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I don’t understand why someone who has a history of having no history of competence or even simple activity on his own job would lecture media on how to do their job. The media is there to report news and not just the news the way the president sees it. One day the media will report some good news. That Noynoy BS Aquino had an original thought. Unfortunately that may not come till a decade after his term is over. Noynoy seems to always insist those around him convey good news. That’s not the way it works. Give them good news that will appeal to an audience that advertisers want and they will broadcast it. He wants everyone to be like Grace Lee and proclaim his brilliance.  It is my opinion  Grace Lee was never his girlfriend.  She was a paid employee hired as P.R./ Smokescreen/ decoy. Either that or she is certifiably insane for calling Noynoy brilliant.  One defender of BS Aquino in the GRP forums said these exact words “He (BS Aquino) is his own man.”. To that I say “what have you been smoking?? And can you give me some?”


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Our President will always be a perplexing creature to me. His father was jailed. He surely read all the things said about Ninoy in the seventies. Let’s just say Manila Bulletin and Daily Express had ties with the palace that rival what PDI experiences now. His mother was president and Noynoy got to witness all the criticism that one is vulnerable to in that position. Yet most  days he acts like he dropped in from Mars.


He seems to really think that a head of state should not have to experience criticism the same way the Queen of England should not have to be exposed to professional wrestling. Philippines there you have it. The leader we so gladly elected makes Pollyanna  look like Amy Winehouse.


Teddy Locsin in his Twitter account says the blame lies with the organizers. He says media should only invite media. Let’s put it into context. It was a party and celebs/ politicians (they are one and the same in this culture) were among the guests. Guests normally do not take shots at the host or give work tips during an anniversary party. If for some reason you feel like giving work tips and it takes the form of a sermon, try not to do it with cameras rolling. But Noy will be Noy. Which is a euphemism that he is socially inept no matter what situation he is in.


Why is this guy so shocked when he gets criticized? Wind blows strongest at the top  of the mountain. This is what he signed up for. Or what Tito Danding signed him up for. Noynoy’s increasing annoyance with the realities of being the highest elected servant in the land just proves how much he was pushed into running for president as opposed to wanting to be president. Which totally explains his odd behavior in the Corona case.


I don’t know about you but I have yet to see the President ever be accountable for anything. Not for the current condition, not for his current staff and not for his friends. Yet GMA and Renato Corona seem to be the   embodiment of all the ills of this country for him.


Noynoy seems to have a trouble with the concept of arm’s length. Which is weird for a guy who continuously accuses GMA of election fixing. He pretty much told 188 Congressmen  how to do their job. That is not arm’s length. He enforced his will on the impeachment trial itself the same way Anthony Hopkins enforced his will on the movie Silence of the Lambs. I don’t pick that analogy by accident. He only had 16  minutes of screen time in the whole movie (118 minutes)  yet hardly anyone remembers Jodie Foster or Scott Glenn . Nobody quotes Clarice Starling’s lines. It always goes back to Dr. Hannibal Lecter.


I hate to break it you but media is not there to report the good news. They are there to get ratings. Just as media was there when Noynoy does his witch hunts they will also be there when he stumbles. You didn’t see him complain when media covered the CJ Trial as long as he is the “bida” not the kontra bida. Typical double standard move.  Show me someone with double standards and I will show you a wimp with no integrity.


A while back  I wrote about how we take our freedom for granted in terms of our Internet access. We have no idea how good we have it compared to how other countries restrict what the Internet can and can’t do. Not sure about other countries but we celebrate that liberty in the Philippines by spreading show biz rumors, basketball scores and pics of last night’s dinner. Pinoy websites like Get Real Philippines have been the antithesis of that pettiness long before I wrote for this site. I always thought this is what the Internet was meant to be. People getting together and collectively cutting through the BS the government would want you to believe. Pardon the pun. Sorry the government is meant to be questioned critically. We fund them with our taxes.




There are some baseless statements out there comparing Noynoy Aquino to Hitler.That’s not going to fly. Hitler was a brilliant leader. He may have lead people down the wrong path yet he got people to buy into his vision. Noynoy is neither brilliant nor a leader. All Noynoy ever did was copy and invoke his parents at any given opportunity and demonize Gloria. He claims he has the country in mind but his actions seem to declare he has his family self-interest in mind.  Not exactly my definition of a leader.


Galactus Silver Surfer


Noynoy may not be Hitler but he does indeed have his own Joseph Goebbels.  Ricky Carandang is the Silver Surfer to Noynoy’s Galactus. He preps the mere mortals of the approach of the Supreme Being. Like he did that night Noynoy turned a 25th anniversary party into his own Sunday sermon.




Speaking of taxes, Capt. Willard was asked in Apocalypse Now if he did a job that involved killing a tax collector. There have been claims that there exists a group within Malacanang devoted to lash out at websites  that don’t agree with the President’s perception of himself and his “work”. I really don’t know if that exists but: 1) Noynoy is the balsa wood kind of guy to do such a thing. 2) Some of the characters that give polar opposite views in GRP seem to be more out of blind obedience than any kind of basis of rationale. I can imagine somehow bringing in Ricky Carandang for questioning to the truth behind the Benigno Aquino  Defense Against cyber Space  Sickos (B.A.D.A.S.S) answering like the aforementioned Capt. Willard

“Sir, I am unaware of any such activity or operation… nor would I be disposed to discuss such an operation if it did in fact exist, sir. “


Let’s say Ricky Carandang or anybody else there who seem so loyal to that airhead that they are willing to take a metaphorical bullet for him was in charge of such a cyber goon squad. Wouldn’t that be supported by taxpayer money? The labor, the hardware and the maintenance all tax payer funded if such an operation did in fact exist sir. We are essentially paying the government to stifle us. Not that they do a good job  in anything they attempt that is organic to the Noynoy reign.

Our taxes go towards security for the President and I get that. We as citizens do not have the right to go into Malacanang brandishing a Glock and aim it towards the President’s PS3. We do however have the right to free discourse in this society. For one centavo of tax payer money to go towards stamping out critical discussion would just be so wrong in so many levels. Forget Lupang Hinirang and let’s all sing  Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii. Like I said in my blog about oppression  back the Philippines has never declared itself to be like the countries on that list. Yet if Noynoy’s Cyber Space Stormtroopers exist then we are well on our way to being on that list.  No wonder the human rights advocates have their beef with Noynoy.


Ideally, a leader should have the destination of where he is taking his followers so burned into his brain that the effort exerted to manifest that vision should drown out any background noise. Just remember I said ideally. It is my own opinion that Noynoy believes that things will work themselves out simply because he is not Gloria. It is also my own opinion that Noynoy feels justified in everything he has done so far because deep down inside he knows he is not what is required of a real president: A leader, a facilitator, a commander, a manager, a decision maker, a visionary. All these things you would like in a leader and of course a president. Noynoy Aquino is none of these things and he knows it. In his head “The people picked me so whatever I do must be right”. That thought though does not account for the people being emo. People who voted Noynoy in based on some envisioned glorious past that had nothing to do with him.




Noynoy Aquino became president much like Peter Parker became Spiderman. He did not work for it, it all came out of the blue and it will take him a while to realize what he has and how to  use it properly if ever. A radioactive spider bit Peter Parker on the day of his class field trip. Everything just aligned properly.  Noynoy had the right famous mom who died four months before an election year. Both formulas could not be duplicated if you tried. Somebody wake Noynoy up and tell him the easy part was over. He did once say that it was his destiny to be president. He never said it was his destiny to do well. Somebody also tell him the saying does not go “With great power comes great arrogance”


I said before that Noynoy has never had to  compete for anything. On the contrary in the case of the Chief Justice hearing, he likes to stack the deck   instead of letting the system play itself out. Mainstream media is supposed to be a watchdog. With the performances of ABS CBN and Philippine Daily Inquirer the last three years, replace “watch” with “lap”.  Noynoy Aquino’s relationship with individual media organizations is in direct proportion to their lack of critical analysis. So I guess none of GRP’s writers will be breaking bread with His Excellency anytime soon.




It takes somebody as slow witted as BS Aquino to forget that he would not be where he is without ABS CBN. This is a network during his 2010 campaign stepped over the usual Holy Week protocol of showing Holy Week programming and showed the movie of his parents. To repay them, Noynoy pulls that stunt on what was supposed to be a celebration? This is how he treats his friends. So his lambasting of GMA and former CJ Corona to the point of playground pettiness all makes sense now. The man has all the grace of a drunken elephant in a crystal exhibit.


You do your job and let the media do their job. I realize Noynoy that it must be weird for you. You know, having a job where you are actually evaluated.

10 Replies to “How Not To Be A Party Guest”

    1. The guy has no sense of place. No perspective. No situational awareness. He has been around politics all his life and it’s like he has absorbed nothing. He does not have a clue what due process is let alone know why it should be followed. I am convinced decades from now historians will scratch their heads why WE voted him in for six years.

  1. No, historians will not be scratching their heads about why Filipinos voted for him. I have to disagree with you there. BS is the Philippines. He is everything about the Philippines writ large. Lazy. Undisciplined. Thin-skinned. Mindless. Superstitious. You’ve simply got the president you deserve. The only good point? He is too lazy (and possibly too stupid) to be personally corrupt. So, BS will never plunder the state personally but I guarantee his coterie of bum-chums will make out like bandits.

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