clear Keynesian extension of GMA economics is his expansion of CCT program. This seems to be the biggest recipient of the national budget, well, aside of course from the shameless increases in Pnoy’s own pork barrel and his lackeys in congress and senate. This alone clearly shows how he could not possibly be responsible for the growth the Philippines is experiencing at the moment. CCT funds are bound to the corrupt bureaucratic system and pork barrel, oh well, we all know how much of these funds are so totally spent not for the common good, but for the wanton consumption of the members of the political elite, in terms of stimulating the economy through consumption, yes, but this has not been beneficial for the majority. Which leads us to the concrete contribution of GMA to the current growth, her massive, massive infrastructure projects have stabilized the economic fundamentals of the country. And since the source of the growth is mostly from OFW remittances, GMA worked hard through her foreign travels to expand the number of countries where we can send workers, 140 during her term and the BPO is beyond doubt a creation of GMA. Aside from CCT expansion, BS Aquino has not contributed anything concrete to the growth of the country; it was not his making that the EU and the US have gone bust financially. He even takes credit for our IMF -free economic policy, since after paying off our debts, we are now free from IMF dictates, this is clearly a result of GMA brilliant economic move. BS Aquino is full of s–t!!!!

      1. @juls jovellano

        Oh really? How do you know the opinions are “biased”? Please be specific. And can you enlighten us on the points that need more “research”?

      2. haha you didnt even read the whole article that you cannot even point out what makes you say it’s biased. magsalita ka ngayon!!

  34. it’s not only the president who is a part of our problem, but our legislators as well. they are the ones formulating our laws after all. also, is this article implying that cgma was a better president than pnoy? lastly, i agree that filipinos need discipline, but the story regarding that businessman threatened to be executed if he did not meet his target is way too much. discipline should not in any way prejudice human rights. also, we should not blame our culture. as far as i can remember, the filipino culture instills respect, discipline and hardwork. it is the loss of our true filipino culture that must be dealt with. nawawala na ang mga values lalo na nang ating mga kabataan. we should not forget who we are, because if we do, then we will never progress as a nation.

  35. it’s not only the president that is a part of the problem in this country. every single flip pino is part of this problem. we are the most stubborn, hard headed and culturally shocked breed of people, the hardest ever to be ruled in this face of the planet. no living human specie (not even Christ) is good enough to rule us in this country because everyone of us is a leader and has his own agenda of ruling this country. i am yukking sick of this issue.

    1. @Dude

      Yes, the Filipino people especially those who voted for PNoy are part of the problem but the article is focusing on PNoy as part of the problem. You seem a bit confused about the topic.

        1. If you had to ask that question, then I’m afraid you won’t agree with any other more qualified and experienced candidate I can name.

        2. Fix the entire process by which you select your leaders (not just the electoral system, but the thought process of Filipinos when they make decisions, more than anything), then the personality will matter less than his/her ability to perform the job.

  36. Patriotism starts with “me”. I wish I could be a president of the country, “Me”. Then, I cannot blame anyone else except “me”.

  37. TRIAL BY JURY is the missing link and the reason why Philippine democracy doesn’t bear fruits for the majority of the Filipinos. The judicial system in the Philippines is the same weapon Spaniards used to take advantaged of, and, do injustice to Indios.

    Let us make Adopting jury system an election issue, as this is a better alternative for rebellion and civil war.

    1. A thought I’ve had many times myself. Of course that would just add to the cost of the accused…More pera to threaten or bribe the jurors…In the end it may not make any difference…just add to the number of people damaged by the original crime…sadly

  38. Aquino is yet another political fraud. One year prior to BS Aquino’s election to the presidency, I was asserting that he would push money into the pockets of his rich friends and leave the poor suffering as usual. No reason ever existed to expect Aquino to be any different than he has been, as he acts as president to protect his class interests, protecting the wealthy, pushing public money into the pockets of private wealth through his public-private partnerships, and failing to take any action to support organized labor or to reduce poverty. Experts are not needed to understand that the rich protect the rich.

  39. Aquino isn’t the problem, and you don’t need any “experts” to tell you that Aquino isn’t the problem. The problem is that the system of government you have is designed to be captured by the rich oligarchs. The problem is the economic and political system. We Americans forced the system of government upon Filipinos at gunpoint. I would start by abolishing the Senate and then banning money and politics.

    1. I suggest you read the article again because you missed the part where I emphasised that BS Aquino is unwilling to change the system for the simple reason that he and his KKKs benefit from the status quo.

  40. never bothered to finish the whole article after looking at the bottom portion and seeing 4-5 articles of PNoy bashing. I’m neither pro nor anti for the guy (didnt even vote for him). But this blog is entirely biased against his presidency.

    1. And why you even bothered to comment?

      Really? You have read the entire blog? If you have really bothered to read everything then you’ll find out this site is not anti noynoy but anti stupidity. Well, at least it worked on you.

    2. @Ian

      Bashing is such a strong word. Criticising is the appropriate term to describe what some of us do here. It’s too bad you didn’t bother to read the article to find that out for yourself. You could try analysing some of the points raised in the article and see if they actually make sense. As the title says “experts” suggest that he is part of the problem. 😉

  41. Dami palang matatalinong Pilipino. Binasa ko lang yung hulihan. “Korean… work long hours…work hard…at kung anu anu pa about korean” Itanong niyo sa sarili at parents niyo. Anung henerasyon ng mga Pilipino ang mas matitiyaga? Anung henerasyon ng mga Pilipino ang mas mapagmahal sa sarili nilang bansa. Sinong henerasyon ang may mas respeto sa sarili at sa kapwa lalo na sa mga matatanda. At sinong henerasyon na sa edad walo pa lang e alam ang tinatawag na responsibilidad at time management dahil may malaki silang gampanin sa gawaing bahay. Definitely, sila yung mga henerasyon na hindi namulat sa Blog at henerasyon na ang tingin sa facebook ay pag-aaksaya ng oras sa walang kabuluhang bagay. 😀

    1. hahaha they go blind and deaf when it comes to this, they can never be united, stubborn as they are… pre ikaw iboboto kong presidente tumakbo ka lang…

    2. i never voted so i dont give a darn kung ano ginawa ng mga presidente, pero kung may gagawin man ako at ipaglalaban ko malamang eh ang ilagay kong presidente eh si dominic, which i thnk i will be doing a greater good para sa pinas… hahaha it may be funny… but if i had the time, money and resources to put someone as the president of the Philippines i would do so instead of giving credit nor bashing all the politicians that i see not fit to sit. all of these are just waste, without someone who will go against everything to eradicate everything that is constantly in practice… ganito pa rin magiging post nyo sa susunod na magiging presidente… like it has always been for the past years 40 or ewan ko… hahaha… maybe it is better to look back and teach people what dominic is trying to preach. 🙂 you have my vote man!!! 🙂 baka gumanda pa Pilipinas peace 🙂

  42. Thanks to President Aquino for being very good president..Corruption became so less and poor people are equally given rights..They are now receiving financial support. What more should we ask for?
    Good Job PINOY!

    1. Do you mean the CCT?
      FYI, that one was a complete failure because it failed to lessen the number of poor people in our country. Your president has failed to reduce corruption because it is still rampant and widespread so how can you justify saying that Mr. Aquino is a good president?

      Your president is bad and you should feel bad, deal with it.

    2. @Mary

      Please provide proof of your claim that there is less corruption now and poor people have been given equal rights under this current government. Thanks in advance.

      Like what I said in one of my previous articles:

      Without fail, BS Aquino would talk about how corrupt the past administration was every chance he gets without realizing that power can corrupt just about anyone, even himself. Corruption comes in many forms not just stealing public funds. His alleged strong-arming of some members of the other branches of government to get what he wants is a form of corruption too and so is the allegations that those who are close to BS Aquino always get away with their alleged crimes.

    3. Thanks to your president (and his mother) for nothing, corruption became the way of life. Poor people are equally given rights? Dati ba hind? Trabaho ba ng gobyerno bigyan sila ng financial support? We ask for him to resign, out of delicadeza as his family brings more shame to the Filipino people. Him and all his KKKK and his yellow supporters and all the corrupt trapos can just go to hell with him.

    4. Giving financial support to poor people? Don’t you know na ang perang ginamit dito ay inutang ng gobyerno na babayaran ng madlang bayan? This was confirmed by DSWD Sec. Soliman.

    5. Then what do you call those soldiers fighting the mnlf rebels who are suffering from hunger that your precious pwesident only gave them boxes of Cloud 9? What do you call his 1 trillion peso pork barrel? You always love to eat crap do you noytard?

  43. I completely agree with this article. Most of us Filipinos are too attached to surnames and tends to forget practicality and who’s really in charge (which is the voters). Also, the problem is our mentality. Most of us are too afraid to look outside the box. Some say the poverty-stricken in our country receives support. Yes they do… but at what cost? Higher working hours for the middle-class so we can pay taxes which most proceeds goes to pseudo NGOs and ghost employees in the government. While the already rich joins in via marriage to secure a wealth by having political connections and making “donations” to avoid taxation. Also… our country is a capitalist dream in repository. How many telecommunication companies do we have? Let me count with my ten fingers… ah 3! Globe, Sky and Alpha (PLDT) which now owns Sun, Smart, and Digitel. Now for our Electricity provider. Ooh! 1 😀 Also if you noticed… most prominent outside manufacturers already left our country due to unfair justification of stock sharing… hence we will never see a good product “Made in the Philippines”. What we will see is… “Distributed in the Philippines through a third party company that which triples the price from the original retail price. Finally again I return to the mentality. If you think you’ll be poor or expect instant gratification… you’ll be poor. Easy street is just the corner of delusion drive. Finally the problem here is the system itself. Our President is a newbie, our congress means group of baboons, our municipal mayors are either previous plunderers, movie artist, once drug dealers, while the voters under poverty vote in direst assess due to uneducated and in need of food. Our society today lives in a simple cycle. Rather than making a solution for the current problems. We tend to blame surnames, because we find it easier to blame a name and a face, rather than mistakes that never can be undone. Well… nobody tries to fine the solution and finding a solution takes time, which none of our politicians bother to resolve… well at least some still have that burning justice in the senate and congress.

  44. @Toffy…you’ve been talking too much about improved economics in the Philippines. Well I only have one question for you…If you think B.S. Aquino is handling the country’s economy so damn well, can you explain why the people can’t feel this so called “Economic Growth”? Bottom line is…its the people who could feel and tell that there is economic growth not just some paid individuals who’s working for the administration. Reality bites doesn’t it?… =)

  45. Filipinos need a president like F. Marcos if not a Monarchy would be the next best thing.

    We are given full freedom and we only abuse it. Most of us just never mature. It’s a sad truth.

      1. We can talk about completed and commissioned government projects of the late FERDINAND E MARCOS Sr. Oh , God help me, for it is going to be a very long list. Not on the List are Noted Accomplishment . These are only the ones people dont really know about. So feel free to share this to the world.

        Marcos completed Power plants in 20 years—–
        1). Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, completed 1983
        2) Leyte Geothermal Power Plant, completed 1977
        3)Makiling-Banahaw Geothermal Power Plant, completed 1979
        4) Tiwi Geothermal Power Plant, completed 1980
        5) Angat Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1967
        6)Kalayaan Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1982
        7) Magat A Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1984
        8)Magat B Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1984
        9)Pantabangan Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1977
        10)Agus 2 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1979
        11)Agus 4 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1985
        12) Agus 5 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1985
        13) Agus 7 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1982
        14) Pulangi Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1985
        15) Agus 6 Hydro Electric Power plant, recommissioned in 1977
        16)Masiway Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1980
        17) Main Magat Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1983
        18)Calaca Coal Power PlantCompleted in 1984,
        19) Cebu Thermal Power Plant completed in 1981,
        20) Palinpinon 1 Southern Negros Geothermal production Field completed in 1983.
        Not mentioned are diesel plants


        Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Gloria Macapagal, Ninoy Aquino III in 26 years—–
        1) ZERO – every new power plant built During their time were all privately Owned ( mostly by Lopezes, AboitIz, Aquino And Cojuanco Family) and is now owners of some Power Plants completed during Marcos.

        Marcos completed Bridge projects in 20 years
        1) Biliran Bridge150 meters long of Leyte, completed 1975
        2) Buntun Bridge 1369 meters long of Tuguegarao-Solana, Cagayan, completed 1974
        3) Candaba Viaduct Pulilan 5000 meters long of Bulacan-San Simon, Pampanga, completed 1976
        4)Mactan-Mandaue Bridge 864 meters long of Lapu-Lapu-Mandaue, Cebu 1972
        5) Magapit Suspension Bridge 449 meters long of Lal-lo, Cagayan completed 1978
        6)Mawo Bridge 280 meters long Victoria, Northern Samar completed 1970
        7) Patapat Viaduct 1300 meters long Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte completed 1986
        9)San Juanico Bridge 2060 meters long Tacloban, Leyte-Santa Rita, Samar. Completed 1973
        Not to mention the unnamed hundreds of bridges under 100 meters long.
        TOTAL LENGTH = 11472 meters long


        Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Gloria Macapagal, Ninoy Aquino III Combined completed Bridge projects in 26 years
        1)Agas- agas Bridge, Southern Leyte 350 meters long completed 2006
        2)Agat Bued Bridge, La Union 500 meters long completed 2010
        3)Bamban Bridge, Pampanga 174 meters long completed 1998
        4)Cansaga Bay Bridge, Cebu 640 meters long completed 2010
        5)Jones Bridge, Isabela 350 meters long completed 2008
        6)Macapagal Bridge, Agusan del Norte 907 meters long completed 2007
        7)Magat Bridge, Isabela 926 meters long completed 1991
        8)Marcelo Fernan Bridge, Cebu 1237 meters long 1999
        9)Narciso Ramos Bridge, Pangasinan 1442 meters long completed 1997
        10)Old Amburayan Bridge, Ilocos Sur 535meters long completed 2010
        11)Pantal Bridge, Pangasinan 380 meters long completed 2008
        TOTAL LENGTH = 7441 meters

        Marcos Established/Founded State Colleges/Universities in 20 years
        1)Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University in La Union founded in 1981
        2)Mariano Marcos State University in Ilocos Norte founded in 1978
        3)Kalinga-Apayao State College in Tabuk Kalinga founded in 1970
        4)Abra State Institute of Science and Technology in Abra founded in 1983
        5)Pangasinan State University founded in 1979
        6)University of Northern Philippines founded in 1965
        7)Philippine State College of Aeronautics founded in 1969
        8)Cagayan State University established in 1978
        9)Quirino State University established 1976
        10)Isabela State University established 1978
        11)Pampanga Agricultural College established 1974
        12)Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology-Calapan City established 1966
        13)Occidental Mindoro State College established 1966
        14)Palawan State University established 1965
        15)Bicol University established 1969
        16)Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges established 1983
        17)Rizal Technological University established 1969
        18)Technological University of the Philippines established 1971
        19)Capiz State University 1980
        20)Guimaras State College 1968
        21)Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology established 1971
        22)West Visayas State University became established as university in January 1986
        23)Leyte Normal University 1976
        24)SLSU- (Southern Leyte State University)- Sogod 1969
        25)SLSU- Hinunangan 1975
        26)SLSU- Tomas Oppus feb. 1 1986
        27)SLSU- Bontoc 1983
        28)SLSU- San Juan 1983
        29)Basilan State College 1984
        30)Western Mindanao State University became a university in 1978 followed with building the satellite campuses in..
        WMSU-Alicia campus, Zamboanga del Sur
        WMSU-Aurora campus, Zamboanga del Sur
        WMSU Curuan, Zamboanga City
        WMSU-Diplahan, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSU-Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSU-Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSU-Mabuhay, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSU-Malangas, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSU-Molave, Zamboanga del Sur
        WMSU-Naga, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSUOlutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSU-Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur
        WMSU-Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur
        WMSU-San Ramon, Zamboanga City
        WMSU-Siay, Zamboanga Sibugay
        WMSU-Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay
        31)Central Mindanao University established1965
        32)Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology established 1983
        33)Northwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology estbalished 1971
        34)Davao del Norte School of Fisheries established 1969 ( now known as Davao del Norte State College)
        35)Mati Community College (MCC) founded in 1972 ( now known as
        Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology)
        36)Malita Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology founded 1966 now known as
        37)Southern Philippines Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology
        38)University of Southeastern Philippines established 1978
        39)Cotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology established 1967
        40) Cotabato City State Polytechnic College established 1983
        41)Mindanao state university- Iligan city founded 1968
        42)Mindanao state university- Gensan city founded 1971
        43)Surigao del Sur State University founded 1982
        44)Surigao Del Norte School of Arts and Trades (Founded in 1969) now known as Surigao State College of Technology
        45)Sulu State College founded in 1982
        46)Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College founded in 1975
        47)Adiong Memorial Polytechnic State College founded in 1970’s
        47 ( that i have found so far) out of 108 state universities and college are established and accomplished projects of FERDINAND E MARCOS. He also improved and re equipped the remaining colleges/ Universities that were established/ founded before 1965.


        Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Gloria Macapagal, Ninoy Aquino III combined Established/Founded State Colleges/Universities in 26 years
        1) ZERO– the remaining of 108 State Colleges/Universities are built and founded before 1965. They though renamed few Colleges and Universities and Refounded them after 1986.

        National Manpower and Youth Council (NMYC) founded 1976. Now changed to TESDA to discredit Apo Marcos.

  46. Hi. Nice article. I bought the book by Profs Acemoglu and Robinson last year. “Why Nations Fail” I’ll say politely why I disagree with your theory about the co-relation between hard work and a country’s prosperity : If you notice, these are rich countries. If wealth is a product of purely hard work, then surely these countries would be poor by now? After all, all the riches from the colonies wouldn’t have lasted generations to keep them wealthy- it wasn’t, to put it simply, sustainable. I agree with the proferssors : I believe it is in the system. Does it incentivize people to work? Is it an open system where even poor people can get rich? Or is it closed, where your success depends on your bloodline or who you know? Does it incentivize the poor people to innovate? (ie how many patents are owned by lower class people?) Is there a good central government? Are the political institutions pluralistic? Are there secure property rights? Is it easy to start your own business or are there politicians standing in your way? I have been devouring a lot of books and trying to find answers on why my beloved country is poor. Only Profs Acemoglu and Robinson came up with a satisfactory, non-abstract, measurable, scientific and historically-proven answer. And if you read the whole book, they dissected many countries around the world (Africa, South America, Australia, Asia etc.) and applied their theories – it works. Even through history when there were major shifts. They are the only ones who understood the difference between the cause and effect of poverty ie the symptoms of failing/failed states and NOT refer to the symptoms themselves as the cause (unlike many other “experts” who referred to overpopulation/lack of education/ crimes etc as the reason for poverty). It’s a great read.
    I tried to write something about it in my blog but never got to finish it (demn lazy)
    More power and have a great night.

    1. @Trish

      Sorry to burst your bubble but if you think the system is our only problem, who came up with the system in the first place? The answer: the people. To be exact: The Filipino people.

      You might say that those who are in power are preventing a system change however, the people/voters keep electing the same people into power. Therefore, our main problem is our culture.

      BTW, the people who work less in countries mentioned in your link manage to do so because they have already industrialised. Meaning, they make more use of machines, which makes them more efficient with their time.

      1. YEAH. The gravest mockery to democracy is propagating the belief that everything starts and ends with the ballot. The French Revolution ushered democracy without it. Equating and reducing the expanse of democracy to periodic elections is the height of political myopia.

      2. I agree with you it’s the people’s fault, but only partial to today’s generation and more from the previous generation. I mean , let’s say a poor guy who studied law, then suddenly became secretary of defense, and then thereto became rich, taught his son of his “eliteness” and therefore became the problem that he is now. 🙂 this means that the biggest problem in our country is our “culture”. Whether it’s work ethics (which is almost non-existent in government offices (always start late and finish early), road ethics (people complain of traffic, because of PUV with no discipline, but majority of commuters stand by in the middle of the road to wait for a PUV,doesn’t like to fall in line and wait at the designated station)or other ethics which is too long to state here. Anyway,thanks for the read. It was entertaining and disturbing at the same time. Ha! 🙂

  47. Oh, by the way, if you read the book, they did discount the “culture” factor

    >North and South Korea had the same culture when they were divided but very different institutional structures were created in the South. It is of course not culture that explains South Korea’s success but institutions.

    also to add to that

    > Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora, have the same people, culture, and geography. Why is one rich and one poor?

    2. Theories That Don’t Work
    Poor countries are poor not because of their geographies or cultures, or because their leaders do not know which policies will enrich their citizens

    (from the professors’ website)

    But rejoice ! The good news it, it’s not “our” culture that is faulty, we are not “wired” wrong. It’s the system! Aren’t you happy?

    1. @trish

      South Korea is a democratic country while North Korea is communist country. Obviously, the latter has a repressive regime in place, which prevents most of its citizens from progressing. Base on what happened to South Korea, if the North Korean leaders loosen up their grip on their people, they might become as successful as the South Koreans because of their culture of hard work.

      In the case of the Philippines however, there is enough evidence to suggest that our culture is the problem because our country failed to progress despite moving on from a repressive regime to a democracy.

      Again, sorry to burst your bubble but our culture is “faulty” and it seems we are “wired” wrong. 😉

      1. Filipinos mostly have a great cancer, the to much Crab mentality this days.
        Sa congress at senate bakit puro english ang ginagamit?bakit di nila gamitin ang tagalog which is our own compare naman siguro nila sa ibang bansa. Like saudi,japan, korea,germany, french ang many others except of course america and british.
        also dapat stricly implemented ang batas para ma disiplina ang mga tao.

      2. I would agree “culture” is the culprit on all of these.

        The question is, how do you change this culture without undergoing a painful struggle? War is not the answer nor re-election.

        The society lacks of discipline and progressiveness towards change. Our youth do not advocate change seriously as the elected officials to lead the government are still the Trapo-Politician. I can only count on our youth, where young professionals who are enlightened by the situation to push persistently to diminish the status quo of un-progressiveness.

    2. Yes, I can agree to that it is system problem, one thing during election why we allow many presidential candidates instead of only two like USA. Another why we allow politicians to run with damage reputation, with cases, the constitution defended them by immunity for senators & congressmen/women.

      1. Kaya jahit fisherman, maids cooks ect. can be a president,,,what a shame
        Ayan at Pati na rin Si kris Aquino aspiring for president????? How funnypoliticians

  48. Sorry can’t help comment again re: prosperity and Filipino culture.
    Another proof that this is wrong is: bakit yung mga nakatira abroad na Pinoy (ahem), nagiging prosperous naman ang buhay? Alin ba ang tinanggal sa equation? I don’t think na tinanggal naming mga Pinoy abroad ang pagka-Pinoy namen para maging maayos ang buhay. ( ika nga you can take the Pinoy out of the Philippines, but can you take the Philippines out of the Pinoy?)
    At sa palagay ko, maraming Pilipino din naman ang naniniwala na sistema talaga ang problema at hindi tayo or ang kulturang Pilipino. Kaya nga madami ang gusto manirahan sa labas ng bansa. Kasi kung naniniwala talaga tayo na tayo ang problema, aba e di kahit saan ka pumunta, hindi aayos ang buhay mo. Natuturuan naman tayo. Sumusunod sa batas. Nagtratrabaho ng maayos. Pero Pinoy pa din, sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa. Bow!
    peace out

    1. Your last comment here has the ring of truth to it. Pinoys abroad are learning how to cope with the system wherever they are, but soon as they come back to the Philippines, it’s back to the norm. Why is that? It is the system that is at fault on this. We change the system and the Philippines can still become what we all aspire for it to become, a progressive country in line with the rest of the world. We are rich in minerals, people are pretty much reliable in their working habits, we are innovative, etc. But the fact that we are also one of the most envious culture is what keeps us down. I have never seen a Filipino community where there are no intrigues. But soon as you go to a place where pinoys are hardly noticeable and you’d find ‘friends’ among the local pinoys. Just like you said, ” we can take the pinoys our of the Philippines, but we can not take the Philippines out of the pinoys”. And until our current system of government is replace then all the “TRAPOS” will remain in power.

    2. @trish

      More often than not, people who go abroad become successful because 1) they had the drive to seek greener pastures to begin with and 2) they play by the rules as soon as they land in their adoptive countries because they know they have no choice. Here’s an article I wrote to explain point number two:

      Why is it so hard for Filipinos to just obey the law?. Some excerpts:

      In my mind, there is a very simple answer to that question: Filipinos follow rules and laws in other countries because they know they cannot get away with not following them.

      Most advanced countries have very organized law enforcement agencies (e.g., the Police, the FBI, and other criminal investigation services) that motivate people to abide by the law. In short, individuals who violate these rules and laws are punished. Filipinos who go to those countries know that they cannot bribe members of these agencies into allowing them to get away with their crime. Hence, they follow the law.

      1. In this part tells about poor law enforcement and implementation, this is system problem. There’s also part to blame on our culture, habits, and attitude. We care less for others and for all as nation, to much selfishness. I sometimes think that some politicians at first is honest and then later realized something in the system now turned dishonest especially surrounded by dishonest people.

  49. True…true…true. When will our country change for the better? When will the system and leadership change for good?

    Hard work? People can work hard from morning til evening, but did it changed their financial and economic status? A few people hoard most of the Philippine’s monies. Where did the taxes go? In the pockets of the few greedy people in power. When will they repent? or vanish? If this goes on…we will never experience economic conveniences in our life-time.

    Philippines, they say, is the only Christian nation in the far-east. It is only on paper. This same people that goes to masses on Sundays and even on Wednesdays, the people who wants to be prayed over, are the same people who unashamedly spends billions of pesos for their own selfish acts, leaving millions of people starving. What a shame! Christians do not think of themselves only, but they “love neighbors as themselves”. Can one who is a Christian afford to eat lavishly all the time and closes his/her eyes while the person living next to him is always starving?

    It is now time to open up our eyes, and repent from our sinful acts and start thinking about others, too. If we love others, we could not afford to inflict pain on them. We could not afford to rob them.

    Country leaders, open up your eyes.

    Let’s start the change by choosing right leaders to lead us, starting off with our barangays.

  50. ok, he is the problem, can you offer an alternative solution? who can you offer? marcos? enrile? or the younger people who took part on pork barrel scam? estrada? revilla?

    1. what i can comment is, it is only in this administration that i saw and experienced the real reform…export of our local products had increased…I should know, I am an abaka hemp trader…demands from foreign countries increase each month. A friend of mine in a garment industry experience the same. What our senators (involved in their PDAF plunder) ill doings should never be blamed to Pres. Noynoy…This article…”experts says…blah, blah, blah!…surely will not help our beloved country continue its progress. Let us join together make our country always a better place to live. God bless us Filipinos, God bless Philippines!

      1. If you believe that PDAF story is real and you also believe that Congressman Aquino and Senator Aquino had nothing to do with it, you are dreaming. If you believe President Aquino is only finding out about this in August you are dreaming even more. If you think that is progress you are unbelievably myopic.

      2. And then what? Let your stupid president continue his incompetence? This website already has the solutions that your stupid president and the dysfunctional pinoys like you can’t do. And don’t you even give me that “ikaw na lang kaya maging presidente” excuse. Oh and you believing that improving economy hallelujah is so retarded. Are you being an escapist to make yourself feel better? Did the other Filipinos actually even feel it? Did this country have more decent jobs here like in our SEA neighbors? The only reason this country’s economy is “improving” is because of the OFW’s remittances. And yet FDI here is still the lowest of all In SEA.

        1. Puro kayo salita kulang sa gawa! Bumoto nalang kayo sa next election para maboto talaga yung competent president. At of course maging nationalist sana kayo. Yun lang naman kulang natin eh. Yung love of our country. Kaya nga madaming lumalabas kasi personal or few benefit lang ang objective hindi iniisip na paunlarin ang Pilipinas. lol

        2. @j0hn.d0e01:

          “Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss IDEAS.” -Eleanor Roosvelt

          Paano boboto ng competent president kung karamihan ay mga BOBOtante?

        3. Cry me a river indio de trapo. Here eat a Snickers. You’re just turning yourself into a small minded asshurt with no real solutions who always do the bahala na mentality.

      3. In this part tells only few segment in society benefited, the elite, rich and those with stable/establish businesses. Pres.Noy accomplishment did not cater for the majority especially the below ave. & average. To be felt by majority, his reforms had been for the benefit of all people, like expanding & improving our infrastructures, roads, bridges, airports, seaport, this well attract commerce & business small & large scale. Combat insurgency and all treats of security & peace and improving armed forces. Improving the government agencies & offices processing. Improving the social welfare benefits, health benefits & hospitals. Most of all combat corruption in government.

  51. I am a Filipino and no one can take the Pinoy out of me because I for one am so proud to be a Pilipino… so many ugly things has been said about us and about our nation but I for one can say wherever I have been and whoever I have encountered, they cannot help but say “good and nice things” about us Filipino’s because they knew me and I represent the Philippines… I’ve been to Dubai, to Taiwan and now here in K.S.A where most Arabs looks down at us but I tell you mga KABABAYAN ko, they are Proud (not all but majority) of Filipino’s not just because we are hardworking and skillful, but I say I have made Friends with them even though we don’t share the same Religion (they are Muslims, I am a Christian). They can not say anything against about my Religion of Faith because they can actually see my True Relationship with my GOD and not merely Religion… What’s destroying us is the fact that most of us Filipino’s were the ones who critically degrading our Nation, our Leaders, our System, our Culture, our Sovereign state without even admitting first to ourselves that we are also part of the PROBLEM… I for one confess right now that I am guilty of so many things (being less Patriotic, being somehow self centered, not instilling unto my kids enough LOVE for our Nation, not being Prayerful enough for GOD’s Mighty Intervention upon our Society and so on….). I have read most of the exchange of comments and I say all of you have a good and intelligent insights… but Please after all has been said let us not forget that we all are FILIPINO and we are to join hand in hand in RESTORING the Glory and Dignity and Riches of the our Motherland PHILIPPINES! Let us all begin with ourselves, with our children, with our relatives, with our circle of friends, with our work… Keep watching, the LORD is at work now upon the Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary System of our Nation… keep Praying because whatever is exposed into the light darkness will soon vanished even any shadow of it… keep Hoping and keep Fighting the good Fight of Faith ahead of us… and most of all KEEP THE LOVE OF GOD IN OUR HEARTS… And now these three REMAINS, Faith, Hope and Love; but the greatest of these is LOVE. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

    1. If God allows all Pinoys to unite as one, be honest and love one another. If God allows all Pinoys in other lands/abroad to go home and lets all rebuilt our nation, hay nako it takes to have that miracle. Almighty God please give us this miracle… Amen.

  52. There are so many factors to be considered with regards to our country being poor. To name a few would be, first our country is always ravaged by typhoon. South Korea does not have annual calamity like ours. Most of our money is going down the drain because of this. Secondly is our inability to institutionalize Technology improvement by creating high valued products. We are way behind in production of high end technology products in all areas of expertise. Yes there are manufacturing companies here but they are all controlled by foreigners. Nationalization of Industry is needed. Third, non-productivity of large areas of our land or to a more accurate sense, No primary product which will be a national goal for getting our wealth. I mean, the government does not have one particular product which our country is focused to improve. The country is in dis-array. Fourth, no unity – Our country is composed of different tribes, regions with their own dialects, cultures, and norms which were not properly handled by our government. This one is the most contributing factor to our country’s instability. Fifth, the rich oligarch – these people are not true Pinoy. They get their wealth here and bring them outside our country. Most of them are Chinese, Spanish, Americans, and some Indians. Sixth – the system of government, South Korea might be successful as Republican but they have a strong sense of nationality which sadly lacking in ours. That is why we excel outside our country because we could easily be an american, japanese,or any other citizen, other than in our country because our value of being filipino is less. Other problems maybe considered as minority.
    Solutions? 1. Who could solve the weather? The best would be go to other place where there is no weather like ours. But there are things we could do, like concentrate our products which could not be affected by typhoons. 2. Technology – Our government need to give huge amount of study, budget, institutions for this if we want to get rlch. 3. Land utilization – the government should concentrate on one or two products to be planted to our lands. 4. Federalization – Political units such as regional boundaries which has distinct cultures, norms, languages and dialect, should be given the right to their own government. 5. To abolish dual citizenship – its either you are a filipino or not. Filipino wealth should not be taken elsewhere. Rich filipino clans should help getting our country rich or else they can live elsewhere. 6. Parliamentary system of government.

    1. ding,

      Your #5 got my attention:

      5. To abolish dual citizenship – its either you are a filipino or not.

      May I suggest #7

      6. Abolish other religions. There is only one God and he sacrificed his only son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins so that we may enter the kingdom of heaven.

      Like you said, Filipino or not. I say Christian or not Christian. Heaven or Hell.

      Its that simple really.

      God bless you.

  53. kahit cno pa ang uupo dyan ganun pa rin, i think we need a christian leader ,makadiyos .magsimula sa kanya ,its time na dapat mabago na ang sistema.mahigpit dapat ang mga leader di nagpapadala sa agos.

  54. Note: Excerpt from my previous posting before our Family Reunion in North Borneo, Saturday, Sept 14, 2013.

    The fact is that Noynoy is a Chinaman in Barong Tagalog (camouflaging as Filipino) so obvious and of course will always side with the Chinese/IntsekTsekwa- and would rather ignore our claim of the Islands in the West Philippine Sea like the Kalayaan Islands, Bajo de Masinloc and most importantly….North Borneo. He has no SENSE OF LEADERSHIP and doesn’t know anything about “BONIAN” (Original name of Borneo). He always consult the Drama Queen of Showbiz… Kris Aquino and his Sisters to everything he does. Not a good leader after all. Beware there is another Aquino just sprouted in the Senate some months ago. Well, everyone on our side knows….this is a big big problem and he is now a Senator and a close relative. Blame the Political Dynasty and the ignorant voters who glorify the Aquinos from Benigno to Cory. My grandparents were there at EDSA to get rid of former President Ferdinand Marcos. I never thought about the ongoing “Political Dynasty”. Now, I am aware and enlightened why many Filipinos want to toss away or eliminate this so called Family Politikings called “POL.ITICAL DYNASTY”. Today…there are lot of Aquinos, Enriles, Estradas, Revillas, Villars, Marcoses etcetera……. I may be part Swedish but my family are Filipino-Tausug-Suluk. My Great Uncle was killed during the so called Merdeka somewhere near the Island of Corregidor (Near Manila) ….45 years ago this month the Philippine military shot dead young Muslim recruits and one of them was my Uncle whom they had trained in commando unit called Jabidah to invade Sabah as part of Ferdinand Marcos’ adventurous pursuits at the time. The underground plot was named Oplan Merdeka (freedom in Bahasa Melayu). Often People asked me here in Facebook why am much too concern abouth North Borneo…and bad mouthed me and told me I am not Filipino. …”go home…fuck you..rubbish… get lost you white shit”…that’s what he called me. I said… I am Filipino-Tausug-Suluk much better than you and your Chinese PRESIDENT. My relatives strived hard to protect Bonian…(formerly North Borneo and present name Sabah, as they call it now and we were fighting hard to protect our land (not to claim it back) it is Tausug/Suluk land and it s part of the Philippines. I politely asked this unculturedly illiterate obnoxious Filipino to…..Read the Philippine History and try google it out. He was extremely sarcastic more like an extream “Hater” of Tausug/Pinoy that I have no choice but to block him- – – – -(THANK YOU FACEBOOK for the blocking option). He found my gmail and sent me more disgusting stuff….He is one unique ignoramus Filipino indeed. (I didn’t read his messages and block him just the same). What I remember during his constant nagging was…he is….and he said he is a close “Kompadre” of Noynoy Panot…Kalbo, Ulupong as my Grandma call him…Tsekwa/Intsek Beho Tulo Laway. Sorry ’bout this swearing and stuff…we are angry as hell yet, this is the truth…Noynoy Panot “Tsekwa” is to blame. Now i have to believe Mafioso now exist “sa PINAS”.
    This time… “Sabah Claim” is on the back burner again, the reality is that too many Filipinos know nothing about Sabah…I checked my Mom’s Philippine History Book…sadly I say there’s nothing much said about North Borneo in our Philippine History. I only remember Rizal, Gomburza, Marcelo H. Del Pilar, Diego and Gabriella Silang, the Great Lapulapu and Donya Victorina..Padre Damaso and Ibarra of Noli Me Tangere…and Sisa and Crispin etcetera. Sabah has long been a Tausug/Suluk-Pinoy land and other aborigines of this great mighty land called BONIAN as we and my ancestors call Sabah They get married there, raised their kids, (like my foreparents) and put up businesses. They moved to Sverige (Sweden) and now we are in “La Belle Province du Quebec”. An estimated 65,000 Filipinos may be less now lives in North Borneo because of the mass murders and spree killing of Filipinos (whom the President of the Philippine Republic simply ignored the Massacre.. some few months ago at Lahad Datu and the fields near Felda and Tanduo and of course, Semporna and there are still a lot more. Malaysia fighter jets bomb Sabah camp and President Noynoy was aware and never bothered nor interested to give them protection. My ancestors are Filipinos from Sandakan/Semporna (this is where we’re going to have a grand Family Reunion next week Samedi, le 14 Septembre); and Kundasang where our relatives and friends live. “I once was asked” by a former member of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)here in Facebook why my foreparents had chosen to live there?….I said…because my grandfathers are originally from North Borneo… and he added “It’s our land…remember they are ours. They call themselves Filipino Tausugs and Suluks. I said yes and very proud to be Filipino-Tausug-Suluk. At present time…we are scared. I am worried for my Grand Parents, Relatives, Cousins and Friends. I know he is BFF of the Prime Minister of North Borneo and he could just phone him and destroy us all here in North Borneo. A simple phone call will from Mr. Razak will terminate us all.
    Ask Noynoy Aquino…..What is the difference between MNLF and MILF…… He doesn’t know because plain to say…..he is never interested. MILF wants to separatee from the Phililppines. Not MNLF. We are not even registered with the MNLF but will be with their side because Bonian or North Borneo belongs to the Republic of the Philippines. This exchange of shootings should have never been conceptualize and look now….People were killed, injured, displaced from their homes and….. who to blame? Who else but The President. This skirmishes and occurrence would have been redeemed if the Aquino Administration have used a cool nonchalant directive communications and observance of the “ceasefire” and not those drastic use of force and firing started on that early Saturday Morning of Sept 14th. The root of all evil came from whom… who else but this…..stupid “son of a bitch” Noynoy Aquino’s Government. Few months ago….It was SABAH and now ZAMBOANGA…Going back to the yesteryears of EDSA this famous significant past event and reminiscing things that happened in the past EDSA. My parents were jubilant with unrestrained enthusiasm in 1976 in honor of Cory Aquino. All my relatives…Grand Parent etc. were all in EDSA to get rid of convinced Dictator named, Ferdinand Marcos. We hated him so much and will never forget the murder of our Grand Uncle in the famous Merdeka. Noynoy is undeniably the worst leader (a politician who lacks leadership and with poor decisions) ever ruled the Philippines and his poor judgement made us quivered and agitated and now….he is hiding in the armpits of his clueless military subordinates. Fuck you Noynoy Kalbo… are a murderer of innocent Muslims and Christians in Zamboanga. No wonder you are a Chinaman as greedy as your foreparents living in the Mainland China. Exchange of shootings should have never been conceptualize and look now….People were killed, injured, displaced from their homes and….. who to blame? Who else but The President. This skirmishes and occurrence would have been redeemed if the Aquino Administration have used a cool nonchalant directive communications and observance of the “ceasefire” and not those excessively drastic use of force. Comes along the biased negligence of the Corporate Media…ABS/CBN, GMA et al. Firing started on that early Saturday Morning of Sept 14th. The root of all evil came from whom… who else but this…..stupid “son of a bitch” Noynoy Aquino’s and his pump up subordinates knows nothing but excited to fire their ammunitions. Fuck you Noynoy Kalbo… murderer of innocent Muslims and Christians in Zamboanga. No wonder you are a Chinaman as greedy as your foreparents living in the Mainland China.

  55. This is very timely. I just hope that many could read this article and reflect to themselves so the next time we choose a leader, we will be wiser. I just hope that this would reform the Filipino mentality.


    1. This takes time though. It may not even happen in the next leader. As long as the masses is waiting for easy money from politicians rather than thinking of the nation’s progress. Politicians are well aware of this fact that’s why during campaign; they usually go to the slum/poor areas of the country. The masses, sorry to say this are the one pulling it down.

  56. This article sees only the other sides of Marcos “midnight” or mapanglaw na gabi.

    “…Gerardo Sicat, another UP economics professor who served as economic minister during the Marcos regime,. . .”

    What can you expect from an economist of Marcos whose main job is to increase their own oligarch’s earnings” but depleting country’s resources ($36B debt), now our generations and next generations are paying its principal and interests.

  57. Pls naman, katulong pa hinihingan ng biography at educational level,,pero pag presidente ng pilipinas WALA,,kung SINO SINO na LANG,,,

  58. Obviously can’t control his own people …… They are all out of control and that’s the reason why Phil is in a BIG MESS. We need a leader who will be tougher than his people. And being chief of staff one tough word is good enough to show the people he’s the President

    1. The problem was already stated above. Why don’t you try thinking of a solution instead of asking it to be spoonfed to you?

  59. Very good article. Freedom isn’t free. There is a price to be paid and i dont think we, as the people of the philippines, have paid enough of it. We revolted against spain, yes. But we were helped in the end by the americans, who in turn screwed us over. Then, when we clamored for independence, they made us sign a crappy contract that ensured they can have our resources and place military bases here for a hundred years! Then they abruptly left us holding nothing but our balls and our wrecked cities because they bombed the shit out it to drive out the japs. They left us broken and broke. Poor. Easily exploitable. Then Marcos happened.
    The edsa revolution is a failure because we just kicked out one family and replaced it with another one, with worse cronies, a very bad constitution, and crappy advisers. We are really worse off now. What we really need is a civil war. Be it class war or what have you. After the dust is settled and god has sorted us out, a new filipino will emerge. Stronger and full of character because he earned it. With real blood, sweat and tears.

    1. I fully agree that a Civil War is the definite fix on this problem. Blood will have to spill to fix this cancerous problem in the Philippines. The system is already broken beyond repair. It is time to start anew.

      1. @ vir

        You have no idea what you’re asking for. I don’t think you would have the heart to see death and total destruction inflicted on the Philippines. There will be no blood, just terror where all 100 million Filipinos dead with a flick of a button. Can you, or others advocating to see death handle it?

  60. this article is spot on! there are many things that ail our society and our country, and our president is a very fitting symbol of that

  61. I wish someone would establish Key Performance Indicators among our politicians. Measurable results like what Petilla did: he set an exact deadline at 100% and he didnt make it so he resigned. No excuses. That’s leadership.

    1. @ joan arco

      Politics is a dirty business no matter what country or who are in control. You think the Philippine congress is doing bad? Think again. The US House of Representatives with 435 elected members only passed “17 bills” for 2013. That is a freaking waste of American taxpayers money. 100% is a dream.

  62. Many political figures have been in power for a decade or two. What are there accomplishments? None. Whoever put these corrupt political figures to their current positions must be blamed.

  63. Friends, countrymen and patriots! Continue with the discourse. However, let us make it more healthy by attaching or pointing to references which support our ideas, especially if they are done by notable personalities or through established processes usually by the academe. We will never know who is reading your comments and may someday apply the right ‘mix’ of systems, cultures, governance, etc. to improve our country. God bless the Philippines!

  64. I enjoyed reading and learning from all the points made; the various views and insights shared by everyone. I think the point of agreement is that real reforms are needed, if the Philippines will fly this 2014 and onwards.

    However, the plague (in whatever form it has taken) is definitely well rooted in our present life as a nation. It can not be uprooted overnight and without blood. Change always hurts, is painful, takes time, takes a strong desire and a stronger will. The only workable and sustainable change, as I see it, is a change of the heart – the Filipino heart. You can only change yourself, so start with your own heart. Today, the first day of 2014, is the best time to start. Each one of us can ask: “What is that ONE thing I can do today that will help improve the life of another Filipino? Lord God, help me to do that ONE needful thing”.

    No one is a better expert than yourself. If every Filipino do this – one good thing for another person – today, everyday, can you imagine what the Philippines, with its 94 million people,can be in one year’s time?

    I already did my part – posting this challenge to you, and I hope it rings a bell in you. I still have other things lined up for the rest of the day. Have a blessed, prosperous New Year everyone.

  65. Kris Aquino is planning to run as pres.kapalit ni noynoy or senator what ever what happen in in our country pag na elect sya ang presidential spokesman si boy abunda,isa sa cabinet secretary si vice Ganda,lahat ng cabinet sec Nya mga kaibigan Nya ano na ang mangyayari sa pilipinas isang pelikula ang buhay natin parang sine mag isip tayong lahat ngayon pa Lang Juan de la cruz

    1. @Arlyn Reteno, masyada ka naman speculative sa mga salita mo. Isa kang GAGA. The way you talked of nonsense is an indication of hatred deep in your heart against the Aquino. I am not yellow fanatic nor follower but to me, be matured and responsible person…

    2. “It is going to be business as usual for the landowners in Hacienda Luisita and the rest of the oligarchies (and their personal empires — e.g. PLDT, Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN).”

      The whole country is run by the elite and getting richer and richer by the day. The average filipino is to stupid to do anything about it and thats a FACT!

    3. It is going to be business as usual for the landowners in Hacienda Luisita and the rest of the oligarchies (and their personal empires — e.g. PLDT, Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN).

  66. No more actors and actress to be approved to run the country, please dont play games the lifes of the Filipino, otherwise you will be melt by the calamites by man made or by God.

  67. Open your eyes kababayan,choose the right person with good plan for the future! Try to correct the mistakes you made by voting anybody not suited for the job

  68. Si penoy ang isa sa pinaka sinungaling at bolerong naging presidente ng Pilipinas. Nangako sya na hinding hindi magnanakaw sa ngalan ng Dios at ng bayan. Pero yung pinansuhol niyang bilyong piso sa 20 Senador at mga tuta nya sa Congess at Malacanang mula sa pera ng bayan as PDAF at DAP ay malinaw na nakaw at hindi galing sa bulsa nya. “Kung walang Corrupt walang mahirap”, ang panunuhol nya para lang mapatalsik si Corona ay malinaw na korapsyon at panlilinlang sa taong bayan. Bobong Pilipino lang ang maniniwala na hindi korapsyon ang ginawa nya. Gaya ng ina nya, si Penoy ay isang incompetent na presidente at pinatunayan nya yun na sa loob ng 12 taong nagbayad ang taong bayan ng sweldo nya ay wala syang naipasang batas sa congress, kaya hanggang ngayon, dumami nga ang bilyonaryo sa Pinas pero higit na dumami ang nagugutom dahil sa patuloy na pagtaas ng taxes, lahat ng bilihin at government services. Hindi malayong mangyari na gaya din ng ina nya, makaranas ang Pilipinas ng 10 oras na brownout araw araw pagbaba nya sa pwesto. Tanong lang po, ” ano na ba ang nagawang mabuti ni Penoy para sa ikabubuti ng maliliit na pilipino magmula ng maupo sya sa pwesto?” Wala! kundi ang patuloy na mambola at humanap na sisi sa kapalpakan nya.

  69. Just another blame game! I am not an Aquino fan but this is just too much of a propaganda. Why don’t you do something else for the sake of this nation than spend time writing heresays?

      1. ML’s argument is basically “I’m not pro-Noynoy, but…” This is a logical fallacy where someone tries to argue a point by merely asserting that it is true, regardless of contradiction.

        Also, ML probably quite couldn’t differentiate between “hearsay” and “heresy.”

      2. Ilda… don’t bother deliberating with people(?) like ML… regardless of what you write, they’re just like horses (with covered visions) pulling the “calesas”… HERESAYS??? can you repeat that again for a second twice??? hehehe

    1. Another recycled spiel -_-
      You noytards are getting very desperate since thats the nth time we heard that recycled spiel.

      Don’t deny that you aren’t a fan of aquino because your post says otherwise.

    2. @ ML
      gumising ka kaibigan….
      imulat mo mga mata mo…..
      that is the reality you have to accept and it is really happening.
      good luck my friend!!!

  70. Why voting the wrong leader? Sino ba sa mga candidates ang the”right leader”? Wala naman diba dahil pag may kumandidatong hindi TRAPO, idedeclare ng COMELEC nuisance candidate.

  71. ganyan naman tayo palagi, ang ginagamit natin sa pag boto ay damdamin hindi utak..kaya ano pa nga ba ang magiging resulta kung hindi penoy ni hindi naging balot kaya walang sisiw na lumabas. sana lesson learned sa mga pinoy!

  72. Can WE Stop PANOT and his Lunatics in retaining the Crown for his CLOWN this coming Elections?…because Panot is doing his evil best to hold onto his majestic lunacy.

  73. The Aquino administrations (Cory and Noynoy) brought nothing by economic disasters to the Philippines. The worst power outages was during Cory’s presidency.Pres. Ramos wit restore that…Estrada????…the midnight cabinet mess it up…Fortunate to have an economist GMA who put up the economic foundations for economic growth and continued the infrastructures planned by FEM.Then comes Noynoy…the blamer and finger pointer president who has done more disasters than development…appointing friends & relatives to juicy position, who don’t possess the experience and qualifications…i.e. the NAIA has become the worst and now the most scary airport for travelers since his ‘brother’ Honrado become the administrator…MATUWID na daan??? But bottomline, using critical analysis and the democratic principle of governance…the Filipinos put them there at the helm of leadership…plus the fact the Filipinos don’t have the patriotism and love of country…most love the “self” only….Unwilling to unite and sacrifice for the country.

  74. Tigilan na ang pagbato ng sisi sa gobyerno. Lahat naman ng naging lider natin ay umani ng batikos mula sa atin. Ang tunay na problema ay tayo mismo. Ang ating kulturang tamad, nakaasa sa iba at kawalan ng pagmamahal sa bayan. Ikinahihiya rin natin ang ating lahi. Puro tayo pintas sa sarili at sa sariling bayan. Puro tayo reklamo. Bilang Pilipino, ano ba naiambag natin para sa bayan? Reklamo sa traffic, reklamo sa basura, reklamo sa baha, at marami pang iba. Ang tanong… disiplinado ka bang drayber? Naglilinis ka ba ng bakuran mo? Nagtatapon ka ba ng basura nang maayos? Magnilay-nilay tayo.

  75. of Course the 32 years of MADPNOY kulangkulang99, the making of the 3rd world status Philippine problem is part of the bribe and bacon barrel to Senatong tanda and his napolis list of money bathub auditors. who plan this 32 years of fatherNinoy/motherCory/madpnoy legacy that was hatch as what John Perkins revealed in his book the Economic hitmen of Marcos Destruction.

  76. Laissez Faire and the Ruling Class

    Over the years, a number of economists have offered critiques of laissez-faire economics.

    Adam Smith acknowledged deep moral ambiguities towards the system of capitalism.[41] Smith had severe misgivings concerning some aspects of each of the major character-types produced by modern capitalist society: the landlords, the workers, and the capitalists.[41] “The landlords’ role in the economic process is passive. Their ability to reap a revenue solely from ownership of land tends to make them indolent and inept, and so they tend to be unable to even look after their own economic interests.”[41] “The increase in population should increase the demand for food, which should increase rents, which should be economically beneficial to the landlords. Thus, according to Smith, the landlords should be in favour of policies which contribute to the growth of in the wealth of nations. Unfortunately, they often are not in favour of these pro-growth policies, because of their own indolent-induced ignorance and intellectual flabbiness.”[41]

    The British economist John Maynard Keynes condemned laissez-faire economic policy on several occasions.[42] In The End of Laissez-faire (1926), one of the most famous of his critiques, Keynes argues that the doctrines of laissez-faire are dependent to some extent on improper deductive reasoning, and, Keynes says, the question of whether a market solution or state intervention is better must be determined on a case-by-case basis.[43]

    Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek stated that a freely competitive, laissez-faire banking industry tends to be endogenously destabilizing and pro-cyclical. He stated that the need for central banking control was inescapable.[44]

  77. You talked exceedingly about the whole thing when you only knew by experiencing a small part of it.
    An overqualified leader is more dangerous if his interest is not tamed and our nation is too bruised already or a cancer victim before Noy.

  78. Blaming filipinos for voting the wrong persons when the world knows about the manipulations since the Marcos regime until now. There was a place in Cebu where people cannot go to precincts to vote. The goons would tap their houses telling them ” THEIRS IS DONE”
    Pnoy cannot cure the cancer victim Philippines even Duterte is just a hope but not a reality yet.

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