Pinoys give SOS another meaning

Haring habagat – this is the name that some people on Facebook are throwing around to call the latest series of torrential rains that has besieged Metro Manila. Habagat refers to the southwest monsoon experienced by the Philippines every year. The total volume of rainfall from this incidence has seemingly exceeded that of Ondoy in 2009. Plus, it brought schools, and trading, to a standstill; it even prompted Malacañang to compel the private sector to suspend all operations on August 7. The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) didn’t take too kindly to that, though, but that’s another story.

Yet one would think by now that we as a people would have learned our lesson on how to handle and deal with typhoons. No, they still wreak the same havoc. They still flood our streets just the same. Many people are still displaced. The citizens go about throwing their trash just about everywhere as if nothing happened. The much needed infrastructure hasn’t been built, and urban planning has been proceeding at a glacial pace, if indeed there’s any.

[Photo courtesy A1Social.]

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And Pinoys, as predictable as they are, send the SOS distress signal and cry for help every time this happens. They ask for everyone to rise to the call of “Bayanihan” to help others in need. They ask for donations of clothes, food, anything that will help the victims immediately. They ask for prayers that the rain will stop, etc.

It is precisely the prevalence and ease of these band-aid solutions which gives a whole new meaning to SOS, when it comes to Pinoys:

Same old shit

Underneath it all, though, are the underlying issues that are seemingly ignored by such “valiant displays” of aid: the Pinoys’ lack of discipline in garbage disposal, the lack of infrastructure needed to address problems associated with rain, the lack of urban planning, and the lack of a proactive approach to mitigating the effects of rainstorms.

It was also appalling, to say the least, that there were tweets linking the heavy rains to the Reproductive Health bill. Believe it or not, these people, in their “fit of wisdom”, declared that the heavens are crying because of the RH bill. It is God’s punishment, quote unquote. And there was even a trending topic on social media marking a coincidence between the date of August 7, 2012 (8/7/12) to a verse in the Bible – Genesis 8: 7-12. Your mileage may vary; some people were offended, some were mildly amused. I just think it’s simply stupid. I’ll never get tired of saying that every time I think Pinoy stupidity has reached its maximum depth, it digs the hole deeper yet again.

Where was President Benigno Simeon Aquino III (PNoy) during all this time? On August 7, he was spotted at the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRMMC) monitoring the effects of the rains. Reportedly last June, he was seen cruising the Pasig and Marikina rivers in a speedboat while checking on the status of several flood mitigation projects.

The other side to PNoy’s story is that his administration had cancelled several projects also aimed at flood control and mitigation that were started during the term of President Arroyo. Never mind that he had no alternatives in place immediately after he cancelled them. Never mind that he was chiding flood victims who were supposedly making it hard for rescuers to do their job. After the meeting at NDRMMC, he was also quoted as saying that Filipinos supposedly feel more secure now. Secure from what, exactly? Only the President knows. Definitely we’re not more secure than we were under Ondoy; in fact it is more than apparent that both the Philippine government and the Filipino people have failed to learn their lesson once again from past experiences. Miserably.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, look at this photo and tell me what you see. It looks like PNoy handing out relief goods along with his allies, doesn’t it? I just hope it isn’t more of the papogi and epal type that has all but become the norm for politicians here in the Philippines.

So once again, expect to hear people saying that the destruction wrought by this tentatively named Haring Habagat should serve as a wake-up call to us. Yet are we going to ignore it, like we did with previous similar events? We’ve had Ondoy, Pedring, and Sendong to learn from. Where are the results?

If this is a wake-up call, Filipinos seemingly would rather hit the alarm button and go back to sleep than face the music.

Indeed, Filipinos will keep sending the SOS distress signal for many years to come, and we expect some sort of Prince charming to come and take us away from all our troubles. We even expect him to do the cleaning up for us!

The reality remains: as long as we keep doing the same old stupidity, Mother Nature will keep coming back at us even harder.

Indeed, Filipinos are insane.

87 Replies to “Pinoys give SOS another meaning”

  1. I love how our fearless President is so presumptuous that people feel better about his watch. I am sure the poor victims had him foremost on their minds. Some people still see this dipstick as a leader.

      1. Hate to break it to you Fishball. Your kuya Noy was never a leader. He is not a leader and never will be a leader. He is a first class WIMP. Never stood up for anything in his life.

  2. Whew! You hit it sir! Anyway, I still can’t imagine why the hell Metro Manila is still vulnerable on a major flooding. In fact, it worsened after Ondoy. I guess this is also a high time to question where our taxes are joyfully spent on.

  3. Dear FallenAngel, Benign0, Ilda and all so called Realists,

    Filipinos need your help now! Please take a break from all this negativity and contact a Philippine charity of your choice and provide a monetary contribution as soon as possible.

    I have been praying and Jesus told me that these floods have been caused by a lack of faith. God is not pleased with the RH Bill which goes against the sanctity of life.

    To appease the wrath of God (a wrath so rightfully displayed in many instances in the Bible) we must join together and pray that our politicians do the right thing and stop this unholy RH Bill. We are doing another prayer rally this Sunday at the Greenbelt Starbucks where we shall join hands, speak in tongues, and call upon the power of Christ to change the hearts and minds of our politicians so they will have the power to resist the evil and satanic RH movement.

    God bless you all and may he have mercy on all your souls.

    1. I would rather call upon the power of God to grant Filipinos a working brain, and the wisdom and discretion in using it, padre.

      Ma as-salama

    2. Dear Pastor Ernie

      What makes you say that GRP is being negative? We are so positive that had you and others like you started following our advice a few years ago, the Philippines could have been in a much better place right now. And what makes you think that we are not contributing to charity? Please refrain from making too many assumptions about us and what we do and don’t do.

      See you at Starbucks! NOT.

      1. Sister Ilda,

        If you have already donated to charity then you have my greatest thanks. Your solidarity with your countrymen is what makes me PROUD to be a Filipino.

        If you have not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior yet, please do so. I really like you and I don’t want you to burn in hell forever. This not an opinion, this is a fact.

        My source? The Bible, which is the infallible word of God, of course.

        John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

        God Bless you Ilda. Please don’t ever every forget John 14:6. Whenever you see a church or meet a Christian, remember John 14:6. John 14:6 is the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

        1. Dear Pastor Ernie

          Most Filipinos are already experiencing hell on earth right now. They do not have to wonder what it is like to be in the hell the Bible is talking about.

        2. Pastor Ernie, you sound very much like the Pharisee in The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18:9-14) by condemning Ilda and, probably, the other readers to “burn in hell forever”.

          And, because you use the word “pastor” in front of your name, I invoke Matthew 7:15 on you, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves”.

        3. @ImPastor Ernie

          There is nothing in these bible verses that say anything about the flooding in Manila. I have a question, should charitable organizations receive donations from anyone, even criminals and low-life scum? There is wisdom in the Bible, it seems that Pastor Ernie never learned how to find those particular passages.

          Luke 6:48

          48 They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built.

        1. Yeah, I’ve seen this guy before. It was only a matter of time before someone else read his comment and reacted more passionately.

          Sorry, I just can’t stand delusional cultists

    3. @Pastor Ernie: TROLL. BTW, are you Ptr. Ernie Abella who is now a cultist with the SOAR teaching

      I’m a Christian but I’m for helping others. But IGNORANCE can never be tolerated. I’m for the RH Bill. It’s more on political than spiritual. You’re no different from FUNDAMENTALLY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE like those Catholic priests. Get my drift? Man, you’re totally HYPOCRITICAL calling the RH bill supporters are ‘evil and satanic.’ Ugh.

      God bless you and He may have mercy on your soul. Let the Lord set you free from your HYPOCRISY.

      1. Daido,

        Ask yourself why did Noah have to build an ark? Was it not because God wanted to drown all the evil men and save only the righteous? Can we not see these floods as a warning from God that we have gone astray? Even if you do not believe that RH Bill is evil, you cannot deny that the human race is losing its soul to Satan’s materialistic trap. Everyone wants to have an I-pad/I-phone but people forget that Steve Jobs is a hardcore buddhist who does not believe in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. For this Steve Jobs is certainly burning in hell right now (the Bible states clearly that only through Jesus Christ can one attain salvation) but our youth still worship him as a “visionary” and for what exactly? So they can download useless apps while millions of our brothers and sisters are starving every day.

        Brother Daido, why don’t join us all in prayer now. Let us pray that the people in the world realize that there is only ONE way to salvation and that is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

        John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

        God bless and may the WORLD finally realize that ONLY JESUS can save your soul.

        1. Yep, and in Genesis 8:21 God said He won’t be sending another great flood.

          Maybe you should read and understand the nuances of the Bible more and interpret it literally less, pastor. Because I believe that God is accepting of anyone regardless of their religion. I believe He’d rather welcome a good, well-meaning non-Christian to heaven than a self-righteous, self-serving “believer” that condemns non-Christians like you.

          Regarding “Satan’s materialistic trap”, maybe you should tell that to the various religious denominations and organizations. If I remember correctly, they are among the rich and elite of this country. The Catholic Church alone owns about P18 billion worth of stocks, shares and properties.

          All of this is coming from a believer of Christ.

        2. Read Revelations Teabag?

          Ah who is stupid now?

          The world WILL end and it wont be pretty. Only those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be saved. I suggest that you let Jesus into your heart if you have not already done so.

          God bless.

        3. I already have Jesus in my heart, Brother Ernie. But can you please explain why did God give us a BRAIN? Of course, to THINK. To THINK what is right and wrong. Comment on Steve Jobs all you want, but you’re more EVIL than those youth who admired him because you’re becoming too judgmental. And you’re calling me, an RH Bill supporter as ‘evil and satanic’? Wow, what a hypocrite!

          TBH, Dr. Rodrigo Tano was appointed as commissioner of Popcom and he has expressed support for the said bill, stating it’s more on the political side. Now, I wanna ask you: why God created LAW?

          Sorry, Brother Ernie. But I can pray for you to turn away from your sins and return to God. Because as of now, I’m not talking to a pastor. I’m talking to a CONSPIRACY THEORIST. Jesus is the ONLY WAY for salvation, but faith without works is dead! So how can God deal with anti-intellectual pricks like yourself? I’m sure that God is disappointed on what you’re doing because instead of doing God’s work, you’re just wasting your time, glorifying stupidity and mediocrity, using religion as a medium. Hello, Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP.

          Come and join me in prayer. Let God set you free from the chains of ARROGANCE, SELFISHNESS and CLOSE-MINDEDNESS.

          “For a time will come when they will not listen to wholesome instruction, but will overwhelm themselves with teachers to suit them with whims and tickle their fancies, and they will turn from listening to the truth and wander off after fictions.” -2 Tim. 4:3-4

        4. Daido,

          That doesn’t change the fact that Steve Jobs is burning in hell (if you believe in the Bible).

          John 14:6 Baby!

          God bless.

        5. @Pastor Ernie: Like me, he wouldn’t accept his offer because Teabag is a believer. YOU should be the one who should do that.

          Yes, it’s good to be a Christian. But we are against IGNORANCE. And you’re uplifting it.

          @Teabag: I agree. Christianity is more like a RELATIONSHIP, not religion.

        6. @Pastor Ernie: Do I give a damn about it? I’ll hand him to the Righteous Judge!

          I just hope that your usage of John 14:6 is not meant for trolling, baby!

          God bless. 😛

        7. Daido,

          I did a text search of the Bible for the phrase “let God be God” and it does not exist.

          You can’t make Bible shit up man. That’s not cool. In fact, that is blasphemy. Please, stick to scripture.

          God bless.

        8. Just a side comment. You were saying that ONLY JESUS can save our souls, then how about the rest of humanity who believes in Allah? Just thinking out loud.

      2. Hi Daido Katsumi,

        though this was posted a year ago, I’d just like to clear the name of my dad, Ernie Abella. He’s not this Pastor Ernie who has been commenting here religiously (pardon my label).

        Happy Holidays 🙂


      1. Do you deny the Steve Jobs is a devout buddhist?

        Simple logic:

        Statement: Buddhists do not accept Jesus as their exclusive Lord and Savior.

        Statement: If you believe in John 14:6 and that the Bible is the Word of God then all buddhists are not saved.

        Statement: Steve Jobs is a Buddhist and there is not saved (burning in hell).

        So Please Teabag, with LOGIC, argue against the above.

        Your only way of disproving any of the above is:

        1. Stating that the Bible is WRONG

        2. Stating that Steve Jobs lied and really did accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

        So which one is it?

        1. LOL. You speak of logic yet use faith as a basis. Okay, by your logic, Hitler (yes I went there) is in heaven since he hated and killed the Jews and recognized God.

          Maybe you should learn what is logical debating first.

          And why is Jobs even mentioned here?

        2. Do you have proof that Hitler accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior?

          On the other hand, it is well documented that Steve Jobs is a devout buddhist. So I have proof that he did not accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

          That’s all you got? C’mon please do better.

        3. @Pastor Ernie: Does Teabag give a crap if Steve Jobs is a buddhist and if you have proof that he went to hell? What he cares is that you’re just wasting your time and Jobs wasn’t even mentioned in this article. Red herring perhaps?

          TROLL HARDER. You can do better than that.

        4. Next time you want to buy an I-Pad an I-Phone, or any other Apple Product, remember the person behind that is burning in hell.

          Other people burning in hell:
          1. Ghandi (really nice guy but worshipped the wrong God)
          2. Albert Einstein
          3. All the Native Americans that Europeans could not convert and had to be killed so that they could take their land.
          4. All African children dying of diseases whose parents are of the wrong religion
          5. All intelligent life that may exist in the 500 billion+ solar systems of our Galaxy that didn’t accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Multiply this by the many billions of other Galaxies that comprise our galactic cluster alone and you get into some seriously big numbers.

          Ain’t John 14:6 brilliant brother?

          It makes you feel really special doesn’t it? It certainly makes me feel like a VIP.

          God bless.

        5. @Pastor Ernie: This is the wrong place and the wrong time that you would say that. Red herring much.

          It speaks more of your ARROGANCE. Only cultists will boast on this. True Christians like myself will just stay in humbleness and say ‘Let God be God’. Just keep sharing the Gospel and that’s it.

          Thanks to you, we’re now just getting off-topic. Red herring much?

          God bless.

        6. I did a text search of the Bible for the phrase “let God be God” and it does not exist.

          You can’t make Bible shit up man. That’s not cool. In fact, that is blasphemy. Please, stick to scripture.

          God bless.

        7. And you’re taking out the context very wrong. It’s more like another term for “Let God’s will be done.” Which it makes sense

          Uplifting ARROGANCE is more like blasphemy if you ask me. So please change your perspective in reading Scripture because you’re just using it for trolling.

          God bless.

    4. they will not listen to you because they are already paid by friends and family of Gloria to destroy the Philippines and the Aquino administration.

      1. Fishball,

        Do you have evidence that they are paid by friends of GMA? If so, please do share.

        If not, then do you expect me, a 1st Class Christian to believe in hearsay?

        God bless.

        1. God has blessed Fishball with a job in Malacanang. A nice Apple computer and a nice boss , the Minister of Propaganda.

        2. @ Pastor Ernie, first class christian, or so you claim. Just what drugs are you on anyway? It is the like of you that cults are started, with your kind of extreme form of faith. You cant even help to boast and brag. Please refrain from doing such as it demeans the title pastor. Interpreting the bible literally can make your life hell. And you are a pastor (or you claim to be) spreading your “wisdom” to your congregation, and also you claim that God has talked to you? Lo and behold, hallelujah! Now I dont really know what will become of your so called congreagtion, for me its more like a cult.

        3. Joel,

          Have you been to a Born Again “worship” recently? Almost EVERYONE speaks directly to JESUS dude. They get “messages” all the time. If you don’t believe me, you should go more often and ask them if Jesus has “spoken” to them.

          If you are not blessed to be “spoken” to by Jesus, like we are, then you should try praying harder brother.

          God bless.

        4. @Pastor Ernie: Ahh, “Born Again”? No wonder that I can lose respect because they’re very judgmental and close-minded. Buko ka na.

          What I have seen, those who belong to the “Born Again” denomination are composed of ultra-religious, self-righteous pricks. Always full of themselves.

    5. Well, if you want to talk negativity, then the Bible is full of it. The Bible says that unless we put our faith in Christ, we would die in our sins and face the wrath of God. RH is a political issue, have you heard the Lord commanded His apostle to go out into the world and get involve in political debates? He commanded us to go out into the world and preach the Gospel, and the Gospel is about Christ dying for our sins. The Bible even commanded its faithful to respect the authorities and law of the land. Goodness, pastor, I may not be a pastor, I did not even went to Bible school, but, by the grace of God, I was able to understand the Bible (though I hardly practice what it teaches, I know I failed the Lord too many times, and I am not blaming anyone for it). That’s why I didn’t vote for Eddie Villanueva, because that is not what Christian leaders were supposed to do. I am tired of hearing supposedly Christian leaders, trying to rally their followers. If you have studied Christian history, would early Christians do what we are currently doing today? They were discreet yet they were still fed to the lions! Please, go back to reading and preaching the Bible and stop getting involve in political non-sense. We are not being punished by God because of the RH bill, this is more of our faults. We should stop blaming other things for our own miseries, lest we sound like Eve when she blamed the serpent for disobeying God’s command. Peace.

      1. Tonybac, pagpalain ka ng Panginoon sa comment mo!

        True Christians should look for God’s Word, not to rely on fancies and fictions. He should never be called a pastor if he keeps up that kind of attitude.

        And… church leaders should never get involved into politics. My dad is a pastor yet he knows much about politics but never ought to run for public office because he knows that he is God’s servant, as he even knows the fact that politics in this country sucked. And he never even voted for Eddie Villanueva as much as I am because ministers have more higher responsibility than to have a position in government.

        Just take a look at South Korea. Even government officials have great respect for ministers because if the former served the people, the latter served God.

    6. I’m not an atheist, but you premise “Jesus told me that these floods have been caused by a lack of faith. God is not pleased with the RH Bill which goes against the sanctity of life.” is TOTALLY ABSURD.

      Do you think if you abolish the RH Bill then floodings will stop in Luzon forever or such? Come on man! Your F Logic amuses me “Pastor”.

  4. God helps them which helps themselves (God has
    faith in mankind to do the right thing but the
    “government” for the people that have been tasked with “protect and serve”, public health, and safety have put themselves first for too long–wake up pinoys or die!

    NOTICE: URBAN RENEWAL PHASE ONE REPORT BY MMDA was due to be released to the public by
    last May….(Greenprint 2030) but the department refused to publish it on the internet and from my last phone call I was told that each person that may be interested in the subject needs to go down to the offices and make a formal written request, then pay a reproduction fee, wait (or I guess they will mail it to you) at the office….
    this is the example of “more transparent”
    government…..and the MMDA refuses in taking down the greenprint 2030 kick off party luncheon….!

    1. Wow! Another way to earn money for them, eh?
      Goodness! They cannot even properly setup the barricades for PUVs in commonwealth.

  5. minana lang natin yan kay gloria. mas mababa sana ang epekto ng pagbaha kung ginamit ang pondo ng tama at hindi derecho sa bulsa.

    1. Fishball,

      Jesus didn’t say he can walk on water, Jesus FUCKING WALKED ON WATER.

      If you want people to believe your GMA theories, you gotta show us something dude.

      God bless.


        Oh wait. Akala ko ba isa kang pastor? Ganyan din ba ang pagsermon mo sa harap ng mga nagsisimba sa misa? Proof that you’re like Padre Damaso katoliban.

  6. True Christians are like this: they love the Lord their God with all of their hearts; those who have passion for the Lord and compassion for people. They took their relationship to God seriously and they even read the Bible and never did stupid things like interpreting it literally but helpful things like reading the whole context, study it, pray, and take it to heart.

    I suspect Pastor Ernie is more like a fraud. He can’t even state his full name, credentials or his denomination. Just another selfish, insensitive bastard who uses tha name of God to sugarcoat everything.

      1. Then you’re still keeping up with your ARROGANCE AND CLOSE-MINDEDNESS. At least I never treated Christianity as a religion. And you can’t even prove to me if you are fraud or not.

        How sad.

        God bless.

      1. Please join us at the Greenbelt Starbucks this Sunday where we will join hands, speak in tongues and pray for Jesus to enter the hearts of all non-Christians in the Universe (all galaxies covered).

        Can we agree on that?

        1. So what kind of event was that? Can you please show us a poster so we can believe you?

          We will never go there unless it was a trap. And hey, why Starbucks? It shoudl be a bigger venue!

          Am I right, fraud?

        2. If you haven’t been to a Starbucks prayer meeting then you are probably not the type of Christian I hang out with.

          You haven’t heard or met Starbucks loving Christians yet? C’mon dude. Seriously? I bet Begnign0 and Ilda knows exactly what the Starbucks Christians are.

          Am I now doubting if it is YOU who are the FRAUD.

          God bless.

        3. Oops! You used the wrong handle there. Are you Pastor Ernie or Proud Pinoy? Ingat sa pag-pretend! 😉

        4. Aha! Pastor Ernie and Proud Pinoy are technically the same guy! Hey, I’m impressed. 😀

          And I can’t even speak in tongues since it’s not my gift. But if you’re trying to say that those who are not speaking tongues are not real Christians, then you are just wasting your time, revealing that you’re much of a hypocrite. Hey, we don’t need prayer meetings at Starbucks.

          And still, I’m not doubting that YOU are a FRAUD since you can’t accept the fact that you are just a CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

          God bless.

          And no, I don’t even go to Starbucks since I can’t even afford to buy any coffee there.

        5. Ilda,

          Well I was using old spoof nicks all the time. So old folks like you, benign0, Toro, etc knew all along what was up.

          I am still flabbergasted why so many Pinoys don’t appreciate satire and sarcasm. Sometimes you can make a point more devastatingly effective that way.

          Oh well, back to life. Until the next Philippine catastrophe. Have fun guys. The Philippines will remain a shit hole and there is only one solution: GET THE F*** OUT.


        6. @Proud Pinoy

          I had no idea who you are. I always take people at face value until they start contradicting themselves. Just because you got found out doesn’t mean you have to go. Cherio!

        7. Don’t forget the preaching about tithing and prosperity and “liglig, siksik at umaapaw”. Why don’t you read on this one first:
 See, the reason I stopped attending such gatherings is because I don’t see any biblical similarities to it. Don’t forget that there is the church of Laodicea. You might want to check if your church is not like it. Peace.

        8. talagang sa Greenbelt Starbucks? Seryoso ba kayo? Ang mga tao pa man dun, makakita lang nang hindi nakabihis nang maayos ang sama na ng tingin sau..

          **naisip ko lang, hindi kasi ako mahilig magpunta sa mga SOSYAL na lugar**

      2. @Proud Pinoy:

        So you fully admitted that you just want to make fun here? If this is your definition of fun, then you’re messing with the wrong guy.

        I can handle satire and sarcasm. But this is more like an INTELLIGENT discussion. In other words, you could’ve told us in the first place.


  7. I see we have a new guest here. Quite an etertainer. Anyway, nice article fallen angel. The last line really hooked me. Sometimes, I wonder if the line should be a good trending topic in twirtter.

  8. @ proud pinoy, ernie.

    If youre just here to insult people here about thier faith and push your cultist faith in their faces and just to create a nuiscance on this otherwise intellectual site. Your a moron, idiot.

  9. Speaking for myself I believe GRP does do God’s work. Who in their right mind will take the dominant media institutions of this country (Inquirer, ABS CBN ) at face value??? People come here to remove the spin from mainstream media outlets and presidential press conferences.

    You can look it up John Chapter 8 verse 32

  10. If I was God, I would’ve sunk the entire city like Atlantis for making me the end all be all solution to your problems.

  11. Mother Earth is a living being….It is our home…we have not taken care of her. We pollute her; we dump garbage on her. We cut her forests. Mother Earth is fighting back to survive…Her weapon is natural calamities…So, more natural calamities are on the way…I hope it will hit Hacienda Luisita , Noynoy Aquino’s home and Malacanang Palace…Men’s wickedness is too much already…Man is the only being that destroys its home…it is insanity…

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