Why are mental health concerns constantly dogging the administration of President Noynoy Aquino?

Why is it that issues of mental health and emotional maturity seem to stick to the Yellow camp of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III like a bad rash? During the the 2009-2010 presidential campaign, observations emerged around what increasingly seemed to be a cult-like following emerging around the Aquino camp composed of what many described as simpletons. The term “noytard” (presumably a witty mashup of the words “Noynoy” and “retard”) became the slur of choice used to refer to the staunchest of Aquino-Cojuangco loyalists.

Now it is Aquino’s hand-picked Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno who is now being beleaguered by questions surrounding her mental health following revelations that she scored a four on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the lowest) in a psychology evaluation administered by the Judicial Bar Council. According to the alleged findings, Sereno is…

“[…] dramatic and emotional, she appears energetic and all smiles and agreeable, but with religious preoccupation in almost all significant aspects of her life. She projects a happy mood but has depressive markers too. There is a strong tendency to make decisions based on current mood thus, outcome is highly subjective and self-righteous.”

Perhaps it is because the top dog himself suffers from similar speculation around his own mental fitness for the job he currently performs.

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Recall back in the heady days of the 2010 presidential campaign when “reports” of the alleged mental illness of then candidate Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III flew back and forth. The centre of this media circus was a set of documents that found its way onto the internet describing the results of a psychiatric evaluation allegedly performed on BS Aquino in 1996 by Fr. Carmelo Caluag SJ of the Ateneo de Manila University Department of Psychology.

The report was dismissed as “bogus” on account of said evaluation being performed by an unlicensed practitioner who is affiliated with an academic department of the university and not, as “protocols” supposedly demand, by the guidance and counseling offices of the institution. Not surprisingly, BS Aquino reportedly denied ever being the subject of a psychiatric evaluation. The Ateneo, for its part, asserted that the documents were “false” while Caluag himself in statements to the media disavowed any involvement in any such psychiatric evaluation.

According to a Manila Bulletin report, “It was the network giant [ABS-CBN] that broke the news, with two of its reporters alleging that they sourced the document from the [Nacionalista Party (NP)].” But Senator Loren Legarda denied the reports that the NP was the source of these documents. Forced to respond to challenges to reveal their sources, then ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head Maria Ressa issued this statement:

“We respect the confidentiality of our sources. While it’s tempting to take the Nacionalista Party’s challenge, it violates a sacred rule of journalism.”

Nonetheless, the documents provide entertaining reading. The fact that these were supposedly “proven” to be “bogus” seems to not have assuaged any persistent speculation around the President’s mental health even to this day…

History of Present Illness: The patient is a 36-year old single male with a history of profuse salivation and labile moods since his childhood. He was observed to be sleeping excessively, disoriented and confusing family and household member’s name. When interviewed at the time of psychiatric assessment, the patient said he had difficulty in speech, poor concentration, impaired thinking and melancholia brought about by the stresses of his work and the break-up with his flight attendant girlfriend. He also claimed he felt clumsy and uncoordinated. He also describes what appeared to be a deep sense of foreboding and feeling that the “world was coming to an end.”

Current Symptoms:

1. Psychomotor retardation
2. Slowed gait and activity
3. Lack of initiative
4. Melancholia
5. Fatigue
6. Lack of self-confidence
7. Lack of sexual interest

Substance Abuse History:

Smoker = Yes, up to two (2) packs a day
Drugs = Yes, teen-age experimentation with Marijuana and various pills
ETOH = Yes, solitary drinker


The Psychologist conducting the interviews noticed that the patient would occasionally walk slowly and aimlessly around the room when being interviewed. He appeared inattentive, vague, non-spontaneous and detached in interactions, but passively followed simple commands. He appeared disoriented. There was some difficulty in communicating due to his deep depression and melancholia. On mental state examination, he was a lanky man of medium height who was mildly psychomotor retarded with a latency of verbal replies, and a slowness of movement. He was preoccupied with his inner thoughts, brooded and felt melancholy. He appeared quite elevated and irritable when he spoke of the loss he was feeling when he recounted his relationship with his girlfriend. He expressed a poorly-formed grandiose delusion that the world was ending and described feelings of foreboding but no disturbance in any other sensory modality. The patient was oriented in person and place, with only very mild impairment of time. Attention and concentration deficits were evident, though much in the slightest and confirmed on formal testing that he had minor difficulty in counting down by seven from 100 and could not readily spell some words backwards. Registration and short term memory were intact on testing but he was often distracted and distant.

There was evidence of dysphagia, mild difficulty with three-step commands, concretism and trial-constructional dyspraxia (he could not copy complex diagrams). No confabulation or remote memory deficits were identified. His Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score totaled 28/30. No cognitive impairments. He denied being in need of medical assistance and explained his presence in the school as being due to his sister’s concerns, but did not appear suspicious of possible motives or irritated by his presence in the department. He denied that he had any cognitive deficits. He said he required medication and dietary modification, but did not accept medication offered in fact requiring detailed explanation on why the medication had to be taken.

In as much as the patient exhibits the following symptoms (1) Depressed mood (i.e. feeling sad and empty) most of the day for 10 days, (2) Markedly diminished interest on pleasure in almost all activities (including lack of sexual interest) most of the day for 10 days, (3) A noticeable fluctuation of appetite most of the day for 10 days, (4) Psychomotor agitation or retardation (i.e. increased restlessness) most of the day for 10 days, (5) A diminished ability to concentrate ordering on indecisiveness most of the day for 10 days, (6) Insomia nearly everyday, (7) Fatigue nearly everyday , And (8) a feeling of foreboding everyday. He is diagnosed as suffering from Major Depressive Disorder.

As always, abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

63 Replies to “Why are mental health concerns constantly dogging the administration of President Noynoy Aquino?”

  1. Does it really matter if they have mental health issues?
    To me, what matters is that they get good results, maintain social justice, and keep a consistent performance.

    This administrations has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to uplift the country.
    Will the late bloomer Noynoy also be an extremely late bloomer president? Well, it won’t matter once the people get sick of him.

    1. I have a real problem with your attitude, K3, which is symptomatic of so many Filipinos. The Philippines has real problems. It cannot keep waiting for an inadequate president to wake up and finally do his job. Two years has been two years too long. Why can’t you and the other noytards get this? You hire a president to do a job. You don’t wait years for him to be a “late bloomer”. Anyway, you voted for an imbecile despite the evidence: no results in his pre-political life, no results as a congressman and no results as a senator. And now he has no results as a president except for those results directly required by the real president, Uncle Peping, who has placed his utterly inadequate nephew on the throne of the Philippines wholly and solely to protect the interests of his clan. But it’s people like you who not only put him there: people like you keep him there.

  2. I have heard of the psychological report of noy2, but I never saw it before. Interesting read, even if it is “bogus”. Simple answer to the question asked above:

    Birds of the same feather, flock together.

  3. I don’t know if I am looking at real psychological tests but there is such a thing as the eyeball test. For deeper appreciation of the concept refer to Gladwell’s Blink.

    The eyeball test shows me:

    a) Noynoy has no grace or poise in public situations. The examples are too many to mention here, just read my GRP posts.

    b) Noynoy does not care about things even looking proper let alone being proper. He has no sense of situation or appropriateness. Seems to me he was coddled all his life. Has no clue what it’s like to be in the trenches.

    c) unlimited sense of entitlement. Like everybody owes him.

    d) aura of do as I say but do not do what I do not do. No experience to fall back on refer to.

    e) projecting all ills on his political opponents. The threat is always out there, never within arm’s length. He has never owned up to any of his own flaws because he himself has not seen them.

    f) petty . Loves to rub it in your face. The school yard bully who sings “na na na na na na” That taunting childish theme indicative of perceived superiority. A very good analysis of this was Benign0’s entry that asked why does Noynoy insist on yellow for all times, all places and all things.

    Noynoy in the end has been in the public spotlight three years. You don’t need a sugned , stamped piece of paper to define his fitness as a leader or lack of it.

    1. all true. If I may also add, the overall lack of maturity. I can’t help but compare him to another head of state/government, Vladimir Putin. I’m not saying putin is a good leader or anything, I don’t know too much about him expect the fact that he’s the most powerful man in russia. My comparison is all based on image.

  4. Mental health concerns in the government have been around since political expediency, opportunism, circuses and pork came into existence. Here are some observations:

    1. Psychopaths really exist in government. There are incidents of political terrorism, feuds and murders committed by high officials in the Executive, Legislature. I have not observed this in the Judiciary yet. Even our movies have shown senators and congressmen doing violence to lesser mortals. The same may be said of some officials in local governments. Remember some of them recently wanted to stop the alleged movie stereotyping of their being depicted as criminals when real life experiences prove this to be true. Media personalities have been subject to political hits. Massacres have been done. The worst case happened in Mindanao.

    2. Delusions of grandeur is also manifested in unnamed politicians and high officials who collect mansions, condominiums, women, guns, goons and gold. They create fiefdoms and woe to those who cross them. In both 1 and 2 similarly afflicted men in the military, police and auxiliaries are used to protect these sick minds.

    3. We have observed women in power who have lovers, who brazenly flaunt immorality and who defy the rule of law with extreme sycophancy. Women who sell their principles for power and impunity.

    4. So-called leaders who sell out to the enemies of the state in supporting them. Those who would want peace at all costs in Balkanizing Mindanao in the name of peace while they assist in the violation of our laws constitution and territory.

    5. Who among the bow well movement have mental problems? The knowledgeable among you know that there are congenital liars among them. Sycophancy shines as they surrender their principles.

    Name your own observations…

  5. This is why they are airing BUDOY heavily, Kris Aquino’s impaired kid removing science from the curriculum, appointing a CJ in his likeness… CULTIVATING OUR IGNORANCE! DRAGGING US BACK INTO THE STONE AGE!

  6. The Luneta Massacre incident; where no explanation, where he was; is an indication. That Noynoy Aquino has some mental problems. Drepression was the result of the tragedy in his family. His father was murdered. However, it can be treated by the present Medical Science of Theraphy and Medicine. It is an illness.
    I sympathize with him, but, he must accept the fact; he has the illness . Stresses in work also can contribute to the worsening of the illness of Depression.

    1. The Luneta Massacre incident; where no explanation, where he was; is an indication. That Noynoy Aquino has some mental problems. – Hyden Toro

      But the Luneta hostage-taking happened more than two years ago. If we’ll follow your theory, Noynoy would have been either crazy like Miriam or in the mental hospital by now because of progression of his mental illness.

      You have to have new or recent findings or ‘indications’ to support your theory. You cannot simply jump two years forward and declare mental problem on his part without basis. What happened to Noynoy’s mental health between the Luneta hostage-taking and at present? Was there an indication of deterioration for you to declare mental illnes on his part?

      Like Noynoy’s whereabouts on that fateful day, your theory don’t have an explanation either.

      1. Hi, jonas-s. You said — “crazy like Miriam.”

        I suppose you are already in possession of solid irrefutable evidence or, to use your own words — of “new or recent findings or indications’ to support your theory.”

        1. Domingo Arong,

          I’ve posted some articles about the issue we’re talking about and it seems to have been erased. Anyway, I hope you read it.

      2. Depressive people can work, taking medication, like Abilify. The one he is taking. He can also be on Theraphy, and can work.
        However, his chasing of PhD degrees in foreign universities, is also one of the indicators. Depression, with Delusion of Greatness…Paranoia…

  7. nag umpisa na naman ang makaGloria. tanggapin nyo na unti unti ng umaangat ang bayan mula sa pagsirang ginawa ni Gloria at Corona. kapag umuunlad na ang bayan sa ilalim ng kasakuluyang administrasyon, saka sisiraan ang mga nagtaguyod nito na si Aquino at Sereno. Sabagay mga utak talangka kasi.

    – PH under Aquino Q2 GDP growth cools more sharply than

    – PH under Aquino jumps 10 notches to 65th in global competitiveness index

    – PH under Aquino makes Top 10 list of ‘fastest growing’ global economies

    – PH under Aquino gains 8 places in 2012 Economic Freedom ranking

    1. Issue is about mental health Fishball. Bang your head. Metal Health will drive you mad. Once again thank you for providing us the daily dose of the proclamations from the Ministry of Truth. Without your boss Fishball, you are nothing. Hi to him from his old friend.

    2. Off-topic ka na naman. Like Gogs said, liars like yourself use statistics. And they can be biased or the other way around. XD

      This article talks about the President’s mental health. And these kind of research tells that he doesn’t have the mental capacity to lead as an executive. Only idiots like yourself would see that “it’s ok.”

      Tanggapin mo na lang na TANGA ka. And don’t call us ‘utak talangka’ because the truth is that crab mentality is nothing but an illusion. It’s for CRAB PEOPLE. Like you, they taste like crab and walk like people. Have a hard shell but total softies in the inside, easily latching on to emotional outbursts than logical rationality.

    3. Hindi ako MakaGloria. Same with the others. Gaga/Gago ka ba talaga fishball? Off-tangent as usual. One observation only… Is corruption still systemic in the government? The answer is yes. You are also part of the mental health support element as a sycophant of the new order. Mag pa-evaluate ka rin.

    4. Resorting to falsified statistics won’t help your argument fishball. The post is about MENTAL HEALTH and yet you post something not related. Baba talaga ng IQ at EQ mo.

    1. Do you want to know who the real haters are? Ask der grobe fuhrer(translation: the great leader).

      You do know about black propaganda, the use of hate think, demonization and the destruction of characters and reputations?

      These were done against the perceived enemies(a.k.a. scapegoats) of the great leader. Guilty before trial is the motto of der nutzi fuhrer of der nutzi master yellow race.

      You won’t find hatred here. Just truth, reality, sarcasm, satire, ridicule, good old free democratic opinions, views and criticism.

  8. Perhaps it is because the top dog himself suffers from similar speculation around his own mental fitness for the job he currently performs.

    Emphasis on the word “perhaps”.

    You, sir, are a paid hack!

  9. The government will not intervene in the HL case and the presidents mental health are proven wrong because he does not have any. Mga inggit na lang ito sa gobyerno kasi totoong umuunlad na ulit ang Pilipinas. How about we talk about Fertilizer scam and ZTE NBN deal?

    1. “the presidents [sic] mental health are [sic] proven wrong because he does not have any.” Oh, I think you’re going to get a memo from the PCDSPO about that slip.

    2. Here we go again, focusing more on trivial things. 😛

      In fact, hindi pa tayo umuunlad because of a system that doesn’t work! Just accept the fact that nagugustuhan mo ang mga KAPALPAKAN ng gobyernong ito. Well, hindi mo napapansin iyon dahil TANGA ka. 😀

      1. In fact, hindi pa tayo umuunlad because of a system that doesn’t work!

        So, it’s not Erap’s, Gloria’s or even Noynoy’s fault but it’s the system?

        Malabo ‘yata ‘yan Daido.

  10. @fishball
    You make me laugh. Your president is clearly mentally challenged. You consistently change the topic whenever the peeps at GRP destroy your arguments. What a pathetic troll you are

  11. @Daido Katsumi: Ignorant? lol….2 years after Pnoy won the election and you guys are still bitter about it. Get a life. Just one quick question who do you think is corrupt GMA or Pnoy?

    1. Chuck Norris: Speaking for most of the guys here… How do you know that 2 years after Penoy won by a minority vote that we are still bitter about it? Heck, I abstained from voting because I did not like the programmable PCOS machines.

      To be candid… I almost believed the propaganda, symbolism, slogans, promises and circus enertainment… Until I read the critical free press.

      Nope I was never bitter. I just don’t like his style. Remember, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

      There is no more corruption in his government? It is still systemic in scope. The kultura of governance is better? LOL!

      1. Same here never voted for Pnoy. Obviously corruption is not out of the government but at least I believe we were going there. Rome was not built in one day so give this admin a chance. My point here is since he is on the position right now and so far he is not accuse of any corruption then show him a little support maybe not for him but for the filipino people, it’s about time that we unite, this is one of the reason why the Philippines don’t progress, maybe if we are united Philippines will prosper.

        1. Chuck Norris, corruption in the Philippine government will need a Hercules not a BSA to clean out the filth and the people who are into this very lucrative racket.

          Why should I give him a chance? For the sake of our people? It is public knowledge that he coddles his KKKK.

          Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa should explain his PHP60 million mansion in White Plains, Q.C.

          Congressman Neil Tupas should explain his PHP 50 million mansion(he later denied this as only PHP14 million)and his Alpha Grand View Condominium unit which he suddenly happened to occupy during the Impeachment Trial.

          Ruffy Biazon cannot account for the more than 2,000 containers missing from the BOC. He should be accountable.

          Ric Puno was never made accountable during the Luneta Hostage Crisis. BSA never took responsibility for it nor did he compensate the victims. Mr. Puno was also seen trying to break-in to the offices of the late Sec. Robredo. Seems like there is evidence incriminating him to wrongdoing.

          Oh yeah there is the matter of the insertion of a BSA special slush fund to the budget amounting to PHP317 Billion Pesos.

          I could add more to the list but I am sure you are better off researching such other matters as a subtle creeping dictatorship, secret talks with the MILF and the CPP-NPA-NDF which still remains secret, his ordering the railroading of cases against his perceived enemies(seen as scapegoats), and his use of the machinery of state in spreading black propaganda, demonization, character assassination and destruction of reputation through hate think.

          Nope I will never join the yellow crowd. Their loyalty is to BSA right or wrong. I am for the red, white and blue. I am for the Flag, the Country the Filipino People and the Constitution. BSA will never have my loyalty. He will have to convince me first by cleaning up his own family, partymates and KKKK.

        2. Chance? What chance? Hindi ba niya alam ang problema ng Pilipinas nung tumakbo siya bilang Presidente? More than two years already, what campaign promises has he really fulfilled? For goodness sake, bago pa siya tumakbo bilang Presidente, he already was a congressman and a senator, kaya may idea na siya kung anu ang problemang kinakaharap ng bansa and the best solutions to tackle it. E buti pa nga siya, lagpas two years na of insignificant accomplishments (as a President), yet OK pa rin lang sa mga bosses niya, for the sake of supporting him. Kasi kung private sector yung pinasukan niya, after six months, baka demoted na siya, o mas masama, laid off. Walang problema yung first 6 months, adjustment period yun e, pero after more than two years, chance pa rin ang hinihingi ng administrasyong ito? Nagmumukha tuloy talagang parang mga walang alam, kaya tuloy tinatawag na student government. Matatapos na ang kontrata ko dito sa Saudi and I don’t intend to sign a new one, pero parang wala akong naririnig na plano ang gobyerno to support homecoming OFWs.

    2. Your handle “Chuck Norris” is so appropriate. For the simple reason that you take all the Chuck Norris jokes, substitute the name Noynoy Aquino and the yellow tards will take it as fact no questions asked. That hysteria over nothing is what catapulted Noynoy to where he is now. It’s not being bitter. His lack of accomplishment in fifty years explains his bumbling and lack of street smarts while in office. Noynoy Aquino could not lead his way out of a paper bag with a lightsabre.

      He has not lead in the past and he is not leading now. Going after Gloria is what your limp wristed leader does and you follow suit. Does not change the fact Noynoy Aquino was never competent in anything in his first fifty years on Earth, or his last two.

    3. Yes, PNoy won. But he is still in campaign mode if you ask me. Not being bitter, but it’s the whole truth.

      And if you ask me who is more corrupt, I tell you the truth: corruption is more than stealing. Defiance of the rule of law is also corruption. And that is what Noynoy did. And his biggest pork barrel yet. Oh yeah, and Hacienda Luisita. So what do you call on the massacre 8 years ago? Do you love to see innocent people killed by the Aquinos?

  12. For one who has been dogged by ‘mental health concerns’ since day one, I would say Noynoy has accomplished quite enough to cast doubt on the criticisms of the naysayers.

    To hold a former president to account for her actions as well as impeached and eventually deposed a chief justice, which no president has ever done, is an incredible feat for someone who has accomplished practically nothing in his entire life.

    Make no mistake, I’m not a fan but I’m really astounded by his accomplishment in an office I consider too much for him.

  13. Targeting his political enemies is that an accomplishment for our country?! How idiotic could that be!
    One more thing is Gloria Arroyo already convicted of a crime? I haven’t heard any yet!
    I’m waiting for that. Those who are Noynoy’s worshipers are really boasting about that.
    So typical Filipino trait. That is why our country wouldn’t progress much. One reason is the mentality of most of the Filipinos.

    1. Targeting his political enemies is that an accomplishment for our country?!

      But you have to distinguish. Targeting political enemies because they are simply that is not an accomplishment for the country, it’s accomplishment for the party. But targeting people for purposes of taking them to account for their questionable acts commited while in office is a clear accomplishment for the country.

  14. Poor Philippines,,, invaded with a poor minded people

    Country with a retard president, its like WHEN THE CAT IS SICK,, MOUSE EVERYWHERE PICKING FOODS

  15. this article is part of bullying…it is too early to campaign whoever i your president…For me, he is the best president because started cleaning the mess left by prevous administration, without him the sscams should have not spill in the public, he is now on the processs of correcting the process esp. when it commes to financial reports..etc

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