PNoy should ditch yellow and start wearing neutral colors

Seriously, does President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III always have to wear yellow? Even while on relief visits to flood-affected areas in time of disaster?

kelangan ba naka yellow talaga pag pupunta sa flood affected areas?

kelangan ba may media muna bago umpisahan magbigay ng relief operations?

[Photo and preceding caption courtesy Showbiz Government.]

tumabi-tabi na po tayo, dadaan na ang mga magbibigay ng relief…

ESTE dadaan na ang mga nag a-ADVANCE CAMPAIGN para sa susunod na eleksyon!

pakihanda na po ang inyong mga camera at videocams.. MOTORCADE po ito. SMILE

[Photo and preceding caption courtesy Showbiz Government.]

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Join the call to President BS Aquno to ditch the colour yellow, drop the whole partisan posturing, and start wearing the national colours.

Tired, old, and quite frankly embarrassing. That’s what’s become of the whole yellow motif of the Aquino clan and its circle of business cronies, relatives, “shooting buddies”, lackeys, Media outlets, and cadre of bloggers, publicists, and “social media activists”. It was the primary colour of a successful propaganda campaign that started in 1983, peaked in the mid- to late-1980s, then settled into a slow decline that lasted over much of the 1990s and the early 2000s and then got a brief burst of a boost when presidential son, now Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, was, as state mythology would now have us believe, given a mandate by God himself to be leader of the Filipino people.

The real national colours after all are Captain America’s red, white, and blue, if I recall right so re-visiting our country’s true colours is a worthwhile initiative to take if we are sincere in aspiring for real unity. Twenty eight years is a long enough time to forget your primary colours. But it is never too late to remember.

32 Replies to “PNoy should ditch yellow and start wearing neutral colors”

  1. I salute on this article, benigns! I mean, I was wondering, why would he wear YELLOW colors all the time? That’s why Noynoy Aquino sucks: even he’s still President, he thought he’s still on campaign mode.

    Don’t you guys know that yellow is the color of FEAR?

  2. I’m equally disturbed by the presence of Kris there. Didn’t she promise on national television two years ago to leave show business and become a low-key figure for as long as her brother was president?

  3. My colors will always be the RED, WHITE and BLUE! Mabuhay ang bandila ng Pilipinas! Loyalty to political colors like the yellow standard should give way and bow to the national colors!

  4. Noynoy Aquino does not possess looks, brains, leadership skills or wise decision making . All he has are : last name, parents legacy ( which explains yellow) and Fishball’s undying love. Don’t you feel better about yourself now?

  5. Also, why can’t he ditch the yellow ribbon pin? Oh yeah, I forgot… He’s the president only for the Aquino-Cojuangco clan.

    Magkamot ka na lang kayo ng ulo, mga pinoy…

  6. I also notice when he wears his barong tagalog, look at the pin on his right chess, it’s not the Philippine flag but it’s the yellow flag. This only implies that his loyalty in not on his country but on his clan.

    Hay naku magka presidente ba naman tayo ng kulang kulang!!!!

  7. The following is an excerpt from a press release that seems to match the photos shown above:

    Aquino, with several officials and celebrity sister Kris, led the distribution of relief goods in evacuation centers in Muntinlupa City and said he was glad to see that despite the situation, the people could still be in good spirits.

    The President said he wanted to personally visit the evacuees to check on their condition and find out their needs that were not yet addressed.

    Food packs, mats, blankets and other items were distributed to around 900 evacuees.

    Kris appealed for assistance, especially for those who could afford to spare some of their resources, to donate to those in need.

    She tweeted that she had bought personal donations like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, alcohol, among others that were badly needed.

    Kris said the people were warm and appreciative and that they asked the President to have their drainage and roads repaired.

  8. In fairness to PNoy, he does have a right to some form of fixation, which in this case is obviously the yellow color.

    But, as others are saying, it is indeed, kind of tiring to see the same color on him all the time. And it does not indeed forge unity at all, inasmuch as the ‘green’ ones (for Gibo, like me) are immediately turned off when I see a picture of him in his usual yellow wrap. He’s like, “I’m the yellow guy, if you’re any other color, back off. I only attend to fellow yellow gays.”

    If he drops the yellow and wears the national colors for once,or some other neutral colors, I might learn to like him somehow and believe his fantasy.

  9. It his identity, he is a nobody if he doesn’t wear yellow. There also the fact that the color yellow reminds the unthinking masses of the “good” things the Aquinos have done for the them like re-instating “democracy”, restoring “freedom” and ushering a “new beginning”. You guys know what I mean…..

  10. Benigno, I think that yellow actually fits Pnoy and his clan – it is the color of urine. He is doing a piss-poor job of running this country while his clan is pissing all over the rest of the Filipinos.

  11. Peenoy is not worthy of the yellow of his mother. His very wearing of that color disgraces his parents even further. Do you hear me, mister president? You are a disgrace to our country and have inherited the worst traits of your father and mother! Stick with monochrome, it suits the dignity of the office you unrightfully hold.

  12. I agree with the idea of the article. Yellow color is divisive because it reminds other people that Noynoy belonged to the yellow crowd. Belonged exclusively. Right or wrong that is not a good sign if one wishes to unite a fragmented society because of political differences and economic disparity. That is not a wise move if one hopes to move people in helping others overcome obstacles brought about by the natural disaster.

    Promoting a color of personal and political choice is hardly an ideal act if one aspires to inspire people to act in a singular motion to counter present and future difficulties.

    Noynoy and those people around him should start thinking about this. Just because the president comes from the yellow color doesn’t mean all things good should come from such color.

    It’s true, the president’s official color should be the red, white and blue. The three colors are superior to yellow and hopefully Noynoy and his people should realize that.

  13. Kailangan ba talaga punahin ng mga tao ang kulay ng damit na susuotin?… Imbes na punahin ang ginagawa nila eh, ang damit ang tinitingnan… tsk! tsk! mga tao talaga!… Tumulong nalng kase ang lahat hindi puro dada!… Alamin kase muna ng lahat kung bakit na dedelay ang tulong, hindi yung puro salita at puna sa presidente… bilang isang individual gumawa na lang tayo ng maganda para makatulong… God blesssa ating lahat!…

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