Celebrity couple ‘Jamich’ burned over Dolphy tweet

Seems like when the Dolphy also known as the Philippines’ King of Comedy died, the country’s sense of humour died with him. A tweet by social media sensation couple Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu, “better known as the real life couple JAMICH” (according to the blurb on their twitter profile @ilovejamich) highlighting how their celebrated 50th “monthversary” (i.e. their 50th month as a couple) happened to coincide with the passing of the comedy icon drew some flak. Personally, the offending tweet came across as quite benign…

Kasabay ng monthsary namin ay pumanaw na ang hari ng komedya 🙁 RIP Dolphy #Legendary #KingOfComedy

[Translated: “The King of Comedy’s passing coincided with our monthsary”]

The couple later issued a statement on their Facebook fan page

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Hello! Dami kasi nag react dito sa tweet namin. Kasi habang nagttweet kami about our monthsary (makikita niyo naman sa previous tweets) biglang nakita ko sa trending list na RIP Dolphy. I was so shocked! Ang sa amin lang ay monthsary namin ang saya namin kanina together tapos biglang bad news na pagkamatay ni Dolphy. Sorry sa mga taong namisinterpret. We respect Dolphy and his family. Our sympathy goes out to them. Wala kami intention na mambastos or what. We clearly understand na kapag pinost ng isang tao, minsan papalakihin but if you really think about our tweet open heart & mind, there’s nothing wrong with that. At sa mga tao na nagsasabi ng masama against us, “May GOD bless you!” sana bago kayo magsalita ng respeto, bigyan niyo din kami nun. Peace everyone! 🙂

[Abridged translation: “This is to explain to the many folk who reacted to our tweet: we just happened to see ‘RIP Dolphy’ on the trending list [on Twitter] while tweeting about our monthsary. We respect Dolphy and his family. Our sympathy goes out to them. We had no intention of disrespecting anyone.”]

Regardless of who reacted badly, overreacted, or misinterpreted who or what, the question is quite simple:

What’s the big deal?

For starters, Dolphy was 83 and lived a full life. His passing away was hardly shocking. A guy his age confined for weeks under intensive care was most likely ready to go, and his family seems to have been prepared.

Second, I find it quite ironic that the fans of the King of Comedy couldn’t find it in themselves to have a laugh over the debatable folly of a youthful couple. It’s not like they taunted a world power like China into sending serious missile boats to the West Philippine Sea.

Lastly, there’s really no point going up against social media sensations like Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu. The Philippines is a country of young people. This is a society that is coming of age in the era of no-achievement celebrity. Indeed, the couple had already been conscripted by Philippine Media giant ABS-CBN which, suffice to say, is always on the lookout for cash talent.

Like media like society. Dolphy himself was famous for roles that reflected the character of the Filipino. So let’s not get too fussed about what we see when we look into the proverbial mirror.

28 Replies to “Celebrity couple ‘Jamich’ burned over Dolphy tweet”

  1. for a group of people who claim to have a great sense of humor and to be very easy going…we tend to be very onion-skinned. oh well.

  2. As a side note, the concept of “monthsary” is stupid anyway. It is another excuse of Da Pinoy to go partying over every stupid thing. Besides, the right term is mensiversary to commemorate the recurrence of the day of the month an event occurred.

  3. I find nothing too to be angry about their statement. From the tone of their tweet and the emoticon, clearly they’re sad about what happened to Dolphy.

    Well, what do we expect from tweeters and internet savvy “kuno” Filipinos nowadays but to react quickly using their heart instead of their brain.

    Parang mga parrot na talak nang talak (TWIT-ters talaga oh), di na lang maging agila na tahimik at susunggab na lang, hehe.

    1. I liked that how we Filipinos are supposed to be eagles, “Parang mga parrot na talak nang talak (TWIT-ters talaga oh), di na lang maging agila na tahimik at susunggab na lang, hehe.”


  4. I suddenly realised: What was Dolphy doing in ICU since the 9th of June??

    Where I come from, when one’s kidneys fail and is already on a respirator, the doctor usually spells out options for kin. One of the options is to pull the plug. There is no rehabilitation or meaningful life to lead once one is on a respirator and having vital organs failing left and right.

    The Makati Medical Center must have made millions from this.

    1. Yes, he was confined in the ICU for a very long time already. I’m not really sure how much MMC made from him. But Dolphy’s family surely has paid Millions for it. One month in an ACU would accumulate bills not lower than 400,000 Pesos I think.

  5. Nung nakita ko tong scandal na to sa fb nagalit ako pero when I browsed their tweets. Mukhang sceptical lng tlga tong mga tao at na misinterpret cla. -_- Dude I’m really going to unsubscribe that “Jabitch” fanpage not because I’m with Jamich here, but because kita nmn kung sino nageexploit ng kawlang sensitivity toward Dolphy here btween jamich at nung may ari ng fanpage. -_-

  6. I don’t get why people got offended over it. Did they make an imaginary link that this couple was cheapening the significance Dolphy’s death? Duh, it was a coincidence that the two occurred on the same date!

    Haayz, sometimes hyper-sensitivity crosses the line into stupidity for Pinoys…

  7. Wow, apparently a lot of butthurt armchair crusaders for Dolphy raging against that tweet are simply dumb or just trolling them. :/

  8. Because it’s obvious that you two are very desperate to get famous. When in fact out of that number of people whom you consider “fans”, there are people triple times than that number who really HATES you. LOATHES you. And it goes to show. Why? because of your schemes. You want to let everyone know It was your ‘golden monthsary’,that is so sick of you both! FAKE from the very beginning. You got famous on that clip you obviously themed after that of youtube’s ‘Strangers,again’. I don’t know what other stunts you’re going to pull to fool these people, to distract them on the issues you created. FAKE. If you both are not trying to do anything to make people the unwitting cause of your amusement, it should manifest, you’re supposed to be genuinely liked by people not hate you. Pathetic. What kind of image do you really want to portray? What kind of influence do you want to give to teens?

    1. it was a coincidence. From what gather they have been talking about their ‘montheversaries’ periodically now and only a select few caring. So when by happenstance their ‘montheversary’ happening YET again coincides with Dolphy’s death, Pinoys online let out their inner autist and express their anal anguish over this? Which is funny since the last questions you ask don’t really make sense to the the real point at hand. Teens behave with a higher self consciousness due to their stage of life and make out things to be more important than others.

    2. You are indeed a bitch!!Why is it such a big deal to you. If you hate Jamich that much why are you even bothering your self in reading their tweets?!Is it really your ultimate goal in life to bash them?!Why don’t you do something more worthwhile, perhaps working your ass off to help those in need.

    1. Sounds like a name for a village. I wonder where his parents got it.

      I really don’t get why people love h’s in their names.
      That just annoys me.

  9. Well, you should see other reactions by other sensi-pinoys on Youtube who “bite into the bait” by trolls using a provocative tone against Dolphy just to rile ’em up. The responses are similar. Still, you could feel the sadness beyond the anger at times.

  10. Nagkamali lang sila sa paggamit ng “pumanaw” at “pag panaw”. No big deal.

    Dami nag-react dito pero dedma sa pagnakaw nang China at Malaysia sa ating mga pulo.

  11. First time I heard about this couple but reading this article just confuses me….am I to understand that other people can’t be happy anymore on whatever occasion they are celebrating on the same date that Dolphy passed away??? Why???

  12. I guez I have to confrim sa kanila… today what jokes do we have? Green jokes, jokes na tumitira sa ibang tao? libelous tyoe of joke… jokes today are not even genuine. we tend to laugh on jokes na puro panirang Puri…

    nothing beats DOLPY sense of Humor and Smart jokes

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