‘Honorable’ Pwede na yan mentality back fires!

The BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS WEBSITE at http://www.bsp.gov.ph HAS BEEN HACKED! This is what our government gets when our legislators dare pass a cybercrime bill that’s impotent!

Screencap reads:

As of posting, 4 government websites  had been hacked by #AnonymousPhilippines in less than an hour.

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Anonymous Philippines

The Philippine Government has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Freedom of Expression in the Philippines.The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is the most notorious act ever witnessed in the cyber-history of the Philippines, and the language of the bill is cunningly designed to make you think it only applies to individuals who are deep in cyber-technology and doesn’t apply to everyone, but some part of the bill basically says it can imprison anyone whocommits libel either by written messages, comments, blogs, or posts in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other comment-spaces of other social media in the Internet.New technologies give us new opportunities to connect with a lot of people not only in this country but all over the world. They can also provide us with a medium through which our political, public and even private views can have an immediate and direct impact on individuals, communities and even countries. It is just so disappointing that our government, in adopting our 80-year-old antiquated libel laws to the Cybercrime Law, again seems to have retarded our march with the rest of the world with respect to giving full force to the people’s freedom of expression.

We ask for a revision of the said bill for the betterment of the Filipino denizens.

Protect our Right to Freedom of Expression!

busabos | Anonymous Butuan | PrivateX | #pR.is0n3r
Lo0p th3 Lo0p | l4stl00k | Blackrain | Anonymous Manila


Our Kung Fu isn’t good enough yet our legislators dare pass a cybercrime bill that’s impotent! Short term solution to hacked servers? Put in place a Geo-Lookup but this blocks all visitors originating from a certain locality. The long term solution,  set up a reverse proxy to filter DDoS attacks.

Were those congressmen and senators who voted for the passage of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012,  even know that a DDoS attack is almost impossible to trace because of its distributed nature? Is the reason for rushing this “hilaw” law an effort to cover their backs?

The insertion of the “libel” provision of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, just reeks of “pwede na yan” mentality:

“(4) Libel. – The unlawful or prohibited acts of libel as defined in Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended committed through a computer system or any other similar means which may be devised in the future.”

Libel is a crime against honor as defined by law, but how would one measure honor especially with a politician whose got not much to show for except that protocol address as “Honorable” Senator Kumag, “Honorable” congressman Buwaya, “Honorable” Councilor Epal and so on and so forth.

And how would one define what is malicious online? Would the literary style of Professional Heckler, be defined as one? If one is aware of what parodies are , then that’s how one will take it. Just take this hilarious excerpt during the impeachment trial:

“Presiding Officer Kris Aquino (PO Kris):
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate and our beloved countrymen,

Today, we begin to perform a solemn task that the sovereign people, through the Constitution they ordained, have reposed upon us, the Senators of the Republic. We convene as a body of jurors to try and render judgment on the… Gosh this is too serious. Can we just shorten this opening statement? Masyadong mahaba eh, sayang ang oras! May shoot pa ko later tonight. Basta pangako ko, I’ll be fair kahit brother ko ang presidente. Kung ayaw n’yong maniwala, care bears! Aha-ha-ha. ‘Yon na ‘yon! Care Bears! Introduce na lang yourselves. Sige na. Wait, para maka-relate ang viewers, ‘yong prosecution, Team Edward sila. ‘Yong defense, Team Jacob naman, ok? Let’s have Team Edward first. Go!”
(source: http://professionalheckler.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/presiding-officer-kris-aquino/)

Should it be the Professional Hecklers’ problem, if some “educated” people just can’t get a literary style and would rather take it personally?

Most of all, how would “Proof of the truth” be established? What amount of pinging an I.P. would secure a sure information? A subpoena isn’t enough to confirm if an account was hacked and the owner of a said account is indeed liable for a libelous post. Would most Public Attorneys go to such extreme to defend a client just to prove innocence? I wonder if those in the judiciary who voted for this law are even knowledgeable of the difference between a DoS and DDoS?

Yet another face palm on the legislative branch.

What’s the ulterior motive on EXPEDITING the CYBERCRIME LAW when the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT is what is most needed for that elusive “Tuwid na daan”?

So please, Filipino citizens, I IMPLORE YOU, 2013 is coming – STOP ELECTING politicians who are more dependent on their staff for work mandated to them. LET US PUT A STOP TO MEDIOCRACY.




10 Replies to “‘Honorable’ Pwede na yan mentality back fires!”

  1. Posts like this make me restore my faith in this country. And it should be “facepalm”.

    Time to fight back and reclaim our freedom of expression online.

    1. Thank you Markus, I am wishing for a better Kung Fu since all that had happened was that index files were overwritten. The hackers just injected SQL into the database. Why not go Peer-to-peer, better yet orchestrate a DDoS attack to put that law on a break in.


    Mas marami ang mga botanteng uto-uto, mang-mang, walang pinag-aralan. bakit mas marami sila? isa po ako doon walang pinag-aralan pero alam ko ang mga pangyayari.

    para manatili ang mas nakararaming mga uto-uto at mang-mang kailangan ng mas mataas o mahal na edukasyon.

    Noon kontrolado ng Pangulo ang korporasyon, Ngayon Kontrolado ng Korporasyon ang pangulo. at hindi lang pangulo ang kinokontrol kundi ang buong bansa na.

    1. Sapul na sapul mo Magbubukid!
      Eto na nga ba ang kinakatakot ko eh, nasabi ko na sa isang post na itong batas na ito ay prone to abuse by those in power, eto na:

      “Sharing content, or even just clicking the ‘Like’ button on Facebook, may be grounds for libel under the recently enacted Cybercrime Prevention Act. But Senator Teofisto Guingona III said Thursday the law is so broad and vague it isn’t clear who can or should be sued.”

  3. I see the positive things if there is a law concerning the cyberspace but if it tramples free speech then I think we need to shout and say SCREW YOU BASTARDS!

  4. Passing of the Cybercrime Law is one of the obvious evidence that majority of Filipinos don’t really have the discreet ability to “think things through” or the dominant few of the lawmakers cannot do good things for the good of the country and its people without putting up front their personal interests.
    Cybercrime Law just like all the other Philippines laws and local government ordinances perhaps was passed having in mind that there would never be any serious monitoring on its discreet imposition, except on few and selective people and purely personal intentions. For example, if somebody murders anybody in front of a law enforcer will only stay in jail within the legal detention period then go free just like nothing ever happened because “nobody filed a complaint against the perpetrator”. Political leaders and government officials never go to jail as mandated by the law for any crime committed, and go away with all the money they’ve plundered from the government coffers, without any consequences at all, despite of the obvious results of senate/congress investigations and hearings made public.
    “Conflict of interest” is prohibited under the law specifically for any government officials and employees to engage in other profession or jobs while still employed. However, Vilma Santos, Senator Bong Revilla and so many others even appear on television and theaters for their movies and commercial endorsements!
    Police manning the check points for car thieves never check private cars because they are scared. Their courage are limited only to the poor, and easy prey motorcycle owners.
    For the poorer level people of the Philippines society, which comprises the majority, nothing ever concerns them except what they can put into their individual mouths for even just the next meal. As for those who have more intellect and concern for the country, perhaps this law and any other laws should not be of great alarm and concern in the Philippines justice system – because no laws and ordinances are ever seriously imposed and monitored in this country, for the reason that there’s no extra income for the law enforcers to do that.
    It’s sad to say this, but perhaps this is a dead serious fact?

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