Villafuerte and Robredo, What’s in a name?

Asking the widow of Sec. Robredo to run under the Yellow banner as senator in a time of grieving was already unpalatable, but a tweet that is politically charged since it bore the #Villafuerte name was just the call to detonate the bomb.

“Julio Villafuerte, son of Camarines Sur Governor LRay Villafuerte and grandson of Rep. Luis R. Villafuerte, Sr., used social networking site Twitter to question the long national mourning for Robredo.

Allow me to answer the Villafuerte tweet, “No legacy is so rich as honesty”, some wisdom from William Shakespeare.
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“Been reading Jess Robredo tweets for weeks now. Someone please inform me of any major accomplishments Jess has done, coz I don’t know any,” the young Villafuerte said.

“Neil Armstrong’s name was all over twitter for 2 days when he died. Jess Robredo’s name has been on for weeks when he died. #whatsupwiththat,” he said in another tweet.

He later deleted the tweets but Netizens saved screencaps of Villafuerte’s posts.”


As much as netizens would want to give the younger Villafuerte the benefit, that was just too much to ask, given that he is a Villafuerte himself, a name that was recently tagged as the antagonist to the much deserved appointment of Robredo to the DILG post. What most do not know is that, the name has been synonimous to “trapo” and apathy, what with Camarines Sur being one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines since 1986 regardless of the CamSur tourism hype!

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. People see what they want to see and read what they want to read. #powerofsocialmedia,” tweets Lori Villafuerte in defense of her nephew.

Exactly! What people saw in her nephew’s tweet was what netizens perceive politicians to be.
Vile and uncouth!

The assault on thinking Filipino netizens just keeps on coming with so many politicians riding on the good name of Robredo. The death of of the DILG secretary seen as an opportunity for electioneering.

Allow me to answer the Villafuerte tweet, “No legacy is so rich as honesty”, some wisdom from William Shakespeare.

Robredo depsite his years in office was a dedicated public servant unlike many politicians who spend taxpayers’ money on themselves rather than on their constituents.

Robredo is a simple man, that despite his years in office can afford to mingle without much security detail.

His name may not be found in any grandiose tourism spot but you see, such isn’t a feat if it doesn’t dwell in the hearts of many. #Robredo is now the epitome of humility and sincerity, the template for a public servant!

The greatest legacy is that which benefits many, for the longest period without limit and without a price.


6 Replies to “Villafuerte and Robredo, What’s in a name?”

  1. Sec. Robredo has lived the standard of a sincere public servant who never saw politics as source of profits. Villafuerte just made themselves popular with the watersports facilities in Camarines Sur. Of course, politicians prefer infrastructure projects where they can earn from 60% to 80% of the total amount of the project.

    Neil Armstrong whose name was mentioned by Julio Villafuerte when he compared the length of tweets with that of Sec. Jesse, has served his purpose in life as an astronaut.

    Nevertheless, both Neil Armstrong and Sec. Jesse Robredo are members of our mighty service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.

  2. Family probably has something personal against Robredo. Otherwise, they’re just playing devil’s advocate for its own sake, which is really stupid.

  3. Robredo’s death is being used as a political tool by the Aquinos. They use death to gain sympathy of voter. And extol the virtues of the dead person. This they believe, that, their association with the dead person; will extol their own virtues and accomplishments, also…

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