Grace Padaca’s indebtedness to Noynoy Aquino could compromise Comelec’s independence


The new Commissions on Elections Commissioner, Grace Padaca has reportedly asked “the Sandiganbayan to junk the graft and malversation cases filed against her, saying her position in government has vested her with immunity from such suit.” Well, well, well. Who is Padaca trying to fool? It seems she is playing a trick on peoples’ memories. The cases she is facing now were filed before she was appointed commissioner. Her logic is such that perhaps Ms Padaca could answer one of the world’s oldest riddles: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? She does have the ability to muddle mind-bending matters with her simple answers.

The more bizarre question is: why did President BS Aquino give a very sensitive position to someone who has pending corruption cases? One would think that since the President’s main objective is to fight corruption, he would not want to be associated with someone whose trustworthiness is already in question. The President seems to be advocating for a radical shift in the Filipino mindset by doing this. It appears President BS Aquino wants Filipinos to show allegiance to his political party instead of the country.

It is no secret that Padaca is a member of the administration Liberal Party (LP). She is also a member of the Kaya Natin movement which generated a lot of noise against former Chief Justice Renato Corona. President BS Aquino must have been satisfied enough with their support that he was more than willing to provide the PhP70,000.00 Padaca posted as bail bond. Her case is not even something that the Filipino public should easily dismiss. Padaca was charged because of an “alleged irregular disbursement of a P25-million grant to the Economic Development for Western Isabela and Northern Luzon Foundation Inc. without public bidding in 2006.”

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In another bold move, no less than the Interior Secretary Mar Roxas — someone who loudly protested his loss in the 2010 election to Vice President Jejomar Binay and someone who may even run for the Presidency in 2016 – even accompanied Padaca when she posted bail at the Sandiganbayan. Apparently, the President and his party mates do not know the meaning of “conflict of interest”. How can Padaca ever repay the President for providing the funds for her bail bond? Or to rephrase the question, in what way will Padaca repay the President for his “generosity”? It remains to be seen how “independent” she can work with all the money and kindness she owes the Liberal Party.

By claiming that she is immune from any lawsuit now owing to her position, Padaca having only been in her job for less than a month is already doing a bit of hocus-pocus on her case because she wants the cases against her to magically disappear. Who can blame her when majority of the members of the public don’t really care about what this current administration is up to? Only a handful of Filipinos are baffled by the shenanigans happening in the country, much of it seemingly with the blessings of the incumbent President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. He continues to push his luck as he continues to enjoy majority approval and trust ratings with the public.

But wait, there is another questionable occurrence involving Padaca. Despite the outstanding hold departure order against her, she was granted permission by the Sandiganbayan to leave the country to attend a conference in the United States. This is basically a slap in the face of former President Gloria Arroyo who was not allowed to leave the country to seek medical treatment abroad despite her allegedly deteriorating health. Indeed, some people can get around the rules very easily. This is especially true for those who are allied with President BS Aquino.

Padaca was said to have “been tasked to represent the Comelec in the conference”. The main purpose of her trip is supposedly to monitor next month’s presidential election in the US — as if she can actually apply what she observes while she is there. She’s just kidding herself because vote buying and poll thugs still reign in every election in the Philippines.

Where are the members of Congress who were and are still very vocal against GMA and her perceived allies? Why are they so quiet about Padaca’s attempt at escaping prosecution by using her sudden immunity from lawsuit? More importantly, where is the public outrage against this apparent blatant abuse of power by the President and his party mates? The Filipino people are allowing the exploitation of privileges they bestowed upon their public servants who promised to serve the interests of the nation before their own.

Unfortunately, majority of Filipinos are clueless of the strategic alliance formed by the Executive branch and the Commission on Elections. This alliance could pave the way for an election result that could never be questioned. Coupled with the newly-implemented Cybercrime Prevention Law, it could mean a sure victory for candidates who are allied with the Liberal Party. Who now can serve to watch and ensure that Comelec complies with the laws and policies on automated elections that specifically Republic Act 9369 or the Poll Automated Law? Majority of the members of Congress are already allied with the Executive branch. An authoritarian government is almost complete.

It remains to be seen how Padaca can institute changes in the Comelec considering the agency is already committed to buying the unreliable electronic machines used in the 2010 elections. How can Padaca guarantee that the “deficiencies and glitches” seen in the machines in 2010 have already been fixed by Smartmatic before the 2013 elections? Considering many of the machines have been sitting in a warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna after the 2010 elections, they may not be in the perfect condition that Smartmatic claims they are in. As a commissioner of the Comelec, Padaca needs to ensure that the 82,000 machines will not have the same security problems observed the last time they were used. It is a very daunting task that should have been done a long time ago.

The use of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines is also questionable despite Comelec’s decision to purchase them. The supplier Smartmatic is currently in the middle of a legal battle with the company Dominion Voting System who owns the software used by the machines. This was the claim of Election watchdog Automated Elections System Watch (AES) spokesperson Bobby Tuazon.

Smartmatic has an ongoing legal battle with Dominion after the latter cancelled a 2009 license agreement with it last May. The agreement enabled Smartmatic to be Dominion’s legitimate representative in the country.

According to AES, “the termination denies Smartmatic access to technical support and assistance;” thus, Smartmatic might not get Dominion’s proprietary source code and other “escrowed materials” that the Comelec could use to enhance the PCOS system.

Dominion owns the technology used by Smartmatic.

“[Smartmatic] had already been denied to use the system. If Comelec still decides to use the system then the Philippine elections will be using a pirated computer technology,” Tuazon said.

It is doubtful that any information that Padaca would get out of “observing” the US Presidential election could benefit the Philippines. Filipinos in general particularly our public servants have never been good at accepting suggestions especially something that calls for making “cheating” during election harder for the candidates. Considering that Padaca herself is trying to dodge a lawsuit, it is highly unlikely that she can introduce an environment of “trust” in Philippine elections.

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! News.]

87 Replies to “Grace Padaca’s indebtedness to Noynoy Aquino could compromise Comelec’s independence”

  1. I believe graft case against Padaca is politically motivated although it’s nice to have the case go through legal procedure to settle it once and for all. These corrupt and dishonest officials are afraid of Padaca that is why all these happen.

    Umandar na naman ang pagkasalot ng mga
    utak wangwang.
    kayo ang dahilan kaya
    ang Pilipinas ay mabagal na bumabangon sa kahirapan. Nang dahil
    sa inyo marami sa
    kababayan natin ang
    Napakaraming namamatay bakit di pa
    ang mga salot na
    mga utak wangwang na ito ang mauna. Ka
    sumpa-sumpa na at
    kasuklam-suklam na ang ginagawa ng mga
    halang ang kaluluwang ito. Mga halang ang kaluluwa mga utak ungoy. Mas masahol pa kayo sa mga cannibals. Uurin sana at mabulok ang mga bituka nyo. ganyan ang pagiisip ng mga utak wangwang. Ibigay ninyo na lang sa ungoy ang computer nyo sa mahihirap nating kababayan.

    1. ‘You believe’. Well then — where’s your proof? I mean, I can believe that I’m a unicorn, and you can’t do anything about it because I believe that I am, and nothing in creation can stop me from believing shit, man! Yeah!

        1. What a joke. You are citing a source that is known for their bias. Sarap talaga maging uto uto no?

    2. Yet another pathetic attempt to sow propaganda by dapitan. You really should avoid copy pasting every stupid propaganda your boss caranDUNG gives you. Sorrydapitan,but your propaganda has failed yet again. Sarap talaga maging uto uto.

        1. IKAW ang utak wangwang because you’re totally wrong on corruption.

          “It’s the ECONOMY, student.”

        1. Akala mo lang yan. Puro ka daldal ng daldal wala ka namang maibigay na EBIDENSYA. Tanga mo talaga

        2. Bakit? Nabawasan na ba? May nakulong na ba? Mahigit 2 years na si N/A na naka-upo, puro aalisin ang korapsyon, nasaan ang pruweba? E si Puno nga, imbes na sibakin at imbestigahan, inilipat lang sa ibang departamento, pareho lang ito nung panahon ni GMA, kung hindi mas masahol pa.

        3. Again, you’re WRONG on corruption. Not just the government but also the people. You always keep whining on putting away a corrupt official but never understood the full lengths of the corruption. But what would I expect from an ignorant MORON like yourself?

          You’re gladly supporting the corrupt democratic government of the Philippines, whether you like it or not.

        1. Talaga? Baka IKAW ang hindi marunong mag research kasi wala kang maibigay na ebidensya sa mga pinopost mo gunggong.

    3. Another KKK na ipinagtatanggol nila BS Aquino at ang kanyang mga alipores na dilaw!

      Halatang mas grabe ang klase ng korapsyon nitong BS Aquino regime.

      1. hindi sya pinoprotektahan, baka sinusuportahan? Kung may makita kang kasalanan edi magfile ka ng kaso.

        Tama lang ang mga inaapoint ni Pnoy sa gobyerno kasi hindi mag tiwali at tested na.

        1. Nope. Hindi sapat ung hindi tiwali. More on being qualified for the job. No matter what you can say on Arroyo, but she’s better on appointing people because those who are tested are those who have EXPERIENCE.

          Kaya mo nasasabi iyan dahil batugan ka at wala kang trabaho. Palaging sa computer magdamag. Bakit hindi mo na lang iyan ibigay ung computer mo sa mga mahihirap? 😛


          Hey, Daido! Let’s hear your take on the facts of the link. Give yourself a chance to be heard with an objective opinion on an issue.

          Iwasan mo nga yang pagiging paranoid mo sa kakahabol sa mga opinions ng mga tunay na trolls. What’s your gain to that? Nahahalata ka na ring kumo-quota. Pare-pareho lang kayo… pagkaiba lang e kung kanino nanggagaling mga bayad sa inyo! Duh!

    4. Naku dapwetan/fishball utak-bola/bayan patroller aka bobong patola,

      Iyang pangulo mo di parin naiintindihan ang ibig sabihin ng “patas ang lahat sa batas”. Walang malakas na kaso, guily kaagad si Gloria; may kaso, not guilty kaagad si Padaca. Ano ba naman iyan?

      Akala ko ba tuwid na daan, eh bakit binabaluktot niya para sa KKK?

      1. malakas ang MGA kaso laban kay Gloria, kailangan lang natin ng tiwala sa hustisya. Maraming nagawang kasalanan si Gloria na dapat nyang pagbayaran:

        2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors (October 2007)
        3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (Hello Garci)
        4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)
        5. Jose Pidal Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200 Million)
        6. Nani Perez Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)
        7. Use of Road User’s Tax for Campaigning
        8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532 Million)
        9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)
        10. Extra Judicial Killings
        11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)
        12. General Garcia and Other Military Men
        13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to (Mega Pacific) (P1.3 Billion)
        14. Northrail Project($503 Million)
        15. Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (Zubiri, Bedol)
        16. NAIA-3
        17. Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)
        18. Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque
        19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states
        20.EURO GENERAL’S
        22.the C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar
        23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA).
        24 P780-million LWUA funds-Prospero Pichay
        25 Bishop’s SUV-Gloria Birthday gift
        26 Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund
        27 Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy Ampatuan
        28.P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties from 2002 to May this year.
        30. 600,000 metric tons of Rotten rice imported from India.Kishore Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to Arroyo, reportedly
        bagged the P9.5 billion contract for the rice importation.
        31.Dato Arroyo wife bought the condo unit for $570,000, 70-square- meter one-bedroom, one- bathroom unit (Unit No. 533) at the luxury high- rise, full-service Gramercy Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown San Francisco.
        32.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of two franchise bills
        33.The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in advertising expenses, from
        P76.129 million in 2008 to P107.420 million in 2009, which went mostly to ads for Arroyo’s achievements.
        34.The report said the PIA received from the Department of Budget and Management a notice of cash allocations amounting to P344.789 million, even though only P222.488 million was appropriated for it under the national budget.
        35.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political enemies
        36.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of extra judicial killings of militants
        37.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo critic, Cory Aquino
        38.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of Pag-Ibig
        39.- Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park Administration.
        40.- Midnight appointment of an Arroyo,Renato Corona, as SC Chief Justice
        – 200+ other illegal midnight appointments
        41.- Mikey Arroyo’s undeclared properties in California
        42.- Pardon of controversial convicted criminals like Ninoy’s murderers
        43.- EO 464; requiring Cabinet members to seek presidential clearance before testifying in Congress hearings
        44.- Promise (on Rizal Day) to not run for the presidency in 2004
        45.- “Vote Buying” by giving away Philhealth cards
        46.- Taxpayers’ money for her giant billboards and and PCSO tv campaign ads[/
        47- Appointment of Ben Abalos, a staunch GMA ally, as COMELEC chair
        48.- Mikey Arroyo’s importation of 32 thoroughbred horses from Australia worth P384 million.
        49.Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo used 2 choppers 16 times, son Mikey 69
        50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent P1B on coffee
        51.Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters’
        all Robinson R44 Raven Is with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
        A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for the five helicopters.
        52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: P345M
        53.The godmother’s ties to the Pinedas(Jueteng lord)
        54.Glorietta 2 and Batasan bombings
        The Glorietta 2 bombing happened during the height of the bribery case which took place in Malacañang.
        55.Misuse of Balikatan funds
        Navy Lt. Nancy Gadian revealed an alleged malversation of funds in 2007
        56.Solon: Charge Gloria Arroyo for taking P98-M from PNoy’s social fund
        Former Armed Forces chiefs of staff Narciso Abaya, Dionisio Santiago, Generoso Senga, Hermogenes Esperon, and Alexander Yano,chiefs of staff – Angelo Reyes, Diomedio Villanueva, and Roy Cimatu
        and MANY MORE..
        58.Colmenares: GMA had P488 billion in ‘pork.
        59.P1B down the drain in Arroyo-era jatropha project—DOST chief
        60.Fishers push plunder rap vs Arroyo in purchase of ice machines( overpriced at P455 million in 2009.)
        61.$225-million overprice of Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC),
        62.Ongpin “front” for former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo in a P660- million loan from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)…

        Hindi tama na nasa hospital sya sa lagay na ito, dapat ay sa regular na piitan

        1. 62 unexploding bombs again? You are already becoming desperate. Kawawang dapitan, palaging sirang plaka. Sarap talaga maging uto uto.

        2. FYI, those 62 unexploding bombs you posted are only based on hearsay. You can’t even prove any of them.

        3. Mukhang yan lang talaga ang kaya niya. Repost ng repost ng walang kwentang propaganda, wala namang epekto. Akala niya siguro gagana kahit ilang beses nang pumalpak. Palpak ka talaga dapwetan.

        4. Kalokohan talaga yang listahan. Pati glorietta 2 bombing sinisisi niya kay gloria. Ibang klaseng katangahan talaga ang pinapakita nitong dapwetan. Baka mamaya, tungkol sa global warming, magpopost nanaman si dapwetan ng propagandang walang silbi at walang kwenta. Tutal, yun lang naman alam niya… Maging isang walang kwentang sirang plaka.

          Kahit ilang beses mo pa ipost yan dapwetan, WALANG maniniwala sa propaganda mo kundi ikaw lang at ang bobong boss mong panot.

        5. Lumang tugtugin na iyan. 😛 Those 62 thingies are mostly based from hearsay or not yet proven in court.

          Don’t put up allegations as truth.

    5. You’re wishing for everyone’s misery just because of this article?

      What an uncivilized human being. And as far as I know, IKAW ang utak unggoy. Wanna know why? 😛

      1. I can think of a lot of reasons why dapitan is monkey brained but I won’t post it here since he might not understand them. He is after all too stupid to even READ the entire blog post

    6. Hwag na lang. Kasi kung karamihan ng mga mahihirap ay TANGA na tulad mo, e para saan ba ang computer? E maglalaro lang ng DOTA ang mga iyon e. In other words, hindi sapat ang computer para lalo i-educate ang mga mahihirap. Ang matuto ay nasa tao na iyon. Paano kung ayaw nilang matuto? Don’t ever say those things if you don’t know how to do it yourself with your Yellow Propaganda filth. 😀

      “May taong tanga, may taong matalino. Ngunit dito sa Plipinas, MARAMING TANGA. “

      1. Dapitan is like one of those persons who prefer watching extremely stupid shows like “showtime”. They fail to realize that the show that they patronize is dumbing them down.

        1. @Suibon

          That post was just my opinion “bruh”. I never intended to offend you. Dapitan’s “opinions” however, is different from real opinions.

  2. The myth of the straight path mantra is finally shattered. BS Aquino has obviously two different paths. One mindset leads to his KKKKK and party mates who can do no wrong. Grace Padaca has a pending case, gets freely donated bail money from BS Aquino and is not even arrested. She gets exonerated by BS and this is giving all the wrong signals to the court. While the other mindset is reserved for the perceived enemies of Mr. BS Aquino. These personalities get different, “special” treatment as scapegoats in continuing blame games. I am sure all have noticed the vicious demonization, vilification and hate-think done to those people in the other side of the fence.

    1. BS Aquino is simply a double standard two-faced hypocrite. He is already acting as dictator, controlling key positions in government.

        1. @MR KREIG

          I could surely name one politician who claimed to be otherwise but turned out to be even worse—-BS Aquino—bam!

        2. … hmmmmmm… Jesse Robredo? Nelson Mandela? And… I got nothing else. As far as I know, they shepherded their respective domains (Jesse’s Naga, Nelson’s South Africa) quite well during their time in power.

        3. @Felipe……bam? is that at me? or for my benefit? or are you insinuating that “BAM” Aquino is the answer to my question?

          hhmmm……somehow,still not seeing it,huh?

        4. ginagawa lang nya ang trabaho nya na protektahan ang pinoy. Kayong mga utak wangwang na iniinsulto sya ang ganyan kasi kayo ay kakampi ng mga corrupt

    2. OMG,you really don’t get it,do ya? The same thing happened to a guy,no names(but he is now running for Mayor of Manure),12 yrs. ago.Oh yeah,sure he was vilified,torn down,shredded in the media,forced to endure the un-imaginable shame(oh fuckin please)BUT BUT BUT,No money was ever returned,he never went to a real jail and he then was pardoned from his ‘life sentence’,and is now running for mayor of manure.
      This issa just a bigga charade paisano,OK? A ‘CAVALCADE OF STARS’, as predictable as the sun.
      I’ve got your ‘High-court’,”Special Court’ and every other court,yeah…right here.
      Parlour games(pin the tail on the jack-ass,bobbing on the nobbing.).and some people still do not get it.WOWO!!!

      1. MR.KREIG

        Oh man. Can you add something new to the table? Your comments are so similar to the previous ones you posted. Do you just copy and paste them?


        1. sorry DUDE,but NO…the song remains the same.
          I do not copy /paste.Typing two-three sentences is not too tough. The few paragraphs that will appear here by me will be coming to an end soon.While it may have been redundant,it was a lone dissent which is surprising as this has been going on for 50 yrs.,ya would figure that someone else might actually see it,but NO.
          There is a larger message that needs to be heard,but it is not for me to say nor really give a shit about.
          I will just also re-iterate: a lot of people are just plain being laughed at.Any guesses who that might be?

        2. This Krieg commenter was claiming he can distinguish a writing skill, heh, and he’s at it again. For sure he’s not a Filipino but I’m sure he’s a Vulagarian.

          His favorite screeds:

          “OMG,you really don’t get it,do ya?”

          “You obviously do not understand the point…”

          “You are just somehow not seeing it.”

          “My comment was not addressed to you…”

          (I’ve used the word “condescend” in describing him in my previous comment.)

          And he always has a way of evading exchanging opinions with commenters who can see through his screeds. (Read: who can outhrightly picture him as a ridiculous commenter.)

          How he see’s the Filipinos:

          “Filipino’s in particular,that make them happy to accept a shit job like ‘call center agent’ and think it is a good job? or how they can possibly not do something about the slave wages paid them, along w/intolerable working conditions,to the extent of national civil unrest?”

          The village idiot here will have a deserving surrogate.

          Krieg baby, stick around. No dull moments when you’re around.

        3. @TROSP….. I avoid no one,especially you.YOU dictate NOTHING to me.I am breaking my word with this response to you,but I find the insults just a little too much to let slide completely.

          I do not expect a smart guy like yourself to understand anything.I illustrate one point only,ONE! If you or others do not get it,even after illuminating it at length,it is not my fault nor problem.Your allusion to ‘ the village idiot’ (HA,you callin me?the village idiot?HA!) just proves you are not as smart as you wish you were.You will get much further in life and avoid much pain if you avoid insulting people,especially a guy like ME.I am a guy you do not know and your bravery here says a lot about you.I have insulted no one and yet you insult me. Maybe you are to sensitive to hear the truth and are blinded by your sensitivities?
          You can not see what you do not want to see,HOWEVER, I would show you a lesson you would never forget(even if that dumb-ass look on your face suggests other-wise) if you barked that bullshit at me, as you have done here,in the street.That,DEAR BOY,I assure you!
          I do not want to know what a ‘Vulagarian’ is,FUNNY… you just make shit up,think it is true and then believe it,HA! As TYPICAL, as taking me out of context and incorrectly quoting me was.You,SONNY-BOY are merely TYPICAL.
          You are the only one here I did not like.
          I would say ‘take care’ but really,I just do not give a shit if you get run over by a truck.
          ‘Stick around’,HA…as if….

        4. Kreig baby,

          I’m not smart as what you’re telling the comment readers here. I’m just myself. A commenter with attitude.

          Labeling you as a village idiot the way I see it is a compliment for you. I could have easily labeled you a chauvinist or just a pompous vulgarian.

          It’s very evident based on the way you comment.

          I’m not insulting you. I’m labeling you as what you are. No more no less.

          Don’t pretend you’re insulted. You’re butthurt.

          You’re not avoiding anybody here???

          Are you that stupid you can’t even comprehend your screed?

          According to you –

          “If you or others do not get it,even after illuminating it at length,it is not my fault nor problem.”

          Then why getting sarcastic with these potshots:

          “OMG,you really don’t get it,do ya?”

          “You obviously do not understand the point…”

          “You are just somehow not seeing it.”

          Lousy Vulgarian chauvinist…

          Stick around Kreig baby.

        5. BTW, Krieg baby,

          Nancy Boy, I’m not hiding my identity, how about showing yours?

          Let’s see who can deliver.

          If you’ll still hide your identity, then, that says it, Nancy Boy.

          Shall I say No-Balls Kid!?

          Stick around Krieg baby…

    1. Obviously nasisiraan ka na talaga ng bait. I hope matalian ka na ng straight jacket para injectionan ka na sa pwet mo ng gamot.

  3. Only in the Philippines? No,hardly. This is the standard charade in banana Republics the World over.The country wants to get out from under that moniker? Which is a laughingstock label for countries like Jamaica? Well it really can’t and why it can not is a matter to lenghty to discuss here.It can not and it won’t.So put on you boots,the shit is getting deep.
    I will say that Mr.Tauzon’s statement in the last paragraph quoted is a bit presumptive,the machines could still be functioning on their own accord w/out any involvement from Dominion.If they are not,it does not mean the program used is pirated,it just does not.
    Ms.Padaca is on the right side(?) of the law right now(and always will be).In 3-5 yrs. she won’t be and then she will find herself on the accusatory end of the political stick,but it will not matter one li’l bit because….and,NOW HEAR THIS….She will never spend one minute in jail,no money will ever be returned.None of these people ever goes to jail,the money is never returned and the charade is never ending.
    and lets not forget,next up:Tony and Tina will analyze the shit out of all this for us,u kno,how the Sandiganbayan filed charges against so-and-so today and they COULD be facing ‘life imprisonment’,HA!!!!! Yeah,Please TELL us Tony and Tina.They could also be laughing their asses off too.(“Smile for the camera’s…”).
    The never ending charade continues.It ain’t so funny,but it sure is a joke.Grace Padaca HUH?

      1. Still posting your propaganda? I guess carandang really favors you even though you’re doing a shitty job. Yan lang ba ang kaya mo?

        1. Well these trolls and the comm group give each other jobs. Lacierda and co. give them work, while these trolls give them pleasure :p

      2. Wala nga siyang kamwang-mwang kung sino corrupt at hindi. Kitang-kita na ngang may kaso si Padaca nagbulag-bulagan nanaman ang BOBO mong presidente.

      3. Wrong. Most of the people that PNoy appointed are those who have questionable integrity. Not to mention those who are his close friends, allies, relatives, etc.

        So your defense fails.


          Hey, Daido! Let’s hear your take on the facts of the link. Give yourself a chance to be heard with an objective opinion on an issue.

          Iwasan mo nga yang pagiging paranoid mo sa kakahabol sa mga opinions ng mga tunay na trolls. What’s your gain to that? Nahahalata ka na ring kumo-quota. Pare-pareho lang kayo… pagkaiba lang e kung kanino nanggagaling mga bayad sa inyo! Duh!

        2. @a-nonymouse:

          TROLL. 😛

          Sorry, but you’re losing credibility since the link is Inquirer. Give me another source. There is little to no facts on BIASED sources.

          And what you’re doing is red herring and personal attacks (w/ the accusation of me being paid, which is not) THE LINK DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! XD

        3. Asus! It’s because they are facts that you don’t want to read so you consider them to be not facts at all. Read this in line with your “questionable integrity” take…. what does that make out of you? Hypocrite. 😀

          Trolling, redherring, and personal attacks: you’re on the boat of your accusations… bayaran! 😀

        4. @a-nonymouse: But wait, what’s the relation of Grace Padaca to this link? Care to elaborate?

          Like I said, please gave a credible source, not Inquirer. And wait, they’re making a big deal about this? TBH, the oligarch families are much worse.

          Sorry, but I can brand you a troll since you called me a ‘bayaran’. PNoy is incompetent on choosing officials. That’s the point.

          So who’s the hypocrite?

        5. @a-nonymouse: Oh yeah, what you’re pointing out is just a small deal. You stated your ‘facts’ but what does it effect? Nothing more than more FPGMA bashing in order to satisfy the mob, which you’re part of.


        6. Sino kaya TANGA sa atin, Daido? Hehehe…

          If you claim that this case of a convicted criminal is a small deal, ever heard of a cliché “10 small deals make ONE big deal”? 😀

          Yup, the link between this criminal and Arroyo/cohorts is not the same as the issue with Grace Padaca. Padaca is not convicted yet, while Villarosa is a convict. Read your news, don’t continue to wallow in your personal opinion and stay a hypocrite.

          Before I take your bait, give me your definition of “credible source” and WHY such is your definition.

          Also, “Pnoy is incompetent on choosing officials” … so, if you are Pnoy, who would be your “competent officials” and WHY?


          What happened to Winter Soldier? I think his posts were not counted on your quota… hehe… you were caught red-handed, siyempre di ka pa rin aamin. Ganyan naman kasi mga criminal. Hahaha!

        7. Character assasinations and your personal attacks doesn’t make up an argument. Well, you just love to do that because you’re just talking about PEOPLE.

          By the way, a credible source is best because it has no spins or bias whatsoever. Inquirer is not a credible source because it is BIASED in favor of the present Aquino administration and goes to attack its political enemies.

          If I were PNoy, I’ll just appoint people who are REALLY fit for the job and not because of they were your friends or allies or anything. Because INCOMPETENCE brings blunders and it wasn’t really good.

          Call me ‘bayaran’ all you want, but what does that make you? Just an ignorant Pinoy pleb with an angry mob mindset.

        8. “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” … remember that everytime you comment to thise you call trolls here. Again, you’re on the boat of your accusation.

          I was expecting a rather plausible reply from you, you who wants to portray you-know-better-than-your-oppositions and will fight tooth and nail for it. You are simply ranting, offering no alternative at all.

          Offer your credible sources, offer your alternative competent officials then notes can be compared. Stop ranting, offer what you have. Insisting yourslef to be intellectual doesn’t make you one unless you’ve proven it.

          “Just an ignorant Pinoy pleb with an angry mob mindset” – NOT. You are.

        9. @a-nonymouse: “Those who have no sin should cast the first stone.”

          TBH, I would like to look for credible sources with no bias whatsoever. ABS-CBN, Inquirer, you name it. They’re infamous for bringing sensationalized news into important information. Like that link for example.

          For competent officials, what I’ve state is more on observations than ranting. In Noynoy’s case, most of the people he appointed are merely his KKKK’s. The best example is his shooting buddy Rico Puno, who is involved in jueteng yet he wants him back… until this year. You know what happened.

          Another is the prosecution panel during the Corona impeachment. Those are more like politicians than able laywers. Yet they succeeded thanks to the media and their fellow politicians.

          And then you’re calling me as a part of the angry mob? Cite specifics, plez. I’m not some jerk who would choose someone to love and hate by just a simple whim. Don’t you know that the government is ruled by a mob? That’s 26 years ago and it’s still happening today. Besides, what can you expect from the Aquino family?

  4. “Dominion owns the technology used by Smartmatic.

    “[Smartmatic] had already been denied to use the system. If Comelec still decides to use the system then the Philippine elections will be using a pirated computer technology,” Tuazon said.”

    Presuming that Smartmatic is on very-allied terms with COMELEC, why would they want to buy the system, source code and all? Baka ilagay na sa algo ang kurakot ng ilan nating mga politico, ha?

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