Is there hope in reforming the lazy presidency of President Noynoy Aquino?

In a statement marking the 30th Anniversary of his business forum, consultant Peter Wallace pretty much delivered an indictment on the very essence of the capital base of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s political power — popularity. In calling on BS Aquino to make “tough, unpopular decisions”, Wallace is essentially offering the antithesis to Aquino’s approach to leadership as the way forward for the country.

As we recall, the famous campaign rhetoric of the Aquino campaign in 2010 was that he would regard the Filipino as his “Boss”. As such, presumably every want, need, and desire in all the renowned glory of the victim and dukha mentality of the Filipino people will be the command of the Chief Executive under the Second Aquino Administration. Indeed, the President and his cadre of “Communications” experts in the Cabinet have, over the last couple of years of the current administration focused on drilling into the heads of The Boss how popular the President is.

Wallace, for his part, acknowledges the power of this popularity, calling it the prized and “coveted political capital” of the presidency of Cory’s son. But then he also observes…

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[…] much more needs to be done if the Philippines is to break through the poverty trap, and unfortunately, Mr. Aquino does not seem committed and enthusiastic enough to see these needed reforms through, putting his considerable political capital to waste, Wallace said.

The principle at work here is quite simple:

Popularity has a poor track record when it comes to determining the validity of an idea.

If Philippine schools, for example, were designed to be run like democracies with learning programs determined by what is popular amongst the student body, then the Philippines today would be a nation populated by starstruck, jejemon-speaking, Tito-Vic-and-Joey-jokes cracking, ocho-ocho dancing ignoramuses today.

Thank goodness for our excellent public education system indeed!

The reality of living well is that it is the unpopular things in life that lay the groundwork for a lifetime of systemic success — discipline, frugality, critical thought, moderation, and focused concentration. Without the structure provided by considered rather than popular guidance, people become spoiled self-important brats.

Discipline, of course, can be learned. But people to whom discipline and hard work is inherent clearly have a head start over those who are still to acquire these virtues. Unfortunately for us, President BS Aquino was a learner in this regard when he ascended the presidency of this sad Republic. He was known to be a late riser, a slacker when it comes to holding regular Cabinet meetings, pre-occupied with bachelor issues (as one would be when one is a bachelor), and a connoisseur of fast cars. His only claim to the presidency was his popularity and not much else; which, to be fair, is what one gets in a country where presidents are elected by popular vote.

When we consider that the window to effect change of any president of the Phillippines is limited to only one six-year term, spending a good chunk of that time on learning to be a President constitutes an astounding waste.

Filipinos had the chance to do it right the first time in 2010 by electing a seasoned and qualified candidate to the most powerful office of the land. Instead, they voted BS Aquino.

“Hindi ho magagawa ng Pangulo ‘yung mga na-achieve natin in the last two years and more kung isa po siyang 9-to-5 na Presidente,” deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said in a press statement defending the President. Unfortunately she misses the point. Wallace had already cited specific areas where President BS Aquino had failed to make any concrete progress. What The Boss is looking for are results and not excuses or claims of best effort.

[Photo courtesy Associated Press.]

66 Replies to “Is there hope in reforming the lazy presidency of President Noynoy Aquino?”

  1. The principle at work here is quite simple:
    Popularity has a poor track record when it comes to determining the validity of an idea. – benignoy

    You intentionally missed the point to give way to your self-serving and bias opinion of the leadership of PNoy.

    It’s very clear what the reason of Wallace was in urging PNoy to “act more like a President”. Here, read the true and real basis of why Mr. Wallace made those statement.

    “President Aquino can use that political capital to make tough, unpopular decisions. Why doesn’t he?” Wallace said at yesterday’s meeting to mark the business forum’s 30th anniversary.

    He says to “make tough and unpopular decisions. Remember, his going after Gloria Arroyo and CJ Renato Corona, a really daunting tasks but was a popular notion among the people but what did you guys here in GRP did? Even though people agrees with PNoy’s action to not let up going after the two, you here in GRP attacked and criticized him to the point of accusing him of being a dictator. Strangely enough however, while some of you are comparing him to Marcos, there were some, like Gogs, who sees hims as a know-nothing and do-nothing leader.

    And now you agree with Wallace that PNoy should make tough and unpopular decision? Balimbing ka benignoy!

    For you, he’s damned if he do and damned if he don’t. Stop kidding your self benignoy.

    1. The vilification of GMA and Corona was not a tough and unpopular decision for him. On the contrary, it was popular and they were the obvious targets to meet his ends.

      Jonas, your argument is flawed from the start.

      1. @domo

        He accuses GRP of engaging in cyberbullying but he’s the one who keeps coming back as if he really loves it here. Pathetic.

    2. Lol! Looks like a Jonas comment got through. Not to worry, Jonas. I’ll let this one stay because I wouldn’t want the brilliant work of those who bothered to respond to you go to waste.

      For that matter, maybe I’ll let your comments thru in this instance just to see if you’ve actually managed to figure out what it is exactly that gets you banned here in GRP. A sort of an experiment, if you will — to see if your learning faculties are up to scratch.

      If you later find your comments failing to come through once again, you should take note of your last three or so published comments and analyse what it is about them that did you in.

      Good luck walking the plank!

      1. Wasn’t he the same person who said that he’ll gladly leave GRP if we just ask him to leave?

        Can I be the first to ask him to do it?

        Jonass: Seriously. Fuck off.

        1. I dunno about that although Gogs already sang that attention whore with the song by Blondie. But I do remember when he said that he wants to improve us. Like yeah right what kind of improvement? To be more stupid and malicious even more to the highest level?

        2. Maybe he just likes going here because he likes getting humiliated time and again….like the malacanang trolls that used to show their faces here.

      2. Even though the pacquiao one is more funnier for me, you made my day with that pic for him benign0. Although expect jon, born-to-be-a-moron, asshole to accuse us as anti-pnoy and pro-gloria and call you a hypocrite once again thanks to that in addition to your name.

        1. @Trosp

          There is a big difference. Jon-ass comes here with the sole intention of wreaking havoc on the site. He doesn’t have to be here if he thinks that he can’t take it as well as he gives it. Instead of discussing the issues raised in the articles, he would rather attack the writers and the other commenters.

          Most of us ignore him but not everyone can do that. Unfortunately, he plays the victim card when people respond to his attacks.

        2. Oh I see Trosp. I think I’m being too much aggressive. Sorry about that. I better control myself next time.

  2. Problem here is, intellectually, its easier to get elected as president than to get hired as a manager for a multinational company. I am just saying, that this positions have stringent requirements for countless reasons. And the Filipino people flushed it all down the toilet in electing their current president. Take out his lineage and I am sure he won’t get hired in any any medium to high level position jobs in the Philippines. To add to this, why does a 52-year old guy doing single and uncommitted? Simply put, he obviously have some issues. Just like what I said to my peers way back 2010. The guy can’t even address his own issues and still trust him to lead people of 100 million. Supposed to be a no-brainer to me.

      1. Having a popular mom die just before the campaign season boosted him beyond any kind of scrutiny of track record/ qualifications/ situational experience. Is this pinoy pride or pinoy shame?

        1. FA, If electing a good for nothing, Beetle Bailey dispositioned, excuse making Trust fund baby is a manifestation of pinoy stupidity , there should be collective national shame. Yet all I see is pinoy blowhards.

    1. There are a lot of uncommitted 52 year old males out there. They tend to be in the priesthood where they already have a vocation 😉

      1. My point exactly. You can tell a lot about a public figure by taking into consideration how he runs his family (in the Philippines at least). Logic is, if they can’t even manage their own family, how can they manage an even larger unit with way, way more number of people in it. Come to think of it, he is alone and he is already having a hard time managing it.

  3. …”bias opinion”, …”a really daunting tasks,”…”though people agrees”,…”damned if he do and damned if he don’t”. Why can’t the yellow mob hire commenters who know English? And why does GRP allow such comments reeking with grammatical errors be printed? Yes Benigno, I know that GRP is just being benevolent but such English can likely be aped by readers.

    1. Technically, he’s not really one of the yellow mob. He’s what I call a dakilang mangongontra Pinoy apologist. Not necessarily in love with everything BS Aquino does, but insists that Pinoys are fine, flawless and don’t need to examine themselves for dysfunction. Everything they do is excusable.

      An idiot just the same.

    2. If they weren’t here they’d still be spreading their malaise on other forums. It is still better to have free and open discourse here rather than even thinking of allowing someone to put a choke hold on the right to freedom of expression as their pinheaded idol advocates. We’re supposed to be better than that.

      Besides, you get an insight into how the other half thinks. As popular saying goes: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

  4. In essence, a spoilt brat.

    P-noy has been lazy all his life.
    No get up and go ever demonstrated
    No sporting interests/capabilities
    (Shooting still targets is hardly strenuous or character building)
    No lifelong learning – just a simple basic degree
    No advocacies/charity patronage
    No corporate/business knowledge
    No mentoring
    No contribution in congress or the senate
    No world view/experiences
    No moral or ethical standards
    A hopeless case – a wasted life for someone given privilege and opportunity.

    Fate, in the timing of cory aquino’s death, dealt the country a hefty blow to propel someone so unprepared, incapable, and uninterested to the presidency. The gaffes, mistakes, lack of achievements and reneging on all promises is turning into a train wreck in motion.

    9-5!, 5-9
    15 minutes of fame, a lifetime of shame

    1. I said in my personal blog May 2010 that Noynoy never had to deal with crisis. If he ever did it was not significant enough or successful enough to put as part of his campaign . I do not wish tragedy on anyone but I did predict that when he gets his first inevitable crisis he will acquire a deer in headlights look. I was wrong. When the Mendiola hostage crisis hit, he acquired a Chesire Cat look. Garbage in and garbage out. He was good for nothing before the elction. No massive PR from the top media outlets was ever going to change that once he became a sleeping I mean sitting president.

  5. “Earning happiness means doing good and working, not speculating and being lazy. Laziness may look inviting, but only work gives you true satisfaction.” – Anne Frank

  6. The percentage of never married men in 50+ age is approx 7% (western figures), maybe less in asia.. Equates closely to percentage that are gay. Just saying

    1. That blogsite is insightful, very intellectual and writing style is superb… humurous yet witty, one can easily absorb the point of view. JoeAm has class presenting the Philippines.. both the bad and the good sides. You have a problem with that?

      As to the commenters there, they are very intellectual. Funny, witty, intelligent… unlike the low-class patronizers of GRP, both writers and commenters.

      The clear distinction between GRP and thesocietyofhonor: GRP is on a payroll, TSOH is not.

      1. @Mimi

        And yet you are here because deep inside you know that GRP is better than that too-full-of-himself Joe America…haha! 😉

        How come every comment from Joe or any of his “fans” here at GRP is all about how good they supposedly are?

        And how can a PNoy apologist be insightful and intellectual? It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

      2. Hay naku, that paid hack crap again. If you’re one of those “commenters” on that site, then you’re not exactly doing good for their reputation, hmm?

        You took offense when I mentioned Joe’s blog, no one else did; I wonder why. All I said was that a certain troll here named jonas will fit in well with that site. Yeah, he’s one of our castoffs; you can have him. After all, it seems that site is in need of more traffic anyway.

        And I have to ask the similar questions to Dude above: how in the world can someone who deflects responsibility and accountability away from BS Aquino be considered “insightful”? How can someone who takes critical comments to his idol BS Aquino as personal “insightful” or “witty”?

        And worst of all, how come the commenters there mention GRP every chance they get?

        Insecurity attracts, doesn’t it?

      3. @Mimi: Sorry, you’re deluding yourself. You’re a filthy liar because TSOH and Joe America are nothing but PNoy apologists.

        GRP is very intelligent. Pro-PNoy guys aren’t. You’re on a payroll, actually. Again, thanks for the laughs, liar.

      4. @Mimi

        Is that all you have to say to us? Calling us paid hacks just because you don’t like our opinions? GTFO if you don’t like us.


  7. Wonder if Wallace is disappointed with the killing of the FOI Bill.

    And yes, history has proven time and again, that just because something is popular, it doesn’t mean that it’s good. It just means it’s easy to hoodwink a lot of people. That’s why advertising works. And it’s obvious that a regime that does not listen to the appeals of its people already had its own agenda laid out.

  8. Aquino came from a rich family, served by retinues of servants. He has some Psychiatric problems. This is the reason , he sleeps too much. He did not experienced poverty or lack in his life.
    He is lazy, incompetent and is too dependent on people , to do his job. He cannot solve the problems of the country. So, he uses Blame Game on people, or on previous Presidents.

  9. The short answer is…NO, there isn’t.

    The reason is a bit more complex. It isn’t simply a matter of BS Aquino exercising political will to galvanize the government in the fight to alleviate poverty and eliminate graft and corruption. There is a confluence of political, economic and social factors that points to a more systemic problem which needs to be addressed.

    New York Times writer Thomas Friedman analyzed the conditions prevalent in certain Gulf States and drew some interesting conclusions as regards their state of democratization, electoral reforms, political independence, judicial independence, freedom speech, government transparency and economic development. While his ideas applied primarily to oil-producing countries, the same principles might be useful (at least in part) to gain some insight into what is happening in the Philippines and where we should go from here.

    If we look at the statistics for the Philippines’ GDP, records will show a steady increase since 2001. Economic growth reached its highest in three decades under the Arroyo administration, with real GDP growth exceeding 7%. Over half of the GDP may be attributed to a growing service industry, particularly business process outsourcing (BPO). Likewise, over half the labor force is employed in the BPO sector. Aside from the BPO industry, the economy survives on remittances from four million overseas workers and developmental assistance from countries such as the United States and Japan.

    Here’s the rub. While the revenue from the BPO industry continues to rise and employment generation continues to double, this sector’s success comes at the expense of other industries. And while we see a growing middle class that is more educated and better skilled, their knowledge does not directly benefit the Philippines. Thus, our country’s focus on one resource makes us vulnerable, but as long as the money keeps coming in, there is little or no incentive for our leaders to change the situation.

    How do a robust BPO industry and large OFW remittances adversely affect us? What happens is this: There is an influx of cash from what is essentially the sale of our skilled labor/intellectual resources. The value of our currency rises. We’re now at a little over PhP41.00 to the US Dollar. As the Dollar continues to depreciate we can expect the Peso will increase in value even more. This also raises the price of our goods to foreign buyers, making our exports non-competitive. Because our citizens have more cash, we buy cheaper imported goods. We’ve been buying rice from Thailand and Vietnam for years. And practically everything being sold here these days has “Made in China” stamped on it. Because of cheap imports (from China), the local manufacturing sectors are being wiped out. True to form, labor statistics show a continuing decrease in manufacturing. Pretty soon we could have a “de-industrialized” economy where we produce nothing and import everything. Much in the same way the Gulf States already operate.

    Dependence on the one resource is skewing the political, economic, investment and education priorities. It’s now all about who controls that resource (skilled labor exports and remittances) and who gets how much money from them. Because there are billions at stake the Aquino administration is reticent about changing the status quo. Why fiddle with the money-making scheme the Arroyo administration set up? Need money? All we need to do is set up more call centers here. Or send workers off to the US, Canada, Europe and any place that will let them send back a paycheck. Hell, we don’t have to look far for someone willing to go into a war zone in Africa or the Middle East. As long as they keep those remittances coming, we’ll be fine. And there’s always the “development assistance” to help shore it up.

    And the middle class – who voted heavily for BS Aquino – aren’t exactly clamoring for changes in his present course. As long as the money comes in, they’re willing to go along with it.

    So – why should our lazy-ass president get up and start doing some real work? As far as he’s concerned, everything is just fine.

  10. There is no hope for this bungling jack-ass.I do not like to say it,but it looks like he is hopeless as the country is.He says ‘we are open for business!’,yippee! but all he brings is low-paying crap jobs in and the politicians get paid to veto any wage increases,the corporations get slave wage employees and the economy stagnates.DUD! add to that the ENRON style energy price gouging on electricity and no small business can stay afloat.Yet Thailand has 1/3 the electricity rates…the shit is criminal.
    Rip up the social contract and start all over again by whatever means necessary,or leave the country or just overdose and die!Because the way that things are now….it ain’t good and the prognosis is even worse. I love that Asian tiger BS,just beyond laughable.

  11. Our “great leader” has conveniently forgotten his oath of office. He appeases tyranny even as he gives all the advantages to the enemies of the state. This man turned his back against the majority of the non-Muslim people of Mindanao. He was instrumental in allowing the fragmentation of our territorial integrity. He conferred a status of belligerency to the MILF. He refuses to see the CPP-NPA-NDF formal alliance with the MILF/bangsamoro. The phony peace is a political sham even as violence continues in Mindanao. He has recently appointed Marvic Leonen to the Supreme Court. This president has no authority to give away Mindanao to the enemies of the state. He has no authority to award natural strategic resources of oil, natural gas, ore and minerals to the MILF/bangsamoro. I say he is a traitor to his oath, to the Constitution, the Republic, the flag and the Sovereign Filipino People.

    1. Eat my shorts vincensus ignoramus. Pareho kayo ng bobo mong pwesidente: duwag, tamad, tanga, pala-ganti, palaging late, papogi, ignorante and worst of all isip bata. Jackasses like you don’t deserve to be free. Oh and that Aussie who praises your precious pwesident is as moronic as him and you. Do you even think that we will just praise any foreigners without seeing what is wrong with that person to be criticized especially from that link of yours? Nichts da! Now go back on your room spoiled brat before I’ll spank you a lot of times until your ass turns into a tomato.

    2. Bruno,

      if you support a mentally challenged, pampered, video game addicted, relationship challenged , gutless imbecile, what does it say about you? Did you at least hit quota at MCD? Give Truth Minister Ricky my love.

    3. @bruno
      you are clearly one of the 7.6 million who still shit in bushes.
      suggest you keep it there rather than also letting it come out of your brain & mouth

    4. AbNoy is just like Bin Laden who’s only popular because of his cult followers but notorious to those who already are enlightened.

    5. @bruno

      “supporters of LOSER PRESIDENTS!!!!”

      Are you validating the fact that BS Aquino is a loser president? LOL! I saw the movie Phenomenon. BS is not like the character played by John Travolta. He is definitely not a genius. LOL!

    6. Oh look, yet another stupid malacanang troll. We already know how pathetic your fellow trolls are. Don’t make it harder for yourself to get out of this one without being humiliated. We already know your style “bruno” or should I say Fishball/Vincenzo/Formula One/Dapitan. Just fuck off you stupid cunt.

    7. On the contrary, Noynoy IS the LOSER PRESIDENT.

      You’re freakin’ hilarious. 😀 Angry mob mindset people are totally stupid. XD

    8. @bruno

      Care to cite any ACHIEVEMENTS of your president? Oh wait….THERE IS NONE. Even yahoo can’t list anything that your stupid president achieved. Don’t even bother posting those 62 “crimes” of gloria, they still aren’t effective on convincing us you dumb twat.

  12. Is it just me, or the dork Fishball doesn’t really know the phrase “give up”?

    They chose to become blind rather than seeing the truth. Pathetic Noytard

    1. Fishball and his numerous personas are too stupid to know the meaning of “give up” let alone understand it. Pathetic one trick pony is what he is.

  13. i went to english public school.
    if u were repeatedly lazy then you either got 6 of the best in the morning, or in winter 2 lengths of the outdoor swimming pool (once you had broken the ice), just to wake you up!
    p-noy needs a rocket up his ar$e. his work ethic is appalling as all now testify, no doubt not helped by his latenight videoke sessions of which he is so fond. still a little boy

    1. It is more likely that he’ll downplay this AGAIN at next year’s SONA. When will the people wake up from Aquino’s lies?

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