Noynoy Aquino continues to act like a bully three years into the presidency

Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino probably thinks that being the so-called “leader” of 100 million Filipinos comes with a license to seemingly act like a douche-bag. Ever since he was thrust into the highest office in the land, he has been making a lot of inappropriate statements and he does it quite often during the most inappropriate of occasions.

Who can forget the time when he tried to humiliate former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in his speech during the National Criminal Justice summit held at the Manila hotel back in 2011? Both BS Aquino and Corona were special guests in that event but the former thought it was the right time to attack the latter. Corona’s stoicism throughout his ordeal saw him gain hundreds of supporters as a result. Meanwhile, BS Aquino’s bullying tactics caused uproar among decent Filipinos who thought the President’s actions were unbecoming of a head of state.

Recently, BS Aquino’s bullying tactic was on display yet again. Without directly referring to his usual punching bag, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), in a speech in front of Filipino community in New Zealand, BS Aquino made fun of her use of a wheelchair due to her illness. As if the non-bailable charges that continue to keep GMA under arrest weren’t enough to satisfy him, BS Aquino could not help but take another jibe at his predecessor:

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“Yung mga kababayan raw ho nating corrupt sa Pilipinas, kagagara ng kotse, kamamahal, katutulin. Pero pagka ginustong tumakas, ang ginagamit wheelchair.”

Obvioulsy, no one can to put a lid on the President’s witless mouth; not his family and not even his close friends. It’s either they are totally helpless in telling BS Aquino that he goes too far in his tirades against GMA or they are probably encouraging him to keep on doing what he does best: act like he is the King of the Philippines.

You can expect someone without any foresight like BS Aquino to act without thinking of the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately for him, more and more Filipinos are beginning to realize what an arrogant and insensitive person he is. His staff is left scrounging for words to defend him each time he offends the public with his statements. Being one of the President’s spin masters is not the most ideal job indeed. BS Aquino doesn’t seem to care that they suffer most of the brunt of public outrage when their boss commits gaffes. The best thing the President’s spokesperson could say as defense is to encourage the public not take him seriously, which is what Deputy Spokesperson Abigail Valte said about his joke. She just came across as dumb.

Without fail, BS Aquino would talk about how corrupt the past administration was every chance he gets without realizing that power can corrupt just about anyone, even himself. Corruption comes in many forms not just stealing public funds. His alleged strong-arming of some members of the other branches of government to get what he wants is a form of corruption too and so is the allegations that those who are close to BS Aquino always get away with their alleged crimes.

It is becoming apparent that BS Aquino is not confident about convicting GMA of the charges against her, which is why he feels compelled to give another round of media blitz vilifying her just to rile up the public again. It could have something to do with the fact that the plunder and graft cases against GMA for the alleged misuse of some P530 million in Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Medicare funds have been dismissed recently for lack of merit. Yes, BS Aquino’s “solid” case is starting to crumble right before his eyes and he is starting to lose face because of this. Disappointment has been said to trigger mental breakdown in individuals. Those who have a history of depression can be more susceptible to this kind of episode.

Speaking of mental illness, BS Aquino has given an ominous warning to the party responsible for releasing his “fake” psychiatric test. He said that it’s not his priority at the moment but they could be liable for releasing it to the public. Whether the psychiatric test is fake or genuine, who in their right mind would want to be a leader of this country in the first place? What the Philippines has is not a real democracy to begin with. As the BBC article reported, “Philippine politics is dominated by certain families. And evidently, even if one of them is very publicly deposed, they’re not out of power for very long.”

Part of the problem is that Filipinos need a lot of money to campaign for votes – and wealth is concentrated among certain families.

Manny Villar is one of the few senators who’s not from a well-known name – in fact he says was born in a squatter camp and once sold shrimps in a market.

But by the time he ran for political office, he’d already made his millions in business – and he says that private money is essential to any election campaign.

Yet even he believes money isn’t as good as family connections – the reason he gives for his failed presidential bid in 2010.

“You can go far, but I don’t think you can be president without being from one of those families,” he says.

Like what I have been saying all along, BS Aquino is part of the problem because he is from the landed oligarchy. The people cannot expect him to understand what the poor people go through. He tries his best to appear like he is a regular guy but he is one of those he describes in his joke. He cannot deny the fact that he is also fond of fancy and expensive cars.

It’s about time the public realizes that they need to stop voting for people like BS Aquino because they tend to look out for their own family’s interests instead of the public’s interest.

96 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino continues to act like a bully three years into the presidency”

        1. Nope, akala mo lang yan gunggong. IKAW ang nag pepetty attack dito.
          Anung gagawin mo ngayon? Sisisihin si gloria? Magpopost ng 60 na hindi sumasabog na bomba? O magpopost ka lang ng propaganda? We already got YOU figured out. You are such a stupid troll.

  1. Yes, BS is an enormous part of the problem.

    He has the two houses of Congress by their pork barrels so they’re not going to challenge him. His vile family is allied with the majority of the media families so the media is not going to challenge him. And the wealthy families with power and influence who could challenge him will not do so because he is acting on their behalf.

    In other words, there are also no consequences to his incompetence other than that ordinary Filipinos will continue to suffer while he continues to govern on behalf of the same families – including his own – that have a vested interest in ensuring that the Philippines remains in the Third World. But he himself does not have to face the consequences of his failed presidency.

    I do not normally believe in eugenics but he is clearly genetically flawed. He has the intellect of his mother – none – and the treachery of his father and grandfather both of whom committed treason by, like BS, collaborating with the enemies of the Philippines.

    The only good thing about BS’s homosexuality is that he is not going to reproduce more sub-standard offspring who will further ruin the Philippines.

    1. @Matthew

      The man continues to delude himself and the rest of the Filipino people. It doesn’t help that exaggerated write-ups that project a positive image of him make the members of the international community think that he is such a great guy. It’s been reported that an Australian minister has likened him to national hero, Jose Rizal. Oh the horror! Rizal must be turning in his grave!

      1. @Ilda

        The late, great Dr. Jose P. Rizal was an intellectual giant of his time. He made the supreme sacrifice for his country and people. Perhaps the Australian minister was humoring him. BS Aquino can blush and smile with confused pride. But one thing is for sure. He can never measure up to the stature of our greatest national hero!

        1. Any head of state ( except here maybe) knows the difference between what to say for P.R. when the cameras are on and what intel their cabinet gives them.

          A quick look at definition of hero

          a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
          b : an illustrious warrior
          c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities
          d : one who shows great courage
          a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work
          b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement

          Nowhere in those definitions do they make allowance that those traits are exhibited within the confines of an XBOX 360 game.

        2. Comparing Noy to Jose Rizal is like comparing a piece of SHIT to a GOLD bar. The australian minister either made a mistake or his is unaware of the true nature of this AQUINO.

  2. He started a joke, and people laughed. But that joke was on him when the ombudsman dismissed a case against the butt of his joke. Got that from a post at facebook and just thought it an appropriate comment in this blog. 🙂

  3. Great article as usual Ilda!
    I believe that these recent actions of PNoy are already showing the true color of this “president”. It will only be a matter of time before karma finally catches up with PNoy.

    1. of course,the next admin. will run around trying to put the last admin in jail for stealing while the till goes un-attended and then the next admin will do the same…and so on and so on and so on.while the till(public coffers)is un-attended.
      ‘hey,where all the money go?”what?weren’t you watchin the till?’ ‘NO I was busy…’.
      it is almost funny,and very predictable.

  4. Your wrong about him. He also realizes public interest through building classrooms, conditional cash transfers and being an exporter of rice next year. Are you paid by or a friend of Teddy Casiño?

    1. Kahit anung palit mo pa ng pangalan mo o style ng pagpopost mo, alam parin namin na ikaw parin yan dapitan/bayan patroller/fishball

    2. May I make a suggestion? Next time you change your name, make it to tanga-tangang bano. Napakabagay sa iyo ang pangalan na iyan.

    3. Oh, and speaking of Teddy Casiño, he was right about one thing: Noynoy Aquino became senator then he became president “because of his lineage and the heroic efforts of his mother and sister” and not of his hard work. In other words, it’s because of his ‘lineage’, not of his track record.

      Just accpet the fact that what we spoke is true that you are STUPID. Deal with it.

    4. @dapitan

      You are wrong about him. He did not initiate any of the projects you mentioned. His predecessor also used CCT and built infrastructure. What’s he done that is so different? Ah yes, bad mouth and blame his political enemies.

      1. Only weak leaders blame someone for their failures. Noy really doesn’t deserve to be president and yet he succeeded at tricking the filipino people into believing his lies.

    5. @dapitan

      Are we really wrong about your god? What happened to genuine Industrialization, attracting long-term investments, livelihood programs/projects, jobs generation, genuine Infrastructure projects, Strategic Resources exploitation(oil, natural gas, minerals/ore),Scientific/Mechanized farming, Genuine and reasonable/sustainable Power Supply? Prioritizing the building of classrooms will not turn us into a world class economy. Nor will the mendicancy CCT program lift the masses out of their misery without sustainable support services like housing projects,agro-industrial projects and SME’s. Exporting rice? Are you talking about submarine rice? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Get real!!!

  5. My God, why did you vote for this DumbAss. He cannot even give his foreign audiences a good joke. He tired to outdo: Sotto, the professional Joker. Unfortunately. Aquino cannot match Sotto. It is self evident, that even without a Psychiatric Report. That he suffers from Depression and Delusion. During the Chinese Hostage crissis:he suffered from Anxiety. This was the reason, he cannot be found and be contacted. His vindictiveness is the result of his depression. Now, he is talking nonsense, infront of foreign audiences. It’s a shame we have a President, who have mental illness…

    1. Not true amigo.Aquino was at Quirino grandstand that day,I saw him there.He did nothing to prevent that idiot from shooting those unfortunate hostages but BS Aquino was there.
      I would also like to point out that Corona is no prince either,unless prince of thieves counts.It is pretty obvious that a certain court was paid to reverse a decision that cost a lot of hard working legally unionized workers their jobs.Corona appeared in a questionable court,answered not a single question about where he got at least $4,000,000.00(or why the court reversed its decision and why a large amount of money happened to get parked in his accounts between the first and second decisions in the workers case,or why the workers did not get their jobs back) and that is a lot of zero’s as well as a lot of unanswered questions.He is yet another in a very long line that will neither spend a single day in jail,nor return or even bother to explain where all that money came from or went to.Yet he can put his hand on his heart and swear to almighty God that he is innocent of all wrongdoing.
      They are all a bunch of crooks/well paid actors,all cut from the same cloth.Astoundingly,shame is something they all know nothing about. Erap said it pretty accurately,something about hoodlums and men in dresses.

      1. @MR.KREIG

        I like playing by the rules. Is what you are alleging been proven in court? As I recall, the court did not impeach Corona because of his alleged “ill-gotten wealth”. They even dismissed it.

        1. First,they are all crooks,yellow/purple/brown…no matter the color/political party. Just because the can of worms of ‘foreign currency’ accounts was not opened it does not mean the guy did not get paid to render the decision.I actually believe the ombudsman lady and the display she showed in court(illegally obtained too,I believed it and he would not answer a question about it.Corona made a mockery out of the entire Philippine justice system w/that horse-shit ‘Mr.Jose Bossa’ speech,not that it wasn’t a mockery of a system to begin with.and the senators present let him do it. Enrile declares:’Lock the doors’,HA! remind you of another trial,at all?Erap?),it was only $4million,but no way that guy has lived his life w/children and all and has that kind of money legitimately,NO WAY!!!If the foreign currency accounts of the politicians in the Philippines were opened,a lot of explaining would have to be done,so they remain unopened.Also as the honorable Gov.Romualdo said “We can not allow the freedom of information act to become law because we would all be susceptible to extortion.’ .WWWHHHAAATTTT?????? I like you Ilda.I do,and I have no agenda here,none. Remember,just because you can not see it does not mean it doesn’t exist.
          If you play by the rules,in the Philippines,you are on a very lonely playing field,and will lose.
          It is organized crime,nothing legitimate about it.Played by sharks who will eat all who oppose them.The charade you see on a constant basis is an act,a charade,a well choreographed charade.if there was a shred of decency in it,the workers would have had their jobs as I type this.You ALMOST sound like one of the sleaze-bags who passes the laws that favor them,walk right up to the very fine line of that law,bend the shit out of it,but stop just short of breaking it….and then say:”I did not break the law.”.Kind of like the guy who did not sign the deal for the used helicopters sold to the Filipino people as new.He did not sign the papers,was he guilty?You tell me.He got the money anyway and did not go to jail,is that the playing by the rules you refer too?I like you Ilda.I do. They are all the same,they are friends and are laughing all the way to their foreign currency accounts.

        2. Mr Kreig

          I try not to waste my time on speculating about stuff that hasn’t been proven in court. In an ideal world, if someone knows something, he should file the necessary charges against the person involved and let the courts deal with it.

        3. Well Ms.Ilda,if my explaination is not enough and you think that it is an ideal world,nothing I say will convince you of how things are.The ‘testimony’,and it was more of a rant than anything else w/not a single question asked/answered,was anything but and to make a final point to illustrate how useless the political/legal ‘system’ is(depending on which side of it you happen to be on),a lawsuit in the Philippines takes 20-30 yrs. to be resolved.If you waste your time in courtroom in that country,make sure you are well compensated,the plaintiffs wont be.

        4. MR.KREIG

          In an ideal world, majority of the members of the public would follow the law. In an ideal world, the law enforcement agency, which include the police and the justice system would follow the process in convicting those who do not follow the law. In an ideal world, those who throw allegations against a person without any basis can also get in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, Filipinos do not live in an ideal world, which is why Filipinos get stuck in believing in speculations and unfounded allegations.

  6. While I agree that Aquino can not possibly relate to being poor,just can’t. BUT,Aquino is the President of the country,commander-in-chief of the Military so who is to say when it is inappropriate for him to say something? Humor is in th ear of the beholder and the International community likes the guy and he is the one reason some countries MIGHT invest here.It is one of the worst places to do business in the world and electricity is more expensive here than NYC,which is a disgrace.Aquino has not delivered on a lot of what he promised,but he has done a few things.
    There is also the fact that the people who rule this country are all friends.I keep on saying this and it does not appear as if anyone believes it BUT….the reason none of these people ever goes to jail is because it is a charade,a well choreographed play in which the actors/politicians take turns getting imaginarilly flogged by one another and ocassionally some of these families really hate each other and someone gets hurt.BUT,in the long run,EVERYONE gets paid,its business as usual,no one goes to jail because they share what is/was stolen with everyone else who felt ‘left out’ AND the publics’ money is never returned.

    1. @Mr Kreig

      the International community likes the guy and he is the one reason some countries MIGHT invest here

      Please be specific. Give us a list of those who “like” him. Don’t bother including China.

      Aquino has not delivered on a lot of what he promised,but he has done a few things.

      Again, please be specific and give us a list of what those “few” things are.

      Thanks in advance. 😉

      1. Nah, in case you haven’t noticed the person Ilda was responding to let loose some motherhood statements; the international community “likes” him, he has done “a few things”.

        Between that person and her, who is making “unsupported” statements? Then you come along and butt in to make an ad hominem. If it smells like a moron then it must be a moron.

        Do us all a favour and take your “insightful” commentary here and butt out from where you are not being addressed unless you’ve got some kind of new information or insight to introduce. Better yet, perhaps I will do YOU a favour and butt you out.

      2. Wells Fargo bank loves the guy,Jp Morgan Chase Bank loves the guy.He is providing tax incentives for them to build new buildings for new call center jobs in manila NCR.Jobs that should be paying P400/hourly=$10/hr with medical benfits to someone in the U.S.A. but these corporations will get away w/paying a slave in the Philippines P375/day=$9.55/DAY,not hour with no health benefits to do that job.Believe me they love the guy,slave labor provider with tax breaks too!!!
        Do I need to continue Ms.Ilda?

        1. @MR.KREIG

          Yes, you should continue because there is nothing new about multi-nationals investing in the Philippines. BS Aquino had very little to do with their decision to invest here. Our ability to speak English and as you said, cheaper wages has more to do with why these corporations are setting up shops in the country. Don’t forget that if you take away the media hype surrounding the President, what you’ll have left is just a regular guy with nothing much to offer except other people’s money as cash dole outs.

          A lot of multi-national companies have left the country as well for various reasons, which is why we can’t rely on foreign investments to give people jobs. We have to create our own manufacturing industry as a long term solution to unemployment. The question is, is BS Aquino doing something about this?

        2. Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase entered into the agreements directly with the current administration so he gets the credit,and yes it could have been done by an orangutang if that is who got elected,that was not the point.Everyone knows that BS Aquino doesn’t tell those banks where to invest,they decide.I am also aware of the fact that he is nothing special BUT outside of the Philippines he and Manny Paquiao are the only Filipino’s most people in the west even know anything about.A useless figurehead,surely.But when anything positive does happen while he is in office,like enhancement of the ‘C.C.A.”sector of the economy,he will get the credit.
          The answer to your question is NO,and I doubt if BS Aquino or anyone else will make what could possibly be a manufacturing powerhouse out of the country,which is certainly not good news,nor old and is SAD.
          The electricity rates in the country is a BIG reason why many are leaving and if you know what the ‘ENRON’ scandal was all about,10 yrs. ago in another country,you know why it is happening HERE.
          When the people at the top are getting rich off of those at the bottom,improving anything becomes something that will not happen.If you agree with anything I just stated then you might be getting the simple points I am trying to make here for the last 6 weeks.I am not trying to argue with you or deflate any points you are trying to make but really just gently attempting to shed light on the ‘system’ + how it is designed to not work,why it doesn’t work and won’t,and that no one can be surprised when it doesn’t work,no matter who the current elected leader/leaders are or those that are going to be.

        3. @MR.KREIG

          Past administrators received their share of deals with multi-nationals including GMA. There is nothing significant about this one. And like I said, media plays a big role in shaping the image of the incumbent President. We all know that GMA was not the darling of the media during her term. They magnified every little thing she did. You have to wonder why PNoy’s dinner parties in Malacanang for example, don’t get as much attention compared to before considering he also uses public funds.

          The President’s last name has a lot to do with why you think the international community like him. It’s got very little to do with what he does. You simply can’t credit PNoy for how the Filipino’s proficiency in English attract investors. You just can’t.

        4. @Ms.Ilda, Aquino’s last name IS the EXACT reason why the international community even knows who the guy is,his name! I have nothing to do with it as far as the international name recognition goes,but AQUINO has it,he just does and why he does doesn’t matter for what I am trying to say.Myself included,I did not know a single person who knew anything about who the president of the Philippines was while GMA had the job for at least 4 yrs..
          I do not know what anyone thought of GMA at the time,so when you say ‘we all know what ‘…well no,I did not know and I do not care.You are missing the entire point of what it is I am trying to say.Even sadder still you are turning what I did say into something I did not say.
          No one will ever be correct when they accuse me of stating Filipino’s are proficient at speaking American English as my opinion on the matter is quite the opposite,they do not.And I could even add that your misunderstanding me here is a good example of that.I mean,you are not even getting the fact that we are in agreement on a few things here.Wowo.
          Please do not be insulted,I actually agree with most of what you have to say.You are just somehow not seeing it.

        5. @MR.KREIG

          You are getting all worked up. We are just exchanging ideas. Which part of what I said makes you think that I am missing your point? If you think we are on the same page, then how could I have missed it?

        6. OK,first…I am not getting worked up.The part you are missing?The last response to me,particularly the last paragraph.I did not and do not but the perception of the man abroad is not my doing and whether that perception is right or wrong is not the point.More importantly,The point I am trying to make is…..It doesn’t matter who the head of state is,they take the credit(sometimes it is internationally) for the success of the GDP,state of the economy and all that is right with things(“Hey,look at what I did.”.) when things go right and then those same people go to great lengths to deny what is wrong or blame someone else when things go bad.I think we AGREE on that,yes?The part you might be missing about what it is I am trying to say,gently,is:
          The entire political process is a charade.The people at the top are all in it together and the theatre of the bizarre world of ‘politics’ is just that….theatrics on a grand scale.With bit parts,main characters,extra’s,producers,directors etc,etc,etc.with the illusion of a democracy thrown in as a pacifier for the masses as their only hope for a ‘change’ for the better.
          While I think we both agree that something is really wrong I contend the current form of government can not be fixed from within,or ‘democratically’and to think it can be is laughable.It is designed to fail and have people accused of things while more of the same things keep happening while prosecutions go on forever and nothing ever comes of those prosecutions.The proof of that is that no one ever has to return any money,even if it is found or someone is caught red-handed,and no one ever spends any time in jail.The same people and their families re-emerge no matter what they may be caught doing,sentences are commuted for whatever reasons and…bottom-line?No one goes to jail,money never returned.More of the same.
          The rich are getting a lot richer while the poor are continually shit on from all angles/directions and it is not stopping or even slowing down but is getting worse,much worse.
          Once accepted as a possible vehicle for ‘change’ that comes around about election time, Politics/elections is just a way to divide and conquer,and it works.The funniest part is the opposing political parties are all the same,have the same agenda’s(no matter what they say publicly) and once elected do nothing but cut business deals with monies allocated to the districts they represent to family run business’s that do not even do the job they are paid to do,skim off the top of everything,collect ‘fees’ for everything done in a district etc,etc,etc(a license to steal?).It is so bad that the people running for office will kill each other to get elected because they know that the path to wealth is in getting elected.Far be it from me to say that anyone in government would steal anything that is not nailed down.Who ME?
          The current version of the ENRON scandal that is happening right now is just one example of how wide-spread and pervasive the problem is and the power to do anything about it doesn’t exist(try voting?).A complete and total outrage and yet it continues,24/7.There is no remedial action available to the people in the current form of governance to stop what is happening,no matter what anyone thinks,says or does.Nothing is going to change,as things stand now.To think so is merely buying into the illusion mentioned above and is,once again,laughable.
          There are somethings that could be done,but will not be.

        7. @Mr Kreig

          You said: “…the International community likes the guy…”

          And I asked you to list down those who you think like him. So far you have not come up with something to justify your statement. You might say again that that is not your point. Well, you shouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place.

          The entire political process is a charade.The people at the top are all in it together and the theatre of the bizarre world of ‘politics’ is just that….theatrics on a grand scale. With bit parts,main characters,extra’s,producers,directors etc,etc,etc.with the illusion of a democracy thrown in as a pacifier for the masses as their only hope for a ‘change’ for the better.

          So are you saying that BS Aquino and GMA are actually having a laugh somewhere?

          Anyway, here’s my point: The majority of the people tolerate the behavior of the politicians or what you call the “charade”, which is why it continues and will continue to happen until the society descends into a mob of rioters and looters. Only when the people realize that they have the power to change the environment by electing the right people can true change occur.

        8. @jonas

          Stop deluding yourself. If your mind is closed, no matter what arguments the people here present to you will be useless.

          Also, stop sucking your own dick.

        9. I am sure you do not know a single person that I know that has said something along the lines of liking BS Aquino,so I will not name them.The various news outlets(do I need to name them?coz I won’t) follow him around the states as if he were Manny Paquiao,same in Europe.I think you should accept the fact that he is well liked abroad,by OFW’s as well.
          The other part,now you get it.I did not want to say it.BUT the only way to change what is happening is by doing what you said,it is close to happening in a few countries in Southern Europe where the masses were ready to storm the Parliament bldg. in Madrid and lynch all inside last week,but the politicians who have bankrupted the country remembered to save a few euro’s to pay the riot police.
          The part about the two having a drink somewhere,think it is too far-fetched? Watch,the woman will not spend a second in a real jail cell,she is already out on what are supposedly ‘non-bailable’charges.non-bailable,huh!(in a real court weak evidence is not good enough reason to get out of jail before the charges are dismissed at trial,but that is in a real court).When share and share alike is not followed people get defamed until they cough up everyones fair-share,then all is forgotten and the charade continues.I am glad you understand what I was getting at and I was hoping I would not have to spell it out,you seem like a smart enough young lady to figure that one out.
          The most recent comedy sketch whose highlights were in-numerable was perhaps most memorable when Senore Tupac quoted Oliver Cromwells speech to Parliament back in 1650.Senore Tupac must have missed the part where the murders took place and so made himself look like an idiot by using the quote ‘at the peril of your life,go!’ in his opening remarks to the theatrical comedic carnival that followed.Especially enjoyable was ACT 3,where the orangutang berated the white-suited snakes alleged adversary,and the folly that ended the whole charade,complete w/’Mr.Jose Bossasass’, was a comedic master-piece,well done.
          Audiences around the world were howling with laughter.Truly comedy at its finest.

      3. benignoy, I don’t mind people correcting me for that is the game we all play. I know you don’t want me here. I’m just trying to help improve the product, guys. Obviously, you cannot let your writers fight and argue for their views. You always have to come in for rescue to the point of being rude and nasty. Fine, but how long will you do that?

        If the other party is not making sense, why is there a need for you to come in and perform the fishwife role? Let your writers prove their worth on the board and let everybody grow up.

        I can always leave without question if you’ll just ask.

        1. Dude, how can you say you “can always leave without question” when I’ve already kicked you out many times only to have you kicking and screaming outside the door (in the spam queue, in message boards outside, and even opening a Twitter account only for that purpose) demanding to be let back in.

          Be a little less Filipino and grow a little class for a change dude. You’re running out of IP addresses and making it tough for yourself to satisfy your pathetic addiction to making idiotic comments here. Suffice to say it takes a bit of intelligence to get that — something you obviously don’t have much of.

        2. Jonas = playing victim card with crocodile tears, Shotgun insults. Multiple ids, argues with all writers yet sobs when no one gives BSA credit. Defender of jek and fishball. Loves attention. Did I miss anything?

  7. An urgent aside Ilda. The Philippine Star Opinion section today posted a commentary by Roger Cohen of the New York Times. It is too lengthy to post.

    “Working with the Muslim Brotherhood”

    “CAIRO–Perhaps the most radical change in US foreign policy under President Obama has occurred here in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood, long shunned as a collection of dangerous Islamic extremists, is now the de facto object of American support.”

    “Not only that: Ultraconservative Salafist politicians, who make the brotherhood seem like moderate pragmatists, are now regular visitors to the US Embassy and, on the theory that it better to have them inside the tent than out, they are able to visit the United States to learn how things work in the land of Jeffersonian democracy…”

    I checked Philippine Star online Opinion and could not find the commentary. I guess it can be read only in broadsheet form.

    BS Aquino is doing his own version of giving all the advantages to the MILF/bangsamoro. Barrack Obama’s middle name is still Hussein.

    1. @Thomas

      I don’t know if that will work here. There are also breakaway Muslim groups who will most likely wreak havoc in the future despite the Bangsamoro Framework.

  8. BS Aquino is a man to be pitied. He obviously treats his perceived enemies without empathy, sympathy, compassion or humanity. The demonization and vilification of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo continues to this day. We witnessed many times the yellow troll propagandists do their thing.

    On the other hand, his KKKK can do no wrong. So far if memory serves me right, only one political adviser was reprimanded.

  9. What a nasty and obnoxious little man aquino is.
    Lacking in breeding and intellect, and worst of all, in any sense of leadership.

    Self interest and maintenance of the status quo remains the only real agenda, and retaining/regaining hacienda luisita

    To date a catalogue of lies, bribes, and broken promises, obsessive about detail, but unable to see the big picture. Vindictive and hypocritical.

    All in all – a bad egg.

  10. Ilda,

    That picture you used for BS Aquino is a bit creepy. One creepy face is bad enough; that picture had two.

    Some bullies are only as good as their resbak, or posse. BS Aquino happens to be one of those. I agree that perhaps he thinks that the Presidency is a license to act like a total douchebag. Take away his backup, Lacierda, Valte, Abad, et al., and let’s see how well he can defend himself against his critics.

    Off topic: if BS Aquino is convinced that his political enemies are feigning sickness, why don’t we turn the tables on him too? Why don’t we hazard a guess that a possible reason he “fell ill” during that state banquet with the Australians is because there would have been a Q&A part of the program for which he most likely would have been unprepared.

    1. @FallenAngel
      The picture of Aquino is a bit creepy but at the same time he looks REALLY retarded for some reason. I think your theory on why aquino “fell ill” during the banquet is actually legit.

    2. FallenAngel,

      He continues to defend his “joke” and is now acting like a certified physician. He insists that some people who use the wheelchair are not even sick. I think that qualifies us to suggest that there is something wrong with his head.

  11. I keep on wondering how and why Mr. BS Aquino manages to focus on two of his favorite, passionate subjects. His intensity against his perceived enemies is both tragic and disturbing. Reconciliation and unification is really far from his mind. Hate-think is the norm. We all saw the vicious attacks of the yellow crowd on his enemies. I am adding one more K to the KKKK crowd that surrounds him. This is the Kaalyansang MILF/bangsamoro. How and why he gave all the advantages to the MILF/bangsamoro is still the subject of debate. I saw the pictures of the secret Tokyo talks in the luwaran MILF website. Body language never lies in broad toothy smiles. Here is an analysis from the Daily Tribune:‘s-musings

  12. “A laugh, if purchased at the expense of
    propriety, costs too much”.

    It may be bad manners to talk with your mouth full, but it also isn’t too good if you speak when your head is empty.

    p-noy was obviously never schooled in propriety and etiquette.
    And he wanted to meet the queen of england!!
    The queens in la cage aux folles more his level

    1. Daido, that is what you call answering back. Look at every post and you will see the word “Reply”.

      That’s right Daido, I’m responding to people like you who prefers off topic because they don’t have a proper response to the ‘replies’ they’re getting.

      You want to talk to me, talk about issues, okay?

      And most importantly, DON’T BE AFRAID TO EXPRESS YOUR SELF.

      In a civilized manner.

    1. Noynoy is just like any other politician. Comparing him to Rizal is a total joke.

      Actually, you’re HILARIOUS. 😀

  13. I found this quote for dapitan to appreciate.

    “Where are the split-minds of our time? Where are the mentally ill confined? Alas, they serve even in the highest corridors of political power, some in jail, a small number are in mental institutions and the rest roaming free and under continuing medication.” -Anonymous

  14. Sauce, another author, another attack dog of the crook’s “Anyone but Aquino” movement a.k.a. “Oust Aquino Movement”. LOL

    1. Jeez, this old spiel again?
      Don’t you moronic malacanang mooks have anything original to say?

      Mr. Carandang certainly has run out of spiels to give to you pathetic pieces of shit to use here huh?

      Troll Harder

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