US Amb Chris Stevens dead after former Arab Spring revolutionary fighters storm Libya US consulate

See, the thing with being in bed with rogue states is that you get bitten eventually. Governments tend to reflect the character of the people they subject. You can argue that Libya was ruled by an iron fist by Muammar Gaddafi for much of its recent history. But there is nothing really “victim-like” in how a mob of Libyan militants raided the United States Consulate in Benghazi last Wednesday. The resulting violence resulted in the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

According to reports part of the violence traces its roots to religion…

The consulate was one of several American diplomatic missions in the Middle East to face protests Tuesday after the release online of a film mocking Islam and depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed as a child molester, womanizer and ruthless killer.

The report continues, “[The] Ambassador’s killing shines light on Muslim sensitivities concerning Prophet Mohammed”. Just the same, visibly-shaken Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met the media and issued the following assurance on the US’s position on the matter of their continued relationship with the people of the former rogue state…

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“This was an attack by a small and savage group, not the people or government of Libya. Everywhere Chris and his team went in Libya, in a country scarred by war and tyranny, they were hailed as friends and partners. And when the attack came yesterday, Libyans stood and fought to defend our post. Some were wounded. Libyans carried Chris’ body to the hospital, and they helped rescue and lead other Americans to safety.”

But Libyan Islamists have always been a force that could not be ignored. Back in August of 2012, Interior Minister Fawzi Abdelali had reportedly warned of their growing militancy and predisposition to violence…

“These people are a major force in terms of numbers and the equipment they have in Libya,” said the minister as he reversed a decision to resign that he had taken after accusations of lax security.

“These people have arms and big groups. We must not close our eyes to this,” the minister told a press conference, ruling out a head-on confrontation with Islamist hardliners.

The above report was published at a time when radical Islamist mobs went on a rampage destroying shrines and cultural sites around Libyan capital Tripoli prompting United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) head Irina Bokova to lament, “I am deeply concerned about these brutal attacks on places of cultural and religious significance. Such acts must be halted, if Libyan society is to complete its transition to democracy,” while the US State Department issued advisories against non-essential travel to Libya. These forces were a big part of the much-celebrated “revolutionaries” who fought and ousted Gaddafi in 2011.

Interestingly, Libyan Islamists under Gaddafi have had a long history of influence on the internal affairs of the Philippines. In 1971, Gaddafi founded the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) which soon had offices operating in several countries in southeast Asia, including the Philippines. Gaddafi saw it as his personal mission to support the cause of the Islamic insurgency in the Philippines and was a major sponsor of the Moro National Liberation Front under Nur Misuari. The mission of the WICS then and now is to effect Islamic dominance over all the world’s peoples. In a speech reportedly delivered as recently as 2009, Gaddafi reiterated his personal world view which he presumably also sees as the underlying premise of the mission of the WICS…

“[Islam] shall overcome all other religions ­before it. Their time has gone. It is his promise. Allah shall prevail this religion over the rest.”

Under the new post-Gaddafi Libyan government, the WICS is reportedly under investigation for its allegedly “shady” activities…

A committee led by a leading anti-Gaddafi Islamic scholar, Sheikh Al Dokali Mohammed Al Alem, is now investigating the Society’s activities. Their report may take months to appear, but a Reuters investigation has found Libyan officials in Tripoli now say openly what under Gaddafi was taboo – that the religious Society was allied to a huge shadow network, especially in Africa.

“There are still some loose ends in the Islamic Call Society in Africa,” said Noman Benotman, a former member of an al-Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamist group who now works on deradicalization of jihadists at the Quilliam Foundation in London.

“They still have a lot of money going around through these channels that used to belong to the Islamic Call Society,” he said. “Huge amounts of money are involved. I think we’re talking about one to two billion dollars.”

Just about anything can incite violence among Islamists, specially in Arab countries recently “liberated” from “tyranny” in the so-called Arab Spring uprisings — events that were much-celebrated by social media “activists”. The violence in Libya that killed the American Ambassador traces its roots to a 14-minute video that is a trailer of the feature-length film Innocence of Muslims. The film allegedly depicted the Prophet Mohammed as “a villainous, homosexual and child-molesting buffoon”. It was produced by a certain “Sam Bacile” who reportedly produced the film on a $5m budget from funds raised from “about 100 Jewish donors”. The film itself is B-grade in terms of production quality, featuring “actors in anachronistic costumes, near flimsy sets and often stumbling through lines.” Just the same, its massive effect on the radical Islamic community seemed to have lent its producers some validation.

“The violence that it caused in Egypt is further evidence of how violent the religion and people are and it is evidence that everything in the film is factual,” [Morris Sadek, head of the National American Coptic Assembly which promoted the film in the U.S.] said in a telephone interview from his Washington home.

Back in the midst of the hoo-ha sweeping Filipino social media slacktivists as Tunisia convulsed in the first of what was to become a series of revolts across North Africa that was to be later dubbed the “Arab Spring”, I already foresaw the underlying cancer that this fiesta might unleash…

But what “freedom” had wrought upon the Philippines in the aftermath of the 1986 Edsa “revolution” — the eventual takeover of the government by clueless Eraptards and Noytards — may not result in as benign an outcome in the Middle East. Indeed, the ominous shadow of Islamic fundamentalism cast by some powerful elements in those Egyptian and Tunisian mobs becomes more evident by the day. “People power” in the Philippines is unlikely to apply today and over there any more than the principles underlying the victory of allied forces against the tyranny of Adolf Hitler in World War II and the rebuilding of Germany and Japan paralleled themselves in the subsequent US invasions of Vietnam and Iraq.

Solutions that worked elsewhere cannot be turned into shrinkwrapped products to be sold in other societies without taking into account the nature of the culture of the societies being impacted. Perhaps we should observe the events unfolding in the Middle East with a more open and critical mind and not colour these with our pre-conceived notions that are propped up by nothing more than relics of 1980’s thinking.

Not surprisingly, the United States is now turning to, shall we say, more traditional methods of effecting its foreign policy. CNN reports six hours ago as of this writing that US Navy destroyers armed with Tomhawk cruise missiles are moving in to within striking range of “specific targets” within Libya to give the administration of President Barack Obama “flexibility” while it evaluates its options as this crisis unfolds.

54 Replies to “US Amb Chris Stevens dead after former Arab Spring revolutionary fighters storm Libya US consulate”

  1. Islamic extremist fundamentalism is the weapon used against all unbelievers. It has for its ammunition the very dogma preached by the Prophet Muhammad. It is written in the verse of the sword. War is deceit, it incites torture, terror and the other criminal acts. These can be found in the green book.

    Here is a link for research purposes…

    1. When will they ever learn? The same fundamentalist extremism is happening in the Republic of the Philippines. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF), its allies, lawless elements, lost commands, splinter groups and civilian supporters still occupy Philippine territory.

      This occupation is seen as Balkanization. Are we a failed state in Nindanao? Our territorial integrity is being fragmented by the enemies of the state. BSA was seen in the luwaran website as broad smiling the MILF leadership. The Tokyo talks of course, still remains secret.

      Will a sub-state be granted to a group of extremists that have declared their intention to put up a Shariah government? The last time I heard this is treason and a violation of the Constitution.

      Another link for research…

    1. fishball what insult to Islam are you talking about? Are you promoting Islamophobia? Are you an apologist for the terrorist dogma? Are you now saying it is a race? You are probably a supporter of Islamic Fundamentalist Extremist Terrorism. El Adrea Al Judah Akbar!

    2. @fishball
      Your posts are insulting to our intelligence. You are in deep trouble now since there is no way you can link gloria to this.

    3. This insult to Islam must stop. Tawakkaltu ala Allah

      I agree but I’ll never go for violence because Islam was insulted. In this day and age, Muslims who opt for violence at a flick of a finger, just because Islam was insulted, will be fair game for cyber bullies.

  2. I hope and pray that our US and other allies in the free world see the very potential rouge state threat in the creation of a so-called Islamic Sub-State arrangement in the Philippines.

    A terror/rouge state within the recognized Philippine state will be the beginning of the end of democracy in Mindanao. This will also lead to a heightened security risk in this part of the world.

    History would repeat itself when Philippine territory is signed away. Given enough time, a totalitarian theocracy will tip the balance of power in favor of the secessionists and attract more extremists to support this rouge state.

    BSA cannot afford to do a PM Neville Chamberlain nor by himself initiate a reconquest of Mindanao territory which may lead to more instability and conflict.

  3. “US Ambassador to Libya aided the jihadists who later murdered him”

    “US Ambassador to Libya Was Raped Before He Was Tortured, Killed”

    And they claim they are the “religion of peace”.


    1. Greetings Trosp… “Obama administration apologized for religious incitement.” The real truth is that Fundamentalist Extremist Islam is a religion of intolerance. They will and have used violence leading to murders, injuries, heinous crimes and human rights violations.

      In fairness, there are many other Muslims who have rejected the terror dogma in the green book. In the Philippines many do not practice the teachings of violence against the infidels. They have formed associations and even friendly relations with non-Muslims of different religions. There are also apostates who have turned their backs to Islam and rejected its totalitarian theocracy.

      Make no mistake about it. All concerned should be aware of the fundamentalist extremists. Do not joke about or insult their prophet or religion in their circles. They will murder you, torture you or do things that are traditional against the unbelievers. This goes back through the centuries to its beginnings in the middle east.

      1. @Frank

        Uhm, the link that you have provided is the website of SPLC or Southern Poverty Law Center.

        One of their accomplishments according to Wiki –

        “In 2002 the SPLC and the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit against Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore for authorizing a two-ton display of the Ten Commandments on public property.[54] Moore, late at night and without telling any other court justice, had installed a 5,280 pound (2400 kg) granite block, three feet wide by three feet deep by four feet tall, of the Ten Commandments.[55] After defying several court rulings, Moore was eventually removed from the court, and the monument was removed as well.”

        That is their religious tolerance.

        SPLC = ACLU

        How about giving us an example of Pam’s hate rhetoric.

        List of active ant-Muslim group by SPLC at this link –

        Included in the list are: Christian Guardians, Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment, Faith Freedom.

        Also included are: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Steve King, and commentators Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs.

      2. @frank

        The aftermath of 9/11 triggered something more than just human hatred. This included suspicion, fear and the hatred of a totalitarian theocracy and its fundamentalist extremist organizations. People began to be aware of the terrorist dogma. A call to action like lobbying, organizing, peaceable assembly and informing others through mass media in operating within the law is part of a free democracy.

        This same hatred and other factors was focused against the Japanese in the treacherous, surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor.This led to the internment of the Nisei. It was also an over-reaction as the Japanese-Americans were later proven to be loyal to the US. Remember they engaged the fascists in Europe with extreme gallantry in action and were among the most decorated units in the field of honor.

        In truth and in fact, fundamentalist extremism is the enemy of every free democracy. The difference between them and us is that we are bound by the Constitution and the laws of the land. Expressions of anger and hatred are normal. Fear and suspicion stoke the fires of passion. As long as this hatred is within constitutional and legal bounds I see nothing wrong in its expression.

  4. It is a very dangerous situation. EDSA or People Power was a myth. Sold by the Aquinos to the Filipinos. Cory Aquino hid in Cebu. While her followers took truckloads of “Hakot” Demonstrators. The msin purpose wss not Democracy, but to protect their Hacienda Luisita.
    Islamic Radical cannot tolerate people, making fun of their religion. While, I respect all kinds of religions. It’s too much to kill and burn for such a cause. These people are fanatics and insane…

    1. And going back to this religion of peace –


      “In 2007, Muslims combusted again in Sudan after an infidel elementary school teacher innocently named a classroom teddy bear “Mohammed.” Protesters chanted, “Kill her, kill her by firing squad!” and “No tolerance — execution!” She was arrested, jailed and faced 40 lashes for blasphemy before being freed after eight days. Not wanting to cause further inflammation, the teacher rushed to apologize: “I have great respect for the Islamic religion and would not knowingly offend anyone, and I am sorry if I caused any distress.”

    2. Islamic radicals are too similar to those die hard noytards that defend their precious leader. They are vicious in their attacks yet fail to make a scratch against their opponents.

      1. The radical WAHABI Branch of Islam, is the one creating this trouble. They believe that being killed in war with the Infidels (Christians, Jews, other Muslim sects, etc…), will make them martyrs. They believe, they go directly to Paradise ; to enjoy 72 virgins, forever. It is the easiest pathway to Heaven to them. They believe also that killing Infidels, will gain them favor to their God, Allah. I respect all religions. Your belief is your own business. But, if it is destructive as this….I condemn it , as bordering to insanity…

  5. The political centrist ideology known as democracy has always been for freedom of speech and expression. Our very own democracy is under attack from the enemies of the state.

    This is antithesis to the fundamentalist extremist totalitarian theocracy of Islam. Conflict will never end because of fundamentalist, extremist dogma. Global Jihad is continuing to this day all over our world. Will the moderates prevail over the extremists? I have my doubts especially when the extremist numbers prevail in many areas and many good men do nothing.

    I will pose a question to fishball… Is it an insult to Islam if one researches and studies this religion? The answer is a resounding no. Our people have to know certain truths.

    I admit to have read the terrorist verses of the green book. It is fascinating and at the same time chilling to know that certain verses command murder and terrorism to all unbelievers.

    fishball should know that Adolph Hitler was friendly with the arabs. He even agreed to the formation of Muslim legions in the SS. They were part of the horror known as the final solution. Let us also hope and pray that BSA is not very friendly with the MILF secessionists.

  6. The only thing the Islamic countries really seem to be united in is taking offense to bad YouTube videos (and Israel).

    The fact of the matter is that there is still a sectarian divide across Islam that was really ignited after the fall of Saddam. Sunnis and Shiites are rebelling against vice-versa-aligned dictators (secularity be damned), and the powers of Saudi Arabia and Iran are taking sides.

    Egypt’s Islamist president Mohamed Morsi actually shamed Ahmadinejad at a big conference recently by proclaiming support for the rebels trying to bring down Assad’s ally.

    Ultimately, all politics is “local” and the network of alliances is a delicate yet Gordian knot – one that we can neither slice open like Alexander did nor leave “for Allah to sort out” with a nuclear threat on the horizon.

  7. Currently Islam is in a state of flux. The Muslim community needs a reformation much like Christianity did some 500 years ago. If they do not do this they will either take over or go out is a ball fire known to us as a war. As William Sherman once said that a war should be so terrible and awful that one will not want to wage it. “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

    1. The thing with the “reformation” of Christianity was that, they returned to what was taught in the Bible, and it introduced logicality and rationality to the faith. Can you say that about theirs? Peace.

  8. Also new evidence is arising that what happened at the embassy wasn’t just some random Koran-burning-Muhammed-drawing peasant arson spree:

    Which starts to make sense, as these guys actually went straight for the embassy. Predictably there are protests all over the Muslim world, but no further armed assaults on embassies as of yet.

    Nor were the raids actually representative of the population of Benghazi. Remember, there were militias from all over the Muslim world coming to fight – including the real Al-Qaeda types.

    1. @Frank

      “Nor were the raids actually representative of the population of Benghazi.” This may be true for the moment.

      The US must act immediately by selecting a very capable replacement. The replacement should know human nature, culture, customs and traditions. Whatever gains were made against the fundamentalist extremists should be exploited in favor of the moderates.

      The US should utilize blanket PR/HR, create alliances with the secular political leadership, continue humanitarian aid and support, encourage the organization of political moderate groups and avoid collateral damage by way of active actions intended to suppress terrorist action on the ground.

  9. OK,enough of the BS.The attack on the U.S. consulate and THE MURDERING of the TOP DIPLOMAT of the U.S.A. on Libyan soil is an attack on all AMERICANS everywhere.It is a BARBARIC act,committed by SAVAGES hiding behind a religious context.THE POS’s that are responsible will be hunted down like the dogs they are and shall be punished.The U.S.A. helped the people of Benghazi and this is how they show their appreciation.The killers will be found,oh yes they will,and justice will be served.
    R.I.P. Ambassador Stevens.My condolences to your family SIR!

  10. In this connection… What will happen to the Philippines? The secessionist movement is still operating in Mindanao. Peace at all costs is not an option and BSA cannot afford to sign away Philippine territories to the secessionists and their allies.

    War is deceit. The real goal of the secessionists is to restore their old ways in political/economic dominance. The reconquest of Mindanao is seen as their way of restoring what was lost. Political evolution began with the colonization of the Philippines by the Spaniards and Americans. That past has come and gone.

    I repeat, the USA must see to it that an Islamic Sub-State should never see reality within the Philippine state. The horrid costs in the rise of a rouge/terrorist state is a very real threat that should be taken into consideration. Please take note of the conclusions of the article link below…

  11. I wish we have some Muslim friends here who can shed the light as to the developments in the Middle East in the past few days.

    I believe that what’s happening right now is not about the US, it’s about the Muslims as faithfuls and the countries and people whose main religion is Islam.

    1. @jona-s

      “I believe that what’s happening right now is not about the US…”

      The resurgence of fundamentalist Islam was one of the main factors that led to the horrific tragedy of 9/11. One must remember that the US is not only a superpower. It is the leader of the free world. Democracy, freedom and decadence are anti-thesis to their totalitarian theocracy and terrorist dogma.

      The USA as a world leader is seen as a major hindrance in standing against them. US citizens and even military personnel are deliberately attacked because they are Americans. An attack against Americans is an attack against the infidel state. The resurgence of Islam is part of the big picture. The followers of fundamentalist extremism hate the USA because it has led the free world in the war against terrorism.

      Many are aware of the terrorist dogma in the green book. Many assert that this is the true cause and effect of continuing global Jihad. This is my own… The Islamist extremists have a dream(nightmare to us). In the Philippines. This translates to the return of Islam in political/economic domination.

      A reconquest leading to the return of its former power over the archipelago. The same thing is happening all over the world. They want to conquer and dominate the unbelievers in their respective countries.Please see the religion of peace link and see the 4 stages of Muslim conquest. It is happening already here and abroad.

        1. Hi Trosp. Like anything in life. A culture will decide what it will give meaning to. Just like I have questioned why does a half Mexican who has never been to the Philippines carry the flag for the Philippiines in some trumped up singing contest I also question how what is normally an underground low budget low profile unreleased movie represent the whole USA? Mob mentality is everywhere.

        2. Trosp

          Yes, it may not be about the 14-minute trailer of the film “Innocence of Muslims” (or “Desert Warriors) posted on You Tube. I refer you to a New York Times columnist:

          Also,read this column in the Christian Science Monitor:

        3. It could have been planned and spontaneous actions happening at almost the same time frame. Most of the attackers did not see the video. Some were led and others just followed by evil example.

          It is so easy to start a “fire” by word of mouth, text messages, signage or wall graffiti. Planned rabble rousing by fundamentalist groups, extremist monkey see monkey do is a flammable mix. The dark side of human nature never changes.

        4. Hi Doms,

          Hi Doms,

          Isn’t it bizarre that almost all MSMs (or NFNs – Not FoxNews) covered the incidents right after it has occurred and in NYT, it is buried on page A4!–does not even inform readers that U.S. diplomatic missions were attacked, or the fact that one official in Libya was actually killed.

          Among the articles that made the front page of the Times rather than the embassy/consulate attacks are an article looking back at Mitt Romney’s stance on Vietnam in the 1960s, and a story about how the gay marriage issue is affecting a state senate race in upstate New York.

          Isn’t it bizarre Obama waited 15 hours to respond to a developing situation and his 1st words were to attack Romney.


          As an aside – NBC Skips 9/11 Moment of Silence to air Kardashian Interview. Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner talked about her breast augmentation on NBC’s “Today” show at the same time other news outlets were airing the solemn commemoration of the first plane striking New York’s World Trade Center 11 years ago.

    2. “I wish we have some Muslim FRIENDS here who can shed the light as to the developments in the Middle East in the past few days” [emphasis added]

      I find it quite ironic or perhaps sarcastic that you use the word “friends” to describe Muslims when almost all posts herein smack of hatred towards Islam and Muslims, be them extremists or not, maybe just few notches below of actually wanting to eradicate Muslims with a nuclear bomb.

      From reading posts here, I, as a Muslim, would actually fear facing any of you in real life lest I be shredded to nothingness or surrendered to the police for simply being a Muslim aka extremist aka terrorist aka barbaric aka aka aka etc.

      1. Read the posts again Jih. It mentions moderates too. Don’t put words like hatred towards Islam or Muslims into all the posts. read it again. Perhaps you are misguided and your fear of being shredded to nothingness is just Infidelophobia.

        1. I have no fear for ‘infidels’ nor is there need for any to fear me.

          A search for the word ‘moderate’ would only result in no more than 4 times the word was mentioned, but of course that is a shallow way of searching through the posts.

          But I can be certain as it is clear as the sun that what you refer to as “Green Book” is our “Qur’an” which you assail for commanding supposed indiscriminate ‘murdering’ of non-Muslims aka “Terror Dogma”.

          But I can assure you that it is only understood as “Terror Dogma” by the naive Muslims. Full understanding of that “Terror Dogma” you are talking about would not push anyone to commit to killing innocents or terrorism.

          If by moderation you mean a half-hearted Muslims who only believe in some verses while disbelieves in some, then our definition of moderation does not meet, and I’m, by that definition, an ‘extremist’.

          I fully believe in the ‘green book’, and I fully understand the context of the “terror dogma”, but this belief borne out of this understanding shows me not the way to slaughtering.

          Perhaps if I was an idiot who merely read a verse or two from the Qur’an and readily believed it, then yes, I’d certainly be a fool and a terrorist, but it is not by a mere verse out of context that a Muslim acts.

          Anyway, I do not aim to argue with anyone nor do I believe doing so would be of any good. You have your opinions and I shall respect that.

        2. @Jih

          The truth is there in your green book. I never assailed it. Are you now saying that there is no verse of the sword and other commands from Allah and his messenger Muhammad to kill the unbeliever? What about the other commands against the infidel?

          I have been reading your green book to know the truth and I found it. In fact there was a Muslim who even encouraged me to study the green book. He was delighted because maybe he wanted to convince me to convert. I could not because I have my own beliefs.

          What you speak comes from your own mouth not mine. The statistics of Global Jihad speaks for itself. Yes I have friends in the Muslim world who are moderate. There is no argument coming from you. The commands of Allah through his messenger are clear and have not been abrogated.

  12. Well Trosp what do you think? Not many among us here are aware of the very real, deadly, clear and present danger of Islamic fundamentalist extremism. I tried to reveal certain truths in posted links so all may be aware of the looming storm.

    The fanatic followers of the centuries old dogma have supporters(I call them fools) even in democratic countries. It is a universal premise that their own beliefs reveal intolerance against other beliefs. It follows that world major philosophies(and culture) are also not tolerated by the fundamentalist extremists. Free thought certainly does not exist in their world. The double standard of their apologists proves this.

    They are free to practice the violent tenets of their dogma in a free democracy. Most of them do so with impunity. It is true that the Philippine Constitution of 1987 allows free religious worship. But what if the dogma itself of one religion is intolerant of other religions? What if the dogma allows murder, acts of terror, heinous crimes and human rights violations?

    There are already schools of thought in the US who believe that a religion of violence, intolerance and conquest should be declared as in direct violation of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. I agree with them. This should extend to our Constitution as well.

    The supporters or apologists of the Islamic fundamentalist extremists want to make it appear through outright lies and lies of omission (see Taqiyya and Kitman) that it is a religion of peace. Yet those who criticize it pay the price with their lives.

    My point is… the Global Jihad war will continue in our world. I posted an article in Timawa military website. It was entitled: “Why the war will never end in Mindanao.” For revealing the truth I was removed and given rest. To this day I am against the creation of an Islamic Sub-State within the Philippine State. God help us all if the leadership and our people continue to be ignorant of the grave threat to our democracy and national survival.

    1. Hi Del Fuhrer,

      I agree with your comment.

      Specially this one:

      “The supporters or apologists of the Islamic fundamentalist extremists want to make it appear through outright lies and lies of omission (see Taqiyya and Kitman) that it is a religion of peace. Yet those who criticize it pay the price with their lives.”

      These non-Muslim apologists are the examples of people who believe in moral relativism doctrine (aka political correctness, cost and benefit morality).

      My rehash again –

      “For moral relativists, the concept of sin – sin is something that is primitively biblical.

      For moral relativists, UNFAIRNESS COMPELS ONE TO SIN. There is always a justification for one’s conduct.

      For most or some of them, Saddam, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung are not morally depraved murderers, but men driven to their immoral acts by the injustices by people whom they saw as superior to them.”

      These Islamist’s savageries and indiscriminate killings is justified because somebody has offended their religion. (And perhaps in Muslim’s bizarre world (IMO), a religious act is a license to do what pleases their religious belief.)

      I’ve read two comments in this post with that kind of context.

      The wrong what absolute moralists see as wrong based on Bible’s doctrine is right with moral relativists . And so with right which is wrong to them.

      1. Good day Trosp…

        “These Islamist’s savageries and indiscriminate killings is justified because somebody has offended their religion.”

        Centuries ago, a mere mortal human started to talk and set examples. By his words and deeds he became a prophet of Allah.

        These messages were reduced to writing. It is a dogma unlike any other in the world. Supremacy, intolerance, domination and conquest spread out from the middle east.

        With it the divine license to kill, pillage, deceive, torture, slavery, rape terror and other acts or omissions seen in modern times as heinous crimes, crimes against humanity and human rights violations.

        The tenets of the totalitarian theocracy are still being applied in global Jihad. Fear is the ends and the means. Fear is the tool used from the beginning and the end. When a believer kills the infidel he does so because it is written. The same applies when he tortures the infidel. In the final analysis fear is spread as a psych-war strategy with its end result producing submission. The fundamentalist extremists want the unbelieving world to fear them.

        The monsters(Saddam, etc.) you mentioned are strangers to morals or ethics. They are driven by power, domination, conquest and their own dark intellect of what the world should be like and how the order of things should be. Such has been their way since the dawn of civilization.

        Do we stand, fight or submit to tyranny in any form? The answer is a resounding no. The fight is not only in the battlefield but in government policy, direction and will. To do nothing in the face of tyranny is to embrace it and surrender all that is good and decent in humanity.

        1. Hi Der Fuhrer

          According to you:

          “The monsters(Saddam, etc.) you mentioned are strangers to morals or ethics. They are driven by power, domination, conquest and their own dark intellect of what the world should be like and how the order of things should be. Such has been their way since the dawn of civilization.”

          That is already a given.

          What I can’t understand are the Islamist’s apologists. They can always find justifications for this Islamist’s savageries. He he he, for political correctness’ sake.

          These lunatics, me talking as a non-Muslim, are born to destroy what other people has built. Have you seen anything that they have shared with modern?

          Heh, for Obama and his democRats, that controversial video has caused all the tragedies.

          And there is the political movie that Obama wanted to be shown before the US presidential election – the killing of Bin Laden.

          And once it hits the movie houses, I’m already cringing on the Islamist would be reaction.


        2. At least a good news:

          “Pakistani Islamist Dies From Inhaling Fumes Of Burning American Flags At Mohammed Film Protest…”

          A good tip for flag manufacturers in US of A!

  13. From the Philippine Star today:

    “Al-Qaeda orders more attacks vs US diplomats… “Cairo- Al-Qaeda’s most active branch in the Middle East called for more attacks on US embassies Saturday to “set the fires blazing,” seeking to co-opt outrage over an anti-Muslim film even as the wave of protests that swept 20 countries this week eased…”

    Looks like Al-Qaeda is using the anti-Muslim film as a propaganda tool to arouse the beast in every Islamic fundamentalist extremist. It is true that the Philippines has extremists and there might be fallout from the middle east.

    Despite the threat, “Malacanang assured yesterday foreign diplomats in the country that ambassadors and their embassies are safe from possible attacks by al-Qaeda in the wake of attacks on United States embassies in various countries. Deputy presidential spokes-person Abigail Valte said that Muslims in the country have always been law abiding citizens and the government does not expect violent incidents similar to the anti-US protests in the Middle East and other regions…”

    This is a cause for worry. One must remember that the Philippines is a close ally of the USA. Underestimating terror capability of fundamentalist extremists and smug complacency in the Philippine scenario is asking for trouble. Is Valte referring to all the Muslims as law-abiding or a segment or their population? Many still follow the terrorist dogma of the green book. Let us just hope and pray that another major major boo boo will not happen in the near future.

  14. Muslims, as we already know, are no strangers to violence especially if a provocation has something to do with their religion, Islam. But do they have to kill innocents just to express indignation? Do they have to kill and burn to demonstrate rage? Those are some of the questions I want to ask if we have a Muslim members here. Even a non-Muslim or sympathizer will do. The important thing is we get a concrete, clear and rational explanation why innocent bystanders and properties will have to be sacrificed by people whose grandeur and glory of their faith they want to celebrate. Why the lust for blood on something that can be settled by law or by civility?

    1. jona-s

      The followers of supremacist Islamic fundamentalist extremism have been known to murder unbelievers without provocation. Christian farmers, plantation workers and even women and children were killed in Mindanao. What commands them to kill innocent non-combatants? It is all written in the green book.

      May I suggest you click the link (second at the beginning of the post) to the religion of peace where you will find answers. The prophet of doom is also interesting. Read the Islamic quotes that command the believer to kill the unbeliever.

      Collateral damage(of innocents or properties) is acceptable in their tenets as long as you are an unbeliever. Research the Ipil Massacre(committed by elements of the MILF) on google.

        1. @jona-s

          This refers to the Ipil Massacre. After searching the internet… I found it. An old Philippine Star article.

          “It turned out that the 200 marauders had been a combined contingent of Abu Sayaff, MILF, and cadres of the so-called Moro National Liberation Front “lost command.”

          To think that some of the dull boys I talked to said that there is no cohesion within their organizations. Heck they even have a tactical alliance with the NPA in Mindanao. Muslims aid each other.

          Here is the old link…

  15. The greatest threat to freedom in the past was the Axis alliance(which included the Arabs) of the Second World War. The chilling scenario of what could have been still haunts many.

    Imagine a world divided among them. Mass purges done to purify the Aryan race. Conquered peoples allowed to live under their rule because they were not sub-human. The vision of the Nazis/fascists later on waging war against the sub-human Japanese was real. This included others who by reason of race inferiority cannot measure up to Aryan standards.

    Does it sound similar or familiar to what is happening today? Why did they not win? Because the free world fought back. It was a matter of national survival to those affected by the tyranny of fascism and Japanese ultra-nationalism/militarism. Better them than us.

    What will happen when the free world does nothing in their own territorial back yards? The Islamic fundamentalist extremist dogma is doing everything to uphold its divine teaching leading to supremacy over all beliefs. The battleground ( conventional and terrorist unconventional) is only one factor.

    The enemies of all free states have used democracy against democracy. War is deceit. Peace negotiations are an extension of the battlefield. Lies about true intentions and disposition are weapons. Deception and disinformation rule the day. Treachery rules.

    A case in point. The apologists and supporters of extremism in the USA invoke constitutional rights to respect the teachings of their religion. People reveal the truth(I am not referring to the video alone) about the dogma of violence and this triggers violent outbursts in the extremist world. Those who reveal the truth are persecuted(most are murdered as an example) and so-called leaders say they should be prosecuted. What about the cause and effect of their extremist dogma? Do leaders in the west have double standards or are they trying to appease tyranny? It is true. Freedom is being used by tyranny against freedom. Democracy is being used against democracy.

    In due time even countries like China will be directly threatened by fundamentalist extremist Islam. It would be interesting to note how they deal with an internal threat problem.

  16. @Der Fuhrer

    I’m speaking of your assailing your own ‘misunderstanding’ of the truth in the ‘green book’. Indeed the truth is there- there is such a verse of the sword and other commands as you say. However, these verses, if read alone without the accompanying context, then surely would lead to the understanding that it is commanding terrorism, and that is clearly your understanding of it.

    However, Muslims’ true understanding of those verses is quite the opposite of terrorism.

    Imagine the entire Muslim world misunderstood these verses the way you misunderstood it or the way any extremist does, the world would be in total chaos.

    It’s often known that Muslims are more practicing of their faith compared to other religions, they often pray five times a day compared to the number of Christians who attend mass on just Sundays, but that is not leading them to kill all unbelievers, or else you wouldn’t find Christians in Syria or anywhere because they would be killed by the Muslims- according to your understanding of the Qur’an.

    You say the commands are clear? Yes, literally, but you are obviously still lacking in your knowledge of Islam.

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