Now that Mar Roxas is DILG Secretary, Korina Sanchez is no longer credible as a ‘journalist’

Poor Korina Sanchez-Roxas. Her career as a “journalist” is practically in limbo for now. That’s because her husband Mar Roxas has now been appointed to the post of Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). That puts her alongside folks like Manuel L Quezon III who was once a trusted blogger but is now a senior officer in Malacañang’s communication machine. Thing with being an “opinion shaper” is that it is hard enough to convince people that you apply the most rigorous and independent thinking process in crafting the views you articulate and publish. The “unbiased” nature (whether perceived or actual) of a point of view is, after all, what supposedly gives said point of view much of its value. But when an opinion shaper becomes backdropped by a clear and present conflict-of-interest, out the window goes the value of that person’s opinion.

You then wonder now what the point would be in listening to what Korina has to say in her program “Rated Korina” on ABS-CBN-owned radio station dzMM. Her husband’s department, the DILG, is a powerful ministry that touches the lives of ordinary Filipinos far more intimately than any other administration department. It is unlikely that she will be saying anything on the program that will be critical of her husband or the DILG. But then she also has to be cautious when giving any credit to it — even if it is due. ABS-CBN, after all, is itself owned by clansmen that owe a lot to the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos.

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In short, Korina Sanchez-Roxas is now a washout. And that reality is evident in the latest imbroglio she is up to her neck to with Vice President Jejomar Binay. Binay is accusing Korina of precisely the scenario we paint above — reportedly using her position as a media personality to influence people’s perception of her husband…

Binay felt alluded to when Sanchez, in her radio program “Rated Korina” on Aug. 24 (dzMM), referred to those who had postured to become interior secretary before the appointment of Jesse Robredo in 2010 as “mga maiitim at maliliit na mga maligno (dark, little ghouls).”

According to Binay’s camp, Sanchez had said:

“Hindi ho ba kaya, noong wala pang DILG secretary ay maraming mga maiitim at maliliit na mga maligno ang siya pong naka-ano dyan, umaabang-abang para makuha po ang pwestong yan. Pero mabuti na lamang po, ay binasbasan po ng kaliwanagan ng pag-iisip ang ating pinuno na si P-Noy (Aquino) at si Secretary Robredo ang kanyang napili para dyan po manungkulan (Why is it when there was no DILG secretary, there were dark, little monsters who were on the lookout to get the position? But the good thing is, President Aquino has a clear mind that’s why he installed Secretary Robredo to head the department).”

In a letter of complaint to ABS-CBN network, which operates dzMM, and to the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas, Binay’s spokesperson, Joey Salgado, said Sanchez’ remarks “constitute a clear breach of broadcasting standards and ethics.”

He also accused Sanchez of “using her program and her stature in the network for personal and political ends.”

The next presidential race is still four years away but Mar Roxas and Binay who are both likely rivals in that next race to that lucrative Malacañang seat have already been at each other’s throats since the start of the Second Aquino Administration. Roxas, for his part has a lot to prove. He had to cede his presidential candidacy in the 2009-2010 presidential race to media and public darling Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III on account of that be-all-end-all political metric — winnability. But as Aquino’s running mate, he lost the Vice Presidency to Binay. Binay had also long expressed an interest in the affairs of the DILG owing to his experience in local government — a fact that comes relevant now, in the aftermath of the death of the late Jesse Robredo.

Whatever the case, Korina Sanchez is toast. Nothing that comes out of her mouth or her show will now ever be free of any Yellow shade — whether perceived or actual. She may as well bow out — at least while hubby is playing DILG Secretary.

46 Replies to “Now that Mar Roxas is DILG Secretary, Korina Sanchez is no longer credible as a ‘journalist’”

    1. That happens because the Pinoys no longer evaluate what they hear. They see someone is thinking for them, so they will not think anymore.

  1. Korina no longer credible as a journalist? I don’t think so.

    How can that be when people really don’t see Korina as in the league of a Conrado De Quiroz, Randy David, Solita Monsod, Neal Cruz, Fr. Bernas and other opinion makers whose forte is to seriously and critically examine and express opinions on the workings of the government as well as business and private sector.

    To me, she’s just a newsreader on a six’o clock news married to a politician. People really don’t value what Korina say or think about political issues. She’s more on the entertainment side of the biz. As far as I know, nothing in any of her shows touches politics seriously. And having observed her career, my thinking is, she’ll stay clear of political controversies as what she has been doing all these years.

    1. you are very very right.Now the truth comes out Korina vs. Cooperr. Cooper News is aaccurate it irks Korina because she doesn’t want accurte report.

  2. Korina again in the news it is better that she will stay with ABS-CBN untill the network milks the last centavo they can get out of her. In the meantime we just have to bear with her shenanigans, cheap antics, and nonsense garbage .

    1. Completely missing the point yet again dipshit. Where in this blog post does it mention gloria? You are obviously just posting random stupidity so STFU.

    2. Off-topic ka na naman. XD

      At least I’m all for cha-cha. The problem after all is the SYSTEM, not necessarily the people in it.

      Iyan ang hindi mo naintindihan. Hanga ako sa KATANGAHAN mo. XD

      1. The problem after all is the SYSTEM, not necessarily the people in it. – Daido Katsumi

        Mali, Daido, the problem is the people who abuses the system. The people who find loopholes in the system to facilitate their evil schemes.

        1. You’d both end in a “chicken or the egg, which came first” kind of
          vicious circle. It’s actually both the system and people that are the problem. I see the same pinoys who never stop at a red light at wee hours of the night in the Philippines would follow such rules when in another country, for example. The author, benign0, had used the term “culture” as something that encompasses all those elements or factors that define a people or society’s character. It’s this “culture” that needs to change for the better.

        2. You’d both end in a “chicken or the egg, which came first” kind of
vicious circle. – Felipe

          I don’t think so. Systems are creation of man. They do not exist by themselves. They do not act, they do not think and they do not decide.

        3. The system is flawed to begin with so it was abused by the people in it. – Daido

          It doesn’t make sense. If the system is flawed, don’t you think correction or amendment is the answer to make it right? Obviously, abusing a flawed system is not the answer nor reason for casting blame.

          If according to you people abused a ‘flawed’ system, then, it’s the people who are at fault. Why resort to abuse when you can change, repeal or completely discard a flawed system to make it right?

        1. @mario
          D kasi niya matanggap na talagang retarded talaga siya kaya sulpot ng sulpot dito kahit natatalo at napapahiya lang. Desperado siguro makaabot agad sa quota kaya post ng post ng kabobohan.

        2. @ mario gonzales
          It is an honest mistake, it is paste and copy comment during 2010 election..Time that pnoy brandishing the word FOI to cover up of not attending the political debate and win

    3. Ikaw talaga, fishy, type mo yata si GMA ano? You must be familiar with the saying, “the more you hate, the more you love!” harharharharhar!!!!!

  3. We have malignos…we have Kapres…we have white ladies…in our politics. I don’t like Binay, who cuddled with Drug Mules. I don’t like even Roxas, who did not do anything, except become a husband of Korina Sanchez. Both are YellowTards…
    We encourage, other leaders, who are better to come out to seek the Presidency. These Trapos have proven themselves. They cannot perform.

    1. @Hyden Toro
      Binay kurakot during Cory but become VP despite the demolition atempt and now it’s back again like a copy and paste.Yellow people don’t realized ,The more U bombard the dark bader with “tsismiss” the more people love him because they think Dark bader was a victim of a vicious LP propaganda survey courtesy of blue ribbon committee.. thank’s to Trillanes ,Cayetano the NP sipsip to LP

      1. @Magsasaka:

        That is why, we will always have corrupt Politician. Because, we elect them.
        Demolition Job did not really work on Dark Vadher…the useless Trillanes and the “sipsip” Cayetano cannot even make a “dent” on Dark Vadher…

        Maybe Aquino is now scratching his Bald Head…
        How do I know, if this is just a Political Zarzuela?

  4. Credibility springs from speaking the truth in reporting. If one is credible that person’s integrity is intact, so that the public will surely listen to that person. Of opinions people make, gone are the days where people would just easily be swayed with what is being spoken. Only liars and wolves in sheep’s skin will ultimately show their real colors because they could never hide the truth. Kahit pasanto-santo ka kung talagang demonyo ang pinanggalingan ng udyok, talagang lalabas ito parang the kiss of Judas. Ngayon pa na ang opinions madaling ma-refute dahil sa interactive media like internet. Kawawa naman, napaka-shallow.

    1. @tina
      Korina as First Lady (Matapobre) now will level up from tsinelas to local built shoes (Medyas not included) At least we enjoy some part of the trillion taxpayer money before it dissafear from thin air.

  5. I know that Korina knows something that is closely guarded secret. She can’t contain anymore how jesse robredo was killed. This little maligno made it sure that dilg will be his. And now,it was given to mar. So it’s like a slap on the face of the maligno. So what he is doing now is to find loopholes of korina so he’ll have the last laugh. Funny manipulative he is. The binay regime it is.

  6. BenignO do you ever have any positive statements to make in your articles about your country? Do you always see the half empty glass? How about trying to find something positive to write about, say about 1 positive article for every 20 negative articles, do you think you could see something positive that is worth writing about?

    1. @Tom Solski
      Talking in behalf of Benigno..Even myself don’t feel any changes since this abnoy was in power. try to replay all his SONA speech,they are all junk and untrue. Sugar coated accomplishment only coming from his dumbass mouth but no proof.The most stupid stunt he did is,he himself investigate the explosion on taguig instead the of proper channel. Conflict of interest HAH!

  7. Korina and Mar..stop the foolishness….we ( the filipino )..feed up of ue sarcastic as if u r concerned but in rality ur not..!!! ut just after of our votes in 2016….!!!! stop this mediocratic drama…!!!


  9. Wow nmn kung mkapanglait.. Kala mo kung sino.. Namumugbog pa ng kasambahay.. Maganda ugali sa harap ng camera pro sobrang sama ng ugali nmn sa likod ng camera..

    1. @Yolanda
      Ikaw na ang maging matapobre, astig yan ha!
      Baka pag natalo si korina ( Mar) ay ni Bakya ay baka di na siya mamigay

  10. How can this aspiring first lady be credible in her reporting..she is just mere news reader …an established maid beater and using her stature for her husband’s political career in a network that is dictated by a trained PSP player who always uses his fingers…this aspiring first lady should be shelve from the media industry for her self serving reportage

  11. Here you go! Just as what I’ve also expected. Doesn’t have the brain to think first before saying in national television na “sana sa Japan na lang mapunta bagyo dahil…”

    There goes our future “first-lady” with poor foreign relations

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