Sotto and Puno-RESIGN! Never!

The shameless arrogance of Tito Sotto and the Quirino faux pas of Rico E.Puno are just the things that make you go face palm and shudder at the thought that THEY are official reprensentatives of our nation.

I have given up on Tito Sen.
I gave him the benefit to be a better man and humble himself, but I expected too much from an “artista” who is used to the adulation of his public. How can he go wrong, “nga naman”, when throngs of masa consider him as an honorable man JUST BECAUSE, he can help the sick and poor people? Sorry to say, dear Tito Sen but many others can do what you do and they are very low profile on their public service. They also breathe humility. Work for a cause, not for applause, yes?

So, I’ll just include Tito Sen in my lost cause list and consider his actions as his defense mechanism for guilt. It is really hard to appease one’s conscience when it is bombarded with issues of incompetence.

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If Filipinos learned anything from Robredo’s life well lived, then we should stop putting people like Sotto and Puno in office, for they are the likes, who have no decency to resign.
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Sure, project that innocence, thanks to parliamentary immunity. Sure, float Robredo’s “posthumous confirmation”. Denial, Compartmentalization and Projection, are what these are in Psychology. All, are but defense mechanisms.

It is a less known fact to many that aside from Tito Sen’s plagiarism issues, Tito Sen is also the chairman of the CA Committee on Local Governments tasked to check the veracity of graft complaints, therefore he is one of those liable for Robredo’s overdue appointment that was bypassed, not just once, but THRICE!

On #Robredo, the name is trending once again, aside from his widow’s gracious decline to run in 2013, a conspiracy theory angle on his death is now a-buzz, thanks to the impropriety of the once popular DILG Undersecretary Rico Escalona Puno of the “Quirino grandstand” and “P-Noy’s shooting buddy” fame.

The news goes:

“Leni Robredo had asked for heightened security after she was notified that Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary Rico Puno tried to enter Robredo’s condominium and offices in the National Police Commission and the DILG, both in Quezon City.

The “sensitive” documents apparently contained information pertaining to an investigation on Puno and some Philippine National Police officials. A longtime friend of President Benigno Aquino III, Puno is a former gun supplier…

Attempts to break in

The ABS-CBN report said that on August 19, a day after Robredo’s plane crashed off the waters of Masbate, Puno was reportedly accompanied by police general Joel Pagdilao, and Supt. Oliver Tanseco and Apollo Reuben Toganon to Robredo’s condominium at 20 Lansbergh Place in Quezon City. The report showed a copy of the building’s log book that indicated the supposed visit made by the 4.

Tanseco was allegedly able to enter the building, but was prevented from entering Robredo’s condominium unit by the househelp, according to ABS-CBN. Tanseco then called Robredo’s lawyer and asked for permission but he was still not allowed in the absence of a search warrant, the report added.”

Puno as of date has failed to respond to the media. News that makes you go hmmmmmmm….

Puno is DILG’s in charge for the daily activities of the PNP. Puno is the undersecretary for peace and order, reason why it was Puno and not Robredo, who got the hot seat during the bungled police rescue operation during the August 23, 2010 bloody shoot out. The plot thickens.

Was Robredo’s death an accident? Or was it orchestrated? The same questions asked when Magsaysay’s plane crashed.

We keep on losing great men of exemplarary conviction and we are left with those who play for money and power. Public servants they dare call themselves but I see pathetic services rendered to the public.

Robredo is now synonimous to good governance and transformational leadership, he wanted public servants to be accountable for their actions.

If Filipinos learned anything from Robredo’s life well lived, then we should stop putting people like Sotto and Puno in office, for they are the likes, who have no decency to resign.

10 Replies to “Sotto and Puno-RESIGN! Never!”

  1. Roxas moved to DILG on condition house-burglar puno did not organise his air travel!

    When your boss/close colleague is reported missing in an air crash do you first
    – ask how he is
    – help with the search and rescue
    – break into his house
    – make sure the sole survivor remains incommunicado for a long time
    -avoid/decline any interviews.
    – think about corruption and firearms contracts
    – use the hold you have over aquino
    – collect your monthly jueteng pay-off
    Very fishy!

  2. An Elegy.
    Sotto Voce – Homo Loco
    (Shut up you stupid old fool)

    It is not about you being ‘pro-life’,
    But that your character is pure low-life,
    Without the ability to logically reason,
    Simply to commit literary treason,
    Then quickly hide behind your wife

    Skulking like a thief in the night,
    Lying to turn wrong into right,
    And then blaming drug lords,
    Or the intelligent internet hordes,
    And hiding like a coward in a fight

    Stop being a mouse and be a man,
    Apologise, but i don’t think you can,
    Misplaced arrogance and impunity,
    Hiding again, now behind immunity,
    You are not honorable, just a sham

    You have created a climate of shame,
    In the senate, and on your family name,
    A copy cat, truly 2nd rate,
    Stealing quotes, then Google Translate,
    A ‘lying thief’ is now your legacy of fame.

  3. Exceptional people need to “step-it-up”
    and find their way into public offices.
    We need to throw the other bums out of office and power positons and replace them with qualified staff whose goals are self-less, to protect and serve and have a concern for public good and safety!

  4. Now we know why there was a state funeral: to distract everyone from Puno’s attempts at damage control. Now why is it that people still believe that BS is not corrupt or that Robredo was not murdered?

  5. Robredo has proof puno is a crook – we all knew that.
    Robredo tells aquino that he is going public
    Aquino tells boyfriend puno!
    Aquino cancels trip and asks robredo to go
    Puno decides to also go!
    Plane crashes
    Puno tries to find/destroy the evidence
    Aquino goes over the top on grief/micromanages everything!
    Aquino even say dont question autopsy – i dont think there was one – just a state diversion. Very strange
    False stories planted about student piloting and out of date pilot licences!

  6. a couple of well placed phone calls and 2 things i now know for sure.
    The flight was not last minute as stated by the palace and reported repeatedly in the press.
    It was in fact booked at approx 10.45 on friday morning – the day before the flight.
    The curious thing is robredo did not book it. Find out who and you are a step closer. His PNP security?!
    Secondly the palace is in damage limitation/cover up mode. Puno must really have the goods on aquino to have everyone rushing to protect him.
    lets hope all the attention and even attempts to make her a senator does not stop wife leni from doing right by her husband and ensuring a full investigation. little chance i think.

  7. The Pirates of the Carribian usually told fellow Pirates: ” Dead men tell no tales”…I don’t want to hint these people are reincarnated Pirates of the Carribian. However, it is very suspicious. What are they looking for in the condominium of Robredo.
    I know there is a Hacienda Luisita Mafia in our country. Were these people the Capos?

  8. I now know why all the filipino’s I ever met outside the Philippines are ashamed to admit they are from the Phlippines.

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