PNoy: ‘I started a joke…’


I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
but I didn’t see that the joke was on me, oh no.

I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing,
oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.

– “I Started a Joke”, Bee Gees

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Amidst the gravity of the situation here in the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino III (BS Aquino) found time to tell a “funny” during his most recent trip to New Zealand. He didn’t say that he came up with it; he was merely reciting it from a text message he received:

“Alam niyo share ko ho lang sa inyo isang, tawang-tawa ako sa narinig kong joke eh. Yung mga kababayan raw ho nating corrupt sa Pilipinas, kagagara ng kotse, kamamahal, katutulin. Pero pagka ginustong tumakas, ang ginagamit, wheelchair.”

(You know, let me just share something with you, I was laughing hard when I heard this. Corrupt people in the Philippines have such flashy, expensive, and fast cars. But when they want to escape, they use wheelchairs.)

While BS Aquino seemed very careful not to name names (hey, he CAN restrain himself if he wants to!) , quite a few Filipinos easily read between the lines that he was alluding to his political enemies, former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and former Chief Justice Renato Corona. Let’s point out the obvious; personally, I think it’s in bad taste to make fun of a person who’s sick and all, in front of the international community, no less. Second, this fixation with Arroyo, despite her no longer being in any position to threaten PNoy’s government, shows either unnecessary vindictiveness, a tremendous sense of insecurity, or both. Third, it shows that all that haciendero lifestyle bullshit didn’t buy him breeding.

BS Aquino went on to brag, further, that the GDP was 6.3% in the first quarter, and 5.9% in the second. Oh god, it’s that GDP thing again. It’s a form of reporting economic growth that is easily misleading; read the link to get the lowdown why. Even that drop in percentage between the two figures above should tell you something. He also went on to claim that the Philippines is open for business. Yeah right, it’s open for business, as long as you partner with his oligarch friends. Unfortunately, no matter how much BS Aquino tries to prod investors to come here to the Philippines, the fact remains that our welcome mat, the NAIA terminal 1, has just been universally reviled by travelers this year, for the second year in a row! How can you expect to be taken seriously as an investment and tourism if the front of your house drives them away?!

As a president, BS Aquino is a joke. And he’s not even trying to be funny. To give him the benefit of the doubt, though, he is being consistent. Consistently non-performing. This whole joke started in 2009, where our then senator delivered perhaps some of the biggest punch lines that defined what were to be his “guiding principles” as president:

“Hindi ako magnanakaw” (I do not steal)
“Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” (No corruption, no poverty)
“God is on our side”

These punch lines did the trick for him in the 2010 elections to, as fellow GRP writer Gogs would say, “pole-vault over his mother’s corpse”, and plant his bum on that seat in Malacañang. The jokes didn’t stop there. Perhaps his most unforgettable display of stand-up comedy, unmatched to this day, was his spectacular performance on August 23, 2010. The Hong Kong tourists who died on that day, and the formal apology that the Philippine government has yet to give left that performance hanging, and without a closure.

Other noteworthy (read: laughable) performances include his government’s lethargic response to disasters such as Sendong and the habagat early this year, and the way his KKK (kamag-anak, kaklase, kabarilan) seemingly get off their offenses with just mere slaps on the wrist, and his support for the dubious portion in RA 10175, the online libel clause. Yet his best and award-winning performances are his government’s defiance of a Supreme Court TRO, with the ultimate purpose of restraining GMA’s right to travel, and the whole impeachment trial which ultimately removed former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

In the past few days, BS Aquino was trying to be funny again when he was trying to downplay his critics “in the left” by quoting survey statistics out of thin air. Teddy Casiño, the only candidate backed by Bayan Muna, replied with the following words:

“Let me remind the President that before his mother (President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino) died, he did not even rate in any survey nor was considered by anyone to be of presidential caliber,

Trust me, Mr. President, if I had Ninoy and Cory as parents, I’d probably be in your shoes too, except that I wouldn’t look down on ordinary mortals like me who have no political pedigree but who have every right to serve the country as congressman or, for that matter, senator of the Republic,”

Casiño added that Aquino became senator “because of his lineage and the heroic efforts of his mother and sister,” and that BS Aquino “should look at himself first” before deriding him or any other candidate for their low rating in the surveys.

While I don’t agree with Casiño’s politics all the time, he was pretty much spot on this time. BS Aquino was a nobody who suddenly shot up to the highest government position in the land, not because of his track record, but because of his lineage.

As the saying goes, the problem with political jokes is that they get elected.

So who is the joke on, really?

Forty percent of the voting population fell for his rhetoric hook, line, and sinker back then. Now the rest of the Philippines has been forced to endure that joke for 6 years. 4 years to go is still an awfully long time. We continue to elect government officials who continue to bring nothing to the table but empty slogans and even emptier promises. We complain about how corrupt our government officials are yet we refuse to do anything about the corruption in our respective sectors of society. We refuse to be educated on evaluating platforms and instead prefer the quick and easy name recognition scheme and jingle.

There’s no denying it, Philippines. The joke is on us, the Filipino people

Pahabol lang: So I heard BS Aquino had to cut short his attendance in an Australian state dinner because he wasn’t feeling well. “A bum stomach for a bum president”, according to a status I saw on Twitter. At the risk of sounding just like him, doesn’t this seem like karma at work?

84 Replies to “PNoy: ‘I started a joke…’”

  1. “It is by vivacity and wit that man shines in company; but trite jokes reduce him to a buffoon”
    Lord Chesterfield

    In the global village p-noy continues to play the idiot-in-chief.

    The lack of breeding always shows when the aquino circus is abroad. From basket case to laughing stock, and not bright enough to realise the further damage he does to his and the country’s international credibility.

    One person recently commented. He seems like a typical victim, who now that he has some power, turns bully, but cowardly only chooses easy/weak targets to vent his pent up inner anger.
    A weak man in character and personality.

    1. What I have always said is that Noynoy pre president was known for one thing: nothing. Why should any of us buy him imposing standards on anybody? He fired a Pagasa weather man for not accurately predicting aspects of a storm. Anybody with a brain would know that the government does not provide the best equipment and our brightest and best get enticed abroad. But he has to show how mighty he is. Google Noynoy’s speech to the business sector in the Integrity Summit back in September. Read his speech and ask what deeds has he done to be able to speak the way he does. Noynoy’s head is as empty as his resume.

      1. dapat talaga alisin, linisin at pagandahin ang mga pasilidad ng gobyerno kaya tama ang mga ginagawa ng presidente lalo na si gloria ang nagappoint
        dyan na alam naman nating hindi pinagiisipan

        1. BOBO. 😛 Gloria appointed those who are qualified and fit for the job. Unlike Noynoy who apppointed people who have questionable integrity and worse, he appointed fellow incompetent nutjobs, allies, friends, relatives, etc.

          You suck in grammar, you know that. 😀

        2. Bayanpatroller sucks in both grammar and reasoning. He should just go f*ck & marry PNoy if he loves him so much.

        3. Many yellow zombies want to marry the president but only one will be lucky guy. Oddly enough no long line when president was not president.

        4. @Gogs

          There’s no long line because nobody is interested in a balding idiot with a small d*ck…except for die hard noytards like bayan patroller/fishball.

        5. Mr.Derp. Never underestimate the star struck yellow army. Many of them devoted to Noynoy. Ideologically and other ways. He can do no wrong. Stop paying FIshball then no more Fishball.

        6. @Gogs

          Seriously, Bayan Patroller is just KSP. He is just an insecure loser that has no sense, no life and no BRAINS.

          Asar talo lang siya kaya palaging napapahiya dito.

    2. ang mga bayaran talaga ni gloria, PANO MANANALO SI PNOY KUNG IDIOT SYA? ikaw ang idiot kasi kakampi mo si gloria at corona na kilalang mga magnanakaw!

      1. Basta di ba namin gusot si PNot eh kaagad bayaran kami ni Gloria? Nanalo si PNoy kasi may katulong siyang media na nag-brainwash sa mga madla.

        Tanggalin mo un, HUNGKAG ang kanyang kakayahan bilang pangulo.

        1. bobo kung may katotohanan yang sinasabi mo tungkol sa media, matagal nang nawala ang mga yan.

        2. @bayan patroller: Sorry to say, pero nandyan na iyan. ABS-CBN, Inquirer, Rappler, SWS. All of them are allies with the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and their oligarch friends.

          Gladly there is GMA-7. They’re UNBIASED after all. Don’t you know that ABS-CBN was owned by the LOPEZ clan, which they were allies with the Aquinos.

          BOBO. 😛

        3. tama ka.. para sa akin..
          salot yang mga aquino.. jan ngsimula ang
          totoong Corruption!

          mas mabuti p nga si Marcos noon e..
          oo Corrupt pero me gngawa parin sa bayan.. me pinapatayo me justice n hndi bias at me halaga at kinakatakotan ang pilipinas noon!! pero nung umepal ang Mga Aquino at ng take advantage sila dhil sa pag tutol nga mga tao sa Martial e para sa kapakanan din nila pagging strikto ni marcos para mabawasan mga masasamang tao ayun!! anu napala ntin? NGANGA parang si Noynoy nka nganga parati

      2. @bayan patroller

        The old boy won a minority vote because of the following:

        1. Political slogans

        2. Political promises

        3. Political circuses

        4. Yellow propaganda

        I thought you are a yellow propagandist? Don’t you know? I will report you to the great one! LOL!

  2. Well, what do you expect from a laughing stock of a senator who only won because his mom died? Too bad many of our countrymen refuse (especially bayan patroller/fishball/”any other stupid name he uses”)to see the big picture about this sham of a president. At least during gloria’s time, you don’t see her blaming the past administration.

    And before you(bayan patroller)come here posting stupid propaganda about how gloria is “corrupt” and how she stole your money and shit like that, How do you then explain the recent findings of the COA on corruption under PNoy? How do you explain the high amount of pork barrel that he uses to blackmail his 188 idiots + 20 bitches in congress & senate?

    1. maayus naman ang pamamahala ni aquino sa pera ng bayan. Wala namang balitang nagnakaw sya. Si Gloria ang nagnakaw sa PCSO

      1. @bayanpaTROLL
        You still haven’t answered any of my questions to you? Wala ka sigurong masagot kaya palagi mong linilihis ang topic. You are sooooo PATHETIC.

      1. I can already see that Noy2x will have a hard time in the coming weeks. His “solid” cases filed against GMA have already begun to crumble. Not even 60 consecutive cases can succeed against GMA. Pretty soon, Noy2x would have to answer for his actions.

  3. What a great article! Only mindless zombies who believe in Yellow propaganda would for for this kind of joke.

    Good thing I’ve made the right choice. 😀

    On-topic: Hell, Erap had a very good sense of humor compared to Noynoy.

    1. bobo. The joke was both funny and true because Corona and Glorias acting didnt sell to the public. Mas lalo tuloy nagalit ang taumbayan sa kanila.

        1. madismiss man (dahil nabayaran) marami pa ang susunod:

          1. NBN ZTE Scandal 2. Millions of bribe
          money to Congressmen
          and Governors (October 2007) 3. Cheating in 2004
          Elections (HELLO GARCI) 4. Joc Joc Bolante Case
          (Fertilizer Scam, P728
          Million) 5. JOSE PIDAL Bank
          Account (Unexplained
          Wealth, P200 Million) 6. NANI PEREZ Power
          Plant Deal ($2 Million) 7. Use of Road User’s
          Tax for Campaigning 8. Billion Peso Macapagal
          Boulevard (Overprice of
          P532 Million) 9. Juetengate? (Illegal
          Numbers game
          kickbacks) 10. Extra Judicial
          Killings 11. Arroyo Moneys in
          Germany (Exposed by
          Senator Cayetano) 12. General GARCIA and
          Other Military Men 13. Billion Peso Poll
          Automation contract to
          (Mega Pacific) (P1.3 Billion) 14. Northrail Project($
          503 Million) 15. Maguindanao
          Results of 2007
          Elections (ZUBIRI,
          BEDOL) 16. NAIA-3 17. Venable Contract
          (Norberto Gonzales) 18. Swine Scam
          (Exposed by? Atty.
          Harry Roque 19. GLORIA Arroyo son
          hidden assets in united
          states 20. EURO GENERAL’S 21. CALAMITY FUND
          SCANDAL. 22. C-5 road
          controversy — Senator
          Manuel Villar 23.P550-million worth
          of funds from the
          Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration
          (OWWA). 24. P780-million LWUA
          PICHAY 25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria
          Birthday gift 26. Arroyo linked in
          P325M lotto intelligence
          fund 27. Arroyo got P200M
          in kickbacks from govt
          projects-Zaldy Ampatuan 28. P200.41 billion or $
          4.6 billion in Malampaya
          royalties from 2002 to May this
          year. 29.LACSON ACCUSED FG
          MIKE ARROYO OF
          P105 MILLION EACH 30. 600,000 metric tons
          of Rotten rice imported
          from India.Kishore Hemlani,
          an Indian trader
          allegedly close to Arroyo, reportedly
          bagged the P9.5 billion
          contract for the rice importation. 31. DATO ARROYO wife
          bought the condo unit
          for $570,000, 70-square-meter one-
          bedroom, one-
          bathroom unit (Unit No. 533) at the luxury
          high-rise, full-service
          Gramercy Towers located at 1177
          California St. in upscale
          downtown San
          Francisco. 32.- P50-million bribe to
          FG for the president’s
          veto of two franchise bills 33. The additional
          funding led to a 41-
          percent spike in advertising expenses,
          from P76.129 million in
          2008 to P107.420 million in
          2009, which went
          mostly to ads for Arroyo’s achievements. 34. The report said the
          PIA received from the
          Department of Budget and
          Management a notice of
          cash allocations amounting to P344.789
          million, even though
          only P222.488
          million was
          appropriated for it
          under the national budget. 35.- Denial of pork
          barrel funds to
          Malacanang’s political enemies 36.- Praises for Jovito
          Palparan, alleged
          mastermind of extra judicial killings of
          militants 37.- Removal of govt
          bodyguards for former
          pres and Arroyo critic, Cory Aquino 38.- Appointment of
          manicurist as a member
          of the board of Pag-Ibig 39. Appointment of
          gardener as deputy of
          the Luneta Park Administration. 40. MIDNIGHT
          APPOINTMENT of an
          CORONA, as SC Chief Justice 200+ other illegal
          midnight appointments 41.- MIKEY ARROYO’s
          undeclared properties
          in California 42.- Pardon of
          controversial convicted
          criminals like Ninoy’s murderers 43.- EO 464; requiring
          Cabinet members to
          seek presidential clearance
          before testifying in
          Congress hearings 44.- Promise (on Rizal
          Day) to not run for the
          presidency in 2004 45.- “Vote Buying” by
          giving away Philhealth
          cards 46.- Taxpayers’ money
          for her giant billboards
          and and PCSO tv campaign ads[/
          b] 47- Appointment of
          Ben Abalos, a staunch
          GMA ally, as COMELEC chair 48.- Mikey Arroyo’s
          importation of 32
          thoroughbred horses from Australia worth
          P384 million. 49.Former First
          Gentleman Mike Arroyo
          used 2 choppers 16 times, son Mikey 69 50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent
          P1 BILLION on coffee 51.Jose Miguel Arroyo
          owned helicopters’
          all Robinson R44 Raven
          Is with Series Nos. 1370
          to 1374
          A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for
          the five helicopters. 52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to
          Gloria Macapagal-
          Arroyo: P345M 53.The godmother’s
          ties to the Pinedas
          (Jueteng lord) 54. Glorietta 2 and
          Batasan bombings The Glorietta 2 bombing
          happened during the
          height of the bribery case which
          took place in
          Malacañang. 55. Misuse of Balikatan
          funds Navy Lt. Nancy
          Gadian revealed an alleged
          malversation of funds
          in 2007 56. Solon: Charge Gloria
          Arroyo for taking P98-
          M from PNoy’s social fund 57. 50 MILLION PABAON
          GENERALS Former Armed Forces
          chiefs of staff Narciso
          Abaya, Dionisio Santiago,
          Generoso Senga,
          Hermogenes Esperon,
          and Alexander Yano,chiefs
          of staff – Angelo Reyes,
          Diomedio Villanueva, and Roy
          Cimatu and MANY
          MORE.. 58.Colmenares: GMA
          had P488 billion in
          ‘pork. 59. P1 BILLION down
          the drain in Arroyo-era
          jatropha project—DOST chief
          60.Fishers push plunder
          rap vs Arroyo in
          purchase of ice
          machines( overpriced at
          P455 million in 2009.)

        2. @bayan patroller: All of these? They are just a small deal. And most of these are based on hearsay.

          If these were true, then YOU should have the balls to sentence her! Not the trial by media BS you keep on sprouting.

        1. @bayan patroller: HERP DERP! Matagal na ang corruption bago pa si GMA. Starting from 1946 until today.

          Mas takot ka because I’m putting things in better perspective than you who is behaving like the uninofrmed retards in the salem witch trials. Hello we are in 2012 but since it’s the Philippines in question, it might as well be 1684!

      1. I hear it’s amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with a tuning fork – does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!

      1. Bobo. Ganun din ang nangyari sa impeachment trial ni Corona. One congressman said that it was railroaded.

        Si Noynoy, bayaran mo lang ok na. Saya, noh? 😀

        1. kung railroaded yan dapat not guilty ang verdict kay Corona pero HINDI eh! Talagang nagkasala sya sa madla

        2. bayan patroller:

          WRONG. 😛

          Corona was impeached because the procedures are WRONG. Honestly, the 188 congressmen who signed it are morons like yourself who never read it and just signed it.

          It was BRIBERY committed by Aquino himself. BTW, what do I expect from a brainwashed ignorant Pinoy pleb like yourself? UTO-UTO. 😛

    1. Friends deserve empathy,sympathy,compassion not ones enemies.Politicians are all crooks thieves and liars and do not deserve any of what you mentioned.If I had enemies,the last things they will be getting from me is sympathy,empathy and compassion.I would be more likely to cause my enemies quick demise.What do you expect the guy to do?

  4. dapat talaga alisin, linisin at pagandahin ang mga pasilidad ng gobyerno kaya tama ang mga ginagawa ng presidente lalo nat si gloria ang nagappoint dyan na alam naman nating hindi pinagiisipan

        1. Haaay, maraming uto-uto. All 100% pure propaganda. And please don’t slap surveys on my face. They suck.

        2. @bayan patroller: Citations, plez. They voted for the wrong people. You never realize this; the Philippines hate CRITICAL SMART PEOPLE.

        3. what performance?? All I see are gaffes left and right and blaming GMA. Then again I could be describing what you are doing here Fishball. Wish your boss Minister Ricky Happy Anniversary for me .

        4. Still satisfied with his performance??? What performance? perfomance in acting like a retard?
          Wow, your stupidity knows no bounds!

    1. Your president does not know how to convince his enemies to work with him. What he does instead is alienate and demonize them at a time when Filipinos need to come together.
      Oh, and did I mention that your president is BOBO?

        1. BOBO. Siya na nga ang nanunuhol e. Through PORK BARREL. Nothing’s gonna be good if the president’s priority is VENGEANCE.

          That is what we call INSANITY.

    2. @bayan patroller

      Ok Let it start with you. Clean up the toilets in NAIA-1. Thank you for validating the fact that you are a pre-programmed terminator. That list of 60 you presented has no proof and can translate to 60 counts of libel. LOL!

  5. The truly handicapped people will understand and appreciate the message the president
    blurted out for everyone to hear. It’s those who uses the
    wheelchairs wanting
    only to escape their
    legal woes who should
    be embarrassed to no
    end for making use of an otherwise effective
    tool that benefits the
    truly needy ones.
    Kayong mga corrupt na
    nagdadahilang biglang
    nagkasakit tulad ni Corona at Gloria
    ang dapat mahiya sa paggamit ng wheelchair.

    1. The truly handicapped will truly understand that your BOBO president is assuming that his political enemies are feigning their sicknesses.
      Your insensitive, BOBO, and incompetent president does not even realize that he may be even aggravating their conditions!
      Your BOBO president has not been able to move on from persecuting Gloria because it’s the only thing that makes him feel good about himself.
      Your BOBO president is a JOKE.

      And you, birdbrain, are mentally handicapped.

      1. totoo naman peke ang mga sakit nila ah? Bakit LIFE THREATENING ang kondisyon ni Arroyo pero NAKAPAGFILE PA SYA NG COC? Dapat dyan idisqualify ng Comelec

        1. If that is the ‘truth’, then PROVE IT. Not another joke that is the BIASED MEDIA.

          Well, you have nothing to PROVE after all. You’re a JOKE, just like Noynoy. 😛

        2. bobo tignan mo kasi style ni Gloria, noong nagbail, mapapansin mong wala syang iniindang sakit. Ngayon nakasuhan sya ulit, biglang nagkasakit at take note NA HEART ATTACK sya. Teka, panong heart attack eh wala naman syang puso matapos nya sairin ang KABAN ng BAYAN? Jail Arroyo!

        3. @bayan patroller:

          Sorry, but I don’t buy on that biased media crap that you’re spitting on me. If she had done wrong, then put it into court, not on this ‘guilty until proven innocent’ sh*t. Instead you turn to a GIRLY MAN and whine about putting away one corrupt politician and not realizing the full lengths of the corruption. But what do I expect from a ignorant Pinoy pleb like you to know?

          bayan patroller should be JAILED. That’s because he’s inciting LIBEL. 😛

        4. @bayanpatroller
          If that’s all you can dish out against us then I’m sorry to say, you have already lost, you dumbass.

        5. @bayanpatroller
          Do you have any evidence that she FAKED a heart attack??? As usual, you are all bark but no bite. You really should have yourself lobotomized for being a stupid moron.

    2. From the quotes by Scout of Team Fortress 2:
      You just freaking dominated knucklehead. Are you even trying? Hey knucklehead you ain’t gonna win. You started to ball me how much you suck. LOL look at you. You look like you ran through traffic. Drink in it pal that’s a failure tastes. Would you look at you? I mean look at you? Hit the bricks pal you’re done. You..are..terrible. You’re getting dominated chucklehead. Domination, look it up. Is that all you got moron? Yeah I dare you rage quit. C’mon make us both happy. Oh are you gonna cry? You gonna cry now? You’re a disgrace in this country pal. DIIIISMISSED!

    3. Hey, bayan caranDUNG patroller, may I point you to a section of Jojo Robles’ column in the Manila Standard Today issue of October 25, 2012, to wit:
      “Speaking of wheelchairs, especially those used by former government officials to avoid prosecution, blogger Leslie Bocobo remembers that ex-Senator Ninoy Aquino rode in one after he successfully petitioned the dictator Ferdinand Marcos to get treatment for his heart ailment in the US. Of course, as soon as Ninoy arrived in America and settled in Boston, he chucked the wheelchair and started making speeches against Marcos like he had never been sick with as much as a cold. Back in Manila, Marcos never cracked a joke about Ninoy avoiding prison in a wheelchair; not even to the Ilocanos in their native tongue.”

      So when you said: “Kayong mga corrupt na
      nagdadahilang biglang
      nagkasakit tulad ni Corona at Gloria
      ang dapat mahiya sa paggamit ng wheelchair,” it now seems that you spoke too soon, patrol boy/girl. You forgot to mention the vulgar president’s own father who was not pure as driven snow either.

      So there!

    1. Maybe he just ran out brain cells to respond or maybe he was called by carandang because he was doing a really shitty job of trolling this site. By the way, is that libel?

  6. Ignorant morons like bayan patroller/Fishball doesn’t get this: The reason WHY there is rampant corruption is because of how the people VIEW the government as a spectator sport, put people like BS Aquino, other affluent familial last names and former showbiz people to politics, then when s&&& breaks out, they react as if they weren’t aware of the repercussions. PNoy’s plan to ‘end’ corruption by jailing the supposed ‘biggest’ corrupt figure from the last 10 years is totally inefficient.

  7. “totoo naman peke ang mga sakit nila ah?”

    It’s like LeBron James faked his cramps in the 2012 NBA Finals.

    Wow, morons these days. Their tears are delicios. 😀

  8. @bayanpatroller again
    Seriously, trying to troll us by recycling your posts? It seems that you have already ran out of ammo(not that there was any to begin with) to support your posts.

  9. Honestly bayanpatroller/fishball/vincensus ignoramus you’re using the internet too much. Don’t you have to do something with your life first? Turn your computer off right now!

  10. Was BS Aquino ever taught good manners and right conduct at home or in school? I wonder. What a coarse and vulgar man! A disgrace to the Philippines!

  11. I agree with the article in part, particularly PNoy cracking asinie jokes before Filipinos overseas. It was uncalled for and unpresidential, to say the least. There’s no place for crass jokes like that in the Office of the President, unless of course Noynoy idolizes Erap, which I highly doubt.

    But to elevate the discussion a bit higher, I think it wouldn’t hurt if an examination is made as to where the idea to bring out those political jokes emanated. It was obvious that during the speech, PNoy was quite happy and in his element as if he was sure that people, there in NZ and back home, were ready for his jokes. Maybe a major part of that positiveness in his composure might be the latest SWS survey showing people’s satisfaction over his administration.

    He was so happy that his confidence level shot up to the level bordering on arrogance that emboldened him to crack that unfortunate political jokes. I think it put him in a bad light. The magnanimity and reconciliatory factor was thrown out the window. Like I said, people hold and look at the Office of the President with great candor and respect. And a large part of that new outlook, if I may say, was his contribution in occupying it not only for being unlike his (last two) predecessors but also for being himself. It was a blunder that only gave additional bullets for the anti-Noynoy to put him on their crosshairs again.

    1. “….people hold and look at the Office of the President with great candor and respect. And a large part of that new outlook, if I may say, was his contribution in occupying it not only for being unlike his (last two) predecessors but also for being himself.”

      You are delusional, jonas.

      He was happy with the SWS serbey? Sino niloko niya? eh di sarili niya. Baliw talaga.

      Youre comparing Erap with your pwesident is like comparing apples to santol. At least Erap made some notable accomplishments.

  12. Aquino does not even rate as a good clown or comedian. Sotto is better. Sotto is a professional comedian, elected as Senator. It was a Bad Joke. How about those people, who scam the government of huge lands, like Hacienda Luisita? They become Presidents. One is even a candidate for SaintHood, in the Roman Catholic Church. Buti nga….bakit hindi pa siya na-cholera…KARMA is now working on Aquino…

  13. Politicians in the land are all thieves,crooks and liars.all of them.i do not care what color clothes they wear,all thieves crooks and bar-faced bald ass liars too!!!

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