Risa Hontiveros and the failure of Akbayan to live up to the ideals of the ‘party list’ concept

Not that there is any real difference between the two commie groups Akbayan and Anakbayan, but it is interesting that the two “left-leaning” groups are now baring claws at each other as every man and his dog races to grab a piece of the fat 2013 elections pie. During a recent Akbayan press conference, a “verbal tussle” reportedly erupted between the two former comrades-in-street-picketlines…

About five members of Anakbayan managed to slip through Akbayan’s press conference and criticized their rival for their alleged pro-administration stance, calling for the latter’s disqualification from the party-list elections next year on the basis of having members and nominees with government posts.

They also held a photo of Akbayan Rep. Walden Bello while chanting “Tuta ng gobyerno” and “Akbayan, fake party-list.” Anakbayan is accusing Akbayan of being a Palace front in the party-list system.

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) secretary general Renato M. Reyes, Jr in a blog post already goes at length into explaining why Akbayan has lost its claim to the right to be called a “party list” organisation, highlighting how it might fail to convincingly respond to three key questions on the matter: “Is Akbayan marginalized and underrepresented? Are Akbayan’s nominees marginalized and underrepresented based on what is required under the law? Can a group claiming to represent the marginalized be an integral member of the reactionary ruling clique?” Bayan, of course, is just another one of those commie groups. But now that elections are in the air, even the best of buddies will not think twice about stabbing the other in the back.

For the rest of us, it is quite easier to do a simple exercise of holding up a supposed role model of Akbayan politics in former Akbayan party list representative Risa Hontiveros — its highest profile member — to provide us an insight of the depths to which this “party list” organisation’s “values” and “principles” had sunk.

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Hontiveros, firstly, is noted for her seeming embrace of the Dark Side of epal (“grandstanding”) politics. She has apparently been long campaigning in advance for the 2013 elections, even using the recent series of national disasters to gain some face time with the Filipino masses.

She was also an outspoken campaigner on the pro-impeachment camp during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona going by the usually simplistic but moronic notion of how an official’s salary should be the sole basis of determining whether he or she is leading a lifestyle of unexplainable scales. According to Hontiveros

“the Chief Justice can no longer ignore allegations that he has enriched himself in office way beyond his legal salaries and allowances as a member and now head of the Supreme Court”

…never mind that Corona was a successful attorney practicing in the private sector before he entered the public service.

What seemed to be a bizarre fixation on convicting Corona to the extent of making and propagating pre-judgments about the man despite the on-going trial being conducted by the Senate was laid so clearly bare in Hontiveros’s involvement in a snafu that linked her to a publicity stunt mounted by Manila Times “columnist” and Director of the Youth and Social Entrepreneurship Program of the Ateneo School of Government Harvey Keh. Keh along with Hontiveros and another person filed a “complaint” against Corona during the trial alleging that the chief magistrate possessed unexplained dollar-denominated bank accounts. The complaint, as it turned out, was based on unreliable sources with Keh ironically making the biggest song-and-dance about information about these accounts obtained from anonymous sources.

Keh, who was called to testify before the Senate Impeachment Court to clarify this “complaint” was then caught lying under cross-examination after he denied he had informed the media in advance of his going to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s office to present the dubious evidence. Under questioning by Senator Judge Jinggoy Estrada, Keh admitted that he had been in touch with reporter “friends” from the broadsheet Inquirer.net and the tabloid Abante shortly after he had received the documents.

Hontiveros and Keh are also members of the Kaya Natin movement whose co-founder is newly-appointed Commission on Elections (COMELEC) commissioner and former Isabela governor Grace Padaca. Padaca, was recently appointed commissioner of the COMELEC under questionable circumstances. Despite having an outstanding arrest warrant hanging over her head over charges of graft, Padaca was appointed by Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III to the post early October. Aquino had also personally posted the Php70,000 bail required to secure Padaca’s release from incarceration over the pending case. President BS Aquino, has since been adamant about his prerogative to appoint his buddy to the sensitive office, to the extent of making a public statement on his view as to whether Padaca is guilty or not in reference to her case that remains pending with the Sandiganbayan.

As the saying goes: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Does Akbayan represent the “marginalised” amongst us? You be the judge. There are no “genuine politics”, only genuine agendas.

It’s simple, really.

36 Replies to “Risa Hontiveros and the failure of Akbayan to live up to the ideals of the ‘party list’ concept”

  1. Latest news report that Gloria Macapagal is placed under hospital arrest. Is that justice? With all her crimes committed against the Filipino people, death by lethal injection is what she deserves. MABUHAY ANG FILIPINO

    1. Mrs. Nena “Fishball” Liwanag , I have no idea how that relates to this thread. Please learn the difference between a message board and a blog site. No wonder you want Gloria dead so bady. Too dumb to even know what topic is which. You are just dying to spam since you are so dumb like your master the bispectacled , balding doufus. Lethal Injection for all trolls.

        1. It is you who are dumb Wangwang.

          1. Gloria not part of the thread. But again like your master you insert Gloria wherever you want to add legitimacy to yourself or so you think. 2. I don’ t have Yellow fever and don’t drink the yellow Kool Aid so it revokes my nationality? You really have no IQ. 3. Both you and Fishball don’t understand the topic and you get mad at me , sorry troll, troll harder.

        2. Reality check: You ARE dumb because you believe on the stupidity that is ‘guilty until proven innocent’.

          If I’m not someone who has an angry mob mindset, then I’m proud not to be a Filipino. At least I’m intelligent.

          MORON. 😀

        3. FACT: only stupid morons would believe that a person is guilty until proven innocent. It’s stupid trolls like you “wangwang” that gives us filipinos a bad name.

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    2. Talk about completely missing the point. No matter what name you use fishball, we will still know that you are still the one that is posting nonsense here.

    3. Tama ka dyan kaibigan. Noong na impeach na si
      Renato Corona ang
      kanyang thief justice midnight appointee:

      1) biglang nagkasakit
      ayon sa kanyang
      sariling doctor ng
      “sudden death
      syndrome”. Pero ang
      nakakatawa na discharge sa hospital
      sabi ko noon baligtad
      yata dapat diretso sa ICU.

      2) Noong pinayagang
      mag bail out ng 1million pesos, biglang gumaling at kahit saan
      pumupunta. Lately
      nagfile pa ng candidacy
      for congresswoman for

      3) Noong nalaman na may warrant of arrest
      sa kasong plunder
      biglang sinugod sa
      hospital dahil sa
      dehydration some medical expert call it
      “arrestritis”. Her lawyer
      doctor were asking for
      hospital arrest
      and compassion.

      4) Hearing na niya, biglang
      may heart problem at
      inilagay sa ICU.

      5) Ano kaya ang
      susunod nilang gawin
      pag itoy hindi na makalusot? parang
      teleseryeng walang
      hanggan. sana gayahin
      niya si Donya Margaret
      na bandang huli ay
      nagsisisi sa kanyang mga kasalanan at
      humingi ng tawad at
      biglang bumait.

      6) Kapag ito’y hindi
      makalusot, ang sunod
      niyang sakit ay “coma” pero pwede siyang mag
      hi at hello sa kanyang
      mga pamilya at
      kaalyado pero pag
      dating sa hearing full
      coma talaga at maghintay na lang
      siyang maging
      presidente si Mar at saka na gigising

      1. Still a copy-pasted fishball post.

        Fact is that Corona was impeached because the PROCEDURES are wrong, not because of what he did is wrong. Remember that. 😛

        So mali ka, kaibigan. 😛

    4. @Mrs. Nena Liwanag

      Thank you for revealing your dark, vicious inhumanity and complete ignorance of the rule of law. You apparently have no empathy or compassion as you call for the death of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

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    1. Halata lang kasing gusto ng mga trolls na katulad ni fishball na wag natin pansinin ang mga KAPALPAKAN ng boss niyang panot. Gusto lang nilang itago ang katotohanan sa pamamagitan ng pagpopost ng mga isyu na d naman kailangan pansinin na kasi iba na ang nakaupo sa pwesto.

  5. You are the dumb one “wangwang” since you keep posting stupid posts that doesn’t even relate to the blog post. The blog post is about risa hontiveros and yet you keep posting about gloria’s situation. Baba talaga ng IQ at EQ mo.

  6. I hate to criticize the admins on this site, but why are you guys tolerating this idiots who posts things that are not even related to the subject and whose only purpose is to force feed us of GMA “guilt” without the benefit of evidence or facts?

    1. TIme honored tradition of trolls. Fishball does it, jek2 used to do it and Jonas would say any act against circumventing the thread was suppressing contrary opinion. Like I said there is a difference between a message board and a blog site. Trolls though have a quota with Minister Ricky and can’t be bothered with the topic at hand, copy paste. Lather rinse repeat.

    1. I think the admin would like them out but freedom of speech is still that. If they are barred people are gonna say that this is a biased site (if they haven’t already). I think the admin would like to exchange some opinion and it is also a plus that we see what kind of opinions that some really have at their heads. We may disagree but some can also prove their point. which is I think, one of the purpose of this site.

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